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I read about this woman Louise van der Velde last week, maybe weekend. She was in the paper saying how great her love life was having four lovers, describing each one; an electrician, a businessman, a fitness instructor and someone else (I can't remember). Her husband died a few years ago. She has said she was happily married. She has written in The Sun about how great sex was with her husband when they used Viagra, but also said that this destroyed that intimacy that keeps lovers together.

But she now says that marriage is a prison, outdated and a joke.

For whatever reason she was invited onto This Morning to discuss marriage with the resident Agony Aunt. She apparently lost the viewing public vote. But what concerns me about this is that:
1. This Morning did not invite anyone on to the show to discuss why we are supporting al Qaeda in Syria but bombing them to death in Mali and Algeria.
2. But they did invite someone on to call marriage a joke, outdated and a prison.
3. The Illuminati want to destroy marriage and the family.
4. Of all the colours to wear this woman wore the Illuminati colours red and black.

Here she is describing her experience using Viagra with her husband.
Louise van der Velde, 33, is a relationship therapist and tantric sex expert.

I was scared as I handed the chemist a prescription for Viagra. As a woman picking up sex pills, I got a very strange look.

My hubby, who was a doctor, wanted to experiment, so he broke the law by writing a prescription on an old pad.

We checked into a hotel and had mind-blowing sex. We didn’t get out of bed for two days and nights.

We would each take a pill and, about 20 minutes later, I would feel hot and tingly all over, but especially around my pelvis.

Then we’d make love for two or three hours non-stop. I’d have at least eight orgasms, and Steve would come three or four times.

We’d sleep for a few hours, take another pill and start again. It was addictive. We’d soon used up our eight tablets – and we wanted more.

So I went out with another prescription and got arrested. The pharmacist had called the police.

It was embarrassing. We were in the papers and my husband was fined for falsely obtaining Viagra.

My experience made me realise Viagra could actually be a hazard.

All that rampant sex meant missing out on the first stage of love-making, the kissing and stroking that builds intimacy and keeps a couple together.

I began looking for ways to experience incredible sex without pills. I discovered tantric sex, which led to a new, successful career.

Read more:

But here she is describing her fantastic marriage to a husband Stephen, who was found dead at the bottom a cliff, and is thought to have thrown himself off for an unstated reason.
Therapist Louise Van der Velde was left devastated when her doctor husband Stephen McEwen, 34, ended his life, leaving her alone to bring up children, Jordan, now 15, and Chloe, ten.

Here, Louise, 37, from Camberley, Surrey, tells her story:

“Stephen and I had a real connection. He swept me up in a whirlwind romance and six months later, in January 1998, we got married.

We made the decision to start our married life abroad and moved out to Spain.

Stephen built a reputation as a GP while I worked as a therapist at our private practice.

We had a wonderful life with Jordan. Five years later, daughter, Chloe, followed. Stephen was a devoted dad. He would carry her everywhere.

Stephen and the kids used to love dressing up as wizards.

But when Chloe was about six months, the stresses of normal life began to take their toll.

Stephen was highly respected but he required a lot of support from me and talked about the pressures he felt in his job.

But Stephen was never one to admit he had a problem.

I knew he’d dabbled in prescription drugs as a student in his 20s, as many young doctors do, but he began taking more and more tablets.

I confronted him but he always played it down, insisting he was fine.

Eventually though, things came to a head. It got to the stage that Stephen wouldn’t come home after work on a Friday night, finally turning up on a Monday or Tuesday.

Desperate for some kind of release, he was having these complete blowouts away from everyone and everything.

It became obvious his issues were more serious than I’d realised and although he continued to bottle up his problems, Stephen agreed to fly back to England to get help.

The plan was for him to get better then re-join me and the kids in Spain.

Not long afterwards, in March 2004, I had some work in London. Jordan and Chloe stayed with a nanny in Spain while I flew there for a couple of days.

It was a high point for me. I was looking forward to spending some quality time with Stephen, who was up in Durham.

I was so happy that he was getting better. Then the phone rang. It was 11am on March 3, 2004 and it was my secretary in Spain. She told me that she’d just taken a call explaining that Stephen had been found at the bottom of some cliffs in Durham. He was dead.

He was just 34 years old.

I can’t put into words how I felt in that moment.

Utter disbelief gave way to hysteria. I was inconsolable.

I was on autopilot as I travelled back to Spain to break the news to the children.

I had no idea what to say, how could I explain their dad had killed himself?

Chloe was only little but Jordan, who was eight at the time, was beside himself. He was distraught that he hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye. Why had Stephen done it, and why hadn’t I seen how awful he was feeling?

Given my work as a therapist, I felt I somehow should have seen what was happening, and my grief was mixed with guilt.

Then all the practical considerations kicked in.

Suddenly I was effectively a single mother, not only dealing with all the trauma that Stephen’s death had brought, but also struggling to cope with all the practical and logistical challenges.

I felt frustrated, that the whole situation was unfair.

Stephen had left me with everything to deal with on my own, and to some extent I felt he’d taken the easy road out.

I thought we had the fairytale, that we’d be together always and for ever. I’m just grateful that my work has given me the tools to cope, and to help my children deal with their emotions too.

For those suffering as a result of a partner’s sudden death — I’ve been there.

It’s tragic and awful and you can’t see a way out.

But know that, in time, you will grow from the experience.

To those feeling that suicide is their only option I’d urge them to talk to somebody and confide your issues.

The fear of something is always going to be worse than the reality. Nothing is ever that bad. There is always a way through it.”

Louise has written a series of books called The Transformation on grief and loss. Learn about them, and more, at

Read more:

Something is not right with all this. She writes that her marriage was fantastic, but then her husband allegedly commits suicide, then she starts seeing four men...AT THE SAME TIME..AND WRITES ABOUT IT IN THE PAPERS!

Is she genuine? Is she unwittingly being used to push an agenda?

I am not stating that this woman MUST be Illuminati, but we do have to ask how she, with this curious and bizarre background and history, first saying she was very much in love and happily married but now describing marriage as a joke, was able to appear first in national newspapers, then on national TV, wearing the Illuminati colours red and black, to call marriage a joke and outdated when the Illuminati want to destroy marriage.

And to repeat, she lost.

But they'll be back.

They'll be back, destroying marriage, then pushing paedophilia, then pushing murder.


Eustace Mullins was financed by Ezra Pound to write about the Federal Reserve system. Pound detested WW1 and blamed international finance, i.e. the Jews, and subsequently apparently at least sympathised with if not supported Hitler and Mussolini and attacked Communism. We now know much more about these two fascist murderers than Pound did at the time. Mussolini was a British agent writing propaganda for the British during WW1, and was given hundreds of millions of dollars by Wall Street. As for Hitler, he was supported by the British elite in eugenics and was financed by the Rockefellers to research racial hygiene, he was given a lot of technology and patents that enabled the Wehrmacht to wage a long war, and was allowed to build the Wehrmacht way beyond what was permitted by the Treaty of Versailles (in order to wage WW2 against FDR-supplied Russia).

In 1944 Pound published America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Present War in which Pound states
(4) The fourth period covers the twelve years of Jackson (eight) and Van Buren (four), but the decade of 1830-40 has disappeared from the school-books. The public knows, and schoolchildren get taught, that Jackson killed a few Redskins, chewed tobacco, and beat the English at New Orleans, after the peace of Ghent, but before news of its signing had arrived. This military victory of the Hero of New Orleans was nevertheless of service to America, for no one will be so ingenuous as to suppose that London would have observed the treaty had the British forces won the battle.

But the real war was the war between the bank and the people, waged and won for the people by
Jackson and Van Buren.

This is the fact that explains the silence of “history” and the small respect paid to Van Buren
throughout the whole period of American decadence, which dates from Lincoln’s assassination.

Pound was infamous for his radio broadcasts from Italy during WW2 for which he was arrested when the USA invaded Italy. These were later compiled and edited by Leonard W. Doob and entitled Ezra Pound Speaking. Pound accuses FDR of joining a war for the gold standard and for being influenced by the Jews and calls for America's youth not to be sacrificed for this. He saw Hitler and Mussolini as standing up to gold and the Jews. Here is Pound in his broadcast 26th February 1942 in which he quite clearly states that anything that FDR says that has any sanity is copied from Hitler and Mussolini.
It is to be supposed that you are all running round hot and bothered, like headless chickens, no man understanding another. And the pathological brainstorm in the White House after years of robbing the country dipping into the Treasury, years of frothing at the mouth about Mussolini and Hitler, in mid January comes out with a discourse and EVERY single item in it that has a trace of sanity is IMITATED from Mussolini or Hitler.

Pound does seem to rant a bit in his broadcasts, but there are nuggets of truth in there. Take this nugget from 2nd March 1942 about a reason for WW2:
Do you stand, those of you who are above goose gangster level, for the obliteration of all occidental civilization? If NOT, why join the Anglo Jewish clique which has been and still is out professedly and openly for the obliteration of Europe? Western Civilization, all of it that you have still got.

The truth in this nugget is that "the Anglo Jewish clique" did indeed set out to destroy Europe; they created both Hitler and Stalin, who at first were allies invading Poland together, but then Hitler's obvious and manipulated hatred of Communism came forth and he invaded Soviet Russia in Operation Barbarossa. Stalin, supplied by FDR, repelled the Nazis all the way back to Berlin. Central and Eastern Europe was destroyed, and France was partially destroyed. The point is that after WW1 neither a European government nor a world government had been accepted. But after WW2 we got the EU and the UN. This is the aim. Pound continually states that the gold standard is the aim and to get all the gold in Fort Knox. Oh yes. All the gold in Fort Knox? Is there any now? But what about a world government dictatorship?

Another nugget of Pound's from 26th February 1942:
Nevertheless I am convinced of at least one thing. The present war should NOT be allowed to degenerate into a 30 years or even ten years beano for Knudson and the other sustainers of speed-ups and sweating, chain table.

Work ’em up in six years, was the old Jamaica slave owners system. Do the young men, and only young men can stand it, last SIX years at the Knudson band assembly systems? Jews paid by Schiff in New York got hold of Russia and turned the whole land into a sweat shop. Watch your step, brother, it CAN happen to you.

Here Pound predicts the war would last 6 years. WW2 lasted SIX years. And yes, Jacob Schiff did finance The first Russian Revolution. He bragged about it. Lenin was sent into Russia by the Warburgs on a sealed train and completed the revolution in October.

There is now absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the Rothschilds and their ilk, such as the Warburgs and the Schiffs, have played a huge part in steering modern history. This makes sense because they are allowed to create money out of thin air while the rest of us work our arses off just to put a crust of stale bread on the table. But they are merely Hofjuden.

But thanks to Michael Kirsch we now also know much more about Jackson and van Buren and the manipulation and lies that surrounded the destruction of The Second Bank of The United States. We now also know much more about Mussolini and Hitler. Pound supported these with varying degrees of strength.

We must not fall into this trap. Pound is correct to point the finger at "the Anglo Jewish clique". It is real. It exists. It has a set of goals consisting of a world government dictatorship over a technologically controlled and vastly reduced human population. But we must not twist history to fit into a view of history that fits our prejudices.

Why would Mullins write that Clews stated the 1837 panic was engineered by the Bank of England and the Rothschilds when Clews did not state this? Perhaps Pound's prejudices influenced Mullins to write this. If anything Clews blamed Jackson and van Buren. And Mullins even states that Jackson made the Rothschilds the bankers to the USA. Why would Jackson, the alleged Rothschild-hater, do this? The only explanation is that Jackson was a traitor.


This lyric from the Bay City Rollers cover came to me this morning when I read more details of the illegal Israeli bombing of Syria.

Several claims have been made about what was attacked, ranging from a convoy of weapons bound for Hezbollah to a military research installation. It doesn't matter. As with everything Israeli it was illegal.

But this latest dangerous attack is a consequence of Benjamin Netanyahu's imminent demise as a politician. Jeffrey Steinberg writes in EIR that the recent election has caused a shock in Israeli politics.
Going into the Jan. 22 Knesset elections in Israel, nearly every pundit and pollster in Israel and the United States was forecasting an overwhelming electoral victory for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing and ultra-Orthodox bloc of parties.

But when the dust settled, Netanyahu had suffered a humiliating defeat which raises serious questions about Israel's direction in the near future.

...Al-Monitor Israeli correspondent Ben Caspit called the vote a "resounding vote of no-confidence," and a "devastating political blow" to Netanyahu. While President Shimon Peres is still expected to ask Netanyahu to attempt to form a new government over the next 30 days, it is unclear what kind of coalition Bibi will be able to cobble together, not to mention whether he will be able to govern, even if he does succeed.

[source : Bibi Netanyahu's Humiliating Defeat, EIR,, 1st February 2013]

The result may have been a shock to most, but not to me. Indeed I said that Netanyahu was politically finished shortly after his latest bloody adventure in Gaza late last year. The Israeli people are more concerned about creating a fair and just society with a sound economy and peace. Netanyahu cannot deliver any of this because Netanyahu is a fascist warmonger. And this latest attack on Syria is his latest folly to prove this.

Since the Israeli election the Holocaust has been milked much more than usual. A cartoon of Netanyahu published in The Times was criticised for actually depicting the truth. Now an attack on Syria. But why now? May it have something to do with the nomination of alleged anti-Israeli Chuck Hagel?

Israel's abuse of Gaza and The West Bank is isolating Israel more each day.

The UN GA effectively gave Palestine statehood.

The Israeli people want peace and a sound economy.

And Israel's involvement in and planning for 9/11 and the subsequent wars is becoming more evident by the day, with President Obama threatening to go public, documentary evidence in the form of A Clean Break, Rebuilding America's Defenses and General Wesley Clark's revelations, and it indisputable that the wars have targeted Israel's enemies such as Iraq, Libya, Syria and soon Iran.

The Israeli people have had enough.

The Israeli military and intelligence apparatus has had enough.

The world has had enough.

It is time for Netanyahu to resign before he drags the whole world into a hell which was planned 150 years ago and from which we will not recover.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It has been blindly accepted by some that the Rothschilds caused the panic of 1837 in the USA because Andrew Jackson killed their bank The Second Bank of The United States run by their agent Nicholas Biddle. The source for this appears to be Secrets of The Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins. One of the sources that Mullins uses for this claim is Twenty Eight Years in Wall Street by Henry Clews. Here is what Mullins says about the 1837 panic.
John Pierpont Morgan was born in 1837, during the first money panic in the United States. Significantly, it had been caused by the House of Rothschild, with whom Morgan was later to become associated.

...Henry Clews, the famous banker, in his book, Twenty-eight Years in Wall Street, states that the Panic of 1837 was engineered because the charter of the Second Bank of the United States had run out in 1836. Not only did President Jackson promptly withdraw government funds
from the Second Bank of the United States, but he deposited these funds, $10 million, in state banks. The immediate result, Clews tells us, is that the country began to enjoy great prosperity. This sudden flow of cash caused an immediate expansion of the national economy, and the government paid off the entire national debt, leaving a surplus of $50 million in the Treasury.
The European financiers had the answer to this situation. Clews further states, "The Panic of 1837 was aggravated by the Bank of England when it in one day threw out all the paper connected with the United States."

The Bank of England, of course, was synonymous with the name of Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Why did the Bank of England in one day "throw out" all paper connected with the United States, that is, refuse to accept or discount any securities, bonds or other financial paper based in the United States? The purpose of this action was to create an immediate financial panic in the United States, cause a complete contraction of credit, halt further issues of stocks and bonds, and ruin those seeking to turn United States securities into cash.

But does Clews actually say this?

I believe not.

Clews writes a whole chapter on the 1837 panic, Chapter XIX Old Time Panics. Clews explicitly states the following:
1. The Second Bank of The United States under Biddle was doing a good job of regulating a stable currency
2. Jackson withdrew government deposits from the Second Bank of the United States and placed these funds in state banks (were these banks run and/or owned by Jackson's friends?)
3. Jackson sold off government land, i.e. privatisation.
4. This combination fuelled a credit bubble and speculation in land which was bought by investors using notes issued by the state banks in which Jackson had deposited the funds removed from the Second Bank of the United States.
5. Jackson was able to clear the government debt from these land sales (but had Biddle done most of the hard work before?)
6. Jackson then issued the Specie Circular which demanded “that all collectors of the public revenue to receive nothing but silver and gold as payment”.

What Clews says is damning of Jackson
The crisis came in 1837, and was hastened by the "Specie Circular," which was the last official act of President Jackson, and which pricked the bubble of inflation.

Apparently public opposition to this circular
was so strong and universal, that a bill went through both houses of Congress partially repealing it."Old Hickory" did not yield to Congress, however, and though he did not veto the bill, he delayed signing it until after Congress adjourned, thus preventing it from becoming a law.

And far from praising Jackson, Clews even appears to criticise Jackson and his VP Martin van Buren. After describing the aftermath of the crisis, with investors losing everything and failures in New York amounting to $100,000,000 Clews mocks
Such were the good old times of financiering when General Jackson and his successor, Martin Van Buren, sat in the Executive chair.

Regarding the influence of The Bank of England on the panic, Clews appears to suggest that the damage had already been done by Jackson when the Bank of England reacted in self defence.
The panic of 1837 was further aggravated by the action of the Bank of England which, in one day, threw out all the paper connected with the United States. The banks on this side refused to discount paper, and as a retaliatory measure in self-defense the business men and speculators withdrew their deposits from the banks.

In other words Mullins is taking liberties in describing the 1837 panic. Clews does not explicitly state that the Bank of England and the Rothschilds engineered the panic because Jackson killed their bank, as is suggested by Mullins in the quote at the top. On the contrary, Clews has a negative view of Jackson's handling of government finance, and blames Jackson's land privatisation, unrestrained credit expansion and Jackson's Specie Circular for the panic, which forced the Bank of England to react. Indeed this would actually suggest that Jackson was a British agent!

And this brings me back to the most excellent report How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States by Michael Kirsch in which it is clearly shown that Jackson, despite having fought the British in New Orleans, came under the influence of a nest of Anglophiles around Martin van Buren and was given the task of destroying The Second Bank of The United States because it was financing growth very well. This Jackson did very well.

If you have not done so already you should read Clews' book, Chapter XIX.

This brings into question not only Mullins, but everyone who has used this book as a source. There are several claims that are made that can now be brought into question. For example, was Biddle really an agent of James Rothschild? What is the evidence?

And doesn't this have a familiar ring to it; banks create a credit bubble based on land and property which is then pricked to cause a panic? 1837? Or 2007?

And one last thing. Apparently Jackson placed US government funds in the NM Rothschild bank in London! The source is The Pressure of 1836: The International Origins of the panic in 1837 by Jessica Lepler.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


This is how one researcher described DNA.
"All we're doing is adapting what nature has hit upon—a very good way of storing information,"

[source : Storing Digital Data in DNA, Wall Street Journal,, 24th January 2013]

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


There is a large schism within the anti-New World Order movement, and I think it can be exemplified The Second Bank of the United States.

One side worships President Andrew Jackson for destroying the bank. Evidence backing this side is Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins in which it is claimed that Nicholas Biddle was a Rothschild agent, as was Alexander Hamilton. Another source is The Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin. Another is The Money Masters.

The other side detests Jackson, claiming that he was an agent of the British with the order to destroy the bank because it was financing the rapid growth of the United States of America and threatening the British Empire. The finest evidence to support this is How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States by Michael Kirsch available at LPAC.

Claim and counter-claim is made; The Rothschilds controlled the bank but the hero Jackson destroyed it and in retaliation the Rothschilds caused panics and sent over some agents versus Jackson was a tool of the Anglophile pro-slavery South tasked with destroying the bank that was financing industry and fuelling rapid growth.

This is what it is all about.

Who is telling the truth?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Two reports in the UK media reveal the attitude the BBC has to the human race.

In The Daily Mail David Bellamy gives the reason why he has been shunned by the BBC; he doesn't believe in man made global warming.
‘From that moment, I really wasn’t welcome at the BBC. They froze me out, because I don’t believe in global warming. My career dried up. I was thrown out of my own conservation groups and I got spat at in London.

[source : The BBC froze me out because I don't believe in global warming: Outspoken as ever, David Bellamy reveals why you don't see him on TV any more, The Daily Mail,, 22nd January 2013

And in The Daily Telegraph David...sorry Sir David Attenborough rants about his hatred of the human race, calling us "a plague"!
"We are a plague on the Earth. It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so. It’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now," he told the Radio Times.

[source : Humans are plague on Earth – Attenborough, The Daily Telegraph,, 22nd January 2013]

So are you "a plague"?

Attenborough was promoted by the BBC and continues to work with them, yet Bellamy was silenced.

There has been no global warming in the last 20 years. See Lord Mockton's report at

How much does Attenborough know about international finance and bankers? Or engineered weather systems? Or The Cult of Death behind the United Nations?

Sweet FA!

If he does know then he is in league with them.


I have received some inspiration as to how to make things happen, and I am not dying without trying.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Nice one, Jesse and team!

I have had this technology deployed on me since 2000, from sounds of shotguns and aggressive dogs barking and growling going off in my head just as I was about to fall asleep, amongst other types of EM harassment, which has started to occur almost every night again after a period when it was used only on Sunday nights and before that on the nights before I had a job interview.

I shall definitely be checking out Robert Duncan and his book Mind Hackers.


Friday, January 04, 2013


Writing in The Bilderberg Washington Post Zbigniew Brzezinski calls for diplomacy in US policy on Iran, and not a war which Brzezinksi warns could ignite the whole region and benefit Russia.

Recent Israeli media reports have cited a former member of President Obama’s National Security Council staff predicting a U.S. attack by about midyear.

...Although the president has skillfully avoided a specific commitment to military action by a certain date, the absence of a negotiated agreement with Iran regarding its compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will inevitably intensify some foreign and extremist domestic clamor for U.S. military action, alone or in coordination with Israel.

...Iran, in retaliating, could make life more difficult for U.S. forces in western Afghanistan by activating a new guerrilla front. Tehran could also precipitate explosive violence in Iraq, which in turn could set the entire region on fire, with conflicts spreading through Syria to Lebanon and even Jordan.

...To make matters worse, the most immediate beneficiary of ill-considered recourse to war would be Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which would be able to charge Europe almost at will for its oil while gaining a free hand to threaten Georgia and Azerbaijan.

[source : Iran should be key topic at hearings, WP,, 4th January 2012]

But isn't it Brzezinski who is the dude advising the Old and Decrepit World Order that they had better get their arses into gear because we the people are waking up and waking up very very fast...and getting very pissed off at the stuff that they have done and plan to do to us?

This is rather confusing advice, for it would appear that the foot is being taken off the pedal in the rush to war in the Middle East. But isn't that why they did 9/11? Such a war would be a quicker way to get a world government established. That is how the United Nations was eventually accepted, after years of bloody ridiculous unnecessary world war. WW1 nearly did the trick, but the USA voted out of it so WW2 was engineered and...BINGO! The trauma and chaos of a world war can work wonders with the human psyche. Since the UN was accepted it has gradually assumed more and more global control, with continental governments such as the EU also assuming more and more power.

But they are not there just yet.

Perhaps they think they are so close that they can tiptoe quietly over the line while the fluoride heads are glued to their TVs watching the Superbowl?

Why risk a world war that could shake the rest of humanity from its slumber?

But just a few days ago the same WP Editorial lamented Obama's policy on Syria. With Syria gone Iran would be virtually alone in the region. But then also possibly more compliant.

But isn't it interesting that Brzezinski mentions Syria only once, and then warning that it could ignite if Iran is bombed, as if Syria is currently a haven of peace and tranquility?

But for once Brzezinski has actually said something that is absolutely correct : NO WAR ON IRAN

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