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Just done quick research on this:

Apparently Dutch Submarine HR MS K XVII spotted the Japanese fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor and radioed the sighting in. The sub was under British control at the time. Apparently both FDR and Churchill were informed of the sighting but kept it secret because both wanted a sceptical USA in WW2, and what better way to convince such a sceptical USA to go to war than to allow a 'surprise' huge attack on your military. Thus, the Japanese were allowed to attack Pearl Harbor.

This guy Chris Creighton claims that to cover up that FDR and Churchill knew about the Japanese fleet and its target, the two sanctioned an order to kill the submariners on board HR MS K XVII and destroy the sub asap, and that he was given the responsibility to execute this order. He says that he boarded HR MS K XVII with crates of what the crew were told were gifts but were actually packed with cyanide and explosives. After leaving the sub Creighton says he saw the sub blow up, but several crew survived so he finished them all off.

Or did he?

Was HR MS K XVII hit by a mine?

The findings of Creighton in the book “The Paladin” and his masked appearance on Dutch TV made the son of commander Beҫanson, H.C. Beҫanson jr. (himself a retired naval officer) decide to unravel the secret around the fate of K XVII and his father. The Royal Navy was not very interested and decided not to spend any money or time on the research. Through the Office for Maritime History (Bureau Maritieme Historie) of the Royal Dutch Navy, presently the ‘Dutch Institute for Military History’ in The Hague, he got into contact with an Australian diver, Michael Hatcher, who had discovered a wreck of a supposedly Dutch submarine, in the South Chinese Sea close to the island Tioman.

Beҫanson jr. contacted Hatcher and in May 1982 they guided a diving expedition to the wreck. The divers reported that the wreck had sunk deep in mud which made her number on the bow undecipherable. The number on the coming tower was also not readable because of coral growth. The divers however had been able to detach the bronze steering wheel from the submarine. The serial number of the wheel was compared with the data of the navy and the wreck was positively identified as Hr. Ms. K XVII. Furthermore the divers reported that there was a hole in the bow of the sub which indicated a collision with a mine and certainly not an explosion from within the ship.

Leaving one question. The wreck was situated almost twenty nautical miles from the spot where the Japanese mine layers were supposed to have laid their mines. In 1991 this last piece of the jigsaw puzzle was put in its place during a meeting of Beҫanson jr. with the Japanese naval officer N. Kitazawa. He pointed the attention of Beҫanson jr. towards the book “The day Imperial General Headquarters trembled for fear” from 1968. In this book it is being described that the Japanese laid mines within one kilometer from the place where K XVII has been found. Actually these mines would have to be laid 30 kilometer further south but the Japanese merchant ship, reconstructed into an auxiliary minelayer, Tatsumiya Maru was discovered on 6 December by a Dutch flying boat which caused her to turn around. But first she laid her mines whereby the minefield ended up many nautical miles away from the targeted place.

[source : Hr. Ms. K XVII: sunk by a mine or an assault? The mystery unraveled, Go2War2,, Accessed: 8th December 2016]

What this claim of Creighton does is blame FDR.

All we have are his claims.

But documentary evidence casts another doubt on his claims:
Furthermore Creighton indicated that all documents regarding the K XVII had been destroyed or falsified by the British Secret Service. The Dutch Institute for Military History however is in possession of the safeguarded salary administration from Surabaya. From that administration it becomes clear that Hr. Ms. K XVII left Surabaya on 28 November 1941. The submarine therefore could never have discovered on that day a Japanese fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor.

Is there any evidence that HR MS K XVII radioed in a sighting of the Japanese fleet?

I think that there is a massive, massive British operation to blame FDR for Pearl Harbor in order to minimise if not eradicate the blame that Winston Curchill bares.

Remember: the only British documents from WW2 that have still not been declassified are the intelligence briefings that Churchill received in the 1st week of December 1941. Those records are due to be declassified at the end of this year.

Trump, despite claiming to be an "Infowarrior", loves the British Royal family and Great Britain, and believes in the 'special relationship' between the USA and Great Britain.

I wonder if he will still think that way if those classified intelligence briefings show that Churchill knew all about the Japanese fleet but kept his mouth shut.

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