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How do we stop wars so we can get down in peace?

Well, it would help if the official Stop the War Coalition would recognise that they have been taken for gimps and that World War One was engineered by The British Royal Family through Freemasonry instead of just repeating the boring mantra, "Hey! War is baaaaad, dude".



One of the smoothest, coolest, funkiest tunes ever.

Got To Give It Up (Parts 1 & 2) - Marvin Gaye (1977)

And here's one for Stop The War (which is run by a rabid pro-abortionist and still protects The British Royal Family and Freemasonry for their engineering WW1) and their Song of the Week.

I say:
1. Stop the wars
2. Get down


E Higgins Esq. has recently tweeted this:

Although I cannot speak or read Dutch, I am looking forward to this edition because it may answer the following questions that I have been asking for a few weeks now while Higgins has been milking his fame:
1. As recognised by the Rothschild The Interpreter, why would the separatists transport a BUK with missing missiles through territory controlled by Kiev Nazis from Shizhne to a western suburb of Luhansk? (even though The Interpreter itself proposes that the separatists transport it past the war zone airport surrounded by Kiev Nazis)
2. How could the separatists transport a BUK with missing missiles from Shizhne to Luhansk through territory controlled by Kiev Nazis without being stopped?
3. What time of the day was that now infamous video of a BUK with missing missiles in a western suburb of Luhansk filmed when the Kiev counterintel chief says that all BUKs were back in Russia by 0400 on 18th July yet sunrise on 18th July in Luhansk was approximately 0530 and there is significant light in that video and to get to the border would imply that the video would have to filmed in almost pitch black at 0330?
4. What happened to the BUK that shot down the Antonov An 26 on 14th July?

It is fine to just wave your arms around and say "And here is the BUK that shot down MH17".


Clue : NATO say they have it but for whatever reason are not revealing it.


What is this doing to children?

I am reposting the whole article on the violent content of kids cartoons.
Shocking no one who has seen Bambi, a new study has found that characters in cartoons are more likely to die than those in films for adults.

Researchers studied cartoons from 1937 to 2013, and revealed that characters in films like Finding Nemo were more than twice as likely to snuff it.

“Grisly deaths in cartoons were common”, said the report in the British Medical Journal, carried out by University College London and the University of Ottawa. Far from being innocent diversions, kids films are “rife with death and destruction” and “rampant horrors.”

The study looked at the number of deaths in the 45 top grossing cartoon films -including classics like Snow White and Frozen- then compared that with the most successful adult films released in the same year.

Two thirds of cartoons featured the death of a main character, compared to just half of the films for adults. Your chances are even worse if you are the parent of the main character, in which case you're five times more likely to meet a tragic end. [See: Bambi, Finding Nemo, Tarzan, etc etc etc]

“Rather than being innocuous and gentler alternatives to typical horror or drama films, children’s animated films are, in fact, hotbeds of murder and mayhem,” said head researcher Dr Ian Colman.

So this Christmas, switch off The Lion King and watch something less harrowing. Like Saw.

[source : Animated films for children have more death and destruction than films for adults, Radio Times,, 17th December 2014]

Surely the researchers didn't watch all those war and western films where loads of Nazis and injuns get shot?

Or is the nature of the deaths of greater concern?

Grisly? Rampant horror?


If the purpose of the Sydney Siege was for NATO and its Antipodean allies to use it to declare war on Syria and Iran then so far it has been a spooktacular failure. All it appears to have provoked so far is an investigation into the police and intelligence forces in Australia themselves.

The only beneficiary is possibly Abbott who is appearing more statesman-like.

Remember that it was Abbott who threatened to 'shirtfront' Putin at the G20 in Brisbane. But Abbott didn't do this. Instead he and Putin laughed and played with Koala bears.

Was Monis sacrificed for Abbott to recover some face? But at the expense of a probe into the Oz police and intel?


So far it is all a mystery...unless Monis lost the plot and it was all his own bizarre but ultimately suicidal plot.


Upon seeing this little infographic on Infowars,

I asked myself:
precisely what percentage of The Snowden Revelations is Glenn Greenwald still sitting on?


People are scratching their heads why Russell Brand, author of My Booky Wook and more recently Revolution, is in the media so much. Indeed David Icke issued this tweet:

Despite calling for revolution, his support for unions and defending potential evictees, Brand has appeared several times on BBC QT and BBC Newsnight, and everytime he does or opens his mouth he gets slaughtered.


Well today there is a clue in the media response to his documentary on drugs recently shown on BBC.

Gone are the calls for him to be hung, drawn and quartered for being a hypocrite. Instead we can read this:

Two weeks ago, cries of ‘Hypocrite’ sprang from headlines and angrily congested timelines, as social housing campaigner Russell Brand once more became the subject of negative media scrutiny.

The Sun ran an entire story about the alleged tax affairs of the company the comedian rents his Hoxton loft apartment from, claiming it banked offshores. This, the paper alleged, stood at odds with Brand’s repeat insistence on proper tax regulations on big businesses.

Last week, he appeared cool, calmer and quieter than anyone could ever remember seeing him when he sat on the Question Time panel opposite Nigel Farage. He was criticised by several members of the audience for preaching social reform without the intention of running for parliament. He also labelled the Ukip leader a "pound shop Enoch Powell".

This week, however, has seen something of a multi-media turn-around for the star after his BBC Three documentary, Russell Brand: End the Drugs War, aired last night.

[source : This might be the only time almost all of Twitter agree with Russell Brand , The Independent,, 16th December 2014]

The article retweets 10 tweets that praise Brand.


Why would the BBC show such a documentary about drugs? By a 'revolutionary' who gets slaughtered every time he opens his mouth?

And why would the media react to his documentary in this manner?

Well, who wants drugs legalised?


I am not suggesting that Brand is in receipt of a huge grant from Soros, but here we have a reformed drug addict who is ridiculed and slaughtered every time he opens his mouth, yet when he talks about drug reform he is held up as a wise God?

For example, why are the BBC not repeating this video of General Wesley Clark?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Been watching this today.

Shake 'ands...a pint of bitter, boss.

We are degenerating back to when that was written. Smashed unions. Zero hours contracts leading to employees earning £300 less...PER WEEK!!

But we should be thankful for our brutal Bilderberg fascist Oiksterity, shouldn't we? Praise be to the bankers! For without our masters where would we be? (in a much better place, but don't tell anyone).

Perhaps we should bake a cake for Oik, as Chrissie might have suggested.


As much as I am frustrated to the edge of reason with that unspecial someone who can't be arsed to offer their services to possibly stop all this shit, I cannot hate them. It would be once again breeding yet more negativity to add to that created by events such as happened in that horrific attack on a military school in Peshawar today.

Monday, December 15, 2014


From the start he was an amateur. HE HAD THE WRONG FLAG!!

Turns out the Islamic old codger who brought Sydney to its knees was just a useful and perhaps mad criminal. I assume that a genuine Islamic State plot would have at least beheaded one hostage. That is what we are told would happen in the UK, that IS are planning multiple beheadings.

But the old codger lost 'the plot' and was liquidated.


If you watch the video the proposed terror attacks are on the scale of multiple plane hijackings a la 9/11 and/or even a nuke...and on targets in 'the west'!!

Hmm. An old codger with the wrong flag holding 13 hostages in a cafe in Sydney is not quite in the same league.

Anyway, this old codger has probably just made it even more difficult for Islamic State to execute a 'spooktacular' for Crimbo. Rather than praising the old dude IS will want the cops to capture him an d hand him over to them so they can saw his head off in public as a warning to other supporters not to be such dickheads.


Was that Islamic old codger unleashed onto Sydney cafe to block Exaro News' report into Whitehall paedos from the headlines?


Yesterday I posted SCOTTISH LABOUR IS NOW OFFICIALLY FUCKED which looked at the election of the Henry Jackson Society advisor Jim Murphy as leader of Scottish Labour.

Today the editorial of The ZioGuardian gives their Ziostamp of Zioapproval to the warmonger's candidate Jim Murphy.
The Scottish Labour party has given itself a chance. But no more than that. By electing Jim Murphy, it has put itself in the hands of the most experienced and highest-profile of the three available candidates to succeed the increasingly adrift Johann Lamont. With less than five months to go before the UK general election in May, and providing that it unites around its new leader, Labour now has its best shot at minimising its potential losses to the Scottish National party.

...Mr Murphy has a huge task. Right now, the SNP is carrying all before it. It would be absurd to pretend he can transform Labour’s fortunes in the blinking of an eye. But Labour has voted for the man most likely to succeed. In Scotland, it’s game on.

[source : The Guardian view on Jim Murphy: Scottish Labour’s new leader faces a huge task, Editorial, The Guardian,, 15th December 2015]

'Nuff sed.


Sunrise where I live is predicted at about 0820 today. It is less than an hour and it is still very dark, and we have a clear sky. What does this say about when that video of the smoking gun BUK in Lukhansk was filmed? Sunrise in Luhansk was at approximately 0530 and it was almost full light. So is 0500 a reasonable estimate? And another half hour to get to the border (and that is really pushing it)? So arrival at the border at 0530?

But the Kiev Nazi counter intel chief says all BUKs were in Russia at 0400?

Answers please.


Glenn Greenwald just retweeted this:

When just a few days ago the NSA were given unbelievable power to record and store lots more data while he sits on 99% of The Snowden Revelations!!


Over the weekend Exaro News published the candidate for TTS Report of the Year 2014. Two major/minor newspapers covered it: The Daily Record and The Sunday People.

Monday morning has now arrived...AND NOT ONE MSM MENTION IT!!

Headlines are dominated by the hostage story in Sydney. But even with that there is no mention of the Exaro News report, not even as a defence that the MSM published it as a little story when the major headline was an assumed Islamic siege in Australia.

So as I asked yesterday: what does this suggest about the Snowden Revelations?

That they were plastered all over the MSM, led by the establishment papers The Guardian and The Washington Post?

Sunday, December 14, 2014


What did I suggest this morning?

That the torture report would be politicised because of the GE next year?

Read this just published by The Daily Mirror:
...ISC chair Sir Malcolm Rifkind vowed to make any Minister with a “contribution” give evidence next year, adding: “If they refuse to do so, that would imply they had something to hide.”

...Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon yesterday demanded Blair and Straw answer questions from the ISC, adding: “It’s for Ministers in that Government to account for their actions.” Sir Malcolm’s committee will also ask for all redacted parts of the US Senate’s report, published last week, into CIA torture relating to the UK.

The ISC chair raged: “If people deserve to be embarrassed, it’s our job to embarrass them.”

Home Secretary Theresa May faces questions from MPs this afternoon on her role in any redactions.

But former British ambassador Craig Murray, sacked in 2004 over claims of British complicity in torture, blasted: “We don’t need an inquiry, we need a trial. And it should be Tony Blair and Jack Straw in the dock.”

[source : Tony Blair and Jack Straw to face public interrogation over CIA torture claims, The Daily Mirror,, 14th December 2014]

This is my favourite line:
The ISC chair raged: “If people deserve to be embarrassed, it’s our job to embarrass them.”

Raging Rifkind didn't embarrass MI5 over the report into Lee Rigby. On the contrary, Raging Rifkind pulled his pants down and bent over.

Blair and Straw are going to get all the blame, because everyone hates Blair so Labour won't defend him, and the Tories, Libs and SNP will hammer this as a Labour thing, not an establishment thing.

In a way I feel some sympathy for Blair and Straw in this, but it serves them right for being dickheads!!!


Yesterday Exaro News published a report into how child abuse investigations by the Police were shut down.

Police privately admit cover up for paedophile MPs and VIPs

So far only one major paper The Sunday People today has covered it.

If this is not headline news in ALL major newspapers and TV channels tomorrow then I think we can safely conclude that The Snowden Revelations were a psyop.

For why would they want us to know we were being spied on but we can't hear about VIP paedo cover ups?

Superb work by Exaro News though. This is probably TTS Report of the Year 2014.


Adorers of President Andrew Jackson suck. There is an intelligence operation to portray the scumbag as a hero. Some very famous personalities have been dragged, wittingly or unwittingly, into this. Jackson actually fraternised with British Intelligence agents, allowed them to stay on his slaveholding plantation as they plotted and schemed treason against the United States. He then made the Rothschilds the agents of the United States in Europe. And then gave authority to withdraw federal deposits to another slaveholding scumbag Roger B Taney who transferred those deposits into banks owned and/or managed by his mates, who then used those deposits as a base for speculation which later wrecked the economy.

But Taney also tried to spread slavery north with his decision in the Dred Scott case.

Anyone who worships President Andrew Jackson or promotes anyone who worships the scumbag is the lowest of the low.

Jackson the scumbag was a traitor, a slaveholder and gave authority over the finances of the America to not only the Rothschilds but also to the man who would later write the decision on Dred Scott.

Shame on the Jacksonites!!

You suck!!



President Andrew Jackson was pure human scum. As pure human scum that you could find. One of the foulest creatures to ever walk this earth.

But G Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, apparently loves him!!

1. was a slaveholder;
2. was implicated in treason against the United Stated in several plots;
3. appointed the Rothschilds as agents for the US in Europe (so much for his alleged anti-banker status);
4. could not find a man willing to remove federal deposits from the Second Bank of the United States to destroy that bank and thus the United States, so he appointed another slaveholder Roger B Taney as his third Secretary to the Treasury. Taney moved the deposits into the banks of his mates who used it to speculate and create a credit bubble which later wrecked the American economy. Taney later wrote the decision in the Dred Scott case which pushed for more slavery and provoked the north.

So, all in all, Jackson was as much of a scumbag as Jimmy Savile!!

Beware the Jacksonites. Anyone who worships Jackson is either pro-confederacy and pro-slavery and/or doesn't know their history.


In an article in The Mail on Sunday, Russophobe Craig Murray again does his bit for the establishment. Murray correctly and deservedly takes credit for exposing the use of Uzbekistan as a place of torture.

But what does Murray demand?

We don’t need an inquiry into British complicity in torture. We need a trial. And it should be Tony Blair and Jack Straw in the dock.

[source : Now put Blair and Straw on trial for torture, says diplomat who was fired when he warned Labour Government of UK collusion with US abuse, Mail on Sunday,, 14th December 2014]

In other words: let's not investigate what the establishment (not just servile politicians but also the intelligence apparatus) knew, but let's prosecute two former Labour Party officials and drag The Labour Party through the mud.

Murray was very recently very pro-independence for Scotland. By just focusing on Labour (as I suggest Rifkind has in mind) Murray may well hope to destroy Labour in Scotland.


Do not just pin the blame on a few former Labour Party officials (even if they are in it up to their necks).


Who would have ever thought that I would be interested in sunrise in Luhansk.

But I am.

According to the website sunrise in Donetsk on 18th July 2014 was at 0527 local time. I can trust this because the sunrise and sunset times given by the same website for the area I lived in was about right.

So in Luhansk, not too far from Donetsk, sunrise was about 0530.

So given this information, what time would you say it was in the following video, which the Kiev Nazis say was filmed in Luhansk on 18th July?

And then read this on the Rothschild's The Interpreter about what happened to all BUKs allegedly provided to the separatists by Russia:
02:00-04:00 on July 18th – the Buk launchers reportedly cross the border into Russia (Ukrainian government – see below).

As far as where the missiles went afterwards, one video released by the Ukrainian government claims to show the Buk, missing several missiles, on its way back to Russia (presumably along paths highlighted on our map in black).On July 18th the Ukrainian security services issued a press release in which a Ukraine SBU (Security Service) officer explains Ukraine’s narrative — that three vehicles carrying Buk missiles came from Russia and returned back to Russia after the incident:

At 2:00, July 18, two movers each with a Buk missile launcher crossed the Russian border in Luhansk region. At 4:00, another three movers: one of them empty, other carrying a launcher with four missiles and the latter allegedly with a control unit, crossed the state border.

In other words by 0400 on 18th July all BUKs allegedly provided to the separatists by Russia were back in Russia. In order for this to happen then the smoking gun BUK filmed in Luhansk would have to be in Luhansk at 0330 at the latest in order to reach the Russian border at 0400 (and that would have to be driven at a significant speed!).

I ask: was the video filmed at 0330?

And not only that: as I have pointed out and asked without answer, the location in Luhansk where that BUK was filmed is is in a Western suburb, so why would the separatists transport a smoking gun BUK from Shizhne to Luhansk, through territory controlled by Kiev Nazis as they battled to create a corridor south and west of Luhansk in order to reach that bizarre location in west Luhansk? Even The Interpreter recognises this and proposes a more sensible route from Shizhne but that route takes the BUK passed the war zone airport but more importantly avoids the location in west Luhansk where the BUK was filmed. Instead The Interpreter proposes that the route that takes a BUK through that location starts in Chernukhino, which is where the separatists say they shot down an Antonov An 26 on 14th July.

So if you conclude, as I do, that the BUK filmed in Luhansk was not at filmed at 0330 at the latest on 18th July in order to agree with the SBU that all BUKs were back in Russia by 0400 then we can legitimately ask when was it really filmed?

And if you conclude that the video was not filmed on 18th July then you can conclude that the Kiev Nazis are lying.


With the election of Jim Murphy as leader of Scottish Labour, the so-called 'left' in Scotland has dived to new depths of depravity.

Murphy is a member of the Advisory Council of The Henry Jackson Society.

The what society?

The Henry Jackson Society. It is essentially the Project for New American Century reincarnated after PNAC was chased out of the USA after the debacle of the invasion of Iraq, and is one those think tanks that is the alleged 'brains' behind ZioNATO imperialism.

Patrons of the HJS include:
Max Boot
Michael Chertoff
Carl Gershman (NED)
Ambassador Dore Gold (Israel)
Bruce Jackson (Senator John McCain)
Robert Kagan (PNAC)
William Kristol (PNAC, Emergency Committee for Israel)
Dr. Joshua Muravchik
Richard Perle
Natan Sharansky (Israel)
James Woolsey

Murphy on his website extols the virtues of the warmongering HJS in his acceptance speech for his position on the HJS Advisory Council.

Scottish Labour is now officially fucked.


By all means we must have an inquiry into what British Intelligence knew about the torture/rendition program of the USA.

But sack Malcolm Rifkind too.


Because he is using the Intelligence and Security Committee as a political tool for the benefit of the fascist Conservative Party.

Just a few weeks ago the ISC could have blown the whole Britain/Jihad/Syria scandal wide open when it finally published its report into the murder of Lee Rigby. The report was a whitewash, taking testimony from biased sources, ignoring witnesses who state that MI5 was harassing Adebalajo, ridiculously printing blank pages to show that they had asked MI5 something, and in the end giving just enough to the media for them to blame Facebook for Rigby's murder just when a new bill was proposed by Theresa May that would give MI5 and the Police more control over the internet.

The sordid truth about Adebalajo was that he was, though perhaps unwittingly, part of a British policy to recruit Jihadis for the war on Syria. For decades London was the home of many an Islamic extremist terrorist organisation leading to London being named 'Londonistan'. The Covenant of Security that these terrorists had with MI5 allowed them to operate out of and openly recruit in Great Britain. This is why even though there was massive concern over activities in Mosques across Britain, particularly Finsbury Park, sweet FA was done about them. Indeed one MI5 agent, Reda Hassaine, was betrayed by MI5 themselves!! The war on Syria is one of seven over a period of five years revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11. However, by 2007 that Plan A was moribund so a Plan B was hatched between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash the nastiest cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Iran and Lebanon. In 2009, two years before it kicked off in Syria, former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas was asked by Great Britain to help them to plan how to smuggle Jihadis into Syria. But where could they find such Jihadis? Well that is where Adebalajo came in. Even though he was on the edge of several terrorist plots, as the ISC report states, and was possibly involved in dealing drugs, he was left alone. Why?


Yes. Adebalajo, possible terrorist and drug dealer, was allowed to preach Jihad against Assad because it serves British foreign policy over Syria.

And because Adebalajo was recruiting Jihadis to go to Syria MI5 could then cite those same Jihadis as a threat to national security upon their return and demand more and more snooping powers. So don't be surprised to find a secret camera in your bathroom so that MI5 can watch you have a pooh because, you know, terrorists have poohs too so if you have a pooh then therefore you could be a terrorist! And if there is one your bathroom then there is definitely one in your bedroom. And if MI5 didn't put it there then they will have used one of the local mafia-types to put it there.

That's the way it works in Great Britain today.

Anyway, you should note that the war on Syria was planned in 2007 but it started and has continued under a ConLib government.

Rifkind could have blown all this wide open.

But he didn't.

Instead he effectively protected MI5 and blamed Facebook instead which led to support for May's proposed bill.

This latest call by him to see what British Intelligence knew about the torture/rendition program is political because most if not all of it happened under a Labour government.

And Oh! Surprise of surprises!


Rifkind must go.

And so must Cameron.

Any inquiry into the torture/rendition program will be diverted onto what Labour, not MI5 or MI6, knew.

Just you watch this very, very closely...just as closely as MI5 watch you have a pooh.

This is Great Britain today. C'est magnifique, innit?


In this season of good will to all men and all that, how can anyone, when told that they might be able to help to stop all the war and kiddie-fiddling and headchopping, not offer to help?

Everyone (who still has a head on their shoulders) wish that person a very Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Mr E Higgins has tweeted twice that Porky has told ABC that he Porky has a satellite photo of the launch of the rocket that hit MH17.


He could end all this speculation now. This second.

But instead he allows his Kiev Nazis to publish a video of a BUK system with a missing missile that was filmed in Luhansk, but there is some serious doubt that it was filmed on 18th July: how did it get there from Shizhne? if not Shizhne then was it from east of Luhansk? Where the separatists shot down an Antonov An 26 on 14th July? And in both these cases, how did it get through Kiev Nazi territory that was a war zone?

And he and other NATO politicians cite Belling Cat's report which uses that video as killer evidence that Russia shot down MH17 when there is no evidence provided in that report to support such a claim.

Or, as I suspect, is Porky telling porkies?

How many times has he claimed that Russia has invaded Ukraine, or made other wild claims, and not been able to back them up?

Porky is a man in charge of a nation on the brink of collapse. He is desperate for any support he can get. Nazis are taking control in Ukraine...and they want Donetsk and Luhansk smashed like Hitler wanted Leningrad and Stalingrad smashed,

But it didn't turn out so well for the Nazis then...









Abdel Hakim Belhadj was renditioned to Libya by MI6 for torture by Gaddafi's henchmen.

A few years later and Belhadj was a hero of MI6 as he led the Libyan rebels to victory through their assassination of Colonel Gaddafi.

Gaddafi had been cooperating with the Global War on Terror, giving the names of Islamic extremists in North Africa to MI6 and CIA.

But then we turned on him.

Now Libya, once the jewel in the crown of Africa, is a terrified shit hole, with no over all control, terrorist factions fighting each other, and no infrastructure.

Libya was one of seven nations named to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11 as targets for war and regime change, even though those nations had sweet FA to do with 9/11. The other six nations were Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, with Sudan and Somalia in North Africa.

This is what the NATO media should be focusing on. This is confirmed fact. But the NATO media, being the NATO media, is focusing on maybes and possibilities.


Michael Mansfield QC

Serves the establishment right for dragging their heels...


18 months ago The Guardian published The Snowden Revelations courtesy of Glenn Greenwald.

There was outrage directed at President Obama because many media suggested that Obama was personally reading all our emails and texts, and personally listening in real time to all our phone calls.

Things were going to change, we were told. The NSA was going to be reeled in and placed under strict control. Only 1% of the revelations had been released. Greenwald had many more 'bombs' in his arse-nal with which to destroy the NSA.

They were right. Things have changed...but not in the way we were led to believe.

Apparently Section 309 of the FY2015 Intelligence Authorization Act allows the NSA to collect and store much more data collected from Americans than they were previously allowed to do.

What has Greenwald to say about this? According to his twitter account: NOTHING!!!

Though he does have a lot say about the Torture Revelations.

Are the two linked, the snooping bill and the torture report? Yes. Of course they are. The torture report is about something happened years ago mostly under a Republican government. The snooping-on-steroids will continue under any future governments. The torture report has diverted attention away from the snooping.

So was it all for nought? All the kerfuffle, all the scandal, all the headlines?


Thankfully Glenn got a new career and a book out of it. So that's all right then.


Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do

Oh the morning sun in all its glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort too
And you fill my life with laughter
You can make it better
Ease my troubles that's what you do

There's a love that's divine
And it's yours and it's mine
Like the sun
At the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray to the One

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do

There's a love that's divine
And it's yours and it's mine
And it shines like the sun
At the end of the day we will give thanks
And pray to the One

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do

Take away my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles that's what you do
Fill my life with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles that's what you do.


I worshipped these fellas as a kid, had all their singles, but some 'mate' at Uni ran off with 'em all!!

The Specials - Gangsters

Bernie Rhodes knows Don't Argue

Why must you record my phone calls?
Are you planning a bootleg LP?
Said you've been threatened by gangsters
Now it's you, that's threatening me

Can't fight corruption with con tricks
They use the law to commit crime
And I dread, dread to think what the future will bring
When we're living in gangster time

Don't call me scar face

Can't interrupt while I'm talking
Or they'll confiscate all your guitars
and catch 22 says if I sing the truth
they won't make me an overnight star

Don't offer us legal protection
They use the law to commit crime
I dread to think what the future will bring
When we're living in real gangster time

Bernie Rhodes knows Don't Argue


Your country needs you...

To reclaim it from the warmongering, kiddie-fiddling, Nazi-supporting, fraudulent, fascist globalist Bilderberg scumbags who want global human population reduced to 1 billion.

[This blog was brought to you thanks to the blood, sweat and tears of all our ancestors who fought in World War 1 and World War 2.]


You could not make this stuff up.


Not all at once, but have local games, to remember that Christmas Day game 100 years ago.

I'd prefer that than listen to Liz whose Grandfather tricked Germany into invading Belgium to start WW1 by telling Wilhelm that Great Britain would not join in any war while at the same time encouraging Sir Edward Grey to get Great Britain involved in any war.

Friday, December 12, 2014


[To the tune of Good King Wenceslas]

Bad King Edward planned a war
with Russia and the Frenchies.
He would send the British poor
to die in muddy trenches.
Freemasons would shoot the Duke.
Germany surrounded
Didn’t stand a bloody chance.
Grey left her confounded.

Merry Christmas everybody!!


I can't be arsed with all that shit.

What shit?

All this shit: war; poverty; headchopping; kiddie-fiddling; fascist bankers; Nigel Farage v Russell Brand.

I can't be arsed with it.

Who fancies a pint?


At least I know that Eliot Higgins, aka Brown Moses, reads TTS. He tweeted this.

But I have thought he might be reading TTS for a good few months now because there has been a daily visitor to TTS from Leicester for a while.

But now we know for a fact that he reads TTS can he and his dubious Belling Cat team explain:
1. how the separatists transported the smoking gun BUK from Shizhne to get to that crossroads in Luhansk allegedly at dawn on 18th July?
2. why would the separatists transport such a BUK into the dead end war zone of Luhansk that was surrounded and infested with Kiev Nazis?
3. why NATO has not released the evidence it says it has but instead relied on them over a period of 4 months to produce a report using unreliable videos and coloured squiggly lines drawn on by the authors when the CIA/NSA with their computing power (which I assume might be superior to a Mac) and analysis teams could do in one day what Belling Cat did in 4 months?

There is no doubt that the separatists had a BUK. They claimed to have shot down a Ukraine Air Force An 26 with one. Where? OH! LUHANSK!!

The area between Shizhne and Luhansk was a war zone. On 13th July Porky tweeted that the Kiev Nazis were going to create a corridor south and west of Luhansk to Luhansk airport, which is south south east of Luhansk. All major routes between Shizhne and Luhansk were therefore either in a war zone or controlled by Kiev Nazis.

There is also the discrepancy with times. The Ukraine counterintelligence chief says that all BUKs were in Russia by 0400 at the latest. But what time of the day would you say it was when that video of the smoking gun BUK in Luhansk was filmed? 0400? 0500?

The Rothschild media psyop The Interpreter proposed 2 routes for a BUK. Both of those go through war zones. And interestingly their proposed route from Shizhne to Krasnodon goes past the war zone airport but avoids the crossroads where the smoking gun BUK was filmed!! The route that goes through that crossroads goes through Kiev Nazi territory and starts where the separatists say they shot down the Antonov An 26 on 14th July.

Higgins was quoted by The Washington Post thus regarding the identity of a tweeter:
"He demonstrates that judging the credibility of a source isn't always straight forward, and why with social media it's important to use multiple sources before relying too much on one claim being credible or not."

So why have Higgins and Belling Cat ignored the fact that the Kiev Nazis had BUKs...and which were close to the flight path of MH17? Commander Khodakovsky caused a stir over summer with a few interviews. He said the Kiev Nazis knew that the separatists had BUKs so should have diverted all air traffic over East Ukraine. But guess what? It was recently revealed that Kiev ignored demands to divert civilian aircraft over East Ukraine.

Anyway, my thanks to Higgins is because many more will now be aware that:
1. our Royal Family (the ones who were good mates with Jimmy Savile) engineered World War One and WW2 with all its slaughter;
2. the war on Syria is just one of seven planned to be executed after 9/11 (even though those nations had sweet FA to do with 9/11);
3. we planned the war in Syria years ago and unleashed cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria with the assistance of Israel and Saudi Arabia;
4. the violence in Ukraine is being run by NATO-sponsored neo-Nazis being used by NATO to drag Ukraine into the EU/IMF/NATO sphere of influence to eventually plonk first strike missiles aimed at Moscow on Russia's doorstep because Russia is showing signs of resistance to the warmongering kiddie-fiddling globalist megalomaniacs whom Higgins is proud to serve.

I am not claiming that Higgins is a CIA agent, just merely hinting that he has chosen the side of some pretty nasty scumbags, the sort who engineer world wars and unleash cutthroat Jihadis onto defenceless children and support Nazis as they indiscriminately shell children in Donetsk and Luhansk, in a fight to the death for control of the world, all its resources and its people...including children.


There is a protest outside Parliament today about new laws on porn. It sound like lots of degenerates are going to sit on the faces of other degenerates.




The future teaches you to be alone
The present to be afraid and cold
So if I can shoot rabbits
Then I can shoot fascists

Bullets for your brain today
But we'll forget it all again
Monuments put from pen to paper
Turns me into a gutless wonder

And if you tolerate this
Then your children will be next
And if you tolerate this
Then your children will be next
Will be next
Will be next
Will be next

Gravity keeps my head down
Or is it maybe shame
At being so young and being so vain

Holes in your head today
But I'm a pacifist
I've walked La Ramblas
But not with real intent

And if you tolerate this
Then your children will be next
And if you tolerate this
Then your children will be next
Will be next
Will be next
Will be next
Will be next

And on the street tonight an old man plays
With newspaper cuttings of his glory days

And if you tolerate this
Then your children will be next
And if you tolerate this
Then your children will be next
Will be next
Will be next
Will be next


Prince William is to attend a ceremony in Staffordshire today to unveil a memorial to the famous Christmas Day game of football played by British and German soldiers in 1914.

This is sick.

It was William's Great Great Grandfather King George V who told Germany that Great Britain was not going to become involved in any war following the (Freemasonic) assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand while at the same time encouraging Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey to get Great Britain involved in any war. Grey eventually used the bogus 1839 Treaty of London as an excuse to defend Belgium. It was King George's father, Grand Master of the United Grand lodge of England, Edward VII who engineered the Triple Entente that surrounded Germany. So Germany was tricked into invading Belgium and then blamed for starting the war.

Thus our Royal Family engineered World War One.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I was hoping that the born again Eliot Higgins, previously incarnated as Brown Moses, would have seen the error of his ways and recanted.

But apparently not.

The CIA is running the neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine. The CIA is also running the Islamic State and all other Jihadi organisations in Syria. Yet Higgins is still trying to prove that Assad, defying all logic and against all other evidence on Youtube, decided to provide NATO with their perfect casus belli and kill thousands of his own people. Higgins and Belling Cat are also still pushing the theory (and that is all it is despite NATO media and politicians proclaiming it as gospel) that Russia provided the separatists with the alleged BUK that shot down MH17. So far they have not answered the bleeding obvious questions:
1. why would the separatists transport a smoking gun BUK through territory controlled by Kiev Nazis?
2. how could the separatists transport a smoking gun BUK through territory controlled by Kiev Nazis?

One of my suggestions to 2. is by magic carpet.

The point about MH17 is that NATO, with the CIA as its beating heart, has refused to make public the evidence that it claims it has to prove that MH17 was shot down by separatists, instead relying on Higgins and Belling Cat to, over a period of 4 months, produce a report that proves nothing but the vanity of Belling Cat, using nothing more than coloured squiggly lines drawn on by the authors to claim that Russia shot down MH17.

Yet the CIA has just been exposed as the lying, torturing nest of scumbags that we all knew they were before the recent report was released!!!

The CIA serves Wall Street just as MI6 serves Buckingham Palace and The City of London.

I was hoping that Higgins would recognise that maybe, just maybe, he is on the same side as liars and torturers more brutal than Islamic State. But despite tweeting and retweeting tweets that condemn and mock the CIA over this report, Higgins is still steadfast in his belief that bona fide lying torturers are being honest over Syria and Ukraine.

Dear Lord. Heaven help us if this man is helping to create the next generation of 'journalists'.


I bought Oh What a Lovely War the other day, interested in that first 15 minutes or so during which guilt for starting WW1 is established. The film blames Count Berchtold, Foreign Minister of Austro-Hungary. Interestingly, Kaiser Wilhelm is shown as being anti-war until he is told that it is too late to stop the war. Wilhelm is even shown to demand that Great Britain make its intentions known. In this the film gives a more truthful portrayal of Germany, but instead of blaming Kaiser Wilhelm blames Berchtold instead.

Great Britain is represented by Sir Edward Grey, who is portrayed as the total innocent.

No mention of the assassins admitting to being Freemasons, receiving encouragement and the weapons for the assassination from Freemasonry, and in the knowledge that Freemasonry had condemned Arch Duke Ferdinand to death a few years earlier but they had not found any willing assassins.

No mention that Great Britain had created The Balkan Committee to manipulate tension in The Balkans.

No mention that Kaiser Wilhelm was told by King George V that Great Britain would not join in any war.

But also no mention that Sir Edward Grey, who in the film says, "I think we should all stay calm", was told by King George V to get Great Britain involved in any war.

And no mention that it was the nymphomaniac bisexual degenerate King Edward VII who as Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England engineered the Triple Entente that surrounded Germany.

In the film Kaiser Wilhelm notes that Germany had been encircled for the destruction of Germany. There is also a suggestion for the true reason for the war: that Germany was a moral, industrious nation who deserved recognition as a world power. The truth is that Germany and the USA had overtaken the British Empire as the most powerful economies in the world.

Oh What a Lovely War is thought to be one of the greatest anti war films ever made, but all it does is reinforce the current power structure and the reason why the war, and indeed WW2, was fought: to make mankind go through hell to be sick of war so that all future wars would be stopped by a world government, and only wars reinforcing the power of the world government would be allowed.

Can you guess who was to, and currently does, pull the strings of any such world government?

Clue: they live in the capital of England.


I recently learned this easy but devastatingly effective technique and would like to teach it to you. You may think that it is dead easy to put your hands over your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth, but believe me, from my experience it is not. It takes great skill and dedication. This technique reduces a lot of the stress to a minimum, and gives the focus of the ostracism the impression that you can't be arsed with that shit.

So, if you can be arsed, follow these four easy steps and you too will be able to put your hands over your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth, and then you can go away and do something very, very enjoyable...because you will have earned it!

First, we need a quick warm-up session. This technique may be simple but it requires deep concentration.


So first, stand up and just put your arms straight down by your sides, palms facing forward. Now, slowly bend your elbows at the same time, and bring your hands up until you can touch your shoulders. Then let your hands drop down again. Repeat this 5 times.

Second, open your mouth, and very slowly move your tongue and jaw around making just one very daft sound of your choice. Do this for 10 seconds.

Third, and last, ask a friend to ask you five questions, but ignore them. Do not answer them.

OK. You are now ready.

Nervous? Don't be. You'll be ready in no time.

How to put your hands over your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth: Step 1

Lift your right hand up, palm facing up, and bring your fingers and thumb together as if you are about to hold a large orange. Now, slowly bring your right hand up to cover your right ear, thumb at the back (can you now see why we did that warm-up session?)

Do this 5 times.

Now do the same with your left hand...5 times.

After this take a short break of a minute or so to recover.

After that short break, the really hard bit: try to cover your ears at the same time. Repeat until you can do this successfully 5 times in succession.

OK? See. I told you it was easy but it requires great skill.

How to put your hands over your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth: Step 2

Now that we can cover our ears it is time to start to make really, really, really daft sounds.

First make this sound: WeeeoooWeeeoooWeeeoooWeeeoooWeeeoooWeeeooo

Second, this sound: LoooozhLoooozhLoooozhLoooozhLoooozhLoooozhLoooozh

Third, this sound: OolaOolaOolaOolaOolaOolaOolaOola

Fourth, this: ZhoowowZhoowowZhoowowZhoowowZhoowowZhoowow

Now, try to put these together in a random order.


Now take a short break and chat to your friends (but you can answer their questions). You are half way there!!!

How to put your hands over your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth: Step 3

Welcome back.

Hopefully that short break will have rested your brain, because the learning curve from now on is very, very steep.

I think we need a minute or two of meditation before we embark on this next step. I want you to close your eyes and think of a happy place. You are there, doing what you were doing. Empty your mind of everything else. Focus on the happy place. Now stay there until I say return.


Return now. Gently.

Now, I'll give you a minute or two to figure out how to do this by yourself. I want you to be able to put your hands over your ears AND make at least one of those really daft sounds...BUT AT THE SAME TIME!!

I know. I'm a bastard. But you have got to learn yourself. I have given you the tools. You must learn how to use them. But believe me. It'll be worth it.

I'll give you 10 minutes. OK? Anyone who cannot do this must be asked to leave. So try really hard.

10 minutes. GO!!

[10 minutes later]


Good. Now, I am impressed with all your progress. Some of you even took it to the next level and walked around the room while covering your ears and making really, really, really daft sounds. Very impressive!!

I think that we are all now ready for that final step.

How to put your hands over your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth: Step 4

Can you remember during the warm up session being told to ignore questions from a friend? Well, we are going to implement something very similar.

Can you pair up, please? Find a partner. You'll need a partner for this.

Are we paired up?


Now, in each pair one of you will be A and the other B. For the first half of this session, Person A will cover their ears and make really, really, really daft sounds, and may even show some initiative and walk away from Person B who will be telling Person A that the UK was invaded by a bunch of Venetians and they engineered World War 1 and 2 and want global population down to 1 billion. After 2 minutes you will swap roles.

And then you will be ready to go out into the big, wide world and cover your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth!!


Well crack on with it!!

[4 minutes later]

OK! OK! You can stop now!

You can all give yourselves a big pat on the back!

Well done!

You can now be proud of yourself that you can now cover your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth!

You can now go away and do something really enjoyable because you earned it!!

As you leave you can collect your certificates from the desk next to the door.

But before you leave I would just like to remind you that what you have done today is just at ordinary level. There is an advanced level which involves being told that you may be able to stop all the wars and the headchopping and the kiddie-fiddling but you will still be able to maintain that I-can't-be-arsed attitude and still cover your ears, make really, really, really daft sounds and ostracise someone telling you the truth!!

Is anyone interested? It will stand out on your CV.


There is deserved shock, horror and revulsion at the report on CIA torture after 9/11: that it was horrific; that it was as medieval as the CIA creation known as Islamic State; that it was useless; and that the CIA lied and lied and lied.

Lest we forget, the CIA is running the neo Nazi coup in Ukraine. They may well have one of their agents as the new Ukraine Finance Minister (read her true bio, it stinks!!).

The USA is the beating heart of NATO. Without the USA NATO would be nothing.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Nothing, dear children. I might have been able to do something, but I couldn't be arsed, not even to find out if I could in the teeniest possible way.

No. Actually. I tell a lie. I did do something.

I put my hands over my ears and made really, really, really daft sounds (and some other very enjoyable stuff too).

Take my advice children. If someone starts to tell you the truth then ostracise them as fast as you can say, "Global depopulation to one billion".

"Global depopulation to one billion!!"

"Global depopulation to one billion!!"

"Global depopulation to one billion!!"

Shall I show you how I put my hands over my ears? Like this. See? See what I did?

And the really daft sounds went something like this:

Monday, December 08, 2014


Israel bombs Damascus and barely a word of protest from anyone except Syria itself.

But if Syria bombed Tel Aviv?

This is how much power the Zionists have: that Israel can kill over 500 children in The Gaza Strip during yet another contrived war, help to unleash the most medieval and barbaric international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, and several times now fly into Syrian airspace and bomb wherever it likes and nobody dare whisper a word of condemnation!?

This Zionist arrogance led James Paul Warburg to testify in front of a US Senate Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations on 17th February 1950 and state:
The past 15 years of my life have been devoted almost exclusively to studying the problem of world peace and, especially, the relation of the United States to these problems. These studies led me, 10 years ago, to the conclusion that the great question of our time is not whether or not one world can be achieved, but whether or not one world can be achieved by peaceful means.

We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.

[source : James Warburg before the Subcommittee on Revision of the United Nations Charter, Wikisource,

James Warburg was the son of Paul Warburg. James' uncle was Max Warburg.

In 1936 Max Warburg claimed to Rahel Liebeschutz that he was "the God of the Jews".

Paul Warburg was the architect of The Federal Reserve of the United States. The manipulation that brought about that greatest fraud is incredible, involving market manipulations, bank runs, lobbying, media stunts.

But it is the collaboration between the Warburgs and the Nazis that is the greatest scandal.

The Warburgs owned MM Warburg, which advised and did business with German governments. Besides this business with the Nazis, the Warburgs sat on the boards of IG Farben, which financed the Nazis and Nazi Germany (Max at one time was the largest stockholder) and the Reichsbank during the early years of Nazi Germany before WW2. The Warburgs ran campaigns to stop international boycotts of Nazi Germany.

Now why would the Jewish Warburgs collaborate so deeply with the Nazis?

Well, the Warburgs were running the Haavara, the Transfer Agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists which was designed to transfer German Jews to Palestine. This may sound illogical but it is horribly logical: the Nazis wanted Jews out of Germany and the Zionists, ignoring Palestinians, wanted Jews in Palestine, the good family friends of the Warburgs, the Rothschilds, having financed several Jewish colonies in Palestine. But there was a teeny weeny problem for the Warburgs and their demented Zionist ilk: German Jews wanted to stay in Germany!!! So a scary, rabid anti-Jewish Nazi Germany and Hitler were actually beneficial to the Jewish Warburgs.

There is no doubt whatsoever that there is a Jewish/Zionist cabal running things: from the Federal Reserve, to Israel, to the warmongering Neocon pact in the USA driving the wars in North Africa and the Middle East.

Tony Gosling in a recent interview with Turkish TV stated that Liz has to request permission to enter The City of London, which is surrounded by statues of dragons.

The question is: are the Zionists operating independently, or taking orders from the British Monarchy?

This is the question we should be asking every night, not should Mel Sykes or Edwina Currie be Queen of the Jungle after whoring themselves out for a shard of fame.

What exactly is the true nature of the relationship between the wealthy Zionist bankers, such as the Venetian Warburgs, and the British monarchy?

Because if Israel can kill over 500 children in Gaza, unleash the most medieval and barbaric international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, and fly into Syrian airspace and bomb Damascus without a word of protest from anyone except Syria then from where have they derived that power?

Saturday, December 06, 2014


Why is it that with so many people in the UK 'in love' that the world is so shit and barely anyone wants to make it better, while I am not 'in love' but was prepared to stand outside Freemasons Hall on my own and protest their engineering of World War One (but upon arrival found I was alone and the zapping I had received the three nights previous to that day had sucked all my energy, confidence, anger and enthusiasm out)?


If someone told you that you may hold the key to stopping all the war and all the genocide and all the poverty and all the kiddie-fiddling, what would you do?


Jarrett Rivers became part of FA Cup folklore by scoring in the 90th minute to send non-league Blyth Spartans through to the third round at the expense of League Two side Hartlepool.

Rivers, 21 - who works in his mother's newsagent - broke forward on the right, produced a lovely step-over in the box before firing in a low angled shot that beat the reach of Scott Flinders.

It sparked jubilant scenes as the scorer was engulfed by his team-mates, while some of the 1,111 Spartans fans that travelled the 40 miles up the north east coast ran on, overwhelmed with emotion in front of the BBC TV cameras.

However, the goalmouth drama was far from over as Hartlepool, bottom of League Two, mounted one last foray forward and came within inches of keeping alive their Cup hopes when Matthew Bates's strike came off the crossbar.

But the Northumberland club, three divisions and 65 places below their opponents, survived the six minutes of stoppage time to add 2014-15 to 1972, 1978 and 2009 in the list of times they have reached the third-round proper.

And if they reproduce the heart and guts on display at Victoria Park then perhaps English football's seventh tier side could emulate their exploits of 36 years ago when they reached the fifth round.

Hartlepool manager Paul Murray

"The second half was diabolical. There was no fight, no passion, we thought we had it won."

Blyth hero Rivers said afterwards: "I'm living off that goal for the rest of my life", while his manager Tom Wade told BBC Sport the victory was "written in the stars".

Jonathan Franks's header gave Hartlepool a deserved lead for their first-half domination, before Stephen Turnbull levelled after the break for a rejuvenated Blyth, with a excellent free-kick that found the keeper's top right.

"I said to the lads if we can stay in this game, these lads are getting beat week in and week out, and we have a chance," said Turnbull, who is doing an apprenticeship with a ferry company.

"They are expected to batter us but we hung in there, sneaked a goal and got the other. We have an honest bunch of lads, everyone grafts. We are just buzzing."

Blyth are ball number 52 in the hat for Monday's draw, when all the Premier League teams enter the competition. The draw will be televised live on BBC Two, 19:00 GMT.

Rivers' late, late strike was heartbreak for the League Two's basement side.

They created several chances in the first 45 minutes. Aside from Franks' goal - converted from Neil Austin's cross - Sidney Schmeltz had a header brilliantly saved by Peter Jeffries, while Harewood found the side-netting and Austin had two shots blocked.

How many miles have Blyth covered?

Evo-Stick Northern Premier side Blyth Spartans are three divisions and 65 places below League Two.

The most famous member of Spartans' 1977-78 team [which reached the fifth round] Alan Shoulder, who went on to play for Newcastle, spent three years with Hartlepool at the end of his career.

This was manager Tom Wade's 100th match in charge of Blyth.

Blyth have covered 1,184 miles in the FA Cup this season after being drawn away in four out of their five FA Cup ties.

Pools were also denied when Harewood's strike at 1-1 was ruled not to have fully crossed the line - TV replays proved inconclusive.

"In the first half we were pretty good but didn't take our opportunities," said their manager Paul Murray.

"The second half was diabolical. There was no fight, no passion, we thought we had it won. That's been the story in the league as well. There were angry words exchanged in the dressing room."

His opposite number Tom Wade added: "We tried to keep the players calm at half-time. We knew we would have a few chances and if we could stay in the game after 60 minutes we would turn them over.

"We have a very young side, they are a brilliant set of lads, their attitude is fantastic. It is a great night and I am so proud."

[source : BBC,, 5th December 2014]

Meanwhile, a warmongering alliance engineered 9/11 to do this:

And then set about using 9/11 as the casus belli to go on a warmongering rampage on nations in North Africa and the Middle East who had sweet FA to do with 9/11:


It's all in the title.

The UK is to establish its first permanent military base in the Middle East since it formally withdrew from the region in 1971.

The base, at the Mina Salman Port in Bahrain, will host ships including destroyers and aircraft carriers.

The UK said it was an "expansion of the Royal Navy's footprint" and would "reinforce stability" in the Gulf.

Bahrain will pay most of the £15m ($23m) needed to build the base, with the UK paying ongoing costs.

UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, who signed the deal at a security conference in Manama, Bahrain, said it was "just one example of our growing partnership with Gulf partners to tackle shared strategic and regional threats".

[source : UK to establish £15m permanent Mid East military base, BBC,, 6th December 2014]

Hmm. "shared strategic and regional threats", eh?

Are they talking about the "shared strategic and regional threats" that we created in order to interfere in the Middle East?

Duuuh. Geeee. I dunno'. Er.


My inbox is still void of concern for humanity.

I've been trying and trying and trying, through different approaches, but if the aware do not want to help then what?

Tut, sigh and shake my head in total disbelief?


Try something else?

All of the above?


Nafeez Ahmed writes a devastating article exposing Israel's true reason for its persecution of the children of Gaza over the summer and Ahmed is told by The Guardian to stop writing.

Yet alleged anti-war writers such as Owen Jones and Seamas Milne still write on The Guardian website.

Why do Jones and Milne still write for The Guardian?

Why does The Guardian still allow them?

Jones and Milne have as yet not shown any sign of protest or even of being disturbed at this blatant act of censorship in the name of Israel.

The Guardian is as pro-Israel a newspaper you will find in the UK. But you won't notice it because of people like Jones and Milne who give that paper an air of left-wing respectability with their alleged anti-war position.

Well, here is just a quick reminder:
1. Israel killed over 2000 people, including over 500 children, over the summer with barely a whisper of condemnation from Callous Cameron, and it took Red Ed over a week and hundreds of dead before he spoke out;
2. Stop The War is run by a rabid pro-abortionist who continues to protect the British monarchy from being prosecuted for engineering and executing World War One by pushing the it-was-going-to-happen-anyway theory and is an apologist for the wars since 9/11 by pushing the absurd Osama-bin-Laden-did-it-all-on-his-own bollocks when there are videos of General Wesley Clark exposing the conspiracy;
3. After the blatant false flag at Ghouta in August last year in order to provoke war on Syria (an event that I predicted but could not provide a location beforehand) it was The Guardian and The Observer who through their editorials pushed for war on Syria, not once considering the geopolitics of the war on Syria, the fact that the rebels had chemical weapons and had threatened to use them (all on video!!!!), and the sheer lunacy and insult to logic that Assad would provide the perfect casus belli for NATO to bomb the shit out of Syria. The editorials also exposed the ecstasy of The Guardian at Syria giving up its chemical weapons while not once mentioning Israel's far superior arsenal of devastating nuclear, chemical and biological WMDs. See THE GUARDIAN AND ITS ROLE IN ACCUSING ASSAD AND PUSHING FOR WAR ON SYRIA for a detailed analysis of these editorials.

There is something in all this for people to think about.

Friday, December 05, 2014


The Bilderberg Washington Post is proposing a safe zone inside Syria along the Syria-Turkey border.
The Post’s Karen DeYoung reported that U.S. officials are discussing the creation of a de facto safe zone along the Turkish border, perhaps 20 miles deep and 100 miles long, that the rebels could hold with the help of U.S. and allied airstrikes and Turkish special forces. The border strip, which extends toward the besieged, Kurdish-held town of Kobane, is currently controlled by forces from the Islamic State. But the strategy would include deterring Syrian government aircraft from entering the area, shielding it from bombing raids.

The safe zone could allow the entry into Syria of political exiles attempting to set up a badly needed alternative to the Assad government. It could also give breathing room to the moderate Free Syrian Army. In recent weeks its forces in Aleppo have been hemmed in by the regime, which captured one of the two remaining road routes into rebel-held districts. Meanwhile, the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra front has captured parts of Idlib province, south and west of Aleppo, driving out Free Syrian Army forces.

[source : A safe zone in Syria would be a forward step in the Islamic State fight, Washington Post,, 5th December 2014]

A safe zone to protect the Syrian rebels from the Syrian Arab Army?

And the USAF would be used to protect the rebels by enforcing a No Fly Zone?

But I thought the USAF was supposed to be bombing Islamic State headchoppers?

Ooops. Silly me. The USAF is making air drops to supply Islamic State headchoppers, as reported by Iraq intelligence.

But this is nothing to be concerned about. This is just one more tiptoe to war on Assad. That's why Islamic State was allowed to be created with a Rolex-wearing graduate of Guantanamo Bay as its leader.

It is all such a sad and sick farce.

Thursday, December 04, 2014


I haven't yet taken in all the points of pointless Oik's budget, which was heartily approved by pigeon and British aid worker murderer Callous Cameron, but I can safely bet that we, i.e. the British people except the criminal elite, will suffer more brutal Bilderberg fascist Oiksterity.

The first round of brutal Bilderberg fascist Oiksterity failed miserably. The only solution is more. And if that doesn't work then more. And more. And more.

And we should be thankful for it...because we deserve it.

We are, after all, pure human scum, aren't we?

I mean, we are the ones who gambled with trillions of other people's hard earned money and lost, were bailed out by the muggins British taxpayer, and promised to reform but reneged on the deal and have once more brought the nation to the brink of financial ruin.

I mean, we are the ones who engineer wars and send other people's sons and daughters to the front line while we use armed British police to seal off a wood so that we can secretly shoot pigeons dead.

I mean, we are the ones who can afford to hire a castle and hold Satanic orgies while more and more children are being forced into using food banks.

We, the muggins British taxpayers, are pure human scum, aren't we?

We deserve more and more brutal Bilderberg fascist Oiksterity!!

I am today writing to Oik to demand more and more brutal Bilderberg fascist Oiksterity.



How does this work?

Natalie Jaresko, an American and a former powerful official at the US Embassy in Kiev, is now Ukraine Finance Minister. She is of Ukrainian descent, but she is possibly CIA or similar. She was quickly given Ukrainian citizenship on the day of her appointment.

Her job at the Embassy involved strengthening economic ties between the USA and Ukraine.

Hmm. I wonder what she will do now.

And to think that the Kiev Nazis were supported by NATO because of the alleged corruption of the Yanukovych government?!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


So what if a cabal in Buckingham Palace and Whitehall and Freemasons Hall engineered World War One to create a world government that they would control?

So what if that cabal subsequently engineered World War Two because the world government that was formed after 'the war to end all wars', The League of Nations, failed?

So what if that cabal, after the carnage, rape and slaughter of World War 2 that they engineered, then created a world government in the form of The United Nations that now serves as the backbone for a whole host of world governing institutions, such as the IMF?

So what if that cabal wants world human population reduced quite quickly down to around 1 billion, and is using The United Nations to implement strategies to accelerate that depopulation?

So what?

So fucking what?





Say what? You want sex with Mike Tyson?







So what if a cabal in Buckingham Palace and Whitehall are seriously implicated in a murderous peado ring involving scumbag Jimmy Savile.

So what if that cabal unleashed cutthroat Jihadis onto defenceless Syrian children to build a pipeline from Qatar through Saudi Arabia to Europe to diminish Russia's global influence because Putin is displaying some resistance.

So what if that cabal engineered 9/11 to kick off a series of wars and regime change in North Africa and the Middle East, some of which were to be on Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Syria.

So what if that cabal allowed David Haines and Alan Henning to have their heads sawn off to provide a casus belli for war on Syria to oust President Assad.

So what if that cabal unleashed neo-Nazis onto Ukraine to drag Ukraine under the sphere of influence of NATO and the IMF.

So what if that cabal have been allowing Islamic terrorists to recruit in and operate out of London to provide an unwitting legion of Jihadis serving British foreign policy and to provide a pretext to install secret cameras in our bathrooms to watch us have a pooh just in case we might be a 'terrorist'.

So what?

So fucking what?







Tuesday, December 02, 2014



Yesterday I began to debunk The Interpreter, a media outlet run by Pavel Khordokovsky, the son of Mikhail Khordokovsky. Pavel states that The Interpreter was established to continue the work of Open Russia Foundation which was started by his father with the help of Lord Jacob Rothschild and Henry Kissinger. ORF was pure NATO intelligence. Thus we cam conclude that The Interpreter is too. The Interpreter is edited by James Miller who writes for the Bilderberg media outlet Foreign Policy. One of Miller's pages on MH17 has this to say about a BUK that was filmed with a missing missile:
The vehicle in question, according to Ukraine, passed through Krasnadon on its way back across the border as is reflected on our map. Claims that this video was taken in Ukrainian controlled territory — in Krasnoarmeysk, have been debunked. Furthermore, The Interpreter contacted the owners of the billboard locations and were provided with a complete list of billboard locations as well as images of many of the sites. After a careful investigation we can definitively conclude that this video was recorded in Lugansk, on a road between the MH17 crash site and the border crossing near Krasnadon. The Buk, which does appear to be missing one or two missiles, is traveling in the opposite direction as previous videos which show armored vehicles which appear to have been supplied by the Russian military to the separatist militia.

[source : UPDATED Evidence Review: Who Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17?, The Interpreter,, 15th September 2014]

So here Miller is stating with the same kind of supreme confidence as Eliot Higgins that "After a careful investigation we can definitively conclude that this video was recorded in Lugansk, on a road between the MH17 crash site and the border crossing near Krasnadon."

But where precisely in Luhansk was that BUK filmed?

Well, if you look at the map below, which is linked to by Miller, the BUK was filmed close to where the Luhansk pin is.

Now I ask, is that "on a road between the MH17 crash site and the border crossing near Krasnadon"?

Yes it is. But there is something very illogical about it. Miller's map provides a dark green route to get from the Torez area to Luhansk, but that does not go through that pin in Luhansk where the BUK with missing missiles was filmed.


But earlier in the same report Miller proposes a timeline for the transportation of BUKs in that area, and says this:
02:00-04:00 on July 18th – the Buk launchers reportedly cross the border into Russia (Ukrainian government – see below).

As far as where the missiles went afterwards, one video released by the Ukrainian government claims to show the Buk, missing several missiles, on its way back to Russia (presumably along paths highlighted on our map in black).On July 18th the Ukrainian security services issued a press release in which a Ukraine SBU (Security Service) officer explains Ukraine’s narrative — that three vehicles carrying Buk missiles came from Russia and returned back to Russia after the incident:

At 2:00, July 18, two movers each with a Buk missile launcher crossed the Russian border in Luhansk region. At 4:00, another three movers: one of them empty, other carrying a launcher with four missiles and the latter allegedly with a control unit, crossed the state border.

In other words by 0400 on 18th what ever BUKs that were previously in the Torez area were in Russia. It is 30 miles from Luhansk to Krasnodon, then another 10 miles to the border. How fast could a transporter carrying a BUK go at the maximum? Yet the video showing the BUK with missing missiles which was filmed in Luhansk shows quite good early daylight, possibly 0400 for that time of year on that kind of day.

So I ask again, are the separatists using teleportation?

And not only this, the black route on Miller's map has the BUK travelling through area controlled by Kiev Nazis as they tried to create a corridor to Luhansk Airport.

And the dark green route from Torez takes the BUK right past the war zone of Luhansk airport but not through the pin in Luhansk where Miller states that the BUK with missing missiles was filmed!!

Go to the LiveUAMap website and see what the situation on 18th July and the few days before was. West and south of Luhansk was a war zone as the Kiev Nazis created a corridor to Luhansk Airport which is SSE of Luhansk. Both the black and dark green routes of Miller cross the Kiev Nazi corridor, and the black route that crosses the pin where the BUK with missing missiles was filmed does not start in Shizhne, and the rebels claim that that BUK shot down the An 26 on 14th July.


A magician makes you see things that are not there. Miller and Belling Cat are good magicians.

The case against the separatists using maps and videos cannot be relied upon. And neither the Miller argument or that of Belling Cat take into account that the area south and west of Luhansk was a war zone infested with Kiev Nazis as they battled to create a corridor to Luhansk Airport.

And in both cases neither Miller or Belling Cat have considered that the Ukraine military has BUKs or where they were.

No. The best case against the separatists lies solely on those intercepted phone calls. And as The (Mis)Interpeter states regarding the reliability of such evidence:
The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has uploaded a Youtube video with a recording of a conversation that purports to be between Igor Bezler (Bes, or "Demon"), a commander of the pro-Russian separatists, and Vasily Geranin, who is described as a colonel in the Russian Federation's GRU (main military intelligence), at 16:40, and a second conversation between two pro-Russian separatists nicknamed "Major" and "Greek".

We have no confirmation of the authenticity of these recordings at all, and in general such leaks are hard to confirm. We do recognize Bezler's voice, however, from many other videos he himself has made and from press conferences for the "Donetsk People's Republic."

[source : Ukraine Liveblog Day 150: Malaysian Passenger Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine, The Interpreter,, 17th July 2014]

Monday, December 01, 2014


Eliot Higgins aka Brown Moses recently retweeted this from James Miller:

But who is James Miller? Miller's twitter profile lists that he is editor of The Interpreter. Miller is also a contributor to Foreign Policy, which is pure Anglo-American intelligence. FP was founded by Samuel Huntington, owned by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace but is now owned by Graham Holdings, which is the Graham family of The Washington Post.

So if Miller is a contributor to FP then he is at least writing things that the Anglo-American-Bilderberg Nazis want people to hear.

So, back to The Interpreter. What is it?

The Interpreter is a Special Project of the Institute of Modern Russia (IMR).

So what is Institute of Modern Russia?

It is The Open Russia Foundation 2.0

Open Russia Foundation was the Rothschild's espionage pipeline into Russia and was entrusted to soon-to-be-jailbird Mikhail Khordokovsky. ORF was opened in 2001 in Somerset House which at the time was owned by the Rothschilds (and may still be). On the board of ORF sat Khordokovsky, Lord Jacob Rothschild and Henry Kissinger. So ORF was a flagship of Bilderberg intelligence activities in Russia, and Mikhail Khordokovsky was up to his neck in it.

ORF was shut down in 2006, while Mikhail was doing bird, but his son Pavel formed IMR to, and I quote from the IMR website, "continue the work his father, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, began through the Open Russia Foundation."

So from this can we deduce that, like its parent Open Russia Foundation, the IMR is doing the evil work of the Rothschilds? I think we can.

And here is why.

James Miller has his own page on The Interpreter. Here it is.

One entry on Miller's page is UPDATED Evidence Review: Who Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17?

Reading that page you will find this link to a map of reported sightings of BUKs in the area around Torez.

The two routes of interest are the dark green route from Shizhne to Luhansk, and the black route from Chornukhyne (click on the pins for further information). The pin on Chornukhyne refers to an intercepted conversation which is claimed by rebels to refer to the Antonov An 26. That is the BUK that is most likely to be the one in that controversial video of the BUK with missing missiles.

Even the pseudo-Rothschild The Interpreter is providing evidence to back me up on that.

But Eliot Higgins and Belling Cat used that video of a BUK with missing missile in Luhansk in a desperate bid to link Russia to MH17. I have asked several times now how it could have got to Luhansk from Shizhne but without reply, suggesting that that video was perhaps filmed earlier than 18th July or was the BUK that shot down the Antonov An26 on 14th July.

But NATO media and politicians jumped on the Belling Cat report as slam dunk evidence that Russia shot down MH17!!

This map from James Miller does not even address the situation on the ground: that Luhansk was a war zone infested with Kiev Nazis who were battling to create a corridor south and west of Luhansk to Luhansk Airport. Even Porky tweeted on 13th July that the Kiev Nazis were about to start military operations to create such a corridor.


So to summarise this post:
1. James Miller writes things the warmongers want us to hear (FP). He edits The Interpreter which was founded by Pavel Khordokovsky to carry on the work of Open Russia Foundation which was founded by his father Mikhail and governed by Rothschild and Kissinger.
2. Miller's own entry refers to a map with two routes for a BUK:
(i) one route that travels to the point identified as carrying a BUK with missing missiles on 18th July in Luhansk but that BUK is claimed by the rebels to be the one that shot down an Antonov An 26
(ii) a second route that takes a BUK form Shizhne to Luhansk and then to Krasnodon. BUT note that that route does NOT, repeat NOT, take it to the location identified in Luhansk where the alleged smoking gun BUK was filmed, but does take it right past the war zone of Luhansk Airport!!!!!

This is important because NATO media and politicians all jumped on the Belling Cat report as slam dunk evidence that Russia shot down MH17. The Belling Cat report tried to prove that a BUK seen in Shizhne on 17th July was the one filmed in Luhansk allegedly on 18th July and that because that BUK was missing a missile then that was the one that shot down MH17. But Belling Cat failed on that. They even admit in their own report that they cannot link it.

Can you see what I am getting at?

I may have to clarify my argument over the next few days, but if James Miller on a Khordokovsky website says that the BUK that shot down MH17 was in Russia at 4am at the latest on 18th July (citing Ukraine intelligence reports) then how could it have been in West Luhansk at the crack of dawn to be filmed?!

The Russia-shot-down-MH17 cabal cannot get their stories right: one lot says one thing while another lot says something else.


The Center for a New American Security was exposed by Webster Tarpley in his latest World Crisis Radio.

And what a nest of warmongers it is.

Championed by Bilderberg's very own General David Petraeus, the CNAS counts among its staff and advisors:
General Allen
Richard Armitage.
Anne Marie Slaughter.
Madeleine Albright.
Joesph Lieberman.

There is someone from Evercore (Bilderberg), Goldmam Sachs, Lockheed Martin, Rand, JP Morgan Chase, and even an author of Which Path to Persia from Brookings, Dr Michael O' Hanlon.

And Paula Dobriansky (Trilateral, CFR, NED), signatory to the 1998 letter to then POTUS Clinton from PNAC demanding war on Iraq.

CNAS looks like PNAC-lite.

Watch out for this nest of warmongers!!


This is another reason for #CameronMustGo.

If you are thinking that Callous Cameron would never allow two British aid workers to have their heads sawn off to provide a casus belli for war on Syria then think again.

Because Callous Cameron actually used armed police to seal off a wood so that he could shoot pigeons dead in secret!!

Armed police sealed off a wood so David Cameron could go pigeon shooting in secret.

The Tory PM told the story to a pal after moaning he “couldn’t go deer stalking any more” now he’s Premier.

Journalist Alan Cochrane said Mr Cameron told him of the 2012 shoot in Oxfordshire “as we ate venison.”

Mr Cochrane wrote in his newly-published diaries: “I suppose he doesn’t want to go back to the grouse-moor-image days of ex-Tory PM Harold McMillan, or be seen with a rifle.”

He added: “DC says he fancied a bit of shooting, so took his 12-bore to a wood near his home and bagged a couple of pigeons.

"The wood had to be surrounded by coppers with guns. He misses shooting things.”

[source : David Cameron had an ARMED GUARD so he could go on a secret PIGEON shoot , Daily Mirror,, 30th November 2014]

You could not make this stuff up.

#CameronMustGo because he likes to secretly shoot defenceless pigeons dead .

This reminds me of a mock of Dick Cheney after he 'accidentally' shot a fellow shooter.

He tracked that iddy biddy birdy hoping to blow out its brains.