Thursday, July 24, 2014


I woke up this morning hoping to find the NATO media full of their slam dunk proof that either Russia or the pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine shot down MH17. We've been waiting and waiting and waiting, ever since the first pictures of the wreckage were shown.

From the Russia side we have been shown concrete evidence backed up by real time tweets, logic and withholding of ATC transcripts/recordings.

But from the anti-Russia side nothing but claim and implication, and in some cases blatant lies and fabrication.

And what is now sickening about MH17 is that the lack of evidence from the anti-Russia side is being replaced by emotional blackmail: pictures of coffins being slowly carried off planes; people wearing white; women crying. It's all there to provoke demands for hot-headed irrational revenge.

The Guardian headline is about chickens.

Some refer to the opening ceremony of The Commonwealth Games and...oooh...a gay kiss (a sneak attack on Russia).

No more "Putin's Missile".

It's as if MH17 never happened.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Nearly 700 Palestinians dead, mostly defenceless civilians.

Nearly 40 Israelis dead, mostly invading IDF soldiers.

It took this for Ed "I am a Zionist" Miliband to say something.

To give Miliband some credit, he played a significant role in stopping a war on Syria in August last year. But that credit has been used up over this latest engineered war on Gaza. In fact he owes Gaza...BIG TIME!!

And there appears to be no relief. Netanyahu cannot stop now. He has gone too far now and cannot stop until he achieves what he and Lieberman wanted: Gaza defenceless and reoccupied. Anything less and he loses.

And that if that is the case then this latest bloodlust has only just begun.


It is not "odd".

Reuters is owned by the Rothschilds and their network.

Most of the NATO media is.

And if you read what Khodakovsky is quoted as saying, he does not confirm anything, only that he 'heard' something.

And Sky News tonight had 2 aviation experts looking at a photograph of what was said to have been a piece of MH17. Their conclusion from this one piece of evidence was that MH17 was shot down by a BUK.

But who controlled that BUK?

Who had the training to use it?

If the rebels captured one then was it operational? And could they use it?

And why has the Ukraine Govt not released the ATC transcripts? Even after Russia released some of its evidence, provoking NATO to backtrack on their initial claims that it was "Putin's Missile" that shot down MH17?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Yesterday Russia released evidence that MH17 was tracked by an unidentified plane, suspected to be a Ukraine Su25.

That was reinforced by radar recordings.

Today the US State Dept was asked for its evidence to support their claims that pro-Russia separatists in East Ukraine shot down MH17. Reporters were told it was on social media and the internet.

That's it! That's all they have! Social media! The internet! Oh, and logic.

Let's see. Shortly after MH17 crashed, a video that was on social media, on the internet, was brought to our attention by none other than the Ukraine Ministry of the Interior, alleging that it showed a Russian BUK system in East Ukraine rushing through the dead of night to get back to Russia before it was found to have shot down MH17. But guess what : the video was of a Ukrainian BUK system in an area controlled by the Ukrainian military!

Now THAT is what I call a load of bollocks.

Is that the standard of evidence we are being asked to believe? Social media, the internet and logic?


But to support the Russian view that it was Ukraine who shot down MH17 we have:
1. the real time tweets of a Spanish ATC, whose account has now been closed;
2. Russian radar recordings;
3. CIA analysts telling Consortium News that their photos show a missile was shot by Ukraine.

But in addition, there is the motive.

Why would pro-Russia separatists shoot down a passenger jet? They were beating the Ukraine military, so much so that the Ukraine military and their assistants from the neo Nazi National Guard are causing almost as much damage to civilians as Israel is in Gaza, along with the human rights abuses. So to shoot down a passenger jet to focus media attention on that rather than the barbarity of the Ukraine military is preposterous.

On the other hand, that dastardly Putin has just launched a development bank to threaten the World Bank/IMF apparatus that has sucked the life out of many nations and left those nations in intensive care, and only IMF money can save them from certain death.

But also, as I have pointed out soooooooo many times, Prince Bandar was sent to Moscow last summer to threaten Putin: dump Assad and Russia can operate in the Middle East and sell billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia; or Bandar would unleash hell on earth in Syria to embarrass Putin into dumping Assad. Putin rejected this lovely, heartwarming offer. On 21st August, hell was unleashed in Syria...

So two major, major reasons for the NATO/Wall Street/City of London Estaboishment to hate and distrust Putin are:
1. Syria
2. BRICS Development bank

So these are also very, very, very good reasons why Ukraine, under orders from their NATO masters, would shoot down a passenger jet and blame it on Putin. Remember, Bandar threatened that he would try to embarrass Putin, and he tried (and failed) with hundreds of dead children.

And not only that, after all these years of stalling and humming and stalling again, the British Government has suddenly decided that, you know what, let's have a public inquiry into the death of that radioactive traitor Alexander Litvinenko who died nearly 8 years ago.

So what does The Little Britisher Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan (the job we all wanted at school), have to say:
The immediate cause of the MH17 disaster was a missile shot by pro-Russian forces who mistook it for one of the military aircraft they had been regularly shooting down. It is a terrible tragedy – and tragically not unique. There have been several such events in my lifetime, including the USS Vincennes incident and the Soviet downing of a Korean airliner.

...Putin will continue his dangerous expansionist nationalism because it is a self-trapping path for a politician to take; but also he is encouraged that whatever he does, nobody makes any serious moves to stop him. The people on MH17 were killed because of the pusillanimity of Western politicians, financed and guided by the financial elite.

[source : MH17 – Downed by Elite Collusion, Craig Murray,, 22nd July 2014]

Murray wraps his NATO-esque accusations in a swaddling of billionaires, highlighting the number of billionaires in Russia, and freedom of press.

Yes, the freedom of press that NATO use to attack Putin through Navalny and other CIA/NED/Color Revolution cronies?

And as for expansionist nationalism? WHAT THE FUCK IS NATO DOING?!

And why would Putin, and the other BRICS leaders, and their supporters in Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and elsewhere, risk their lives and reputations by establishing a rival to the World Bank/IMF apparatus run by The Federal Reserve?

For fun?

Or because they, like a growing number of people around the world, are sick and tired of the manipulation by the Federal Reserve and the financial apparatus that has sucked the life out of so many nations and kept them underdeveloped?

Do you think they are not aware of the assassination squads and black propaganda units that will be formed to destroy the BRICS development bank and themselves personally?

MH17 is part of the assassination/black propaganda designed to destroy Putin.

And as for that Litvinenko Public Inquiry? The terms do not allow investigation into MI6, and some of it will be held in secret! So much for public! And this after he died nearly 8 years ago?




"A dangerous outlaw regime".

This is how The Washington Post describes a particular government today.

But who are they talking about?

Israel, as it murders yet another 600 Palestinians in yet another engineered war? Ph! Are you having a laff?

ISIS? Nope.

The Disunited Fascist Queendom? Nope.

They are in fact referring to...Russia.

Yes, the same Russia that has been opposing the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadis in Syria, the same Russia that is opposing neo Nazis in Ukraine who chase people into buildings and burn them alive, and the same Russia that last week launched an alternative to the World Bank/IMF apparatus that has sucked the life out of many a sovereign nation state and kept those nations underdeveloped.

This is "the world's newest rogue state", as The Washington Post now refers to Russia.

For decades the world has been at the mercy of the City of London/Wall Street leeches. An alternative is being created by the BRICS, with muted support from Non Aligned Movement. But after BRICS launches a development bank, that City of London/Wall Street cabal now claim that Russia shot down a passenger jet!!

What’s needed is a broad strategy for putting a stop to Mr. Putin’s aggression and, where possible, rolling it back. That begins with sanctions designed to inflict damage on the Russian economy, such as the “sectoral” sanctions Mr. Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel threatened months ago but never deployed. Military measures are also necessary, including rapidly supplying the Ukrainian army with the material it has requested. It’s time to treat Mr. Putin’s Russia as what it has become — a dangerous outlaw regime that needs to be contained.

[source : The West needs a strategy to contain the world’s newest rogue state — Russia, The Washington Post,, 21st July 2014]


So, for years the British Government has stalled and stalled and stalled a public inquiry into the death of MI6 agent Alexander Litvinenko, last year announcing that an inquest would be adequate. And instead of using a public inquiry to embarrass Putin into dumping Assad last year, the decision was taken to instead send Prince Bandar to threaten Putin; dump Assad or there will be hell on earth in Syria, resulting in the event of 21st August.

But now that Putin is not backing down on the BRICS development bank, and is either receiving support or neutrality from many world leaders on the highly suspicious crash of MH17, the British Government has suddenly decided that, after all this time, they do want to use a dead man for political purposes and finally hold a public inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

A public inquiry will be held in to the death of poisoned Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will announce on Tuesday.

The Government decision means the formal investigation in to his death will be able to examine whether the Russian state was behind his murder.

The decision is another blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a time when he is already under intense international pressure in the wake of the Malaysia airlines atrocity.

Mrs May will tell Parliament that a public inquiry will take over from the inquest in to the death of Mr Litvinenko five months after losing a crucial legal challenge, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The Government long resisted calls for an inquiry and insisted that an inquest which was being led by a senior judge was adequate.

[source : Alexander Litvinenko murder: public inquiry to be held, The Daily Telegraph,, 21st July 2014]

Monday, July 21, 2014


Russia has today released some of the evidence that it has on what was happening immediately prior to MH17 crashing.

And it does not look good for NATO politicians, media and proxies blowing civilians to bits in East Ukraine.


Four dead. Many wounded, including staff.

Where next? The Pentagon?

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Imagine if someone financed a group of people to colonise the UK. How would you feel?

Imagine if the only claim to the UK that this group had was that God had given it to them. How would you feel?

Imagine if that group of people had exceptionally wealthy backers. How would you feel?

Imagine if they attacked and murdered then forced the current inhabitants of the UK, i.e. you, into areas of ever decreasing size? How would you feel?


Why are our newspapers and media so full of condemnation of Russia, alleging with very little evidence that they helped pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine shoot down MH17, yet there is very little condemnation of Israel yet again invading Gaza, yet again on engineered pretext, to kill now approaching 400 civilians yet again?

Friday, July 18, 2014


Daylight turns to moonlight, and I'm at my best
Praising the way it all works, and gazing upon the rest;
The cool before the warm, the calm after the storm;
I wish to stay forever, letting this be my food
But I'm caught up in a whirlwind and my ever changing moods.

Bitter turns to sugar, some call a passive tune
But the day things turn sweet, for me won't be too soon;
The hush before the silence, the winds after the blast;
I wish we'd move together, this time the bosses sued
But we're caught up in the wilderness and an ever changing mood.

Teardrops turn to children, who've never had the time
To commit the sins they pay for through, another's evil mind;
The love after the hate
The love we leave too late;
I wish we'd wake up one day, and everyone feel moved
But we're caught up in the dailies and an ever changing mood.

Evil turns to statues, and masses form a line
But I know which way I'd run to if the choice was mine;
The past is knowledge, the present our mistake
And the future we always leave too late;
I wish we'd come to our senses and see there is no truth
In those who promote the confusion for this ever changing mood.

Songwriters: WELLER, PAUL JOHN
My Ever Changing Moods lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


Eleven months ago there was a horrific event in Ghouta, Syria.

Well, that is what we were told by warmongering scum, who told us that Assad had decided, for whatever reason, to use chemical weapons to kill approaching 2000 of his own people. This is an insult to logic because:
1. if you want your people to turn against you then what better way than to murder 2000 of them?
2. such an act was exactly what the UK, France, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and factions in the USA wanted in order to blow Syria to smithereens;
3. UN inspectors were just down the road;
4. the Syrian Arab Army was easily defeating the rebels with conventional weapons.

But in addition:
1. such an event was predicted on this blog a few weeks before it happened;
2. the rebels needed such an event to provoke a large scale overt military intervention by NATO on their behalf to save their own necks from destruction by the Syrian Arab Army;
3. the rebels had been caught with chemical weapons, had filmed their experiments with chemical weapons, and had also filmed themselves threatening to use chemical weapons to get what they wanted.

And the coup de grace; their sponsor Prince Bandar bin Sultan had personally threatened President Putin of Russia with unleashing hell in Syria if Putin did not dump Assad.

The year 2013 was a year of pressure on Obama. Netanyahu, Erdogan, Cameron, Hollande, and others, all spoke to Obama demanding that he bomb Syria.

But Obama refused.

So they were forced to execute the false flag of 21st August last year, to provoke a response from Obama. And Obama responded...wisely. He did not bomb Syria. Instead Syria relinquished its chemical weapons.

Two days ago a passenger jet was shot down over Ukraine. That same bloodthirsty crowd that shouted that Assad did Ghouta, in the face of the overwhelming evidence and logic that Assad did NOT do Ghouta, are now shouting that Putin shot the plane down personally, that he pulled the trigger and laughed as he did so.

Obama is so far falling their lies, but is as yet not completely under their spell.

Obama must snap out of his trance, want his Nobel Peace Prize back, so he can look his kids in the eyes and say to them, "I saved the world from total destruction, and I did it because I love you."

Remember, the neo-PNACs in the Emergency Committee for Israel virtually declared war on Obama. The wife of one of the founders of PNAC is Victoria Nuland.


There was something not right about Sarah either.

Earlier this year on RT, one presenter, Abby Martin, criticised Putin over Ukraine, leading to a second resigning, but we saw the nature of the Ukrainian 'protestors' in Odessa; they burn people alive, shoot at them as they try to jump from third floor windows to escape the flames, and batter to death those who survive the jump. They also paint Nazi swastikas wherever they go.

Just the type to shoot down a passenger jet when they are getting their arses kicked by pro-Russia separatists.

Yet right on cue, to embarrass Putin again, another RT presenter resigns in protest at the 'truth', when so far the evidence against Ukraine shooting down MH17 is much stronger than that against the separatists.

The NATO media and politicians are definitely hiding the fact that the Ukraine Military has the BUK system that it says downed MH17. But in addition there is this:

And follow Webster Tarpley's twitter; the Spanish ATC spoke to Spanish RT about this tweets that indicate the plane was shot down by Ukraine.

I've always had this feeling that RT was infiltrated, and we are seeing that this year, with two opportunities to embarrass Putin both taken. But there aren't that many left now. Most are bona fide.

But, we shall see what we shall see...


Thou shalt, with a BUK system to be kept out of the media, shoot down Malaysia Airlines passenger jets to blame on thy enemies.


Take this article in The Washington Post:

Missile downs Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine, killing 298; Kiev blames rebels

It says this about the BUK:

U.S. intelligence officials confirmed, but could not identify the origins of, the missile strike that led to the deadliest downing of a civilian passenger plane in recent decades. One Ukrainian government official, however, said the Boeing 777 traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur appeared to have been hit by an advanced Russian-made missile system that recently came into the hands of the pro-Moscow separatists waging a bloody uprising in the east.

...In recent months, the rebels have shot down numerous Ukrainian military aircraft using short-range surface-to-air missiles. Experts said such rockets could probably not reach a plane flying at 33,000 feet, as Flight 17 was said to be. But Ukrainian authorities have said the rebels recently obtained Russian-made Buk surface-to-air missiles — a complex system using ground radar to guide a missile to its target and which, experts said, requires expertise and training to operate.

Two mentions of the BUK. In both cases the Ukraine government says the separatists have the system, while not acknowledging that the Ukraine military has the system.

Cover up, anyone?

ps This is the same megaphone of Bilderberg that still publishes Snowden revelations in fake shock horror on its front page, isn't it?


How can I tell?

The Guardian is hiding the fact the Ukraine Military has the BUK system, even though it is listed in the arsenal of the Ukraine Ground Forces on Wikipedia!

See for details.

Plus several other UK-based NATO media are repeating the statement put out by the Ukraine military that they have no air defence systems in the area.

And those transcripts of the separatist commanders admitting responsibility remind me of the very detailed bio of Lee Harvey Oswald that somehow found its way into a news paper in New Zealand that was read by Colonel Fletcher Prouty just after Oswald allegedly shot JFK.


The separatists were easily kicking Ukraine military butt, inflicting defeat after defeat.

The BRICS Development Bank was launched just a few days ago, provoking more sanctions against Russia.

In order to pin MH17 on Russia and the separatists they need to make sure that the public :
1. does not realise that shoulder-fired missiles cannot reach to 30000ft;
2. is unaware that Ukraine military has BUK while suggesting (not proving) that the separatists have BUK.

Everything else can be made up, like those transcripts.

Who has the BUK?

Who can use it?

This is why the UK NATO media so far is in diversion mode.


Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join The Human Race and Satan in matrimony commended to be honorable among all; and therefore is not to be entered into lightly but reverently, passionately, lovingly and solemnly. Into this - these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together - let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

Thursday, July 17, 2014




Here we go.

After quasi-accepting a ceasefire that was allegedly to start tomorrow morning, just long enough for all the world's media to report that Israel was seeking peace, it is now being reported that, as I anticipated, Israel is going in. Well, Netanyahu isn't. Neither is Lieberman.

And this after Israel slaughtered more terrorists children after today's gruesome truce.

Just what do these people eat and drink?

What is in their water?

What is in their DNA?

What the hell is it?


For the last hour or so the world's media have been buzzing with the breaking news that Israel has agreed to a ceasefire tomorrow morning. Many reports paint the facts as this: Israel has agreed but Hamas has not.

But further reading behind these headlines shows that Israel has NOT, repeat NOT, agreed to a ceasefire.

How is it possible for the Israeli spokesman to get this so wrong?

Perhaps he didn't.


What kind of species stops a war on a tormented people in order to provide those tormented people with food and water and electricity, and then continues that war on those tormented people?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


If so, why?


Dear Lord

Protect Israel tonight and for all eternity from the 5 month old children of Gaza, who kick their legs and wave their arms about in such a threatening motion, and coo and laugh with such ferocity and viciousness that they terrify the inhabitants of Tel Aviv.

And Lord, protect Israel tonight and for all eternity from the malnourished dishevelled 8 year old children of Gaza, who chase each other and a football so menacingly that they are as a rampant army of wanton destructive giants.

Heavenly Father.

Hear our prayer.



The Lonely Devil believes that we should "unequivocally support Israel’s right to defend itself" from children playing football.

He doesn't know where to look. He is ashamed of what happened today, as he is every day.


What were they doing that was so threatening to Israel?

Playing football?


Trying to have a laugh among the carnage and murder?

Mohammed Baker, 9;
Ahed Baker, 10;
Zakaria Baker, 10;
Mohammed Baker, 11.



It appears to me that, as I feared, this time Israel means business. I mean real business.

8000 more soldiers have been called up in addition to the 40000 all ready to invade Gaza.

And now Netanyahu the Devil has said something today from which I think he cannot retreat and must see done.

This would also explain why the kidnapping of those 3 Israeli teenagers was so manipulated.

“Israel will continue to act thus until peace and quiet prevail in the country; this is our right,” Netanyahu says. “We must reach a situation in which Gaza is disarmed from weapons and missiles.”

[source : 8,000 more reservists to be called up; 4 children killed in Gaza, The Times of Israel,, 16th Jult 2014]


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The Nazis wanted Jews out of Germany.

The Zionists wanted Jews in Palestine.

Who could ask for a more perfect partnership?

The Nazis and the Zionists, skipping hand in hand through the German meadows.

But there was one teeny weeny problem : German Jews didn't want to go to Palestine.

And not just that. The Zionists wanted only the young and the strong. The sick and old could suffer.

Like most of world Jewry, German Jews were quite happy where they were, despite Nazism, Kristallnacht, bribes to transfer to Palestine. So only 10% of German Jews moved to Palestine during the 1930s. The rest stayed in Nazi Germany.

But after Hitler...

And we all should know by now where Hitler came from. Yes, that's right. Wall Street and The City of London. Those cesspits of greed and vice managed by the Rothschilds, with their pals the Warburg, Schiffs, Morgans and Rockefellers.


The group of emerging economies signed the long-anticipated document to create the $100 bn BRICS Development Bank and a reserve currency pool worth over another $100 bn. Both will counter the influence of Western-based lending institutions and the dollar.

The new bank will provide money for infrastructure and development projects in BRICS countries, and unlike the IMF or World Bank, each nation has equal say, regardless of GDP size.

[source : BRICS establish $100bn bank and currency reserves to cut out Western dominance, RT,, 15th July 2014]


Doctors treating patients in Gaza have accused Israel of using experimental weapons on Palestinian civilians.

...“A good number of the injuries seen here are consistent with the use of dense inert metal explosives, or DIME, that we saw during the 2009 attack and also in 2006,” said Gilbert. “The bodies are pretty much destroyed by enormous energy released by the explosives that are shot near them or at them.”


Netanyahu is a devil.

The devil engineered this war, at the very least using the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers which was claimed by a splinter of ISIS. But the devil wanted a war so he blamed Hamas. As a result approaching 200 are now dead.

But Israel was losing the PR war.

200 dead, many of them women and children, large international protests, muted support from Obama, but rockets were still falling on Israeli cities, major ones that had not been struck before.

So a quickly arranged ceasefire was 'agreed', without consulting any representative from Gaza.

The IDF claim to have not attacked Gaza for 6 hours. Would you say that was long enough? Particularly if the other side were not involved in the negotiating the ceasefire terms? And thus the other side still believing they were at war?

Gaza is not a sovereign nation state. Gaza is under illegal occupation and blockade. Israel illegally withholds tax receipts. Under international law Israel, as the occupier, has several duties, but is not performing them. So Gaza has a right to retaliate. Israel has no right to complain.

Yet here is what the devil said today BEFORE deciding to ignore the ceasefire:
The prime minister was speaking earlier Tuesday, prior to his decision to order the IDF to resume strikes on terrorist positions in Gaza after at least 47 rockets were fired on Israel. He told Steinmeier that a Hamas rejection of the ceasefire would force Israel to "continue and intensify" its military operations, and that such an eventuality would be a legitimate act of self-defense on Israel's part.

"For this we expect full support from the responsible members of the international community," Netanyahu said, while thanking world leaders "who unequivocally condemned Hamas" for targeting Israeli civilians and "supported Israel's right to self-defense."

[source : Netanyahu: Israel Expects 'Full Support' From World Leaders, INN,, 15th July 2014]

Full support?

The casualty count and duration so far are about the same as Operation Pillar of Defense.

But as I said a few days ago, I got a bad feeling on this one.

The devil now expects the 'full support from the responsible members of the international community'.

What does he plan to do now? Full scale invasion to take out Hamas, and perhaps other resistance groups, as demanded by that madman Lieberman?



On 23rd March this year I sent the following letter to William Jihadi Hague.


He never replied.


Why has Israel been so quick to accept that ceasefire plan proposed by Egypt overnight?

The UK media is using this to pin the blame for all deaths on Hamas. Some even use the same headline, which is along the lines of "Israel accepts Egypt ceasefire plan". Hamas claims to have not been consulted. But was Israel? It sounds like it was.

Regarding Israel's quick acceptance:
1. this gives Israel the appearance of peacemaker;
2. if Hamas rejects the offer then Israel can blame all subsequent deaths on Hamas.

But does this also show that Israel has been affected by the international public outrage? Politicians have been either silent on or supportive of Israel's murdering action. But all you need to do to assess public outrage is go onto Twitter and type "Gaza" into the search and read the tweets. I would honestly estimate that about 95% of the tweets were demanding that Israel stop the war on Gaza.

And this is where it now gets tricky for Hamas, because although most tweets were against Israel, very few were in support of Hamas, but there was also a lack of tweets condemning Hamas. This suggests that the world public (that has access to Twitter and is politically active) are against Israel's actions on Gaza but neutral on Hamas, possibly sympathetic to the strength of feeling shown by Hamas but possibly not in favour of their indiscriminate rocketing of Israel (which this war has shown is generally ineffective against Iron Dome).

Hamas has to accept the offer.

But at the same time we must pounce on any Israeli action that breaks the ceasefire.

We know Israel cannot be trusted.

In 2008 there was a ceasefire. The plan was that Hamas would stop firing rockets into Israel, and Israel would lift its already illegal blockade of Gaza. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website published statistics showing Hamas kept its side of the deal. However, Israel did not lift the blockade. So Hamas smuggled more through tunnels. One day, the day after the 2008 US Presidential election, Israel killed a few Hamas smugglers in a tunnel. Hamas started firing rockets again. And in response Israel executed Operation Cast Lead, killing approximately 1500, and used phosphorous.

That was 2008.

After the ceasefire in late 2012, what happened?

Hamas is right. Israel cannot be trusted. But Israel has lost the PR war this time. That is why it has so quickly accepted the ceasefire.

I and most of the world don't want to see any more dead children from Gaza. Only a very sick few in Tel Aviv, Washington DC and London do.

Hamas must accept the ceasefire or face losing the PR war from now on. Surely Hamas can see that their rockets are ineffective against Iron Dome, and that Israel cannot invade Gaza because of the massive outrage their cowardly bombing has provoked so far, or continue that cowardly bombing.

But Israel must also be kept on a very tight leash.

If Obama wants his Nobel peace prize back, now is a great opportunity to bring some kind of peace to the Middle East.

Monday, July 14, 2014


William Jihadi Hague has gone.

And not a second too soon.

I hope that I had some part in his downfall.

The man, along with a lot in the British Government, is a bloody disgrace.

His support for the neo-Nazis in Ukraine should have led to every living British soldier, past and present, storming Whitehall and lynching Hague from the nearest lamp post.

But he also tried to trick us into war on Syria last year, lying and lying and lying.

And as pointed out during the last week of genocide against Gaza, he is a blatant Zionist, expressing no concern for Palestinians until over 100 of them had been blown to bits.

A bloody disgrace.

Good riddance.


Good riddance.

There is no way that she, with that massive conflict of interest, should have been appointed.

But what else can you expect from The Conservative Party; fascist, Zionist simpletons who only care about money.


This is Gaza.

The most densely populated area on Earth.

It is not a country.

It is occupied territory.

But the occupiers are not respecting the legal duties of occupiers.

The occupiers whinge when there is retaliation, and indiscriminately kill women and children in a sickening and outrageous ratio of revenge.

The occupiers get $3 billion a year from the USA alone, and can ignore UN resolutions at will knowing that they have the US Congress either bribed or blackmailed.

The occupiers illegally withhold tax receipts, leading to little social infrastructure in the occupied territories.

The occupiers test and use illegal weapons on the occupied territories.

The occupiers have placed an illegal blockade on the occupied territories, driving the occupied to desperation and smuggling.

This is Gaza.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Let us assume that Ed Snowden is genuine.

After 9/11 he believed the lies of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld enough to sign up to go to Iraq and kill innocent Iraqis.

After working his way up to quite a powerful position in the IT side of intelligence, he had a Road to Damascus moment and decided that he must tell the world what he knew about NSA surveillance.

He ended up collaborating with Glenn Greenwald, who at the time was writing for The Guardian.

Now, I have written multiple times on this blog of my very strong suspicion of The Guardian, that it is the NATO media flag ship because of its appearance to be an intelligent, truthful, caring newspaper when there is plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. Perhaps the best example of this is the position that The Guardian took following the horrific incident of 21st August last year, when along with the rest of the NATO media, it immediately and consistently accused Assad of killing hundreds of his own civilians with chemical weapons without considering the rebels as the culprits despite an abundance of evidence that the rebels were indeed the culprits, in addition to the ecstasy that The Guardian showed upon the agreement that Syria would relinquish its chemical weapons while Israel's much more powerful, horrific and destructive arsenal of WMDs of all kinds was never mentioned.

The megaphone of Bilderberg, The Washington Post, has also laid claim to breaking The Snowden Revelations.

Well over a year after The Snowden Revelations broke, Greenwald boasts that he is still sitting on NSA bombshells while he finds time to sign lucrative contracts for himself.

And we can still read new revelations on the front pages of the NATO media while the same NATO media does not report on The Clark Revelations, that the wars in North Africa and The Middle East are a conspiracy using 9/11 as the pretext.

So on hearing the news that the UK is to rush through new spying laws, what is Snowden's reaction? Interviewed by The Guardian, Snowden said:

..."It defies belief."

"I mean the NSA could have written this draft," he said. "They passed it under the same sort of emergency justification. They said we would be at risk. They said companies will no longer cooperate with us. We're losing valuable intelligence that puts the nation at risk."

[source : Edward Snowden condemns Britain's emergency surveillance bill, The Guardian,, 13th July 2014]

So American spying laws have been changed, but what was illegal is now legal and in some cases the spies have more power.

Now it is the same for the UK.


That Iran and Syria were two of the three nations that Zionist Paul Wolfowitz named to General Wesley Clark in 1991 that had to be 'taken out', and that Iran and Syria were two of the four nations named in A Clean Break in 1996, and that Iran and Syria were named to General Wesley Clark in a plan for totaler krieg on seven nations in five years shortly after 9/11, and that Roland Dumas, who was asked by British officials in 2009 to arrange to smuggle Jihadis into Syria (I assume for the coming CIA Arab Spring), expressed his belief that the wars since 9/11 have all been for the benefit of Israel, is just a coincidence.

Nothing to worry about.

Get back to digesting your Ziopropaganda.

Oh, the footy's on, innit?


In STOP THE WAR ON GAZA I asked this:
What horrors will unfold this war? What horrific weapons will be tested?

Well, it looks like a new weapon is being tested.
Fosse, a department head at a university hospital in Oslo, also says some Palestinian in the besieged enclave have been wounded by a new type of weapon that even doctors with previous experience in war zones do not recognize.

Israel also used depleted-uranium and white phosphorus shells in the besieged region during their previous assaults.

[source : 'Israel drops cancer-inducing bombs on Gazans', PressTV,, 13th July 2014]

This report is in complete contrast to the "We Heart Gaza" message being pushed by Israeli and NATO media, with the video of an Israeli Air Force officer calling off an air strike because he spotted a young boy. It's a pity that none of the other AIF did so.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


In WARS ARE HORRID HORRID THINGS I analysed the official Stop The War history of World War One, entitled The Real History of the First World War, written by Neil Faulkner.

Faulkner was interviewed by Tony Gosling on Friday, and basically repeated his thesis, that the war was going to happen anyway because of competing empires and militaries.

But is this true?

I would urge you all to watch LPAC's brilliant video entitled 1932

And to read La France Conquise which contains an edited version of an article by Webster Tarpley on King Edward VII.

Basically, Faulkner's thesis is not quite right.

Nations like Germany, Russia and the USA were cooperating, not competing as Faulkner states. They were implementing The American System of Economics of national banking and high tariffs to encourage national economic development. In addition land-based trade routes were being developed by these nations beyond the control of the powerful British Navy. Hence, The brutal slave-loving British Empire was being replaced as the most powerful economic force by cooperating nations like Germany and the USA. Faulkner recognises this but does not provide as precise a reason as this. And hence, Great Britain decided to kick over the chess board, engineer World War One to destroy nation states and create a world government under their control.

So as explained multiple times on this blog:
1. Prince Edward, later King Edward VII, engineered the Triple Entente to bring Great Britain out of 'splendid isolation' to surround Germany in war given the correct circumstances;
2. Edward did this while he was Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England;
3. Freemasonry condemned Ferdinand to death;
4. the assassins of Ferdinand were Freemasons, knew that Freemasonry had condemned Ferdinand to death but had not yet found willing assassins, and that foreign Freemasons gave the assassins the material and encouragement for the assassination;
5. After the assassination King George V told Kaiser Wilhelm that Great Britain would not fight in any war, thus encouraging mobilisation by Germany and Russia;
6. Edward's protege Sir Edward Grey misrepresented Britain's position to multiple parties, showed little concern for Belgium and did not make Britain's position on Belgium absolutely crystal clear. But as soon as Germany invaded Belgium, Great Britain cited The 1839 Treaty of London which it was not legally bound to enforce unilaterally as the casus belli to declare war on Germany;
7. After the war Kaiser Wilhelm wrote in his memoirs that Freemasonry engineered the war to create a power vacuum in Central Europe, which was filled by The League of Nations. The LON was first proposed by Grey. The LoN was the child of Lord Robert Cecil, who proposed Grey's protege Sir James Eric Drummond as the Secretary General. Drummond was private secretary of Balfour when The Balfour Declaration was made to Lord Rothschild.

Now, I recognised the significance of all this and proposed in January, repeat JANUARY!!!, this year that a protest be held outside Freemasons Hall on 28th June.

So come 28th June, who turned up?






Nobody from Stop The War turned up, not even Neil Faulkner.

And this was the 100th anniversary, the centenary of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand that kicked off World War One, the war that Faulkner wrote a book about which is the official Stop The War history of World War One.

So please forgive me if I have some concern about and suspicion of Stop The War. If they can't get their history of World War One right, and amend it when much more powerful evidence is provided, then what else are they getting wrong?

Well, here's one classic example.

Last year Stop The War allowed themselves to be bullied by the spoiled petulant vain Jeremy Scahill as he threatened to withdraw from the Stop The War conference unless they dumped Mother Agnes Mariam. Scahill had made Dirty Wars, a film about Obama's drone war, which I thought was OK, but that was about it. So why would I think that? BECAUSE THERE IS A MUCH BIGGER AND MORE IMPORTANT SUBJECT TO MAKE A FILM ABOUT: 9/11 and the subsequent plan for totaler krieg on seven nations in five years.

So why didn't Scahill make such a film?


He believes the official 9/11 fairytale, much like Ed Snowden, but unlike Snowden, Scahill did not believe the lies of Cheney and Rumsfeld enough to sign up to go to Iraq to kill innocent Iraqis.

The evidence that The Brutish Empire and Freemasonry engineered World War One is overwhelming. Equally, the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job is overwhelming.

But why would Scahill launch this very personal but very public dirty war of his own against Mother Agnes Mariam?

We don't know.

Mariam was accused by some of being pro-Assad but without evidence. However, a very good defence of Mariam is available on Global Research. Mariam could have exposed the incident at Ghouta as a false flag, an event that I predicted would happen here on this blog weeks before it happened. But for whatever reason, Stop The War allowed themselves to be bullied by Scahill and wasted a fantastic opportunity to expose Ghouta as a false flag.

So what does the NATO media think of Scahill, this alleged traitor to, and pain in the arse of, the establishment who dares to expose the drone war? THEY ABSOLUTELY ADORE HIM! Much like Owen Jones, who supported Scahill in this very bizarre episode. The Guardian and The Independent wrote fawning articles on Scahill in the week before the Stop The War conference. Yet neither of these have exposed the plan for totaler krieg on seven nations in five years as revealed to General Wesley Clark. And Jones has written in The Independent and writes in The Guardian.

And yes, that's the same The Guardian that:
1. immediately and consistently blamed Assad for Ghouta and other atrocities in Syria, when there was ample evidence that the rebels could have done them and stood to benefit from them enormously;
2. jumped for joy when Syria agreed to relinquish its chemical weapons while not mentioning Israel's much more powerful, horrific and destructive arsenal of WMDs.

But if the anti war movement continues to push this it-was-going-to-happen-anyway theory regarding WW1 then we could see a few more wars in the future, because the true culprits of organising WW1 are still at large and living it up in Great Queen Street, London.

...I guess what I am saying in this post is that I think there is something rotten in Stop The War.

The failure of World War 1 to form a world government including the USA led to Wall Street and The City of London engineering World War 2, which resulted in the USA not only joining but also hosting The United Nations, and a host of other world governing institutions.

How can an organisation like Stop The War be so wrong on the true origins of World War 1? And when they know the true origins refuse to recognise them?

And how and why would they allow themselves to be bullied by the 9/11 gatekeeper Jeremy Scahill?


The following have either not been mentioned in the NATO media, or have been but only to be ridiculed:
David Icke
Alex Jones
Paul Joseph Watson
Steve Watson
Tony Gosling
Tony Cartalucci
Michel Chossudovsky

A long, long list of people who have some sort of clue about what is going on: not mentioned in the NATO media, and are only mentioned to be ridiculed, and when that occurs it is only for a day or two at the most.

The following have been on the front pages of the megaphone of Bilderberg The Washington Post, and the NATO media flag ship The Guardian for well over a year, singing like a happy little bird about how we are spied on:
Ed Snowden

The following have been assisting Ed Snowden for well over a year, yet still after all that time they are still, according to their own boasts, sitting on NSA bombshells while finding the time to sign lucrative contracts:
Glenn Greenwald

And have you noticed how there is now no paedophilia-in-Whitehall-scandal?

My, my. That all disappeared a bit quick, didn't it?

Ask yourself why.

Ask yourself, why are you not on the front pages of The Washington Post and The Guardian revealing all that you know?


It took over 100 dead people from Gaza, many of whom were women and children, before William Jihadi Hague was shamed into issuing this tweet:

Friday, July 11, 2014


Note the reference to: being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine,

This document was written at a time when nice Great Britain had no control over Palestine, but nice Great Britain had already promised the land and autonomy to the Palestinians if they joined Great Britain against Germany and its allies, such as the Ottomans who ruled Palestine at the time of WW1. Of course, after WW1 Great Britain stabbed the Palestinians in the back not just once, but twice, by allying with the Saud tribe, who with the assistance of nice Great Britain eventually created Saudi Arabia. Since then the Jews v Palestine conflict has been used to attract anyone anti-Zionist to terrorist causes, most if not all of which have been financed or supported in one way or another by Saudi Arabia. And 9/11 is the classic.

So, I ask: Is Israel honouring The Balfour Declaration?

Are the "civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine" being respected?

If not then why the silence from William Jihadi Hague, as Israel bombs over 100 Palestinians to death...AGAIN?

November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur James Balfour


At a press conference today at a compound of the Israeli Defence Ministry, the bona fide sociopath said this:

"We have struck over 1,000 targets in Gaza that belong to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations," he said, adding that Israel is striking Gaza at a rate twice as fast as during Operation Pillar of Defense. "The military operation in Gaza will continue until quiet is restored to the citizens of Israel," he said.

Netanyahu said that Hamas is to blame for the casualties in the Gaza Strip. "The leaders and operatives of Hamas are hiding behind the citizens of Gaza, and they are responsible for any harm inflicted on them." Unlike Hamas, who fire indiscriminately upon Israeli citizens, Israel strikes military targets only, Netanyahu said, acknowledging that civilians were also being hurt in the process.

[source : Netanyahu: International pressure won't halt Israel's Gaza operation, Haartez,, 11th July 2014]

As usual, the criminal blames the victim.

If the IDF blow to smithereens a family watching a football match? Blame Hamas.

If the IDF blow to smithereens a house killing an innocent baby? Blame Hamas.

Time after time after time, already destitute, impoverished, thirsty, hungry civilians from an illegal occupation and blockade, suffering from a lack of basic infrastructure because Israel illegally withholds tax receipts, are blown to bits...and Israel blames them.

Not only the world, but also world Jewry, begrudgingly accepted Israel after World War 2. Before the war, most Jews did not want to emigrate to Palestine. Even Jews living in Nazi Germany and with extra enticements did not want to emigrate to Germany. Why? Because they knew the trouble such a mass influx of Jews into Palestine would cause. It took Hitler to change their minds. But even Hitler was created by Wall Street and the City of London. The Warburgs were always in the background assisting Hitler's rise, while the Rockefellers and even Freemasonry are complicit in the rise of Hitler. And not only before but also during WW2 the Nazis and the Zionists collaborated: the Nazis wanted Jews out of Germany, and the the Zionists wanted Jews in Palestine. And after WW2 the tales of Zionist barbarity will never be erased: the 800,000 Palestinians who survived the Zionist terror were herded into the world's largest refugee camps, Gaza and West Bank.

And somehow the reason for this latest war on Gaza has morphed from Hamas kidnapping and killing three Israeli teenagers to destroying terrorists, and we have yet to see any evidence of Hamas involvement in that horrible crime, as pathetic as it may be.

But as we can see from the statistics, out of the so far over 100 dead Palestinians, most have been innocent men, women and children.

But the sociopath has the perfect excuse: blame the victim.


Many media are reporting that the number of Palestinians killed by Israel this week during the engineered conflict is over 100, most of whom are civilians.

That's over 100 sons,daughters, mothers, fathers.

No Israeli has been killed by any rocket fired from Gaza. One elderly woman running to a shelter died from heart attack, and a few wounded, but that's about it.

Over 100 dead Palestinians dug out from rubble, to 1 death of an elderly Israeli woman who died indirectly from a heart attack.

And still no condemnation of Israel from William Hague or The Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


In Oliver Stone's film Platoon one of the characters Sgt O Neill, after being ordered to a position that is very vulnerable to attack, tells his commanding officer:
Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one, all right? I mean, I got a bad feeling.

O Neill was right : he gets killed.

I've got a baaaaad feeling about this latest war on Gaza. It is beginning to develop into something quite nasty, which when added to all the other conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, and the way that Nutternyahu has quickly escalated this war for no obvious reason, and the state of the financial markets suggests to me that this is not just another mini war on Gaza. Reports are that rockets were fired at Dimona and soon Ben Gurion Airport will be a target, perhaps today. If one rocket hits Dimona, or one brings down or hits a passenger jet with civilians on board, then...

Obama must resist the Zionists in the USA and not get drawn into defending Israel militarily, in addition to the $3 billion a year that Israel gets from the USA which is used to kill Palestinian children. He must remember that the Zionists through William Kristol's Emergency Committee for Israel have been attacking him through their videos and calling him "the weakness in the White House".

It is not weakness to not defend a bona fide sociopath like Netanyahu.


There has been either silence or pro-Zionist, anti-Hamas comments from Hague and the FCO.

Here is what the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has tweeted so far:

The Russian position at least recognises the suffering of the civilians of the people of Gaza and expresses a strong feeling that it must stop.

Most of the recent tweets on the Russian MFA twitter are related to Ukraine, which is not surprising as NATO-sponsored neo-Nazis brutally put down an anti-Nazi rebellion in an Israeli-esque operation in preparation for the NATO-isation of Ukraine, with the full support of William Jihadi Hague.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


But who cares?

There maybe some things in the law that at first sight might be OK. After all, the law is supposed to protect us from terrorists and terrapins (joke).

But what if the law is written so that it doesn't do what it says on the tin?

What if, because MPs will not have time to scrutinise the bill, the law allows much, much more than what we are led to believe?

What then, eh?

What protests will there be?

It all sounds very, very dodgy. A fix. A stitch-up.


Thou shalt support a violent NATO-sponsored neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine.


The current war on Gaza is supposed to be about three Israeli teenagers being kidnapped and murdered allegedly by Hamas. Netanyhau immediately and has consistently accused Hamas of that crime, but has yet to provide any evidence, as pathetic as it may be. But a splinter group of ISIS calling itself The Supporters of the Islamic State in Jerusalem claimed responsibility, at the same time swearing loyalty to al Baghdadi. The Israeli media, NATO media, and even RT fail to mention this.

So does Cameron.

So does Hague.

Indeed so do most of the members of the Marsten House, particularly those blackmailed because of their unnatural, abhorrent sexual preference for children.

So, was this the leader of Hamas, killed in revenge for a crime for which no evidence has been offered, except the unproven claims from a bona fide sociopath?


I was going to entitle this, ""WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT LYING BASTARD TONY BLAIR?", but as you can see, I didn't.

But I will say this: SACK BLAIR!!


And we know what happens to fish in a barrel, don't we?

Yeah, that's right : THEY GET SHOT!

They get shot. They get blown to bits. Their homes reduced to rubble.

And all the while, Peace Envoy Tony Blair, consultant to The Bank of Satan, JP Morgan, sits with his feet up watching the horror unfold, quaffing yet another glass of the finest Chianti, laughing over the phone with his son, who is an employee of JP Morgan, as yet another dead Palestinian child is dug out from the rubble.


Laws will be introduced in The Marsten House next Monday requiring phone companies to keep records of locations, dates and numbers of any phone call.

So what reason is being put forward?

To keep us 'safe'.

1. we created al Qaeda in the first place;
2. we had a Covenant of Security with Islamic terrorists leading to London nicknamed 'Londonistan';
3. we assisted the Jihadis in Libya in 2011, who then moved to Syria where they have been financed with hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and Qatar;
4. we have been allowing preachers like Michael Adebalajo to encourage British Muslims to go to Syria to fight Jihad against Syria.

And yet it was the heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ who blamed Ed Snwoden for 'aiding the enemy'.

And yes, that's the same Ed Snowden whose 'revelations' we knew about in 1999 which are still being published in fake shock horror on the front pages of the establishment media well over a year after they broke, when we can see the panic in the establishment whenever there is the slightest whiff of a scandal involving paedophilia in Whitehall.

Controversial emergency laws will be introduced into the Commons next Monday to reinforce the powers of security services to require phone companies to keep records of their customers' calls.

...There will be no power to look at the content of phone calls, only location, date and the phone numbers.

The government sources say they have been forced to act due to European court of justice ruling in April saying the current laws invaded individual privacy.

The government says if there had been no new powers there would have been no obligation on phone companies to keep phone records if there was a UK court challenge to the retention of data.

Backbench MPs will ask why the new powers are being rushed through the Commons when the European court of justice ruling was passed in April and the Home Office has refused to discuss the implications of the ruling.

[source : Emergency surveillance law to be brought in with cross-party support, The Guardian,, 10th July 2014]


Fascism is a religion. Its followers congregate and worship at The Marsten House.

The first commandment of fascism is:
Thou shalt not strike

When Hitler seized power one of the first things he did was smash the unions.

The second commandment of fascism is:
Thou shalt bail out the banks

The third commandment of fascism is:
Thou shalt use the military for corporate looting

Owen Jones wrote a very good article earlier this week, that we should all support the strikers this week. Today an estimated one million civil servants are on strike. They need and deserve our full support. We bailed out the banks yet are seeing very little if any change in their reckless behaviour, or new laws to stop their reckless behaviour. But to pay the private gambling debts of the banks public services are being slashed, threatening lives and livelihoods.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Three billion dollars a year. That's how much Obama wrote in Haaretz 2 days ago that the USA is giving to Israel for its 'security'.

Yet Israel uses it to kill 7 children per day.





Here is the one tweet that I can find on the twitters of Hague and the FCO on the ongoing war on Gaza:

Note that this tweet:
1. Explicitly condemns "rocket attacks on #Israel";
2. Expresses that Hague is "deeply concerned by escalation of violence in #Israel & #Gaza".

The link referred to in the tweet contains these quotes from Hague:
I am deeply concerned by the recent escalation of violence in Gaza and southern Israel. I condemn the firing of rockets into Israel by Gaza-based militants. The UK calls on Hamas and other militant groups to stop these attacks. The people of Israel have the right to live without constant fear for their security; the people of Gaza also have the right to live in peace.

All sides must do their utmost to act with restraint and avoid the loss of innocent life. I was deeply saddened to hear there have already been civilian injuries.

All sides have a responsibility to respect in full the November 2012 ceasefire, and to address the underlying causes of conflict and instability in Gaza. A dangerous escalation is in no one’s interest, and would be harmful to prospects for the Middle East Peace Process.

In neither the tweet or the quotes does Hague explicitly condemn Israel for bombing civilians in Gaza yet he is prepared to explicitly mention by name Hamas who so far have only fired rockets and not killed anyone. And remember, a splinter of ISIS claimed responsibility for killing those 3 Israeli teenagers. Neither Netanyahu, the NATO media nor even RT have mentioned this. Netanyahu has still not provided any evidence that Hamas was involved in any way in the murder and/or abduction of those 3 Israeli teenagers.

As of 2100 BST the body count in Gaza is over 40 with many civilians dead, including children.

Yet as of 2100 BST there has still not been any explicit condemnation of the Israeli death machine on its relentless bloodlust in an ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

So to summarise:
1. Israel has killed over 40 people, many of whom were civilians and children;
2. Hamas has fired rcokets but not killed anyone from them;
3. yet Hague explicitly condemns Hamas.


On the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen this morning on RT I read that Israel had attacked "Hamas-ruled Gaza" overnight.

Why would RT refer to Gaza as "Hamas-ruled Gaza"?


An article indirectly linked to by David Icke contains yet more evidence that the The Snowden 'Revelations' are a psyop.

For well over a year we have been told that The Snowden 'Revelations' are damaging national security, yet well over a year after they were first reported we can still find them reported on the front pages of the megaphone of Bilderberg The Washington Post, and/or the NATO media flagship The Guardian, while the man entrusted with reporting those 'revelations' boasts that after well over a year of first breaking the 'revelations' he is still sitting on NSA bombshells while finding the time to sign lucrative contracts!

So what does this article state that is so interesting?

It seems highly unlikely that a British paedophile would be a member of an American paedophile group but not its British equivalent. Thatcher would have been very keen to avoid another high profile scandal involving Establishment paedophiles and national security. It was only two years since senior diplomat Sir Peter Hayman had been outed as a paedophile and PIE member, and only a year since the Elm Guest House paedophile scandal had broken with the headline ‘Security Alert in New Vice Scandal’.

Sir Michael Havers had intervened on both occasions. He defended the decision not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman, and he “was called in to examine complaints” against several British newspapers by Elm Guest House’s lawyers. The papers never reported on Elm Guest House again after the initial ten days, effectively burying the story and allowing the paedophile network’s activities to continue without being bothered by press coverage.

[source :, Accessed 9th July 2014]

Allegations of paedophilia in Whiltehall were enough of a threat to national security to lead to Attorney General Sir Michael Havers having a word with the newspapers and the allegations were never heard of again. From the story breaking to the newspapers being told to shut it took just 10 days.

Yet here we are, well over a year after The Snowden 'Revelations' first broke and we can still read more and more 'revelations' on the front pages of the establishment newspapers!

I have other very good arguments as to why The Snowden 'Revelations' are a psyop, but the main ones are:
1. The NATO and Russian media will not report The Clark Revelations;
2. Anyone with any sort of awareness of what is going on only appears in the NATO media to be ridiculed, while Snowden believes the official 9/11 fairytale;
3. The three stooges sobbed that Snowden was aiding the enemy when MI5 allowed Adebalajo to preach Jihad against Syria.

And for the record, Baroness Butler-Sloss cannot run that inquiry because of a massive conflict of interest.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


This is the latest addition to The Truth Serum household.


I have observed quite a few teachers teaching now, as well as listened to their conversations in quite a few staff rooms, and one thing that I do not understand about teachers is this: why are teachers so strict and dominant and authoritarian in the classroom and corridors, saying that they have the best interests of the students at heart, when they will do very little, if anything, to hold to account the politicians, corporations and organisations who have and exercise the power to send those same children to war to kill and possibly to die based on a pack of lies?

And I'll tell you, I have seen some diabolical teaching, even from teachers with >20 years experience.

I have frequently been told that I shouldn't be so 'nice' in the classroom.

Yet I have seen teachers drive really nice teenage girls to tears because they can't remember their 7 times table!!!

No wonder genuinely nice students in a nice school in a nice English town are forced by their 'nice' teachers to write and draw pro-war propaganda to encourage fighting in the Freemasonry-engineered World War 1.


In yet another example of how homosexuality is being pushed, as Dr Richard Day stated would occur, a bakery which refused to bake a cake showing Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street have been threatened with legal action.

This is insane!

This is very similar to the hoteliers who refused to allow a gay couple to stay.

It's their business/livelihood. If they don't want to take the money from a particular customer then it is up to them. It is precisely analagous to the many economic sanctions placed on Iran or Russia or Cuba.

Don't bake a gay cake and you go to jail.

And two weekends ago, I was on my own outside Freemasons Hall to protest their engineering, including by the bisexual King Edward VII, of WW1 and the consequent WW2, when just down the road, Central London was shut down for a celebration of homosexuality and all things not heterosexual.

"Anything goes", Dr Richard Day stated. Anything goes except not being able to refuse custom from homosexuals while we slap sanctions on countries?

Has the whole world gone nuts? (don't answer that)

A Northern Ireland bakery run by devout Christians could face legal action after they refused to make a gay-themed cake depicting Sesame Street couple Bert and Ernie.

Ashers Baking Company published a statement on its website defending its decision to refuse to bake the cake as the slogan above the puppets was in support support gay marriage.

...In its statement, the company's general manager, Daniel McArthur, said: "The directors and myself looked at it and considered it and thought that this order was at odds with our beliefs.

"It certainly was at odds with what the Bible teaches, and on the following Monday we rang the customer to let him know that we couldn't take his order."

McArthur said the company had offered to fully refund the customer, who wanted to have the campaign slogan from the pressure group 'Queerspace' on the cake.

[source : Bert and Ernie gay marriage cake refused by Northern Ireland bakery, The Guardian,, 8th July 2014]


Last week I said that Netanyahu wanted yet another war on Gaza, and so he does.

A few weeks ago three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and last week their corpses were found near Hebron, which is in The West Bank. Netanyahu immediately and has consistently accused Hamas, but has not yet provided any evidence. Yet Hamas is primarily based in Gaza. And to add to this confusion, a splinter group of ISIS, calling itself The Supporters of the Islamic State in Jerusalem, admitted responsibility and swore allegiance to ISIS. Yet Netanyahu, Israeli media, NATO media, and even Russian media fail to mention this admission, not even to ridicule it. But this is no surprise to me. The same media publish the Snowden revelations in fake shock horror on their front pages while David Icke, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Lyndon Larouche, Tony Gosling, indeed anyone with any sort of awareness of what is actually going on are generally ignored. The two exceptions have been Alex Jones, who was ridiculed for his interview by Andrew Neil, and David Icke's brief singular semi-ridiculing mention in The Sun. But apart from that: all Snowden, no conspiracy.

Many media are now reporting that Israel is preparing a ground invasion of Gaza. This whole sad, warmongering episode is eerily similar to what occured in Israel in late 2008. During 2008 a ceasefire was agreed between Hamas and Israel; Hamas would stop firing rockets into Israel if Israel lifted its already illegal blockade of Gaza. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed that Hamas kept its side of the deal, with rockets falling to zero. However, Israel did not keep its side of the deal. So smuggling of goods into Gaza through tunnels was resumed. And one day Israel killed a few smugglers in a tunnel. The rockets into Israel began. And Israel cited these 'unprovoked' rockets to unleash Operation Cast Lead in which approximately 1500 died and illegal phosphorous was used, and all while Peace Envoy Tony Blair sat with his feet up watching the horror unfold on his TV as he quaffed yet another glass of the finest Chianti. This is what Israel can do and is allowed to do.

What horrors will unfold this war? What horrific weapons will be tested?

Israel has launched what it described as an open-ended and escalating offensive against the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, as air strikes and naval gunfire hit 50 sites overnight.

As part of a new offensive dubbed "Operation Protective Edge", Israeli troops have been mobilised along the Gaza border and a limited number of reserves called up for a possible ground invasion.

..."We are entering into a long operation," a senior IDF source said. "We are only at the start. Patience is required. We are preparing further steps and a gradual expansion of our order of battle."

[source : Israel steps up Gaza offensive and prepares for possible ground invasion, The Guardian,, 8th July 2014]


Early last year there were suggestions by and suspicions of UN inspectors that the rebels had chemical weapons. For example, the incident at Khan al Assal, which NATO media claimed was committed by The Syrian Arab Army. But the NATO media didn't explain why SAA soldiers were killed in the attack, or why everyone, including more SAA soldiers, in the village was later massacred shortly after Syria had agreed to allow UN inspectors to investigate. The Syrian rep to the UN Bashar Jaafari said it: the rebels used Sarin there, and later went into the village to kill all survivors of their first attack so they couldn't tell the UN inspectors about the rebels using Sarin during the first attack.

The most widely suspected use of Sarin by either side was at Ghouta last August, which nearly provoked a war on Syria. Yet this is one aspect of the whole incident that is suspiciously overlooked by the likes of Brown Moses and his coterie. Other aspects that he and his ilk also rarely if ever discuss is that the violence in Syria is a consequence of 9/11, which as revealed by General Wesley Clark was executed to kick off a series of wars in The Middle East and North Africa.

But now even the UN has concluded that the rebels had Sarin.
Two cylinders reportedly seized by Syrian government troops in an area controlled by armed opposition groups contained deadly sarin, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a letter to the U.N. Security Council published on Monday.

..."The Joint Mission confirmed that these contained sarin," said Ban's letter. The letter said the cylinders were "reportedly seized by the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic in August 2013 in an area reportedly under the control of armed opposition groups."

...An OPCW report in October mentioned Syrian authorities had found two cylinders, but it was not clear if the cylinders had been handed over to the joint mission at that time.

[source : Two 'abandoned' cylinders seized in Syria contained sarin - U.N., Reuters,, 7th July 2014]

So these 2 cylinders were found by the SAA in rebel-controlled areas in August, an October OPCW report mentions 2 cylinders being found by the SAA, and now those 2 cylinders are confirmed as containing Sarin.

But at the time of the incident at Ghouta I posted links to reports that
1. the sponsor of the rebels Prince Bandar was about to unleash hell in Syria;
2. the rebels had been arrested with Sarin;
3. the rebels had filmed their experiments with chemical weapons;
4. the rebels had issued threats that they would use chemical weapons to get what they wanted.

All of the above was and still is ignored by the NATO media.

And yes, that's the same NATO media that publishes the Snowden Revelations on their front pages, in yet more fake shock horror, while not publishing the Clark Revelations on their front pages.


I'll believe that there is not some kind of psyop behind The Snowden 'Revelations' when:
1. the megaphone of Bilderberg The Washington Post, the NATO media flag ship The Guardian, and Rothschild Russia Today print the bona fide revelations of General Wesley Clark on their front pages for a full week;
2. Glenn Greenwald gets his arse into gear, so to speak, and immediately publishes every single document linked in whatever way to Snowden without any further commercial or journalistic profiteering (and it would help if he returned or donated to charity all the money he has received directly due to The Snowden 'Revelations').

Which do you think is the most likely: the above, or when pigs fly?

Sunday, July 06, 2014


The threat of ISIS and al Qaeda is being used to terrify us into ceding our privacy and rights. Last year the three stooges, the heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, sat in front of a coven of besotted, bewitched MPs and said that Ed Snowden had aided the enemy and that they, the three stooges, needed more power. Since then this splinter of al Qaeda in Syria called ISIS has stormed Iraq and taken control over large areas of Iraq, but it appears that after an initial collapse of the Iraqi Army that was engineered by ISIS sympathisers within its ranks, the Iraqi military is regrouping and retaking what is now under ISIS control. Russian jets should soon help to quickly chase ISIS back into Syria where they will be easily beaten by the Syrian Arab Army.

ISIS is being cited by our politicians in The Marsten House as the reason why we should cede more and more privacy and rights.

But how much responsibility does Great Britain itself bear for the emergence of ISIS?

As stated on this blog many times before, the Jihadis in Syria are there under an agreement reached between Israel, the USA and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Iran and Lebanon. I argue that this is because by 2007 the plan for totaler krieg on seven nations in five years that was revealed to General Wesley Clark after the inside job 9/11 was moribund. And in order for NATO to provide cover for the Jihadis as 'freedom fighters', the US State Dept and its quangos engineered The Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring erupted in Tunisia, then Egypt, and then Libya.

However, I have yet to discover why, but these Jihadis were first unleashed onto Libya.

Libya had been named to Clark as a target for war and regime change, and by 2007 had not been attacked. A UN resolution, UN SCR 1973, gave authorisation for a No Fly Zone to stop Colonel Gaddafi from bombing 'protestors'. However, these 'protestors' were actually al Qaeda. And not only that: Gaddafi was giving their names to the CIA and MI6! And not only that, Gaddafi had also been cooperating in the sham Global War on Terror by allowing suspects of terrorism to be renditioned to Libya to be tortured.

British Special Forces were on the ground assisting the Jihadis throughout the middle of 2011, while NATO became The Jihadi Air Force.

So a resolution that was supposed to enforce a No Fly Zone to protect civilians had been twisted into one that gave authorisation to protect and assist al Qaeda and to eventually assassinate Colonel Gaddafi.

After Gaddafi had been murdered in late 2011, the Jihadis and weapons looted from Libya's arsenal were transported to Syria via Lebanon. However, 2 years before this the former French foreign minister Roland Dumas was asked by Great Britain to smuggle Jihadis into Syria.

Last year Lee Rigby was butchered by Michael Adebalajo. But it turns out that Adebalajo was being harassed by MI5 to be a spy for them. He apparently refused, but the harassment apparently flicked a switch inside him and he went on to butcher Rigby. But it also turns out that Adebalajo was no ordinary Jihadi. He was a preacher and had been preaching Jihad against Syrian President Bashar al Assad on the streets of London for weeks,m pleading with Muslims to fight Jihad in Syria. And he was contemplating going there himself.

Now, whether Dumas was asked to create a pipeline for Jihadis from Great Britain, or Libya, or elsewhere into Syria, I am not sure. But Adebalajo was helping to fuel the Jihad in Syria.

Last summer the Syrian Arab Army recaptured al Qusair in Syria, which at the time was an important logistics hub for the Syrian rebels. Within a week of this the rebels began to suffer defeat after defeat at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army. Things became that desperate for the rebels that Prince Bandar bin Sultan was dispatched to Moscow to issue an ultimatum: dump Assad or hell will be unleashed in Syria. Putin refused. A month or so later the incident at Ghouta occured. Hundreds of children were murdered, but not at Ghouta by chemical weapons. They had been kidnapped by rebels from Lattakia by the rebels. The NATO media and our leading politicians demanded war on Syria, to save the rebels. But Ed Miliband denied them their war.

Since then the inevitable defeat of the rebels in Syria led to a branch of them forming ISIS and invading Iraq. But as reported by The Daily Telegraph, this invasion was known of by the Kurds in February, who passed it onto NATO intelligence.

And since the invasion of Iraq by ISIS, we have been bombarded with statements from ISIS Jihadis from Great Britain that they are coming back to Britain to raise the black flag over Downing Street and hold mass executions in Trafalgar Square.

So, far from ISIS being a surprise and independent organisation of Jihadis, Great Britain has been in the background guiding their evolution, from assisting them on the ground in Libya even though Gaddafi had been giving their names to MI6, to smuggling Jihadis into Syria, to allowing criminal Muslim preachers on the streets of London to preach Jihad against Syria, to encouraging Saudi Arabia to finance the Jihadis, to allowing them to invade Iraq, and influencing the Iraqi Army to stand down.

And Owen Jones also has a case to answer.

I have already highlighted the statement made by Jones in The Guardian that the war in Libya was a good war because it removed the tyrant Gaddafi, but for whatever reason the war on Iraq was a bad war. But a lot of the Libyan Jihadis went to Syria, and are I presume now in Iraq as part of ISIS.

And in addition to this, Jones supported Jeremy Scahill in Scahill's vain bullying of Stop The War to oust Mother Agnes Mariam from the guest speaker list at the STW conference last year. Mariam has good evidence that the children claimed to have been killed at Ghouta were in fact kidnapped from Lattakia. By supporting Scahill, Jones has protected the false flag of Ghouta, leading to continued support for the Jihadis in Syria, some of whom are now in Iraq trying to establish a Caliphate which is being used to terrify us.