Friday, March 30, 2012


The whole point of UN SCR 1973 was the "Responsibility to Protect" civilians.

Instead, NATO bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed Libyan civilians to death to pave a clear and unobstructed path for the Libyan al Qaeda rebs leading directly into the heart of Tripoli resulting in the assassination of Gaddafi by "someone" in Sirte.

So why did NATO not save 72 refugees drifting in boat fleeing the war that NATO deliberately created?

I guess the R2P applies to al Qaeda only, or R2PAQ.

Migrants left to die after catalogue of failures, says report into boat tragedy

Council of Europe investigator says deaths of migrants adrift in Mediterranean exposes double standards in valuing human life

A catalogue of failures by Nato warships and European coastguards led to the deaths of dozens of migrants left adrift at sea, according to a damning official report into the fate of a refugee boat in the Mediterranean whose distress calls went unanswered for days.

A nine-month investigation by the Council of Europe – the continent's 47-nation human rights watchdog, which oversees the European court of human rights – has unearthed human and institutional failings that condemned the boat's occupants to their fate.

[source : Migrants left to die after catalogue of failures, says report into boat tragedy, The Guardian,, 28/03/2012]


The United Disunited Fascist Kingdom is to give £500,000 to the Syrian opposition, allegedly for non-lethal purposes.
Foreign Secretary William Hague will announce that he has agreed to provide half a million pounds of British support to Syria's political opposition.

This support includes agreement in principle for practical non-lethal support to them inside Syria.

...UK support is intended to help Syrian political oppositionists to:
*develop themselves as a credible alternative to Assad and his regime
*keep themselves safe against regime repression and violence by communicating effectively;
*get improved access to humanitarian assistance;
*develop the necessary capability to realise an orderly transition to a more democratic Syria;

[source : Foreign Secretary to announce support for Syrian political opposition, FCO,, 29/03/2012]

We already know that British Special Forces have been in and around Syria for months, if not for a year, trying to make Syria like Libya only bloodier.

Just what kind of devilry is this?

The definition of non-lethal certainly needs to be stated because tasers were classed as non-lethal but are killing an increasing number of people every year.

UN SCR 1973 was supposed to keep Libyan civilians "safe". Instead NATO bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed Libyan civilians to death paving a path for the Libyan al Qaeda rebs all the way into central Tripoli.

Russia Today asks other questions that need answering.
But questions are being raised over who exactly will receive the money, as the opposition within Syria is fractured. How this money will be used and who is to control the way it is spent also remains somewhat murky.

President Assad has been repeatedly telling other countries to stop sponsoring the opposition. Failing to respect this principle could therefore put the implementation of the six-point plan put forward by Kofi Annan at risk.

[source : UK to help Syrian opposition unite against Assad with £500,000, RT,, 30/03/2012]

So just as the Syrian government is asked to stop all fighting and withdraw its troops and weapons from places like the Independent Islamic Beheading Emirate of Homs, there are NATO and Arab League Special Forces on the ground in Syria, the opposition are being given lots of money allegedly for "non-lethal" purposes, and there are even discussions in the US Senate about openly arming and intervening on behalf of the Syrian opposition.
Senator John McCain introduced a new resolution on Syria Wednesday that calls for arming the Syrian rebels to fight the regime of Bashar al-Assad and establishing safe zones inside Syria.

The non-binding resolution stops short of calling for U.S. military intervention in Syria, which McCain and his co-sponsors support. The resolution is meant to build congressional support for some kind of direct intervention on behalf of the Syrian opposition.

[source : McCain Resolution Calls for Arming Syrian Opposition, Safe Zones, AntiWar,, 28/03/2012]

The whole point of this "six" point peace plan is that the six points apply to the Syrian government alone and none apply to the Syrian al Qaeda rebs. This will then give the Enemies of Syria lots of opportunities to claim that Assad violated the peace and then intervene more openly, perhaps even invading Syria.

I wish we knew the name of that plan revealed by General Wesley Clark. That plan named Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Iran. The first four have been sorted out. Syria is currently being sorted out. Somalia has recently come into the crosshairs. After the current Syrian government has been replaced then the real fireworks will begin over Iran.

So, just what kind of devilry is this?

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Haaretz is reporting that Ehud Barak has been forced to postpone any attack on Iran until next year at the earliest because he was told that a war games simulation of the result of an attack on Iran resulted in the deaths of 200 Americans, and such an attack without the support of the USA would mean that Israel would be responsible for those deaths.

So why postpone and not cancel?

Does this have anything to do with Syria kicking al Qaeda butt? Now even the MI6 colony a.k.a. Qatar is apparently against an attack on Iran, for now.

Damning U.S. war simulation forces Ehud Barak to reconsider attack plans; Americans pledge more money for Iron Dome antimissile system.

...According to a war simulation conducted by the U.S. Central Command, the Iranians could kill 200 Americans with a single missile response to an Israeli attack. An investigative committee would not spare any admiral or general, minister or president. The meaning of this U.S. scenario is that the blood of these 200 would be on Israel's head.

...For all intents and purposes, it was an announcement that this war was being postponed until at least the spring of 2013.

[source : Israel's plan to attack Iran put on hold until next year at the earliest, Haaretz,, 29/3/2012]

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Accounts with the Bank of Greece for most of the country's hospitals were looted of about 70% of their total to pay for the bailouts that Greece does not and should not need to pay.

What this will do to the health of the nation is obvious; genocide.

And it will not stop at Greece.

The illegally denied default of Greece entered a dramatic new phase this afternoon with the revelation by mainstream Greek public health website Health News that, shortly before midnight on March 8th – the eve of Greece’s psi completion on Friday March 9th – on average 70% of public utility funds in various large, interest-bearing accounts at the Bank of Greece were raided. These included most of the State’s regional hospital budgets, various universities and (it is alleged) at least one utility company.

The shortfalls came to light late last week and this morning as various hospital purchasing cheques in particular began to bounce. The monies – estimated by one source to total some 1.4 billion euros – appear to have been used to pay off the tiny minority of private sovereign creditors who, under the original terms of their bond purchase, were entitled come what may to full payment of the bond’s yield entitlement.

Setting aside the amoral audacity of this act, it does yet again raise the issue of a Greece so utterly lacking in any real funds in the real world, that to pay off a minute proportion of the bondholders it had to resort to such a desperate measure.

[source : Greek Government Robbed Public Institutions to Complete the Bond Swap, Global Research,, 27/03/2012]


The "six" point plan that Syria has apparently agreed to is a trap. It asks way too much of Syria, no time scales are given, and does not explicitly recognise that the opposition are terrorist thugs armed from outside Syria. The Syrian opposition is splintered so at the moment it will be very very difficult for Annan to seek from the opposition what he asked of Bashar al-Assad. In the first two points Annan has basically asked al-Assad to stop fighting against the opposition, and withdraw troops and heavy weapons from places like Homs.

These first two points are followed by the statement that Annan would seek similar from the opposition.
Similar commitments would be sought by the Envoy from the opposition and all relevant elements to stop the fighting and work with him to bring about a sustained cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties with an effective United Nations supervision mechanism

But who defines what are "relevant elements"? Clintonella de Vil?

The "six" point plan then expands to many many more points and asks the Syrian government and the Syrian government alone to

(3) ensure timely provision of humanitarian assistance to all areas affected by the fighting, and to this end, as immediate steps, to accept and implement a daily two hour humanitarian pause and to coordinate exact time and modalities of the daily pause through an efficient mechanism, including at local level;
(4) intensify the pace and scale of release of arbitrarily detained persons, including especially vulnerable categories of persons, and persons involved in peaceful political activities, provide without delay through appropriate channels a list of all places in which such persons are being detained, immediately begin organizing access to such locations and through appropriate channels respond promptly to all written requests for information, access or release regarding such persons;
(5) ensure freedom of movement throughout the country for journalists and a non-discriminatory visa policy for them;
(6) respect freedom of association and the right to demonstrate peacefully as legally guaranteed.

[source : Annan's six-point plan for Syria, CNN,, 27/03/2012]

These four points apply to the Syrian government and the Syrian government alone.

And as stated above, the first two points apply to both, but no time scales are given. What if Assad does his bit, but the opposition drags their feet, or cannot organise to comply?

This is in effect a two point plan with four more points exclusively for the Syrian government.

So I a smell a rat.

For example, in the context of this "six" point plan, what exactly is meant by "humanitarian assistance"? (see Point 3). The war on Libya was supposed to be "humanitarian assistance" but turned into a one-sided bloodbath ending with the assassination of Gaddafi and the installment of al Qaeda. The "journalists" that will enter the country will be intelligence agents, as they are now, e.g. Danny Dayem, Paul Conroy, but will be given much more freedom to spew their fabrications and lies.

Neither Annan nor al-Assad do not seem to understand the kind of devils that are driving these uprisings. Al-Assad has recognised that the rebels are terrorists armed from outside Syria, but may not be fully aware of just how far they are prepared to go. Syria is just one stepping stone on the way to the final destination, war on Iran.

And that's when the real fireworks will begin.

I foresee that, as well intentioned as this plan may appear to be, it will be used to entrap Syria in some way. Syria will be accused of violating the agreement, and war, or open support from the West of the Syrian al Qaeda rebs, will follow. It could be that the opposition does not form as one group. How will al-Assad deal with that, if most opposition groups conform but one does not, perhaps the rebel group reported in Press TV that is beheading captured Syrian soldiers?

Syrian rebels have formed their own laws, courts and death squads in Baba Amr neighborhood in the restive city of Homs and beheaded the captured army soldiers, a report has revealed.

The report, published by Spiegel Online on Monday, discloses violent measures by the anti-government armed groups, laying bare the other side of the unrest in the Middle Eastern country.

Hussein, one of the rebels fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad, is quoted in the report as saying that he himself decapitated four army soldiers who had been detained by gunmen.

[source : Syria rebels form death squad, behead army soldiers: Report, Press TV,, 27/03/2012]

I repeat my demand to Hague and/or Hammod to explain the purpose and presence of British Special Forces in and around Syria since 1st January 2011 to the present date.


Reports are suggesting that Merah, the alleged killer of Toulouse, was an informant for French intelligence[1]. This is a possibility I considered because it is something that happened to the alleged killer of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald.

If Merah was indeed an informant for the DGSE then it would explain
1. his lifestyle (although unemployed he lived in his own flat, had cars and apparently built a cache of weapons)
2. his ability to avoid arrest after kidnapping youths and forcing them to watch al Qaeda DVDs of beheadings and executions, and walking around with sword shouting "Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda!"
3. the blatant plan to kill him in his flat so that he could not tell his side of the story

It is possible that he had infiltrated a cell that did the killings while he was merely a member helping out rather then doing the killings. It is also possible that he did none of the shootings. Witnesses said the killer at Montauban was fat/stocky with a facial tattoo. Merah was lean and did not have a tattoo, though it is possible that he wore extra clothes and a tattoo could have been painted on and then washed off afterwards.

A look at all of Merah's bank accounts would be useful, to the say the least.

[1] Massacre nut ‘spied on terrorists for France’, The Sun,, 28/03/2012]

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Spanish prostitutes are going on strike until the Spanish bankers, who make up most of their clientele, start lending to the Spanish people again!

Spain's high-class escorts are refusing to have sex with the nation's bankers - until they open up credit lines to cash-strapped families and firms.

Madrid's top-end prostitutes say their indefinite strike will continue until bank employees 'fulfil their responsibility to society' and start offering bigger loans for struggling Spaniards, it has been claimed.

[source : A national sex strike! Spain's 'high-class hookers refuse to sleep with bankers until they open up credit lines to cash-strapped families', The Daily Mail,, 27/03/2012]

The prostitutes say only bankers can afford their prices. Why is that? Because bankers can create money out of nothing, lend it out at interest, get us to do all the work for them, and then pay back the loans...with interest!

And if they are gambling bankers then they create trillions in fraudulent derivatives, and if they win they win and buy another Carribean island, but if they lose then they get our corrupt political leaders, like Dodgy Dave, to sign their gambling debts over to us so we suffer austerity and they still get massive bonuses.

This happens all over the world. Not just in Spain. It happens in France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, USA. EVERYWHERE.

What was it Lord Josiah Stamp said?

"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money."

That's why the bankers can afford high class prostitutes.

That's why the bankers now run Europe.

That's why they created both Nazi Germany and Communist USSR and dragged the USA into a bloody global conflict from which grew their world government the United Nations which is now being used to implement their global eugenics and mass depopulation program.

The bankers own the earth...because we gave them the power to create money out of thin air so they could buy it from under our noses.

Ever get the feeling you've been mugged off?


It all fits very nicely into the plan as revealed by General Wesley Clark that was to be implemented after the mother of all inside jobs, 9/11.

Iraq. Sudan. Lebanon. Libya. Currently Syria. Soon Somalia. After that Iran (unless Mad Dog Nutternyahu attacks first).

And who is the boogeyman? Al Qaeda. Yes, the same al Qaeda we assisted in Libya and are now supporting in Syria.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with all that top grade oil off the coast of Somalia.

Ever get the feeling you're being mugged off?

Britain's national security policy in the Middle East is moving away from Pakistan and Afghanistan, Britain's national security advisor has said.

Sir Kim Darroch told the joint committee on national security strategy that recent developments are shifting national security policy towards Yemen and Somalia.

Responding to a question about whether Afghanistan and Pakistan are still priorities given increased stability, Sir Kim told the committee: "The terrorist threat from Afghanistan is diminished. We don't want to tempt fate but it isn't what it once was".

He continued: "Al-Qaida's power in Pakistan has diminished, and the threats from instability in Yemen and Somalia are growing."

Sir Kim said that the weakness of governments in Yemen and Somalia and their inability to contain Islamist militants tied to al-Qaida means that they are considered more of a threat to British national security than Afghanistan.

[source : UK security focus shifting to Yemen and Somalia,,, 27/03/2012]


Last year was dominated by Libya. What was said would take just several days eventually took several months, ending with the assassination of Gaddafi on 20th October.

It all began well before it officially began. Gaddafi was portrayed as the Devil Incarnate. He was accused of the Lockerbie bombing, despite the overwhelming evidence that it was an operation to stop an investigation into drug smuggling by certain intelligence agencies. And with Libyan oil money had built Libya into the envy of the African continent. But then Tony Blair gave Gaddafi a hug when he renounced his WMDs and started sending his billions to Goldman Sachs in London. Gaddafi had been sucked into a spider’s web.

Officially the war on Libya was not a war but “humanitarian intervention”. Officially United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 adopted on 17th March gave the likes of NATO the authority to enforce a No Fly Zone over Libya to protect civilians. But within days the British media was laced with articles suggesting if not demanding the assassination of Gaddafi.

Over the Spring and Summer of 2011 tales of brutality poured out of Libya, implicating Gaddafi’s troops in mass executions, mass rapes while off their heads on Viagra, shooting up civilian housing with helicopter gunships, etc. It all turned out false.

But kept well out of the media was the very disturbing news that the Syrian rebs were actually al Qaeda! It was not until the end of the humanitarian intervention regime change that this filtered through to the front pages when the Syrian al Qaeda rebel military commander accused our intelligence services of sending him to Gaddafi to be tortured!

Meanwhile the question of Libya’s top grade oil was barely mentioned. It was all about killing the civilians to save them. But it leaked out that a special operation had been run out of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to manipulate the oil market to supply fuel to the Libyan al Qaeda rebs and block Gaddafi trading his oil on the market. This was run by Alan Duncan MP.

So Alan Duncan ran the Libya Oil Cell out of the FCO. Duncan is a member of the very secretive Le Cercle, which is perhaps even more conspiratorial than Bilderberg. Duncan had worked for and was good friends with Ian Taylor of Vitol. Vitol took the lead and was instrumental in supplying the Libyan al Qaeda rebs with refined oil products such as diesel while blocking the sale of Gaddafi’s oil, which led to Gaddafi’s fuel running out while the Libyan al Qaeda rebs had barrels of it. Duncan’s father worked for NATO. NATO bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed Libyan civilians to pave a path for the Libyan al Qaeda rebs which led all the way into Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli.

On 20th October Gaddafi was assassinated.

On 2nd November Ian Taylor dined with Dodgy Dave.

When was the invite sent?

And I wonder if they raised a glass of champagne and toasted the assassin of Gaddafi?

Since that dinner Vitol has been awarded lucrative contracts with the Libyan government. I wonder who was thanking whom.

Now the Libyan al Qaeda rebs are raping, torturing and executing black Libyans, treating them like animals in cages while shouting “Allah U Akbar!” and demanding Sharia Law while their flags flutter in the North African breeze.

And we now know that, despite consistent official denials, British Special Forces were in Libya before it all began and they were at the front of the military campaign guiding, training and advising and God knows what else, the Libyan al Qaeda rebs.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been mugged off?

Monday, March 26, 2012


Dodgy Dave has been forced by Rupert Murdoch to reveal information about his dinner parties. I am not surprised by anything this guy does anymore. He serves the banks, not the British people.

Here is the list of Dodgy Dave's Dinner Donors who gave more than £50k (donations in brackets).

July 14, 2010: A “thank-you dinner” inside Number 10 itself, while flat was being refurbished.

Anthony and Carole Bamford (£101,249) (and a further £2,425,066 from their JCB Ltd)
Michael and Dorothy Hintze (£1,453,280, and a further £2,500,000 in loans)
Murdoch and Elsa Maclennan (£33,925) (for Telegraph Media Group)
Lord John and Lady Sainsbury (£910,000)
Andrew Feldman (£84,270 through company Jayroma)
Jill and Paul Ruddock (£20,000)
Mike and Jenny Farmer (£2,641,046)
Michael and Clara Freeman (£325,400)

February 28, 2011: Downing Street flat

David Rowland and his wife. (£4,420,515.52)
Andrew Feldman also attended (as above)

November 2, 2011: Downing Street flat. Described as a “social dinner for strong and long term supporters of the party, with whom the PM has a strong relationship”.

Henry and Dorothy Angest (£9,950) (and £110,093 from Arbuthnot Banking Group plc)
Michael Farmer and wife (£2,641,046, as above)
Ian Taylor and wife (£50,000)

February 27, 2012: Downing Street flat. Said to have been a “social dinner”.

Michael Spencer and partner (£304,989.59) (and a further £3,637,642 from their IPGL Ltd

[source : DOWNING STREET DINING CAMERON'S DONORS GACE £19 MILLION TO TORIES, Political Scrapbook,, 26/03/2012]

This is an astonishing amount to get from a very small number of people. The Tories cry that Labour gets a shed load from the Unions. Yes, they do. But the Tories get more, and the donations are from Unions, i.e. basically lots of very small donations from hundreds of thousands of hard working British taxpayers who are sick of being mugged off, not very large donations from a small number of individuals.

And they got to dine with Dodgy Dave.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


This is a news report on the publication of The Transfer Agreement on, obviously, the transfer agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists. Unfortunately it does not state how mamy Jews took up the offer to move to Palestine, but it was about 10% of German Jews. This was also at a time that Palestine was still under British control, so the whole scheme was a collaboration between the British, the Nazis and the Zionists.

If more Jews had took up the offer to transfer to Palestine it is possible that the Holocaust may not have happened. But when you read some of the writings of the leading Zionists at the time they were perfectly happy for the old and the sick to die so that Israel could rise from their ashes.

Anyway, Israel did rise from their ashes, after many Jews were at first sceptical of the transfer fearing the anger it would cause but after the Holocaust global Jewry had been persuaded that a Jewish homeland in Palestine was the only safe haven for them from a cruel and harsh world.

This has since led to all the war and terror in and originating from the Middle East.

And of course, the mother of all inside jobs, 9/11.


The media is protecting Sarkozy. They are questioning in some detail how Merah could have afforded his lifestyle and become so radicalised without being either arrested beforehand or become number one suspect from the start, but they are not questioning the 'coincidence' that this series of shootings has benefitted Sarkozy enormously and they are also ignoring the downfall of DSK last year in which Sarkozy and his agents are heavily implicated.

Anyway, Merah was living well beyond his means.
The revelations will raise questions about how Merah succeeded in amassing such an arsenal of weapons – and while unemployed and on benefits – without raising the suspicions of the intelligence services who were supposed to have him under surveillance. The investigation will focus on how an unemployed petty thief could afford a €500 (£418) a month flat, as well as a rented garage and two hire cars.

[source : Toulouse shooting: failure to find first target led assassin to Jewish school, The Khordokovsky-and-green-genocide-loving Guardian,, 24/03/2012]

Police are trying to determine whether Merah had any help in carrying out the murders. Key questions include how Merah, described by the French intelligence boss Ange Mancini as "a little failure from the suburbs", was able to amass an arsenal of weapons – including an Uzi submachine gun – and rent a car, despite having no clear source of income. Mr Mancini told the French broadcaster BFM TV that Merah told police during the siege that he bought the weapons for €20,000 using money he acquired through break-ins and hold-ups.

[source : Girlfriend to marry soldier shot dead by scooter killer,, The Independent, 25/03/2012]

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I awoke this morning to news that a Russian banker has been shot in London. I fully expected the anti-Russia propaganda to kick in...and it has.

Two articles in the online papers this morning have mentioned Litvinenko, one even with that famous photograph of the dying radioactive traitor (as recognised even by his own father) Litvinenko on his death bed, implying that the two are linked.

Note that I have not described the death of Litvinenko as murder. I will explain why shortly.

First. The UK media.

The attempted assassination will prompt comparisons with the murder of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London in November 2006.

British prosecutors have named his fellow ex-KGB agent Andrei Lugovoy as the main suspect in his poisoning with radioactive polonium-210.

[source : Exiled Russian banker left in coma after submachine gun 'assassination bid' near Canary Wharf had testified in murder case, The Daily Mail,, 24/03/2012]

Comes complete with the widely published photograph of the radioactive Litvinenko on his death bed.

The last high-profile attack on a Russian citizen in the UK brought relations between the two countries to breaking point.

The murder of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned in 2006, was treated as a state supported assassination.

Litvinenko's death from poisoning by radioactive polonium-210 sparked a diplomatic battle between the UK and Russia. Moscow has refused to extradite one of its intelligence agents, Andrei Lugovoi, whom the UK suspects of a role in the poisoning.

At this stage, it is understood there is nothing to suggest that the attack on Gorbuntsov was in the same category as the Litvinenko case.

[source : Russian banker in coma after London shooting, The Guardian,, 24/03/2012]

Comes with a film about Mikhail Khordokovsky (all together ; 1,2,3,...aaawwww).

But in both of these articles it is clearly stated that German Gorbuntsov had recently given evidence in the case of the attempted murder of another banker Antonov. Three Chechens were convicted for that failed hit, but who ordered the hit is still unknown. The fresh evidence from Gorbuntsov has led to the case being reopened. Friends of Gorbuntsov think the attempt to kill him is related to this recent testimony. This makes total sense.

So back to Litvinenko. The inquest into Litvinenko's death was supposed to have been given his post mortem records last October 2011. The police requested two more weeks. It is now March, nearly April 2012. And still no post mortem records.


I suspect it may have something to do with whatever was up Litvinenko's arse when he fell ill. It was reported there were three solid objects up there, but that news was quickly buried.
The poison used to attack the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko remained unknown last night as doctors searching for a radioactive toxin focused their efforts on pieces of "dense matter" found in his intestines.

The team treating Mr Litvinenko at University College Hospital in central London believe the defector must have knowingly swallowed the three pieces of material which have become lodged in his colon.

X-rays have shown that two of the items are of a similar size to a 2p coin and the other is the shape of a figure "8", according to a hospital source. But it is not yet known whether the three items are linked to Mr Litvinenko's illness, which has left him without a functioning immune system, due to the failure of his bone marrow, and liver damage. Tests are being carried out to identify the pieces of material.

[source : Doctors treating poisoned Russian focus on objects in his colon, The Independent,, 23/06/2012]

Surely after OVER FIVE YEARS those objects would now have been identified.

Why have the post mortem records not been released?

Since October the coroner has demanded that both MI5 and MI6 release all information they have relating to Litvinenko, this probably due to the now absolute fact that Litvinenko (the traitor as recognised now by even his own father) was paid tens of thousands of pounds by British Intelligence for his services.

Though what his services were to the realm are as yet to be revealed.

And I strongly suspect NEVER to be revealed.

Shortly after issuing his demands to MI5 and MI6 the coroner was involved in a scandal involving his wife, and was hospitalised for nearly a week with what was classed as appendicitis.

But still no post mortem records.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Another opportunity for me to step back in amazement and wonder to say, "Quelle surprise!"

What did General Wesley Clark say would happen after the mother of all inside jobs 9/11?


Currently Syria.

Iran and Somalia next.

And the war on the Somalia mainland has now officially begun.

This decision to attack sites on the Somalia mainland has the potential to get boots on the ground.

We could ask of our leaders, "So, what first attracted you and BP to the near-desert and famine-riddled Somalia that has the seventh largest oil reserves in the world?".

A month ago to the day there was a special conference on Somalia in London, during which I posted THE SOMALIA QUICKENING and IT'S SOMALIA TIME stating they were plotting war in Somalia.

The European Union has agreed to expand its mission against Somali pirates, by allowing military forces to attack land targets as well as those at sea.

In a two-year extension of its mission, EU defence ministers agreed warships could target boats and fuel dumps.

The BBC's security correspondent Frank Gardner says the move is a significant step-up in operations, but one that also risks escalation.

...The transitional government only controls the capital Mogadishu, while al-Shabab militants, who recently joined with al-Qaeda, hold large swathes of territory.

[source : Somalia pirates: EU approves attacks on land bases, BBC,, 23/03/2012]


Two conflicting views of Merah are emerging.

The first is the violent Islamic extremist, training in al Qaeda camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, on the US no-fly list, kidnapping kids and showing them al Qaeda videos of executions and beheadings, and walking around brandishing a sword shouting "al Qaeda! al Qaeda!"

The second is the fun-loving petty criminal into cars and girls.

So which is the truth?

Can these views be reconciled?

But there are also conflicting reports of who actually did the shootings.

One witness in Montauban said the visor on the gunman’s helmet briefly flipped up, revealing an extensive tattoo and a scar on his left cheek. She described him as being solidly built and of medium height.
[source : Gunman kills four at Jewish school in Toulouse, France,WSWS,20/03/2012]

Their description matches an eyewitness report of a facial tattoo... The same scooter, a Yamaha T-Max, was used by the shooter in both cases. Its license plate was recorded on video surveillance tapes from the town of Montauban. The same .45 caliber gun was also used on both days... A witness in Toulouse said the gunman had a facial tattoo.
[source : Le Point: Police Believe Disgraced Neo-Nazi Soldier Committed Murders, Jewish Press, 20/03/2012]

One witness, who described the killer as "of average height and quite fat", told French broadcaster RTL his helmet visor had been raised and she had seen his eyes and a tattoo or scar on his face.
[source : Shootings in Toulouse and Montauban: What we know, BBC, 22/03/2012]

Quite fat?

Facial scar or tattoo?

Is that Merah?

This is a still from a video of Merah allegedly joyriding.

Not fat.

No facial scar or tattoo.

Note that the licence plate of the scooter was also recorded.

It is entirely possible that Merah did the other shootings, but not the Montauban shooting.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Merah shot dead in a raid on his appartment. Sleep deprivation. 300 rounds. Jumping through windows. Body bag.

It's all a bit...convenient.

Like Gaddafi's asassination.

He won't be able to tell us his contacts, his sources.

But one very intriguing piece of information.

Another series of blasts came shortly after 11am local time.

It came as police in Paris said the convicted Jihadist may have been in touch with a woman in Paris while he was carrying out his crimes.

The mystery woman is said to have been spotted talking to Merah from a train at the Gare de l’Est on Monday – just before he carried out an attack on a Jewish school.

Intrigued by the conversation – which was about the killing of three soldiers - another passenger is said to have asked the mystery woman ‘Were you talking to the Toulouse killer?’

Investigators are taking the lead ‘very seriously’, according to police sources, because it fits in Merah’s telephone records, which have since been compiled by the police.

It also came as the French authorities faced questions as to how the convicted Jihadist had been allowed to live freely after being caught planting bombs for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

[source :, 22/03/2012]

And from the same page


Suspected serial killer Mohammad Mera, who broke out of an Afghanistan jail in 2008 as part of a mass Taliban escape, once kidnapped another man, it has been reported.

A close family friend of the 24-year-old suspect told Le Parisien she knew him well while in the city's Izards housing estate.

The woman, Laela, said: 'He was well known to the police. Around two years ago he kidnapped a young person on the estate.

'I remember that the mother of the boy in question was wandering around the estate trying to find him.

'Finally, her son was freed. And I’m convinced then a complaint was lodged, and Mohammad was heard by investigating officers.'

Following the kidnapping, for which he was never charged, he is said to have 'crossed the estate in combat gear, with a sword in his hand shouting 'Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda!'.

Describing his family as 'charming people', Laela said: 'His mother finally left after divorcing her husband.'

This family split, she said, may have contributed to his slip into anti-social behaviour. But the main reason was Islamic fundamentalism.

She said: 'He was a normal kid who was radicalised. He had exchanges with people on the internet, but also frequently met other Islamists in the region.

'On the estate, he wanted to indoctrinate younger children. One day, for example, he grabbed my little nephew, and took him to a car where he showed him some horrible videos.

'There were scenes of decapitation, things going on in Afghanistan, or images showing the horror of the war.'

So Merah was under surveillance but able to walk around brandishing a sword shouting "al Qaeda!al Qaeda!", and kidnapping boys to indoctrinate into Jihadism by showing them al Qaeda videos of executions and beheadings?!

And he wasn't arrested?!

Who is nuttier? Merah? Or the French security apparatus?

This is beyond insanity.





A woman living in the same suburb of Toulouse as Merah complained to the Police in the summer of 2010 that Merah had forced her son to watch al Qaeda videos of executions and beheadings. But nothing happened to Merah. This was when he was reported to be under surveillance but not arrested because he was allegedly not planning anything.

Contrast this report with the initial reports from yesterday suggesting that Merah had a violent past but which today mysteriously imply that he was only a petty criminal. Hmm.


Published 10:01 22.03.12
Latest update 10:01 22.03.12

Report: Woman warned French police over Toulouse shooter years before killings
Woman claimed she had filed two complaints against Mohamed Merah after he forced her son to watch gruesome videos of Al-Qaida shooting women and beheading hostages in Afghanistan.

A local French newspaper published on Thursday an in-depth testimony of a woman claiming that she had warned authorities multiple times that the suspect in the Toulouse killings, Mohamed Merah, was a danger to the public.

The woman, who did not provide her real name, told Le Télégramme that upon discovering the suspect’s identity, she felt as though her “legs were cut off.” According to her, the fact that it was necessary for the deaths to occur in order to finally arrest Merah was a “huge misstep.” She further claimed that she had filed two complaints against the suspect, and returned and warned authorities several times to no avail.

The woman, who lives in the same neighborhood as Merah in Toulouse, told Le Télégramme that in the summer of 2010, the suspect attempted to recruit her son to jihad. The son, who at the time was 15 years old, was taken to the suspect’s car where he listened to disc of preaching for holy war. He then drove her son to his apartment, where he presented him with a Koran and a large sword, and forced him to watch gruesome Al-Qaida videos in which women were shot and hostages in Afghanistan were beheaded.

“My son called me and we were finally able to get him out of there. He was there from 5 P.M. until midnight,” the woman said.

The mother filed a complaint with the police, which according to her caused Merah to become upset. “He came to the front of our home, threatened me and hit me. He said that I was an atheist and that I must pay like all the rest of France’s citizens,” she said. She further stated that Merah claimed he would “wipe out all those who kills Muslims.” She stated that two days after the incident, Merah struck her son and daughter in the presence of eyewitnesses. However, no one intervened. The mother still has a copy of the complaint that was filed, as well as her daughter’s medical documents.

The woman also stated that the “true mind” behind the suspect was his brother Abdelkader, who is currently in police custody. “It is he who brainwashed [Merah] and often flew out of France,” she said.


It would now appear that the French police had Merah as a suspect in the shootings of three soldiers and three children from the start, but didn't put him at the top of the suspect list until Tuesday morning when the Yamaha dealership Merah contacted passed on his name, but Merah had contacted the same dealership last week about deactivating the GPS system and casually mentioned the repaint from black to white.

But some other information has now come to light.

Not only Mohammed but also his brother were under surveillance, because both were members of an extremist group that Merah's brother ran.

But here is the killer clue as to what is going on.

Merah claimed that he was acting under "general orders" from al-Qai'da to "bring France to its knees" in retaliation for the French military presence in Afghanistan.

[source : Serial killer reveals why he struck at Toulouse school, The Independent, 22/03/2012]

Claude Guéant, the interior minister, said Merah told police he had "received instructions from al-Qaeda during a trip to Pakistan".

"They proposed he commit a suicide bomb attack. He refused, but accepted a general mission to commit a terrorist attack in France," he said.

[source : I am on an al-Qaeda mission, taunts besieged gunman who shot children, The Daily Telegraph, 22/03/2012]

This is the killer clue because al Qaeda does not appear to be executing similar operations to bring other nations in Afghanistan to their knees. So we have to ask, why Merah? Why France? And why now?

One cynical answer is
1. Sarkozy is expected to lose the Presidential election next month to a Socialist who is not controlled (as far as we know) by the Anglo-American Empire
2. Sarkozy has shown his allegiance to the Anglo-American Empire and his neocon connections are widely known
3. the Anglo-American Empire created and controls al Qaeda
4. so the Anglo-American Empire ordered al Qaeda to order one of their criminal and possibly unhinged operatives in France to bring France to its knees
5. so that Sarkozy can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by saving the nation.

Hooray! Vive Sarkozy! Vive La France! Vive l'Anglo-American Empire!

So not only was Merah manipulated by the Anglo-American Empire via al Qaeda, who apparently gave Merah his orders to bring France to its knees, but now Sarkozy is manipulating for political purposes the terrorism and current siege that Merah created.

I would be interested in knowing how French media is covering this. Has the media given Sarkozy the most coverage? Have they portrayed Sarkozy, in editorials for example, as the saviour of the nation? How have Hollande and le Pen been reported?

The other thing that is fishy about this is that nobody has seen or spoken to Merah since the siege began. Everything he has reportedly said since the siege began has come through the police. It is now reported that he wants to die with guns in his hands.

He sounds like a complete nutter...and the perfect patsy.

And I am also beginning to suspect that Merah may have botched the operation by shooting the children. He as allegedly said he shot the children because he couln't find a soldier to kill. The shooting of the children may have been too much for the authorities who may have been quite happy to allow him to shoot soldiers for a week or two more before giving Sarkozy the photo opportunity of catching the man who terrorised France. The election is five weeks away. As they say, a week is a long time in politics. This may all be forgotten in five weeks time.

But if the capture of Merah had occured just a week or two before the election...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The Syrian Al Qaeda rebs have finally owned up to what we all knew anyway, that they were responsible for the car bombs in Damascus last weekend.

Our NATO media and leaders naturally assumed it was that evil, dastardly Bashar al-Assad because NATO and al Qaeda are in love and in NATO's eyes al Qaeda can do no wrong, including raping, torturing and executing not only black Libyans but now Syrians are experiencing that special NATO/al Qaeda love. So our NATO media and leaders accused that evil, dastardly Bashar al-Assad of committing state sponsored terrorism, but only quietly accused him. Because if they loudly accused al Assad then people here just might start thinking, "Well, hang on. If al Assad can do it over there, then maybe it's possible that all those people we have been told are crazy conspiracy theorists might just be right about 9/11".


We were right it was the Syrian al Qaeda rebs terrorising Damascus and Aleppo with car bombs.

And we are right about 9/11 being the mother of all inside jobs.

So where is the condemnation of the Syrian al Qaeda rebs?


Syrian al-Qaeda Takes Credit for Deadly Bombings

Kurt Nimmo
March 21, 2012

Homs-based al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant claimed responsibility for bombings in Syria over the weekend. Three suicide bombings in Damascus killed 27 people on Saturday and an explosion went off near a Syrian government security building in the northern city of Aleppo on Sunday.

In February, U.S. intelligence boss James Clapper said earlier attacks “had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda-like attack” and added that “we believe al-Qaeda in Iraq is extending its reach into Syria.” Ayman al-Zawahiri, the titular leader of al-Qaeda following the unsubstantiated hit on Osama bin Laden in May of 2011, has announced his support for al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant.

On February 26, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant posted a video on the al-Qaeda linked Shumukh al-Islam forum. The video includes a martyrdom statement by suicide bomber Abu al-Bara’a al- Shami. The al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant announced the creation of the “Free Ones of the Levant Brigades” in a YouTube video posted on January 23. The group claimed an attack on security headquarters in Idlib in the statement.


The expected winner, as of yesterday, of the French Presidential election next month is the Socialist Francois Hollande. But if enough voters could be persuaded to not vote for him, either by abstaining or by voting for another candidate, then Sarkozy stands a chance of winning. Another possibility is that Sarkozy steals the anti-immigrant vote from Marine le Pen of FN.

Sarkozy has served the Anglo-American Empire well, and I can see that certain persons would be interested in having him re-elected.

The man who is now surrounded in a suburb of Toulouse has been named as Mohammed Merah and it is very clear that he should have come to the attention of the French investigators for these killings earlier.

He was arrested in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2010. There are additional reports that he took the black scooter he used into a Yamaha dealership to have the GPS tracker disabled, and/or to have it repainted.
The man had also sought out a garage in Toulouse to have his Yamaha scooter repainted after the first two attacks.

[source : Raid on Toulouse shooting suspect, BBC,, 21/03/2102]

You would think it would be standard police procedure that if a particular vehicle, for example a black scooter, had been used in a series of seriously violent crimes then owners of such vehicles in the area would have been investigated.

But it gets much worse.

Merah was a known violent criminal, with a record of violent crimes.
He is a known criminal in Toulouse where some of his crimes were violent, according to French newspaper Le Figaro.

[source : Raid on Toulouse shooting suspect, BBC,, 21/03/2102]

And he was under surveillance by France's Secret Service DCRI for several years!
The French interior minister has revealed that the suspect "was followed for several years" by the DCRI, France's secret service. But he says there was no indication that he was preparing any criminal activity.

[source : Toulouse shootings: police arrest man and corner suspect in early swoop - live updates, The Guardian, 21/03/2102]

Sky News was also reporting this morning with its relentless coverage of the siege that the immigration and security questions are now beginning to dominate the election debate, in the media and in the public in general.

Just how this will affect the voting intentions of the French public is yet to be seen. But I am highly suspicious of the following;

1. Merah was a known violent criminal with a black scooter
2. he had already been under surveillance by the DCRI for several years (though what for is unclear, but to be under surveillance for that long implies to me that it was for something serious).
3. the Presidential election is just one month away and Sarkozy is, or was, expected to lose.
4. Merah claims to a member of al Qaeda, and we all know who controls them.

I am not stating that Sarkozy demanded that an al Qaeda stooge be ordered or persuaded to go on a bloody rampage, but somebody else may have to give Sarkozy the opportunity in the final weeks of the Presidential election to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

So I will end as I began.

The expected winner, as of yesterday, of the French Presidential election next month is the Socialist Francois Hollande.

As of yesterday...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Someone is mischiefmongering, I suspect.

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied reports on Tuesday that Russian warships had arrived off the Syrian coast to deploy soldiers.

"Reports that Russian warships are in Tartus are complete fairy tales," Lavrov said.

A Syrian Defense Ministry official also denied the same reports, the SANA news agency said.

“This information is false and is part of the anti-Syria campaign waged by some countries…. seeking military interference into Syria’s domestic affairs,” the official said.

...The Defense Ministry confirmed the tanker Iman’s arrival off the Syrian coast, but said it was for technical reasons and its crew was all civilians accompanied by security guards.

The ministry said the tanker was carrying fuel and food supplies for the Russian Black Sea and Northern fleets, which are engaged in anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden.

[source : Lavrov Denies Russian Warships Off Syria, RIA Novosti, 20/03/2012]


It certainly would be "a bomb" if Russia had sent troops to Syria.

But why would they? al Assad has just kicked al Qaeda butt in Homs and Idlib. There is really no need for Russia to send troops to Syria.

But such a story would help the Anglo-American Empire in their struggle to get boots on the ground in some capacity, even if it just "humanitarian" at first.


Military Source denies reports about the arrival of Russian Warships in Syrian shores

Mar 20, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-A military source on Monday denied reports by some media about the arrival of Russian warships carrying military staffs to combat terrorism in the Syrian shores, describing those reports as categorically baseless and untrue.

"Those news come in the framework of the lie campaigns against Syria by some opposition sides and the countries that support them in order to cover the calls for the foreign intervention in the Syrian affairs," the source told SANA in a statement.

Russian Defense Ministry denies news on Russian Presence of Warships near Syrian shores

MOSCOW, (SANA)- Russian Defense Ministry on Monday denied reports by some media about the arrival of Russian warships in the Syrian shores.

The Russian news agencies quoted a source at the Ministry's Media Department as saying that it was astonished at the reports circulated by some media about the presence of Russian warships near the Syrian coasts.

The source added that there is not any warships for the Russian navy near the Syrian shores.


Monday, March 19, 2012


Is it just me or is there something highly suspicious about these apparently random shootings in France?

For no apparent reason, first members of the military, now Jewish schoolchildren?

Purleaze don't say Sarkozy (or someone hoping to assist him) is using a Gladio-type operation to terrorise France only for Sarkozy, the Father, the Saviour, the Messiah to save the nation? Hurray!

Can it be that cheesy?


Because it is being reported that the same gun was used in both apparently unconnected attacks.
The gun used in a school massacre that has rocked France was the same used in the murders of three soldiers last week, a police source has said.

...The French presidential campaign has effectively been suspended with Mr Sarkozy's main rival, socialist Francois Hollande, also travelling to Toulouse.

[source : Toulouse shooting: Same gun used in Jewish and soldier attacks, The Daily Telegraph, 19/03/2012]

My question is, just how unconnected are these attacks while Sarkozy, the man who just assisted al Qaeda into power in Libya and is now assisting them in Syria, thus serving the Anglo-American Empire, is predicted to lose the coming French election?

Who will people look to for safety?

Sarkozy is currently significantly behind Francoise Hollande in the opinion polls.

The election is just over a month away, but as the quote above shows the campaign has been suspended, perhaps giving Team Sarkozy more time to engineer a new campaign, or for a character assassination of Hollande similar to the one pulled on DSK last year. Can Sarkozy implement stronger laws to protect the public in such a short space of time? Probably not. But we will see how much coverage Sarkozy gets denouncing this terrorism while Hollande is hardly reported, just like Ron Paul.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Brzezinski has been on the media demanding that Israel not attack Iran, particularly since the New Year.

But LPAC/EIR are saying that their high level intelligence sources have told them that Israel will attack Iran very soon.

So which will it be?

And why?


Watch this cartoon featuring Screwy Squirrel. He sends this dumb dog hunting him over a fence to fall a long long way, with Screwy Squirrel waiting for him holding newspapers shouting "Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Dumb dog falls for corny old gag!". Upon landing Screwy Squirrel hands the dumb dog a newspaper with the headline "SUCKER!!" with a photo of the dumb dog jumping over the fence.

This occurs between 2:00 and 2:30, but you should watch the whole cartoon, from start to finish.

The New World Order are trying to get us to jump over a fence and fall for a corny old gag with this war on Iran. And this gag ain't funny.

We've had two world wars already.

Enough! Enough! Enough!

We are not dumb dogs!


The New York Times is reporting there is little disagreement between CIA and Mossad that Iran is not building a nuclear bomb, despite them throwing everything they have at spying on Iran.
Today, as suspicions about Iran’s nuclear ambitions have provoked tough sanctions and threats of military confrontation, top administration officials have said that Iran still has not decided to pursue a weapon, reflecting the intelligence community’s secret analysis.

...The extent of the evidence the spy agencies have collected is unclear because most of their findings are classified, but intelligence officials say they have been throwing everything they have at the Iranian program.

[source : U.S. Faces a Tricky Task in Assessment of Data on Iran, NYT, 18/03/2012]

But try telling that to Nutternyahu. As soon as anyone farts in Gaza Nutternyahu is on the TV demanding war on Iran and citing the Holocaust.

It is becoming increasingly clear that our unhuman sociopathic leaders are dancing to a different tune to the rest of us and are becoming increasingly isolated from us. Yet it is we who will suffer the potentially genocidal consequences of their corrupt decisions. That is the very definition of a sociopath.

But when it comes to Israel all common sense goes out of the window. For it was created in blood for blood. I have hammered the history of Israel on this blog for years. How the Palestinians were betrayed by the British and the Sauds, who then used the wealth from oil to promote the violent extremist Wahhabi version of Islam. How the European Jews were encouraged to transfer to Palestine, but refused because of their scepticism. How the European Jews could have been saved from the Nazis and the Holocaust by the Zionist leadership but were left to die so their deaths could be used to persuade a sceptical world Jewry that Palestine was the only safe haven for them from a cruel and harsh world. How the Holocaust so psychologically traumatised the Jews that they terrorised the Palestinians into Gaza and The West Bank. How Israel was then given financial, military and political support, including nuclear weapons, to bully and persecute the Palestinians to provoke global anger in the Islamic world, which is now controlled through al-CIAda and channeled through Saudi Arabia, so that we now have a clash of civilizations scenario threatening to drag nation after nation into a global nuclear conflict at the same time that a global financial crisis is occuring.

This is not a case of "shit happens".

This is a satanic conspiracy to trick us into demanding our own slavery and genocide by demanding a global fascist dictatorship run by the same bankers who engineered the crises in the first place and who want human population levels down to between a half and one billion.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


The destiny of the human race will be decided in the next three to six months, if the intelligence given to LPAC and EIR is to be believed. And I do.

The good thing is that many of us are awake to the threat, including The Pentagon rank and file.

The bad thing is that our corrupt unhuman sociopathic leaders look like they are going to go for it and try to start a nuclear WW3 quite soon.

WW3 will not start over the period of one hour or so. It will be a steady escalation, from the initial Israeli strike on Iran, then to Iran's and Hezbollahs' response, then to America's and Israel response, then to the response of Russia, China and possibly Pakistan. Between responses will be round and round of talks and more talks, between allies and between foes, giving us further time to expose the criminals behind it all. Perhaps in the panic the general public will be more open to the suggestion it is all a scam.

Add a false flag operation in there to blame Iran and/or Hezbollah and/or Russia and/or China then those talks could be derailed leading to the level of violence rising to the use of nuclear weapons, eventually worse.

But let us never forget how we came to be in this position.

First and foremost it is Israel. Not the many ordinary Israelis who are beginning to see their predicament and protest. No. It is not them. It is the corrupt and delusional Zionist leadership and their ultimate masters in London, the Rothschilds. Without them the initial Jewish settlements would more than likely have failed. Without them we would not have had the Balfour Declaration and WW1, in which Palestine was stolen from the Palestinians after they were encouraged to rebel against the Ottomans in return for independence, but instead got the betrayal by the British and the Sauds and mass Jewish immigration. Without them we would not have seen the Nazis and their attempts to persuade German Jews to transfer to Palestine, an attempt which failed due to mass Jewish scepticism and led to the Holocaust to persuade global Jewry that Palestine and only Palestine was the only haven for them from a cruel and harsh world. Without them we would not have seen the Zionist terror gangs, having been psychologically traumatised by the Holocaust, terrorising the Palestinians off their farms into the cesspits that are now Gaza and The West Bank. Without them we would not have seen the finance and political support to sustain Israel as it bullied and killed Palestinians. And without them Israel would not have nuclear weapons, and be now threatening Iran over non-existent nuclear weapons.

It is looking more and more like the trigger for WW3 will be due to the Zionist regime in Israel, and that the conflict it will spark will drag in nation after nation, with the world having been divided on the issue of Israel v Palestine for decades.

Such a plan is attributed to the Freemasonic sicko Albert Pike. No hard evidence exists to support this claim, but there is very very very strong circumstantial evidence to support it.

As I said a few months ago. If we fall for this one then we deserve everything that's coming to us.

Two world wars have occured. A third one can too.

We cannot blame Russia and China for defending their interests. But we can blame our corrupt unhuman sociopathic leaders for supporting, defending and propagating state-sponsored terrorism, in New York and Washington DC on 9/11, in London on 7/7, in Iran as the MeK does the bidding of Israel by killing Iranian nuclear scientists. And on. And on. And on.

This drive for WW3 lies in the beating hearts of all of us. It must be stopped. They are our leaders, supposed to be serving us, not ordering us about, ripping us off, treating us like scum, and serving a cabal of warmongering kiddie-fiddling satanists who want a global fascist dictatorship over a vastly reduced human population.

Look deep inside your soul and ask what you can do to stop this mad, insane, criminal drive towards a nuclear WW3.


Despite the car bombs that exploded in Damascus today being shown to contain smouldering bodies, thus implying the attacks were al Qaeda-type suicide attacks, the media continues to imply that the Syrian government committed the attacks, and continues to use the phrase "terrorist", as if yeah, sure, the "terrorists" did it (tee hee hee, snigger, snigger).

Let's look at what the media are reporting and how they are reporting it.
Twin blasts hit the heart of Damascus today, killing at least 27 people in an attack on security installations that state television blamed on "terrorists" seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

...Gruesome images from the sites showed what appeared to be smoldering bodies in two separate vehicles, a wrecked minivan smeared with blood, and severed limbs collected in sacks.

[source : Two blasts hit Damascus, The Independent, 17/03/2012]

Note the use of "terrorist" despite this report stating that bodies could be seen in the wreckage.

The report said the "terrorist" blasts were caused by car bombs at the aviation intelligence department and a police building at around 7.30am local time.

...Television pictures from the police building showed the smouldering wreckage of a car and what appeared to be a body inside.

[source : Syrian capital hit by two explosions, The Guardian, 17/03/2102]

Note the use of "terrorist" despite this report stating that bodies could be seen in the wreckage.

I seriously doubt that the Syrian security service are that incompetent that they would blow themselves up. We can therefore conclude that the Syrian NATO/Arab League-sponsored al Qaeda death squad rebels killed and wounded over 100 people, and rising, in Damascus today, as they did in Aleppo a month or so ago.

Bravo, Cameron and Hague for supporting these terrorists!

Bravo, al Assad for standing up to the NATO/Arab League-sponsored al Qaeda death squad thugs!


LPAC are reporting that their high level intelligence sources are telling them that the madmen David Numbnuts Cameron, the naughty boy Obama and Nutternyahu have agreed war on Iran, and it will occur before not after the US Presidential election later this year.

And not only that, the attack will be "immediate"!

It has been hinted lately that such an attack would occur after the elections.

These madmen must be arrested for conspiracy to murder. There is no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapon or is indeed trying to build one. But an attack on Iran by Israel, with the backing of the UK and USA, would very likely escalate into a much wider regional war and probable global nuclear war, after which a world government dictatorship, controlled by the very same people who engineered the conflict, will be implemented and the surviving human population herded into large urban areas and their population levels vastly reduced to around one billion, but probably half that.

We can argue later if it was all planned centuries ago, or has been made up as we go along.

This conlict must be stopped.


Obama, Cameron, Netanyahu's Lies Accelerate World War Drive
March 16, 2012 • 2:30PM

Highly-placed American and Israeli intelligence sources have confirmed and elaborated on the recent Aluf Benn report that, contrary to all major media accounts, U.S. President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and British Prime Minister David Cameron are all in synch on plans for an immediate military strike against Iran, ultimately targeted against Russia and China. In effect, the troika are all lying through their teeth to create the conditions for a thermonuclear world war unless Moscow and Beijing capitulate to the full and immediate bailout of the bankrupt imperial financial system and the abandonment of any defense of true national sovereignty.

According to one senior U.S. intelligence official, during their White House meeting in early March, President Obama "gave Netanyahu the kitchen sink," promising critical military hardware to enhance Israel's strike capability against Iran. Among the equipment now being rushed to Israel are two additional airborne tankers for mid-air refueling, updated bunker-buster bombs, and jamming equipment to penetrate Iranian air defenses. The U.S. and Israeli governments are also negotiating on how to deploy SAR (search and rescue) teams in adjacent countries to Iran, in expectation that some Israeli fighters will be shot down or will crash, requiring rescuing of crew members who survive. According to both U.S. and Israeli accounts, plans are to pre-position SAR teams in the Kurdish region of Iraq and in the bordering areas of Azerbaijan. What remains to be determined is whether those SAR teams will be Israeli or American Special Forces, according to the Israeli source.

Furthermore, the U.S. and Israel are already running a "seamless warroom" engaged in cyber attacks against Iran's critical infrastructure. The most well-known incident of such cyberwarfare is the stuxnet computer virus that attacked the control systems for the centrifuge cascades at the Natanz and Fordo facilities in Iran. According to one Israeli source, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has ordered his cyberwar team to give him "ten hours of quiet," meaning the shutdown of the Iranian electical power grid, covering the period required for the raids.

Reportedly, the only actual point of dispute between Netanyahu and Obama during their three-hour Oval Office session on March 5 was over the continuation of targeted assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists during the period of the P5+1 negotiations, set to resume in Turkey in the next few weeks. According to an Israeli source, Netanyahu was adament that the killings would not be halted.

A very senior retired U.S. military intelligence official confirmed that he is absolutely certain that there has been no roll-back in the time frame for the launching of general war, starting with an attack on Iran. He cautioned that, while Defense Secretary Leon Panetta remains in full agreement with General Martin Dempsey and the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that war must be prevented at all costs, if the U.S. military is ordered by President Obama to launch attacks, there is no guarantee that the military command will refuse.

Thus, as Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly demanded since before the assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, the only durable war avoidance action is the immediate removal of President Obama from office, by impeachment or by the invoking of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. The collective lies of Obama, Cameron and Netanyahu are all aimed at lulling war opponents into the belief that the launch date for a possible World War III has been rolled back to some time past the November U.S. elections. Nothing could be further from the truth!


The disinformation war on Syria continues and grows and is getting tacky and ridiculous.

Press TV is reporting that one of the people who was alleged to be in email contact with Bashar al Assad, as implied by the bunch of fake emails that the Khordokovsky-and-green-genocide-loving The Guardian published this week, has denied being in contact with Bashar al Assad and denies that CNN have contacted him over the story[1].
Accusing Western media of fabricating news, Hussein Mortada, who runs local offices of Press TV and al-Alam news channels in the Syrian capital, Damascus, said the Western media claims about his e-mails to Assad were false.

He also emphasized that recent CNN claims about Mortada failing to respond to its contacts about the authenticity of e-mails attributed to him were baseless as he has never been contacted by CNN.

So there is now the possiblity (and I would say 100% probability) that the vast majority of those emails are fraudulent and made up to smear the Syrian leader and his wife in a modern day Diamond Necklace Affair.

But it gets much worse and tackier than that.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that among the emails was a picture of an anonymous scantily clad woman sent by someone with messages such as "I love you"[2]. What does this remind you of? A few years ago allegations were made that Putin had secretly divorced his wife and married an ex-gymnast. That allegation was untrue, but several newspapers and bloggers carried the allegation as far as they could in an attempt to damage Putin. That didn't work. Neither will this.

But again, let us assume that the email and photo are true. The Guardian told us the accounts have been hacked for a long time now. So it is entirely possible that the Syrian al Qaeda rebs passed on the email address to one of those adult websites and a member or employee of that site sent the photo. It may even have have been the Syrian al Qaeda rebs themselves! Or even a Western intelligence agency we all know and love.

Meanwhile, two intelligence compounds in Damascus have been attacked by the Syrian al Qaeda rebs. The media here is again hinting that maybe Assad did it. Curiously two reports contain the exact same paragraph verbatim.
The regime has touted the attacks as proof that it is being targeted by "terrorists." The opposition accuses forces loyal to the government of being behind the bombings to tarnish the uprising.[3][4]

NB "terrorists".

You can bet that if someone attacked an intelligenc building in the UK the media would not be using "terrorists".

The media here can only hint that the terrorist bombings in Syria are an inside job because if they investigated them in any detail then they would have to address the mother of all inside jobs, 9/11. Without 9/11 we would not have had all the wars and terror and police state laws implemented. Indeed, it was shortly after 9/11 that The Pentagon were ordered to draw up plans for war on seven nations in five years, all of whom had nothing to do with 9/11. Those plans have been executed, with the ultimate goal of war on Iran.

Once a particular number of people realise that 9/11 was an inside job then the scam is over. That number has nearly been reached. And is why the madmen in Washington DC, London and Tel Aviv are under orders to start a war on Iran that will probably lead to a major war in the region, if not global nuclear war. And after that the New World Order will demand a world government dictatorship that they would control.

[1] Press TV chief in Syria denies e-mail correspondence with Assad, Press TV, 16/03/2012

[2] Syria: Bashar al-Assad email reveals mystery near-naked woman, The Daily Telegraph, 16/03/2012

[3] Two blasts hit Syria capital, The Independent, 17/03/2012

[4] Deadly explosions rock Damascus, says Syrian TV, The Guardian, 17/03/2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Our good Khodorkovsky-and-green-geonocide-loving friends at The Guardian have somehow managed to obtain a pile of emails from the Syrian al Qaeda rebs. Just as Bashar al-Assad has routed the Syrian al Qaeda rebs in Homs and Idlib the Syrian al Qaeda rebs give a list of emails to the British media.

Not the French media.

Not the American media.

But the British media.

And not just any British media, but the Khodorkovsky-and-green-genocide-loving The Guardian.

Everyone trusts The Guardian, you see. It's portrayed as one of those intellectual, beyond-question sources of media. That's why it was saved from financial ruin by ?. That's why it was rebuilt and is now the most popular source of news on the internet. And that's why it was chosen to push massive green genocide and back-to-the-stone-age economic policies at Copenhagen 2009.

But back to these emails.

The one true fact we can agree with stated by The Guardian is that not all the alleged emails can be verified. The Guardian claim that some have been verified, but upon further reading it is less than a handful, which leaves open the implication that any one of them could be true.

Apparently someone from the al Assad inner cricle leaked two email accounts and passwords (though how they knew the passwords is a question) to the Syrian al Qaeda rebs and the messages from that account have been intercepted for a while. So why only now have they been leaked? Because some other messages allegedly also contained matters relating to the Syrian al Qaeda rebs, such as Homs. This made the accounts a source of intelligence for the Syrian al Qaeda rebs which would no doubt have been stopped if the contents of the email account had been divulged earlier.

As soon as I started to read these emails I was immediately reminded of the Diamond Necklace Affair that helped to speed up the downfall of the French Monarchy in 1792. The Diamond Necklace Affair helped to portray Marie Antoinette as a fraudster living a life of luxury as the ordinary French man and woman was suffering. The Illuminati at that time was very small in number yet one of their own Caglisotro was arrested and held for 9 months, but was released due to lack of hard evidence. The fraudsters found sanctuary in London, the source of intrigue concerning The French Revolution, and wrote their memoirs implicating Marie Antoinette.

Most of these emails do not look real; poems, iTunes? Why would these accounts be used for such diverse activities as personal love messages between a head of state and his wife, and seeking public affairs advice?

But let us assume that they are all true. So what? Bashar al Assad held a referendum a few weeks ago and there was a massive turn out and massive support for his reforms. And as for the amount of money being talked about, the bankers who have just screwed us left, right and centre by corrupting our politicians to unnecessarily sign their multi-trillion debts onto us so we suffer brutal austerity can blow ten times that amount in one night on champagne, cocaine, hookers and strippers.

Let's get this all into perspective.

This is a modern day Diamond Necklace Affair for Syria.

The Guardian could not wait to publish comments from Danny Abdul Dayem, but for whatever reason has not covered his expose as a complete fraud, probably a MI6 disinformation agent.

And their support for the traitor Khordokovsky is now ridiculous. Khordokovsky wanted to sign Russia's massive fossil fuel wealth over to the New World Order. He gave all his shares in Yukos to...Lord Jacob Rothschild. He organised The Open Russia Foundation with Kissinger and Rothschild.


The dude is a traitor, not only to Russia but to the whole human race for what he tried to do!

And The Guardian loves him!


I think another good indicator that this story is a smear, and possible disinformation plot, against al Assad, because he has just routed the NATO/Arab League-sponsored Syrian al Qaeda rebs leaving them with no foothold in Syria, is that nearly every online British media is covering it. It's the Cameron-Soetoro love-in, and the Assad emails.

The main thrust of the story is that while ordinary Syria suffers the leaders live an enchanted life of chandeliers and Harry Potter. That sounds like this Disunited Fascist Kingdom and the United States of Aggression to me (where we have some of the greatest wealth gaps in the world).

But why is Syria suffering?

Who asks that question now.

Why is Syria suffering?

I repeat again; before we sob and weep and cry for the civilians of Syria and then send over our boys and girls to Syria in their death machines to kill those very same civilians of Syria as collateral damage, William Hague and Phil Hammond must make a statement in the House of Commons Corrupt Wretches on the presence and purpose of British Special Forces in and around Syria since 1st January 2011.

Remember that quote in The Daily Star from an unnamed British security official regarding the role of British Special Forces in Syria.
"This is all going like Libya but this will be bigger and bloodier."

The BBC recently exposed how BSF were in Libya advising, guiding and training the Libyan al Qaeda rebs from the very start (and I suspect well before too).

And remember the seven nations that former NATO chief General Wesley Clark was told were to be attacked after the false flag attack 9/11, and that it is not coincidence that those seven nations have since suffered and are suffering international intrigue of one form or another.

Each of these has seen war.

Somalia recently welcomed air strikes on al Qaeda in Somalia after deals were agreed to give Somali oil to BP.

But al Qaeda is today being used in Syria, like in Libya, to overthrow the government of Syria.

And Iran? Well, Iran has been the focus of our special kind of love for decades, notably Operation Ajax, in which MI6 and CIA overthrew the most popular modern day Iranian, Mossadegh, and the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 to install another British puppet Ayatollah Khomeini. Iran was named as a member of the Axis of Evil, and also in A Clean Break and Rebuilding America's Defenses.

The question I have, besides the question about BSF that Hague and Hammond must answer, is this; Have we been signed up to a decade of war and revolution in The Middle East, Syria included, after the false flag attack 9/11, not been told about it, fed lies and bullshit to coerce us into supporting that plan, and also paid for it as thousands and thousands of unsuspecting British taxpayers lose their jobs and homes through no fault of their own after dictatorial banks corrupted our politicians to sign their multi-trillion debts over to us?

I would answer, YES!

So hows about it Hague and Hammond? Tell us everything that British Special Forces, including MI6 and their disinfo agents, have been doing in and around Syria since 1st January 2011.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Who'd a thought this would happen? That Egypt would now consider Israel as the number one enemy, expel the Israeli Ambassador to Egypt and stop the gas flow to Egypt.

Yet we hear of Mossad in Syria helping out the al Qaeda rebs.

Is it possible that Great Britain has pulled a similar trick on Israel that it did on Germany to start WW1? In that trick King George told Kaiser Wilhelm that Great Britain would not involve itself in a war on the continent. The Kaiser saw this as a green light for war and invaded Belgium in the Schlieffen Plan to qickly take out Paris. But as soon as Germany invaded Belgium Britain cited an obscure treaty to defend Belgium, that was not binding and did not need to be enforced, and sent the British Expeditionary Force to stop Germany. Thus WW1 and war in the bloody trenches were guaranteed. Bush pulled a similar trick on Saddam Hussein in 1990, telling Saddam that the USA would not involve itself if Saddam invaded Kuwait to stop alleged Kuwaiti slant drilling into Iraq. When Saddam invaded Kuwait we got all the war propaganda, such as the babies-in-incubators story that was tried a few weeks ago in Syria by the al Qaeda rebs.

I wonder what will happen if Israel does make an unprovoked "pre-emptive" strike on Iran.


Israel is Egypt’s no. 1 enemy, MPs declare

The lower house of the Egyptian parliament has unanimously approved a text declaring that Israel is the number one enemy of Egypt and calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and a halt to gas exports to Israel.

On Monday, Egyptian MPs voted by a show of hands on the text of a report, which was compiled by the Arab Affairs Committee of the People's Assembly (lower house of parliament).

"Revolutionary Egypt will never be a friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity, which we consider to be the number one enemy of Egypt and the Arab nation," the report declared, adding, "It will deal with that entity as an enemy, and the Egyptian government is hereby called upon to review all its relations and accords with that enemy."


Last week SecDef Panetta, with the US CJCS Dempsey, said that the US military could go to war without the consent of Congress if there was some kind of international basis, e.g. if UN and/or NATO wished it.

Is that what they said?

What exactly did they say?

Did they mean that if the UN wanted the US military to go to war then they could even if both the POTUS and Congress didn't want it?

Or did they mean that if the POTUS wanted war and the POTUS had UN/NATO "authority" then the US military could go to war without Congressional consent (as happened over Libya last year)?

Or did they mean that if the US military wanted to go to war and neither the POTUS and Congress wanted it then the US military could go to war but only if the UN and/or NATO gave their consent?

Or did they mean if the US military, Congress and POTUS wanted to go to war but the UN and/or NATO did not give them "authority" then they could not go to war?

And is there a difference between "could" and "would"?

On Sunday The New York Times reported that the Pentagon is apparently very sceptical of war on Syria, for several reasons[1]. Currently, with Russia against any intervention from the international community, starting war on Syria could lead to a nuclear war with Russia. Ditto with China. But if Russia did change its position and support, or at least not oppose, intervention then that would also have its own risks. These include Syria's sophisticated air defences in concentrated civilian areas, risking high civilian casualties, and Syria's large well-equipped military.

But there is the usual, "yes, we can" but this time with the caveat that it would be tricky.

So even though LPAC is spinning these statements in the NYT article as anti-war[2] I am not so sure. And I am not sure about under what precise circumstances the Pentagon would go to war without Congressional approval. Is it possible that the US Congress gave them the nod but the US military did not want to go to war? Upon further watching Panetta's statements[3] do appear to state that the US military could go to war without the approval of the US Congress if an agreement could be reached with international partners.

We could do with a table of six columns, at least, with the first five labelled "US Military", "Congress", "POTUS", "UN", "NATO" and the sixth labelled "War". With these five variables given the binary values 0 or 1 (0 for does not want war, and 1 for does want war) then this gives that table 32 possible combinations/entries/rows of who wants and does not want war. The column "War" would be 0 or 1 for when the US military could go to war. There is probably a sixth variable, labelled "General Coalition excluding UN and NATO", leading to 64 entries. Maybe Panetta could clarify the situation that way? As I understand it it should be the US Congress and the US Congress alone with the power to send the US military to war, but Obama's actions over Libya last year and Panetta's statements last week have cloudied the law somewhat.

But can Dempsey always claim that he is only "following orders" but communicate his apparent scepticism for any particular military action via the media, such as the NYT?

Meanwhile NATO investigated itself over its actions in Libya last year and found itself innocent of all charges of crimes against humanity. But here is Lizzie Phelan speaking to Press TV about Libya, and also Syria[4]. She was there in Libya and has been in Syria recently.

[1] Military Points to Risks of a Syrian Intervention, NYT, 11/03/2012

[2] Pentagon Correspondent: Joint Chiefs Warn Syria Intervention Is a Proxy War for Confrontation with Russia, LPAC, 12/03/2012

[3] Panetta:’International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions, InfoWars, 08/03/2012

[4] War Crimes: NATO Obviously Killed Civilians in Libya, GRTV, 12/03/2012

Monday, March 12, 2012


There is a reported exodus of journalists at Al Jazeera[1], due to the bias Al Jazeera is showing against the Syrian government. The resignation of one journalist is described thus.
"You can check the emails he sent to his colleague, Rula Ibrahim, to know his position which changed after the station refused to show photos he had taken of armed fighters clashing with the Syrian Army in Wadi Khaled. Instead [Al Jazeera] lambasted him as a shabeeh [implying a regime loyalist],” the source said.

So why would Al Jazeera be so biased?

Al Jazeera is just the old BBC Arabic, i.e. the MI6 media outlet for the Muslim world. BBC Arabic was shut down in April 1996 by Saudi Arabia, and Al Jazeera was launched just six months later in November 1996 in Qatar, and its employees were from...ooopsadaisy! BBC Arabic. The sordid story of the creation of Al Jazeera can be found in a recent expose by EIR[2].

[1] Al Jazeera exodus: Channel losing staff over ‘bias’, Russia Today, 12/03/2012

[2] Al-Jazeera Demystified, Executive Intelligence Review, 27/02/2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Webster Tarpley's World Crisis Radio Show from this weekend 9th/10th March is another blockbuster. He addresses
1. Ron Paul's poor performance in the Republican nomination contest, and Paul's apparent inaction on the Walter Jones House Res 107 to impeach Obama
2. Hamas' quasi-treason in moving from Damascus to Qatar
3. the rise and rise of fascism in the USA
4. issuing points of action for Putin
5. Kony 2012 and Africa

Thursday, March 08, 2012


The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey has been speaking out against an attack on Iran. Panetta is supportive of this position too, publicly anyway...for now. It is due to them that we have not yet attacked Iran, and have yet to attack Syria.

It is Obama that needs to be arrested and impeached.

There is furore being created following the statements of Dempsey and Panetta yesterday. But they were not statements of arrogance, as some have portrayed it. They were stating the facts!

And the facts are due to Obama, not Dempsey or Panetta.

There must be no attempt whatsoever to spin these statements into dragging Dempsey into disgrace so he is sacked and replaced by a more compliant and obedient Chairman.

Read Dempsey's statements. They are categorically against war.

Panetta's are similar but not as solid.

There is a danger that these statements by Dempsey and Panetta will be used and twisted and spun to drag them down and out. They have been placed in their uncomfortable positions by the traitor Obama. Their statements should be seen as patriotic rather than arrogant or brazen.

Is it just coincidence that Congressman Walter Jones starts inpeachment proceedings the day after Dempsey and Panetta make these statements?

Is there some law that states that military and congress cannot communicate under any circumstances?

It's Obama.


He, not Dempsey, ordered the military into action against Libya, and then casually informed Congress he doesn't need their authority.

Perhaps the statements of Dempsey and Panetta are a way of exposing exactly what is going on? To bring attention to the treason.

It's the naughty boy traitor Obama, not Dempsey and Panetta, you want.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


This video is on David Icke's website today.

The Dirty Truth About Israel

It shows alot of truth about Israel; Palestinians did live there before WW1, and the Zionists terrorised them off their lands into Gaza and the West Bank.

But it is nowhere dirty enough.

I listened to Icke on Alex Jones last night and the video follows much of what Icke said. But the question of the Holocaust was not raised.

Let us work backwards in history.

What is currently causing the greatest threat to humanity? A Zionist attack on Iran.

Why does Israel want to attack Iran? Because Israel has nukes and doesn't want anyone else in the region to have them, and Iran has a nuclear power program but Israel is being led to believe that there is a military purpose to it.

Why is that dangerous? Because Iran has Russia and China supporting Iran and threatening a nuclear military response.

Why is Israel so scared about anyone else in the region having a nuclear weapon? Because it fears reprisals after its barbaric brutal treatment of the Palestinians.

How did Iran get its nuclear power program? It was given it in the Atoms For Peace program.

Why was Israel created? A bunch of Jews and non-Jews believed that there should be a homeland for Jews in Palestine and nowhere else.

Was this desire reflected in the global Jewish people? NO! Most Jews believed that going to Palestine en masse would cause a lot of trouble (how right were they?).

Why did so many Jews after WW2 move to Israel? Because during WW2 the Nazis persecuted the Jews of Europe in The Holocaust because they didn't like Jews and wanted Jews out of Europe, but couldn't send them to Palestine because Palestine was at the time controlled by the British and Nazi Germany and Great Britain were at war.

Did the Nazis try to get Jews out of Germany before WW2? YES! The Nazis and Great Britain had what was known as The Transfer Agreement to encourage German Jews to move to Palestine basically free of charge. The Nazis actually gave the German Jews training on how to survive in Palestine, such as farming.

So how many Jews took up this offer? Only about 10% of German Jews. This accounts for the jump in Jewish immigration into Palestine during the 1930s. But if Israel was to survive and grow then a lot more Jews were needed.

And this is when it gets really really dirty.

How do you convince a sceptical Jewish population to move to Palestine? YOU SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM, OF COURSE!

Hence, The Holocaust occured.

Yes, there was a Holocaust. It is just the scale of it that should be questioned. Even if it was just one hundred Jews, it is one hundred too many. But do not forget that others were persecuted too.

I believe the plan for approximately 150 years, probably longer, has been to create a Jewish state in a predominantly Islamic part of the world, and get that Jewish state to create so much feeling of anger and fear and war and terrorism in the Islamic world that a major global war will occur.

I am not sure that the Holocaust was initially part of that plan, not at first. The first attempt to populate Palestine with Jews, through the Transfer Agreement, did have some success, but not much. About 10% of German Jews moved to Palestine, even after all the anti-Jew rhetoric from the Nazis and all the anti-Jew laws and all the Nazi terrorism such as Kristallnacht.

10%! That's all.

I think that if The Transfer Agreement had worked, and the majority of German Jews had moved to Palestine, then the Holocaust may not have occured. WW2 would still have happened. The purpose of WW2 was to empower Communism and create a world government after The League of Nations had failed.

The Holocaust served several purposes.
1. It certainly convinced a sceptical world Jewish population that Palestine and nowhere but Palestine could be the only safe haven for the Jewish people from a cruel and harsh world
2. It terrorised the Jewish people into terrorising the Palestinians off their lands and into Gaza and The West Bank, which has served to create the anger and resentment necessary for a global Zionism v Islam conflict.
3. It has made the Jews so paranoid that they cannot see the difference between a military nuclear weapons program and a civil nuclear power program.

And who controls Zionism? The Rothschilds. Without them the initial settlements would not have survived. They virtually wrote the Balfour Declaration as a letter to themselves. Their privately-owned Federal Reserve and privately-owned US Senate and Congress support Israel in everything it does, from building illegal walls and settlements to using phosphorous bombs on the children of Gaza.

Was the Holocaust planned from the start? That is a very good question. One for further research. But sadly I believe it was done to terrify a sceptical world Jewish population into believing that Palestine and nowhere but Palestine was the only place on Earth they could live in peace and safety.

There were attempts to move German Jews out of Germany to other British colonies, but these were refused by the Zionist hierarchy.

Guess who controlled the Zionist hierarchy?

Guess who could have bought the safety of the German Jews after Hitler offered to ransom them?

Sadly the German Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

If The Transfer Agreement had been more successful, what would have been the outcome after WW2? More Jews in Palestine, obviously, but what kind of mentality would they have had? Would they have been in such a state of paranoia and fear that they would have terrorised the Palestinians into Gaza and The West Bank? Possibly. Possibly not. Or would there have been a war of independence, similar but perhaps not as bloody as in 1947? Possibly. Possibly not.

We will never know.

But we are where we are.

The Holocaust was engineered to scare a sceptical world Jewry to populate Palestine and create a barbaric, brutal and bullying Israel. As a result, and with hundreds of billions in aid and military hardware and unquestioning political support from a bought-and-paid-for-and-blackmailed US Congress and Senate, we now have Israel threatening a "pre-emptive" attack on Iran which will likely drag in the USA on the one side and Russia and China, probably Pakistan too, on Iran's side.