Sunday, January 28, 2007


Those are the words of George Galloway MP, spoken in Parliament this last week, to describe what would happen to UK troops in Basra should there be an attack on Iran by the USA and/or Israel and/or UK. We have already seen the potential for such a reaction in Basra, and I would concur with Galloway's prediction.


"...Let me invite the House to contemplate this and see if I am as right about this as I was about Iraq four years ago. If a finger is raised against Iran by Israel or the United States, the first people to pay the price will be the 7,000 young men and women of the British armed forces that we have stationed in the south of Iraq, where Iran, thanks to us, is now top dog. If Members want to know what that will look like, think about the film "Zulu", but without the happy ending. That is how irresponsible our Government are. They are part of an axis that is contemplating a war against a country that we have made powerful in a place where we have our soldiers standing in a thin red line in the sand.

For the moment, the trial of Tony Blair merely takes place on Channel 4 television. The day will come, and it is coming soon, when a real trial of Tony Blair will take place in a real court.


Something for certain people to fear, me thinks.

Yesterday the Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev told the World Economic Forum at Davos that Russia has now become a creditor, is writing off debts, and has a chance of becoming the world's largest oil producer, bigger than Saudi Arabia.

So does this mean that the Well Fed will lose influence across the globe?

I shall have to look into what Russian "credit" actually means; are we talking real hard cash being loaned, or virtual money such as paper or electronic money.

But it looks as if another country may have escaped the clutches of the Rothschilds. The USA did that under Old Hickory Jackson. A few decades later it suffered a London/Freemason-engineered civil war that ripped America in two leading to a siginificant change in the banking structure of the USA.

Will the same happen to Russia soon?

Saturday, January 27, 2007


The Sun is reporting on Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust which has asked its nurses and doctors to work for no pay in order to ease a £16.7million debt.

Meanwhile in Iraq our military has been used to liberate Iraqi oil wells for Anglo-American Oil corporations after Blair told us they would be placed in a trust?

ce monde...c'est crazee!!


Nurses told to work for free

January 27, 2007

AN NHS Trust has asked nurses, doctors and other staff to work one day for FREE — to ease a £16.7million debt.

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust said “just one extra day of work without additional pay as a voluntary contribution” would help to ease the financial crisis.

The work-for-free plan was drawn up after debts threatened a deal to build a £300million privately-financed hospital and mental health unit at Pembury.

But the plan has sparked a furious response from health campaigners.

Geoff Martin, of pressure group Health Emergency, said: “Nurses and other members of the health care team are called on to work for nothing so that speculators and banks can cream off another fat profit from an NHS private finance initiative


Is Dick Cheney to be the sacrificial lamb?

Last week I posted "9/11 Was An Inside Job", which made reference to where Cheney was on 9/11, and his 1999 speech to the Petroleum Institute in which he labelled the Middle East as containing a prize, a vast oily prize.

There has been only one beneficiary of 9/11; OIL CORPORATIONS.

Read this lot;
Iraq in Talks With Chevron, Exxon

By SPENCER SWARTZ Dow Jones Newswires
© 2007 The Associated Press

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LONDON — Iraq is in negotiations with Chevron Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp. to build a new $3 billion petrochemical facility, and is in talks with several other Western companies over industrial projects.

In an interview Thursday, Iraq's minister for industry and minerals Fowzi Hariri said the discussions with Chevron and Exxon began this week in Washington and are at an early stage.

"It will be one or the other company for this new facility, not both," he said. "We're hoping to have a (Memorandum of Understanding) in place by about July."

Hariri took his first trip to Washington early this week and met with several companies about industrial projects. The other leg of his trip took him to London, where he also met with a number of firms.

The minister, who has been in his post since last June, said the issue of security was a prominent feature of the discussions, given the sectarian conflict that has come to characterize Iraq over the past year. He said he emphasized to the companies that much of the violence has been in Baghdad. "What you see on the television is real ... but it's concentrated in the capital," said Hariri.

The discussions with the companies have been greatly aided by an Iraq foreign investment law that won final approval last October, he said.

Hariri said he hoped discussions with ABB Lummus, a unit of Swiss-Swedish electrical engineering company ABB Ltd., Dow Chemical Corp. and KBR Inc. over rehabilitating existing facilities would lead to tentative agreements by around March. "This is what we're hoping for but we will see," he said.

So Exxon is listed as being a prime beneficiary of the privatization of the Iraq oil industry.


Rockefeller: Cheney applied 'constant' pressure to stall investigation on flawed Iraq intelligence
By Jonathan S. Landay
McClatchy Newspapers

Chuck Kennedy/MCT
Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-WV, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, speaks to reporters.
Cheney increasingly on the defensive
Durbin calls Cheney 'delusional'

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney exerted "constant" pressure on the Republican former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to stall an investigation into the Bush administration's use of flawed intelligence on Iraq, the panel's Democratic chairman charged Thursday.

In an interview with McClatchy Newspapers, Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia also accused President Bush of running an illegal program by ordering eavesdropping on Americans' international e-mails and telephone communications without court-issued warrants.

In the 45-minute interview, Rockefeller said that it was "not hearsay" that Cheney, a leading proponent of invading Iraq, pushed Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., to drag out the probe of the administration's use of prewar intelligence.

"It was just constant," Rockefeller said of Cheney's alleged interference. He added that he knew that the vice president attended regular policy meetings in which he conveyed White House directions to Republican staffers.

So is Senator Jay Rockefeller sticking the boot into Cheney?!

But hang on a minute. Who controls Exxon, and is thus a prime beneficiary of all the lies and manipulation over the invasion of Iraq?

Both Exxon and Mobil trace their roots to the late 19th century, when American industry was booming in numerous sectors - steel, railroads and banking, to name a few. The nation's young petroleum industry picked up the pace, too, to meet the growth in demand for kerosene, lubricants and greases.

John D. Rockefeller acquired a diversity of petroleum interests during that period and, in 1882, organized them under the Standard Oil Trust. That same year marked the incorporation of two refining and marketing organizations -- Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey and Standard Oil Co. of New York. "Jersey Standard" and "Socony," as they were commonly known, were the chief predecessor companies of Exxon and Mobil, respectively.

For both companies, the remainder of the century was a time of expansion beyond America's shores. Large "kerosene clippers" enabled overseas shipments of products in bulk quantities. Affiliates and sales offices of the two companies spread across Europe and Asia. Standard Oil's MEI FOO kerosene lamps introduced illumination across China and opened a vast new market.

In 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the dissolution of the Standard Oil Trust, resulting in the spin-off of 34 companies, including Jersey Standard and Socony. In the same year, the nation's kerosene output was eclipsed for the first time by a formerly discarded byproduct - gasoline. The growing automotive market ultimately inspired the product trademark Mobiloil, registered by Socony in 1920.

Yes, that's right! Exxon is, and always has been, Rockefeller.

So Cheney ran those terrorist drills on 9/11, but it went all wrong and those pesky Islamic terrorists hijacked the drills and killed 3000 people. Oh dear, I guess America is just going to have to invade Iraq and liberate all...that oil?

But now there's trouble at th'mill. Cheney's chief aide is in court. Someone's gotta fall on their sword to keep the public happy so they don't ask too many awkward questions.

What organization are Cheney and Rockefeller members of? The Council on Foreign Relations, which was created with the Royal Institute of International Affairs as a means for Great Britain to exercise its covert control over the US political system. Blair recently wrote a rant for the CFR mag "Foreign Affairs" asking for more blood to be spilled (though not his) in the bogus, made-in-Great-Britain GWOT.

Oh, how are the mighty fallen.

Friday, January 26, 2007


What will be the date of the first strike against Iran?
March 13th (13/3)

What will be the name of the operation?
Operation Albert Pike


Was Andrei Luguvoy expendable?

Luguvoy worked for Berezovsky. Is it possible that Luguvoy is being framed? His defence is that his wife and children have tested positive for Polonium-210. Would he risk the lives of his children?

But by possibly framing an ex-employee of Berezovsky a bargain could be struck in which Great Britain gets Luguvoy, who may well be innocent and though accused may well be found innocent, while Russia gets Berezovsky.

And if Russia gets Berezovsky then there are some who would consider that a price of $10 million for the Polonium-210 would be a price worth paying to get the billions in assets back and see Berezovsky behind bars.


UK wants to try Russian for Litvinenko murder

· Diplomatic clash with Moscow expected
· Kremlin could ask for billionaire Berezovsky in return

Ian Cobain, Julian Borger and Luke Harding in Moscow
Friday January 26, 2007
The Guardian

The British government is preparing to demand the extradition of a Russian businessman to stand trial for the poisoning with polonium-210 of the former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko. Senior Whitehall officials have told the Guardian that a Scotland Yard file on the murder which is about to be passed to the Crown Prosecution Service alleges that there is sufficient evidence against Andrei Lugovoi for the CPS to decide whether he should face prosecution.

The government is already bracing itself for the cooling of relations with Moscow, which it believes will be an inevitable consequence of an extradition request. The request could be made as early as next month and government officials are convinced the Kremlin will demand, in return, the extradition of Boris Berezovsky, the Russian millionaire oligarch who was granted asylum in the UK.


The Federal Reserve; fraudulent fractional reserve banking system and the gangsteresque IRS.

Mobile telecommunications, mobile phones, wireless internet and now death ray devices.

America is the land of the fleeced and home of the microwaved.

I hold these truths to be self-evident.


The US Military has been experimenting with microwaves for decades, for mind control (beaming sounds and messages directly into the brain, clouding thoughts etc) and physical pain/death.

There is an anti-war demo in Washington DC tomorrow. So the US Military has decided that now would be a good time to unveil its "crowd control" device to the public.

These things at the correct strength and wavelength can cook internal organs resulting in death, or at the least cause skin to burn. They are labelled as "non-lethal"!?

They can also be used for both physical and psychological torture.


January 25, 2007 -- Pentagon PSYOPs directed against Saturday DC anti-war marchers. First, the corporate media attempted to ignore the January 27 anti-war march on Washington. As the Internet and progressive talk radio spread the word about the march and groups around the nation began to mobilize their members to participate in it, the Bush administration -- now armed with all sorts of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) "non-lethal" toys, decided to stage a test of an anti-crowd microwave weapon, code named "Sheriff," in a demonstration for the media at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia.

On January 24, the military demonstrated its Active Denial System (ADS) millimeter wave directed energy beam in a test designed for the media, and hence, the public. Using enlisted airman, acting as "rioters," as "guinea pigs," a beam was directed at them from a parabolic antenna located 500 yards away atop a Humvee. The wave heated the skin of the "rioters" to 130 degrees, creating the feeling in the targets that they were being burned alive, scattering them in the process. The military pointed out that the beam can penetrate winter clothing (which will be worn by those participating in Saturday's march) and 1/64th of an inch under the skin. As with any electronic weapon, it is clear that the "juice" can be turned up on Sheriff to cause more than a nasty skin burn, including internal organ damage, blindness, and death.

The weapon was developed under a contract awarded by the Pentagon's non-lethal weapons program office at the Quantico, Virginia Marine Corps Base to Raytheon.

The public testing of such a weapon by the military just prior to what may be the largest anti-war march in Washington since the Vietnam War is a clear message by the Pentagon to marchers that the millimeter wave technology exists and is deployable. Psychologically, most people find the idea of being burned alive frightening and this Pentagon "show and tell" was an obvious ploy to scare away marchers, especially those planning to bring their families.

However, marchers should keep in mind that a Humvee is no match against hundreds of thousands of marchers and that any attempt to use such a weapon would have one shot before an angry crowd descended on the vehicle and rendered it useless as both a weapon and a vehicle.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The State of the Union speech last night contained just one reference to 9/11.


For America, this is a nightmare scenario. For the enemy, this is the objective. Chaos is the greatest ally -- their greatest ally in this struggle. And out of chaos in Iraq would emerge an emboldened enemy with new safe havens, new recruits, new resources, and an even greater determination to harm America. To allow this to happen would be to ignore the lessons of September the 11th and invite tragedy. Ladies and gentlemen, nothing is more important at this moment in our history than for America to succeed in the Middle East, to succeed in Iraq and to spare the American people from this danger.

Not bad. It's good to see the milking of 9/11 has nearly ceased.

But what are these lessons Bush refers to?
"...the lessons of September the 11th"?

It would have been useful to discuss those.

Never let Cheney run terrorist drills.
Never use 9/11 and similar events as a pretext for multiple, simultaneous wars without a thorough impartial, international investigation into the events.

Sign the petition.


It was the turn of GMTV this morning to hide a story.

The DPP stating his belief there is no war on terror is the headline of The Guardian.

On GMTV's roundup of the newspaper headlines all papers were held up to the camera unfolded so viewers could see all the front page. Well, all except one, The Guardian. When it was held up it was folded so that viewers could see only the top half with three photos of actresses nominated for Oscars. The DPP/no war on terror story was therefore unseen, and unmentioned.

However on the BBC it was discussed, but only as a secondary matter, the big story being Helen Mirren being nominated for an oscar.


'There is no war on terror'

Outspoken DPP takes on Blair and Reid over fear-driven legal response to threat

Clare Dyer, legal editor
Wednesday January 24, 2007
The Guardian

The director of public prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald, put himself at odds with the home secretary and Downing Street last night by denying that Britain is caught up in a "war on terror" and calling for a "culture of legislative restraint" in passing laws to deal with terrorism.
Sir Ken warned of the pernicious risk that a "fear-driven and inappropriate" response to the threat could lead Britain to abandon respect for fair trials and the due process of law

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


1. those three objects in Litvinenko's colon
2. the rest of the journey Litvinenko took on 1st November, besides the Itsu and the Millenium hotel. We know he went to certain offices connected to security firms and the offices of other people that day.

We also learned last night that the readings taken by Aldermaston for Scaramella were wrong. This then brings into question the testing.

Yes, it was very interesting that Russia has a budget set aside for research into nuclear poisons. I suspect we either did have one or have one now. But we have yet to see a Panorama on the mind control research of the CIA using microwaves and drugs. Or a Panorama on the fraudulent financial system keeping the world in servitude to a bunch of warmongering mass murderers.

The hypothesis being proposed last night is this;
possibly on the 16th November there was a first attempt to poison Litvinenko with Polonium, but this failed.

So on 1st November, using the same poison that didn't work the first time, a second attempt was made, possibly by pouring Polonium in public into a cup that Litvinenko later drank cold tea from.

I am currently reading "Blowing Up Russia" by Litvinenko and Felshinstky. The accusations being made in that book should also be levelled at the Anglo-Americans too. Intelligence service control of commerce and industry, state apparatus being used for private profit etc, etc, etc. But Litvinenko didn't do that. Besides making the accusations (from unnamed sources) in that book Litvinenko also accused Putin of 9/11, 7/7 and of running al-Qaeda.

Now until the three objects reported in Litvinenko's colon (which have disppeared from the media since his death) are explained then the smuggling accident hypothesis is still valid, particularly as Scaramella has admitted that Litvinenko had smuggled nuclear material before (another thing Panorama didn't mention).

When those objects have been explained then Litvinenko's death does begin to look like it may have been an assassination. But whether it was an agreed hit (perhaps he did know too much about a farce or was about to find out), or something else, I don't know.

All I can say is, the kind of slow, photogenic death that Litvinenko died must have been expected, and anticipated to be used by Berezovsky. If it was an assassination it was an expensive one (approximately $10 million), a gift to your enemies, and it left a trail as wide and bright as the yellow brick road leading straight to the Kremlin.

Or is that what we're being told to think...

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I've seen the BBC, when showing footage from a different media organization, state "courtesy of X" where X is the company owning the film, e.g. ITV or CNN.

But this morning while covering the Jade Goody story the BBC was showing footage of the current CBB with the statement "courtesy of Channel 4, Celebrity Big Brother, every night 9pm"!

I have never seen that before in which the schedule for the programme is also given.

Has there recently been a new law in which one media organization when using film from another media production must state EXACTLY where that film came from and when it was shown and when that programme next runs?

If not then I can assume that the BBC is advertising for Celebrity Big Brother.

And regarding the Jade v Shilpa, it has been used to show how good (C)BB is for showing that racism still exists in society and isn't it good that (C)BB was able to show you it still existed because racism is bad. (C)BB was being branded a load of crap. Some understood its aim to condition us to the surveillance society, while most just found it dull entertainment. So not just Channel 4 but every major media was whipped up in to a frenzy. Statements from housemates were replayed again and again, distorted or made up.

It's all a load of sh1t.

Friday, January 19, 2007

9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB : 2nd Edition

With some subtle changes, and an extra verse.

Oh no. What have they done?
What could they hope to gain?
Besides oil wells and more control
over thousands of mothers in pain.

It was blamed on a friend of the Bushes
in a cave in Pipelineistan.
So America went to war and invaded
to shmoke out that Mujahideen man.

But Osama bin Oswald had scarpered.
He’d been helped by the Taliban.
Who’d been financed by the Pakistani ISI
Who’d been financed by a CIA man.

There was trouble over a pipeline.
The Taliban weren’t playing ball.
They wanted too much money.
They were threatened that bombs would fall.

There was trouble too over opium
required for European smack.
The Taliban had destroyed most of the crop.
The bloodlines wanted their profits back.

Dick Cheney had told his oily pals
There exists an oily prize
And the cursed Middle East is where
that oily prize lies.

It has two thirds of the world’s oil
and low production costs,
he told the Institute of Petroleum.
Such profit must not be lost.

Dick Cheney co-founded PNAC
to expand America’s control
over our world’s natural resources
and men who would sell their soul.

On 9/11 he was in a bunker
running several terrorist drills,
but that shoot-down order never came
resulting in Pentagon kills.

Iraq was also invaded.
It’s oil had been nationalized.
But now it’s all going to Cheney’s pals
when that oily prize gets privatized.

So bin Laden did PNAC a favour
In September 2001.
They wanted “a New Pearl Harbour”
for multiple wars of aggression.

Oh, Osama! Where are you now?
Dick Cheney needs you to play
your one-man roadshow of death one more time
in the Good ‘Ol US of A

So 9/11 : Cui Bono?
Ask Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed.
It wasn’t the Palestinians, that’s for sure.
It was oil interests instead!

Geopolitics is a bloody game
The ordinary man never wins.
He will fight and die in the mud and the sand
for his leaders lies and sins.

So where was the United States Air Force
on that murdered September day?
When United 93 was downed by a missile,
so several eyewitnesses say.

Responsibility for the Air Force lay
With that PNAC warmongering mob
So I’ve come to the conclusion that
9/11 was an inside job.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I just wrote this. I have no idea where it came from, but when I awoke this morning I felt something was different. All rights reserved.

Oh no. What have they done?
What could they hope to gain?
Except oil wells and more control
over thousands of mothers in pain.

It was blamed on a friend of the Bushes
in a cave in Afghanistan.
So America went to war and invaded
to hunt down that terrible man.

But Osama bin Oswald had scarpered.
He’d been helped by the Taliban.
Who’d been financed by the Pakistani ISI
Who’d been financed by a CIA man.

There was trouble over a pipeline.
The Taliban weren’t playing ball.
They wanted too much money.
They were threatened that bombs would fall.

Dick Cheney told his oily pals
That there exists an oily prize
And the cursed Middle East is where
that oily prize lies.

It has two thirds of the world’s oil
and low production costs,
he told the Institute of Petroleum
such profit must not be lost.

Dick Cheney co-founded PNAC
to expand America’s control
over the world’s natural resources
and men who would sell their soul.

On 9/11 he was in a bunker
running several terrorist drills,
but that shoot-down order never came
resulting in Pentagon kills.

Iraq was also invaded.
It’s oil had been nationalised.
But now it’s all going to Cheney’s pals
when that oily prize gets privatized.

So Osama did PNAC a favour
In September 2001.
They wanted a “New Pearl Harbour”
for multiple wars of aggression.

Oh, Osama! Where are you now?
Dick Cheney needs you to play
your one-man roadshow of death one more time
in the Good ‘Ol US of A

9/11. Cui Bono?
Ask Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed.
It wasn’t the Palestinians, that’s for sure.
It was oil interests instead!

Geopolitics is a bloody game
The ordinary man never wins.
He will fight and die in the mud and the sand
for his leaders lies and sins.

So where was the United States Air Force
on that murdered September day?
When United 93 was downed by a missile,
so several eyewitnesses say.

Responsibility for the Air Force lay
With that PNAC warmongering mob
So I’ve come to the conclusion that
9/11 was an inside job.


In Bangalore, India yesterday Gordon Brown called for a New World Order. Brown said,

“We can help to build things and shape this new world order and shape it in a way that is good for Britain and British values.”

...The post-1945 system of international institutions — built for a world of sheltered economies and just 50 states — is not yet broken, but for a world of 200 states and an open globalisation, urgently in need of modernisation and reform.”

Millions of men, women and children died to get those institutions created and accepted in the first place for the benefit of a self-selected chosen few who awarded themselves the power to create vast quantities of paper money to finance the two world wars that led to the creation of those institutions in order for them to exerise more control over the world.

And look at that world.

Now Brown is suggesting that those institutions be strengthened!?

Brown attended Bilderberg in 1991, and later became Chancellor of the Exchequer under Bilderberger Blair, and an authority in the IMF as Chairman of the International Monetary and Financial Committee.


Gordon Brown has called for a “new world order”, to be achieved by reorganising international institutions including the United Nations and Nato.

In a marked change of tone after years in which Tony Blair has been criticised for being too close to President Bush, the Chancellor emphasised the importance of working multinationally. And, in an agenda that would involve overhauling virtually all the world’s big organisations, he promised that he would put Britain’s interests and values at their heart.


It appears the current aggro in da house has doubled viewing figures.

Instead of watching z-list celebrities bickering and almost fighting each other why not go the whole hog and let people see what real war looks like; Military Big Brother.

We get to see live on TV first thing in the morning over our breakfast tea and toast the actions and emotions of real life soldiers as they patrol, or attack, or defend themselves. We may even get to see some real violence, with real blood and real terrible injuries.

Maybe it would get people asking themselves, what is this war really about?

Imagine what would happen if the nation could tune into a group of loveable, well-intentioned soldiers, get attached to them, send them cakes and letters of support, only to see them one by one either end up with their legs blown off or blown to bits?

Instead with Celebrity Big Brother we get this pathetic attempt to condition us to the surveillance society.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



In accordance with her pro-business, Atlanticist outlook, she added that Europe needed less red tape and more streamlined decision-making.

Germany wants to save as much as possible of the draft text, which was designed to accelerate policy-making and give the EU, now comprising 489 million people, more visibility on the world stage by creating the posts of EU president and foreign minister.

"We need a foreign minister for Europe. That's enough of a reason to adopt a constitutional treaty," Ms Merkel told the EU parliament, earning a standing ovation.

"We must give a soul to Europe; we have to find Europe's soul. Any failure could be a historic failure."

Ms Merkel attended Bilderberg in 2005, just before she was elected as Chancellor, and where several attendees discussed how to improve Merkel's "boring" image. Whatever happened afterwards worked.

And now here she is proposing to speed up the creation of the European Superstate (am I allowed to say that without EU cops kicking my door down at 4am).

And what is "more streamlined decision-making"? Is it less consultation with those pesky 489 million members and/or with their elected representatives?


The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the government is considering 'chipping the mentally ill.

There was a minor public relations stunt only a week or so ago when it was highlighted that a couple of mentally ill patients had murdered. There was of course no mention that this government has drastically reduced services for the mentally ill which no doubt played a role in the murders.

There is an even bigger 'chipping stunt in the pipeline. The number of prisoners is larger than the number of prison spaces. So waddya do? 'Chip 'em. This kind of problem does not appear over night. It has been cultivated as a problem that will require a solution. A solution of technology.


Radical measures for tackling crime - ranging from monitoring the behaviour of the mentally ill with radio chips to hormone injections for sex offenders — are to be considered by the Government in a wide-ranging policy review ordered by Tony Blair.

...The policy review programme, which Mr Blair told his monthly Downing Street press conference had generated "real enthusiasm" across government, will be seen as his attempt to ensure that Mr Brown does not backtrack when he takes over.

...The most controversial paper dealing with law and order acknowledges that there will have to be "trade-offs" between liberty and security as technology and profiling are used to reduce crime.

...The policy paper confirmed the Government's objective of creating a surveillance society despite Mr Blair's denials of a "Big Brother" state. It said new anti-crime measures include face and voice recognition, a DNA database, identity cards, microchip monitoring and satellite surveillance — and confirmed that Britain has the most public CCTV systems in Europe.

...America is said to be "favourably disposed" towards preventing drug addiction through heroin and cocaine vaccination. It is also considering "more sophisticated" monitoring techniques, including a trial of "radio frequency identification chips" for the mentally ill.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


If Litvinenko was done in by Putin (though until someone can explain those three objects one of which had burst I'll assume a smuggling accident) then he is at least getting to pressure Berezovsky.


Russia plans to question London-based Kremlin foes in ex-agent murder case
by Stephen Boykewich
1 hour, 54 minutes ago

MOSCOW (AFP) - The contentious poisoning case of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was heating up again as detectives from Moscow prepared to travel to London to question Kremlin foes.

The death in London on November 23 of Litvinenko, in agonizing pain after being administered a huge dose of radioactive polonium, caused a storm of media speculation and strained ties between Britain and Russia.

The team of detectives heading to London Tuesday particularly want to interview two prominent Russian exiles there -- influential businessman Boris Berezovsky and former Chechen rebel leader Akhmed Zakayev -- Russian General Prosecutor Yury Chaika said.

Both men have been given political asylum by the British authorities


Perusing the website of NM Rothschild I found their page on corporate social responsibility. Besides the charities which receive their patronage and donations, graduates on the NM Rothschild Graduate Training Programme spend a week at a local school helping the teachers. One such recipient of this Rothschild benevolence is Bow Boys Secondary School at which there is a programme called "Rothschilds – Reading and Number Partners". NM Rothschild employees (presumably not from the Rothschild bloodline) become mentors to the pupils helping them to read and write.

From the Bow Boys website, at

Victor Bosah who co-ordinates the Number Partners scheme at Bow has recently launched an anti-bullying programme that Rothschild is supporting. "They funded the training of 23 peer mentors who mentor both bullies and victims and purchased 80 hand bands for members of the club. With their help, we are winning the race to minimise bullying in the school."

Veronica Kennard is the Rothschild company co-ordinator whose task it is to ensure the smooth running of the scheme from the Bank’s standpoint and to liaise with the school to see how Rothschild can help. "The link with Bow forms part of our corporate responsibility programme which has focused on education. It allows us to give something back to the community. Involvement with the school gives our employees a change from their normal routine, a chance to feel they can make a difference, the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with a student and time meet other volunteers from different parts of the company."

Say what? The Rothschilds are supporting an anti-bullying programme?!

I'm very sure the Head Teacher of Bow Boys would be extremely interested in learning more about their patrons, their power and how such power has been abused to drown modern history in blood.

Who was it who said, "Give me control of a nation's currency and I care not who makes the laws"?

God, I feel sick.


The Jerusalem Post has a special feature on a post-WW2 loan agreement between the USA and the UK which would have helped the UK recover from the war. The Zionists wanted the USA to withhold the loan to force the British to change their policy on Jewish immigration into Palestine allow the many homeless European Jewish refugees to move to Palestine.

Palestine had been under British control since Versailles, and in the few years prior to WW2 there existed a transfer agreement between the Zionists, the Nazis and the British in which German Jews could move to Palestine. The problem for both the Nazis and the Zionists was that most German Jews, despite the Nazi government and its anti-Jew policies, wanted to stay where they were.

But that all changed after WW2...

Throughout WW2 the Zionists refused offers to help save the lives of Jews, refusing an offer of creating a homeland on British-controlled territory other than Palestine, and refusing to pay a ransom which the Zionists could have easily manufactured and printed, thus condenming many Jews to slavery and death. For them, it was Palestine or death (though it wasn't the Zionst leaders or their families who were dying).

This evidence that the Zionists were prepared to stop the UK from recovering from WW2 in order to populate Palestine, and Palestine alone, just shows how little they care for anyone or anything besides populating Palestine with Jews, an attitude which manifested in the terrorist attack on the King David Hotel, and also manifested itself in the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany as a military threat to the world.

"A Debt The British Paid - And One They Didn't" is at

Sunday, January 14, 2007


No, they don't build burgers for us to eat.

Bilderberg is an annual meeting of around 100 influential people primarily from the USA and Europe, but occasionally from outside those areas.

The attendees are selected by a semi-permanent steering committee.

Many attendees are governmental leaders, or go on to become as such.

Tony Blair is one such "chosen one", attending in 1993 as a shadow minister, and becoming Prime Minister in 1997. Similarly, Gordon Brown attended in 1991 as a shadow minister, and became Blair's Chancellor and a power in the IMF.

There are also many bankers, businessmen and media reps, as proxies for the owners or as silent reporters.

So what's wrong with a few wealthy businessmen and politicians meeting up once a year for a few beers and a curry? It's that the people who run it have been able to create as much money as they want for they run the Federal Reserve. And that god-like power to create money has been used not to finance charity and good work, but to finance ruthless, barbaric dictators and two world wars resulting in a world-government-in-waiting, the UN.

So what do you think is happening when these kind of people invite approximately 100 powerful politicians and businessmen to a ridiculously secretive meeting?


If I were President of the USA I would
1. send not 20000, but 200,000 troops to Iraq, with a different agenda to get Baghdad calm asap, concurrently with a blood letting of the CIA to get rid of the bad blood and their Iraqi-based terrorist networks
2. stop the hydrocarbon law, or radically dilute it, so most of the money goes to Iraq for the Iraqis, and the development and distribution contracts go to more non-Anglo-American oil corps, possibly Iraqi corps with no Anglo-Americans on their boards (or none that are loyal to the NWO)
3. force Israel to de-nuke, by withholding funds and arms to Israel
4. withdraw carrier fleets from the Persian Gulf
5. kill the fed
and finally
6. have Dick Cheney wearing nothing but pink frilly knickers put in stocks outside the White House next to a free supply of rotten tomatoes.


Ferguson wrote a not-so-harmful biog of the Rothschilds, and has recently been in the media and on TV selling a fictional version of history, for which he is now at Harvard.

In The Sunday Telegraph Ferguson suggests the UN should takeover running Iraq.

This is something I proposed would be suggested shortly after Iraq was invaded and the mess that Iraq now is was in its infancy, but you could see who the mother and father were.

The ultimate aim of all this chaos (and there's lots more to come if it's not stopped) is to have a one world government dictatorship making Nazi Germany look like a child's tea party. The more suggestions there are in the media planting the idea of a world government to solve problems, the better for the NWO.

This suggestion of Ferguson shows why he has landed a job at Harvard. If he really knew the history of this push towards world government there is no way he'd be suggesting that the UN take control of Iraq in the mainstream media.


Saddam was a top Freemason, apparently number 2 in 1991 (which could explain why Bush, Powell and Schwarzkopf each received their Order of the Bath).
Initiates into Freemasonry have a noose placed around their neck.
During the execution of Saddam the filming stopped after the noose had been placed around Saddam's neck.

Hmm. A message?


The Sunday Telegraph has an article by Adam Lusher entitled, "Total world domination starts here, doesn't it?".

Lusher attended a free drinks do for the under 35's at Freemason's Hall, Great Queen Street, London, the home of the United Grand Lodge of England, or UGLE (pronounced ugly).

Lusher apparently did some preliminary research before his free drinks!

My preliminary research, some of it internet-based, suggested that this was an organisation linked to the "Illuminati", the vaults of Parliament, and "CORRUPTION" writ large, in green ink, and The Da Vinci Code.

...This lot had history: organised freemasonry dated from the formation of the world's first Grand Lodge in London 1717, but the idea supposedly started among the men building King Solomon's temple. That handshake was apparently a secret sign for medieval stone masons to show each other they had been properly trained. And if you believe all the conspiracy theories, masons were also secretly responsible for every war, assassination and political plot since the temple job.

And during the do he apparently he had full acces to the building.

Now, though, no one had the decency to stop me taking a little detour, into a room full of portraits of men in ermine. There I found, well, not quite proof of "the quest for world domination", but a revealing Freemasons' Hall shop catalogue. Those "master mason teddy bears, £7" look harmless, but imagine a vulnerable chief constable getting one for Christmas, what tricks it might play with his fragile mind.

Yes, those teddies are so evil!

I get the impression that Lusher couldn't see how Freemasonry could be blamed for anything but good charity and silly costumes and handshakes.

I wonder if any of Lusher's ancestors fought and/or died in WW1?

Prince Edward VII was Grand Master of UGLE when he was isolating Germany in preparation for WW1.
Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated by a group containing Freemasons who acknowledged the role Freemasonry had in the assasination at their trial.
Ferdinand knew Freemasonry was out to kill him. The assassins were also members of a terrorist network established by a Freemason British agent, Giuseppe Mazzini.
And Kaiser Wilhelm II wrote in his memoirs that he was told by a distinguished German freemason that Freemasonry wanted to destroy Germany and the Central European Powers and replace them with something like the EU.

It's all a facade. The charity. The teddy bears.

The lower degrees are for idiots. The higher degrees are for the evil ones with the correct bloodline.


The News of the World is reporting that Blair will finally receive the Congressional Medal of Honour which in May 2003 he was told he would be awarded for "outstanding and enduring contributions to maintaining the security of all freedom-loving nations".

So why has it taken the USA nearly four years to give it to him?

Well, the medal was awarded because he had helped in the load of bollocks we call the Iraq War 2003, or Gulf War 2. He stood up in Parliament and said,

"Oil revenues, which people falsely claim that we want to seize, should be put in a trust fund for the Iraqi people"

and some more bollocks, and tricked the UK into invading Iraq with the USA.

If in 2003 Blair had been awarded the medal and he had agreed to receive it he would now be an ex-PM for 3 years. So the awarding has been delayed until he leaves No. 10.

And look at it!! How occult is that?



Masonic blue ribbon (see UN flag).

Very appropriate for Bilderberger Bliar.

Friday, January 12, 2007


I think this year is the year all hell breaks loose!!

For a year or so now the USA has been accusing Iran of meddling in Iran, but supplying little, doubtful or no proof.

Then just hours after Bush announced to the nation that he will be sending approx 20k extra troops to Iraq (while the UK brings 4k home?) the USA storms an Iranian consulate building in Irbil, Kurdistan, siezes computers and documents, hauls down the Iranian flag and arrests the employees. The USA did not inform the Iraqi government or the Kurdistan government of this operation.

According to WSWS,at

A cautious statement from Kurdish authorities pointed out that the consulate was protected by international agreement and warned the operation “does not help the efforts to bring peace, stability and security to the rest of Iraq.” The statement added that it would be “better to inform the Kurdistan government before taking actions against anybody.”

To me this represents an escalation into an undeclared war.

Regarding the accusation of destabilizing Iraq, it was Rumsfeld who overruled his generals and slashed the number of troops invading Iraq. And PNAC, who dominated the early Bush administration, had years if not decades to plan for a post-Saddam Iraq too. The unrest/civil war/destabilization in Iraq is their fault, and may well have been planned as an excuse to accuse Iran.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


The Guardian "Comment is free" section today contains an article by Roger Howard, author of "Iran Oil: the New Middle East Challenge and What's Wrong with Liberal Interventionism". In it Howard suggests that Israel should de-nuke and that Washington should pressure Israel to do so.

I think this is the first time I have heard this suggested in the MSM.


To dissuade the Iranians from pursuing either goal - nuclear energy or warheads - Washington would have to make massive concessions. It would need to fit the issue into a wider Middle East picture and find ways of making Iran feel less threatened. In return for cessation of uranium enrichment, or for more effective guarantees that it would not be used for a weapons programme, Washington could offer not only to lift all sanctions but also to drop calls for regime change and undertake not to meddle in Iran's domestic affairs; pull back its military presence in the region; and pressure Israel into surrendering or scaling down its nuclear arsenal. Israel talks about its defence against annihilation, but it might be such wider consequences of an Iranian nuclear programme that it really fears.


Here are two pictures. The top is from a Freemason lodge in Boston(?) taken by David Icke.
The bottom is the usual inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram pointing down into The White House that I post as a reminder of the "The Great Work".

The two are linked. "Friend to Friend" shows the influence Freemasonry has had, from ancient times, through George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, through the US Civil War, through FDR, to the USA space mission to the moon.

Between Franklin and FDR there is an image of what appears to be the Capitol, named after the Capitoline of Rome, which housed the Temple of Jupiter.

Funny how the inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram isn't shown.


Demos, petitions, leaflets, neighbourhood doorstep visits.

These need to be planned for now, if not in operation already.

We have a Vice Admiral brought out of retirement to fill the position of DNI, two carrier fleets in the Persian Gulf, media and think thank reports from Israel that a military strike on Iran is the only way Iran can be stopped from developing its "nuclear program", and Iran under sanctions threatening to push forward its program if threatened. We have also recently seen the potential for "an incident" in the Persian Gulf with a US nuclear sub colliding with a Japanese tanker (from which port had it sailed, or to which port was it sailing?).

It don't look good.

And things will escalate quickly, because "they" know there isn't much time left before we hit the 100th monkey. MI5 will have already decided which plots to allow on British soil in retaliation for bombing Iran.

I'm not fearmongering, just planning ahead for whatever happens.

George "Faustus" Bush has chosen sides, or if he's not then he'd better slow down.


"Oil revenues, which people falsely claim that we want to seize, should be put in a trust fund for the Iraqi people"

Tony Blair; Moving motion for war with Iraq, 18 March 2003

Remember that? I do.

I also remember reading the article below in The Guardian in October 2002, before the invasion of Iraq, and before Blair stood up in Parliament and told his fellow MPs that Saddam could stay in power if only he would give up his WMDs (which we sold him), and before Blair said the above.

In the article Lord Browne of BP (still there I see so he's doing a good job for Royal Oil) made it clear that BP wanted its share of Iraqi oil. No mention of WMDs, just get the oil.

The last sentence also gives away some of the motive for the threats of war. It is reported that oil surged to the dizzy heights of $27 per barrel!!

Oh, and look at the links between Whitehall and BP (Blair Petroleum). What are the odds Blair gets a seat on the board?


BP chief fears US will carve up Iraqi oil riches

Terry Macalister
Wednesday October 30, 2002
The Guardian

Lord Browne, chief executive of BP and one of New Labour's favourite industrialists, has warned Washington not to carve up Iraq for its own oil companies in the aftermath of any future war.
The comments from the most senior European oil executive, who has impeccable political connections in the UK, will be seen by anti-war protesters as further proof that US president George Bush has already made his mind up about an early attack.

They will also serve to underline concern that the US is primarily concerned with seizing control of Saddam Hussein's oil and handing it over to companies such as ExxonMobil rather than destroying his weapons of mass destruction.
Britain's biggest company is reviewing what impact a regime change in Baghdad would have on its own business and global crude supplies.

Both London and Washington have been lobbied by the UK oil giant, which is concerned that European companies could be left out in the cold.

"We have let it be known that the thing we would like to make sure, if Iraq changes regime, is that there should be a level playing field for the selection of oil companies to go in there if they're needed to do the work there," said Lord Browne yesterday at a briefing on the company's results.

Lord Browne said that most exploration for new supplies had halted there when the Iraqis nationalised their industry. But he believed there was a plenty of oil and gas waiting to be discovered in Iraq and that BP should be in prime position to capitalise because it had found most of the country's oil before being thrown out in the 1970s.

BP said it had had no contact with Baghdad since 1989. Iraq's reserves amount to 115bn barrels of oil, making it the biggest source of oil in the world behind Saudi Arabia.

Lord Browne's views will be listened to carefully in Downing Street because the BP executive team has such close links with the UK government that it was once dubbed Blair Petroleum. A number of former BP executives, such as Lord Simon, have been seconded into Whitehall while one of Mr Blair's personal assistants, Anji Hunter, joined Lord Browne's team.

Impending war with Iraq has given a financial boost to BP and other western oil firms by driving up the price of oil to $27 per barrel.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BLAIR'S RANT IN "FOREIGN AFFAIRS" - A Battle for Global Values

Blair has been given the opportunity to promote his war on terrorism in the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, "Foreign Affairs". His essay is entitled "A Battle for Global Values", and is available online at

And what a load of old, sweaty rollocks it is!

First he repeats what he said in the first of the three speeches he gave last year during his around-the-world tour to gain support for the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).
This extremism may have started with religious doctrine and thought. But soon, in offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood, supported by Wahhabi extremists and disseminated in some of the madrasahs of the Middle East and Asia, an ideology was born and exported around the world.

That is, that the roots of Islamic Fundamentalist extremism lie in the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism. I shall repeat again, The Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic organization and is thus ultimately controlled by Great Britain, and Wahhabism is named after the angry young Muslim Wahhabi who was nurtured and manipulated into spouting his ideas by a British Agent called Hempher. And that ideaology was indeed exported around the world, specifically to London, where the extremists found a sanctuary and were allowed to plot and scheme, with MI5 in full knowledge of what what was going on (see The Covenant of Security).

And get a load of this!

In any struggle, the first challenge is to accurately perceive the nature of what is being fought over, and here we have a long way to go. It is almost incredible to me that so much Western opinion appears to buy the idea that the emergence of this global terrorism is somehow our fault.

In the words of Del Boy, what a plonker!

On democracy,
That is why it is a mistake to ignore the significance of the elections in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fact is that, given the chance, people want democracy.

Yes, I and all people of the Western nations would like some democracy please, free of Bilderberg/CFR/Trilateral/Freemasonic manipulation by those who can afford to manipulate because they have the power to create as much money as they want for whatever purpose!

And this takes the limeade.

The debate over the wisdom of the original decisions, especially about Iraq, will continue. Opponents will say that Iraq was never a threat, that there were no weapons of mass destruction, that the drug trade in Afghanistan continues. I will point out that Iraq was indeed a threat, as two regional wars, 14 UN resolutions, and the final report of the Iraq Survey Group showed. I will remind people that in the aftermath of the Iraq war, we secured major advances in tackling the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, not least a new relationship with Libya and the shutting down of A. Q. Khan's nuclear weapons network. I will recall that it was the Taliban who manipulated the drug trade and housed al Qaeda and its training camps.

But whatever the conclusion to this debate, if there is one, the fact is that now, whatever the rights and wrongs of how and why Saddam and the Taliban were removed, there is an obvious, clear, and overwhelming reason for supporting the people of those countries in their desire for democracy. Since June 2003, multinational forces have been in Iraq under a UN resolution and with the authority of Iraq's first-ever elected government. In Afghanistan, UN authority has been in place throughout.
The crucial point about these interventions is that they were not just about changing regimes but about changing the value systems governing the nations concerned. The banner was not actually "regime change"; it was "values change."

Blair stood up in Parliament and said Saddam could stay in power if he relinquished his WMD, which we sold him (see The Spiders Web by Alan Friedman).
Saddam was tricked into invading Kuwait in 1990 via April Glaspie, and then was surprisingly left in power with his position consolidated while the people who left him in power each received The Order of the Bath from HRH!
AQ Kahn was released TWICE by the Dutch police at the request of CIA.
The Taliban were created and financed by the Pakistani ISI as proxy for the CIA.
Opium/Heroin has been the commodity of choice to trade for certain Anglo-American families for centuries, and the Taliban had almost eradicated opium production until Afghanistan was invaded, and now opium production is back to record levels, thanks to BlairBushCrime Inc.

Perhaps those new mental health laws being discussed by the Lords should be passed. The world could be a much safer place...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The Times is reporting on a double agent of WW2, Eddie Chapman. Chapman was in prison on Jersey when the Nazis invaded, was recruited by Abwehr, was parachuted into Britain and immediately defected to MI5.

Now, here is where things get REALLY interesting. National archives show that Chapman offered to blow Hitler up at a Nazi rally. Chapman believed his Abwehr handler, "Dr Graumann", real name Stephan von Gröning, would be able to get Chapman a seat close enough to Hitler to do the job.

However, this offer from Chapman was refused.


According to The Times,

Professor M.R.D. Foot, the distinguished historian of the Second World War, believes that the decision may have sprung from a number of factors, including a longstanding government policy against assassinating foreign heads of state, and mistrust of Chapman, a notorious jailbird.

Hang on a minute! Here is someone who is offering to go on a suicide mission to killl Hitler and save possibly millions of lives, and he may well have had the opportunity to succeed, because as the same article in The Times says,

The new evidence suggests that the German spymaster “Dr Graumann”, whose real name was Stephan von Gröning, may have been deliberately setting Chapman up as an assassin. Like many Abwehr officers, he was secretly a bitter opponent of Hitler. His offer to smuggle Chapman into a Nazi rally suggests he knew what Chapman had in mind, and that the two men may have been in league.

Read that second sentence again.

"Like many Abwehr officers, he was secretly a bitter opponent of Hitler."

One of "the many Abwehr officers" was only the chief of Abwehr, Admiral Canaris.

Canaris made a number of offers to have Hitler killed, including meeting the heads of MI6 and OSS at Santander in 1943 to suggest tricking Hitler to fly on a plane which would land in British controlled territory. And there was the failed assassination attempt on 20th July 1944 in which von Stauffenberg placed a bomb in Hitler's war room at Rastenburg which injured but did not kill Hitler. After this failed attempt Hitler went on a bloody revenge and murdered thousands of men, and sometimes the families of those involved or of anyone who had the remotest connection to the plot. It is this plot which, according to Rayelan Allan, led to the Gunther Russbacher Sr. fleeing to America to escape Hitler's revenge, leaving behind his son Gunther Jr., who was looked after by Kurt Waldheim, the UN Secretary General and would become America's most famous political prisoner.

But this Chapman plot is yet another indicator that the British establishment did not want Hitler dead, well not too soon anyway.

There was too much profit to be made.

The atomic bomb had not been dropped to scare the world into accepting the UN.

Not enough Jews had been murdered to use as emotional blackmail for the creation of Israel for the coming WW3.

And not enough American servicemen had been killed, which was necessary for the USA to accept the UN as a form of world government at the end of the war.

The Times article is at,,2-2537272_1,00.html entitled, "The spy who offered to blow up Hitler on a suicide mission".

Sunday, January 07, 2007


9/11. Cui bono?

Iraq's oil was nationalised in 1972 when Shell and a few others were kicked out.

Then came decades of war and sanctions (during one of which Saddam was left in power by the USA).

Russia and France then agreed contracts with Iraq to exploit the oil because the USA had economic embargoes on Iraq and officially could not negotiate with Iraq (although some contracts were agreed).

But then came 9/11 (on a day when Dick Cheney was in charge of the USAF response).

Saddam Hussein was partially blamed for 9/11. Photos of Saddam sat in the cockpit of one of the alleged hijacked planes on 9/11 were published in the media.

Then came allegations Saddam had WMD and was able to strike at your backyard BBQ in leafy Somerset in 45 minutes.

Bliar told the Commons that Saddam could stay in power if only he gave up the WMD.

And now after nearly four years of war in Iraq Saddam is alleged to have been hanged and has now been turned into a martyr.

With Saddam gone Iraq's oil wealth, as prophecised by a large minority, is not to be placed into a trust fund and used for the benefit of the Iraqi people.


Future of Iraq: The spoils of war
How the West will make a killing on Iraqi oil riches
By Danny Fortson, Andrew Murray-Watson and Tim Webb
Published: 07 January 2007
Iraq's massive oil reserves, the third-largest in the world, are about to be thrown open for large-scale exploitation by Western oil companies under a controversial law which is expected to come before the Iraqi parliament within days.

The US government has been involved in drawing up the law, a draft of which has been seen by The Independent on Sunday. It would give big oil companies such as BP, Shell and Exxon 30-year contracts to extract Iraqi crude and allow the first large-scale operation of foreign oil interests in the country since the industry was nationalised in 1972.

The Independent on Sunday has also published some of those quotes we heard before the 2003 invasion of Iraq.



"Oil revenues, which people falsely claim that we want to seize, should be put in a trust fund for the Iraqi people"

Tony Blair; Moving motion for war with Iraq, 18 March 2003

"Oil belongs to the Iraqi people; the government has... to be good stewards of that valuable asset "

George Bush; Press conference, 14 June 2006

"The oil of the Iraqi people... is their wealth. We did not [invade Iraq] for oil "

Colin Powell; Press briefing, 10 July 2003

"Oil revenues of Iraq could bring between $50bn and $100bn in two or three years... [Iraq] can finance its reconstruction"

Paul Wolfowitz; Deputy Defense Secretary, March 2003

"By 2010 we will need [a further] 50 million barrels a day. The Middle East, with two-thirds of the oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize lies"

Dick Cheney; US Vice-President, 1999

If you want to read the whole of the speech by Cheney from which the above quotation is sourced I direct you to

which provides the full speech that Dick Cheney gave to the Institute of Petroleum Autumn Lunch 1999.

I also recommend "A Century of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order" by F William Engdahl.

I'll leave you with this question : where was Cheney during the attack on 9/11, when he was basically in charge of the USAF, and what was he doing?


Yesterday it was reported that the Iranian chief nuclear envoy Ali Larijani said that if Iran is threatened then the situation regarding its peaceful nuclear program could change.


"We oppose obtaining nuclear weapons and we will peacefully use nuclear technology under the framework of the Nonproliferation Treaty, but if we are threatened, the situation may change," He [Larijani] told a news conference after two days of talks in Beijing.

Today the headline of The Sunday Times is

Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran


ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons. Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear “bunker-busters”, according to several Israeli military sources.

I pointed out that earlier this week both Benjamin "let's nuke Tehran" Netanyahu and Avigdor "let's nuke Tehran" Lieberman had been given the opportunity in The Jerusalem Post to set the tone for a Happy New War Year in a JP blog.

This headline in The Sunday Times is kinda like a black cockroach on a white rug; it's ugly, it's provocative and you can't miss it!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Happy New War Year!!

So we've got Netanyahu and Lieberman writing war-mongering blogs in The Jerusalem Post. We've got not one, but two, US Navy Carrier groups in the Persian Gulf, along with some British minesweepers (just in case). We've got Iran under sanctions, as small as they may be, but sanctions are sanctions and when they are broken things can escalate.

Hmm, anybody playing war?


Second U.S. carrier group to deploy to Gulf: sources
By Kristin Roberts
Wed Jan 3, 4:40 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon will send a second aircraft carrier and its escort ships to the Gulf, defense officials said on Wednesday, as a warning to Syria and Iran and to give commanders more flexibility in the region.

Officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Bremerton, Washington-based USS John C. Stennis strike group would deploy this month. It will put 5,000 more U.S. sailors in the region, bringing the total to 16,000.

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier group entered the Gulf in December.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman declined to comment, saying the Defense Department would not discuss future deployments or ship movements. But military analysts said the move was intended to demonstrate U.S. resolve in the face of acts by Iran and Syria that it sees as provocative, such as Tehran's pursuit of its nuclear program.

The Stennis had been scheduled to deploy to the Pacific region. But the Pentagon agreed instead to send the carrier group to the Gulf after a request from U.S. Central Command, the military command responsible for Middle East operations.

Senior defense officials have said that request was aimed at increasing Central Command's flexibility in a variety of operations and providing deterrence in the region.


Washington has locked horns with Tehran over the Iranian nuclear program. American defense officials also regularly charge Iran and Syria with fanning sectarian violence in Iraq and contributing to the deteriorating situation there by providing arms and technologies.

The second carrier, while adding relatively few service members to the region, is valuable as a symbol of America's increased presence in the Gulf, military analysts said.

Longer term, however, the Bush administration must decide if it will keep two carrier groups in the Gulf indefinitely.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates previously said the increased American presence in the Gulf was a message to the region as a whole and not a response to any specific action by Iran.

"I think the message that we are sending to everyone, not just Iran, is that the United States is an enduring presence in this part of the world," Gates told reporters on a December visit to Baghdad. "We will be here for a long time and everybody needs to remember that -- both our friends and those who might consider themselves our adversaries."

(Additional reporting by Jim Wolf)


On Lieberman's blog on The JP today we read him suggesting that Israel should join the EU and NATO.

Apparently this JP blog is to allow "prominent politicians from across the political spectrum an opportunity to debate the hot issues on their own personal blog."

The first such blog was on New Years Day by Benjamin "let's nuke Tehran" Netanyahu.

The second such blog today is by Avigdor "let's nuke Tehran" Lieberman.

Across the political spectrum, eh?

I would hazard a guess that there is something in NATO's Washington Treaty Article V that attracts Lieberman.


Article 5

The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.
Any such armed attack and all measures taken as a result thereof shall immediately be reported to the Security Council. Such measures shall be terminated when the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security .


The Jerusalem Post is reporting that "Most Jews ever set to enter Congress". But not only that the positions they will hold give the Jewish lobby more power than ever.


Most Jews ever set to enter Congress

Talkbacks for this article: 8

A record number of Jewish members will enter Congress Thursday, but more remarkable are the unparalleled positions of power they will hold on committees related to Israel, many local Jewish activists say.

Six new Jewish legislators will be joining 37 familiar faces as the 110th Congress convenes, making the total the highest-ever, according to Doug Bloomfield, a former legislative director for AIPAC.

"It's unprecedented that there have been so many [Jews] in so many positions of leadership in both houses," Bloomfield said, using a Jewish simile for how that fact will affect support for Israel: Like chicken soup, it won't hurt.

Other political analysts went further, saying that congressional backing of Israel would remain at least as strong it has been, if not stronger.

Among the familiar House faces on key committees will be Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) as chairman of the International Relations Committee (HIRC) and Gary Ackerman (D-NY) is set to be chair of the HIRC Middle East subcommittee. Nita Lowey (D-NY) should be chairing the appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations. Ackerman's and Lowey's appointments are expected to be officially announced within the next few days.

In the Senate, Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) will head the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, while Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is expected to take over the Foreign Affairs Middle East Subcommittee if unsuccessful presidential candidate John Kerry (D-Mass.) doesn't challenge her for the job.

Also, much of the Democratic leadership is considered strong on Israel, including incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) and Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois), head of the House Democratic Caucus.

And many Republican backers of Israel, who no longer head committees, still continue to serve in minority leadership roles.

Plus, Jews - who voted overwhelmingly Democrat in the November election (87 percent, according to exit polls) - often see more eye-to-eye with Democratic members on domestic issues and have strong personal relationships with them, according to Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

Pelosi has outlined a list of legislative priorities for the first 100 hours of the congressional session, including raising the minimum wage; funding stem cell research; implementing the 9/11 Commission's recommendations; and energy reform.
The Orthodox Union's public policy director Nathan Diament, often more at home with Republicans on church-state issues but supportive of some of the Democrats' initial legislative efforts, such as stem cell research, also expressed satisfaction with the incoming leadership.

"It's certainly as strong as it's ever been [on Israel]," he said.

Forman said the incoming Democratic, pro-Israel leadership constellation was an opportunity for the party to rebut Republican charges during the elections that the Democrats were soft on Israel.

Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, however, maintained that Republicans still had the stronger record on Israel and that it remained to be seen how Democrats handle their new position.

Brooks also criticized one of the pieces of legislation expected to clear the House this week - a government reform bill aimed at preventing lobbyists from taking congressmen on trips abroad.

As a result, his and other Jewish organizations will have to leave their lobbyists at home on trips to Israel. Some groups will set up educational divisions as a way of enabling the visits. Brooks said it would hurt the value of these trips if some of the most informed members of organizations would be unable to come

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


There has recently been an online petition constructed for the creation of an independent international committee to investigate 9/11.

But there are some equally worthy ones to sign.

Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy -
"The idea of tracking every vehicle at all times is sinister and wrong. Road pricing is already here with the high level of taxation on fuel. The more you travel - the more tax you pay. It will be an unfair tax on those who live apart from families and poorer people who will not be able to afford the high monthly costs. Please Mr Blair - forget about road pricing and concentrate on improving our roads to reduce congestion."

scrap the proposed introduction of ID cards -
"The introduction of ID cards will not prevent terrorism or crime, as is claimed. It will be yet another indirect tax on all law-abiding citizens of the UK."

Offer the British people a referendum on continued membership of the European Union -
"The last referendum on the EU in 1975 asked the public if they wanted to be part of the EEC - a trading agreement between Britain and other European countries. They were never asked if they wanted political integration."

replace the national anthem with 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet -
"We, the people of Britain, feel that our current National Anthem has lost a bit of its sparkle. When we are confronted by the rare occasion of us winning a medal at the Olympics, we all have to mumble through "God Save The Queen", well God help us in 2012! We would thereby like to table the suggestion that we change the National Anthem to something more modern and appropriate and that will re-invigorate our pride. What we specifically want to see, is that the National Anthem be changed in favour of "Gold" by Spandau Ballet. Further, we would like our National Olympic Committee to decree that Tony Hadley is the only person permitted to handle medal ceremonies where the National Anthem is played. We don't mind what he wears when he does this, but preference is given towards a a gold colured suit.


But seriously now, there is also a possibly more important petition than the 9/11 petition, FOR DEBT-FREE MONEY!!

emit debt-free UK notes, repeal the Bank Charters and Acts, call for a participatory and democratic constituent assembly, transfer useful BofE services to public and democratic institutions, withdraw from the IMF, WB, and BIS. Create a public and participatively democratic financial system. -
"1. Pay off the debt with debt-free UK Notes. As Thomas Jefferson said: "If the US can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill". Same for the UK.
2. Abolish Fractional Reserve Banking. As the debt is paid off, the reserve requirements of all banks and financial institutions would be raised proportionally at the same time ...
3. Repeal of the Bank of England Acts and Charters This will remove the private banking monopoly's ability to dominate the money market and give control back to the Department of Treasury
4. Withdraw the UK from the IMF, the BIS and the World Bank. These institution like the Pound Sterling are based on debt control by private banks and unless they too can be reformed they will continue to create the debt lock. They are not needed for currency exchange either.
5. All decisions and appointments should become public.
Supply should be kept slowly based on population growth and purchasing power."

This is just a tiny sample of petitions, some extremely important affecting the whole world and international affairs, some not as important affecting only a handful of people.


I missed this from Benjamin Netanyahu from New Year's Day edition of The Jerusalem Post.


Jan. 1, 2007 14:41 | Updated Jan. 1, 2007 15:50
Iran can still be stopped

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It is possible to prevent the political and security landslide. Iran can still be stopped.

The government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is rapidly leading Israel to a political and security downfall while Iran is racing towards achieving a nuclear weapons capability.

While Iran's leaders are busy denying the Holocaust, they also continue to announce their intentions of wiping the State of Israel off the map. Israel is like a bus speeding towards an abyss. The bus driver is tired and helpless.

Let's examine recent developments, which all have one common denominator: weak leadership.

Hizbullah and Hamas are rapidly arming themselves thanks to the Israeli government's decision to refrain from taking action against them. Since the cease-fire was declared, dozens of Kassam rockets have been fired at the western Negev. The government continues not to react.

Recently, the US secretary of defense said he was unable to rule out a possibility that Iran would launch a nuclear attack against Israel. He also noted that the US would take against Iran only as a last resort. These words raise doubts as to American intentions to bring Teheran's nuclear race to a halt. These words are not to be taken lightly.

The Baker-Hamilton Report recommends that the US engage in talks with Iran and Syria in an attempt to reach a solution to the Iraqi problem. Although the report does not reflect the Bush Administration's policy towards Iran, it encourages a fundamental change of direction in American policy: from isolation to negotiation.

The Baker-Hamilton Report also argues that a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a condition to stabilizing the rest of the Middle East's core problems. Here we find an attempt to create affinity: If Israel was to carry out concessions and territorial withdrawals, the Iranian and Iraqi problems would be solved. In reality, the situation is the complete opposite: If the problem of Iran, which Ismail Haniyeh defines as "the strategic backbone of Hamas", were solved, it would be easier to treat the conflict with the Palestinians.
What can be learned from these bleak developments? What is the connection between them?

Weakness invites pressure.

The weakness of the Olmert government only expedites the decline of Israel's stature, both in the Middle East and around the world.

If the Israeli government accepts the ongoing firing of Kassams at its cities, why shouldn't the world?

If Olmert's government reacts limply to Iran's statements about its intentions to destroy Israel, why should we expect the world to act against them?

Baker and Hamilton described the current mood in their report: "The majority of the political establishment in Israel has grown tired of a continuous state of a nation at war."

What can we say about such words when even Olmert himself said similar things during an address he gave last year in the US: "We are tired of fighting. We are tired of being heroes. Tired of winning. Tired of beating our enemies."

When even Israel's leadership sends out a message of fatigue and weakness, why should we be surprised that the world agrees?

The main principle which we should follow is this: The key to promising the existence of Israel is developing strength. When one lives in a harsh environment, one must be strong. Israel must invest in building its strength as quickly as possible. I shall develop this point later on.

In the meantime, we must focus on one urgent task: to curb the security and political downfall and bring Iran to a halt.

This mission is possible, but it demands action on parallel shores:

The diplomatic and PR effort: We must immediately launch an intense, international, public relations front focusing first and foremost on the US. The goal being to encourage President Bush to take up his specific promises not to allow Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons. We must make it clear to the government, the Congress and the American public that a nuclear Iran is a threat to the US and the entire world, not only Israel. We must make it clear that it is in the utmost interest of the free world to prevent fundamental Islamic regimes from building an atom bomb.

The independent defense effort: Simultaneously, and with no connection to our efforts overseas, Israel must make every necessary step that would enable it to independently protect its citizens. The government must subjugate all national efforts to this higher cause. It must instruct the IDF, security branches, intelligence agencies and the bodies charged with protecting the home front to take immediate action to remove the existential threat Israel faces.

I recommend that each and every morning, the prime minister personally ensures that these actions are carried out accordingly. He should not let go for even a split second. No one else should take over his authority or assume the responsibility.

During his last visit to Washington, Mr. Olmert announced that this will be his policy, and good he did. However, words require action. In reality, the government is directionless and has no leadership. While Iran is steadily progressing with its nuclear plan, the Israeli government is busy creating media 'agendas' (i.e. changing the system of government) or dangerous plans, as the one Mr. Olmert presented in Sdeh Boker in which he laid out his agenda for territorial concessions.

The time has come for the Israeli government to put our existence in its utmost priority. If it does so, I guarantee that both my party members and myself will give our full support in preparation against the Iranian threat, as we did in the Lebanon war.

If the government does not come to its senses immediately, Mr. Olmert must make way for another leadership that would guarantee both our existence and our future.

[The blog was translated from Binyamin Netanyahu's website.]


In that last sentence I think Bibi (or rather, Dick Cheney) is asking/ordering Olmert to step down in order for Bibi himself to take over.

And in the next to last sentence Netanyahu threatens a war against Iran.

What gets me about this kind of article is that no mention is made that Israel's possession of nukes is cited as a reason for a nuke arms race in the Middle East. Apparently Israel can possess the nuke, but nobody else can. But look what Israel does. To me nobody should have the nuke. If Iran is pursuing the nuke, it is because of the attitude that Israel has towards its neighbours because it has the nuke. Israel thinks it can do anything, and it does, as we all saw last summer with the destruction of Lebanon over the kidnap of two soldiers which some elements within the Israeli hierarchy at the least provoked by withholding of intelligence. And the slick retaliation betrayed the year long planning of the operation.

Yes, Iran can be stopped. By Israel de-nuking.


There is a danger that if one tries to link anything to 9/11, no matter how tenuous that link may be, then there is a risk of being called a wee bit paranoid and obsessed. But no matter, there are some interesting links and tidbits in this report from Wayne Madsen e.g. Scaramella referring to "launch our attack"(!?). One wonders if the British investigation team have learned anything of these links...


January 2, 2007 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Scaramella-Berezovsky link to World Trade Center security firm emerges in Italian law enforcement investigation.

Mario Scaramella, the Italian interlocutor for the poisoned Alexander Litvinenko and Russian-Israeli media/mobster tycoon Boris Berezovsky, is now under investigation by prosecutors in Rome, Naples, and Bologna for international arms smuggling, divulging official judicial secrets, conspiracy, international trafficking in radioactive materials, and the dumping of hazardous waste through unauthorized third parties. Scaramella was arrested last month by Italian police and his offices have been searched by police several times.

The Italian media is reporting on transcripts of phone conversations between Scaramella and two former U.S. intelligence officers. One conversation, reported in La Repubblica, is a January 25, 2006 conversation between Scaramella and a mysterious ex-CIA agent from California who uses the name "Perry." In the conversation, Scaramella stresses to Perry that his activities are not "just my activity, but the activity of the organization.' It is becoming clear that the :organization" to which Scaramella is referring is a private and global intelligence organization involving former members of the KGB and Russian Federal Security Bureau (like Litvinenko), private military and intelligence companies, and ex-CIA and British intelligence officers. Scaramella discussed the political dirty “trick” they are preparing for Italian center-left leader Romano Prodi and it is clear from the conversation that Perry gives Scaramella his orders, though politely. When Scaramella goes into a tangent on his international activities, Perry merely replies, 'You must work on the Italian politics.' When Scaramella presents a list of the possible future options open to him, Perry very curtly suggests, “You could be part of the cabinet of the minister.” But Scaramella is pessimistic when he states, “most probably Prodi will win, even if we will launch our attack…"

The "attack" is key to the conversation. WMR was the first media outlet to suggest that the Scaramella-Litvinenko affair was a dirty bomb plot gone bad and that the intelligence services of Russian President Vladimir Putin may have actually derailed the plot.

Scaramella relates to Perry his conversation with then-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, in which he asked the right-wing and now-indicted politician for a job, preferably at NATO or the United Nations. Scaramella claims that he was first offered a seat in the Italian parliament but declined because he feared a rough political campaign against him after he had made public his "KGB claims" against Prodi and that he "preferred a post outside Italy in an international organization."

The Italian paper Corriere della Sera is also reporting on a telephone conversation between Scaramella and Paolo Guzzanti, the Miktrokhin Committee's chairman on 28 January 2006, three days after the phone conversation between Perry and Scaramella that Romani Prodi was "cultivated by the KGB" and cited ex-KGB Colonel Oleg Gordievsky as his source. Guzzanti responds, "in that case he is our man?" "Yes," replies Scaramella's." "That's enough. I don't want to know anything else", Guzzanti replies.

It has also been revealed that while talking to Perry, Scaramella declared that he had obtained taped testimony against Prodi from Gordievski and that the testimony was given in the presence of "Lou Palumbo," who has now been identified as a 22-year veteran of the CIA. Gordievski, who is under the protection of the British intelligence services, has since denounced Scaramella as a fraud. It is also clear that Scaramella's mission was to seek out prominent Russian exiles and defectors in order to trick them into brining false charges against leftist politicians like Prodi.

Previously, WMR reported that Scaramella was linked by Italian investigators to Filippo Marino, who is involved in the security business and founded the Special Research Monitoring Center (SRMC), claims he was a member of the elite Italian Army 131st Regiment and member of an Italian law enforcement organized crime task force targeting the mob in Naples. One of Marino's companies, Securitydirector LLC, is registered at P.O. Box 190487, Miami Beach, FL 33119-0487. According to La Stampa, a link has now been discovered between Marino and Hallandale, Florida-based Incident Management Group (IMG). Marino has been a senior consultant for IMG, according to La Stampa. IMG's Managing Partner is none other than Louis F. Palumbo, Scaramella's task master in the reported attempt to tarnish Prodi. Palumbo's bio at the IMG website states that in 1977, he founded the security consulting firm Ackerman & Palumbo. The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) lists a Louis F. Palumbo at 7980 N. Biscayne Point Cir., Miami Beach, FL 33141.

Palumbo's partners at IMG include Daniel Donohue, a former CIA clandestine services agent in Southeast Asia and India; Harley Stock, a "forensic hypnosis" expert with the FBI and US Secret Service; and, perhaps most intriguingly, Christopher Hagon, a 21-year veteran of the London Metropolitan Police or "Scotland Yard."

Hagon told La Stampa that Marino did work as a consultant for IMG as a consultant. In fact, IMG's consultant profiles list Marino as:

"FILIPPO MARINO, SENIOR CONSULTANT, has 10 years of international experience in the areas of security and environmental crime prevention. Marino has worked on a variety of security-related assignments ranging from investigative support of judicial authorities to personal awareness training and private consulting worldwide. He is one of the founders of Special Research Monitoring Center (SRMC) and a founding member of the Permanent Intergovernmental Conference for Environmental Crime Prevention. He is currently Director of Security & Operations, for the SRMC. Marino served as an officer of the prestigious 131st Regiment of the Italian Army, and is an inspector for a law-enforcement, environmental task force against organized crime in Naples, Italy. He holds a magna cum laude B. A. in Behavioral Sciences from San Jose State University, and has obtained multiple certifications in security and protection services. He speaks fluent Italian and German."

Note that Marino's links to Scaramella's ECPP is also cited above. Also of interest is the listing of a Curtis Perry as an IMG consultant:

"CURTIS PERRY, SENIOR CONSULTANT, has 27 years experience in government and private sector security. He served for ten years in the CIA and was stationed throughout the Far East. Mr. Perry is fluent in several Chinese dialects and has access to numerous government agencies in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia. Previously he was employed as a Senior Consultant by the security firm of Ackerman & Palumbo and was a Managing Director for Kroll Associates in Manila from 1992 -1996. Mr. Perry has undertaken numerous investigations for Corporate America – including those involving kidnappings, extortions and product contaminations – in the Far East and Australia."

Another IMG consultant is Robert Wager, whose bio claims he manages security for the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. Scaramella claims to have also worked in Bogota. The bio of another IMG consultant, Ned Timmons, states, "for two years Timmons directed an international import/export corporation operating undercover in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Central America [and] ... He currently serves as a consultant to the U.S. and Cayman Governments on drug trafficking matters." There is yet another Colombian link, "John Stabler, Senior Consultant, has 17 years experience in security management and consulting profession, with 13 years of specialization in Colombia. He has designed security for plantations, mines, pipelines, piers and airfields in hostile locations in Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Chile."

Also of interest is another "environmental" link that ties the various Scaramella-Litvinenko players under the cover of an international environmental network. An SEC EDGAR search revealed a stockholders' agreement between Harrison-Kroll Environmental Services, Inc. of Louisiana and Palumbo Partners, a Delaware corporation dated December 31, 1992. A Google search also revealed that former Secret Service Presidential Protective Division agent Jim Holt served as Training Director for Ackerman & Palumbo and was "one of the original directors and consultant partners with Palumbo Partners, Inc., Miami." An office of Harrison-Kroll Environmental Services is listed at 300 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 1300, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

Kroll Associates is an enigmatic "security services" company which has close links to the CIA. Not only is Kroll active in private military contracting in Iraq but it has long been associated with dubious U.S. intelligence activities at home and abroad. According to a knowledgeable source, Jules Kroll, who founded Kroll Associates in 1972, obtained needed funding for his firm from Foothill Capital in the 1980s. Foothill was deeply enmeshed in the Savings & Loan collapses in the 1980s but salvaged itself to become a part of Wells Fargo Bank. Kroll, who helped Curtis Publishing (renamed Cadence Industries after a merger) cut waste in the 1970s (and pilfer the company's pension fund in the process), got his first big break when he helped locate the stolen millions of Philippine ex-President Ferdinand Marcos (he would later go after the off-shore bank accounts of Haiti's Jean-Claude Duvalier and Iraq's Saddam Hussein).

According to our well-placed source, Ray Steffans (aka diStefano of New Jersey), Jewish mobster Gideon Chern, and Eddie Baker of Vanguard Petroleum met in Houston in September 1983 to discuss, among other items, funding for Kroll. In December 1977, Bernard Taubenfeld, Gideon Chern and Shalom Goldburd, officials of B'nai Torah Institute affiliate, Nutrition for Youth, were convicted of defrauding the government by submitting bills for food that was never served to poor children in the New York City summer lunch program. Chern's other organized crime activity in the 1980s reportedly had an important protector -- former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Rudolph Giuliani. The former New York Mayor and prospective GOP presidential candidate reportedly suppressed a wealth of evidence against Chern.

Litvinenko-Scaramella case now linked to World Trade Center security firm.

Two days after the Houston meeting, a Jaguar supposedly with the body of Baker in it was found charred outside of Houston. A fire investigator later revealed that no body was found in the car at the time of the fire. Kroll, after Enron's bankruptcy, purchased Zolfo-Cooper, and thus owned Zolfo-Cooper's Steven Cooper, the attorney appointed by New York bankruptcy Judge Arthur Gonzalez to run Enron in bankruptcy. In July 2004, Marsh-McLennan bought Kroll and Associates. Marsh-McLennan is run by Jeffrey Greenberg, son of Maurice (Hank) Greenberg of AIG. Funny, since Chase and Citibank notes from Kenneth Lay/Enron were purchased in May 2001 by AIG and the MacArthur Foundation.

Kroll was responsible for the security of the World Trade Center on 9/11, The firm had hired FBI top counter-terrorism agent John O'Neill as Director of World Trade Center security upon his retirement from the FBI. O'Neill dies in the 9/11 attacks. Kroll also markets Identity Theft Shield, the first time Kroll has offered its services to individuals as opposed to governments and companies. As of June 30, 2006, Kroll had amassed over 560,000 customers for its Identity Theft Shield program.

The Chern link brings us back to the Russian-Israeli Mafia connections of Scaramella and company. Berezovsky's friend, former Yukos co-owner Leonid Nevzlin, a Russian-Jewish oligarch and former President of the Russian Jewish Congress who now lives in Tel Aviv and is wanted by Russia for tax evasion and corruption. As the Democrats prepare to assume control of Congress, Nevzlin is now in the United States, protected by the FBI from arrest based on Russian and Interpol arrest warrants. This is not Nezvlin's first visit to the United States. In the summer of 2005 he appeared before the US Congress' Helsinki Committee to criticize the government of Vladimir Putin. Nevzlin's sponsors were incoming House International Relations Committee chairman Tom Lantos (D-CA) and New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith. Nevzlin used the hearing to argue for the expulsion of Russia from the G-8. Another Nevzlin supporter is Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, another prospective GOP presidential candidate.

In a further example of the dubious activities of the Arlington, Virginia-based Fellowship Foundation, dubbed the "Christian Mafia" by many local residents, two of Nevzlin's wanted Yukos fellow shareholders, oligarchs Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov, who were indicted in Russia on charges similar to those brought against jailed Yukos former chairman Mikhail Khodorkovsky, were invited the have breakfast with President George W. Bush at the February 5, 2005 "National Prayer Breakfast." The annual Prayer Breakfast contrivance of the Fellowship Foundation is a ruse designed to provide a series of top level intelligence and organized crime meetings under the sanctioning smile of "Jesus." The person who invited Brudno, Dubov, and the jailed Khodorkovsky to the prayer breakfast was Lantos, whose wife, daughter, and son-in-law are devout Mormons. Brudno and Dubov, citizens of Israel, were assured by the FBI that it would ignore the Interpol and Russian arrest warrants, just as the FBI is ignoring the arrest warrant for Nevzlin, who is now in the United States, most likely with the acquiescence of Lantos. Lantos, who has his own connections with mob-run unions operating at San Francisco International Airport, does not seem to mind the fact that Nevzlin has been under investigation by Israeli police for illegally laundering $500 million through a Tel Aviv branch of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank. Nevzlin also took over assets of Khodorkovsky's collapsed bank, Menatep, which was also linked to money laundering involving the Bank of New York. Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev supports Putin's attempt to bring the Russian-Israeli oligarchs to justice. He told Britain's Sunday Times that it is believed that the exiled oligarchs have hidden away $1 trillion.

Nevzlin's and Berezovsky's activities with Litvinenko are the tip of a huge iceberg of private intelligence intrigue that involves a number of wanted Russian exiles, including Nevzlin, Berezovsky, ex-Russian media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Chernoy, Roman Abramovitch, and Chechen "Foreign Minister" Akhmed Zakayev. Berezovsky's [and Litvinenko's] spokesman, Russian exile Alex Goldfarb, freely operates out of both London and New York. All are involved in various efforts to destabilize Russia with the help of neo-cons in the Bush administration and the government of Israel. However, the Israel Lobby's pressure on the U.S. media, most notably the Associated Press, New York Times, and Washington Post, ensures that the Russian exiles' links to Israel and organized crime are studiously ignored.

Alexander Litvinenko not the only Russian poisoned by Russian-Israeli mafia gangsters.

In another full circle between Tel Aviv and Italy, Menatep's former chief for investment management Alexei Globuvich said, after his arrest last Spring in Italy, that Nevzlin may have tried to poison him and his family after mercury was found in his office, home, and car. Globuvich said he was a threat because he knew where Yukos and Menatep assets were located. Shortly thereafter, a Scotland Yard officer handed over to the British security firm ISC Global plans by the British government to extradite a number of Russian-Israeli exiles in Britain to Russia. ISC Global had been part of Menatep and Nevzlin was one of its chief customers. The London offices of ISC Global, now known as RISC Management, were visited in November 2006 by Litvinenko and Russian businessmen Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun and traces of polonium-210 were discovered there. According to the Sunday Times of London, Russian police are also investigating whether the poisoning of Litvinenko and the attempted poisoning of Globuvich are connected to the radiation poisoning death two years ago of Roman Tsepov, a former bodyguard of Putin when he was deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg. Tsepov was involved in the Russian government's tracking of Yukos assets. Also of interest are connections to the June 2004 assassination of Forbes Russian edition editor-in-chief Paul Klebnikov, a U.S. citizen who wrote a damaging expose of Berezovsky. Three Chechen contract killers were charged in Klebnikov's murder. The same Russian-Israeli mob ring is also being looked at in the investigation of the assassination of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya of Novaya Gazeta as a way to embarrass Putin.

Forbes Russian edition editor Paul Klebnikov murdered in 2004 by Chechen contract killers. Russian-Israeli tycoon Boris Berezovsky claims to be the godfather of the Chechen rebellion. Klebnikov wrote an anti-Berezovsky book.

The connection of Nevzlin to the polonium and the receipt of classified British secrets is more of a reason for Russia's Prosecutor General's office to seek his extradition -- but the FBI refuses to cooperate due to the orders coming from people like Lantos, McCain, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and others who do the bidding of the Russian-Israeli mob and their Italian mafiosi underlings.

The Russian Prosecutor-General's office has stated, "“A version is being looked at that those who ordered these crimes [polonium poisoning, etc.] could be the same people who are on an international wanted list for serious and very serious crimes, one of whom is ... Leonid Nevzlin."

The connections now discovered by Italian and Russian investigators between the Russian-Israeli-Italian-British-US private intelligence network of former intelligence agents and billionaire mobsters suggest that the "serious crimes" committed may be more than the poisoning of Litvinenko and others with radioactive materials. The investigators are wise to pursue the links to U.S. security firms and former CIA personnel involved in pre-9/11 protection functions. The FBI cannot or will not investigate the actual perpetrators of 9/11. However, the Italian and Russian law enforcement professionals are beginning to get very close. It is a shame that American law enforcement is not interested in pursuing real leads in the biggest crime in American history