Friday, August 31, 2012


Lizzi Phelan has posted a short documentary entitled Manufacturing Dissent, which looks at the complicity of the "unquestioning and pathetic mainstream media", as David Icke calls them, in the violence in Syria.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Last year UN SCR 1973 was twisted out of all recognition and abused to bomb tens of thousands of Libyan civilians to bits, arm and train al Qaeda and eventually assassinate a leader of a sovereign nation who had cooperated with the West in the Global War on Terror and had renounced his WMDs. This was after BSF were in Libya from the start of 2011 fomenting the 'civil war' for al Qaeda.

So if we showed so much interest in helping to destroy Libya, how is our reconstruction, our nation-building going so far?

Nearly a year after Gaddafi was assassinated and Libya is becoming more and more violent and unstable. The US State Department has recently revised its advice for travel to Libya due to this growing instability.
The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all but essential travel to Libya. The incidence of violent crime, especially carjacking and robbery, has become a serious problem. In addition, political violence in the form of assassinations and vehicle bombs has increased in both Benghazi and Tripoli. This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning dated September 22, 2011, and notes the resumption of full consular services to U.S. citizens on August 27, 2012.

Libyans cast ballots on July 7 in elections deemed to be free and fair according to election observers. Libya’s General National Congress replaced the Transitional National Council in August 2012 and will lead the country until elections are held on the basis of a new constitution. Despite this progress, violent crime continues to be a problem in Tripoli, Benghazi, and other parts of the country. In particular, armed carjacking and robbery are on the rise. In addition, political violence, including car bombings in Tripoli and assassinations of military officers and alleged former regime officials in Benghazi, has increased. Inter-militia conflict can erupt at any time or any place in the country. Seven Iranian Red Crescent officials were kidnapped July 31 in Benghazi by local militia members, and as of the date of this warning, they have not been released. There have also been several reports of militias briefly apprehending and detaining foreigners due to perceived or actual violations of Libyan law. The Embassy’s ability to intervene in such cases remains limited, as these groups are neither sanctioned nor controlled by the Libyan government.

U.S. Embassy Tripoli resumed full consular services for U.S. citizens in Libya on August 27, 2012.

U.S. citizens traveling to, or remaining in, Libya should use extreme caution and limit nonessential travel within the country, make their own contingency emergency plans, enroll their presence in Libya through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), and provide their current contact information and next-of-kin or emergency contact information.

[source : Travel Warning U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Bureau of Consular Affairs Libya, US State Dept,, 29/08/2012]

And as for advice to British travellers to Libya? It is virtually the same, but the advice is to only visit certain locations and keep your head down.
This advice has been reviewed and reissued with amendments to the Travel Summary and the Safety and Security section (explosions in Tripoli). The overall level of the advice has not changed. We advise against all but essential travel to Zuwara, Az Zawiya, Tripoli, al Khums, Zlitan and Misrata, and the coastal towns from Ras Lanuf to the Egyptian Border, including Benghazi; we advise against all travel to all other areas of Libya.

...In general, British nationals (including dual nationals) in Libya should keep a low profile and avoid all but essential travel in their local area and to other parts of the country, particularly at night. Law and order in the country is still being re-established and the threat from crime, including carjacking remains high. There is also limited police capacity to prevent or deal with the street crimes, including muggings. Make sure your homes and possessions are secured and valuables kept out of sight. Avoid carrying large amounts of money, valuable jewellery, watches or cameras, and keep mobile phones out of sight as victims may be targeted due to perceived wealth.

There is a high threat from terrorism. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. See Safety and Security - Terrorism.

[source : UK FCO,, 29/08/2012]

In other words, the place has become lawless. No wonder we haven't seen any photos of Hague and/or Cameron there!

And what these pages of advice fail to state is that al Qaeda flags flutter high in the North African breeze as black Libyans are lynched and executed by al Qaeda.


Robert Fisk redeems himself a little today, by introducing another spin on the massacre at Darayya, but still finds time to blame the Syrian government and use the term terrorist in quotation marks, i.e. "terrorist", as if they aren't.

The new spin on the massacre is that the rebs had taken civilian hostages in Darayya and demanded the release of their brothers-in-terrorism held prisoner by the Syrian military. Negotitations had been ongoing but the talks got nowhere so the Syrian military entered the town. And the implication is that is when the killing started.
The massacre town of Daraya is a place of ghosts and questions. It echoed with the roar of mortar explosions and the crackle of gunfire yesterday, its few returning citizens talking of death, assault, foreign "terrorists", and its cemetery of slaughter haunted by snipers.

[source : Robert Fisk: Inside Daraya - how a failed prisoner swap turned into a massacre, The Independent,, 2/08/2012]

However Fisk supplies one witness who said the killing occured before the Syrian military had entered the town.
One woman, who gave her name as Leena, said she was travelling through the town in a car and saw at least 10 male bodies lying on the road near her home. "We carried on driving past, we did not dare to stop, we just saw these bodies in the street," she said, adding that Syrian troops had not yet entered Daraya.

Other witnesses say the rebs broke into and trashed their homes and property, while others say most of the dead were Army conscripts or were, or were related to, government workers. The conscripts would of course be the men of fighting age reported in most media reports.

From this article it would appear that the rebs killed civilians, but Fisk's spin is that this only occured when the Syrian military entered the town, and that contrary to my first conclusion most of the dead are not terrorists but were civilians or captured Army conscripts.

On this evidence alone, how Fisk can use the word terrorist with quotation marks, i.e. "terrorist", is beyond me.

If only Fisk was aware of The Redirection or the speeches and books of General Wesley Clark exposing the plan for war on seven nations in five years that was enabled by the inside job 9/11, he would then be able to explain the presence and purpose of such "terrorists" in Syria...

But I am an independent blogger, not a journalist for The Independent.


A false flag chemical weapon attack in Syria has been exposed, involving mortars filled with chemicals being fired by the rebs and hundreds of vehicles converted into ambulances in Saudi Arabia. This has been confirmed by two different sources in different countries.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Further to my scepticism of the neutrality and objectivity of allegedly one of the nation's most respected journalists, Robert Fisk, during an interview by Fisk of the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem, when Muallem mentioned the Brookings Institution Fisk admits that he himself groaned, and Muallem comments that Fisk even laughed!
"We believe that the US is the major player against Syria and the rest are its instruments." But wasn't this all really about Iran? I asked, a dodgy question since it suggested a secondary role for Syria in its own tragedy. And when Muallem referred to the Brookings Institution, I groaned.

"You are laughing, but sometimes when you are Foreign Minister, you are obliged to read these things – and there was a study by the Brookings Institute [sic] called The Road to Tehran, and the result of this study was: if you want to contain Iran, you must start with Damascus…

"We were told by some Western envoy at the beginning of this crisis that relations between Syria and Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, Syria and Hamas are the major elements behind this crisis. If we settle this issue, they [the Americans] will help end the crisis. But no one told us why it is forbidden for Syria to have relations with Iran when most if not all the Gulf countries have very important relations with Iran."

[source : Exclusive: ‘We believe that the USA is the major player against Syria and the rest are its instruments’, The Independent,, 28/08/2012]

What is the definition of objective journalism?
Objectivity is a significant principle of journalistic professionalism. Journalistic objectivity can refer to fairness, disinterestedness, factuality, and nonpartisanship, but most often encompasses all of these qualities.

[source : wikipedia,

It's one thing to peddle lies and quarter-truths, but to mock one of your interviewees and report it is surely taking the limeade? Perhaps if Fisk explained why he mocked Muallem then we could perhaps forgive Fisk for this amateurish childish attempt at journalism.

The violence, NB I do not call it a 'civil war', in Syria was planned decades ago (and it could be argued centuries ago but that is for another blog). Since the inside job 9/11 a series of wars has been set in motion that was discussed in 1991 by Paul Wolfowitz and General Wesley Clark. Wolfowitz then became the focus of a Zionist cabal that published two warmongering documents, which called for a "new Pearl Harbor" to start a series of wars on Iraq and Iran, and who on 9/11, when the USAF was mysteriously AWOL while four alleged hijacked planes flew around the most protected airspace in the world unimpeded for nearly two hours to eventually fly into the WTC and even The Pentagon, were in charge of the military, government and media. Clark, before the dust had barely settled, was shortly after told of a classified plan to start war on seven nations in five years; Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. The plan stalled in Iraq so a Faustian pact was reached between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia to unleash Islamic extremists and terrorists of the worst kind onto Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. This occured last year in Libya, when this terrorist scum were given assistance by BSF from the very start, as revealed by the BBC. It is now happening in Syria.

And should Syria fall victim to this diabolical plot (but I don't think it will) then as Muallem said, Iran is next.

There is nothing funny about this. Children are being lynched by this terrorist scum that has been unleashed onto Syria. We can't trust the scum. We can't believe a word the scum say.


So support Syria, Syrians and the Syrian military as they cleanse Syria of this misled terrorist scum.

Syria could be doing us all a massive, massive favour by making Syria the graveyard for Islamic terrorists.

Monday, August 27, 2012


The NATO media has recently been leading their news bulletins with an alleged massacre of civilians at a small town near Damascus called Darayya (or Daraya). The totals of dead vary and are still rising. Virtually all reports state that most of the dead were men of fighting age. Images shown generally include many corpses in white blankets and some images of dead in the street. Some news items also include images of what appears to be about ten members of the Syrian military patrolling a street. This time the BBC does not (yet) appear to have used an image from Iraq!

But we have heard this kind of story before, of a massacre of civilians by the Syrian military just days before a meeting at the United Nations on Syria.

So what did happen at Darayya?

The NATO media narrative is that, for some still unexplained reason, the Syrian military bombarded Darayya and then went from house to house slaughtering everything and anything that moved, and all this just before a meeting at the United Nations on Syria.

But just like the massacre at Houla in May this year, this does not make any sense at all. For such barbarity would literally bring united international condemnation, even from Russia and China, and would very likely lead to the destruction of the Syrian government by NATO in the form of a No Fly Zone and weeks of bombing followed by a similar outcome to that in Libya last year.

So if this narrative is not credible, then what did really happen?

Some of the NATO media reports do repeat the Syrian government narrative, but to nowhere the detail that the activists say. The Syrian government say the town has been cleansed of terrorists. The NATO media do not offer any evidence to support this claim, but they do report accounts from alleged witnesses and residents of Darayya that support the NATO media allegation, that all the death is due to a bloodthirsty Syrian military who went on a wanton bloodlust. Some of this evidence is taken from 'activists' over the phone.

The most objective report in the NATO media I have seen of the Darayya massacre is from CNN! They have produced a video report[1] which at least refers to, and includes some very brief snippets from, a video report by the Syrian media company Al Addounia which shows a reporter walking the streets of Darayya and interviewing an injured woman who says she does not know who shot at her. But showing this brief interview is enough to bring the whole NATO media narrative crashing to the ground, because she is a survivor of this alleged massacre by the Syrian military but she says that she does not know who did it?! Surely if the Syrian military in their fatigues were roaming the streets shooting up everything and anything that moved she would say so, wouldn't she? But if it was a terrorist wearing ordinary clothing...then she couldn't say who it was, could she?

The same CNN report also states a very, very interesting fact that relates to the Houla massacre; Darayya was a confirmed FSA stronghold.

However, the CNN reporter makes the claim that the Al Addounia report does not give any evidence to support the Syrian government narrative. So where can you view this report by Al Addounia, to make up your own mind? This report and others can be viewed at the Syria 360 website[2]. The same site also repeats the news from the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) which I have not been able to access for weeks now, presumably because of DDoS attacks. Al Addounia has also been the subject of attacks by the rebs, including attacks on their HQ and on their reporters. The Al Addounia report is a little OTT towards the end, particularly with the dramatic music as the Syrian military is shown patrolling the streets cleansed of terrorists, but what cannot be denied is the relief on the faces of the civilians of Darayya as the Syrian military chase the terrorists out of Darayya onto farms on the edge of the town where the terrorists are defeated.

The civilians interviewed by Al Addounia state they had been too afraid to leave their houses for days, even to get food. Some were even chased or tricked out of their houses by the rebs, who said the Army was coming to kill them.

But where does this media management by the rebels come from? Earlier this year, as part of the package of 'non-lethal' aid, the rebs got British taxpayer money for training in media management, i.e. to hoodwink British taxpayers. And today The Daily Telegraph confirms this.
The schemes are overseen by the US State Department's Office of Syrian Opposition Support (OSOS) and Foreign Office officials. America has set aside $25 million for political opponents of President Bashar al-Assad while Britain is granting £5 million to the cause of overthrowing the regime.

Mina al-Homsi (a pseudonym) is one of the first graduates of the training.

She now spends her days plotting how to spread seditious messages throughout her homeland through her own network, named Basma.

One of its main activities is to repackage video shot by amateurs into a format that can be used by broadcasters.[3]

And what of UK media? Despite his denials, Robert Fisk does compare the Syrian Army with the Nazi Wehrmacht.
The attempted disconnect has already begun. Syrian troops are fighting at the request of their people to defend their country. The shabiha have nothing to do with them. And I have to say – and no, yet again, I am not comparing Bashar with Hitler or the Syrian conflict with the Second World War – that the German Wehrmacht tried to play the same narrative game in 1944 and 1945 and, then, in a much bigger way, in post-war Europe. The disciplined lads of the Wehrmacht never indulged in war crimes or genocide against the Jews in Russia, Ukraine or the Baltic states or Poland or Yugoslavia. No, it was those damned SS criminals or the Einsatzgruppen or the Ukrainian militia or the Lithuanian paramilitary police or the proto-Nazi Ustashe who besmirched the good name of Germany. Bulls***, of course, though German historians who set out to prove the criminality of the Wehrmacht still face abuse.[4]

Fisk has yet to report on the speech by General Wesley Clark at The Commonwealth Club of California in 2007 in which he relates how in 1991 Paul Wolfowitz told Clark that the USA had "5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet client regimes; Syria, Iran, Iraq.", and how Wolfowitz would become the focus of a Zionist cabal who wrote several warmongering documents, one of which stated the need for a "new Pearl Harbor", and who on 9/11 were in control of the US government, military and media as four alleged hijacked planes flew around the most protected airspace unimpeded for nearly two hours to eventually fly into the WTC and even The Pentagon, an event that was the catalyst for the recent wars on "those old Soviet client regimes; Syria, Iran, Iraq.". Over the last week Fisk has published a report on Syria every day. Even The Friends of Syria website has posted some of them, believing them to be genuine. You will notice that I have not posted these reports by Fisk.

Regarding Houla, we were initially told that the Shabiha and Syrian military did it. There was an immediate rush to judgement by many. But the facts began to emerge, and then the initial story did not make sense. Most of the dead at Houla belonged to just two families who were pro-Assad. Why would the Shabiha and Syrian military slaughter two pro-Assad families? The massacre occured just before a crucial vote at the UN. Why would the Shabiha and Syrian military slaughter two pro-Assad families and just before a crucial vote at the UN? Houla was a confirmed FSA stronghold. So how were the Shabiha able to walk the streets of a FSA stronghold unimpeded in their fatigues in broad daylight, and then why would they slaughter two pro-Assad families just before a crucial vote at the UN?


But the Syrian government narrative made much more sense; terrorists came to the FSA stronghold of Houla and demanded that the pro-Assad families join their Jihad against Assad, but the families refused, so the terrorists slaughtered them, and the whole crime was covered up by the FSA, who gave 'evidence' to the UN in Geneva by phone. The FSA would later try to send C4 Alex Thomson into no-mans-land to get killed, after telling him a load of bulls***.

It is a similar story at Darayya. Only this time the terrorists were caught and killed by the Syrian military. The dead men of fighting age were terrorists. They killed most of any civilians among the dead (I am willing to concede that a very small number of civilians may have been killed by accident by Syrian military shelling).

Just a few weeks ago the FSA claimed to have killed a Russian General. That same day the same Russian General gave a press conference in Moscow to say he was not dead.

We cannot believe or trust the FSA, from sending reporters into no-mans-land to get killed, to claiming to have killed a Russian General.

From the evidence I have seen I once again believe the Syrian government on this alleged massacre at Darayya.
1. virtually every NATO media report states that most of the dead were men of fighting age. This would make sense if they were terrorists.
2. Syrian reports clearly show civilians traumatised and terrorised into not leaving their houses, with some saying how civilians were killed by the terrorists, and the civilians relieved at the Syrian military chasing the terrorists away.
3. why would the Syrian military kill so many 'civilians' just days before a meeting at the UN on Syria?


Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Daily Star has again revealed the presence of British Special Forces in Syria. Earlier this year it was alleged that BSF would be used to create buffer zones inside Syria for the FSA. This latest claim is that BSF are at this very moment actually inside Syria hunting down WMDs.
NEARLY 200 elite SAS and SBS troops are in or around Syria hunting for Assad’s weapons of mass destruction, we can reveal.

The crack teams are deep in the war-torn country preparing to capture the deadly chemical arsenal when the president decides to use it or move it.

[source : SAS HUNT BIO ARMS, The Daily Star,, 26/08/2012]

The question that jumps to my mind immediately is, is that legal?

This week just passed, Syria gave its solemn promise and guarantee to Russia that it would not use its chemical weapons against civilians.

But just two weeks ago, it was reported that BSF were getting to know the Syrian rebs very very well indeed, having trained their leadership.
In an interview with Channel 5, Cameron said “we need to make sure Assad goes” as he admitted that British officials “are working very closely” with armed insurgents in Syria as they are “getting to know them better”.

Cameron’s remarks about UK officials’ efforts to know Syria’s armed rebels better come as a report published by the Daily Mail on 20 July, 2012 suggested that UK officials already know the insurgents well because the leaders of these armed insurgents were trained by Britain’s former Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers.

[source : UK bent on toppling Syrian government, PressTV,, 11/08/2012]

So, if there is any trouble with chemical weapons in Syria...

One scenario I can foresee is a Gleiwitz-esque operation in which some prisoners of the FSA are killed and dressed up in Syrian military uniforms and found with chemical weapons that the FSA were given which are claimed to come from the Syrian government.

Forgive my scepticism but the bastards did 9/11, killed a million in Iraq and have unleashed al Qaeda in Libya and Syria to get this far, so such an operation is not beyond them at all.


The Syrian military has again been accused of a massacre of civilians, this time at Daraya near Damascus. Numbers vary wildly. Some media say a few dozen, while Al Arabiya claimed it was 300. But what is not disputed is that, no matter how many dead were claimed, most of the dead were young men of fighting age.

Can I repeat that last bit again?

Yes, I can and I will.


That should tell you something.

Tim Marshall on Sky News commented on this alleged massacre on Sky News this morning. He could not confirm what was being claimed, but made very clear his scepticism of the allegation. Marshall stated that there was a pattern of alleged massacres just before meetings at the UN on Syria. Marshall also said there was a meeting at the UN about Syria this week.
Before each big UN SC meet on Syria there are reports of a massacre. Sometimes it's been true, sometimes it has not. but it is a pattern. - Tim Marshall ‏@Skytwitius,

France to chair UN meeting on Syria. Aug 30th. - Tim Marshall ‏@Skytwitius,

The most controversial of these alleged massacres was Houla in late May. The UN recently repeated its and the FSA's allegation, that the Shabiha, in cahoots with Syrian military, massacred civilians just before a crucial vote at the UN, which if passed would have meant a Libya-style operation against Syria. So it makes no sense whatsoever for the Shabiha to slaughter civilians, and pro-Assad civilians at that, just before such a UN vote. But what the UN report did not state was that
1. Houla was a confirmed FSA stronghold,
2. eyewitness accounts varied wildly and were incoherent,
3. eyewitness accounts were taken from FSA, and over the phone from Geneva.

The narrative we are asked to believe on the Houla massacre is that Shabiha, wearing fatigues, were able to roam the streets of the confirmed FSA stronghold Houla for several hours, in broad daylight, without any opposition from the FSA, and for no apparent reason slaughter two pro-Assad families, and then as one traumatised child under the guidance of the local FSA leader claimed, the Shabiha were then able to come back at night and slaughter some more. It really is a total load of bollocks when you think about it, and not very credible. But the Syrian government narrative is much more credible; that terrorists came to the town to demand that the pro-Assad families join the Jihad against Assad, but they refused and so the terrorists slaughtered them and it was covered up by the FSA, who lied to C4 Alex Thomson and then sent him into no-mans-land to get killed, and the slaughter was blamed on Assad and the Shabiha just before the UN vote to try to influence the vote.

And the FSA were able to do this because earlier this year British taxpayer money was given to the FSA for training in media management!

Whenever you hear stories coming out of Syria of massacres of dead civilians, or men of fighting age, you can rest assured that they were terrorists, and they are now dead.

Syria is quickly becoming a graveyard for terrorists. No matter how many terrorists NATO and al Qaeda ship in, they end up in body bags and/or in shallow graves.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


If Syria was a football match it would be the 88th minute with 1 minute of injury time and the score would be, the Syrian government 7 terrorists 1. The 1 minute of injury time would be for the Syrian military to mop up the last few pockets of terrorists. And the only way the terrorists could win is if they released a chemical weapon in the stadium and blamed it on the Syrian government.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Pearl Harbor is on tonight. If you do get chance to watch it take note of the symbolism in the first and final scenes.

The first scene is of a plane gliding with the sun behind it.

The final scene is of an obelisk.

The sun and an obelisk?!

Now who worships and uses those...?

But what is the significance of the gliding plane? Well, during the inside job 9/11 two planes glided into the WTC. I still don't know what hit the Pentagon, but I'd be surprised if it was a large passenger plane.

To me, this film rubs it in your face; they did the inside job 9/11. They told us before they did it. The film was released in May 2001. The film used very graphic imagery of the Pearl Harbor attack, much better than Tora! Tora! Tora!, and persuaded a generation or two that when America is attacked it can retaliate and be victorious.

On September 11th 2001...

Amerika! Fuck yeah!
Comin' again to save the muthafuckin' day! Yeah!


If you need any more proof of who runs Britain, no matter what colour flag flies over 10 Downing Street, then the refusal of Ken Clarke to leave his post as Justice Secretary should be it.

Clarke is the most senior Bilderberger in the Conservative Party. And it is Osborne, not Cameron, who runs 10 Downing Street (Osborne has been to several Bilderberg meetings in the last five years).

But have you ever known anyone to disobey the current Prime Minister and refuse to leave your post? I have not.

Perhaps there is more to this refusal than meets the eye...

David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle has been plunged into chaos because Ken Clarke is refusing to move and has warned the Prime Minister that firing him would ‘retoxify’ the Tory Party.
[source : Cameron's reshuffle in chaos as Clarke refuses to move and tells PM sacking him would 'retoxify' Tory party, The Daily Mail,, 20/08/2012]


If all Sweden wants to do is question Assange over allegations of rape then why did it not accept the offer of Ecuador and question Assange while he has been at the Ecuador Embassy in London claiming asylum?

This refusal could be because the whole idea is to get Assange on Swedish territory and extradite him to the USA, or for rendition (a fancy word for kidnap).

But there has been something not quite right about Wikileaks all along. It has been 'leaked' some questionable information at times that have been useful for some, in particular The Pentagon, while not publishing anything really that damaging for the likes of the USA and in particular the UK.

The 'leaks' that I question most occured in 2010 when Wikileaks hooked up with The Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegel and published a dump of leaks, called The Afghan War Diary, that implied that Osama bin Laden was alive and well and living it up in Iran, and that Iran was also running the Taliban in Afghanistan. During the first half of 2010 there was serious opposition in the USA to the USA staying in Afghanistan, and there was doubt that the US Congress would fund the 'surge' announced by Obama which would have meant cuts elsewhere in the Pentagon budget. But Wikileaks came to the rescue and on 25th July 2010 published The Afghan War Diary through The Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel, which gave the impression that Iran was protecting Osama bin Laden and Iran was running the Taliban. This gave other highly influential media outlets such as The Washington Post the opportunity to print photos of Osama bin Laden on their front pages, to remind US Congress of what he was alleged to have done on 9/11. And lo and behold, on 27th July 2010 US Congress surprisingly voted for an extra $40 billion to fund the 'surge'. Not bad, eh? The whole psyop would have cost a few million, at most, and all to get $40 billion.

This does not prove without doubt that Wikileaks is a psyop, but shows how it can be used by those it is allegedly against. Other leaks have damaged or attempted to damage Russia, or Putin to be more precise, at curious times.

Is Assange being left out to whip up more media hysteria and give Wikileaks more street cred for later 'leaks' that will possibly attempt to show that it was Iran, not Iraq or Osama bin Laden, who did 9/11?

Stay tuned to your favourite NATO media outlet for further developments.

Friday, August 17, 2012




The Guardian published a week or so ago that al Qaeda and the rebs are cooperating already!

And Hapless Hague just gave his heroes an EXTRA £5 million for 'non-lethal' purposes (such as lynching children?).

Hapless Hague's Heroes, eh.

They threaten to work with al Qaeda if we don't give them weapons when they are already doing so. But if we did give them weapons then that would destroy whatever credibility Hague has after he recently called Assad delusional for saying the rebs had foreign backing.

What a shower of sh...

Syrian rebel commander Abu Ammar has threatened to form an alliance with Al-Qaeda if the west fails to provide heavy arms in the effort to topple President Bashar al-Assad.

“We don’t want al Qaeda here, but if nobody else helps us, we will make an alliance with them,” Ammar, a rebel leader in the city of Aleppo told AFP, adding that Al-Qaeda fighters would “brainwash” Syrian rebels and create their own base of operations.

Another source described as an “anti-regime activist” also threatened to unite with the terrorist group if arms were not forthcoming. “The main aim is to stop this bloodshed in Aleppo. If neither the West nor the Arabs will help us, we will ask for the help of al Qaeda to stop the bloodshed,” he said.

Such threats seem fairly redundant given the fact that Al-Qaeda terrorists and Syrian rebels are already working hand in hand – with western backing.

As the London Guardian reported, far from there being a distinction between the FSA rebels and Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Al-Qaeda fighters, along with hordes of foreign fighters including many veterans of NATO’s previous act of regime change in Libya, are now commanding the rebels.

“We have clear instructions from our [al-Qaida] leadership that if the FSA need our help we should give it. We help them with IEDs and car bombs. Our main talent is in the bombing operations,” said former FSA rebel turned Al-Qaeda commander Abu Khuder, adding that Al-Qaeda fighters meet “every day” with Syrian rebels.

In addition, rebel fighters are routinely photographed wearing the Al-Qaeda motif. There are also innumerable You Tube videos that show opposition forces flying the Al-Qaeda flag.

While pro-rebel media outlets continue to portray Al-Qaeda’s presence in Syria as minimal, a report by the RAND Corporation concedes that “Al Qaeda has conducted roughly two dozen attacks, primarily against Syrian security service targets. Virtually all have been suicide attacks and car bombings, and they have resulted in more than 200 deaths and 1,000 injuries.”

The White House has not only failed to condemn these Al-Qaeda attacks – it has all but welcomed them – which is unsurprising given the fact that at a Pentagon briefing back in March it was concluded that special forces from the US, UK, France, Jordan, and Turkey would be used to “commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns, try to break the back of the Alawite forces [Assad's support base], elicit collapse from within.”

Following a bombing back in May that targeted Syria’s Military Intelligence Center, Ambassador Susan Rice subtly threatened that such attacks would continue until Assad stepped down.

Similarly, following a suicide bombing in Damascus last month, the White House responded by lauding the attack as a sign that the “window is closing” on Bashar Assad’s regime.

A recent article by Senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow Ed Husain virtually celebrated Al-Qaeda’s role in helping western-backed rebels overthrow Assad. Husain praised the fact that Al-Qaeda terrorists provided expertise, battle experience, and would “help improve morale” amongst Syrian rebels. “In short, the FSA needs al-Qaeda now,” he concluded.
[source : Syrian Rebel Leader Threatens To Form Alliance With Al-Qaeda If West Doesn’t Provide Arms, InfoWars,, 16/08/2012]

Thursday, August 16, 2012


A total psycho Professor at Oxford University has suggested that there should be screening of babies to allow the creation of designer children. Professor Julian Savulescu is Uehiro Professor of Eugenics Practical Ethics, and is the Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. Uehiro is Mr Eiji Uehiro, who does a lot of work with the Carnegie foundations. The centre itself researches
Bioethics especially cloning, stem cell research and genetics
Medical ethics
Just War Theory and terrorism
Business ethics
International justice
[source : About Us,, 16/08/2012]

Just War Theory sounds a lot like R2P to me.


These are not my words. They are the words of The Mother Superior at the Syrian monastery of St. John the Mutilated in Qaram in an interview with The Irish Times.

The FSA should really be called the FJA (Foreign Jihadi Army) or the HFA (Hague's Favourite Army), with their bandanas and AK47s and executions and terrorism and "Allah U Akbar"s.

There is no civil war in Syria.

Syria is experiencing a not-so-covert invasion of Jihadis of varying degrees of violence who are sponsored and/or supported by the USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan.

Syria was just one nation of seven targetted for war. And the inside job 9/11 enabled that series of wars we have seen in the Middle East since that murdered September day on which four alleged hijacked planes were able to fly around the most protected airspace in the world unimpeded for nearly two hours before flying into the WTC and even The Pentagon!

The Mother Superior at the Syrian monastery of St. John the Mutilated in Qaram, says there are very few Syrians among the Syrian "rebels," and she charges that Western news media coverage of ongoing violence in Syria has been "partial and untrue." The news coverage is a "fake," which "hides atrocities committed in the name of liberty and democracy," Mother Agnes Mariam said on video interview posted by the Irish Times.

She said that in Aleppo, foreigners came in, and went into civilian areas, and then they claimed that the Syrian army is bombing civilian areas. "We don't want to be invaded, as in Aleppo, by mercenaries, some of whom think they are fighting Israel. They bring terror, destruction, fear, and nobody protects the civilians," she said. She described one situation where rebels cut a man's finger off, and then beheaded him. She said that abuse of young girls, beheadings, and abductions by the rebels, are common.

Christians make up about 10 percent of Syria's population, and the Assad regime does not favor them, she said. "It is a secular regime based on equality for all, even though in the constitution it says the Koran is the source of legislation." But, she said, "Christians are less put aside than in other Islamic countries, for example Saudi Arabia." She added, "The social fabric of Syria is very diverse, so Christians live in peace."

The majority of Muslims in Syria are moderate and open to other cultural and interfaith elements, she said, but "Wahhabism is not open." There are "very few Syrians among the rebels," she said, adding, "Mercenaries should go home."
[source : Syrian Christian Nun: Western Media Coverage a "Fake", LPAC,, 16/08/2012]

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The UN has today released a report into atrocities and crimes committed in Syria. One massacre covered is Houla.

The Houla massacre occured just days before a vote at the UN Security Council, which if passed would have meant NATO bombing Syria like it did Libya last year. Tens of thousands of civilians were bombed to bits in Libya by the accurate NATO bombs.

The UN report boasts of many statements from witnesses, but fails to mention that the statements were taken over the phone, from Europe not Syria, and taken from FSA members.

But I addressed the absurdity of the allegation made against the Syrian military at Houla; that just before a vote at the UN Security Council, Shabiha entered the confirmed FSA stronghold of Houla and were able to stroll through Houla in broad daylight, in fatigues, unimpeded by the FSA, and for some unexplained reason decided to slaughter pro-Assad families (there were many narratives, including that there was one big attack, or that the shabiha attacked after prayers and then came back later at night, as one child under pressure related). It was later admitted by Alex Thomson of Channel 4, who had fallen for the FSA bullshit about the Shabiha in Houla, that the FSA, aka Hague's Heroes, had tricked him and deliberately sent him into no-mans-land to get killed.

The simple fact is that terrorists killed pro-Assad families at Houla and Hague's Heroes, the FSA, covered up for the terrorists and may well have dug up corpses of children to make the massacre look even worse than it was!

Hagues' Heroes, eh.

And Hague last week gave his heroes some more help with a £5 million bung for 'non-lethal' assistance.

How about £5 million for helping out those many 'dumb stupid animals', as Kissinger calls them, who have been injured while unwittingly protecting the opium in Afghanistan?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Luke Harding today shows us why he was kicked out of Russia. In an article in, yes you guessed it, The Guardian Harding attempts to portray the situation in Syria as 'complex'.
Syria's grinding 17-month war has typically been portrayed as a sectarian conflict. In this version, Bashar al-Assad's embattled Shia Alawite sect – about 10% of the population – is pitted against the country's Sunni majority. To an extent, this is true. But the reality is more complex.

...According to Baree, Syria's revolution has little to do with external forces, or Islamist radicalism. It is, he tells me, the product of Syria's own domestic dynamic and a logical reaction to the brutal behaviour of Assad.
[source : How a freedom-fighting pharmacist showed me the complex truth about Syria's sectarian conflict, The Guardian,, 14/08/2012]

Baree is a source of Harding, who Harding introduces to us by describing how Baree and his fellow rebels blew up two Syrian army tanks with roadside bombs, with Harding possibly by his side, so what can we say about their neutrality.

Anyway, Harding tries to paint the rebels as a mix of religions and lower class. This is the first time I have seen class brought into the argument, and could signal a new propaganda direction.

But the situation in Syria is much simpler than Harding paints it.

Ignoring for the moment how WW1 and WW2 were partially engineered to create Israel in the first place, we have solid evidence that the violence in the Middle East and North Africa since the inside job 9/11 has been engineered, and the planning for this began in 1991 at the latest. The evidence for this is the speech that General Wesley Clark gave to the The Commonwealth Club of California in 2007 in which he relates how in 1991 Paul Wolfowitz told Clark that the USA had "5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet client regimes; Syria, Iran, Iraq.". In the same speech Clark also relates how he was told shortly after the inside job 9/11 of a classified plan to wage war on seven nations in five years; Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Iran (this was when there was no evidence of the culpability of any of these nations in 9/11).

In 1996 a cabal of Zionists wrote A Clean Break for then PM of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu which called for action on four of the seven nations named to Clark; Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Syria. A few years later another cabal of Zionists created PNAC, who published Rebuilding America's Defenses in which they recognised the need for a "new Pearl Harbor" to convince a sceptical American public to go on a bloody warmongering rampage in the Middle East, among other plans. On 9/11 the Bush Administration was riddled with these Zionists, such as Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Cheney, who were in or on the edge of the Zionist cabal who had written A Clean Break and Rebuilding America's Defenses, while other members, such as Kristol and Kagan, were influential in public life such as journalists in influential media outlets.

In 1991 Wolfowitz told Clark that the USA had 5 or 10 years to clean up Iraq, Iran and Syria. Ten years later the inside job 9/11 occured.

On 9/11 the most powerful military machine in the world was mysteriously AWOL. An unusually large number of exercises on the day had dragged many USAF aircraft away from the North East coast of the USA, and those that were in the area were also involved in drills. But still, four hijacked planes were able to fly around the most protected airspace in the world for nearly two hours unimpeded and fly into the WTC and even The Pentagon itself! On the day of the inside job 9/11 Cheney was VP, Rumsfeld was Sec Def, and Wolfowitz was Dep Sec Def. The Zionist cabal immediately set to work, blaming Osama bin Laden but at the same time demanding the flimsiest evidence against Iraq. A special group called The Office of Special Plans was created by Wolfowitz and Feith (co-author of A Clean Break) to cherry pick the evidence against Iraq. At the time, you may have wondered about this obsession over Iraq shown by the likes of Cheney and Rumsfeld. This evidence from General Wesley Clark easily explains this.

So after invading Afghanistan (they had to because that's where the accused Osama bin Laden had been hanging out and where a lot of the world's opium is grown which the Taliban had eradicated), the cabal set out on its bloody adventure and embarked upon its plan for war on seven nations in five years, starting with the first name on the list, Iraq.

But Iraq quickly became quicksand. Despite trying to create a civil war there to stop the Iraqis uniting to repel the invasion, the USA got stuck. Syria was forced to withdraw from Lebanon in 2005 after the still unexplained murder of Rafik Hariri, which left Lebanon seriously unprotected. Then a minor war between Israel and Lebanon occured in 2006, after Israel contrived to send some IDF into an area known to be controlled by Hezbollah which led to the soldiers being kidnapped, but Israel was defeated by Hezbollah.

So by 2007, four years after invading Iraq, the plan for war on seven nations in five years had failed spectacularly. To get the plan back on track a Faustian pact was reached between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia to unleash vicious Islamic extremists and terrorists onto the nations on the hit list that had not been attacked. This was revealed by Seymour Hersh in The Redirection.

Last year BSF, as shown by the BBC earlier this year, were in Libya guiding and advising al Qaeda and associates right from the start in an engineered 'civil' war against Gaddafi. Gaddafi had cooperated in the GWOT, renounced his WMDs, given names of suspected al Qaeda to MI6 and CIA, and invested billions with Goldman Sachs in London (which GS allegedly 'lost'). NATO joined in after UN SCR 1973 was twisted out of all recognition and NATO bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed a path all the way into Tripoli for the Libyan al Qaeda rebs, which led to the assassination Gaddafi.

Today the next name on that hit list, Syria, is experiencing a similar invasion of Islamic extremists and terrorists, who are at the least sympathetic to al Qaeda, but everyday the influence of al Qaeda on the Syrian rebs is becoming more and more overt. Last year the rebs in Libya were portrayed as heroes without mention of their al Qaeda heritage. But in Syria the cat is out the bag and even the ants in my back garden know that the rebs in Syria are Islamic extremists, and in many cases terrorists, thanks to videos of executions and corpses being thrown off buildings while the sickos shout "Allah U Akbar!" and wave and fire their AK47s into the air.

This warmongering is all driven by Zionists. Israel was created through two world wars to start the third, which will involve the USA, Russia and China. The other main purpose of the two world wars was to create a world government, first the League of Nations, which failed, and now the United Nations, which has gradually assumed more and more power and control, but is still not yet an all-powerful world government dictatorship. An engineered world war between the USA against Russia and China over Israel is designed to create the all-powerful world government dictatorship that the NWO desperately want so they can wipe out at least 90% of the world population and get away with robbing us of hundreds of trillions in bailouts that we were unnecessarily signed onto by our corrupt wretches of politicians.

This is the simplicity of the situation in Syria.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Iran is trying unite Islam.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived on Monday in Saudi Arabia ahead of an extraordinary summit in Mecca expected to focus on the Syria conflict, on which Tehran and Riyadh have taken opposing sides.

...“This meeting is a chance for our country’s viewpoint to be explained transparently and for efforts to be made towards the convergence and protection of the interests of Muslim nations,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying.
[source : Ahmadinejad heads to Saudi summit, urges Muslim countries to show greater unity, Al Arabiya,, 13/08/2012]

This visit to Saudi Arabia comes after Iran has been rebuilding ties with Egypt, much to the annoyance of Saudi Arabia.

Far from shying away in the face of the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa, Iran has continued to reach out, in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, in the name of Islam. Knowing that relations between the Brothers and Saudi Arabia have not always been on an even keel, Tehran has multiplied its initiatives to prevent the new North African governments from joining the Saudi Fitna game of fueling conflict between Sunnis and Shiites. Egypt is the centerpiece of this diplomacy which, according to Ambassador Bhadrakumar, bears the promise of momentous change in the region.

...This is a development that holds the potential to shake up Middle Eastern politics — Iranian vice-president visiting Cairo. The two countries pulled down the shutters following the Iranian revolution in 1979 and a dark period continued right till the end of the Hosni Mubarak era. The revolution on Tahrir Square one year ago heralded a thaw, the first sign of which was the permission granted to an Iranian warship to cross the Suez Canal to visit Syria.

...Meanwhile, the military junta permitted a second Iranian warship to cross the Suez Canal, disregarding the stern rebuke by the United States and Israel (and the annoyance of Saudi Arabia). On its part, evidently with the acquiescence of Cairo, Tehran began inviting a series of Egyptian goodwill delegations from the civil society in a sustained effort to reach out to the various sections — especially the Islamist forces — of Egyptian society.

To be sure, a critical mass of opinion began accruing in Egypt, including within the Muslim Brotherhood, regarding the restoration of normal ties with Iran.

Enter Saudi Arabia!

Taking advantage of the economic crisis in Egypt, Riyadh offered economic assistance, but with strings attached. The bottom line for the Saudis is that Egypt shouldn’t dilute Riyadh’s regional campaign to “isolate” Iran. The main worry for the Saudis is that if Egypt, the biggest and most powerful Sunni Arab country, mends fences with Iran, the entire geopolitical thesis built around a contrived Sunni-Shi’ite sectarian schism which the US-Israeli-Saudi axis has been expounding as the centre-piece of the Arab Spring, would flounder.
[source : Tehran reaches out to Egypt’s Morsi, Voltaire Network,, 06/08/2012]

Iran also held a conference last weekend of the Non Aligned Movement at which representatives of approximately 50% of the world population discussed alternatives to the warmongering on Syria by the USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.


Last year as what became known as The Arab Spring got going and Egypt experienced a 'revolution', the two flag ship NATO media outlets, The Washington Post and Financial Times, printed articles and comments praising The Muslim Brotherhood.

In Five Myths About the Muslim Brotherhood[1[, Lorenzo Vidino, a visiting fellow at the Rand Corporation, argued that "the Brothers" are not the violent extremists they have been portrayed as. The five myths addressed were

1. The Muslim Brotherhood is a global organization
2. The Brotherhood will dominate the new Egypt
3. The Brotherhood seeks to impose a draconian version of sharia law
4. The Muslim Brotherhood has close ties to al-Qaeda
5. Washington can't work with the Brotherhood

Alex Abella was allowed access to the archives of The Rand Corporation, which was mocked in Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove as The Bland Corporation. Abella came to the conclusion that Rand wants World War 3.

Writing in the FT, Ed Husain, a senior fellow at the CFR and former member of the MB, said the MB have mellowed since he was a member[2].

But before the election in Egypt earlier this year which brought the MB into power, the MB were holding rallies at which the MB promised to "kill the Jews"[3].

There was an apparent dispute between the MB and SCAF in Egypt, with SCAF flexing its military muscle. But the Lillary Clinton visited Egypt last month and gave America's full support for a transition to a civilian government[4]. Yesterday Mursi sacked Tantawi, the interim ruler of Egypt and head of SCAF, in a move to remove the current power of the military[5].

RT today showed a report by Paula Slier that reported on the worry in Israel now that it is surrounded by Islamists of varying degrees of violence and persuasion, from the MB in Egypt, to al Qaeda types in Syria, to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

I have written several times about the trickery that the British ruling elite pulled to start world wars.

For WW1 they first, through Freemasonry, encouraged and armed the assassins of Arch Duke Ferdinand, and in the aftermath told Germany that Great Britain would stay out of any war on the European mainland. In the decades before WW1 Edward VII had created a series of alliances that would lead to WW1. Edward was Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. Upon Germany entering Belgium to get to Paris, Great Britain cited an obscure treaty it had with Belgium to protect Belgium and declared war on Germany. Thus started WW1.

For WW2 they first funded Hitler and the Nazi Party through Wall Street and allowed Hitler to build up the German military way beyond what was allowed by the Treaty of Versailles. Possibly unbeknownst to Hitler, the City of London and Wall Street were also building up the USSR at the same time. Hitler tried many times to forge an anti-Communist alliance with Great Britain. Edward VIII's support of Hitler gave Hitler the impression that he had a great deal of support in the British ruling elite. But when it came down to it, despite allowing Hitler to build up his military, despite the noninterventions when he invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia, and the support from the Royal family, when Hitler invaded Poland Great Britain declared war on Hitler. But this led to 'the phony war' during which not much happened because the USA would not join in. But then FDR and Churchill conspired, as exposed by Tyler Kent, and Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen to drag in the USA, and then the fireworks really began. Thus started WW2.

Have the MB been put into power to start WW3, as Rand want?

As exposed in The Redirection by Seymour Hersh, Israel with the USA agreed to an invasion of Syria by vicious Islamic terrorists supported by Saudi Arabia. Is this the equivalent of Great Britain telling Germany it would not join in any war on the European mainland?

[1] Five myths about the Muslim Brotherhood, The WP, 6/3/2011
[2] Egypt can bring in the Brotherhood, FT, 2/2/2011
[3] Muslim Brotherhood Holds ‘Kill the Jews’ Rally on Election Eve, INN,, 27/11/2011
[4] Hillary Clinton meets Egypt leader Mohammed Mursi, BBC,, 14/07/2012
[5] Egypt defence chief Tantawi ousted in surprise shakeup, The Guardian,, 13/08/2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012


It appears that BSF and the Syrian rebels have been getting to know each other.
In an interview with Channel 5, Cameron said “we need to make sure Assad goes” as he admitted that British officials “are working very closely” with armed insurgents in Syria as they are “getting to know them better”.

Cameron’s remarks about UK officials’ efforts to know Syria’s armed rebels better come as a report published by the Daily Mail on 20 July, 2012 suggested that UK officials already know the insurgents well because the leaders of these armed insurgents were trained by Britain’s former Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers.
[source : UK bent on toppling Syrian government, PressTV,, 11/08/2012]

Getting to know you (from The King and I)

Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me.

Getting to know you,
Putting it my way,
But nicely,
You are precisely,
My cup of tea.

Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me.

Getting to know you,
Putting it my way,
But nicely,
You are precisely,
My cup of tea.

Getting to know you,
Getting to feel free and easy
When I am with you,
Getting to know what to say

Haven't you noticed
Suddenly I'm bright and breezy?
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I'm learning about you
Day by day.

Getting to know you,
Getting to feel free and easy
When I am with you,
Getting to know what to say

Haven't you noticed
Suddenly I'm bright and breezy?
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I'm learning about you
Day .. by ... day.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Following the statement today from William Hague that the UK will be giving an extra £5 million to the Syrian rebs, the winner of Image of the Week goes to...Land Destroyer.

Perhaps we should now call our new heroes al Hague-eda?



LPAC are reporting that Obama's White House reversed a decision for Congress to remain in session so that they could not oppose his warmongering. Earlier this year Walter Jones introduced a resolution which would make it an impeachable offence for Obama to start war without Congressional authorisation.

Senior Democratic Party and intelligence community sources have all confirmed that the Tuesday unanimous consent in the Congress, reversing last week's House vote to remain in session through the August period, was engineered by the White House and was motivated, in part, to give Obama a free hand to unleash the Guns of August. According to the sources, Obama is now preparing direct U.S. military intervention in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime, given the recent on-the-ground setback for the armed Syrian opposition, which was routed in Damascus and is in process of being defeated in Aleppo. He did not want Congress in session while the option is put in place for such a U.S. move, the sources confirmed.
[source : Obama Demanded Congressional Recess as Free Hand for War, LPAC,, 10/08/2012]

This comes at a time when Netanyahu and other Israeli politicians have increased their war rhetoric on Iran while the Israeli military and intelligence are generally opposed to such folly.

This double whammy, a US war on Syria, probably in the form of a No Fly Zone imposed unilaterally without UN authorisation or a response to a false flag chemical weapon attack blamed on Assad, in parallel with a strike by Israel on Iran would definitely trigger WW3 and perfectly satisfy the plan attributed to Albert Pike.


At the press conference today held by William Hague at which Hague stated that the UK will be giving £5 million to the FSA for alleged non-lethal purposes, Hague claimed it was "the right thing to do".
Foreign Secretary William Hague says the UK's commitment of an extra £5m in non-lethal equipment to the Free Syrian Army is "the right thing to do".
[source : Syria conflict: UK to give extra £5m to rebels, BBC,, 10/08/2012]

No, it is absolutely the wrong thing to do...and they know it!

I watched the conference on Sky News. When a guy from Channel 4 news put it to Hague that with this support the UK was making the task of the replacement for Kofi Annan that much harder, because the support was an overt act of taking sides in a 'civil war', Sky News cut the feed. Yet the conference could still be viewed on the BBC. A few questions later and the BBC cut the feed while the conference was ongoing while Hague answered a similar but different question from a woman from ITV.

They know what they are doing. They are fomenting sectarian conflict to claim R2P. Assad had the FSA by the you-know-whats, but then Kofi Annan conjured up his piece of devilry, which gave the true terrorists time to arm their proxy Sunni terrorists, so that now the proxy Sunni terrorists are lynching children.

The right thing to do would be to stop interfering in Syria, to make the engineered conflict truly Syrian, and cease and desist from supporting the FSA and the rest of the gaggle of bandits, criminals and terrorists, and allow the Syrian military to cleanse Syria of the child-lynching Islamic terrorist scum without any criticism, condemnation or denunciation.


If the response of Sky News readers is anything to go by then William Hague is not the nation's most favourite man of the moment.

Hague is just about announce another £5 million donation to the FSA, for 'nonlethal' purposes such as communication and medical equipmemt, so he says.

The Sky News report on this calls this donation a 'boost', which has positive implications. But what photograph does Sky News use? A photo of a group of Islamists with AK47s presumably shouting "Allah U Akbar!".

But how is Great Britain responding to this use of British taxpayer's money? As of 1011 BST here are all the responses to the article. NB not one in support of Hague's decision to finance the child-lynching Islamic terrorist scum in Syria with £5 million of British taxpayer money (which we may have borrowed anyway thanks to the bankers).

And this is on Sky News, assumed to be Tory!

PS what is going on Syria is NOT, repeat NOT, a civil war. It is a not-so-covert invasion by Sunni terrorists being used as infantry for Israel, the USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

This is not about human rights nor has it even been Libya was for oil Syria is to weaken iran. If Willie hague really cared about democracy and human rights he would scrap are unelected leaders and Cut off all trade and apply sanctions to the saudi and bahrain regimes aswell as the israeli regime.

This is imperialism and re-colonialisation. - Daniel Meah

Can you imagine Hague's response if Iran said they were giving £5m to the EDL for example for communications equipment so they could better plan and coordinate their opposition to our government policies?

Mind you... it's not that much of a fair comparison... because however distasteful I find the EDL - they haven't tied up unarmed people and slaughtered them.... unlike the people that our government intends to reward with £5m. - Chidder

Nothing to do with us, lets keep our noses out.
Also charity should begin at home. As for that irritating Hague every time hear is voice it set my teeth on edge............... - Mark The First

Right. Then this unelected government should be absolutely fine in the event that another nation wishes to publicly fund and train terrorists to topple the UK "leadership". I'm sure cameron would love to see artillery and armed militia taking control of downing street.

This is what the torys are saying is okay to do? What a fine example to the rest of the world. Not only giving them ideas, but endorsing it at the same time. It seems terrorism is okay to these muppets as long as you call them "something" else other than "terrorists". Don't forget that what this unelected government is doing in syria by aiding and funding armed militia is by definition terrorism as it is all for political gain and nothing else.

Disgusting on so many levels.

Who the **** voted for these clowns. Do your country a favour at the next election. Don't vote at all. - Ricky Thomson

The same story they said on Libya (The want to free people of Libya, people has been living in peace since) and killed the only influential Africa president. You are supporting rebel and calling on Rwanda to help to disarm rebels from Congo. What is the different between Congo, Rwanda, Burundi etc rebel and Syria rebels?

American secretary of state (Hillary Clinton) is in Africa now, before December one rebel group will rise up against government and have they support. - upsonn

What has it got to do with us who Governs Syria? - neilly

@ running bear I couldn't agree more the British public should up rise against this weak government! - ben0197

All this giving the British tax payers money away to country's that dont diserve it and are nothing to do with us is geting past a joke, and is just another slap in the face for every over taxed, down-troden and disregarded British person. - stupot1

cameron and clegg borrowing more money from the banks at high interest to give abroad . Only the bnp will put british people first in how british money is spent - running bear

disgusting spending our tax payers coin on a civil war in a country that has got nothing to do with us,is there oil there by any chance? and why are they supporting the rebels who are breaking all laws in that country,if they do not wish to abide by the countrys laws more to another,simples! - tbell

I have written to the UN to ask them if they think its ok for our government to ignore the sick and old in favor of supporting terrorists then there is the question of the undemocratic practices used by the parties of this country to control and deny us fair representation - peoples man

OMG here we go again,a failed leader of the Cpnservative Party has decided he knows what is best for the Middle eatern country of Syria,this is and never will be our concern ,he has no right to spend taxpayers which we are borrowing because we are in debt to help destabilise another country - pascoe
[source : Britain Boosting Aid To Syrian Opposition, Sky News,, 10/08/2012]

Thursday, August 09, 2012


It is being reported that Israel, repeat Israel, has found that there was an unusually high number of phone calls between Bulgaria and Lebanon in the days before the bus in Burgas was attacked, yet there is still no evidence that Hezbollah did it. Immediately after the attack, and by immediate I mean minutes, Netanyahu had accused Iran and later Hezbollah. The Bulgarian PM has refused to repeat Netanyahu's accusations.

This indicates the attack was false flag.

Why? Because if Hezbollah was going to do it would it phone from home? Er, no. But if Mossad or some other Israeli agency, possibly outsourcing the job, wanted to frame Hezbollah then it would make many calls from Lebanon.

Remember that it was Israeli and Zionist nutters who wrote A Clean Break in 1996 and who were in control of the Pentagon on 9/11 who asked for the plan for war on seven nations in five years to be drawn up, and that list included Lebanon.

Also remember that when Rafik Hariri was assassinated in 2005 Syria was accused by the STL. Those accusations have now been dropped, after false testimony was given, and now Hezbollah is accused. Years ago the evidence incriminating Hezbollah was going to be revealed by the STL. But now, like the evidence incriminating Osama bin Laden for 9/11 is still to be revealed, the evidence against Hezbollah remains top secret.

All this warmongering in the Middle East was enabled by the inside job 9/11, when zionutters of PNAC, AIPAC and JINSA were in charge of the US military while it was mysteriously AWOL while hijacked planes flew around the most protected airspace in the world for hours without challenge, and those same zionutters had written in public documents of their desire for "a new Pearl Harbor" to convince the American public to go on a global warmongering rampage, taking out Iraq, Libya, Iran, Lebanon and Syria, i.e. Israel's enemies, but all the time with the ultmate target on Russia and China.

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

Israel has noted an unusually high number of phone calls between Lebanon and the city of Burgas in Bulgaria, in the three days before the terror attack last month in which seven people died, including five Israeli tourists, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

The Israeli and Bulgarian intelligence services still do not have clear evidence of Hezbollah's involvement in the attack.
[source : Report: Israel finds unusually high number of Lebanon, Burgas phone calls made before attack, Haaretz,, 09/09/2012]

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Organise your safe tribal war
Hurt maim kill and enslave the ghetto

Each day living out a lie
Life sold cheaply forever, ever, ever

Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers

Culture sucks down words
Itemise loathing and feed yourself smiles
Organise your safe tribal war
Hurt maim kill and enslave the ghetto

Each day living out a lie
Life sold cheaply forever, ever, ever

Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness
Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness

Life lies a slow suicide
Orthodox dreams and symbolic myths
From feudal serf to spender
This wonderful world of purchase power

Just like lungs sucking on air
Survivals natural as sorrow, sorrow, sorrow

Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness
Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness

All we want from you are the kicks you've given us
All we want from you are the kicks you've given us
All we want from you are the kicks you've given us
All we want from you are the kicks you've given us

Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness
Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness

Drive away and it's the same
Everywhere death row, everyone's a victim
Your joys are counterfeit
This happiness corrupt political shit

Living life like a comatose
Ego loaded and swallow, swallow, swallow

Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness
Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness
Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness
Under neon loneliness everlasting nothingness

Motorcycle Emptiness lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


The FSA boasted that it had killed a Russian General. But that same General has today held a press conference, and the Russian military says he was retired in 2010 and is alive and well in Moscow.
Russian military denies its general killed in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry has said reports that a Russian general was allegedly killed in Syria are a “brazen lie.” Such claims are rather an apparent provocation targeting Russian servicemen than reporting the news, the ministry's Press and Information Department told Interfax. General Vladimir Kuzheyev, who is mentioned in the reports, “was dismissed from military service in 2010,” the ministry said. “He resides in Moscow and is in good health,” it added.
[source : RT,, 08/08/2012]

Syria: A Russian General with the same name as the one the FSA say they have killed holds press conf in Moscow to say 'I'm not dead'.
[source : Tim Marshall ‏@Skytwitius,, 08/08/2012]

All along Assad has stated that Syria is being covertly invaded by Islamic terrorists, and he was and still is right, and should be supported as he and the brave Syrian military cleanse Syria of child-lynching Islamic terrorist scum.


Last year growth this year was predicted to be 2%. In May this was revised down to 0.8%. Today it is now near zero per cent. And this is still only August!
The Bank of England has cut its growth forecast to close to zero from the 0.8% predicted in May, as the double-dip recession intensifies.

The quarterly inflation report indicated no growth for 2012 compared with 2% predicted a year ago.
[source : Bank cuts growth forecast close to zero, BBC,, 08/08/2012]

What are the odds the final measure will be negative? From 2% to 0.8% to 0% to...?

We have multiple Bilderberger Captain Oik as Chancellor with his fascist austerity that is obviously not working, and Bilderberger Mervyn King at the BoE.

You can see where I'm going with this...


Two recent events in Syria indicate that things are becoming bigger and bloodier in Syria.

The first is the reported killing/execution of a Russian General by the FSA. This has potentially huge international consequences.
The Free Syrian Army (FSA) claimed responsibility on Wednesday for the killing of a Russian general in Syria who was working as a consultant to the Syrian defense minister and head of general staff of military affairs, it said in an announcement aired by Al Arabiya.
[source : FSA claims responsibility for Russian general’s death in Syria, Al Arabiya,, 08/08/2012]

The second is the attack on a Shiite family in Damascus by armed rebs which ended with the family being murdered and the lynching of the last surviving child.
Terrorists in Syria hanged a small Shiite child after killing all his family members in Damascus, human rights activists in Iraq unveiled on Monday.

According to a report by Iraq's Qanon news website, Iraqi human rights activists said that armed rebel groups attacked the house of a Shiite Iraqi family in the Seyede Zainab neighborhood in the capital city of Damascus, killed all members of the family and hanged the last one, a little child.
[source : Terrorists Hang Shiite Child after Killing Family Members, Fars News Agancy,, 06/08/2012]

A couple of quotes come to mind.

The first is the quote from the source for The Daily Star who, when revealing the presence of BSF in and around Syria, is quoted as saying
"This is all going like Libya but this will be bigger and bloodier."
[source : SYRIA WILL BE BLOODIEST YET, The Daily Star, 1/1/2012]

The second is a quote from a source in The Redirection by Seymour Hersh, which revealed the Faustian pact between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia to unleash Sunni terrorists onto particular countries who had been named in a plan for war on seven nations in five years which was revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside job 9/11.
"The last time Iran was a threat, the Saudis were able to mobilize the worst kinds of Islamic radicals. Once you get them out of the box, you can’t put them back."
[source : The Redirection, The New Yorker,, 05/03/2007]

There are a few ways to deal with these "worst kind of Islamic radicals", and they are the worst kind for lynching a child like that. One way would be to support Assad and the Syrian military as they cleanse Syria of this scum. Another would be to get onto terrorist supporter William Hague to explain himself and what he means exactly by 'nonlethal'; did the rebs who lynched that child use 'nonlethal' communications equipment, or 'nonlethal' intelligence that he willingly donated?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


There is some confusion about the presence of an eyewitness to the shooting at Oak Creek. Some reports say that a man with a 9/11 tattoo filmed the shooting, some reports say that police want to find the man and question him, while other reports say the police have questioned the man and are not seeking any other suspect in the shooting.

A man with a 9/11 tattoo who was seen videotaping the aftermath of the Sikh temple massacre was wanted by the FBI as a 'person of interest' though he was quickly interviewed and cleared.
[source : Neo-Nazi shooter who gunned down six at Sikh temple was former soldier who was leader of racist white-power band, The Daily Mail,, 07/08/2012]

At a news conference on Monday, Teresa Carlson, a special agent for the F.B.I., which is leading the investigation, said, “We don’t have any reason to believe that there was anyone else” involved in the crime. Law enforcement officials said earlier on Monday they wanted to speak with a “person of interest” who was at the temple on Sunday, but by late afternoon they had ruled out any connection between him and the shooting.
[source : Wisconsin Killer Fed and Was Fueled by Hate-Driven Music, NYT,, 07/08/2012]

The 'person of interest' that the Federal Bureau of Investigations was interested in talking with in connection with the temple shooting investigation has been identified, contacted, and ruled out as having anything to do with the incident, FBI spokesman Leonard Peace said at 2:45 p.m.

The man was observed taking video of family members gathered in a parking lot near the temple on Sunday, within an hour of the shooting. He was dressed in black, had a 9-11-01 tattoo, and did not interact with anyone at the scene.
[source : FBI: 'Person of interest' not involved in temple shooting, Journal Sentinel,, 06/08/2012]

So let's get this straight. Multiple witnesses inside the Sikh temple say there were multiple shooters, and all shooters were wearing dark clothing. This dead guy Page is one of the alleged shooters, and has a 9/11 tattoo. And then there is this cameraman, wearing dark clothing, with a 9/11 tattoo, and the Feds say he has nothing to do with it!?


Monday, August 06, 2012


Coordinated media coverage indicates that the staged event at the Sikh Temple at Oak Creek was indeed a staged event, and it was poorly executed because Aurora did not provide the desired outcome and it was a rushed job.

The NWO are losing their heads. They are deranged, demented, criminally insane.

The more flops like that they pull the more likely it is that something will go terribly wrong for them, and a shooter will get caught alive by citizens before the cops and/or feds arrive.

Sunday, August 05, 2012


To further honour our new allies al Qaeda a new batch of official al Qaeda merchandise, consisting of Action Man-type dolls fully equipped with a miniature AK47 and official al Qaeda flag, among other fun toys and gadgets, will be in the shops just in time for Christmas. You too will able to shout "Allah U Akbar" and mock execute a prisoner doll after a mock trial. You too can lynch a citizen doll from a miniature tree. Also available will be a miniature William Hague doll which comes with a miniature suitcase full of untraceable cash.

Thursday, August 02, 2012


Well, if the revelation today that Peace Prize winner Obama had signed a "finding" several months ago that the USA should meddle in Syrian internal affairs was not enough to prove the Annan 'peace' plan was a piece of devilry then Annan's statements upon his resignation should.
“There may be other plans, other approaches that may work quite effectively,” he said, adding that at this stage the focus should still be on a political transition which means “President (Bashar) al-Assad will have to leave sooner or later.”
[source : Annan quits as Syria peace envoy; says Assad will have to leave sooner or later, Al Arabiya,, 02/08/2012]

Annan's plan failed because he failed to grasp, at least publicly, the simple fact that a number of countries have decided that they don't want Assad in power any more so they have financed Sunni terrorists to do their dirty business for them, and that this naked aggression against Syria is just one in a series of wars that was enabled by the inside job 9/11.

Perhaps if Annan had told these countries to get everything of theirs out to make the crisis in Syria truly Syrian...?

But who will the totally biased Ban Ki Moon appoint as his replacement?

Perhaps this really is a case of the better the devil you know.


This is a comment to the Middle East Live blog of The Guardian.
The rebels were filmed murdering captives and the live blog was suppressed from the front page. Today Syrian troops are accused of massacre and the live blog is front page again. Double standards? - Mike944
[source : Syria crisis: two new 'massacres' near Damascus - live updates, The Guardian,, 02/08/2012]

The blog is reporting the alleged massacre of 87 'people' in Damascus, among other news today. To be fair, it does quote a member of the Berri clan who claimed their innocence of the crimes they are alleged to have committed.
They only started defending our area when it came under attack. We had nothing to do with what happened at the airport [scene of the reported killing of rebels] This was in the war between the government – now they are blaming us all. I am sure they have killed Ahmed and Jassem [his brother and cousin]. What will happen to their families? The children? What will happen to the rest of us? Some people were saying we are Alawites, we are not, we are Sunnis.

But here are a few more comments about the bias The Guardian (and the BBC) are showing.

Remarkable Gruniad!! Rebels film themselves shooting men in cold blood and also admit they did it and it is nothing but a footnote story buried in a hyperlink.
A story with the 'unverified tag' of rebel activists claiming that Assad's men massacred people in Damascus is front page with bells and whistles attached.

You would think the pretence of unbiased reporting may even be held up just for show. - notwired

I have to say the Guardians coverage of this conflict is absolutely appallingly one sided, if I didn't know better I would think that the articles were being written directly by the FCO. Show at least a semblance of balance please. And no I am not an Assad supporter at all, just hate biased reporting. - Dinosaw

It would seem that to the Guardian the FSA only do revenge killings while baby-eating Assad's forces kill people for the sheer hell of it. - stickie

And the Guardian is not alone. Did you see the way the BBC tried to qualify the footage, it "appeared" to show a massacre, the rebel leader "seemed" to admit it. Between BBC CH4 and the Guardian I'm not sure who would win the Joseph Goebels prize for propaganda on this one - Dinosaw

Let me get this straight: if the Syrian government kills rebels, it's called a "slaughter" or a "massacre" and is universally condemned. On the other hand, if the rebels kill Assad supporters, they're called "revenge killings" and in Western media reports they are glossed over by alleging that these 'shabiha' are baby-killing monsters, implying that the rebels are somehow justified in carrying out summary executions.

It's amazing how Western media are bending over backwards to present the news in favour of the rebels, even though it's becoming increasingly and abundantly clear that the rebels are pure scum. - medicinem4n

So why would The Guardian, Channel 4, BBC, and the whole gaggle of NATO media in operation in this DFK be so so biased in favour of the rebs?

Because they are being told to. If you have not done so look up Operation Mockingbird, in which intelligence operatives are embedded in media outlets to control information. That started decades ago, so just think how embedded it is now!

Anyway, the plan is for war on seven nations in five years, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., etc.... Syria is one of those lucky seven nations, like Iraq, Lebanon and Libya. As that piece of devilry The Annan Peace Plan started there was a confirmed cessation of violence. But as has now been confirmed the USA was arming the rebels with more and better weapons out of a NATO base in Turkey, encouraging them to ignore the cessation. So now we see the battles in Damascus and Aleppo. Elements within the USA did the inside job 9/11 to persuade the American public to go on this warmongering rampage on seven nations in five years. But that plan started in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq and it is now 2012. There needed to be an acceleration which was provided by the Faustian pact reached between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia to unleash Sunni terrorists onto those nations that had not been attacked. This was done in Libya last year. It is now being done in Syria.

And the evidence of the kind of animals that our governments are supporting in this diabolical scheme was shown in all its Islamic terrorist glory in the video of the execution released yesterday. We are expected to sympathise and excuse the executioners because one of them said there was a field trial with lawyers and the accused had murdered some of the FSA.

Not me. All I see is Islamic terrorist types shouting "Allah U Akbar!" and killing people with AK47s.

What the hell are we creating over there?!


Again, just before a UN vote on Syria it is alleged that the Syrian military raided a number of homes in Damascus and executed 43 people.
A raid by Syrian security forces near the capital Damascus killed 43 people, some of whom were tortured and executed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Thursday.

“Regime forces entered the Jdaidet Artuz district (southwest of Damascus) on Wednesday and arrested around 100 young people who were taken to a school and tortured,” the watchdog said in a statement.

“On Thursday morning after the operation the bodies of 43 people were recovered. Some of them had been summarily executed.”

...Meanwhile, the U.N. General Assembly will on Friday vote on an Arab-drafted resolution calling on Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad to stand down, as the deadly fighting continues unabated in his country.

The resolution is largely symbolic, but diplomats say it is a sign of the anger and frustration felt by many nations at the failure to agree international action against Assad over the escalating conflict.

The United States has again criticized Russia and China for vetoing three U.N. Security Council resolutions which had raised possible sanctions against Syria.
[source : Morning raid kills 43 in Damascus; some tortured, executed: NGO, Al Arabiya,, 02/08/2012]

The reports of these deaths come from the highly dubious Coventry-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


When I first heard and read that Kofi Annan had been drafted in to devise a peace plan for Syria, and then read the terms of the now infamous six point plan (that placed so much onus on Assad) I called it a piece of devilry, and knew it was designed to stop the Syrian military from destroying the Sunni Islamic terrorists to give the terrorists, such as those shown in video yesterday executing prisoners, time to regroup and rearm. A month or so ago it was confirmed that the rebs had been receiving more and better arms, that the CIA was channeling the arms, and that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were financing the rebs with hundreds of millions of dollars.

It has now been revealed that Peace Prize winner Obama signed a "finding" that allowed USA intelligence agences (not just the CIA) to assist the Syrian rebs.

But when was this "finding" signed?

It was unclear when the president signed the authorization for Syria, but the sources said it was within the past several months.
[source : Obama authorized covert support for Syrian rebels, sources say, CNN,, 02/08/2012]

"Several" could mean any time this year, but when I use the phrase "several" I mean around 4 or 5. This would put the time this "finding" was signed as at the same time that the Annan 'peace' plan was being agreed.

Russia could very easily halt this naked aggression against a sovereign nation by repeatedly showing the videos of General Wesley Clark relating how and when he was told of the plan for war on seven nations in five years. Stephen Lendman began to address this last week on RT but was quickly shut up.

But more importantly Syria could do the same.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


The video of the apparent execution of four Shabiha that was heavily edited by Sky News can be found at and is embedded below. I am embedding it show you just what kind of Islamic animals with AK47s you could be supporting.

But before you watch that watch this, lifted from The Guardian website, of what appears to be a trial of some sort.

[source : Syria crisis: rebels 'execute shabiha' in Aleppo - live updates, The Guardian,, 01/08/2012]

Here is the unedited video of the execution.

The two men in the two videos are apparently the same man. And if so then it looks like there was a swift trial of this man for whatever crime, if any at all, an unbiased trial of course, with representation and evidence, and then followed by immediate execution.

And all the while the Allah-U-Akbars and AK47s fill the air.

And this is just one of a long line of executions by the extremist Islamic terrorists that were inserted into Syria as part of the redirection agreed by the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia to overthrow Assad as part of the plan for war on seven nations in five years that was revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside job 9/11 that was allegedly committed by animals like this.

Listen again to the violence; the Allah U Akbars, the relentless automatic gunfire.

Sick! Sick! Sick!

This is what our governments are supporting. Remember we had a Covenant of Security with animals like this.

Ladies and gentlemen. Please be upstanding for the new national anthem.

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
Allah U Akbar

Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
Allah U Akbar


Sky News has consistently been anti-Assad and pro-reb. Yesterday its propaganda was a story on a woman joining the rebs. Today it is showing a video that was posted online of the apparent execution of four members of the Shabiha in Aleppo. The video is very violent. It does not explicitly show the execution but little is left to the imagination. Four men looking bloodied and battered are dragged out of a building, made to kneel down and then constant automatic gun fire is heard for a minute or so. The video does not show the four men being shot but the sounds imply that many many bullets are fired into their bodies.
Graphic new footage has emerged that it is claimed shows rebel soldiers in Syria lining up and shooting dead pro-government milita members.

The two-minute video seems to show members of the Shabiha, a militia group aligned to President Bashar al Assad's regime, being killed. They appear to be unarmed.
[source : Syrian Rebels 'Kill Pro-Regime Militia', Sky News,, 01/08/2012]

Throughout the report the rebs carry AK47s and shout "Allah U Akbar!".

So what is the propaganda value in this report?

First, if the video is real then it is a warning to the pro-Assad forces that this is their fate.

Second, we are asked to sympathise with such barbarity through this statement:
Sky correspondent Alex Rossi, reporting from the Syria-Turkey border, said the Shabiha are "feared and reviled in equal measure".

"They are blamed for things like the Houla massacre on May 25 in which 108 people were killed, 49 of them children.

"It would be understandable why, in the heat of war, they may be killed in this way. Certainly the Geneva convention doesn't hold much sway in this conflict.

But we all know that Houla was carried by the terrorists and covered up by the FSA who even pressured children into telling lies!


It is being reported by NBC News that the Syrian rebs now have SAMs that were delivered to them via Turkey. The USA is denying they supplied them, but I am reminded of Charlie Wilson's adventures in Afghanistan when Wilson was the conduit for similar weapons from the CIA to the Mujahideen. If Bandar were still alive would he be directing activities of the rebs in Syria? If so could he do so overtly? And is he someone the CIA could trust in delivering these SAMs?

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