Friday, May 31, 2013


Instead of financing Jihadis to kidnap and cut throats in Syria we should be financing a massive house building project.


Buried inside the latest editorial of The Washington Post on Syria lies the stated goal of the USA.
Unfortunately, the most plausible answer is that the administration has allowed itself to be played by Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, who is seeking to restore Moscow’s influence in the Middle East by thwarting the U.S. goal of regime change in Syria.

[source : Syrian President al-Assad shows no sign of backing down, WP,, 31st May 2013]

This one sentence should tell the world what is going on. The US does not want to create a level playing field, or level battlefield, but wants Assad out.

Previous WP editorials have had a dig at Obama only, except for the last editorial on Syria. But this editorial attacks Kerry more than Obama.
Clearly, the strategy that Secretary of State John F. Kerry announced in February has failed.

...What’s harder to understand is why Mr. Kerry continues to vigorously pursue the conference, having failed to accomplish the necessary predicate of changing the balance of power on the ground.

But at the end the WP reveals itself in all its Bilderberg glory by calling for arms to the rebels and air strikes on Syria.
As we have written previously, the only hope for an acceptable political settlement in Syria lies in an intervention that would decisively shift the balance of Syria’s war — through arms supplies to the rebels and airstrikes to eliminate the regime’s air power. If Mr. Obama is unwilling to take such steps, he ought also to eschew diplomacy that makes his administration appear foolish as well as weak.

Though the WP does not state where to strike in Syria, with the latest news about the S-300, system it is obvious where the WP wants Obama to strike. And in doing so is trying to trick Obama into WW3.


Disappeared, like the rest of the other hoaxes, like missiles cloaked as holographic planes hit the WTC on 9/11.


Not a cloud in the sky. It's warm already at 7am. Birds singing their heads off at dawn. Trees, bushes and lawns all different shades of lush green. Flowers in full bloom. Bees doing their business. A slight breeze.

Yet Jihadi Hague wants to arm cutthroats and kidnappers in Syria to continue a proxy war against the Syrian people.


Thursday, May 30, 2013


Earlier this week Bilderberg Jihadi Hague suggested that arming the Syrian rebels, who are overwhelmingly cutthroat al Qaeda, would bring President Assad to the negotiating table.

But by the time Jihadi Hague had suggested this Assad had already agreed to come to the negotiating table. Perhaps not personally, as Israel might want so they can assassinate him, but senior members of the Syrian government had agreed to attend.

So Russia and Syria were honouring their commitments.

But what of the rebel side?

Backing them are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, USA, UK, France and Israel. Indeed it was Israel, USA and Saudi Arabia who executed the inside Ziojob 9/11 on the express orders of the DFK in order to start a series of wars that would at first appear to be for the benefit of Israel, as proposed in A Clean Break, but any one of those wars could be manipulated into a world war, as proposed by Albert Pike. With Israel threatening to attack Russian ships and missile sites, as Alex Jones suggested yesterday on his radio show, we are approaching a crisis not too dissimilar from the Cuban missile crisis.

Upon hearing the very disappointing but not unexpected news that the the UK and France got their way, with the other 25 members of the 27 member EU opposing scrapping the arms embargo to the Syrian al Qaeda rebs, I suggested that the rebels might not even come to the table now that they can be armed with tanks and heavy artillery, perhaps even DU weapons. Yesterday the rebels issued a demand that they know Assad will never agree to, that he and his government should not be involved in any political process, having days earlier stated that they would not attend.
Plans for Syrian peace talks in Geneva next month appeared in danger of being derailed on Wednesday night as the country's divided opposition movement issued a fresh demand for Bashar al-Assad's government to be excluded from the political process, while Damascus insisted the Syrian president would stay in power until 2014 and possibly beyond.

Russia and France also clashed over whether Iran should be allowed to attend the talks, and diplomats suggested that the mid-June target date might have to be pushed back. Turkey warned that if the negotiations failed, it would mark the end of the road for diplomacy and open the gates to the wholesale arming of opposition forces.

In the midst of fierce internal wrangling in Istanbul, the fragmented National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces issued its first statement on the Geneva conference, but did not say it would attend. Instead it laid down a list of demands, for "the head of the regime, security and military leadership to step down and be excluded from the political process" and for a "halt to Iran and Hezbollah's invasion of Syria and [their expulsion] from the country". The coalition said a timetable for these goals was needed "with the international community offering binding guarantees".

[source : Syria peace talks in jeopardy as both sides entrench positions, The Guardian,, 29th May 2013]

The rebels are being eradicated from al Qusayr, a major logistics hub. The SAA is on the march, the rebels are on the run. How have they got the balls and the cheek to issue demands? Because Jihadi Hague torpedoed the EU arms embargo so that very soon they will get heavy weapons. They now have no incentive or intention to come to the negotiating table.

What Hague and Fabius have done is to continue a proxy war just as peace could have been negotiated.

And they know it!

Jihadi Hague must be removed immediately and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. That is how serious the situation has become.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Last week I discussed an article by this guy Laurent Guyénot on the assassination of JFK.

This week Guyénot has written a fantastic analysis of Zionist aggression and imperialism before and since 9/11.

Is it possible that this biblical dream, mixed with the neo-Machiavellianism of Leo Strauss and the militarism of Likud, is what is quietly animating an exceptionally determined and organized ultra-Zionist clan? General Wesley Clark testified on numerous occasions before the cameras, that one month after September 11th, 2001 a general from the Pentagon showed him a memo from neoconservative strategists “that describes how we’re gonna take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Sudan and finishing off with Iran”. Is it just a coincidence that the “seven nations” doomed to be destroyed by Israel form part of the biblical myths instilled in Israeli schoolchildren? According to Deuteronomy, when Yahweh will deliver Israel “seven nations greater and mightier than yourself […] you must utterly destroy them; you shall make no covenant with them, and show no mercy to them. You shall not make marriages with them…” (7:1-2). “And he will give their kings into your hand, and you shall make their name perish from under heaven” (7:24).

[source : The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives, Voltaire,, 27th May 2013]


The three reasons I believe led to the Woolwich Hoax theory are:
1. to destroy the credibility of David Icke before his announcement this Saturday in which he says he will be taking the fight to the system
2. to avoid analysing the content of the bloody rant that the butcher Adebolajo gave after attacking Lee Rigby
3. to avoid linking the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum in Syria to Adebolajo who was preaching Jihad in Syria openly on the streets of Woolwich for months.

Seamus Milne has written a comment in The Guardian that deserves a big round of applause, and addresses the second reason above. But first we need to read what Adebolajo said was his reason for killing Lee Rigby. This is the text of Adebolajo's bloody rant after his horrific butchering of Lee Rigby.
The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers, and this British soldier is one, and it’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. By Allah, we swear by the Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone. So what if we want to live by the sharia in Muslim lands. Why does that mean you must follow us and chase us and call us extremists and kill us? Rather, you are extreme.

You are the ones. When you talk of bombs, do you think it hits one person? Or rather your bomb wipes out a whole family. This is the reality. By Allah, if I saw your mother today with a buggy, I would help her up the stairs. This is my nature. But we are forced by … many many [sections] throughout the Koran that we must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

I apologise that women had to see this today but in our lands our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your governments. They don’t care about you. Do you think David Cameron is gonna get caught in the street when we start busting our guns? Do you think the politicians are gonna die? No, it’s gonna be the average guy – like you, and your children. So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back so you can all live in peace. Leave our lands and you will live in peace. That’s all I have to say. Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you. Salaam alaikum.

[source : NEW VIDEO of Woolwich attack; plus attacker Michael “Mujahid” Adebolajo’s full rant, PilotAfrica,, 23rd May 2013]

I have highlighted the relevant text.

Is Adebolajo correct?

Let's take Adebolajo's reference to the quasi-Jihadi Cameron.

Wars are fought not by politicians but by "dumb stupid animals", as Henry Kissinger calls soldiers. Adebolajo is correct. Cameron is not hanging out with the rats in the sewers of al Qusair and slaughtering Christian children in al Duvair. No. Cameron is just chillaxin' in Ibiza. His class rarely fight wars at the front line. They engineer wars, provoke them and get "dumb stupid animals" to fight their wars for them and reap the benefits, be it more power, more profits, or just some kind of sick Satanic sacrifice. The irony is that Adebolajo was not that peaceful himself, encouraging Muslims to go to Syria to join the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum in slaughtering anyone who was pro-Assad.

The day after Lee Rigby was attacked President Obama spoke at the National Defense University and gave a very poor impersonation of John Lennon, apparently declaring peace. On analysis of the speech the war goes on. But one aspect of the war on terror has been the introduction of the drone. Alleged to be highly accurate, the drone is nothing of the sort. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen have been constantly in the news with reports about this Jihadi was killed by a drone strike and that Jihadi was killed by a drone strike. But very little mention was made of whole families being wiped out. Innocent women and children at weddings blown to pieces, for no reason other than for the bloodlust of some coward controlling the drone sat in a comfortable arm chair somewhere in the USA. I believe that this is what Adebolajo refers to when he talked about bombs wiping out whole families. There were mass protests and riots in Pakistan about these drone mass murders, but they were barely reported in NATO media. Many said that drone strikes would be a recruiting sergeant for Islamic extremism. I was one of them. The butchering of Lee Rigby is testament to that.

Milne refers to drones.
...The grisly, intimate killing of Lee Rigby was the absolute antithesis of high technology drone attacks. But both embody the degradation of the human spirit.

There can be no surprise, however, that such attacks take place. It's not just opponents of the war on terror who predicted from the start that it would fuel terrorism not fight it. The intelligence services on both sides of the Atlantic did the same. The perpetrators of one attack after another, from London 2005 to Boston 2013, say they're carrying them out in retaliation for the vastly larger scale US and British killing in the Muslim world.

...Given the bloodshed, torture, mass incarceration and destruction that US-British occupation has inflicted on Afghanistan and Iraq, and the civilian slaughter inflicted in the drone war from Pakistan to Yemen, the only surprise is that there haven't been more terror attacks.

[source : Britain's wars fuel terror. Denying it only feeds Islamophobia, The Guardian,, 29th May 2013]

The DFK is now investing big time in murder-by-drone, and has been secretly using drones for years.

Milne also addresses the MI5 harassment of Adebolajo, which is highlighted in Adebolajo's rant when he talks about being followed.
There is already some evidence that torture of one of the Woolwich suspects in Kenya – after which MI5 tried to recruit him – may have been such a catalyst. Azad Ali, a Muslim community activist who has advised the Metropolitan police, says there has been a pattern of official abuse of British Muslim activists in Arab countries, apparently using British-supplied intelligence, who are then pressed to work for the British security services when they return home.

The Woolowich Hoax theory was designed partially to deflect attention from what Adebolajo said was his reason for killing Rigby; that NATO is virtually murdering whole innocent families with drone strikes.

In response to the murder of Rigby the EDL and their ilk have reacted with violence against the generally peaceful Muslim community.

But I wonder how the EDL and their ilk would react if they lived in Pakistan or Afghanistan or Yemen and their family got 'droned'. Perhaps with the introduction of drones to the skies of the DFK they may not have to travel that far to get 'droned'.


Is Jihadi Hague into pwarnography?

There is something of a dichotomy in British foreign policy.

On the one hand, it is being reported that in Afghanistan there is a secret Guantanamo-esque prison run by Great Britain for the illegal detention of Jihadis.

On the other hand, Jihadis Hague and Cameron supported Jihadis in Libya, supplying special forces and aircraft to bomb Libyan civilians, and in Syria. Jihadi Hague deliberately torpedoed the EU embargo on arms to Syrian rebels. But what guarantees can he give that the arms the muggins British taxpayer will be subsidising do not end up in the grateful hands of al Qaeda?

Just how many shades of Jihad are there?

Which shades does British foreign policy support?

And which shades does British foreign policy oppose?

But to Jihadi Hague, it doesn't matter. As long as there is a lot of pwarnography and cutthroats and slaughter and spilled blood then he is happy.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This is what Jihadi Hague is supporting and what arms that he supplies on your behalf will be used for.

It is being reported that yesterday FSA on the run from their defeat at al Qusayr by the SAA and Hezbollah decided to show their true colours and slaughtered the inhabitants, children included, of the predominantly Christian village of al-Duvair.
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The armed rebels affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) raided the Christian-populated al-Duvair village in Reef (outskirts of) Homs near the border with Lebanon today and massacred all its civilian residents, including women and children.

The Syrian army, however, intervened and killed tens of terrorists during heavy clashes which are still going on in al-Duvair village.

The armed rebels' attack and crimes in al-Duvair village came after they sustained heavy defeats in al-Qusseir city which has almost been set free by the Syrian army except for a few districts.

[source : Armed Rebels Massacre Entire Population of Christian Village in Syria, ABNA,, 27th May 2013]


The BBC correspondent Jim Muir was being interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning about Jihadi Hague torpedoing the EU arms embargo on arms to Syria. The connection between Muir and the studio was crystal clear and the interview had been going for about one minute, but as soon as Muir began to throw doubt on how it can be guaranteed that the arms that Jihadi Hague intends to deliver to his fellow Jihadis end up in the correct hands the connection went dead very quickly, and the studio made no attempt (as they often do) to re-establish the connection.

Take from that what you will.


Step 1 - Jihadi Hague torpedoed the EU embargo on arms to Syrian rebels
Step 2 - in response Russia publicly confirmed that it will indeed deliver the S-300 defensive missile system to Syria
Step 3 - in response to Russia's response Israel has made a thinly veiled warning that it will attack the system.

This is the end of May. I don't know how long it will take to deliver the S-300 and install it to make it operational, but two months does not sound unreasonable.

We will then be in August.

From the 1st August Jihadi Hague will arm his fellow Jihadis in Syria.

Listen out for The Guns of August.

There are still a few steps to take, but the plan for WW3 as attributed to Albert Pike is looking more and more likely.


There is definitely, definitely, definitely an agenda with this Woolwich hoax.

What we are being asked to believe by the hoaxers is that a British soldier was not butchered in the street, but was
a) killed beforehand, or
b) played dead, or
c) has disappeared and a dummy of some sort used instead.

Lee Rigby was formally identified last Friday morning at the postmortem. By whom? If he was identified by his parents, or other close family member, then they are playing the cruelest hoax on this nation. But I doubt this. I doubt that a Drummer would be asked to play dead for the rest of his life and to drag his family into the lie too. So that leaves being killed beforehand. There is some footage from a kebab shop close by from the night before the event showing Rigby alive (unless the hoaxers claim that was a double). I am willing to bet a lot of money that Rigby was NOT kidnapped after that because the barracks would have reported it.

To add to this we are also being asked to believe that the two alleged attackers were not shot with live ammo, but that a Hollywood-esque shootout, like in the final scene of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Robert Redford and Paul Newman, took place instead with "lights, camera and...action!".

For the shootout, there would need to be a hell of a lot of people in on the hoax; police, medics, hospital staff, etc. And even the butchers themselves, who have been under armed guard and have now recovered from their wounds. If they were supposed to have been killed in the shootout then they could have been finished off in hospital. Instead they are now ready to stand trial and tell all.

When I see doctored photographs I know something is going down. Some photos have been doctored to show no blood when HD video taken at the time of the attack shows there is blood, the aim being to suggest that the blood was added later and that thus the attack was a hoax.

But why would anyone want to propagate the idea that what occured last Wednesday was a hoax?

I can think of at least three, one of which is due to an upcoming announcement.


Jihadi William Hague claimed that the EU arms embargo on arms to the Syrian rebels should be lifted to bring Assad to the negotiating table.


It is the rebels who are refusing to come to the table.

So using Jihadi Hague's logic the EU should actually be arming Assad!

And what if the rebels NEVER come to the negotiating table? Eh? What about that possibility? Or should that now be probability? Why should the rebels come to the negotiating table now, now that they will get tanks and heavy artillery and God knows what else?

Lavrov is beginning to show some scepticism that the peace talks will go ahead.
The Russian foreign minister has said it is a ‘very tall order’ to organize the forthcoming international conference in Geneva on the situation in Syria.

Sergei Lavrov said after a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in the French capital, Paris, on Monday that it would not be easy to organize the Geneva talks on Syria.

Lavrov and Kerry discussed the possible dates and participants in the peace talks in the meeting, which was their sixth since the US secretary of state took office in February.

“We discussed how we can proceed… in our efforts to make this conference happen. It’s not an easy task. It’s a very tall order,” the Russian foreign minister stated.

[source : Organizing Geneva conference on Syria tall order: Russian FM, Press TV,, 28th May 2013]

The EU will be betrayed by Britain and France. They even tried during the debate alleging Assad used chemical weapons yesterday. They have no intention of bringing Assad to the negotiating table. They want Assad out. Jihadi Hague has made that absolutely crystal clear. But Assad will not go. Syria does not want him to go either. So the only way to get Assad out is to kick him out. And Jihadi Hague can't use British troops so proxies must be used, as is occuring now and has been occuring for the last two years.

And just how much of a union is the EU on this?
By contrast, the Austrian vice-chancellor and foreign minister, Michael Spindelegger, said the talks "have failed … I'm a little annoyed … It's regrettable that we have found no common position."

He added that France joined Britain in demanding a lifting of the arms embargo, but that the other 25 were opposed.

[source : UK forces EU to lift embargo on Syria rebel arms, The Guardian,, 28th May 2013]

25 out of 27 opposed the lifting of the embargo.

25 out of 27!

There is no union on this. Britain and France torpedoed the embargo.

Peace in Syria could be easily reached if Saudi Arabia and Qatar withdrew their support for the al Qaeda rebels, and NATO withdrew its support. But none of these has any intention of doing so. The sad war in Syria is due to Israel. Israel, with Saudi Arabia and Zionist factions in the USA, did the inside Ziojob 9/11 to implement a plan for war on seven nations in five years that was revealed to General Wesley Clark, but by 2007 that plan was moribund so a Plan B was implemented involving Jihadis being unleashed onto Libya and Syria.

Monday, May 27, 2013


They call it 'keeping it in the family'.

Larry Summers pushed for the elimination of Glass-Steagall along with Alan Greenspan, and is a regular at Bilderberg, at one time sitting on the steering committee.

So it is no surprise that the Financial Times is proposing Larry Summers as the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the current Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, Tim Geithner (Bilderbeg) and Stanley Fischer (Zionist and Bilderberg).

The man making this proposal is Edward Luce, the chief of the Washington bureau of the FT. Luce is also the former speechwriter for Summers. You do not get appointed to this position unless you are working for the agenda.


As the country goes down the drain thanks to fascist bankers, and British soldiers are being butchered on British streets thanks to an imperialist foreign policy, Jihadi David Cameron is on holiday in Ibiza.

[source : The Daily Mail]

I wrote a song about this this morning. Here are the lyrics of the first two verses. Copyright and all rights reserved.

Just Chillaxin'

I'm just chillaxin'
As the country goes down the drain
Just chillaxin'
We don't feel your pain

[Verse 1]
Oh, the sun is hot
And the sky is blue
Drinkin' espresso
And not thinkin' of you

[Verse 2]
Not wishin' you were here
With an ice cold beer
Don't care about you
Coz I'll be made a peer



The Home Secretary Theresa May, in reaction to the butchering of Drummer Lee Rigby, has declared plans to ban preachers and supporters of Islamic terrorism.

She has not quite thought this through because she will be banning William Hague and The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, perhaps even David Cameron and the Number 10 website, and maybe her own department due to The Covenant of Security that MI5 has with Islamic extremists.

Both Hague and Cameron have been supporting terrorism in Syria for over two years, and today Hague will be pushing the EU to arm the cutthroats even more just as peace talks are to take place. Hague has also recently stated that Assad cannot remain as President. But I thought our fathers and grandfathers fought the Nazis in WW2 for freedom and democracy, not for some Jihadi British Foreign Secretary to decide who will govern Syria.

Here is Hague preaching his unique brand of Jihad.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


The latest hoax is that there are no scratches or dents on the posts where Lee Rigby was slaughtered.

From Morris
Woolwich Not A Dent On Collision Lampost - Morris

I now refer you to the footage obtained by The Sun.

The first 20s or so show those same posts examined by Morris in reasonably good detail, almost immediately after Rigby had been attacked.

Guess what? NO DENTS!

As for scratches, the Morris video shows a light grey mark on one of the posts.

Guess what? The Sun video shows a light grey mark EXACTLY where there is one on the Morris footage!

The hoaxers have an agenda, and that agenda is to destroy as much of the credibility of independent researchers and commentators as possible. Much like David Shayler, who at first appeared to be a good source of credible information but then after 9/11 claimed that what actually flew into the WTC were not planes but missiles cloaked in holograms, and he also claimed that he was The Messiah.

Ketchup? Actors? Disappearing road signs? Purleaze!

Will the next David Shayler please stand up and identify yourself?


Lord Howard, aka The Prince of Darkness, has called for Labour and Conservative to unite to pass the Snooper's Charter that was dropped from The Queen's Speech after UKIP did much better than expected in the local elections.
“If the Liberal Democrats maintain their opposition to it, I think there is a case for the Conservative party exploring the possibility of passing that legislation with support from the Labour party.

“The Labour party will support it in the national interest, I think that bill could be an important element in helping to protect people from attacks of this kind and if it is possible to pass it through Parliament in the national interest by Conservative and Labour votes I think that is something that should be explored.”

[source : Woolwich attack: Tories and Labour should join forces push through 'snoopers' charter', The Daily Telegraph,, 26th May 2013]

They are snooping on everyone's communications anyway, and have been doing so for years. There is no way they can claim they don't know.


On 11th September 2001 four passenger planes were allegedly hijacked by members of al Qaeda. After flying around the most protected airspace in the world for nearly two hours three of these planes flew into the WTC1, WTC2 and The Pentagon, while the fourth allegedly crashed into the ground, its target suspected of being either The White House or The Capitol. In charge of the USA, and in particular the US military, on that day were Zionists. They had written documents calling for war on Iraq and Iran in particular, with Syria and Lebanon and North Korea also in the crosshairs (though why Zionists would be so interested in North Korea is a mystery). These documents were entitled A Clean Break and Rebuilding America's Defenses. Shortly after the attacks on 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told of a plan for war on seven nations in five years. The seven nations were Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, together with Libya, Somalia and Sudan. Clark later claimed that there had been a foreign policy coup, specifically naming Paul Wolfowitz. Clark also recalled a conversation he had with Wolfowitz in 1991 in which Wolfowitz stated that the USA "had 5 to 10 years to take out those old Soviet client regimes; Iraq, Iran, Syria - before the next superpower comes along".

Well, 10 years after 1991 is 2001.

And in Rebuilding America's Defenses the Zionists had called for "a new Pearl Harbor".

Well, on 11th September 2001 the Zionists got their "new Pearl Harbor".

And so America went to war.

But by 2007 only Saddam Hussein had been ousted, and Israel had lost a war that it had engineered on Hezbollah.

So in 2007 a Faustian pact was reached between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash Islamic extremists onto some of the nations named to Clark.

The first to suffer was Libya.

After Gaddafi had been murdered, the Jihadis were transported to Syria, and they have been committing atrocity after atrocity, massacring children in cold blood, indulging in cannibalism and cutting the throat of anyone who supports Assad, regardless of their colour or religion.

And it is this that needs exposing.

The Woolwich Butchers were on the MI5 terrorist radar since November 2010 when Adebolajo was deported from Kenya accused of being a member of Al Shabaab based in Somalia. He was asked to spy on particular groups and organisations, but apparently refused. He would preach Jihad on the streets of Woolwich, handing out leaflets and encouraging Muslims to go to Syria to fight.

If Adebolajo had been a Muslim handing out leaflets and encouraging Muslims to go to Israel to kill Jews, what do you think would have happened? Yep! Arrested and locked away for terrorism. But because he was feeding the Jihadi death machine with cannon fodder in Syria he could preach and scream and shout and hand out as many leaflets encouraging that kind of Jihad as he wanted.

But something in Adebolajo snapped. His harassment by MI5 definitely had an effect. His family suggest this.

The horrific and apparently useless murder of Drummer Lee Rigby may in the end serve a very useful purpose, in that it could expose the Covenant of Security that MI5 has with Islamic terrorists, allowing them to propagate their Jihad in the mosques and on the streets of London.

It could also lead to an end to our support for the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum currently destroying Syria.


Use the remote mind-reading technology on all suspects.

Or perhaps they are already, implanting ideas, subtly altering brain wave patterns as they sleep, in other words mind-writing, and then using mind-reading in some kind of feedback loop.

Perhaps that is what all the in-your-face harassment of Michael Adebolajo was designed to do? I seriously doubt that Adebolajo was brainwashed, in the traditional sense, by MI5, as some have suggested, but perhaps he was provoked, as his family suggest.

The technology available to the people who control this world is decades in advance of what is in the public arena.

For those unaware of the technology available watch this documentary by Jesse Ventura called Brain Invaders. They have been at it since at least the early 1970s, probably earlier.

Brain Invaders


Although I am not a subscriber to The Times, it is being reported that Russia has cancelled the delivery of the S-300 to Syria.
Russia has cancelled the deal to sell S-300 missiles to Syria, a senior Russian official tells the British Sunday Times.

The official explained the cancellation was a result of Russia’s concern that the missiles could fall into the wrong hands and be used to attack civilian aircraft at the Ben Gurion airport.

“We are very much concerned about this; the large Russian community in Israel is a major factor in our attitude to Israel, and we will not let this happen,” the official told The Sunday Times.

[source : Report: Russia Cancels S-300 Deal with Syria, INN,, 26th May 2013]

This report was also carried by The Times of Israel earlier, but they are now reporting that the delivery is still on!
A senior Israeli official on Sunday denied emphatically a report that Jerusalem and Moscow have struck a deal under which Russia would withhold a Syrian-bound shipment of advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. However, the official assessed that Russia would ultimately renege on its agreement with Syria.

According to the piece in the London-based Sunday Times, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed, during a meeting in the Black Sea resort of Sochi earlier this month, to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin of the risk such a deal posed to regional stability and Israeli civilians, leading to the cancellation of the planned sale of six batteries to Bashar Assad’s regime.

Reports of this cancellation have “no basis in reality,” the official said. “It’s a fairy tale. There was no agreement between Putin and Netanyahu.”

[source : Russia-Syria S-300 sale still on, senior Israeli official says, Times of Israel,, 26th May 2013]

I was at first shocked to read that Russia had decided not to deliver the S-300. By all reports it is a devastating system, and some at Veterans Today suggest that the system may already be in Syria and that what was being discussed between Putin and Netanyahu was a more advanced system, the S-400. I had doubts about these initial reports because of the 'promise' that Israel allegedly gave - that it would not attack Syria - was so lame.


It was created in terror, through terror for terror!

War and terror are in the DNA of Israel!

There is no way that Israel could make such a promise and keep it.

Israel would have betrayed Russia and attacked Syria.

I see in this report Israel making a proposal, dropping hints (or perhaps threats) that maybe Russian Israelis may not be safe in Israel, either from Israeli-supported Jihadis in Syria or perhaps from someone else...?


In a speech at the National Defense University last Thursday, President Obama attempted his (very poor) imitation of John Lennon, declaring "war is over". By the reaction from PNAC founder William Kristol on a podcast at The Weekly Standard you may be forgiven for believing that Obama has indeed declared peace.

But what did Obama really say?

The USA will still use drones and possibly inside the USA
The USA will still detain people without trial, though it may not be at Guantanamo
The USA reserves the right to strike in any country if it thinks that country is not destroying terrorism (yeah, the terrorism that the USA exported to that nation for that purpose?)
The USA will still arm the rebels in Syria and attack Hezbollah
And on and on and on...

Some (but not much) credit is due. There appears to be a shift in policy, but if there is then you need a very powerful microscope to see the movement. Perhaps this paragraph is what disturbs Kristol et al.
The AUMF is now nearly twelve years old. The Afghan War is coming to an end. Core al Qaeda is a shell of its former self. Groups like AQAP must be dealt with, but in the years to come, not every collection of thugs that labels themselves al Qaeda will pose a credible threat to the United States. Unless we discipline our thinking and our actions, we may be drawn into more wars we don't need to fight, or continue to grant Presidents unbound powers more suited for traditional armed conflicts between nation states. So I look forward to engaging Congress and the American people in efforts to refine, and ultimately repeal, the AUMF's mandate. And I will not sign laws designed to expand this mandate further. Our systematic effort to dismantle terrorist organizations must continue. But this war, like all wars, must end. That's what history advises. That's what our democracy demands.

[source : President Barack Obama's speech at National Defense University – full text, The Guardian,, 23rd May 2013]

So what Obama is effectively saying is that he is not signing any laws to expand the AUMF further and will try to ultimately repeal it. This is a far cry from declaring peace and the war is over.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. - Lao Tzu

Lyndon B Johnson twisted this into
Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time. - LBJ, Address to the UNGA, 17th December 1963

LBJ would go onto embroil the USA in a pathetic, useless war against North Vietnamese peasants, leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of US soldiers...AND LOST!

And that is the trap that Obama is (willingly?) falling into.

Obama could declare peace today. Announce a press conference in the Rose Garden, and declare peace. Today. Done.

But it is business as usual.


Mass death.




Police state.

Water with added fluoride and God knows what else.

Forced vaccinations.

And on and on and on...

Saturday, May 25, 2013


So MI5 approached the Woolwich Butcher Michael Adebolajo to work for them. There will no doubt be some who will use this to show that the horrific murder of Drummer Lee Rigby was indeed a hoax, with Michael Adebolajo playing the great actor with tomato ketchup and vanishing road signs.

But they are fools, and probably something a bit more sinister.

No. What this latest allegation from Abu Nusaybah does is show just how much MI5 knew about Michael Adebolajo and how much interaction there was with him, and yet he was allowed to make speeches and hand out leaflets encouraging Muslims to go to Syria to fight against Assad!

That is the point in this whole bloody mess.

Here we have a butcher with the fresh, warm blood of a serving British soldier on his hands who was very well known to MI5 and allowed to propagate terrorism in Syria because Jihadis are being used in Syria as part of a Zioplan, to execute war on seven nations in five years, that began with the inside Ziojob 9/11 but which by 2007 was moribund so Jihadis were unleashed onto Libya and now Syria.

This also shows that maybe Michael Adebolajo was under much more surveillance than we were at first led to believe, possibly under surveillance the day of the murder.

Oh, this is getting very, very, very murky, and I hope exposes the true nature of MI5 who had A Covenant of Security with Islamic extremists that gave the extremists a safe haven to base their HQs and operate in safety.

But there will not be a cleaning out of the stables, for they serve an even darker master...

Friday, May 24, 2013


There is a sad and desperate attempt by some to show that the horrific event on Wednesday in Woolwich, in which a serving British soldier was hacked to death, was hoax.

There is evidence of photo manipulation going down and (deliberate?) misinterpreting of locations.

To prove my point first watch the video of The Sun available at .

At the beginning of the video, the first 20 seconds or so, which was captured by somebody on a bus (and not the famous footage that the butcher asked to record) you can clearly see blood on the pavement next to the sign. The butcher actually walks through it! If you watch in full screen you can see the blood on the kerb. This could be a footprint from the butcher's shoes or could be evidence that the slain soldier was dragged from the large blood patch in to the road, as was first reported. But the blood is there. Ain't no doubt about that.

Now look at this series of photos taken from

It is better to go to the page itself but there is one particular photo that is above a caption that says "people gone no blood on pavement. fella still on his knees" which has two red ellipses, one supposed to show there is no blood where The Sun video above clearly shows there is (and it looks (clumsily) edited), and another that is alleged to show a man kneeling down, but is actually a rucksack as seen in The Sun video above.

Which is easier to photoshop: images from a murder in a street, or a long form birth certificate?

Why would anyone want to make the murder look like a hoax?

Or are they targeting one individual in particular to make him or her look a complete idiot?


Apparently the evidence, which was presented at the UN by Anastasia Popova in a press conference, consists of videos of the rebels using the weapons, eyewitness accounts and reports from doctors.

Russian journalists who were on assignment in Syria have handed the United Nation Secretariat videos showing chemical weapons attacks allegedly committed by opposition fighters in the vicinity of Aleppo on March 19. This was confirmed by the spokesman for the Deputy Secretary General Farhan Haq.

He said that the information will be passed along to Oke Selstemu, the head of the group of experts investigating the possible use of weapons of mass destruction in Syria.

In late March, Damascus notified the UN Secretariat of the chemical attacks carried out by armed insurgents.

In a report RTR journalist Anastasia Popova confirms the use of toxic substances, apart from footage of the event, there are eyewitness accounts, reports from doctors who took care of the dead and injured and statements from experts from the University of Aleppo.

In response to the formal request by Damascus UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sent a special mission to the area. However, the Syrian government has not let a team of experts into the country after the Secretariat of the United Nations decided to investigate other reports of the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Voice of Russia, TASS, RIA

[source : Russian journalists have proof Syrian insurgents used chemical weapons, Voice of Russia,, 24th May 2013]


Yesterday a youth worker called Abdullah phoned into the Vanessa Feltz show on BBC Radio London. For nearly 10 minutes Abdullah expressed his deep anguish at not telling the police about his concern for the Woolwich butchers who slayed a British soldier in broad daylight and then charged at armed police. Abdullah stated that he had talked at length with the butchers and attempted to dissuade them from their violent desires. Abdullah also stated that they wanted to go to Syria to fight. Other witnesses now state that one of the butchers had been calling for Muslims to go to Syria for at least the last 2 weeks.

Today the NATO media is apparently outraged that MI5 had the butchers on their radar for years. This disturbing news has caused the Intelligence and Security Committee to investigate what MI5 knew and when. But I do not have any confidence in the ISC. They whitewashed the investigation into 7/7. I wrote to the ISC THREE times between 2003-2005 providing evidence of electromagnetic harassment, directed energy weapons and remote mind-reading, but they did nothing.

But the news that the butchers were propagating terrorism in Syria is barely mentioned. The following is all that I could find, mentioned in a brief sentence or buried deep in a very long article.
Residents said the former University of Greenwich student was handing out leaflets encouraging locals to support rebels in Syria.

[source : Betrayal of a hero father: How MI5 spent EIGHT YEARS watching violent ex-prisoner who preached outside Poundland just yards from murder scene only days before soldier was hacked to death, The Daily Mail,, 24th May 203]

The 28-year-old was a regular at the al-Muhajiroun stall outside the HSBC branch on Woolwich high street, handing out extremist literature, and one witness said he was recently seen outside Plumstead community centre encouraging an audience to go to Syria to fight.

[source : Suspect's journey from schoolboy football to phonejacking and jihad, The Guardian,, 23rd May 2013]

By the time he was seen on the streets wielding a cleaver a decade later, he used the name Mujahid and had become a snarling fire-and-brimstone preacher exhorting fellow Muslims to travel to Syria to fight.

[source : The killer: Woolwich suspect, Michael Adebolajo, described as the 'typical boy next door' from devout Christian family, The Independent,, 23rd May 2013]

There are two articles on The Times that could also mention this but I am not paying for access to that warmongering website.

And that is about it in UK media.

But it is also not mentioned on Russia Today, which is very surprising and disappointing. Not even George Galloway mentions this in an interview by RT, but Galloway does make frequent mention that this kind of event now occurs in Syria everyday thanks to our support.

In other media there are a few mentions that Syria is currently the focus of Jihadis, and that Jihadis may return to their home nations and continue the Jihad at home.

But with Woolwich what we have is a direct link between home grown terrorism and Syria. The butchers, with the fresh, warm blood of a slain British soldier on their hands recorded on video, wanted to go to Syria to join the cutthroats who have been butchering pro-Assad families, including children, irrespective of their religion, and they were seen several times calling for others to go to Syria!

This point needs to be hammered and hammered and hammered if you really want to end the immoral and criminal support for the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum in Syria.

Finally, just the day before the Woolwich butchers murdered a British soldier on a British street in broad daylight, William Hague was in The House of Commons discussing Syria and extremists.

The Foreign Secretary warned that the bloody conflict between rebels and Syrian government forces was attracting Muslim fanatics from around the world, including the UK.

And he gave his clearest signal yet that Britain was ready to supply arms to the rebels.

He told MPs: “The conflict is creating opportunities for extremist groups.

“Syria is now the number one destination for jihadists, including 70 to 100 individuals connected with the UK.”

“We have to be open to every way of strengthening moderates and saving lives rather than the current trajectory of extremism and murder.”

[source : 100 Britons ‘fighting in Syria war’, The Daily Express,, 21st May 2013]

Thursday, May 23, 2013


In less than 24 hours since an attack on a serving soldier in Woolwich by two men armed with butcher's knives and guns we now know:
1. MI5 had known of them for years
2. one of them was preaching radical Islam, shouting and screaming in Woolwich Market Square 2 weeks ago
3. one of them was so radical that they were causing deep concern with their statements
4. they wanted to go to Syria to fight

I expect more facts to be revealed about their radicalisation and possible protection soon.

This could spell the beginning of the end of our support for the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum in Syria.


I rarely say this but...


A caller to the Vanessa Feltz show on BBC London this morning spoke for nearly 10 minutes about his interaction with the Woolwich butchers. His name is Abdullah, and he is a youth worker. He spoke about his anguish about not talking to the Police about the violent suggestions that the attackers were making. Abdullah sought advice from other members of the Muslim community who told him not to say anything yet. Feltz was suspicious and asked if those he asked for advice were trying to cover this up, or protect the attackers, to which Abdullah replied no.

But the most significant aspect of the conversation was that the attackers wanted to go to Syria to fight.

You can listen to Abdullah speak from 15:10 onwards at .

Abdullah does not make explicitly clear that the attackers wanted to fight against Assad, but the implication is there due to the nature of the attackers, their statements, and their vicious evil attack yesterday.

If they did indeed wanted to go to Syria to fight against Assad then the blood of the slain soldier drips from the hands of Hague and Cameron, to add to the blood of the slaughtered children at Houla and from all the other massacres committed by the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum.

If this is true then this could end our support for the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum.


About an hour ago BBC Radio 5 Live played a clip of a caller phoning into Vanessa Feltz BBC London this morning. The caller said he went to the same mosque as the attacker, who prayed in a different room to the rest and pushed a violent radical form of Islam.

He also said the attacker called for Muslims to go to Syria!

However the clip was then cut short so I don't know if the attacker meant to go to Syria to attack Assad or defend him. But from his actions and statements I would be surprised if he didn't want to take Assad out.

The show has not yet been archived, but should be soon at


BBC Radio 5 live have just (1019) reported that one of the Woolwich attackers was seen a few weeks ago preaching about Islam, shouting and screaming!

In other words he should, and possibly may well, have been under surveillance!


There was a meeting in Amman, Jordan yesterday. The attendees were from the DFK, USA, Qatar, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, U.A.E. and Jordan. The meeting was about the Geneva talks on Syria. NB Israel was not present.

They took it upon themselves to decide what the Syrian people want.
The Monsters Ministers underlined that the attainment of the political solution that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people means, as stated in the Abu Dhabi joint statement of the May 13th 2013, that Assad, his regime, and his close associates with blood on their hands cannot play any role in the future of Syria.

[source : Joint Statement of Amman Ministerial Meeting On Syria, Scoop,, 22nd May 2013]

They showed their hypocrisy by calling the presence of Hezbollah and Iran in Syria "a serious threat to regional stability".
The Monsters Ministers denounced the intervention of foreign combatants fighting on behalf of the regime, and consider their presence a flagrant intervention on Syrian territory and a serious threat to regional stability. In this context, the Ministers stressed in particular the operations conducted by Hezbollah in Qusair and elsewhere and called for the immediate withdrawal of Hezbollah, fighters from Iran, and other regime allied foreign fighters from Syrian territory.

No. Stop laughing. Because there's more.

They repeated the already discredited claim that Assad had used chemical weapons.
The Monsters Ministers viewed with extreme concern the growing number of reports and strong indications of the use of chemical weapons by the regime in Syria. The Ministers emphasized the importance of enabling the UN to conduct a comprehensive investigation regarding the use of such weapons. The Ministers stressed that there will be severe consequences if these reports are confirmed.

These clowns, these oafs, these liars are a global joke.


The NATO media in the UK are milking the attack on the soldier in Woolwich yesterday for all its worth, and could indicate that the attack was known about and allowed to happen. The actions of Cameron in particular should raise some suspicion. He was in Paris yesterday, gave a brief press conference about terrorism to play the hard man (when he is supporting terrorism against Assad), and then rushed back to the DFK like a superhero to chair a COBRA meeting to save the nation.

Cameron has been under attack from his own party in the last month, with serious talk about replacing him. One possible replacement is Boris Johnson. A few days ago a ban on the media reporting news on Johnson's love child was lifted, at a very opportune time for Cameron (if you know what I mean). The rise of UKIP, gay marriage and Europe are driving this concern for Cameron's leadership. His Tory credentials are being seriously questioned.

But what this Woolwich event shows is the shear hypocrisy of NATO media. I have been listening to BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, like I do most mornings, and the lead headline was that the deceased was a serving soldier. The attack is the topic of Nicky Campbell's debate show Your Call. Campbell has been reporting live from the location of the attack all morning. How morbid, grisly and gruesome is that?

But this kind of attack is now an everyday occurence in Syria. If it is not beheadings, it is summary executions. The executioners are NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum, unleashed onto Syria as part of a plan for war on seven nation in five years that was revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside Ziojob 9/11. NATO media barely mentions this evil because the Jihadis need good PR so that they can be given arms and money by the USA, DFK, France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to terrorise the Syrian people.

So can this attack be blamed on Israel? Israel, with Saudi Arabia, a Ziofaction in the USA and elements of the DFK, executed 9/11. We created Islamic extremism, allegedly encouraging Wahhabi to form his extreme version of Islam centuries ago, but definitely creating al Qaeda to kick the USSR out of Afghanistan. London was/is known as Londonistan and was the HQ for many Islamic extremist organisations.

So possible motives for allowing this attack to happen (if known about beforehand) are:
1. to save Cameron from being replaced
2. to get involved in Africa somewhere, such as Nigeria, Sudan or Somalia
3. to stay in Afghanistan or boost presence there
4. I heard Lord Carlisle this morning mention a bill on even more surveillance powers for the police and intelligence was replaced by something else in the most recent Queen's speech due to UKIP success, so maybe that will now be brought forward and made law.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hypocrite blabbermouth William Hague, perhaps deliberately, torpedoed the upcoming peace talks in Geneva by demanding that Bashar al Assad be ousted as President of Syria. Yet just 2 days ago Hague demanded that Assad negotiate sincerely in Geneva.

Britain and its allies in the so-called ‘Friends of Syria’ grouping have revealed their real intention behind convening meetings and discussions, which is to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

The fact was exposed before a meeting of the grouping in Jordan, where British Foreign Secretary William Hague moaned that “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cannot be part of a solution to the Syrian crisis”.

"We want a solution without Assad. We do not accept the stay of Assad," Hague said ahead of the meeting in Amman.

William Hague said the UK government will renew its attempts to seek to lift an embargo against foreign-backed terrorists in Syria in a fresh bid to provide them heavy weapons.

Hague made the threatening remarks at a joint press conference with Jordan's Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.

"The UK and France seek to end the ban on arming Syrian rebels. Any decision to be taken will be discussed with the Syrian National Coalition and in cooperation with other entities", he said.

[source : Hague stresses UK, allies intention of toppling Syrian president, Press TV,, 22nd May 2013]

These statements prove that the peace talks in Geneva are a set up of some kind, to either blame Assad for not negotiating sincerely when Hague has already demanded the solution, or to coax Assad out of his comfort zone and expose himself to assassination.


I am concerned at the rhetoric from terrorist supporter William Hague who yesterday warned President Bashar al Assad that he had better negotiate sincerely at the upcoming talks in Geneva.
There remains a serious risk that the Assad regime will not negotiate seriously. This is the lesson of the last two years, in which the regime has shown that it is prepared to countenance any level of loss of life in Syria for as long as it hopes it can win militarily. And we also have to persuade the opposition to come to the table; recognising how difficult it is for them to enter into negotiations with a regime engaged in butchering thousands of people.

[source : The Foreign Secretary William Hague made a statement to Parliament on Syria., FCO,, 20th Mat 2013]

President Obama is satisfying the NWO agenda in many ways, through abortion, gun and ammo control in preparation for a civil war with the American people, healthcare, bailing out Wall Street, etc. So it is with great surprise and curiosity that despite arming the Syrian rebels covertly, and giving them $250 million (just this year alone), and some blatant Ziobullshit, Zioprovocations and Ziofalse flags and pressure from The Washington Post and the rebels themselves, he has refused to support direct military intervention, perhaps in the form of the suggested No Fly Zone over Syria and a buffer zone. He has instead agreed to peace talks in Geneva without preconditions.

But the wild card in all this is Israel. The inside Ziojob 9/11 was done to trick the American people into supporting wars for Israel. Before the inside Ziojob 9/11, Zionists had written several documents outlining their plans to attack Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon/Hezbollah, and shortly after the inside Ziojob 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told of a classified Pentagon plan to attack seven nations in five years; Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, with Sudan, Libya and Somalia. As I have stated many times before, the plan revealed to General Clark is way behind schedule and effectively moribund. So moribund in fact that in 2007 a Plan B was implemented in which cutthroat Jihadis would be unleashed onto some of the nations named to Clark. The first to suffer was Libya, but the cutthroat Jihadis, though armed, trained, advised and assisted by special forces of the UK and Qatar, still needed overt assistance from NATO in the form of a UN agreed No Fly Zone. This NFZ was quickly abused and turned into a Vietnam-esque bombing campaign, laying waste to Libya and killing tens of thousands of Libyan civilians. After Gaddafi was 'got', the Jihadis and their weapons were transported to Lebanon and Turkey to invade Syria and 'get' Assad.

But over 2 years after The (fake) Arab Spring began in Syria, after US Ambassador to Syria Robert "Death Squad" Ford set up death squads there, and over 18 months since the murder of Gaddafi, Assad is still alive and in power, and Syria is rallying to his side as the evil of the foreign Jihadis becomes more and more apparent and unquestionable, and the brave and competent Syrian military is on the verge of wiping out the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum.

NATO is shocked at the resistance, cunning and stamina of Assad and his brave and competent military, and the resilience and loyalty of the Syrian people. But if NATO is shocked, Israel is shitting its pants.

The Israeli leadership is so concerned that a few weeks ago it intervened directly in Syria and attacked Damascus, claiming to be stopping a convoy of Iranian weapons in transit through Syria bound for Hezbollah. In reality, Israel attacked several divisions of the Syrian Arab Army in coordination with the rebels who simultaneously attacked several checkpoints in and around Damascus. The SAA had been destroying the rebels in Damascus. There are suggestions by writers at Veterans Today that Israel used a Howitzer actually based in Syria firing nuclear missiles.

In addition to this blatant violation of national sovereignty, Israel is planning to assassinate Assad.
The Israeli regime’s security bodies are working on a plot to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by the help of terrorist groups and armed rebels in the country after Damascus showed strength and months of resistance against the terrorist attacks orchestrated by US, Israel and their Arab partners, the Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

The Israeli Vala news website reported that the Israeli security and spy agencies were shocked at Assad’s resistance against two years of terrorist and sabotage operations against the country and are mulling other ways to topple him.

Meantime, the report underlined high security measures adopted by the Syrian forces in safeguarding the roads to Damascus where government buildings are located and Assad himself resides, and said the only way to assassinate the Syrian president is designing a complicated operation and coaxing the people close to Assad into betraying him.

[source : Israel Mulling Plot to Assassinate Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, Global Research,, 19th May 2013]

So when I read that Hague is challenging Assad to negotiate sincerely at the Geneva talks, I am concerned that this is actually a trap, to coax Assad to attend Geneva personally where he will be away from his usual security procedures and apparatus and vulnerable to assassination by Israel.

I therefore warn President Assad to be very, very careful. There is something not right with Obama's refusal to implement a NFZ. On the face of it, it looks very encouraging. But Obama is implementing so much of 'the agenda' that caution is well advised.

Monday, May 20, 2013


The most astonishing paragraph that I read last year was this.
Some of the same high-level sources who point to Richard Clarke as the US boss of the Israeli-instigated 9/11 false flag operation also claim that President Obama, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Dempsey, and other powerful Americans are considering exposing the truth about 9/11 during a second Obama term. In other words, Obama's re-election could put Israel out of business, and get Netanyahu hanged from the nearest lamp-post.

[source : Israel seeks war on Iran to keep lid on 9/11, PressTV,, 21st September 2012]

President Obama and CJCS Dempsey have so far resisted falling for war on both Syria and Iran, despite the many obvious Zioprovocations (Israel attacking Damascus in coordination with al Qaeda), Ziobullshit (Assad using chemical weapons and alleged massacres at Bayda and Baniyas) and Ziofalse flags (car bombs at Reyhanli), most of which originate with the Anglo-Israeli-Saudi Axis of Evil, followed by personal pleas from Cameron, Netanyahu and Erdogan. Instead peace talks are quickly being arranged between the USA and Russia. We have to ask why.

Why has Obama not succumbed to all this pressure?

These "other powerful Americans" need to step forward and step forward now and say something.

Friday, May 17, 2013




On Wednesday 15th May 2013 The New York Times published an article in which it was being claimed that Israel was thinking about attacking Syria again in order to stop weapons reaching Hezbollah, threatening to destroy Assad if Syria retaliated to any further attacks.
WASHINGTON — In a clear warning to Syria to stop the transfer of advanced weapons to Islamic militants in the region, a senior Israeli official signaled on Wednesday that Israel was considering additional military strikes to prevent that from happening and that the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, would face crippling consequences if he retaliated.

“Israel is determined to continue to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah,” the Israeli official said. “The transfer of such weapons to Hezbollah will destabilize and endanger the entire region.”

“If Syrian President Assad reacts by attacking Israel, or tries to strike Israel through his terrorist proxies,” the official said, “he will risk forfeiting his regime, for Israel will retaliate.”

[source : Israel Hints at New Strikes, Warning Syria Not to Hit Back, New York Times,, 15th May 2013]

This appears to have provoked CIA chief John Brennan to make an unannounced and unexpected trip to Israel to meet with the top Israeli political and military apparatus.
The CIA chief has made an unexpected visit to Israel to meet senior political and military figures to discuss the deteriorating security situation in neighbouring Syria.

John Brennan, who took up his post two months ago, met the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, defence minister, Moshe Ya'alon, military chief of staff, Benny Gantz, and Mossad chief, Tamir Pardo, according to reports in Israel media.

The unannounced meetings followed two Israeli air strikes on weapons stores near Damascus a fortnight ago. Israel has repeatedly warned it will take action to prevent advanced or chemical weapons being transferred to the Syrian regime's Lebanese ally, Hezbollah, or falling into the hands of jihadist groups fighting alongside the Syrian opposition.

According to a report in the Israeli paper Yedioth Ahronoth, the visit stemmed from "the American fear of escalation in the region against the backdrop of [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah's threats to act against Israel in the Golan Heights and the American sense that Israel is disappointed by the ineffectuality of the Obama administration with regard to the ongoing deterioration in Syria.

[source : CIA chief John Brennan makes surprise Israel visit for Syria talks, The Guardian,, 17th May 2013]


Obama has seriously embarrassed Netanyahu by not falling for the Ziobullshit that Assad had used chemical weapons, and not acquiesced to Erdogan's call for a No Fly Zone, or for Cameron's calls for action by telling Cameron to stay in Europe.

This last week or so has been a turning point.

There have been several high profile meetings between leaders involved in Syria:
1. Netanyahu was in Moscow shortly after Kerry visited Moscow to plead that the S300 not be sent to Syria, a plea that was ignored (nice one!)
2. Cameron was in the USA to meet with Obama claiming that Russia had moved its position on Syria (yeah, backing Syria more!)
3. Erdogan was also in the USA to meet with Obama, shortly after two car bombs exploded in Reyhanli which Erdogan immediately blamed on Syria
4. Ban Ki Moon is currently in Russia to discuss Syria
5. and now CIA chief Brennan swiftly and unexpectedly flies to Israel to meet with Netanyahu ad top brass after Israel threatened to attack Syria again.

And to top it all off, the brave and competent Syrian Arab Army has made gain after gain after gain, but in the process losing several of their bretheren to the bullets of the al Qaeda scum, as seen in the gruesome videos of exections, and the sick possessed FSA/al Nusra cannibal eating a man's heart.

So after all this diplomacy, where are we?

Russia has backed Syria further, Obama has not fallen for the Ziobullshit or the false flag of Reyhanli and has not implemented a No Fly Zone despite the constant calls for such from the rebels and The Washington Post, and peace talks seeking a political solution are still going ahead and may even be taking place earlier than expected.

And all this occurs just as Obama is embroiled in a series of scandals?


Gladys Knight is known as The Empress of Soul. A superb example of this is this cover version of Help Me Make it Through the Night.
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Help Me Make It Through The Night

Gladys Knight is a Mormon. But she loves Obama. In an interview last year she had this to say when she was asked if she wanted fellow Mormon Romney in The White House:
Not now. I have to be honest with you; it's not about your faith, even if the church itself in its structure is perfect, the people in it are not. That's not to say he's not a good person, don't get me wrong. But I would not vote for him just because he is Mormon. I want to know what he is going to do for the people. I want to see the compassion. I want to talk about something else besides the money. I know how hard it is to send two kids to college when you ain't got nothing. I know people may not think of me in that way, but this business gives you ups and downs. ... I am a Barack Obama fan, from head-to-toe, always have been. He's not perfect; nobody is going to be that way. Until you sit in that office, at that desk, don't tell me what you're going to do because you are going to come in and have some of the same problems as he did.

[source : Gladys Knight: I wouldn't vote for Romney, Politico,, 21st March 2012]

Knight released this video for Obama.
Gladys Knight's Video for President Barack Obama & the world

With The Pips she also made this cover version of Let There Be Peace on Earth (And Let it Begin With Me).
Let There Be Peace On Earth - Gladys Knight

Here is Obama with his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

There is a growing campaign for this prize to be revoked.
The Nobel Peace Prize that President Obama received 40 months ago has emerged as the most appalling Orwellian award of this century. No, war is not peace.

George Carlin used to riff about oxymorons like "jumbo shrimp," "genuine imitation," "political science" and "military intelligence." But humor is of the gallows sort when we consider the absurdity and tragedy of the world's most important peace prize honoring the world's top war maker.

This week, a challenge has begun with the launch of a petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to revoke Obama's Peace Prize. By midnight of the first day, nearly 10,000 people had signed. The online petition simply tells the Nobel committee: "I urge you to rescind the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to Barack Obama."

[source : Africa: The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, AllAfrica,, 5th April 2013]


In the last few weeks the following has occured regarding Syria:
1. allegations and 'proof' from the UK and Israel that Assad had crossed Obama's 'red line' and used chemical weapons - but a UN inspector Carle del Ponte said all the evidence pointed to the rebels using them. Obama ignored these claims by the UK and Israel.
2. Israel attacked Syria...TWICE! - claiming to be interrupting the transfer of Iranian weapons to Hezbollah but in reality attacking divisions of the Syrian Arab Army in coordination with al Qaeda.
3. two car bombs exploded in the Turkish town of Reyhanli on the Turkey-Syria border were blamed on Syria - but so far no proof has been provided, the attacks are too convenient for Israel and Robert "death squad" Ford was secretly in the area just two days before the bombings.
4. much more frequent calls for a No Fly Zone over Syria from the rebels and the media, in particular from The Washington Post.
5. Secretary of State John Kerry has agreed with Russia to peace talks and the USA has not decided to directly arm the rebels.
6. Russia has apparently decided to supply Syria with S300, if it has not delivered them already (were they the real target of the recent Israeli attacks on Syria?), despite a personal plea from Netanyahu.
7. Russia has sent a significant number of warships to Syria.
8. at a UN GA vote, only 107 nations voted to support running Assad out of Syria, down from 133.
9. CJCS Dempsey also does not want to become overtly involved in Syria.
10. despite personal visits from Erdogan and Cameron, Obama has barely moved from his steadfast position on Syria, which at the moment is condemning the Syrian al Qaeda rebels to a swift defeat by the brave and competent Syrian Arab Army.

The tide is definitely turning in favour of a peaceful political resolution to the externally provoked violence in Syria.

And Obama suddenly finds himself embroiled in several scandals?

Blame the extreme Neocon faction who are running a soft coup against Obama.


In the last few weeks the following has occured regarding Syria:
1. allegations and 'proof' from the UK and Israel that Assad had crossed Obama's 'red line' and used chemical weapons - but a UN inspector Carle del Ponte said all the evidence pointed to the rebels using them
2. Israel attacked Syria...TWICE! - claiming to be interrupting the transfer of Iranian weapons to Hezbollah but in reality attacking divisions of the Syrian Arab Army in coordination with al Qaeda
3. two car bombs exploded in the Turkish town of Reyhanli on the Turkey-Syria border were blamed on Syria - but so far no proof has been provided, the attacks are too convenient for Israel and Robert "death squad" Ford was secretly in the area just two days before
4. much more frequent calls for a No Fly Zone over Syria from the rebels and the media, in particular from The Washington Post

To add to this:
1. Secretary of State John Kerry has agreed with Russia to peace talks and the USA has not decided to directly arm the rebels
2. Russia has apparently decided to supply Syria with S300, if it has not delivered them already (were they the real target of the recent Israeli attacks on Syria?), despite a personal plea from Netanyahu
3. Russia has sent a significant number of warships to Syria
4. despite personal visits from Erdogan and Cameron, Obama has barely moved from his steadfast position on Syria, which at the moment is condemning the Syrian al Qaeda rebels to a swift defeat by the brave and competent Syrian Arab Army.
5. CJCS Dempsey also does not want to become overtly involved in Syria

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I wrote about the Kennedys yesterday, trying to show that the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK were all connected by the Vietnam War, which itself is part of the plan for three world wars attributed to Albert Pike. I wrote about the USS Liberty too, which I initially believed was a false flag attack by Israel to drag the USA into its war on Egypt, but some Liberty sites proposed that Israel, which admitted the attack, did so to stop the Liberty intercepting Israeli plans to attack the Golan and reports of atrocities committed by Israel.

I was unaware of the following article when I wrote yesterday, but it does have significant relevance. Its author Laurent Guyenot attempts to show that JFK was assassinated by Israel due to his opposition to Israeli interference in US politics and Israel's desire for the bomb when he and Khrushchev were in secret contact working towards global nuclear disarmament. Guyenot does not provide any evidence that links Israel to the assassination of JFK, but the motive is there. But would Israel assassinate a President of the USA?

Guyenot then describes the attack on the USS Liberty. According to the article JFK was decreasing aid to Israel. LBJ drastically increased it. LBJ also reversed another Kennedy policy, that of war in Vietnam. In 1966 the USA entered into a secret agreement to destroy Nasser, which some believe the attack on the USS Liberty was supposed to do by blaming the attack on Egypt. But the attack was called off when a Soviet ship arrived.
On the sunny day of June 8, 1967, three unmarked Mirage bombers and three torpedo boats flying an Israeli flag bombed, strafed and torpedoed for 75 minutes this NSA (National Security Agency) ship -unarmed, floating in international waters and easily recognizable - with the obvious intention of leaving no survivors, machine-gunning even the lifeboats. They only stopped at the approach of a Soviet ship, after killing 34 crew members, mostly engineers, technicians and translators. It is assumed that if they had succeeded in sinking the ship without witnesses, the Israelis would have attributed the crime to Egypt, so as to drag the United States into war on the side of Israel.

According to Peter Hounam, author of Operation Cyanide: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III (2003), the attack on the Liberty was secretly authorized by the White House as part of the project labeled Frontlet 615, "a secret political arrangement in 1966 by which Israel and the U.S. had vowed to destroy (Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser)." The orders issued by the White House that day, which delayed the rescue mission by several hours, suggest that Johnson not only covered up the Israelis post-facto, but also conspired with them. Oliver Kirby, the NSA Director for Operations at the time, reported to journalist John Crewdson of the Chicago Tribune (October 2, 2007) that the communications transcripts from the Israeli planes intercepted by the NSA and sent to Washington immediately, left no doubt as to the identity of the attackers, and about the fact that they were aware it was a U.S. target before the attack: "I’m willing to swear on a stack of Bibles that we knew they knew [that it was a U.S. ship]." Unmasked, Israel claimed it was a case of mistaken identity and offered its apology, which Lyndon Johnson meekly accepted on the grounds that "I will not embarrass our ally." When, in January 1968, Johnson received Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol to Washington and then invited him to his Texas ranch, relations were cozy.

[source : Kennedy, the Lobby and the Bomb, Voltairenet,, 2nd May 2013]

This possible attempt at provoking WW3 by Israel conniving with the USA to attack an Arab nation protected by Russia sounds remarkably similar to events of the last decade and may well have been the false flag attack to trigger Pike's WW3. At the time there was also The Vietnam War between the USA and Communism. And such a world war would have come just 20 years after the previous world war. Why wait for another 35 years to execute the inside Ziojob 9/11, risking much of the world waking up to the plan? This could also explain why a Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan was selected to assassinate RFK just as he was about to win the Presidency and take the USA out of The Vietnam War while developing a strong relationship with MLK.

Unfortunately the author does not address the assassinations of RFK and MLK, which with that of JFK are linked to Vietnam. There could have been a pro-Israeli extreme right wing faction in the USA that did indeed organise the JFK assassination and used the Cuban debacle to get Kennedy. But until such evidence does appear I strongly believe that
1. there is a centuries old plan for three world wars
2. that The Vietnam War was designed to keep "Communism in check" as per that plan
3. the Kennedys and MLK were assassinated to keep that war going
4. the attack on the USS Liberty was possibly designed to trigger WW3, but the circumstances at the time had possibly not quite matched Pike's plan because one component of the plan was that the world should be divided over the issue of Zionism v Islam, and I am not that sure that the world was that divided in 1967, but it is now. And was the world government apparatus in such an advanced state then that if all sovereignty had been ceded to it in the late 1960s then could it have coped and survived? But if the attack on the USS Liberty was designed to trigger WW3 then can we say that their plans are not just years but decades behind? I addressed this on my website.

WW1 finished in 1918.
WW2 started in 1939, 21 years later.
WW2 finished in 1945.
21 years later would have been 1966, the year Frontlet 615 was agreed and the year before the USS Liberty was attacked.

Something to think about on this beautiful mid-May morning in England, UK, Europe, Planet Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way, The Universal Siumulation.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Just a few days ago The Washington Post attacked Obama yet again for not directly intervening in Syria to force an illegal regime change. Editorials like that are becoming much more frequent. To add to this frequency, The Washington Post has today attacked not Obama but Secretary of State John Kerry for apparently conceding to Russia and agreeing to peace talks without any preconditions, such as Assad must go no matter what, and without arming the rebels before the talks.

Just a couple of weeks ago, The Post’s Karen DeYoung reported that the administration was moving toward providing arms to rebel forces.

Yet now Mr. Kerry seems to have reversed his strategy. Rather than taking steps to turn the tide against Mr. Assad and then inviting a dying regime to negotiate, he is rushing to convene a peace conference early next month in cooperation with Russia before applying any serious pressure. Instead of delivering arms to the opposition, Mr. Kerry on Tuesday suggested that “additional support” for the opposition would come only if “President Assad decides to miscalculate again” by refusing to attend the proposed conference.

This switch back to the multilateral diplomacy that has repeatedly failed in Syria is happening at a time when Mr. Assad not only is not feeling more danger, but has been making battlefield advances with the help of fresh fighters from Lebanon. If the regime’s calculations have changed, most likely they have swung toward greater confidence. Not a shred of public evidence suggests that Mr. Assad is willing to negotiate his own departure.

...It appears as if the administration again is hoping that the Russian government of Vladi­mir Putin will deliver Mr. Assad. The administration made that same wishful bet last year, only to be stiffed by Mr. Putin. Yet Mr. Kerry seems to have become a believer.

...As for Mr. Putin, there’s no sign that he has altered his principal objective in Syria, which is to prevent a regime change promoted by the West. Russia continues to deliver arms to Mr. Assad, possibly including a sophisticated missile system that would complicate any air attacks by the United States or Israel. The anti-American campaign Mr. Putin has been waging continues apace, as shown by the Cold War-style propaganda operation staged in Moscow Tuesday following the arrest of an alleged American spy.

Mr. Kerry is right that the ideal endgame for Syria is a negotiated settlement. But the administration’s rush to enlist Russia and the Assad regime in talks before acting to change the balance of forces on the ground means this initiative, like those before it, is more likely to provide excuses for U.S. passivity than an end to Syria’s carnage.

[source : Obama administration hopes Putin will deliver Assad, Washington Post,, 15th May 2013]

They are not happy. Not happy at all.


Today is Nakba Day, when the forced exodus of Palestinians by Zionist terrorists before and after Israel declared independence is remembered. Many were forced into The West Bank and The Gaza Strip.


Google is being attacked for allowing pornography to be too easily accessed after it emerged that Stuart Hazell, the killer of Tia Sharp, used Google to search for violent kiddie porn before he murdered Tia.
Obsessed: The Old Bailey heard how Stuart Hazell used his mobile phone to trawl the web for child porn before he killed 12-year-old Tia Sharp

Obsessed: The Old Bailey heard how Stuart Hazell used his mobile phone to trawl the web for child porn before he killed 12-year-old Tia Sharp

Google is under pressure to act over the ease with which Stuart Hazell was able to use the internet to fuel his child-sex fantasies.

Hazell was obsessed by paedophile websites and used his mobile phone to trawl the web for child porn before he killed 12-year-old Tia Sharp.

Police found searches including the terms ‘naked little girlies’, ‘illegal under-age incest pics’ and ‘schoolgirl abuse’ in his Google browser.

There were also Google searches for ‘violent forced rape’, ‘little girls in glasses’, ‘daddy daughter pictures’ and ‘under-age incest galleries’, and he visited a child abuse website on August 6 last year – as Tia’s body lay hidden in the loft of the home he shared with her grandmother.

Experts believe Hazell’s habitual use of violent and paedophile pornography on the internet saw him progress from petty criminal to child killer.

Last night child safety charities, including the NSPCC, demanded Google introduce immediate controls to stop monsters such as Hazell from getting access to child pornography.

John Carr, of the Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety, said: ‘If these images were not available on the internet then men like Stuart Hazell might not go on to kill.

‘We cannot blame the internet for the likes of Stuart Hazell but it has opened pathways that lead them on to violent pornography and paedophile material.’

Mr Carr wants web companies such as Google to trigger online warnings when attempts are made to access explicit sites. He also wants Google to make their ‘safe search’ facility the default on their web browser.

He added: ‘That is something Google could do overnight.’

[source : Now Google is in the dock over Tia: Internet giant under pressure over easy access killer Hazell had to child pornography, The Daily Mail,, 15th May 2013]

Google is already censoring many websites, but in particular InfoWars and PrisonPlanet.

A prominent U.S. political commentator has claimed that Google and YouTube are censoring various outlets from which the radio host broadcasts information.

In a video posted on YouTube on November 29, Jones claimed that articles hosted at two websites he maintains— and—have been blacklisted from Google News search results.

“We noticed two weeks ago—and we’ve done research and confirmed it—that, that for eight years has been accepted by Google News, has been completely banned,” Jones said. “No headline of PrisonPlanet.Com or is allowed into Google News.”

Now, Jones continued, YouTube has stated that it has frozen the YouTube account “TheAlexJonesChannel”.

Jones explained that he received notice from YouTube that the channel has been flagged for a “community guidelines violation”.

The content that the TheAlexJonesChannel allegedly uploaded in violation of YouTube’s “Community Guidelines” shows a U.S. Apache helicopter shooting journalists in Iraq.

[source : Google targets alternative press, censors PrisonPlanet and InfoWars: Alex Jones, Straight,, 30th November 2010]

So Google allows sick murdering pervs to access kiddie porn before murdering a girl, but blocks access to video showing a US military helicopter shooting journalists in Iraq?

This explains why apparently Bilderberg is merging with Google. Bilderberg drives the warmongering US foreign policy and is seriously linked to paedophilia.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


  • 9/11 was executed by Israel, Saudi Arabia and factions within the USA for Israel to start WW3 and/or to implement The Yinon Plan IN FULL, and
  • Obama has refused to intervene directly in Syria to oust Assad, forcing Israel to expose itself by attacking Syria itself in coordination with al Qaeda and forcing Israel to embarrass itself by ignoring Israel's claims that Assad had crossed Obama's 'red line' by using chemical weapons (which were lies), and
  • there was a gun/missile running operation out of Benghazi that Obama did or did not know about,
then they are prepared to kick Obama out to be replaced by a pro-war gimp.

Steve Pieczenik, who on The Alex Jones Show of 9th May 2013 claimed he took out Aldo Moro and called Abraham Lincoln a tyrant (as in sic semper tyrannis?) and is an expert in psychological warfare, recently praised Neocon Rupert Murdoch and Fox News for their coverage of Benghazi. Pieczenik went for the jugular on that show, even apparently disturbing Alex Jones with what he was alleging and calling for. Jones even questioned Pieczenik's integrity asking why he was still alive.

On the other hand, Webster Tarpley claimed that Benghazi was about the Carterization of Obama by The CIA Mormon Mafia to get Romney elected, when Romney and Netanyahu are long time buddies, linking the sacking of a number of US top brass, CIA double agents from Guantanamo, The Innocence of Muslims film to Neocon circles, and the fact that Mormon Jason Chaffetz sits on the committee investigating Benghazi and tried to divert the questioning to protect Petraeus and could have some decision as to who to question and with what questions. Tarpley investigated the murder of Aldo Moro.

In addition to this, Pieczenik criticised CJCS Dempsey a lot.

So with Obama refusing to intervene directly in Syria when the al Qaeda rebs are being liquidated by the Syrian Arab Army, The Washington Post much more frequently demanding intervention and an apparent capitulation to Russia for a negotiated peace, Obama is seriously under pressure in scandal after scandal. And yet there is no direct evidence linking him to the scandals? Lots of circumstantial evidence but as yet nothing concrete.

I personally wonder if this very revealing paragraph from Press TV last year has something to do with current events and scandals.
Some of the same high-level sources who point to Richard Clarke as the US boss of the Israeli-instigated 9/11 false flag operation also claim that President Obama, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Dempsey, and other powerful Americans are considering exposing the truth about 9/11 during a second Obama term. In other words, Obama's re-election could put Israel out of business, and get Netanyahu hanged from the nearest lamp-post.

[source : Israel seeks war on Iran to keep lid on 9/11, PressTV,, 21st September 2012]

I suggest:
1. do not get caught up in emotion and get rid of Obama yet. Yes, his policies are abhorrent; pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-euthansia through economic and health policies, preparing for a civil war with the American people by buying up ammo, etc.
2. call for a calm and thorough investigation into Benghazi, one that is not controlled by a Mormon
3. if Obama is found guilty then he has to go.

But I believe that Obama is definitely scaring quite a few people with his reluctance to escalate the violence that was supposed to occur after 9/11. He is embarrassing Israel and has made some peace overtures with Iran. And that was NOT in the 9/11 script!