Friday, September 19, 2014


The campaign calling itself Better Together won the vote last night. "We're better off together", was their mantra. Dodgy Dave said this multiple times. Yet this morning he was far more concerned about more autonomy and more devolution.

Better together?

Or better apart?

Members of The Marsten House should be getting a pay rise. But for what? Doing less? Because more powers will have been devolved to respective assemblies or parliaments?

Will The Marsten House soon be obsolete and become a museum, the resulting power structure being local assemblies deciding how many dogs a citizen can keep while all the major powers, such as going to war, given to Brussels? Why not? We already have a EU military. You might not be aware of it but it has been operating off the coast of Somalia. This is why European militaries are having their budgets cut as we unite to create a European Superstate.

And all resistance to it is to be eliminated.


A Yes vote yesterday would have caused financial and administrative chaos.

But have you noticed something this morning? The talk from Dodgy Dave is about more ENGLISH autonomy!!

There is a Welsh Assembly, a Scottish Parliament, and a Northern Irish Parliament, but no English Parliament. But curiously thanks to this Scottish Independence referendum more ENGLISH autonomy is coming...AND WE DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR IT!!
Speaking outside Downing Street he [TTS : Dodgy Dave] said it was 'crucial' to give England the same powers over tax, spending and welfare as Scotland, following his last minute pledge for further devolution to Holyrood during the campaign.

Mr Cameron said: 'I've long believed that a crucial part missing from this national discussion is England. We've heard the voice of Scotland, but now the millions of voices of England must also be heard.

'The question of English votes for English laws, the so-called West Lothian question, requires a decisive answer.

'So just as Scotland will vote separately in the Scottish Parliament on their issues of tax, spending and welfare so too England as well as Wales and Northern Ireland should be able to vote on these issue - and all this must take place in tandem with and at the same pace the settlement for Scotland.'

[source : 'Now the millions of voices of England must be heard': Cameron hails Scottish referendum result but says it is now time for 'English votes for English laws', The Daily Mail,, 19th September 2014]

We are seeing and allowing the dissolution of The United Kingdom by stealth to create mini states powerless to resist the EU.

A Yes vote would have caused financial and administrative chaos. But very curiously a No vote, which was the campaign of a group calling itself Better Together, has actually led to more autonomy not only for Scotland, but also for England...AND WE DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR IT!!

And I would not be surprised if Alex Salmond is in on this. By refusing to state what currency an independent Scotland would have used he caused just enough doubt about the result of a Yes vote.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


If Scotland was going to be truly independent following the referendum today, creating its own money, deciding its own laws, then I would migrate there today. But I am unpersuaded by Alex Salmond and the empty arguments for independence.

"Give me control of a nation's currency and I care not who makes the laws." - a quotation attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild. I have been unable to verify this, but if Rothschild did not say or write this then whoever did is bang on the money, so to speak.

You can only be truly independent when you issue and control your own money. I have not heard any suggestion from Salmond or any other pro-independent about Scotland creating its own money. I did hear just the one caller into a radio debate suggest this, but that is it.

If Scotland uses the Pound then Scotland is beholden to The Bank of England and thus to the British Monarchy.

If Scotland uses the Euro then Scotland is beholden to the European Central Bank and thus to Bilderberg and thus to the British Monarchy.

The United Kingdom is being Balkanized to create a set of mini states powerless to resist the European Union and corporations. We already have a Welsh Assembly, a Parliament in Northern Ireland, a Scottish Parliament, but so far no English Parliament. In case you haven't noticed there is a Parliament of some kind in Brussels. That Parliament already has so much power that The Marsten House is becoming insignificant. Two World Wars were engineered to create that Parliament, the EU and the Euro. All resistance to this new political set up is to be eliminated.

However, I am detecting a definite sense of desperation from the establishment to keep the union. It is possible that Balkanizing the whole of Europe except the United Kingdom is the plan, to eventually make the UK the most powerful state of all the states in Europe, but all beholden to Brussels.

If Scotland votes Yes today then we will see:
1. an English Parliament;
2. relentless Conservative governments in England;
3. financial and administrative chaos which only the establishment will not suffer;
4. a fairer, more equal Scotland, but only because everyone will be poorer.

I would love to see and live in a truly independent Scotland. But if the result of a Yes from today's referendum means financial and administrative chaos and Scotland keeping the Pound or adopting the Euro then I will not be moving to Scotland any time soon. If I was voting today I would need much more detail before voting Yes.

Scotland should probably play safe and vote naw.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Today I have experienced a massive, massive let down. Someone who I thought could help me bring down this rotten, corrupt, warmongering, kiddie-fiddling system has decided not to help. I know that they read TTS because I have told that person that I wrote TTS. I have written to that person many times, stating the position. But to no avail.

For whatever reason or reasons, their help is not forthcoming.

But what that person has failed to realise is that it is not just me being let down but the whole of the human race, including their family and friends!!

I truly believe that that someone was supposed to help me, that we were supposed to meet and work together to bring down the system. I am in position, have a very good knowledge of how things work, but also believe that this someone could provide the last piece of the puzzle.

Henceforth I will not be initiating any contact with that person. However I must keep the channel open in case they change their mind. But I am sick of their attitude. They are not King or Queen.

I now expect them, their family and friends to do the honourable thing and stop reading TTS. I cannot bear writing TTS while I know that there are people out there reading TTS who I personally know, who have a much better understanding of what is going on but are doing bugger all about it, expecting people like myself to risk everything and take the flak!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Similar to Jihadi Hague, the Foreign Secretary Phil Hammond sure is taking his time to reply to my letter MY LETTER TO THE ETREMELY NAIVE FOREIGN SECRETARY PHIL HAMMOND, but he does have the time for a nice trip to Paris to discuss how to start war on Syria.

Monday, September 15, 2014


CC Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

A few other things that should make you go hmmmmm....:

The assassins of Arch Duke Ferdinand admitted to being Freemasons, admitted to receiving the material and encouragement for the assassination from Freemasonry, and admitted to knowing that Freemasonry had condemnded Ferdinand to death years earlier but they had until then failed to find willing assassins;

General Wesley Clark being told by a Pentagon officer shortly after 9/11 that there would be war and regime change in seven nations in five years, those seven nations having nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11, and most of those nations being previously named as targets of Israeli warmongering or not being friendly to Israel, and every war the USA has been involved in since then, except Afghanistan, has been on those nations named to Clark: Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and very soon Syria.


Why don't they just get down, groove, dance, and enjoy and celebrate life instead of making everyone else's life fucking hell?

funky disco and nu groove - get down people


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling


It is becoming abundantly clear to me that The Islamic State was deliberately created by NATO and its Gulf allies to create the conditions for war on Syria. Once bombing in Syria starts anything can happen. The USA need only claim that Syria shot at one of their planes and that will be that: war on Syria.

I have just heard Sam Kiley on Sky News suggest that the coalition will bomb not only IS in Syria but also the Syrian military. And Sophie Ridge on Sky News has just stated that the momentum is in favour of military action in Syria, even from those sceptical of war in Syria last year.

So from being just a bunch of cutthroat bandits with a few pick up trucks, The Islamic State has now been inflated by the NATO media into this huge threat to the world that a coalition of tens of nations are agreeing how to 'degrade and destroy' not only The Islamic State but also the Syrian military with the aim of regime in Syria as per the plan for war and regime change revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside job 9/11.

Russia and China and all their allies such as Iran must start making their positions known to the madmen and madwomen in the centres of power in Washington DC, London, Paris, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


While the sociopath Dodgy Dave Cameron holds a press conference to tell us that Islamic State is "the embodiment of evil", and expressing his sympathies, last week the friends of David Haines told The Daily Mail that the British Government was allowing Haines to die.
Friends of the British hostage facing brutal murder by Islamic State fanatics last night said the British Government was 'letting an innocent man die' by refusing to pay a ransom for his release.

While his wife told the Mail she is defiantly refusing to give up hope that David Haines will be rescued, close friends of the couple said his fate has been sealed by the UK's refusal to negotiate with terrorists.

...But she [Haines'2nd wife Dragana] criticised the British government for‎ not paying off Islamic State terrorists to save him, as other European countries have done.

...'We know Dragana can't tell us what is happening. She is so strong. She will not give up hope that David will be rescued,' the friend said.

'‎She is in shock. She can't understand what is happening to him. I watched the video and I can't believe the UK does nothing to save him from those animals.

'If he was from Italy or France they would pay and he would be back with his beautiful wife and their child.

'The UK and America won't pay ransoms so they are letting an innocent man die‎. Dragana is so in love, I don't know how she copes. Her daughter will grow up with no father.

'It is the worst thing. I watched the video and he is so thin. I can't think about what they are doing to him. What Dragana is going through is the worst thing in the world. He should never have gone there. He is always trying to do good things for work but it is too risky. It is not worth the risk.

'I know people say paying terrorists is bad. But that is politics. This is a real man. How can the UK see this and they do nothing?'

[source : 'You're letting an innocent man die': Anger of British hostage's friends at UK government for not paying a ransom to save his life, The Daily Mail,, 5th September 2014]

So, how can the UK see this and they do nothing?

Well, I could ask this exact same question of some people I know, some of whom have children.

The UK and USA are not paying ransoms and allowing British and American hostages to be beheaded to provoke calls for war on Syria. President Assad should have been ousted years ago in The Arab Spring. This 'revolution' was a Plan B for an initial Plan A in which there would be war and regime change on seven nations in five years. And because Assad was still in power in the summer of 2013, NATO and its allies ran a false flag in Ghouta that was designed to provoke calls for intervention in Syria on behalf of the rebels, who at the time faced total annihilation. But it failed and no war ensued. So the rebels escaped to Iraq, an escape that was allowed to happen, and once in Iraq sympathetic officers in the Iraqi Army ordered their units to stand down. The rebels, then armed with weapons and bank accounts, declared The Islamic State and have been putting down any resistance or protest by summary execution, often beheading. But although IS has no air force, one Scud missile and a few pick up trucks with guns, IS is now, we are told, a threat to the world. However, several leaders have expressed their position that they will not work with Assad. But we saw what happened in Libya : given a UN SCR NATO abused that resolution to eventually kill Gaddafi. Both Syria and Libya are on that list of seven nations.

So by provoking and allowing beheadings of their citizens, the British and American governments are generating thsoe calls for war on Syria that were absent last year after Ghouta.


A few weeks ago Der Fuhrer Dodgy Dave Cameron stood up in The Marsten House and said we will not pay ransoms because it funds terrorism. This was just after videos allegedly showing the beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff had been released and Haines was being threatened as the next to lose his head. Harumph, harumph, harumph, muttered The Marsten House, for Haines was expendable.

Before last night nobody in the NATO media cared about Haines. The Daily Mail last week printed something about his family attacking Cameron for not wanting to pay his ransom when other hostages were back safe and well with their families because their governments had allowed ransoms to be paid, violating a treaty agreed between G8 nations last year. Basically that is all we knew about David Haines before last night; his name.

But now that Haines has no head, virtually every NATO media newspaper had some kind of heart-wrenching bio of Haines: former RAF; he was happiest when working; he married and had children with his childhood sweetheart. All that kind of stuff.

Now I ask, if this same kind of media coverage of Haines had been made BEFORE he lost his head then the whole of the DFQ would have been banging down the doors of Number 10 Downing Street demanding that Cameron pay Hanies' ransom.

Sky News has been wall-to-wall Haines since the first reports of his beheading. And Sky News is quoting Colonel Richard Kemp who suggests that we should basically bomb, bomb, bomb then send in the ground troops. But who is Kemp? During the most recent shooting-fish-in-a-barrel Isrseli war on The Gaza Strip Kemp said that the IDF is the most moral army the world has ever known!!

Before last night we knew very little about Haines. But now he was everyone's son, beheaded by The Islamic State who we must now bomb, bomb, bomb before sending in the ground troops, an action that would cost several orders of magnitude greater than Haines' ransom, both financially and in deaths.

I proposed that the British and American governments were very suspiciously honouring this obscure treaty between G8 nations on ransoms because it is producing exactly the outcries of Bomb Syria that were lacking last year after the event of 21st August last year at Ghouta. Other members of the G8 have ignored this treaty and paid ransoms, and as a result the former hostages are alive and back with their families. But in the USA the Foleys and Sotloffs were threatened with prosecution if they tried to raise the ransom. And in the DFQ Dodgy Dave stood up in The Marsten House and said that we will not pay ransoms, but now that Haines has no head Cameron will sickeningly use Haines' beheading as a casus belli.

Apparently Haines said:
My name is David Cawthorne Haines. I would like to declare that I hold you David Cameron entirely responsible for my execution.

Haines is undeniably correct. If Cameron is so shocked and sickened and horrified by Haines' beheading then he should resign immediately, and at the very least not use Haines' death as a casus belli, a death that Cameron has deliberately provoked and engineered, supported by a pathetic, cowardly NATO media who are using Haines' engineered beheading for war.

Cameron has the blood of David Cawthorne Haines on his already bloodsoaked hands. He should resign immediately and be prosecuted for murder.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


To some I know : put your hands over your ears and make really daft sounds.

First the mother of James Foley claimed that she was threatened with prosecution for trying to raise the ransom for her son who was later allegedly beheaded by an executioner for The Islamic State. Now the parents of Steven Sotloff have claimed the same thing happened to them. Steven was also allegedly beheaded by an executioner for The Islamic State. Both executions have been used to provoke support for war in Iraq and Syria on The Islamic State.

And yet The Islamic State has held hostages from nations other than the USA and released them. Why? Because their home nations were willing to allow the ransoms to be paid. There is a treaty between G8 nations agreed last year that no member of the G8 would pay a ransom. But some members of the G8 have broken that treaty...several times! Indeed you could describe that treaty as moribund. Yet for some reason, the USA and the DFQ are steadfast in their resolve to honour this particular treaty, despite all the international laws, codified and moral, that they wantonly break on a daily basis.

And oh how convenient it is that the result of honouring this treaty results in beheadings that can be used to provoke cries for war.

If you were sceptical about Mrs Foley then the same claim from the Sotloffs, and an inhumane reticence from Der Fuhrer Dodgy Dave Cameron that the DFQ should pay any ransoms, should be enough proof that our governments are willing, indeed desperately wanting, to sacrifice civilians being beheaded to provoke calls for war in Syria.

The parents of murdered journalist Steven Sotloff were told by a White House counterterrorism official at a meeting last May that they could face criminal prosecution if they paid ransom to try to free their son, a spokesman for the family told Yahoo News Friday night.

"The family felt completely and utterly helpless when they heard this," said Barak Barfi, a friend of Sotloff who is serving as a spokesman for his family. "The Sotloffs felt there was nothing they could do to get Steve out."

[source : Sotloff's parents told they could be prosecuted for paying ransom to IS, Yahoo News,, 13th September 2014]

Friday, September 12, 2014



In Syria splitters would be beheaded.


The good stuff is the fun and easy bit. Aaaaanyone can do that. Because aaaaaanyone will. It's dead easy that bit. There's nowt difficult or clever about that.

But the bad stuff?

And the bad stuff is:
1. finding out, through private research or being told, just how really, really evil this world is; and
2. wanting to do something about it; then
3. actually doing something about it.

With children comes an enormous responsibility. If you bring children in to this world then you cannot expect others to risk their livelihood and even life for your children while you enjoy life.

Sadly the vast majority of parents don't even get halfway to point 1. above, and of those that do they can't be bothered or ostracise you for telling them. Indeed such persons should really walk around with their hands over their ears making really daft sounds.


The good stuff.

The good stuff is good, innit? Sometimes really good.

And sometimes it produces the miracle of life, some say the greatest gift; a child.

Making love is supposed to do just that; make love.

But look around you today. How much love do you see?

A bit here and a bit there...maybe. A couple holding hands. Parents singing to their child in a buggy.

But tonight, how much 'love' will be made? And tomorrow night? And the night after that? Etc.

And will it stop all the death and war and destruction and poverty?

Indeed, will more people seek out the truth?

The answer to both of these is, NO!!

What we are encouraged to be is reckless, uncaring. And if a pregnancy is the result? Well, just have an abortion.

Take a look at this photo (from The Daily Mirror) of a baby born premature at 24 weeks, the maximum legal age for an abortion.

It is currently legal in the UK to kill a human being this size, this developed. A few years ago people began suggesting killing children several years old!

But once a baby has been born, are the parents inspired by love to seek out the truth? Very seldom. Children could actually be described as a weapon against their parents. The parents are expected to bring the children up, work, work, work, to feed and clothe and shelter the child, but the State can tell you what to do with that child and even take the child off you if you are deemed unfit by the State. But the parents are so focused on bringing up their children that they have little time, if any, to find out why there is so much death and war and destruction and poverty.

And it is going to get worse. Much worse. As Dr Richard Day stated; anything goes!


I am willing to hold a peace conference between Presidents Obama and Putin in my back kitchen to get at the truth of what is really happening in The Middle East and North Africa, and Ukraine. These conflicts threaten to escalate into something far more serious.

So if I supply the cups of Yorkshire Gold tea and some of my mum's fruit cake, and after a few throws of the chewed up rabbit toy for my demonically possessed puppy, I'm sure the world could be put to rights.


I have asked the question why the ransoms for hostages from, for example France, held by IS/ISIS/ISIL were paid while the ransoms of British and American hostages were not and are not being paid. The ransoms for hostages from several nations have been paid, and the broker was Qatar. But for some strange reason British and American hostages can have their heads chopped off.

And yet, it is the British and American governments who are using these beheadings of hostages as a casus belli.

The British and American governments cite this strange G8 treaty in which no member would pay the ransom. David Cameron recently stated in The Marsten House that Britain would not pay any ransom, provoking the family of a British hostage over last weekend to accuse Cameron of playing games with lives.

Now the mother of James Foley is stating that she was threatened with prosecution by the FBI is she tried to pay the ransom for James.
The mother of James Foley, the American journalist beheaded by ISIS, spoke tonight of her deep disappointment felt towards the Obama administration for their handling of his time as a prisoner of the terror group, saying, 'I really feel our country let Jim down.'

On the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and the day after President Obama addressed the nation and finally offered a strategy to defeat ISIS, Diane Foley told CNN that 'as an American', she was 'embarrassed and appalled' at the efforts to rescue her son from captivity.

Articulate and thoughtful throughout her interview, Mrs. Foley made the startling claim that US officials threatened her family with prosecution if they tried to raise a ransom for Foley, 40, and said 'Jim was sacrificed because of a lack of communication and prioritization.'

[source : 'As an American I'm embarrassed and appalled': James Foley's mother hits out at Obama's efforts to rescue her son and claims she was threatened with PROSECUTION if family paid ransom, The Daily Mail,, 12th September 2014]

This supports my thesis that British and American hostages of IS/ISIS/ISIL are being sacrificed by their respective governments to provoke support for war.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


You know how free and democratic and respectful of human rights the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, yeah?

Well apparently, as well as financing the 'moderate' Syrian rebels they are also going to train them!

Train them to do what, exactly?

Chop off heads?

Chop off hands?

Cut throats?

Don't the Syrian rebels do that already?

This is how sick this nation has become, that it sleepwalks into World War 3, supporting the medieval head-chopping Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it sponsors cutthroat Jihadis who are allegedly fighting in the name of freedom and democracy to oust Assad but eat the hearts of their prisoners and slit the throats of defenceless Syrian children...AND ALL FOR ISRAEL!!


Fuck Zbig!

Fuck Kristol!

Fuck Kagan (all of them)!

We're talking about a massive war in The Middle East if you attack Syria unilaterally.

Look your kids in the eyes and tell them the truth.

Then get on the phone to Assad to coordinate the degradation and destruction of The Islamic State.

And while you're at it, release those redacted 28 pages of the 9/11 report on Saudi Arabia.


Thirteen years ago today an event occured, the effects of which still have massive influence today. That event was what is known as 9/11. This event was very convenient for particular political circles, namely the Zionist Project for a New American Century, who had issued calls for such an event in order to begin wars across the globe, but in particular Iraq and Iran were the prime targets.

Shortly after 9/11 the former Supreme Commander of NATO in Europe, General Wesley Clark, was told of plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years. The seven nations named to Clark were Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, together with Libya, Sudan and Somalia. The first four were also named in another Zionist document called A Clean Break.

We were told that the culprit of this dastardly deed was Osama bin Laden, and that he had been hiding out in Afghanistan for a few years. But ObL had been allowed to escape there after the USA refused the opportunity to have him handed over to them several times. He could also have been 'taken out', but again the green light for his assassination was never given. But ObL suffered from a life-threatening disease called Marfan Syndrome, which requires regular kidney dialysis. After becoming the global Public Enemy Number One after allegedly doing 9/11, how could he avoid capture by being constantly on the move in the remote mountains of Afghanistan while dragging a kidney dialysis machine behind him? He couldn't. ObL died around New Year 2002. But we couldn't be told this because it was going to stop all the wars that had been planned. After years of 'hunting' ObL, he was allegedly found in Pakistan in April 2011 and killed. His body was very suspiciously very quickly 'buried at sea' and photographs of his corpse have never been released. But what NATO did in Afghanistan was restore opium production to record levels after the Taliban had eradicated the industry.

But after this brief detour into Afghanistan for opium, not a dead ObL, the series of wars revealed to General Wesley Clark began.

We were told that Iraq was involved in 9/11 and had WMDs. We were told that we knew where the WMDs were. Pictures showing Saddam at the cockpit of plane about to hit the WTC were printed on the front pages of NATO media. So we invaded Iraq in 2003. But a decade later and we know that neither of these claims was true. However, target Number One had been taken out.

In 2006 Israel engineered a war on Hezbollah after sending unsuspecting IDF into an area they knew was controlled by Hezbollah. The soldiers were killed and knew this, but pretended the IDF were dead and demanded their return alive. Israel then declared war on Hezbollah, but some how lost. But this target Number Two on the list attacked but still in tact.

So by 2007 this plan revealed to Clark was moribund. To get the plan back on track the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia agreed that the latter would unleash cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Iran and Lebanon. But to give them cover as 'freedom fighters' the Arab Spring was engineered, funded by the NED among other Washington-based groups.

Libya was on the list of targets. These Jihadis were unleashed onto Libya first. They were described as 'protestors' but were actually al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and Gaddafi had been giving their names to MI6 and CIA. But British Special Forces assisted AQIM, and NATO abused UN SCR 1973 to attack Libyan military, cheered on by The Guardian, clearing a path for the Jihadis to eventually take Tripoli and kill Gaddafi.

After Libya, these Jihadis and the weapons they looted from the Libyan military arsenal were smuggled into Syria. Former French foreign minister Roland Dumas claims that in 2009 he was asked by British officials to begin planning smuggling Jihadis into Syria. Syria looked like it go the way of Libya, but the brave and competent Syrian Arab Army struck back and took al Qusair last June. The sponsor of the Jihadis, Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, went to Moscow to threaten Putin that Bandar would unleash hell in Syria if Putin didn't dump Assad. Putin refused. So an event occured on 21st August in al Ghouta which was said to involve chemical weapons. Assad was accused immediately and consistently by NATO media and politicians, despite the overwhelming evidence that the rebels had chemical weapons and stood to gain from NATO bombing SAA units. Such allegations were also the mother of all insults to logic. The SAA then began to easily beat the cutthroat Jihadis, who decided to escape out of Syria into Iraq. This escape was known of in advance by NATO because the Kurds told them in February. With advance warning of this escape sympathetic Sunni officers in the Iraqi Army todl their units to stand down while the cutthroat Jihadis from Syria ran amok. The Jihadis, then drunk with power, declared themselves to The Islamic State, and have been putting down any resistance to them with medieval barbarity, as can be observed every day in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!!

And so last night, President Obama was very, very unwise to virtually declare war on Syria, citing The Islamic State as a threat to America, even though no specific plot against America or Americans has been detected. Syria has stated that it will cooperate with any nation who wants to degrade and destroy The Islamic State, but all attacks must have the nod from the Syrian government. Obama and Cameron have all stated that they will not cooperate with Assad. And last night Obama said that the USA will also arm and train 'moderate' Syrian rebels despite plenty of reports that these 'moderate' rebels work with and sell weapons to The Islamic State.

But with NATO's behaviour in Libya, and the stated aim that Assad must go, Obama last night virtually declared war on Syria.

All this is due to an event that occured 13 years ago today.

But you wouldn't know it from the NATO, or even Russian, media today.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


A month or so ago a former commander of the rebels in East Ukraine called Aleksandr Khodakovsky was interviewed by Reuters, and during that interview it is claimed that he said that the rebels had a BUK. Pro-Kiev propagandists went into overdrive and used this as proof that the rebels shot MH17 down. However, the translation they used was not quite correct or they deliberately misinterpreted what Khodakovsky actually said, which was that he heard that the rebels had a BUK and heard this only at the time that MH17 came down. This is very different to stating that the rebels had a BUK. But he also said that Kiev knew about this.

As much as I think Brown Moses is wrong on Ghouta and MH17, he and his crew have gathered some video evidence that shows a BUK in rebel held territory which cannot be ignored and needs to be explained. I believe this BUK to be the BUK that Aleksandr Khodakovsky heard about. However, I am not convinced one bit by the video uploaded by the Ukraine Security Service which is claimed to have been filmed in rebel held territory, and by I assume a member or contact of the Ukraine Security Service, and just at a time when such a BUK drove past their window which has a view with very few landmarks or signs to easily verify its location, and at a very quiet time of the day. It is just too convenient. Kiev has several times claimed that Russia has invaded Ukraine with tanks and thousands of infantry but has not once provided any shred of evidence, no matter how ridiculous or flimsy. In addition, the authorities in Kiev came to power through a violent NATO sponsored coup, are bona fide Nazis with clear links to NATO, and are being advised by MI6 and CIA, who we all know played some role in 9/11. At stake is control of Ukraine, a massive bottleneck for Russian gas bound for Europe : block that bottleneck and Europe will be desperate for gas. And lo and behold, fracking is being forced down our throats despite our governments claiming to be green while fracking is extremely environmentally unfriendly. And if Ukraine can also be NATO-ised and allow the placement of nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow in, say, Donetsk, then shooting down MH17, killing all 300 on board would be worth it. In addition, Putin had been the driving force for an alternative to the parasitic IMF system. Hence headlines like "Putin's missile" in NATO media to demonise Putin.

The US military intelligence community has been suspiciously quiet on MH17, offering no evidence or support that MH17 was shot down by rebels or Russia. And the US State Dept, despite its vast resources, the CIA and the all seeing all knowing US military intelligence community, is relying on Brown Moses, an amateur weapons expert in Leicester.

So I think:
1. the rebels did have a BUK at the time MH17 was shot down, but they did not use it;
2. Kiev knew the rebels had this BUK;
3. Kiev was up to something on 17th July, Russian photos show Ukraine anti aircraft BUKs very close to where MH17 was shot down, even though the rebels do not have aircraft, while Kiev claims they did not have any BUKs in the area at the time MH17 was shot down, and these BUKs were removed very soon after;
4. in addition, Kiev has refused to release the tapes of comms between MH17 and ATCs, yet it could immediately and conveniently get their hands on and upload to Youtube film of a BUK allegedly in rebel held territory conveniently with covers off showing a missing missile.
5. Kiev is infested with bona fide Nazis who are being advised by MI6 and CIA and no doubt NATO intelligence, those Nazis being extremely violent as shown by their burning alive anti-Kiev protestors in Odessa;
6. at stake is Russia's relationship with the EU, a great source of income for Russia from selling gas to the EU through Ukraine, placing nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow in Donetsk, and demonising Putin for the BRICS Development bank and for supporting Assad in Syria.

But wouldn't a BUK show up on any radar system?


I watched a very confident Brown Moses on Sky TV last night explicitly calling Russia liars. This was due to a suspicious video of a BUK system creeping through the silent morning allegedly through rebel held territory, conveniently with the covers off to show a missing missile, thus implying that that was the system that was used to bring down MH17. That video was uploaded onto Youtube by the Ukraine security service. It is very, very, very convenient to say the least that someone within the Ukraine Security Service allegedly based in rebel held territory just happened to be filming out of a window when lo and behold, stone the crows, the BUK that allegedly shot MH17 down drove past...and with the covers down to show a missing missile! Can pigs fly? Can an elephant hang from a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy? It's possible but highly improbable.

But I have a question or two:
1. that video was allegedly shot well after MH17 had been shot down. The mighty US surveillance system (the one that Snowden tells us exists) had plenty of time with satellites and whatever else they use to photograph every blade of grass in East Ukraine and the bordering region of Russia, to photograph every car, truck, mouse, flea, etc. MH17 was shot down on 17th July, nearly 2 months ago. The US military intelligence team have had two months to analyse all the photographs they took immediately after MH17 was reported as crashed, and all the photographs taken in the following hours and days. But I have not seen any photograph released by them showing a convoy or truck containing a BUK rushing to get back to Russia. In fact, the US military intelligence community refuses to confirm that Russia or pro-Russian separatists shot down MH17. Instead, team Obama is relying on an amateur weapons expert from Leicester to sniff around Youtube for videos. It all sounds farcical if it wasn't so serious.

So perhaps Brown Moses should be asking why the US State Department is relying on him rather than the US military intelligence community and its gerzillion dollar surveiallance budget to provide 'proof' that either Russia or pro-Russian separatists shot down MH17?

I would personally find it a bit suspicious that the Ukraine Security Service posted a video showing the BUK with the covers off showing a missing missile, when there is some doubt about where that film was shot, and when they have continually cried that Russia has invaded Ukraine with tanks and infantry yet not provided one shred of evidence. And not only that, they and their supporters:
1. burn anti-Kiev protestors alive, shoot at them and beat them to death as they try to escape the flames;
2. are bona fide Nazis;
3. attack embassies and paint Nazi swastikas all over the place.

But I am also very concerned at the In The Now show on RT, which I thought actually gave Brown Moses an advert and a platform. I have expressed some concerns at RT already:
1. multiple appearances by Zac Rothschild MP, not being asked anything about 9/11 which his in-laws probably ran but they definitely know who did it;
2. an obsession with the Snowden Revelations, devoting days to him, when it ignores videos on Youtube of General Wesley Clark stating the plan for wars and regime change in seven countries in five years that was revealed to him shortly after 9/11.

Brown Moses and crew have correctly slammed that show on RT. It was a very amateurish attack on him and his crew.

The BUK explodes before impact, which would cause multiple high energy impacts from small projectiles, which would create the results in the photographs on which the report is based. But bullets from a fighter jet could also cause that effect.

But Kiev has apparently released the recordings, or at least some of them, of the communications between MH17 and their ATCs. Kiev has, for whatever reason, withheld them from public. You would think that if Kiev had nothing to hide then those tapes would have been made public very quickly. They posted that video of the convenient BUK on Youtube immediately yet withheld the ATC tapes. What does that suggest?

Russia claimed that a fighter jet appeared just before MH17 went down, but the report does not state that the MH17 radar recorded it.

None of the concerns of the Russian military were addressed, such as the photographed presence on the day of more than usual Ukrainian BUKs very close to area where MH17 came down which were not there the days after, when the rebels do not have aircraft, together with the increased number of Ukrainian operating radar systems.

From this report I am still sceptical that the rebels shot MH17 down. They may well have had a BUK system, but they did not use it. Russia has some very convincing evidence that Kiev was upto something that day, there is the geopolitics that Putin was the driving force for the BRICS Development Bank to threaten the supremacy of the parasitic IMF system, Kiev is infested with violent Nazis, there is a lack of evidence and support from the US military intelligence that the rebels shot MH17 down, and the US State Dept is relying on the amateur Brown Moses to prove that the rebels shot down MH17 by using video from Youtube!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


It's yet another 'coincidence', like the announcement that after years of refusing to hold a public inquiry into the death of MI6 agent Alexander Litvinenko the British Government announced a few months ago that, after Putin had been the driving force behind the creation of an alternative financial system to the parasitic IMF system, a public inquiry would be held (but most of it will be held in secret).

The vote on the independence of Scotland is too close to call. Just a few months ago it was all over. No would win easily. But a poll revealed on Sunday indicated that Yes had caught up, and had the momentum. The Establishment was terrified. Liz was concerned. The solution?

Kate has been suffering from sickness, but it has not been mentioned at all. But now that the Union is under threat it has been announced that Kate is sick because she is pregnant. There is not much more short of a war that can bring the kingdom together than a baby!

In other words, the pregnancy has been announced early because the vote on independence takes place next week!!

Or am I just being cynical?

Sunday, September 07, 2014


On Friday, the outgoing Sec Gen of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, announced the creation of this 'spearhead' rapid reaction force, which is designed to deter alleged Russian aggression.

At the beginning of the speech in which this was announced, Rasmussen said:
We have just agreed on a Readiness Action Plan to strengthen NATO’s collective defence. This is a demonstration of our solidarity and our resolve.

The security environment we face is more unpredictable than ever. Russia is attacking Ukraine. Violent extremists are rising in the Middle East. Instability is growing in North Africa.

In these turbulent times, NATO must be prepared to undertake the full range of missions, and to defend Allies against the full range of threats.

[source : Press Conference, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Conference 2014, Newport, Wales,, 5th September 2014]

So Rasmussen is citing three examples of first alleged aggression, then violence, then instability as the raison d'etre of this 'spearhead' RRF.

Let's examine these three example in some detail, because we will find that the devilish hand of NATO is behind all of them.


The democratically elected government of Ukraine had decided to make a deal with Russia, having been first enticed into a deal with the EU/IMF. Upon making this decision, all hell broke lose in Ukraine: neo Nazis paraded the streets, occupying central Kiev, protests became more and more violent, until eventually the neo Nazis burned government buildings and chased away the government, declaring themselves the new junta. But it turns out that the new government was virtually handpicked by the US State Department's Victoria Nuland, wife of leading Neocon Robert Kagan who co-founded PNAC. And it also turns out that the US had been financing revolution in Ukraine with $5 billion. And it also turns out that the new Prime Minster of the junta, who was handpicked by Nuland, runs a foundation which explicitly lists NATO as a partner. The people in the East of Ukraine saw through the Nazism of the junta and decided to rebel. First in Crimea, which was to be expected due to the Russian port, which inspired other parts of East Ukraine to rebel. NATO has been gradually creeping up to the borders of Russia, hoping that nobody would notice. From Checkpoint Charlie to now Kiev, this NATO-creep has now led to NATO running drills in Ukraine even though Ukraine is not a member of NATO, with talk once again in Kiev in favour of NATO-izing Ukraine.

Russia would understandably be very concerned at this 'aggression' of NATO. Russian troops are in East Ukraine, but as volunteers not under orders. But MI6 and CIA agents are in Kiev under orders of their respective governments. And Nazis from all over the world are in the lawless battalions of the Ukraine military derived from the Nazis who organised and ran the junta.

In other words, there would be no violence in Ukraine if the NATO/EU/IMF powers had accepted the decision of the democratically elected government of Ukraine to sign a deal with Russia. But instead the NATO/EU/IMF powers decided to run a violent neo Nazi coup to grab Ukrainian natural resources, and also cite Russia as the aggressor in order to NATO-ise Ukraine as much as possible.

And this is linked to events in Syria where Russia is backing Assad.

The Middle East

As stated many, many times on this blog, the violence in the Middle East is due to 9/11 and Israel. Shortly after 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told of a plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years: Iraq, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. The first four of these were named in A Clean Break, written for then PM Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996. Iraq and Iran were named in Rebuilding America's Defenses written by PNAC in 2000. We invaded Iraq in 2003 on a pack of lies. Israel engineered a war on Hezbollah in 2006. But by 2007 this plan was moribund, so an agreement was reached between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash cutthroat Jihadis onto Iran, Syria and Lebanon. But they were first unleashed onto Libya in 2011, and this will be explored in the next section. After assassinating Gaddafi the Jihadis and weapons they looted from Libya's arsenal were then smuggled into Syria. The former French foreign minister Roland Dumas was asked in 2009 by British officials to help them to plan smuggle Jihadis into Syria. And Great Britain's MI5 have been allowing deranged Islamic extremist preachers such as the killer of Lee Rigby, Michale Adebalajo, to preach Jihad on the streets and in the mosques of Great Britain to provide a steady flow of 'fresh meat' for the Jihad factory in Syria. But despite initial setbacks the Syrian Arab Army stemmed the plague of Jihadi locusts in June last year. This led to the sponsor of the Jihad in Syria, Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, to threaten Putin: dump Assad or Bandar would unleash hell in Syria. Putin refused. So on 21st August last year Bandar ran a false flag of some kind, using children kidnapped from Lattakia. That false flag was designed to provoke outrage that NATO would come to the rescue of the cutthroat Jihadis. But the cavalry never came. Instead the SAA chased the cutthroats over the border into Iraq. This escape by the cutthroats was allowed by NATO who were told in February by the Kurds was going to happen. Sympathetic Sunni officers in the Iraqi Army ordered their units to stand down which allowed the cutthroats to capture military hardware, and bank accounts and natural resources as a source of finance, none of which they could have been given otherwise by NATO or Saudi Arabia. The cutthroats, consumed by power, declared The Islamic State. Their leader was in Guantanamo for four years, so who knows what they did to him in there. And now The Islamic State is being used as a casus belli for some kind of military action in Syria...eventually. And once NATO starts bombing in Syria they will abuse and ignore any resolutions or treaties to oust Assad one way or another. The did 9/11 to kick out people like Assad. They got Saddam. They got Gaddafi. But Assad still stands.

North Africa

Gaddafi had transformed Libya into the crown jewel of Africa. Libya had the highest UN HDI of any African nation. It is now a pile of rubble with bandits of all persuasions running amok.

How did this happen?

Thank Anders Fogh Rasmussen!!

Gaddafi had agreed to stop his research programs into WMD. He was cooperating in the Global War on Terror. Terrorist suspects were being renditioned to Libya. Gaddafi was giving the names of al Qaeda in Libya to MI6 and the CIA.

But Rasmussen decided to unleash hell in Libya.

The protestors in Libya were al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. NATO demanded a UN resolution to protect these 'protestors'. They got UN SCR 1973. Within days the aim of UN SCR 1973 transformed from one of protecting 'civilians' to killing Gaddafi. British Special Forces and special forces from other sponsors of the Jihadis such as Qatar were on the ground, arming, training and advising the Jihadis, while NATO became the Jihadi Air Force, bombing and bombing and bombing and bombing, killing tens of thousands of civilians, and clearing a path for the Jihadis all the way into Tripoli. The Guardian cheered this bombing on. But NATO, as in Iraq, did not have strategy to restore order. Perhaps that was the plan: let the nations destroy themselves while Israel rises untouched from the flames to conquer the region, financially, economically and militarily. Has nobody asked why, with all crazed cutthroat Jihadis running around they are killing each other and not Israelis? Now the Libyan Jihadis who were trained and advised by British Special Forces are in Syria, perhaps with The Islamic State, or creating chaos in North Africa.

But all three examples cited by Anders Fogh R-arse-mussen, Ukraine, the Middle East and North Africa, as clearly products of NATO warmongering.

Not Russian aggression

NATO warmongering.


Having just read the review of Henry Kissinger's World Order in the FT, I am now posting this love letter to K.

Dearest Henry


It is mad Dr Strangelove-esque bastards like you who have made this world the insane shit hole that it is.

So I repeat : FUCK OFF!!

Yours truly

Me. xxxxx

Saturday, September 06, 2014


The Isley Brothers - Harvest For The World

All babies together, everyone a seed
Half of us are satisfied, half of us in need
Love's bountiful in us, tarnished by our greed
When will there be a harvest for the world

A nation planted, so concerned with gain
As the seasons come and go, greater grows the pain
And far too many feelin' the strain
When will there be a harvest for the world

Gather every man, gather every woman
Celebrate your lives, give thanks for your children
Gather everyone, gather all together
Overlooking none, hopin' life gets better for the world

Dress me up for battle, when all I want is peace
Those of us who pay the price, come home with the least
Nation after nation, turning into beast
When will there be a harvest for the world?
When will there be?
I wanna know now, now
When will there be, a harvest?
When will there be, a harvest?
When will there be, a harvest?
When will there be, a harvest?
When will there be, a harvest?
When will there be, a harvest?
When will there be, a harvest?
When will there be, a harvest?

[Ronald Isley]

The Isley Brothers
Produced By: Chris Jasper & The Isley Brothers

Friday, September 05, 2014


One of the many plastic masks of Joan Rivers slipped a little a few weeks ago when she cheered on the Israeli slaughter of civilians in The Gaza Strip, claiming as in that advert run by The Guardian a few weeks ago that Hamas was using children as human shields.

The funeral of Joan Rivers, a Zionist Jew and obviously proud of it, is to be held at the same temple at which Jacob Schiff, the Wall Street banker and self-proclaimed financier of the Russian Revolution, and his wife were members.

'Nuff said.

That explains the media fawning over someone who was not very funny at all. Whenever she came on the TV I switched channel or switched off.

Not funny at all.

Not one little bit.

Particularly when she cheered on genocide.


Last night I was zapped. I half expected it after what I posted yesterday. I was sucked out of my sleep at about 2300. But my statcounter is showing that either side of this time someone, and I assume the same person, visited SATELLITE TERRORISM, and as a direct link, i.e. probably a bookmark.

The information I have is that this visitor:
1. used a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE with Android and resolution 1280x800;
2. had IP address at 22:55:48 and at 23:07:42 (both times BST);
3. was connected by Sky Broadband.

This could be absolutely nothing, but it could also be a bit more than a coincidence.

But why would someone do that? I am now posting that I was zapped last night. And any readers who don't believe that zapping occurs will now think twice about what I have written.

But that is a risk I have to take, and a risk that they have taken.

So if anyone knows how to track this visitor down given this information then can you either tell me how to do it or do it yourself, because they may be part of a dark ops program against not just me but other citizens of the UK.

I think that to be zapped and for the same visitor to visit SATELLITE TERRORISM via a direct link just minutes either side of being zapped is just a bit more than a coincidence, particularly when that page has not been visited for quite a while.

Thursday, September 04, 2014



Last year a false flag attack occured in Ghouta, Damascus, Syria. First estimates were that 2000 were dead. The NATO media immediately and consistently cried that Assad did it! Assad did it! But not once did they question the logic of such an action, for such an action was precisely what the warmongers wanted. They also never mentioned that the Syrian rebels had chemical weapons, had filmed their experiments with chemical weapons and had placed those films on Youtube, and had issued threats of using their chemical weapons to get what they wanted, again those videos on Youtube. And not only that, their sponsor, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, had warned President Putin of Russia that he would unleash hell on earth in Syria.

That whole sordid episode failed. There was no war on Syria. And soon after that the Syrian Arab Army was easily defeating the Syrian rebels.

So the rebels escaped to Iraq. Their escape was known of in advance in NATO intelligence circles because the Kurds told them in February.

And when the escaping rebels invaded Iraq, sympathetic Sunni officers in the Iraqi Army told their units to stand down, which allowed the escaping rebels to capture military hardware that had been given to the Iraqi Army, which then allowed the rebels to gain more and more territory (and bank accounts and oil wells). These rebels then declared The Islamic State, and to enforce their authority have been butchering and mass murdering civilians and any resistance to them. Kidnapped journalists are allegedly being beheaded on camera. However, and this is crucial, these journalists are American, and a Briton is apparently next. Hostages from other nations had their ransoms paid, and they are alive and well and back with their friends and families. But for some reason, the ransoms of the American and British hostages are not being paid, but their gruesome deaths are being used as a casus belli. So you do the maths...

Talk in NATO war circles is to bomb The Islamic State in Iraq with the authority of the Iraq Government, but not to do the same in Syria.

So it is clear to me that the rebels were allowed to escape to Iraq, were allowed to capture military hardware and bank accounts and natural resources that could not have been given to them otherwise, and now that they have regained strength and resources and become worse than the Devil himself we will bomb them out of Iraq and drive them back into Syria.

But once they are back in Syria, then what?

Once in Syria they can:
1. degrade and possibly defeat the Syrian Arab Army themselves;
2. if not then they will create such a humanitarian catastrophe that Cameron and Obama and Hollande and all the rest of the gaggle of arseholes we call our leaders will demand that we bomb Syria in the name of R2P.

And then after obtaining some kind of UN resolution, once the bombing starts, as in Libya, that resolution will be totally abused and ignored and units of the Syrian military will be bombed leading to the ousting of Assad in one way or another.

This is how Great Britain functions today.

This is what our fathers and grandfathers fought and died in WW2 for.

For MI5 to allow extremist Islamic preachers to preach bloody Jihad on the streets of Great Britain so that young confused, angry Muslims travel to Syria and join al Qaeda and worse, and for British hostages to be beheaded on camera to provoke calls for bombing Iraq and then Syria.

It's gud ere, innit?


Yesterday at PMQs, Der Fuhrer Dodgy Dave Cameron said this:
"There is no doubt in my mind that the many tens of millions of dollars that Isil have raised from ransom payments is going into promoting terrorism including terrorism affecting our own country.

At the G8 launched an initiative to try to get other countries to sign up to a very clear doctrine that in the case of terrorist kidnap no ransom should be paid. Britain continues with this policy, America continues with this policy but we need to redouble the efforts to make sure other countries are good to their word."

...This country will never give in to terrorism. Our opposition to Isil will continue at home and abroad. It is important that we are clear about the nature of the threat we are facing. It makes no distinction between cultures, countries and religions.

The only way to beat it is to stand firm and send a very straightforward message. A country like ours will not be cowed by these barbaric killings. If they think that we will weaken in the face of their threats they are wrong. It will have the opposite effect.

We will be more forthright in the defence of the values, liberty under the rule of law, freedom, democracy, that we hold dear."

[source : David Cameron: Britain will not pay ransom after Stephen Sotloff murder, The Daily Telegraph,, 3rd September 2014]

The trouble in Iraq and Syria is due to the failure of a plan revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside job 9/11. Clark was told that, even though there was no evidence whatsoever against these nations, there would be war and regime change in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

So if you ever wondered why:
1. we invaded Iraq in 2003 on the pretexts that Iraq had WMDs and did 9/11, allegations which were blatantly untrue even before the invasion but since have been found to be blatantly untrue;
2. Israel engineered a war on Hezbollah in 2006;
3. we turned on Gaddafi after he had agreed to stop his WMD program and had cooperated with us in the GWOT, even torturing the man who we allowed to command the 'rebellion' against Gaddafi as BSF assisted the rebels, aka al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and bombing a clear and unobstructed path into Tripoli, and giving the names of AQIM to CIA and MI6;
4. we have been supporting a rebellion of cutthroat Jihadis in Syria against Assad for 3 1/2 years.

all these wars are due to that plan revealed to Clark.

But by 2007 the plan was moribund so a plan B was agreed between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Iran and Lebanon. And to give these cutthroat Jihadis cover as 'freedom fighters' the USA through organisations such as the CIA/NED/State Dept ran The Arab Spring. This cover was used to first provide air support for them in Libya. And in Syria we have the most laughable situation that that utopia of freedom, democracy and human rights, the medieval Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is financing with billions of dollars the rebels in Syria who are fighting for...freedom, democracy and human rights by mass execution and public decapitations by children.

But somewhere along the way things have gone very, very wrong for the conspirators.

First, Syria did not fall as quickly as hoped.

Then Russia expressed its support for Assad against the Saudi-sponsored cutthroats.

Then last year things got so desperate that after the SAA captured al Qusair, Prince Bandar was sent to Moscow to personally threaten Putin: dump Assad or hell on earth will be unleashed in Syria. Putin declined. As a result on 21st August some kind of event occured. Over a year later and we are still not sure exactly what happened. But the NATO media were ready and primed with their wild, illogical and exaggerated claims that Assad killed 2000 of his own people, ignoring the facts that the rebels stood to gain by provoking NATO to intervene on their behalf, the rebels had chemical weapons, had filmed their experiments with chemical weapons and had issued threats of using chemical weapons what they wanted. But more importantly, Bandar said he was going to do it!!!

But it failed. No war on Syria ensued.

We are being told that this Islamic State entity just came out of nowhere, like a phantom, a ghost.

The rise of Islamic State came about thus:
1. the SAA was kicking rebel butt so the Syrian rebels decided to escape to Iraq;
2. but this escape was not unknown to NATO because the Kurds told us in February about the invasion of Iraq;
3. sympathetic Sunni officers in the Iraqi Army ordered their units to stand down as the Sunni cutthroats escaped from Syria into Iraq, who took their US-supplied equipment, and from then they stole and mass murdered their way to become this 'threat' to the world.

The plan has been to create this 'threat', chase it into Syria, and then either let it destroy Syria, or start war on IS but divert the war onto taking out Assad. Remember that UNSCR 1973 was supposed to protect civilians, but was quickly abused to destroy the Libyan military and bomb a clear and unobstructed path into Tripoli for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and their bretheren, some of whom are now members of The Islamic State.

All this time Saudi Arabia has been financing the Jihadi cutthroat terrorism in Syria, supported logistically by the USA and Israel. The UK has been playing its part with moral support and allowing extremist Islamic preachers to preach Jihad to brainwash recruits into going to Syria, where they are now allegedly beheading kidnapped journalists on camera.

This is the truth (or some of it) of events in Syria.

While most people just get on with their mundane, insignificant lives, a small band of human-loving people have been following events in the Middle East and elsewhere trying to stop the medieval barbarity and Nazism that has been unleashed onto the human race, and in return we get ridicule and even ostracism!

But with this statement in The Marsten House, Dodgy Dave has revealed that he is possibly willing to sacrifice the kidnapped Briton for war on Syria. He was prepared to bomb Syria last year after a false flag involving possibly the deaths of hundreds of children, some of whom were kidnapped from Lattakia.

Why is Cameron willing to see this Briton beheaded on camera?

Just for sake of a few million pounds?

When any military response will cost much, much more, financially and in deaths?

Citing this obscure G8 treaty which the others have ignored?

As if Great Britain never, ever, ever broke the rules?

What if it was his child?

All this theatre, all this drama is to trick the world into bombing Syria, not to destroy the Islamic State but to oust Assad. Once the bombing starts then targets will be changed, resolutions will be abused and ignored, and treaties will be used as toilet paper.

They did 9/11 to kick out people like Assad. They are way behind schedule. Assad is much more than just a thorn in their side. He has become a red hot poker up their arses, and Putin is ramming it right up there where it really hurts!

Hence this Islamic State and the US State Dept-backed Nazis in Ukraine handing Ukraine over to the Bohemian Grove/IMF cabal and threatening to NATO-ise Ukraine.



Hurry up, Phil!

Pull your finger out!

Are we going to have a public inquiry into:
1. the allegations of General Wesley Clark that there would be war and regime change in seven nations in five years, those seven nations being Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia;
2. but by 2007 this plan was moribund so the plan named The Redirection as revealed to Seymour Hersh in early 2007 for Saudi Arabia to unleash cutthroat Jihadis on Syria, Lebanon and Iran was agreed;
3. the allegations of Roland Dumas that Great Britain began planning the smuggling of Jihadis into Syria in 2009:
4. MI5 and MI6 allowing extremist Islamic preachers like Michael Adebalajo to preach Jihad on the streets and in the mosques of Great Britain to provide brainwashed British Jihadi recruits for the war on Syria, and that some of these British Jihadis are now fighting for the Islamic State;
5. what you, Jihadi Hague, Der Fuhrer Dodgy David Cameron, MI5 and MI6 know about this and when did you know it.

Yes or no?


Instead of blindly believing the reports from the same media apparatus that told you that Iraq had WMDs and did 9/11, start asking questions.

#StevenSotloff Beheading: What You're Not Being Told



Where were you?

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Last week I went to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool. Although worthy of a visit, despite its minimisation of the Middle Passage and its desperate attempts to show that because Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa and James Brown was a successful musician that we should forget it and move on, we must ask why there is a whole warehouse on the Albert Docks and more across the city dedicated to The Fab Four, the Beatles, when a museum of the Transatlantic Slave Trade is quietly tucked away on the 3rd floor above a floor dedicated to The Titanic and a few other ships.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade, not The Beatles, made Liverpool. The Transatlantic Slave Trade made Liverpool the major port of Great Britain. Not Bristol. Not London. Liverpool dominated the slave trade. Yet this gruesome, repugnant, repulsive, detestable, sickening history of Liverpool is hidden by The Fab Four.

But behind Liverpool and Bristol there was a very surprising Northern town that was boosted by the Transatlantic Slave Trade to become the fourth most influential port in England : Lancaster.

Today I went to the Lancaster Maritime Museum on St Georges Quay. I paid a fee of £3 for the privilege of wandering two small floors revealing a maritime history of Lancaster, Morecambe and even Poulton. But despite several brief but explicit admissions that The Transatlantic Slave Trade transformed Lancaster from a small market town to the fourth most influential port in England, guess how much of the museum was dedicated to the Transatlantic Slave Trade? One small room, tucked quietly away on the first floor. There was more space dedicated to shrimping in Morecambe Bay than to the most disgusting stain on humanity that made Lancaster.

And to put the icing on the cake, one small area of the small room on slavery covered the story of 'Sambo', an African slave boy of some kind, but nobody knows, who is buried at Sunderland Point. Several tales exist about the story of this boy, but one really takes the limeade : he died of a broken heart after his master abandoned him!!

So first Liverpool. Now Lancaster. Acknowledging their roles in the Transatlantic Slave Trade but minimising it, through The Beatles and shrimps.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


George Galloway, a member of the British Parliament, has been assaulted by someone who shouted something about the Holocaust, so it is assumed the assailant is a Zionist.

I wish George a speedy recovery and that the assailant has not damaged the jaw that exposes the horrors of Zionism.


Yep. Three days into yet another alleged invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and yep, still no evidence.

No evidence from Kiev.

No evidence from OSCE observers on the ground in Ukraine.

But more importantly, no evidence from Brown Moses!!

What ever can this mean?

Has he even tried to do his duty for the Kiev fascists? Has he tried but given up because there is no invasion? Or has he finally realised just who is running and using him to help some really nasty pieces of work gain more power? In Ukraine? In Syria? In Gaza?

Friday, August 29, 2014


The terror threat for the UK has been raised from substantial to severe, even though there is no threat (that we are being told about). This raise is, we are told, due to The Islamic State.

And yes, that's the same Islamic State that grew out of the rebels in Syria who have been funded and supported militarily and politically by us and our allies such as Saudi Arabia in an illegal attempt to overthrow the ruler of another country, and whose ranks have been filled by British Jihadis who have been encouraged to go to Syria by deranged preachers like Michael Adebalajo who are allowed to preach Jihad on the streets and in the mosques of Great Britain.

We just want to terrify you because we love you.

Are you terrified and lovin' it?


Today I visited The International Slavery Museum on Albert Docks, Liverpool.

And what a huge disappointment.

Tucked quietly away on the 3rd floor, the museum seemed to be more of a token gesture to hide Liverpool's crucial role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. There is more space reserved for The Beatles across the city than revealing Liverpool's role in the TST. And yet Liverpool was the key port for the sickening trade that made many fortunes, not just in Liverpool but in The West Indies, and of course that of The Crown.

And what made it even worse and laughable was a poster that equated MLK and Obama.

One of the better things at the museum was not part of the exhibition at all, but was a note written by a visiting child, that simply read, "For give us" [sic].

It is still worth visiting, but you have to ask why the 2nd floor is dedicated to just The Titanic and a few other ships, while the 3rd floor which is The International Slavery Museum has only a small part dedicated to the most gruesome middle passage, with more space reserved for stuff that makes it feel like it is all over and is a thing of the past.

The psyche that implemented the TST is still alive and well and living amongst us. Instead of crude metal chains we have the loan and mortgage that are financed by money created out of thin air yet are expected to be paid off with physical goods and/or hard physical labour.

And ignorance of all this is reinforced by the education system.

There. There. Be a good slave.


A few weeks ago Ukraine claimed to have destroyed a column of invading Russian military hardware. They have yet to provide any proof. And not even their go-to man, Brown Moses, has found and/or published any evidence yet. The fascist authorities in Kiev and The US State Department are beginning to get rather annoyed with Brown Moses over the failure of himself and his crew to back up their claims.

And before this unverified claim, Malaysian Airlines MH17 crashed in East Ukraine. The fascist authorities in Kiev and The US State Department immediately accused Russia and/or pro-Russian separatists of shooting down MH17 with a BUK. Brown Moses did his duty for the fascists and searched and searched and searched many, many videos, eventually cobbling together a proposed journey of the alleged BUK that shot down MH17 as it creeped back to Russia. However, Moses uses one video that was actually shot in a part of Ukraine occupied by the fascist authorities in Kiev. The US State Department relied heavily on Brown Moses and his crew, answering queries from international media on where the evidence was with replies of, "It's all on social media". But isn't it funny that the US military and intelligence community have NOT backed up the claims that Russia and/or pro-Russian separatists shot down MH17 with a BUK? And isn't it even funnier, or more evil, that the fascist authorities in Kiev have not released the records of communications between MH17 and Ukraine Air Traffic Controllers? Particularly when one tweeted that Kiev shot down MH17 and his twitter account very quickly shut down? And isn't it even funnier that Russia provided radar evidence that MH17 was tracked by what is assumed to be a fighter jet belonging to Kiev? And isn't it even funnier that this all occured just a few days after the long, hard work of President Putin of Russia bore fresh fruit with the birth of an alternative financial system to the bloodsucking IMF/Federal Reserve system?

So when NATO claim that Russia has invaded Ukraine (again) and provides an aerial photo/picture or two, which is then cited by all and sundry that something must be done to stop Putin, then I say, do not start World War 3 until Brown Moses has confirmed that Russia has invaded Ukraine.

He is the expert. He is the man that the fascist authorities in Kiev and The US State Department go to for confirmation of any event that occured in Ukraine.

Or in Syria.

Or in Iraq.

Or in Libya.

Or in Gaza.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I cannot believe that Brown Moses and his crew would spend so much time analysing video after video after video to determine the precise route that the Syrian military captured at Tabqa were forced to march before being executed.

What is this sick fascination with the death of hundreds of members of the Syrian military?

Would Brown Moses and his crew be much better off watching the following video and then passing it on to their friends and families and MPs?

And then reading the article by Seymour Hersh entitled The Redirection, New Yorker Magazine, 7th March 2005 which explains that Plan A revealed to Clark failed so Plan B using cutthroat Jihadis in Syria was unleashed?

I know he has a kid, but for fucks sake. Think about who is actually running the country that that kid is being brought up in and what they are doing in Syria and Ukraine and elsewhere.

I honestly think that there is something psychologically missing with someone who can analyse so many videos for brick factories and power lines to determine the route of a March of Death for members of a Syrian military who are defending their country, and the world, from NATO/Saudi-sponsored cutthroat terrorists.



From Lavrov: Russia instructed the US that any airstrikes on terrorists in Syria should be done with approval of Damascus

Moscow, SANA-Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday his country has instructed the US that in case Washington decides to direct airstrikes on terrorists’ sites in Syria without Syrian official approval, this will be considered as a flagrant violation of the international law.

“The Americans announce that they will bomb terrorists on the Syrian lands with no need of any approval… we have told them this will be a flagrant violation of the international law,” Lavrov said during a meeting with participants at the International Youth Forum of Seliger.

He added combating terrorism is a need, thanks God, the US has at last acknowledged that terrorists are in the front who fight against the Syrian Government, but in order to isolate those terrorists, the US has to coordinate with the Syrian authorities.



The Devil, Benjamin Netanyahu, has claimed victory in the recent outrageous attack on The Gaza Strip.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the seven-week conflict in Gaza ended in "victory".

The Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement was "hit hard and got none of its demands," Mr Netanyahu said.

[source : Gaza conflict: Israeli PM Netanyahu says war was 'victory', BBC,, 27th August 2014]

For whatever reason, several agencies all report slightly different numbers of dead, but 2200 seems to be a common estimate, including over 500 children.

Perhaps we should send Bibi an e-card from Moonpig, one that says, "Bibi. Proud of you. Well done."

What a stunning victory!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This Disunited Fascist Queendom has been cursed with Savilery.

White. Black. Catholic. Jewish. Pakistani.


There are Saviles in all races and all creeds. A lot of them are protected, for one reason or another; blackmail; politics; money.

This Disunited Fascist Queendom has been cursed with Savilery.

What have we done to deserve such a curse upon this nation?

Where do I start?

Engineering World War 1? World War 2? Possibly and probably World War 3?

The Transatlantic Slave Trade?

Communism (through Karl Marx)?

Fascism (through financial and political support for Hitler and Mussolini)?

All the above were primarily due to the Establishment.

But as always, the Establishment don't suffer one little bit.

Those poor girls in Rotherham weren't Grosvenors. Or Cecils. Or Windsors.

But what of the NATO media?

A group of Pakistani men abuse 1400 white girls in South Yorkshire over 16 years and it's heads must roll and the Asian community must ask itself some serious questions. And so it should be. This truly is a terrible, abhorrent series of crimes.

But in just one month Israel kills, repeat kills, over 2000 Palestinians, over 500 of them children, in an engineered war and where in the NATO media is a similar condemnation of Jews?

Just putting things into perspective.


Continuing the 'friends' theme...

This performance is cut short at the very end, but the rest is just top quality!

James Taylor & Carole King - You've Got a Friend (HQ)


Since this radio excerpt was made there have been reports that the Foley execution video was a masterpiece in fakery.

Who has the skills to make such a fake?

Did the 'non lethal' aid that the British Government provided to the Syrian rebels, that was explicitly stated to be used for media and propaganda, eventually come to be used against us in the form of this video?


That northern working class bloke is me.

I told you in July last year that there was something huge coming to Syria to provoke a war on Syria, providing analysis after analysis after analysis on why such an event was being planned and executed, naming names.

I told you a few months ago that Netanyahu was about to launch another war on Gaza.

It looks good to protest against a war after the war has started, but being able to say when a war or war provocation is about to occur, and then stop the war before it starts is even better, wouldn't you agree?

So when I say that Karl Marx was a British agent I want all the Stop The War Marxists to put their research skills to good use and start researching David Urquhart, in depth.

For it is only when we know who our true enemy is that we can begin to stop the wars.


I would recommend a pint of True North by Dunscar Bridge Brewery, which was available yesterday at The Paramount on Oxford Street, Manchester.


I can't work out what's more embarassing: Man United spending £ 60m on one player and then losing 4 - 0 to MK Dons; or Russian Paratroopers getting 'lost' and wandering over the border into Ukraine to be captured.


It's a toughie.

But I'm going with the Russian paratroopers as the most embarassing.

Where's the van Goals, van Gaal?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The teachers and headteacher of one of the schools I have been in recently would have been very impressed with the pro-war propaganda I saw today. I visited the Imperial War Museum North on Salford Quays, which ironically is right opposite that paragon of warmongering, the BBC.

The main exhibition has hardly changed since I last went a few years ago. According to IWMN, World War 1 just happened. So did WW2. There is very little analysis of why these wars occured, but plenty of stuff to provoke emotions. But if the museum was supposed to provoke emotions of revulsion at war then today, and my previous visits, have not provided any evidence of this. On the contrary, the machine guns and knives and awards on display all serve to provoke pro-war emotions. Young boys were telling their grandfathers, "Wow! Grandad! Look at this machine gun!".

But the most sickening thing I saw today was in a small exhibition on WW1. One wall was covered in pro-war propaganda. One poster consisted of a smartly dressed young man being ordered by I assume his mother, "Go. It's your duty, lad!". This is precisely the kind of pro-war propaganda that I saw in on the walls of a school that had been written and drawn by the students.

Monday, August 25, 2014


We were told last week that a Briton, named Jihadi John, had beheaded white American reporter James Foley.

David Cameron urgently returned from his holiday to discuss retribution. His arrival at 10 Downing Street was shown live on TV.

MI5 are spending a Bank Holiday weekend trying to identify Jihadi John.

The SAS are hunting him down in Iraq and/or Syria.

But as I suggested last week, it looks like Foley was beheaded off camera, if he was actually beheaded (and at the moment there is not that much to suggest that he wasn't beheaded, but you never know...).

But what if Jihadi John didn't behead James Foley?

What if a Saudi or Qatari did it?

Will we strip Qatar of The World Cup?

Will we bomb and/or invade Saudi Arabia?

Will we sanction Saudi Arabia?

Will we stop supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia?

Will we demand that they stop financing international cutthroat Jihadi terrorism?

Er, no.

Prince Charles and his coterie will visit and dance with them next year.

Saudi princes will be allowe4d to drink and gamble in London casinos with high class whores.

It will be cutthroat business as usual.


Last week I suggested that James Foley was beheaded off camera. Now The Daily Telegraph is reporting:
The video of James Foley’s execution may have been staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, it has emerged.

Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.

The clip, which apparently depicts Mr Foley’s brutal beheading, has been widely seen as a propaganda coup for Islamic State miltant group.

But a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used.

[source : Foley murder video 'may have been staged', The Daily Telegraph,, 25th August 2014]

Sunday, August 24, 2014


So the SAS, who were already in Iraq before James Foley was allegedly executed, have now been tasked with hunting down Foley's killers.

One white American gets allegedly killed by a Briton, and not only does the British PM return urgently to London from his holiday, but now the elite British Special Forces SAS have been given the orders to hunt the killer down!!

Why are the SAS not in Israel hunting down the killers of over 500 innocent children in Gaza, some of whom were decapitated?

BTW. I know the name of Foley's killer: Lee Harvey Oswald III.


I have just sent the following letter to Phil.

I trust that he will have the nerve to reply to it, unlike Jihadi Hague who did not reply to a letter I sent to him earlier this year.

Please feel free to send this verbatim to Hammond, or amend it with any further information or questions that you may have.


Dear Foreign Secretary

On 11th September 2001, The World Trade Centre and The Pentagon were attacked by passenger planes. It is assumed that these planes were hijacked by members of al Qaeda under orders from Osama bin Laden, who at the time was assumed to be hiding in Afghanistan. As a consequence of this attack the USA formed a coalition and invaded Afghanistan on a hunt for bin Laden. After this invasion, we were told that Iraq had also been involved in 9/11, and also had Weapons of Mass Destruction. The USA formed yet another coalition and invaded Iraq in 2003.

But despite years of hunting for bin Laden in Afghanistan, he was not allegedly found until 2011, and allegedly in Pakistan. But what the invasion of Afghanistan did do so successfully was raise the opium harvest to record levels after the Taliban had almost eradicated opium farming. The ruling families of the United Kingdom and The United States of America have been smuggling and trading opium for centuries.

And despite all the confidence shown by political leaders in the United Kingdom and The United States of America that Iraq had WMDs and they knew where they were, over 11 years after invading Iraq we have still not found any WMDs we could call a credible threat to anyone. And again, after all that time, no credible evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11 has been presented. In other words, we invaded Iraq on a pack of lies.

So why would we invade Iraq based on lies?

Shortly after 9/11, the former Commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Wesley Clark, was told by a Pentagon officer that the USA was going to invade Iraq, even though at the time no evidence had been found linking Iraq to 9/11, and building the case against bin Laden had only just started. A few weeks later Clark met the same officer who told Clark that the USA was going to attack seven nations in five years. Videos of Clark stating this very revealing and historically and politically important experience are easily available on Youtube. MI5 might be able to find one if you ask them nicely.

The seven nations named to Clark were:

The first four of these were named in a document entitled A Clean Break that was written in 1996 for then PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition, Iraq and Iran had been named in Rebuilding America’s Defenses, which was written in 2000 by The Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which interlocked with the authors of A Clean Break and virtually ran the government apparatus of President George W Bush. PNAC and A Clean Break are undeniably Zionist.
We invaded Iraq in 2003. In 2006 Israel started a war on Hezbollah after Syria had been forced to withdraw from Lebanon following the assassination of Rafik Hariri in February 2005. So by 2007 the plan revealed to Clark, for war on seven nations in five years, was moribund. Only two of the seven nations named to Clark had experienced war, and Israel had lost to Hezbollah in 2006.

To continue the war on these nations a Plan B was hatched in early 2007 that was reported by Seymour Hersh in a report entitled The Redirection published in New Yorker Magazine in March 2007. This Plan B, agreed between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, involved the latter unleashing extreme Sunni Islamic terrorists onto Syria, Iran and Lebanon. But in order to give these terrorists cover as ‘freedom fighters’, so that they could receive financial, military and political support from NATO, The Arab Spring was engineered by organisations in the USA, such as The National Endowment for Democracy.

These extreme Sunni Islamic terrorists were first unleashed and supported in Libya in 2011. They were members of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and were assisted by British Special Forces on the ground while NATO provided air cover, bombing a path for them all the way into Tripoli after UN SCR 1973 was completely abused.

Libya was one of those nations named to Clark. Hence the series of wars that was foretold to Clark after 9/11 seems to be being implemented. So Iraq, then Lebanon, and then Libya.

After assassinating Gaddafi, these terrorists and the weapons they looted from the arsenal of the Libyan military were transported to Syria via Lebanon and Turkey.

And this is where it now gets a bit tricky.

Last year the former French foreign minister Roland Dumas told the French Parliament TV channel LCP that in 2009, two years before The Arab Spring kicked off in Syria, he was asked by British officials to devise a plan to smuggle Jihadis into Syria!!

But since 2011, when the Arab Spring kicked off in Syria, the British government have been supporting the rebels, attending Friends of Syria meetings with the sponsors of the terrorists in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and providing ‘non-lethal’ aid to the rebels.

But by 2013 President Bashar al Assad was still in power. And not only that, in June 2013 the war for Syria turned in Assad’s favour when the Syrian Arab Army recaptured al Qusair. Immediately Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia was sent to Moscow to personally threaten President Putin: if Putin dumped Assad then Saudi Arabia would buy multi-billion dollars’ worth of weapons from iRussia, and allow Russia to operate in the Middle East; if not then Bandar would unleash hell in Syria and Lebanon. Putin rejected the offer. A week after this visit Bandar’s Jihadis attacked the Hezbollah HQ in Beirut, and on 21st August there was an event alleged to have occurred in Ghouta allegedly resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Syrian civilians. This was a false flag attack designed to provoke an overt large scale military intervention by NATO in support of the international cutthroat Jihadis. The NATO media never mentioned that the rebels had been arrested with chemical weapons, had tested and filmed their experiments with chemical weapons, and had issued threats of using their chemical weapons to get what they wanted.

And it has also been reported and stated, particularly by the head of MI5, that hundreds of Britons are in Syria fighting Jihad against Assad. Indeed, the alleged executioner of James Foley is assumed to be British. To provide a continuous fresh supply of new Jihadis for the aim of bringing down Assad, as stated to General Wesley Clark, MI5 have been allowing extremist Islamic preachers to preach Jihad on the streets and in the mosques of London. One such preacher was Michael Adebalajo, the murderer of Lee Rigby. MI5 were trying to recruit Adebalajo but were allowinghim to preach Jihad against Assad!! MI5 have been doing this kind of thing for decades, leading to London being nicknamed Londonistan.

But all this has now led to the outrageous situation in which:
1. Syria and Iraq are now being overrun by this Islamic State entity, bringing Great Britain to the verge of once again fighting war in Iraq but then very likely also Syria, to kick out Assad as per the plan revealed to Clark;
2 British politicians have now given MI5 and GCHQ more power to intrude into our lives because of this threat of the Islamic State that was manufactured by our ‘intelligence ’ agencies.
One other thing I must mention is that during the 1980s a couple of very similar plans were proposed for Iraq that have been attributed to MI6 analyst Bernard Lewis and Oded Yinon, which involved partitioning Iraq into three mini-states: Sunni, Shia and Kurd.

There are a lot of us out here in ordinary Great Britain who will be watching very, very closely what now happens in Iraq.

I have no idea what MI5 and MI6 are telling you directly or indirectly, but this letter has been written to tell you, as an elected representative of the British people, that MI5 and MI6 are in this throatcutting up to their necks. They are directing it, and are doing it not for the British people but for a cabal in The City of London.

So before we go charging into Iraq again, and at the very least bombing Syria, I must tell you that the British people are not stupid. We were burned in 2003. We learned.

Before we take any further military action in Iraq or Syria and relinquish yet more of our privacy and rights, there must be an inquiry into everything in this letter, particularly:
1. the allegation from Roland Dumas that Great Britain began to plan smuggling cutthroat Jihadis into Syria in 2009;
2. Michael Adebalajo and his ilk being allowed by MI5 to preach Jihad on the streets and in the mosques of Great Britain in order to fuel the terrorism in Syria and Iraq that has led to the creation of the IS, and a general Covenant of Security that was agreed with Islamic extremists that they could operate out of London safe from extradition for terrorism but their operations had to coincide with British foreign policy;
3. what do you, David Cameron, William Hague, Mi5 and MI6 know about the plan agreed in 2007 for Saudi Arabia to unleash international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran, and when did you and they know it, and whether this is linked to the allegations of Roland Dumas;

Yours truly