Tuesday, December 18, 2018


In the summer 2003 it was reported that the only Golden Eagle in England had gone missing from its nest on Harter Fell next to High Street in The Lake District.

Guess who found it?



I went for a walk on Ingleborough starting from Cold Cotes one glorious summer day. About half way to the summit I looked up to find a golden brown eagle, with a massive wing span, following me, the biggest bird I've ever seen, circling me using the drafts. I actually felt that scared that it might swoop down and pick one of my dogs up and fly off with it for lunch, so I called my dogs to stay close to me.

When I got home I contacted the relevant and concerned people.

The next day it was reported that the lone Golden Eagle had been located and rescued in North Yorkshire near Ingleton.


At least £22 million pay-off.

Much easier TV journalist/pundit career beckons.

Sunday, December 16, 2018


it's only $700 billion or so now.

What the heck.

Increase it to $750 billion!

After all, it was U S Military Intelligence and Israel who put Trump into the Whore White House!


Venezuela is a failed state because of terrifying sanctions placed by the USA on anyone who does business with Venezuela, so nobody does business with Venezuela.

The USA is Zionist.

Bolsonaro is Zionist.

Russia is covertly Zionist and 'supports' Venezuela.

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world.

You do the maffs.


He said that 17 months ago.

He said that last year when he thought the microphone was switched off.

But it wasn't.

It was still on.

Still wondering why Bilderberg Zionist Murdoch is driving Brexit?

And here's what Netanyahu said:

“I think Europe has to decide if it wants to live and thrive or if it wants to shrivel and disappear,” Mr Netanyahu told leaders from the central European Visegrad Group at what he thought was a closed-door meeting in Budapest on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister went on to criticise the bloc’s policy towards Israel, urging Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the Czech Republic’s Bohuslav Sobotka, Poland’s Beata Szydlo and Slovakia’s Robert Fico to encourage the rest of Europe to “stop attacking” and “start supporting” Israel.

“I am not very politically correct. I know that’s a shock to some of you. It’s a joke. But the truth is the truth – both about Europe’s security and Europe’s economic future. Both of these concerns mandate a different policy towards Israel.

“The European Union is the only association of countries in the world that conditions the relations with Israel, that produces technology and every area, on political conditions. The only ones! Nobody does it,” he said. “It’s absolutely – may I say – I think it’s crazy. I think it’s actually crazy,” he added.

Mr Netanyahu was referring in particular to a 1995 agreement between the EU and Israel which subjects trade to the condition that Israel shows “respect for human rights and democratic principles” over the populations in its control, including the millions of Palestinians living in the occupied Territories.

[source : Benjamin Netanyahu caught on hot mic in damning criticism of EU, The Independent, https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/benjamin-netanyahu-eu-critic-israel-hot-mic-prime-minister-european-union-brexit-a7850576.html, 20th July 2017]

So you've got the USA (always Zionist) under Trump (put into the Whore White House by Zionists.

And then you've got Russia under Putin (who allowed the PNAC wars, allowed Isael to do anything they wanted to do in Syria, only gave Syria the S300 after 3 years when a Russian plane was shot down by Syria air defences, and high-5s butcher of journalists MbS).

China is now also beginning to come round to Israel after decades of resistance when Israel gave China access to their ports.

So Israel is trying to smash the EU into a thousand pieces so there is no resistance whatsoever to their future plans.

Which I think in the near future will be war on Iran, and invasion of Gaza and expulsion of the people of Gaza.


Eighteen months ago Liam Fox said that the withdrawal agreement to be negotiated with the EU would be one of the easiest in history.

He is now demanding no-deal.

And where was Fox last month?


What was he doing there?

Arranging trade with Israel.


Saturday, December 15, 2018


PS this is not, repeat NOT, an acquiescence to my MFD and IDL codes being stolen, particularly if you're a pervert.

It's just an acknowledgement that our sun is dying and that our lives are transitory, so just take from your life what you want and/or need but also enjoy it.

And if you read deeper into the lyrics they actually suggest that you don't steal other people's MFD and IDL codes, and if you can avoid being a pervert then do so.

This is what happens when stuff that was asked to be deleted isn't deleted: resentment.

And that you shouldn't go crying to U S Military Intelligence or their agents either.


This guy's Youtube channel is now being shut down.

All he does is peacefully expose Zionism and its goals, and their agents/puppets, e.g. Alex Jones and Donald Trump.


And this is not the only analysis showing that Israel will benefit from Brexit.

This was published 21 months ago.

We are now on the verge of a no-deal Brexit.


Considering that Trump strongly supports no-deal Brexit and Israel put Trump in the White House?

There is only one conclusion.

Since Donald Trump’s election, Palestine campaigners have focused on new settlement construction, Israeli annexation of private Palestinian land and the apparent demise of the two-state solution.

But a broader confluence of interests between Trump’s America, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel and Theresa May’s Brexit Britain also deserves scrutiny.

Last year, Netanyahu’s major allies offered disaffected voters the dream of fiercely sovereign and self-reliant nations. But in reality, the future states they are peddling could end up looking like Israel: increasingly paranoid, isolated and ethnocentric countries walled off from their neighbors.

Should the US and UK continue their drift toward Israeli-style ethno-religious nationalism, the political and economic interests of the three countries will align still further. Tel Aviv could pick up the slack left by Trump’s rollback from global trade agreements and become an increasingly important partner for Britain as May grasps for new trade deals. Trump and May have already made significant overtures in this direction.

In turn, these trade opportunities could grant Israel greater political leverage, enabling it to become more of an independent (though junior) partner of the stumbling US superpower. Netanyahu will hope to ride out any global lurch towards economic isolationism, reaping economic and thus political capital.

[source : How Trump, Brexit play into Netanyahu’s hands, Electronic Intifada, https://electronicintifada.net/content/how-trump-brexit-play-netanyahus-hands/20041, 31st March 2017]

Friday, December 14, 2018


1. more nations will demand to leave the EU, bringing total chaos to the EU, making it unable to resist the Zionists finishing off the 9/11 PNAC war plan when Trump presses for war on Iran and Putin stands aside;
2. a strong swing to the hard right as MPs will only be allowed to debate and vote on a small fraction of the news laws required due to a no-deal Brexit, thus defeating the whole point of bringing democracy back to Britain;
3. any money saved from no-deal Brexit will be sparingly given to those in need (homeless, UC, NHS, etc) and most will be used for tax cuts for the rich.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


In 1989 Seymour Durst created the U S National Debt clock which is displayed near Time Square in New York.

When it was first shown in 1989 the U S national debt was $2.7 trillion.

By the end of Trump's first 2 years as POTUS (for Israel) he will have added very close to that amount to the U S national debt so that the U S national debt will be close to if not over $22 trillion.

Trump's addition is and will be for Israel.

For the 0.001%.

And for fat Zionist CIA Confederate sell-out Alex Jones.

Alex's sell-out to the 9/11 Zionist warmongers just landed his children a whole lot of debt for Israel.

The Zionist 9/11 PNAC wars have cost the USA $6 trillion, in just 17 years.

And just watch that debt accelerate when Zionist-controlled Trump has a go at Iran (allowed by Putin) while Europe is in chaos because of Murdoch-driven Brexit.

Alex's children will be liable for all that Zionist debt.


That is the challenge.

How many tweets are by and from Watson and Watson alone?

And how many can be attributed to his U S Military Intelligence (USMI) handler, either directly (Watson publishing overt USMI propaganda widely understood by the general public) or very directly (Watson publishing covert USMI propaganda not so widely understood by the general public)?


Don't be a son of pervert David Icke coz George Soros will somehow always get you in the end?

Soros and Murdoch are both globalist manipulators: Soros for NATO and 'the left'; Murdoch for the Zionists and 'the right'.

The difference between them is that Murdoch plans the murder of millions years in advance (Kristol, leading to PNAC, leading to 9/11 and the subsequent PNAC wars on Iraq, etc), while Soros finances revolutions in which hardly anyone dies but advance NATO and/or 'the left'.

Murdoch, to me, stands for Zionist wars and mass murder, while Soros stands for revolutions for NATO, left or right, but very few deaths.

So when I see Murdoch organising chaos (Brexit, Trump) I start asking questions: how many are going to die for Murdoch in the next 5 years? And why?

Which at the moment nobody seems to be able to answer.

I suspect the answer is that the chaos induced by a hard Brexit, which some other nations will demand (e.g. Italy) will weaken Europe so much that it will not want to or be able to resist war on Iran as per the PNAC 9/11 war plan, which is at least 10 years behind schedule. The Zionists control the USA (and will use Trump for this after Adelson financed Trump into The White House) and Russia (I've explained why Putin is controlled). I would seriously start to investigate who finances the populists in Europe. Expect to find Zionists.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Dear Anti-Christ Jud-a$$

Why is Rupert Murdoch driving Brexit, particularly a no-deal Brexit?



ps does all this have something to do with you being a U S Military Intelligence agent, a very important fact you are very reluctant to tell your financial source pool, i.e. your super-duper hyper intelligent fans, who would no doubt drop you asap once told?


All those underage-sex-and-cocaine parties he held when sleazy old men would ply vulnerable young women with drink and cocaine, dangling before these vulnerable young women the prospect of lucrative modelliing contracts, in return for sex (those contracts were never provided)?

Forget 'em.

All those allegations of rape by Trump from young women?

Forget 'em.

Those interviews in which he expressed his sexual lust for his own daughter Ivanka?

Forget 'em.

And that interview in which he said in 10 years time he would be dating a 10 year old girl he'd just met on an escalator?

Forget it.

It was all to hide his latent homosexuality.

And why not?

Trump's mentor Roy Cohn, who Trump called his "greatest friend", was an outrageous, suppressed closet homosexual who during the McCarthy era went after homosexuals, even though he had a 'friend' called David Schine who Cohn tried to protect. Cohn was notorious for having an unending coterie of young men around him. Curiously (or not) it was in Schine's fathers' hotel where Robert Kennedy was assassinated (when Cohn detested RFK).

And as for Trump attending Cohn's outrageously camp cocaine-fuelled parties at Studio 54?

The true story of RFKs assasssination has not been told.


Roy Cohn was very high in the CIA/Israeli intelligence network.

Cohn ran paedophile networks for the CIA.

And in 1983 it was Trump and Rupert Murdoch who were Honorary Chairmen of the B'nai Brith Banking and Finance (i.e. Wall Street) Lodge annual dinner, which in that year was held to honour the deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn and his tireless work for Israel.

But also in that year, due to the close relationship that Cohn and Murdoch had over their love for Israel, Cohn arranged a meeting between Murdoch and President Ronald Reagan in the White House. The purpose of that meeting was to persuade Murdoch (an Australian who at the time had no access to American media but who owned a small-to-medium global media empire) to broadcast CIA propaganda promoting and defending the CIA's death sqauds in Latin and Central America (which curiously Alex Jones' late uncle Biff ran, in Guatemala at least). Murdoch agreed. Thus Australian Murdoch was granted access to American broadcast media to broadcast CIA propaganda to the American public, which was actually illegal. Murdoch also financed William Kristol and his Neoconservative movement, which led to the creation of the Zionist PNAC who wanted war on Israel's enemies. And after 9/11, Ozzie Murdoch, after promoting the CIA's death squads and being given access to US broadcast networks in return, drove his Fox News to promote war on Iraq.

So, is Murdoch a CIA agent?

Why did he promote the CIA's death squads?

Why did he promote war on Iraq?

And why is he promoting Brexit?


Er, nope.

Do students in a classroom in chaos want to learn?

Er, nope.


Rupert Murdoch began planning for the chaos of 9/11 5 or 6 years before it happened by financing William Kristol who co-founded The Project for a New American Century with Robert Kagan. It was PNAC who began calling for war on Iraq from 1997 onwards. It was their Rebuilding America's Defenses which called for "a new Pearl Harbor" just 1 year before 9/11. It was PNAC who surrounded and controlled George W Bush while W occupied The White House.

After 9/11 it was PNAC who drove W into war.

And after 9/11 it was Murdoch's Fox News which drove the world into war on Iraq.

Murdoch is a committed Zionist.

Today we learned that the 1922 Committee has received the necessary number of letters of discontent to force a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

This could lead to a new Conserative leader, likely to be a hard or even no-deal Brexiteer, and at the moment a no-deal Brexit and all the chaos it would bring is more likely.

Brexit, as is Trump, is the product of Murdoch's support.

Murdoch met Farage behind closed doors several times. Murdoch's media empire then began to push UKIP. This drove a huge wedge into the Conservative Party over Europe. Cameron didn't want the Conservative Party split over Europe so held a referndum hoping to put a lid on the EU issue and keep the Conservative Party united.

But Cameron didn't reckon for Murdoch.

Murdoch's press pushed every single lie over the EU to the max.

Which Brexiteer said negotiating a deal would be as easy as a piece of cake?

The Murdoch propaganda worked.

Murdoch-supported Leave won.

And so today, we find ourselves staring into the abyss of European chaos. A Conservative leadership contest would introduce more and more insecurity in and over Europe as a whole.

The kind of chaos that Bilderberg Zionist Murdoch absolutey loves and thrives on.

Just see how he laid the groundwork for PNAC and their plans for chaos in the Middle East post-9/11 years before 9/11 happened.

The EU is the only entity strong enough to resist war on Iran, which is the ultimate aim of the 9/11 Murdoch-engineered PNAC war plan, a plan which so far is failing big time and is way behind schedule.

So we have to ask: why is Murdoch driving for chaos in Europe now?

Would a Europe, weakened by chaos caused by Brexit, encourage the Zionists (Trump and Putin included) to finish that PNAC war plan and have a go at Iran, much to the pleasure of Henry Kissinger?

Why is Murdoch driving Brexit?


Alex fancies infanticidal Netanyahu more than Trump does!

How is that even possible?!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


The Muslim hoardes are coming to slit your throats in your beds!!

That's what Infoturds have been shouting for years.

But before this they were shouting stuff like, the New World Order are coming to arrest you and take you to a conversion camp to brainwash you, and if you won't agree to be brainwashed then you'll be killed.

Turns out Infosellouts has been a U S Military Intelligence asset for years.

But back to the invading Muslim hoardes.

Where are they coming from?

Nations named to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11 as targets for war and regime change, even though those nations played no role in 9/11 whatsoever.




Refugees in their millions.

Saudi Arabia won't take them in. Probably coz the refugees don't want to be in a nation that cuts people's heads off for farting eggy farts.

But watch this video and ask yourself: why are Infowars being just anti-immigrant when it's blatantly obvious who is really behind this influx of immigrants to Europe: Israel.

Shortly after 9/11 Infowars made a fortune from blaming 9/11 on Israel, Saudi Arabia and intels.

Now they blame everything on leftists, Mooslims and immigrants.


What happened between now and then?

They sold out.

They sold out to the network that did 9/11 and runs paedophile networks.

After watching this, just ask yourself who is driving mass immigration, how and why.

9/11 was done by the Zionists and their satanic mates to kick off a series wars to expand Israeli influence.

General Wesley Clark was told shortly after 9/11 that 7 nations in 5 years would experience war and regime change in response to 9/11, even though those 7 nations had nothing to do with 9/11.

Infoturds actually referenced this plan!

Turns out that most of the refugees into Europe come from or through those nations that were attacked by the USA, on behalf of Israel, afte Israel attacked them USA on 9/11 and caused utter chaos.

But who do Infoturds blame?

Yep. The refugees.

Not Israel and their Zionist sell outs in U S Military Intelligence and other intels for causing the chaos.

Nope. It's all down to those leftists, Mooslims and immigrants.

They, the rightist Zionist Confederate CIA Infoturds, have been tasked with keeping 'Murica as pure and as white as possible (coz it wasn't obviously white males who engineered and executed WW1, WW2, the financial crisis of 2007/8 and 9/11, right?)

Nope. It was definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely leftists, Mooslims and immigrants who caused all that carnage and built the structure for world government. Right?

Yes, siree. Ain't no doubt about that.

Definitely leftists, Mooslims and immigrants who engineered WW1, WW2 and 9/11.


Coz they all ran U S Military Intelligence, the CIA, the White House, the Pentagon, etc on 9/11.


And Icke's fallen for this racist bullshit!?

Wouldn't it be better to embrace these immigrants and explain to them what is happening, how they are being used, and what we can all do together as one?

Or does he not believe in his own rhetoric.

Yes, kick out immigrants who rape and steal and murder and pretend to be 15 years old when they are actually 30 years old.

We've all been had. We've all been manipulated.

But we're all better than bog standard Tommy Robinson-style racism.


This is what Anti-Christ Juda-$$ Watson's best mate, Mossad agent Tommy Robinson, inspires:
A Tommy Robinson supporter has been filmed shouting racial abuse at train passengers, including calling one a "black c***."

The video posted on social media captures the male - who speaks with a strong Scottish accent - hurling abuse before shouting: "I'm with Tommy Robinson."

He is also heard saying: "Ok you're a black c***. You're a black c***. You're a black f*****. You're a black f*****.

"I'm with Tommy Robinson and you're a black c***, ok.

"Give a f*** you f****** n*****."


Monday, December 10, 2018


Donate to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Because we are all ultimately Palestinians.

We are all occupied by the Zionists, whether the Zionists are controlled by the British Monarchy or not.

The Zionists kept WW1 unnecessarily going for 2 more years just so they could be given Palestine as a Jewish homeland.

British soldiers, sailors and aviators, in their millions, died unnecessarily because of Zionism.

And the same on the German/Austrian side.

It should all have ended in 1916.

But the Zionists kept the slaughter and violence going. Even into and after WW2.

Just so the 'chosen ones' could live in Palestine.

And on 9/11 we saw what WW1 and WW2 were all about.

Palestine is still suffering, 100 years after WW1. And in a year or 2 Gaza will soon be uninhabitable.

So donate to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

There are many charities out there. But on a global scale, as victims of global war, we are all Palestinians.

This is not a call for Nazi death camps.

This is a call for peace and reconciliation, to understand exactly what happened and what is happening today, and what is planned for the future.


1. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

2. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

3. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

4. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

5. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

6. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

7. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

8. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

9. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

10. It's Israel and their 9/11 plan.

Why else would Murdoch be driving Brexit so hard, when it was he who:
1. financed William Kristol and the Neoconservative movement to prepare the USA to fight Israel's wars after 9/11;
2. made his global media empire push for war on Iraq after 9/11;
3. made his global media empire back Tony Blair in 1997 and in his push for war;
4. made his global media empire back Trump in 2016 who has escalated the PNAC wars and is moving the U S Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem, as well as allowing Israel do whatever it wants and is defunding aid to Gaza (and yes, that is the same Trump who claims that nobody loves Israel more than he does, and that nobody is more loyal to Israel than he is).


U S and Israeli intelligence are certainly getting on with taking over UKIP!

Nigel Farage was actually booed at the pro-hard Brexit march yesterday.

U S Military Intelligence (USMI) agent Paul Joseph Watson joined UKIP during the summer. He was photographed at a meeting with the UKIP leader Gerard Batten and others.

Busy making plans, eh?

Busy making plans for Nigel?

Busy making plans for U S Military Intelligence and Mossad to hijack the United Kingdom Independence Party?

Busy making plans for the founder of UKIP to be booed?

It was no doubt Watson who got his best mate and Mossad agent Tommy Robinson appointed as adviser on Islam, an appointment which provoked Farage to resign.

USMI. Mossad. UKIP.

What a total farce!!

It's chuckles time.

Sunday, December 09, 2018


And this guy is President Donald J Trump.

He dodged the draft for the Vietnam War.

Trump, who now claims he is the patriot saving America from tachos and kebabs, could have easily volunteered to fight the Communists in humid sweaty Vietnam jungles. But he didn't. He instead decided to stay in the luxuriouos comfort of the USA and shag multitudes of models while (possibly) off his head on cocaine.

Because that was Donald. He loves beautiful women, held underage-sex-and-cocaine parties where vulnerable girls would be abused and groomed for sex, and for decades used cheap Communist Chinese sweatshops to supply his products. He also encouraged his glamorous daughter Ivanka (who he wants to you know what) to base the supply chain for her global fashion business on cheap Communist Chinese sweatshop labour, which she did.

In June 1967 Israel attacked the USA.

And in September 2001 Israel again attacked the USA.

Initially Trump questioned the official story of 9/11. He initially blamed the Saudis and questioned what brought down the WTC.

But after a few days he didn't. He bought into the official story.

But then in 2016 he decided to run for the Presidency of the Yoonited States of 'Murica!!

He said he would do this. And that. And the other. For America!

But all he's done is:
1. sell out to Israel and the Saudis (and thus the British) who did 9/11;
2. sell out to the mega-rich;
3. sell out to the Zionists;
4. sell out generally.

It is the extreme rightist Zionist faction who have always run the most powerful nation on earth: the USA.

They have done since 1500, maybe before.

They do now.

They will do so in the future.

Icke's thesis that a world government overseeing continental governments is basically correct. His moon thesis is basically correct. But such plans for a EU and UN over a large timeline of centuries introduces errors. And such an error is the 9/11 plan being decades behind schedule.

Trump supports Brexit. Even a hard Brexit.

But Trump also claims that nobody loves Israel more than he does, and that nobody is more loyal to Israel than he is.

Trump is in with the Zionist hierarchy: Netanyahul; Adelson.

Trump dodged the Vietnam draft claiming he had heel spurs (which dramatically disappeared after the war so he could enjoy Roy Cohn's sex and cocaine parties and use cheap Communist Chinese sweatshops to manufacture his Trump merchandise).

Trump supports Brexit. As does Putin. As does Murdoch.

What links all these?


To weaken opposition to Israel and the short term correction to the long term plan, which is a war on Iran which is at least 10 years behind schedule.


9/11 was done to kick off a series of wars that were designed to last 5 years.

It took the Zionists 18 months worth of lies and total BS to convince the USA that after 9/11 they should invade Iraq (who had nothing to do with 9/11).

But still, the plan was for war and regime change in 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. This was revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11. He only told us in 2003 in his book Winning Modern Wars.

But I've often wondered why the Zionists risked exposing this plan by going into Afghanistan first.

Yes, the initial blame was laid on ObL suffering from Marfan Syndrome requiring frequent kidney dialysis. But they could have claimed that he was living in Iraq. But they didn't. Instead Aghanistan was invaded first. Why? Christopher Bollyn explained this in one of his videos. It was Israel behind Hekmatyar! The Taliban were eradicating the opium industry and by 2001 had almost totally eradicated it. The USA kicks out the Taliban coz of ObL and 9/11? Hey presto! Opium back to record levels. Which tells you all you need to know about who runs the global drug trade.

But back to the main 9/11 plan.

Taking March 2003 as the starting point, the plan should have been completed March 2008.

But by then only Iraq and Lebanon had been attacked, and Lebanon was only attacked by Israel (which I believe exposes who is really behind 9/11 and the subsequent wars).

So here we are, 10 years after the PNAC wars should have been over and forgotten.

But the PNAC wars not over.

Despite Putin doing his best to find a middle path between allowing Syria to be defeated and saving Syria to save himself after MH17, he is now trying to get Iran out of Syria, while Trump having tweeted Obama dozens of times to get out of Syria is now building more and more bases in Syria and we still hear that the USA wants Assad gone. Only one party benefits from that: Israel. Plus Putin, only after 3 years, had not given Syria the S300 until a few weeks ago. And then there was that very strange agreement in which Israel could do anything they wanted in Syria as long as Israel told Russia first.

And this while the USA, under 'anti-establishment' Trump is building more and more bases in Syria, and fomenting Kurdish nationalism. Which leads to the next war: Iran.

Iran is le grand fromage. It is the Big Kahuna. The big one. It is ultimately why 9/11 was done.

And yet Iran has yet to be attacked, despite several provocations, notably the British sending several Marines into Iranian waters in 2007.

Yes, Trump is piling on the pressure on Iran with sanctions and sanctions and, yes, more sanctions.

But he's also being advised by Kissinger!

Kissinger!! Who says he would prefer Islamic State to Iran!!

The Kurdish nation spans several modern nations, one of whom is Iran. By fomenting Kurdish nationalism Trump is driving for war on Iran. Note that I didn't say WW3. I've seen and explained enough evidence that Putin will offer no or very little resistance to war on Iran.

So with the USA and Russia under Israeli control, only one entity can stop war on Iran: the EU.

The EU opposes war on Iran.

The EU opposes Israel's destruction and occupation of Palestine.

The EU wants to continue the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran.

So, if you were a Zionist how do you destroy the EU?

As Putin's adviser Dugin suggested: get Britain out of the EU!

I am 90% convinced that the ultimate plan is for a world government (UN) overseeing continental governments (EU, NAU).

But plans can go wrong as so often they do.

And now is a time when a plan (the plan for the 9/11 wars) has gone wrong, so the bigger plan (world government, EU, etc) must be adjusted and maybe temporarily sacrificed to get the 9/11 plan accomplished through war on Iran without resistance from a EU which at the moment could offer significant resistance and even totally expose the plan.

Why else would CIA asset and Mega-Zionist Rupert Murdoch drive Brexit through his global media empire?

Why else is Mossad asset Tommy Robinson marching for hard Brexit?

Because the Zionists want total chaos to damage the EU.

But then after Putin allows a US-led war on Iran, that will not be resisted by a crippled EU, things will get very quickly get back to normal regarding EU, UN, etc.

Britain will rejoin the EU, even actively promoted by Murdoch, or he will be told to stand down.

If he's still alive by then.


Infowars is an asset of U S Military Intelligence (USMI). Alex Jones admitted this a few months ago, having already admitted that Infowars was collaborating with some factions in some intels.

The deafening silence in the 'alternative' media on this confession strongly suggests that the 'alternative' media is really not that 'alternative' at all. Jones said Infowars is part of a USMI network. That network includes some if not most of the 'alternative' media.

Thus Paul Joseph Watson, as Editor of Infowars, is an asset of U S Military Intelligence. Which explains why he was spying on me for years at one of the most anti-war homes in the UK if not the world!

Watson has recently infiltrated British politics on behalf of USMI. He is now advising UKIP on strategy, and persuaded UKIP leader Gerard Batten to appoint Mega-Zionist Tommy "Mossad" Robinson as adviser on Islam, a decision that provoked UKIP founder Nigel Farage to resign, and other senior members followed.

USMI agent Watson frequently attacks Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, paricularly over Venezuela.

Now we find that the current British Government FCO has been financing a think tank run by military intelligence specialists which was initially created to counter Russian propaganda has actually been used to attack Labour and Corbyn!

Anyone beginning to see a pattern?


There is the small matter of the meaningful vote on Tuesday. MPs will vote for or against (or even abstain, which could play a big role) a withdrawal agreement reached between the UK and the EU.

But why is this vote taking place at all?

I think Israel is playing a major role in this Brexit drama.

And here's why.

On 11th September 2001 Israel attacked the USA. They'd done it before in June 1967 when they attacked, with the acquiesence of hard line Zionist President Lyndon Baines Johnson, the USS Liberty and killed 34 US military personnel. I also believe that Israel was at the very least involved in the assassinations of President John F Kennedy and his brother Robert. Israel wanted nukes. JFK said nope. And if Robert had been elected he would have kicked Israel out of the USA and opened a new investigation into his brother's assassination.

9/11 was done to drag the USA and others, eg UK, into a series of wars to fight Israel's enemies, and to grab natural resources in the Middle East and Caspian. Seven nations were named as targets, all of whom had nothing to do with 9/11: Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. Most of these have experienced war and/or regime change since 9/11. But the biggest and most powerful of these 7 nations has yet to be attacked: Iran.

The UK, with John Major as PM, signed up to the Maastricht Treaty in the first half of the 1990s. One man who strongly opposed this was Rupert Murdoch. Major told the Levenson Inquiry that Murdoch told thim that if he didn't change his government's position on Europe then Murdoch would force his media empire to oppose Major in the 1997 general election. Major stood his ground. In 1997 Murdoch backed Tony Blair (or Tory Bluuuur), and Major lost.

But Blair is as pro-Europe as Major!

So why did Murdoch back pro-EU Blair?

Because Blair is a Zionist, while Major (a Jew) isn't.

Then on 9/11 the Zionists attacked the USA, and Blair went to war for Israel against Iraq.

Murdoch's media empire led the calls and demands for war. Indeed, it was Murdoch who had earlier financed William Kristol to create the Neoconservative movement in the USA to prepare the USA to fight Israel's wars. Kristol co-founded The Project for a New American Century which played crucial and pivotal roles in driving the USA into the aforementioned series of wars which continues to this day, particularly in Syria.

And whose global media empire backed Trump in 2016? Yep. Murdoch. The two even met at Trump's Scottish golf course for the weekend in the summer of 2016.

Murdoch also met Farage a few times in secret. Then Murdoch's media empire began to back UKIP. This drove a wedge into The Conservative Party. Cameron didn't want the Tory party split over Europe just before a general election so he held a referendum over EU membership. A poorly crafted referendum was held with a very vague question and very poor procedures should the result be leave. Murdoch's media empire vociferously pushed leave. So Britain voted leave. And now the UK is in a mess and could soon be in chaos.

Trump's prime financial sponsor was Sheldon Adelson. He publishes a free newspaper in support of infanticidal Benjamin Netanyahu, who Trump called "a great guy" after Netanyahu had murdered 500 children in Gaza in 2014. Trump is piling the pressure onto Iran. He has pulled the USA out of the Iran nuclear deal. And despite dozens of tweets by Trump demanding that Obama bring the troops home and stop bombing everywhere, Trump is not just continuing Obama's foreign policy he is escalating it. Trump, who says that nobody loves Israel more than he does and that nobody is more loyal to Israel than he is, is building more bases in Syria. Mega-Zionist Trump is very pro-leave.

Now, let's look at Putin.

He allowed the wars on Iraq, Lebanon, Libya (through his puppet Medvedev) and Syria. Russia only joined the war in Syria just 1 week before the publication of the final report into MH17. There was also that dodgy deal with Israel in which Israel could do anything they wanted in Syria but they had to tell Russia first! And for 3 years Russia didn't give Syria it's world class air defence system. THREE YEARS! It was only after an incident a month or 2 ago, in which a Russian plane was shot down by Syria, that Russia gave Syria the S300.

Trump was helped into power by the Zionists. That assistance is not so clear with Putin. But Putin's recent actions indicate that he is in with the Zionists:
1. allowed the Zionist wars;
2. watches as Gaza becomes uninhabitable;
3. high fives the Saudi butcher MbS;
4. allows the Saudi war on Yemen and is flogging the S400 to the Saudis;
5. at Helsinki agreed with Trump to guarantee the security of Israel;
6. is trying to get Iran out of Syria for Israel.

This list is not exhaustive.

Both the USA (definitely controlled by the Zionists) and Russia (highly likely controlled by the Zionists) see the EU as a threat. The prime adviser to Putin, Aleksander Dugin, proposed that Russia should get Great Britain out of the EU.

And then you've got UKIP. Murdoch pushed UKIP under Farage. But now UKIP has been infiltrated by U S Military Intelligence and Mossad, through Paul Joseph Watson (who has been an aset of U S Military Intelligence for years) persuading UKIP leader Gerard Batten to employ his best mate Tommy Robinson (Zionist who wears Mossad t-shirts) as adviser on Islam!

The EU supports Palestine and wants the Iran nuclear deal to continue.

Israel wants the exact opposite.

And Israel wants a war on Iran (led by the USA and allowed by Putin) which a strong and together EU could resist and stop.

And was addressed by Tony Gosling, the USA and Russia see the EU as a threat (which is why Dugin advised Putin to get Great Britain out of the EU).

Hence, Israel is behind Brexit.

Which explains why there is at least 1 Israeli flag in the march for hard Brexit being led by Tommy Robinson.


There is a demo being held in London today in support of a hard brexit. It is being led by traitor Tommy Robinson. Robinson is a strong and passionate Zionist. He wears pro-Mossad t-shirts and has been photograped smiling standing on an Israeli tank with an automatic rifle.

Why is Robinson a traitor?

It is because of his Zionism.

It was the Zionists who kept WW1 unnecessarily going for at least 2 years. We should have had peace in 1916, but seeing their opportunity for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, the Zionists persuaded the British to stay in the war offering this deal: the Zionists would get the USA into the war on the side of the British; in return the Zionists would get Palestine in any subsequent peace talks. The Zionists got their man Wilson to join the war in April 1917. The British then issued the Balfour Declaration in November 1917. As in subsequent peace talks the British were given Palestine, and they encouraged mass Jewish immigration into Palestine (the Ottomans had previously told the Zionists to get lost).

That is why The Balfour Declaration was issued.

The Zionists kept WW1 unnecessarily going for at least 2 more years. We should have had peace. Instead we got the Somme, Arras, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele.

And Robinson has sold out to these Zionists.

Which would explain why there is an Israeli flag in the march being led by Robinson.

Because I can see no reason for it.

I mean, why should there be an Israeli flag in a march for hard Brexit?

I'll be answering that question today.

Taken from the Daily Mail website:

Friday, December 07, 2018



A few months ago amid great fanfare, 4 alt-right 'personalities' joined UKIP. They were:
1. the bona fide vain Anti-Christ, Paul Joseph Watson;
2. Sargon of Akkad;
3. Count Dankula;
4. Milo Whatshisface.

UKIP membership increased dramatically overnight.

But then, I strongly believe having been influenced by Watson, the UKIP leader Gerard Batten decided to appoint Tommy Robinson as an adviser on Islam. Watson and Robinson are top mates.

So what?

Well, Watson is an asset of U S Military Intelligence (USMI). He sold out to the network that did 9/11 and runs paedophile networks.

USMI allowed 9/11. Where were they on 9/11? AWOL.

An Anglo-Saudi-American-Zionist network did 9/11, having planned it for years, and used the terror to go on a global conquest to capture the whole of the Middle East.

Watson wrote a book about 9/11. He blamed intels like USMI. He called John Bolton a "mentally unstable maniac". Who is Bolton? He is now Trump's National Security Adviser. Bolton is also a favourite of staunch Zionist casino magnate Sheldon Adelson who financed Trump into the White House. Watson called Saudi Arabia a "cancer on the world", and frequently called out Obama and the Saudis on Yemen. Watson also wrote a number of articles against war on and interfering in Iran.

But now, after selling out to the network that did 9/11?

No criticism of Bolton.

Hardly any criticism of Saudi Arabia.

Hardly any criticism of the policy of Saudi Arabia and Trump on Yemen.

Deleting those articles against war on Iran, and now actively promoting revolution in Iran (who didn't do 9/11 and is fighting the Saudi/US-Israel cutthroat Jihadis), while protecting Saudi Arabia (who did do 9/11 and unleashed the cutthroat Jihadis).

Robinson recently wrote a book which blamed 9/11 on real-life Muslims. He also risked the trial of an Asian child-grooming gang and profited from it. Robinson was the Shillman Fellow (named after a committed Zionist) at Rebel Media run by Ezra Levant (another committed Zionist) who cheered on Israel's slaughter of children in Gaza in 2014.

But Trump did exactly the same as those grooming gangs. He hosted parties where he and other sleazeballs groomed girls with drink and drugs to have their wicked way with them.

Where's Trump now? IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!

He is owned by the Zionists and the network that did 9/11. Totally owned.

So where am I going with this?

Now 4 senior figures in UKIP have resigned from the party since Robinson was appointed, including the founder of UKIP Nigel Farage. Today Paul Nuttall and David Coburn resigned. They all cite Robinson as the reason.

1. Watson opposed the 9/11 network and their war plan, even writing a book about them;
2. but then Watson becomes an agent for USMI;
3. he then does a full 180 on the 9/11 network and their war plan;
4. then joins UKIP to change their direction;
5. then gets Zionist Robinson appointed as consultant on Islam;
6. senior figures, including the founder, resign in disgust.

But if Watson is USMI, then has this implosion of UKIP been ordered by USMI?

Or by Mossad?

Or has the plan of the new gang of four gone wrong?

Or is it actually going right, clearing the cobwebs, for a new UKIP.

A UKIP 2.0 (but controlled by USMI and Mossad? (Robinson loves Israel and Mossad, as now does Watson).

Thursday, December 06, 2018


Murdoch had several closed-door meetings with Farage (now succinctly dispatched by Anti-Christ Watson by persuading UKIP hierarchy to hire his mate Tommy Robinson on Islam, which provoked the actual founder of UKIP Nigel Farage to resign (US Mil Intel 1 : British Public 0)).

After these meetings with Farage, Murdoch's massive global media empire then promoted UKIP and Brexit.

This created a schism in The Conservative Party. A schism so large that Cameron thought it would split the Conservative Party in the forecoming general election. So Cameron held a referendum, based on a vague question with a very poor procedure should the British public vote to leave and cause chaos.

This is what we see today. Potential chaos because there was no plan for a vote leave should the British public vote for it.

It was assumed by Cameron that the British public would vote remain.

But he didn't reckon with the power of the Murdoch press.

And here's what is totally bizarre about Brexit.

It is clearly Murdoch driving Brexit.

Gosling and Icke and Watson support Brexit. But they oppose Murdoch and always have done.

Murdoch is a Bilderberg Zionist.

Please explain.

Please explain why Icke, Gosling, Watson and Murdoch all agree on the same massive idea?

Because it's all bollocks!!

It's all about how you think about a particular issue!!

Why haven't Icke or Watson or Gosling, our self-proclaimed guardians from Zionism and globalism, explained to us why it is that they are on the same side as massive Bilderberg Zionist Rupert Murdoch The guy they accuse of inciting and promoting the PNAC wars after 9/11?

Why are they all on the same side?!

Come on!!

It's issue by issue.

Event by event.

There is no set agenda and everyone is in on it.

And in this I am very disappointed in Gosling, because he started the Bilderberg.org website which slagged off Murdoch for being Bilderberg as part of the globalist network trying to drag us into global government. Yet we now find Gosling on the same side as Murdoch on such a massive issue on Brexit?

It is clearly nothing to do with creating a global government, and everything to do with what the Anglo-American-Zionist establishment want, global governance or not, at any given point in time.

Come on Tony. You hold a 2 hour radio slot every Friday!

Why are you and Bilderberg Zionist Rupert Murdoch on the same side when it comes to Brexit?

We all expect an answer during the 7th December podcast/broadcast.

And a similar request/demand is made of you perverts, Watson and Icke!!


Particularly if you hold strong rightist views.

Why is U S Military Intelligence agent Anti-Christ Jud-a$$ now worming his way into U K politics and influencing the UKIP hierarchy to hire his best mucker Tommy Robinson as consultant on Islam, when:
1. it was Anti-Christ Jud-a$$ who wrote a book (which made him) which blamed 9/11 not on Muslims but on U S intels but he now blames everything on Muslims, immigrants and leftists;
2. Israel did 9/11, and Robinson was the Shillman Fellow (named after a passionate Zionist) at Rebel Media (run by another passionate Zionist who supported Israel's infanticide in 2014), and Robinson wrote a book which blamed 9/11 on real-life Muslims;
3. Watson doesn't tell his fans, readers and subscribers that he works for U S Military Intelligence (and thus very likely other intels in the Anglo-American-Israeli (and even maybe Saudi intel) intel network;
4. Watson's actions in persuading the UKIP hierarchy to hire Robinson forced the founder of UKIP Nigel Farage to resign from UKIP.

What is U S Military Intelligence agent Watson upto regarding UKIP? Is his work regarding UKIP being directed by U S Military Intelligence? Or even by U K Military Intelligence? Or maybe even by Israeli Military Intelligence (Robinson loves the Zionists and Mossad)?

We just don't know.

Once you've been knowingly and willingly tarred by the U S Military Intelligence brush you've lost all credibility.

On 9/11, the USA was attacked by a cabal led by Zionists. U S Military Intelligence obviously played a role in 9/11 because the U S Military was mysteriously and conveniently AWOL on the day. Christopher Bollyn has proved this Zionist attack by going all the way back to the 1940s and Zionist terrorism. He got attacked and zapped by tasers on his own driveway by what sounds like US Special Forces to shut him up. Thankfully he didn't shut up and went on to expose the Zionists in a compilation of articles and series of videos available to watch on Youtube. Just go to Youtube and enter "Bollyn 9/11" in the query box. It's really, really easy. Netanyahu, who Trump calls "a great guy", is intimately connected to this 9/11 network and laid the foundation for the false war on terror that 9/11 kicked off.

Watson sold out to this network.

That network consists of not just U S but also U K and Israeli and probably Saudi intel too.

So who is Watson really working for?

Just U S Military Intelligence?

Or very likely others?

Is that why he won't tell his fans, readers and subscribers that he works for U S Military Intelligence?

Because his fans will work out that by working for U S Military Intelligence that he is also very likely working for U K, Israeli and Saudi intelligence too?

It would explain why he attacks Iran (who didn't do 9/11 and is fighting the US/UK/Israeli/Saudi-sponsored international cutthroat Jihadis) while he has seriously toned down his criticism of Saudi Arabia and has deleted a few articles he wrote which were against war on and interfering in Iran. For instance, when Obama was POTUS, Watson frequently criticised Obama over Yemen. But now it's Trump in the White House? Hardly a word of condemnation. Even though civilian deaths have, and the humanitarian crisis has, accelerated to the speed of light under U S Military Intelligence agent merchant of death Bomber Drumpf.

It's like he sold out to a network of death or something...


Remember all those scandals about British tax-dodging schemes and financial houses?

So why is Bilderberg Zionist Rupert Murdoch driving Brexit?


He's an agent of U S Military Intelligence.

He became POTUS because the rightist Zionist intelligence network's support for him.

He conned the U S electorate on three statements:
1. he would bomb the shit out of ISIS;
2. he would lock Hillary Clinton up;
3. he would slash the national debt.

He has bombed ISIS (though whether he bombed the shit out of them is up for debate), but he has also killed a hell of a lot of civilians too.

He has done nothiing to lock Hillary Clinton up, despite saying live on TV during a debate with her that he would begin a criminal investigation of her (which he has not). And at his inauguration lunch he actually praised her and Bill!!

So now to the national debt.

He doesn't care about the national debt because he won't be here when it becomes critical.

Donald Trump is reportedly refusing to tackle the US’s spiralling national debt because he will not be in office by the time the situation is expected to reach a crisis point.

White House staff are thought to have repeatedly urged the president during his time in office to work on reducing the now $21.8 trillion (£17.1 trillion) America owes its creditors.

Officials had attempted to warn Mr Trump during a meeting in early 2017 that debt could spike further in the coming years.

However, the president is said to have been indifferent once he realised the problem was only likely to become critical after he had completed a possible second and term.

“Yeah, but I won’t be here,” Mr Trump remarked, a source who had been in the room at the time told The Daily Beast.

Total fake.

He sold out, like Infowars, to the rightist Zionist network that did 9/11 and runs paedophile networks, who only care about massive profits from mass death, being extremely rich, and having a massive military to bully and spy on (and zap) everyone when necessary.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018


1. didn't Trump bomb civilians in Syria after tweeting Obama dozens of times to get out of Syria?
2. hasn't Trump sold out (just like you) to the network that did 9/11 and runs paedophile networks?
3. didn't Trump host underage sex parties where sleazy old men would, like many Asian sex gangs in the UK, provide underage white teenage girls with drink and drugs offering these poor deluded girls the prospect of lucrative modelling contracts in return for sex? So what happened? Clue: the sleazy old men (President Trump included) had their wicked, wicked way with the young, drugged up girls, and those modelling contracts never materialised. Meanwhile, Trump married a model 26 years younger than him and is now President of the United States of America, allied with 9/11-perps Israel and the Saudis, and slashing taxes for the rich.

Hmm. I wonder who financed Trump and got their illegal networks to back Trump...

Maybe, just maybe, it was the extreme rightist Zionist network that backed Trump?

If Bernie Sanders had deliberately drugged young girls for sex, what do you think would be headline news? For weeks, if not months?

Sanders is not the ideal candidate but Infoturds argued that Trump was.

Turns out that Infoturds and Trump both work for U S Military Intelligence.

So, yep. Orange man is bad.

Orange man is very, very bad.


This war started in the early summer of 1998. That's when the zapping began. At first it was just a very gentle clicking sound once a night just as I was about to fall asleep, but it was enough to stop me falling asleep for another hour or so as my brain settled down from a gentle EM perturbation. This persisted during the summer of 1998. In September of that year I moved away to begin postgraduate study, and I don't remember it happening during that academic year, I assume because I was living in halls of residence which were always full.

I completed my studies, gained a good job and started work. Then the clicking started again in exactly the same circumstances of just as I was about to fall asleep, stopping me from falling asleep. The difference is that instead of just once a night it was several times a night but not every night.

Over the next few years this zapping increased in frequency and aggression, so that some nights I would only get 1 hour of unbroken sleep. A typical night would be zapped twice just as I was about to fall asleep (losing 2 hours of sleep), then allowed to fall asleep but then zapped after about 3 hours of unbroken sleep to wake me up, then zapped twice to stop me falling asleep again (again losing 2 hours), then allowed to fall asleep for an hour or 2 before being zapped awake again. The recommendation is for 8 hours sleep per night, and at least 4 hours of unbroken sleep to have any kind of useful sleep.

Sometimes the zapping induced terror by producing very aggressive sounds of a shotgun being fired, or an aggressive German Shepherd dog barking and growling, even though no gun was fired and no German Shepherd dog was anywhere near.

So you can imagine how much sleep I lost and how it affected everything. I was very lucky I could work from home.

But the worst was when I actually felt the membranes in my skull vibrating for seconds at a time as well as hearing the rasping/buzzing/fizzing sound that those vibrations produced.

Then in March 2005 it stopped.

A few weeks later I was told I was being made redundant.

The lasting physical effects of this EM harrassment are a twitch/spasm in the my neck that I didn't have before the zapping began in 1998.

Coz that's the 'beauty' of these EM weapons. All the damage is internal. I think what they were trying to do was alter my DNA so that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep ever again. But they failed. And this why they want me dead. Coz I survived. Many others didn't and committed suicide, or were 'disappeared', or went mad not understanding what was happening to them, or murdered.

So, why me?

I have my ideas as to why. I suspect a combination of possibilities, one of which is that I had been and was researching JFK, UFOs, Vietnam War, etc, from 1992 onwards, was very anti-war, and held left to mid left politics (left of Labour but not Communist), but other aspects of my life probably contributed to the decision to zap me.

Anyway, because I lost my job and couldn't find another in the area my house was in I was forced to sell-up and moved away to do something completely different.

But it was this that led to me deciding that I wanted to get the banks into court to prove we owe them nothing because they create money out of nothing.

I started a PhD in Mathematics, but I was more interested in financial and banking law, particularly during my 1st year.

I was awarded my PhD and started teacher training. It was then that I met someone who had the perfect experience to help me in my personal anti-bank war. I gave them lots of my work for free (and without rejection or protest) to persuade them to help me. But they didn't even say thanks. I then asked multiple times politely for their help. Nothing. So I asked multiple times politely that my work be deleted. But it wasn't.

So I got angry. As most would, having been zapped for nearly 7 years and being treated like a piece of shit by someone who could and should have helped to get the banks into court to prove we owe them nothing.

And it turns out that all along Watson and Icke were spying on me, letting it all happen.

Also turns out that my codes and ideas are being/have been stolen by U S Military Intelligence assets and their beguiled dupes.

Well, it ain't gonna happen.

I was zapped for 7 years.

I asked politely several times for help, and then for my work to be deleted.

I was living in one of the most anti-war houses not just in the UK but in the world.

And while there I was spied on for years by Watson (who it turns out is a U S Military Intelligence agent).

So I'm not agreeing to my codes and ideas being stolen.

No fucking way!

Who would have the capacity to build and use microwave weapons? U S Military Intelligence.

Who would be interested in spying on me, a victim of such weapons, while I also lived in one of the most anti-war houses not just in the UK but in the world? U S Military Intelligence.

Who now employs an agent (Anti-Christ Jud-a$$ Watson) who is stealing my codes and ideas? U S Military Intelligence.

You lot really don't get it, do you?

Read my lips. No. No. No.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


So he's left the party he created because of Batten's anti-Islamism.

Cue Paul Joseph "I initially blamed US intels for 9/11 and made a family fortune from it but after selling out to US Military Intelligence now blame everything on Muslims" Watson.

Here's what our favourite sell-out Watson tweeted in August this year:

That guy second from the left in the pale blue T-shirt is Paul Joseph Watson.

He works for the U S Military Intelligence network that did 9/11 and runs peadophile networks.

He used to blame 9/11 on Israel and the Saudis.

But then he sold out and now attacks Shia Islam (Iran who didn't do 9/11 and is fighting the international cutthroat Jihadis) but softly defends Sunni Islam (Saudi Arabia who did 9/11 and unleashed the international cutthroat Jihadis)

And there he is.

With Batten.

Acting all cool AF.

But as I thought would happen, is destroying the party he loves because he works for U S Military Intelligence.


No. Don't laugh. Coz that's where we are headed.

The Zionists are now calling for a 'new' United Nations because the current one is allegedly failing in not unifying the world because it is not based on Jewish writings.

No. Seriously. Don't laugh.

Well, now you can.

Coz...enter Donald Trump (and I would suggest Putin). Totally owned by the Zionists (e.g. Sheldon Adelson, Adelson favourites Netanyahu and John Bolton).

1. is threatening to break up the UN because it is anti-Israel (even though Israel did 9/11 as admitted by U S Military Intelligence asset and fat CIA/Confederate/Zionist pervert Alex Jones);
2. is moving the US Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem.

But it was the Zionists who:
1. financed WW1 through the Federal Reserve (but this does not prove they engineered WW1 - that was the British Monarchy and Freemasonry);
2. kept WW1 going for at least 2 more unnecessary years just so they could be given Palestine after WW1;
3. then created, defended and collaborated with the Nazis to persuade German Jews to transfer to Palestine, but only 10% of German Jews took up the generous offers of emigration to Palestine;
4. but that didn't work so a Holocaust (the total number of deaths is massively inflated - 1 to 2 million at most, which is still evil) was globally reported;
5. after WW2 many Jews, persuaded by the inflated figures of the Holocaust, who were initially sceptical of a Jewish homeland in Palestine converted to terrorists and terrorised 800k Palestinians out of their homes and off their lands and farms into the 2 largest refugee camps in the world of Gaza and the West Bank.

Since then, using the global chaos of WW1 and WW2, the UN was established to allegedly stop global war ever happening again.

And so far it has.

But now, after 9/11, as we see the culmination of an alleged plan for 3 world wars (that attributed to Albert Pike in a letter that has never been shown to have existed), guess who starts calling for a new world government, this time one based on Noahide law and in Jerusalem, where 'renegade' Trump is moving the US Embassy to please his sponsor, the ultra-Zionist casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

And we all know what casinos are used for, don't we Robert (Mueller III who is 'investgating' Trump's connections to Russia when in the mid 1990's Mueller could have nailed Trump for money-laundering but didn't and it is now frequently in the US mainstream media that Trump is Adelson's bitch).

I guess I'm suggesting that the current global power structure (UN, EU etc) was designed to fail so that a 'new' global power structure, one based in Jerusalem, could be created.

The current UN was created in 1944. Israel wasn't established then.

But after 9/11 (which Israel did) there were many shouts that it was all to engineer a WW3. I thought this a major possibility. But so far WW3 has not occured. But we now find the USA and Russia guaranteeing the security of Israel, and China also beginning to collaborate with Israel in a big way.



Roy Cohn ran paedophile networks for the CIA. Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend".

Trump hung out with Epstein and flew on Epstein's Lolita Express. Epstein is strongly suspected of running paedophile rings for Mossad.

Epstein was being prosecuted for luring young girls into a paedo ring.

He just settled out of court.


Calls for end to war.

Calls for privacy.

But spies on me in houses connected to the very, very top hierarchy of the UK anti-war movement.

And now he has consented to the theft of code and ideas.

And if I'm wrong then take me to court.

He's just like Watson who manipulates his fans for money too. The only difference between Watson and Icke is that I can confirm that Watson as Editor of Infoturds works 110% for U S Military Intelligence, whereas I cannot confirm the same for Icke. But maybe he was recruited while he and Watson were spying on me in the anti-war home?


Oooh. I dunno.

Say, if you were given for free a few pieces of written work explaining how the world really works, and then asked several times very politely by the author of those works to delete them, but you, your friends and your family treat the author like a piece of shit and ignore the author's very polite and frequent requests?

And the author didn't sell out to the network that did 9/11 and runs paedophile networks and death squads and spies on the very, very top hierarchy of the UK anti-war movement on behalf of U S Military Intelligence.

Unlike some at Info<add your favourite negative adjective>.

And something that might not also help to avoid peace is if the author finds out that he (or she) is being spied on by the people who received that work for free and treated the author like a piece of shit and ignored the author's very polite requests.

Now, I ask : is that how you start a war?

Yes. It is.


I say, I say, I say, aah-yeah.

I didn't start this war.


Trump tweeted Obama dozens of times to get out of Syria and to stop bombing Syria.

But at the first opportunity Trump was given he bombed Syria and killed civilians, all while he was stuffing his face with chocolate cake.

Now it's been announced that the USA is staying in Syria not to defeat terrorism but to protect Israel.

And not just that, at Helsinki Trump and Putin guaranteed the security of Israel.

And Putin is now busy trying to get Iran out of Syria (Iran was invited into Syria by Assad to defeat the US-Israeli-Saudi sponsored terrorists).

Monday, December 03, 2018


Fighting the PNAC wars for Israel after Israel did 9/11 has cost the world approximately 1 million innocent lives but to the USA at least $6 Trillion, and tens of thousands of lives.

Trump is adding nearly $1 Trillion every year to the US national debt. Because of his deluded and treasonous love of Israel.

It can't go on. Something's gotta give.

Either Israel sticks with the dying USA.

Or Israel finds a new host/victim.


Who do you think it will be?

clue : China.

Israel already has Russia as a protector, a guarantor of Israel's security. Trump announced this very disturbing agreement at Helsinki that the USA and Russia would guarantee the security of Israel.

So Putin's usefulness has been used up by this Helsinki statement, but also in 'opposing' Israel in the PNAC wars, despite Putin allowing the wars on Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Syria. And in Syria, Russia allowed Israel to do anything they wanted in Syria as long as Israel told Russia first. And it wasn't until Israel dodged this bizarre diplomacy that Putin gave Syria the S300.

So why did it take Putin 3 years to give Syria the most powerful air defence system in der welt?



So the only large scale host is China.

And guess who is now allowing China to run and use their ports to the detriment of the USA?


Alex Jones works for U S Military Intelligence.

This is a very logical revelation because half his family is CIA and his late uncle Biff ran death squads in Guatemala for the CIA/Pentagon.

So who pays Alex's salary?

The dead children of Yemen.


Oooh. I dunno.

Say, if you were given for free a few pieces of written work explaining how the world really works, and then asked several times very politely by the author of those works to delete them, but you, your friends and your family treat the author like a piece of shit and ignore the author's very polite and frequent requests?

And the author didn't sell out to the network that did 9/11 and runs paedophile networks and death squads and spies on the very, very top hierarchy of the UK anti-war movement on behalf of U S Military Intelligence.

Unlike some at Info<add your favourite negative adjective>.

And something that might not also help to avoid peace is if the author finds out that he (or she) is being spied on by the people who received that work for free and treated the author like a piece of shit and ignored the author's very polite requests.

Now, I ask : is that how you start a war?

Yes. It is.


Sunday, December 02, 2018



Not good enough.

Part 3 mentions The Balfour Declaration but does not explain why it was issued!!

Why in November 1917 was the Balfour Declaration issued?

That should be the thesis of many PhD theses and papers.


Why was the Balfour Declaration issued anyway?

And why in November 1917? Why not in December 1914?

Because the authors were bored one Sunday morning and thought, "D'ya know what? I'm bored. Let's tell the British people we support a Jewish homeland in Palestine."?

Or maybe, just maybe, it was because in 1915 the British were losing the war (that they had started), so the Zionists, seeing an opportunity for a centuries-long desire for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, offered to get the USA into the war on the side of the British, but in return the Zionists wanted Palestine as a Jewish homeland after the war. The British agreed. In April 1917 the Zionists got their man Wilson to drag the USA into the war on the side of the British. And as per The Gentleman's Agreement with the Zionists, the British issued The Balfour Agreement. And after the British had stabbed the Palestinians in the back and won WW1, at the peace conferences after the war, guess who got to administrate Palestine?

Yep. The British. Who then encouraged mass Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Then the next phase of Jewish population of Palestine began: Zionist collaboration with the Nazis (who they financed!!) began.



Zapped for nearly 7 years, leaving me jobless, homeless and with a twitch/spasm in my neck that is now starting to hurt after 15 years.

Spied on for years, and in one of the most anti-war homes in the world(!), by the very people I believed were on the same side as me and who I believed were very anti-war.

Now my codes and ideas are being literally stolen from me by assets of U S Military Intelligence!


Saturday, December 01, 2018


Watch the full movie. Audrey Hepburn is sooooo beautiful.

Nothing to do with the CIA.

Or how people use the CIA to lie, cheat, steal, murder.

Or how the CIA uses people to lie, cheat, steal, murder.


(ps half of Alex Jones' family is CIA and his late uncle Biff ran death squads for the CIA/Pentagon in Guatemala).


We asked 100 readers, "if you were given for free a piece of work but you were then politely asked several times by the author to delete that work, then should you delete it?"

Dave. Your answer is, "yes".

Our survey said, PING! "Yes", is the top answer! 98 out of the 100 said, yes, if you are politely asked several times by the author to delete their work given for free then you should do so. And why not? It's their work. Not yours. If they don't want you to have it then show them some rispek. The author could think you were treating them like a piece of shit and you were ripping them off and get very, very angry.

We asked a different set of 100 readers, "if you are asked to help out with saving humanity then should you offer to or at least find out how you could?"

Dave. Your answer again is, "yes".

Our survey said, PING! "Yes", is again the top answer! 95 out of the 100 said, yes, if you are asked to help out with saving humanity then you should offer to or at least find out how you could. It's common sense really. I don't understand why they wouldn't.

And our final question.

We asked another different set of 100 readers, "should you place secret cameras in other people's bedrooms in other people's houses?"

Dave. I know you shouldn't. You know you shouldn't. We (turns to the audience) all know that you only do that kind of thing if you're a massive, massive perrrrverrrrt. Right, people? (Audience shouts "YES!", stands up in unison and applauds for 30 seconds).

So. Dave. Is it really worth me asking you this question? Or can I assume your answer?

Dave : "Assume it."

OK. Dave. I assume your answer is, "no".

Our survey said, PING! "No", is the top answer with 96 people surveyed saying no, you don't go round sticking secret cameras in other people's bedrooms. But who's worse: those who placed the cameras? Or those who use the cameras for their personal gain without telling the subject? And when the house is owned by someone intimately connected to the very, very, very, very top of the UK anti-war movement, a house only MI5/6 and U S Military Intelligence would be interested in?! It's a terraced house in a street in England. Nothing special.

Come on, you fucking freaks!!

And who are the 4 freaks who didn't say no? They've got to be the biggest perverts on the planet!!

Either that or mob.

Maybe both?

I've been watching David Lynch's Blue Velvet the last 2 evenings. It's possibly a bit too sexually explicit than it needs to be, but it shows the real small town USA, the real small town UK, the real small town Ireland, the real small town Scotland. And in some countries like in small town USA the satanism is rampant.

I mean, who would have thought this could happen?

Mr X grows up with Mr Y, and calls Mr Y his greatest friend. Mr Z took the limeade out of Mr X but later supports Mr X after a rightist globalist cuck appears on the scene.

Turns out:
1. Mr Y (Roy Cohn) ran paedophile networks for the CIA, among other purposes, to supply children to be abused at CIA-sponsored satanists' parties, some of which he attended;
2. Mr X (Donald Trump) is now President of the USA;
3. Mr Z (Alex Jones) and Mr X (Donald Trump) both work for U S Military Intelligence.

I mean, who would have thought this could happen?

Clue : me!


Right here on likkul ol' TTS.

Coz I didn't sell out to the network that did 9/11 and runs paedophile networks like the turds Watson, Jones and Stone did, and possibly Icke too.


I was zapped by U S Military Intelligence/CIA/A N Other intels for nearly 7 years, between summer 1998 and spring 2005. It only stopped a few weeks before I lost my job, and I was forced to sell up and do something else. Zapped. Actually feeling the membranes in my skull vibrating for seconds, and always just as I was about to fall asleep so as a consequence over those nearly 7 years I lost a monumental and very significant amount of sleep.

That's why U S Military Intelligence, the CIA, the rightist globalist network of Roger Stone (the aforementioned cuck who advertised in the perv mag Dark Cavern for a big black guy with a big black you-know-what to you-know-what his wife while he watched!!) want me gone, dead, and they will use their assets or anyone else for that goal. They are part of the ruling global mafia who did 9/11 and run paedophile networks, and flog weapons of mass destruction, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie and lie. If anyone is reptile it is them and their J P Morgan Chase bankers.

This network wants me dead.

Because I survived their EM harrassment and stalking of me, and I want them gone. GONE! DISPATCHED! JAILED! IMPRISONED!! To stop it happening to others. Many others harrassed by this network did not survive their EM harrassment and either committed suicide to escape their torture or were 'disappeared', sectioned or even murdered.

I survived, but now have a twitch/spasm in my neck which I did not have before 1998.

Sadly, some in their greed cannot, or do not want to, see this.

Oh, and on that Uk anti-war thing?

1. you don't know, in which case, you are going to want to hang yourselves asap before the global anti-war movement does something possibly worse to you:
2. or you do know, in which case you, masquerading as anti-war, should hang yourselves asap.

And it is knowing this that has led me to become so, so disillusioned.


Alex Jones of Infolyingbastards told us that it was his son Rex who convinced him to support Trump in 2016.

Turns out that both Trump and Infowars are both assets of U S Military Intelligence!!

So who 'convinced' Alex to support Trump?


Or U S Military Intelligence?

(clue : not Rex)


On Anti-Christ's Twitter you can currently read this about your favourite sell-out asset of U S Military Intelligence:
"Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.....”Free speech extremist.” The Mirror. Classical liberal.

But shouldn't it be:
"Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.....”Free speech extremist.” The Mirror. Classical liberal. Asset of U S Military Intelligence who did 9/11 and runs paedophile networks.


Infowars is an asset of U S Military Intelligence (and other U S alphabet intels).

Therefore pervert Anti-Christ Jud-a$$ is also an asset of, i.e. works for, U S Military Intelligence.

But has he told his fans, readers and subscribers this?

Er, nope.

Why not?

Because he does not trust his fans, readers and subscribers.

Because he knows that what he has done and is doing in selling out to the network that did 9/11 and runs paedophile rings is evil, and that his fans, readers and subscribers will dump (on) him immediately, and he will have to go back to cleaning toilets with his tongue again.

So, ladies, stay away from that tongue. You have no idea where it's been.

Friday, November 30, 2018


Can you foresee any white banker, male or female, J P Morgan Chase or not, writing and/or performing like this?

Me neither.

Because J P Morgan Chase are soulless Archons. They are not of this planet. They have more Reptilian DNA than most of us.

Why are the people driving us towards world war and world government (all the secret societies like Bilderberg/CFR/U S Military Intelligence etc) generally white males?

Greed. Mass destruction. Global crises that benefit the 0.000001%.

And you know what that means, ja?

No imagination. No creativity. No nothing.




Just, duh, duh, duh, duh; duh, duh, duh, huh, duh; etc

Soulless white warmongering males/females?

Or The Walrus of Luuuurv?

It's time to start finding your soul.

Coz there's a reckonin' coming.

Oh, PS. Infowars perverts? Don't bother. Coz you're heading straight to hell!!


Impressed by Putin's high 5 with MbS?

Coz I'm not...even though I expected it!

And it looks actually genuine, with both Putin and MbS laughing and smiling genuine laughs and smiles!

The Saudis did 9/11 to kick off a series of wars that continue to this day. And Putin allowed all those wars to start and progress, and is flogging the Saudis and their terrorist-sponsoring mates the S400. Meanwhile Gaza is on the brink of collapse, and millions of children in Yemen are on the brink of starvation and dehydration and disease.

Only one major war has not yet occured since 9/11. And it is why Trump was handed the keys to the White House by the extreme rightist Zionist intel network in the USA. That war is on Iran. And Putin, despite some token opposition for show, will allow it.

Coz at the top it's just one global mafia, with the rest of us fighting each other, often literally to the death. This is why the intels and the mafia work together coz they're scared of us all coming together. This is why anyone left of Margaret Thatcher is labelled a Communist, a very provocative label designed to spread extreme fear ad paranoia, when really all most of us want is a prosperous peaceful life not just for themselves but for everyone. On the other hand the global mafia and the intels (and their assets like Infowars) want war and want it all for themselves and fuck everyone else.

Coz at the top it's just blood brothers in one global mafia.


I used to think a lot about both of them. Had big respect for both of them.

But I then found out they were spying on me. And by spying I mean cameras in the bedrooms! And not only that: it was in a house intimately connected to the very top heirarchy of the UK anti-war movement.

Which makes sense in the case of Watson because he works for U S Military Intelligence!

And if they are prepared to spy on people in their bedrooms then hacking their computers and emails and stealing their ideas and codes is as easy as making a cup of tea.

But it makes Icke a total sickening hypocrite.

Here's total sickening hypocrite Icke bigging himself up...without, like Watson, telling his fans, readers and subscribers (and in the case of Icke his sons) that he is a massive creepy pervert.

On war? Calls for the end of war buts spies on the UK anti-war hierarchy.

And calls for freedom and privacy but spies on people in their bedrooms.

And if I'm wrong then let both of them take me to court.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


If the ruling elite are all singing from the same hymn sheet then why did Bilderberg Zionist Rupert Murdoch threaten John Major over the EU in the early 1990s?

And yet Murdoch supported Blair in 1997 when Blair is such a passionate committed European and globalist?

Because there is no fixed brain. It's factions within factions. Today it's strawberry. Tomorrow it'll be raspberry.

As long as it's Israeli strawberry and raspberry.

Maybe it has something to do with this?

Non-Jew Blair loves Israel and ran with the PNAC 9/11 war plan but loves the EU? Yet Murdoch gets his support in 1997 and afterwards.

What is going on, dear Son of the Godhead?

Seems to me if you do Israel's work then Murdoch and his media empire love you.

I haven't heard Fox News slag off Infowars.

But I have heard Tucker "Iran needs bombing" Carlson being promoted in some surprising corners.