Sunday, May 31, 2009


It's what our fathers and grandfathers fought for.

A nice little, and handy, microchip implant to help the financiers of Hitler and Stalin to record your every movement and purchase (and thought and emotion).

And if you deviate from the controllers defintion of 'the perfect citizen', which will be void of thought, emotion and compassion and preferably constitute pure animalism such as lust and murder, then you will feel a brief tingle in your wonderful and liberating mirochip implant and die.

If you so much as think or feel, I love her, or I love him, then forget life. The film Equilibrium is a diluted version of future life if you let it occur.

As for me, I will simply repeat some graffiti I saw a few years ago sprayed on a wall in Baden bei Wien, a small spa town near Vienna; FUK DAT SHIT!

I love music.

I love literature.

I love good, honest science.

Love life. Hate Nazis (particularly the grey-or-blue-suited Nazis of the EU).


David Cameron is being warned.

Yesterday the MI5-controlled (aren't they all?) The Guardian published interviews with senior Tory Bilderbergers and their minions attacking Cameron's praiseworthy and 100% correct attitude towards the Treaty of Lisbon; GET US OUT!

In case we have forgotten, the EU was born at Bilderberg 1955 as the next phase in the Nazi plan to control Europe as described in the Red House Report.

Today Cameron is being dragged into the gutter with the implication that he fiddled his mortgage expenses.

The paper pushing this blame-the-MPs idea is The Daily MI5egraph Telegraph. I remind you again (and again and again...) that the DT was the most bloodthirsty of them all for war on Iraq and despite pretending to be a 'Tory' paper accused George Galloway of being an agent of Saddam to protect 'Labour' Blair...and lost!

Why would details of Cameron's alleged mortgage fiddle be released now, if at all?

Fee. Fi. Fo. Fum.
I smell the blood of a character assassination.

The Tories may well win the next election due to the economy etc ( Labour have no control, it's the banks because they control money supply)...but it may be Bilderbergers big Ken Clarke or oik George Osborne as PM. Cameron is expendable. He may be photogenic and served his purpose for now, but as soon as he threatens the agenda, and in this case it is the Nazi EU, he can be tossed overboard.

Advice : simply pretend to change your mind, and as soon as you are in office dump the Treaty of Lisbon.

Scrapping the Treaty of Lisbon has equal importance to stopping an Israelli attack on Iran.

If either is scrapped then the plan is set back by several years.

And they know it...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


We don't pay our politicians enough. We get monkeys. They were encouraged to manipulate the expenses system, and they did. Their scam, in total, will be in the millions, but the cost to us individually will be negligible.

On the other hand, if you can remember in your fit of rage, when you are not throwing your favourite chair through your TV at the revelation that a particular MP claimed for an island for some ducks in his pond, for the next ten to twenty years we will be borrowing hundreds of billions of pounds from the banks who deliberately drove us into this financial crisis in the first place. Individually we will be hit in the following ways;
1. more taxes, hundreds of pounds more each year
2. cuts in services, probably leading to uneducated children who turn into animals, and the return of euthanasia as a 'cheaper and more economical' way of dealing with the elderely, the very sick and the disabled.

So how can we escape this cult of death and destruction?

The answer is vey simple; we create our own money.

We don't borrow from any dodgy bankers with dastardly plans for world domination.

We don't let them dictate to us how we spend money for their benefit. We do so now because our 'leaders' are wined and dined at Bilderberg.

I wake up each day and think, why is the human race so dumb? It hands the power to create money to a bunch of warmongering megalomaniacs and let's them get on with their evil plans.

We don't need them.

They need us because they are parasites. Parasites need to feed off their victims. Creating our own money and spending it how we want it spent would kill them. We wouldn't go begging to them, asking them to create non-existent money out of nothing that we would then need to pay back and with interest. No, we would simply create that money out of nothing ourselves, as much of it as we need and want, spend it as we want and not have to repay it.

So our MPs are poor are several ways;
1. intellectually poor in that they cannot or will not introduce such a simple monetary policy that will benefit the ordinary British man and woman in the street;
2. financially poor in that they are paid peanuts so we get monkeys
3. they have some of my sympathy in that they have been used to take the heat off the banks, and if they cannot or will not see that then they don't deserve to be MPs

Poor MPs.

Poor, poor MPs.


Cameron says that he wants to take us out of The Treaty of Lisbon that the traitor Bilderberger Gordon Brown signed.

I said that Tory Bilderbergers would 'persuade' Cameron to leave us in.

Well, today in The Guardian several Tories described as 'grandees' have attacked Cameron for his attitude towards The Treaty of Lisbon. Google their names and add 'Bilderberg' to the query and guess what; most of them are Bilderbergers, and those that aren't supported 'big' Ken Clarke for Tory leader. One the non-Bilderbergers Lord Wright is on the fringe of that part of society that becomes Bilderberg; former permanent under-secretary of the FCO, a former director of BP and the RIIA, and is a Knight of this, that and the other. You could well expect such a person to want total 100% independence from Europe for the Crown. Not so. He wants all our laws made in Europe. And once that is done he and they will want all our laws to be made by handful of 'representatives' in New York in the UN HQ that was financed by the Rockefellers after they had engineered WW2 for that very purpose.



Tragic, unwise: Conservative grandees turn on David Cameron over plans for European Union

Lord Brittan and Lord Patten attack alliance with hard-right Polish and Czech parties

A group of Tory grandees and former ­senior diplomats will tomorrow launch a devastating attack on David Cameron's flagship Eurosceptic policies, warning that they pose a threat to British influence in the European Union.

On the eve of the European elections, the Tory leader stands accused of adopting a "rigid commitment to impotence" after he pledged to withdraw from the main centre-right grouping in the European parliament.


I've just been away for a week in France. I believe my luggage was interfered with because I set the lock combination to zeroes but when I collected the luggage it was set at 049, the lock itself had been tampered with and when I opened the case at the hotel some stuff had been moved around.

So on the return journey I did not put my underwear in a plastic bag as I usually do but packed them open so that the intelligence perverts could have a real good sniff.

ps don't fly by Air France via Paris Charles de Gaulle. There are some very dodgy dudes there.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


But I don't think I can afford it.

He was there again.

Somehow he's not been dragged into the MPs expenses row even though he is having some of his expenses paid for by the sordid cast of characters he is consorting with at Bilderberg!

Osborne must not be re-elected.

Cameron is bound to win next year. Even Brown knows it. That's why Osborne has been at Bilderberg for the last few years. The natural economic philosophy of Bilderberg is Nazism, and of the major parties in the UK the policies of The Conservative Party are closest to Nazism. Bilderberg needed Labour to sign the Lisbon Treaty because Labour supports European integration, so now that Bilderberger Brown has reneged on his promise of a referendum and signed the Lisbon Treaty with a knowing smile then he can leave No. 10 smeared by the economic collapse deliberately caused by Bilderbergers at J P Morgan Chase, Citi and Goldman Sachs.

I know Cameron has said that he wants to get us out of the Lisbon Treaty but he'll be talked out of it, possibly by Osborne and Big Ken Clark, and/or the Bilderbergers in the Nazi EU will ignore his wish and say he can't withdraw.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I don't understand why MI5 are claiming lack of resources for 7/7 occuring.

If that is true (and let's face it we can't believe them anymore after the 'clean skin' claim) then why are they not begging for an open public inquiry to highlight that fact so that they can be awarded more money?

If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear, right?

No. Instead they lie to us while also indulging in rendition and torture and probably murder.

And a few other things too...

Cynical me.


He left these shores all jokey-jokey.

He has returned shaken and convinced of the microchip agenda calling for us all to hunt down Bilderberg 2010 and stop them!

Charlie Skelton is one of us now.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Charlie Skelton's latest report from Bil 2009 suggests that, despite his initial humour and ridicule, he is now very concerned that over a hundred of the worlds most powerful people are meeting behind closed doors protected by armed guards to discuss...

Well, that's it. What the F are they discussing?

Who is nodding their head in agreement, or shaking it in disagreement?

Who is being told what to do, and who is being cajoled or blackmailed into doing something?

Shall we have a war here, or a famine there? Oooh. Decisions. Decisions.

And is Henry Kissinger going to win this year's prize for Ugliest Bilderberg Traitor of the Year...AGAIN?

At least Skelton has learned first hand exactly what the Frs have in mind for us...and it appears to have woken him up a bit.


The Treasury Committee released another report on the banking crisis today which criticises the reckless gambling of the banks and the rewards for failure.

There have been several suggestions to the effect of, how dare the MPs criticise the banks when they've all got their snouts in the trough. The use of this argument could explain why The Daily Telegraph are running the MPs expenses stories now as the Treasury Committee releases its reports, to divert attention and/or to stifle criticism of the banks by MPs. I am also unaware of any member of the Treasury Committee who has been caught with their hands in the till.

We must remember that The Daily Telegraph, a Tory paper, accused George Galloway of being a friend and/or agent of Saddam Hussein in order to deflect criticism of Tony Blair and to divert public attention away from Blair's controversial adventure in Iraq. It was also one of the newspapers strongly supporting the invasion of Iraq.

Concurrently there is also the inquiry into Britain's use of, or use of information gained from, torture.

The timing of these two inquiries and the release of MPs expenses is curious, to say the least.

Anyway, the most recent Treasury Committee report further supports the use of The Fraud Act 2006 Section 4. They, the bankers, didn't know what they were doing.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


These Bilderberg-types want our DNA, want to snoop on our emails and surfing habits, want CCTV everywhere (except in Bilderberg meetings) etc.

And yet when you read Charlie Skelton's third report in The Guardian he couldn't even take a simple photo on his phone of the sea near the venue! Skelton was harassed and told to delete what photos he had taken.

Skelton also seems puzzled that despite all the limousines and in-yer-face security, the world media is absent.

If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear, right?

They obviouly have something to hide.

And we know what it is.

We know what you did last summer.


The Times has also tried to both defend and ridicule Bilderberg, but may have revealed a bit more than it thinks.

The defence hits you in the face in the very first sentence;
Don’t tell anyone, don’t breathe a word, but the world’s most powerful men are meeting secretly again to save the planet from economic catastrophe.

Immediately the suggestion is made that Bilderberg is meeting behind closed doors to SOLVE the current economic problems, without mentioning that those same people have been meeting behind closed doors for the last decade to CREATE the current economic problems!

It quotes Dennis Healey;
"To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair," Lord Healey told the author Jon Ronson for his book Them: Adventures with Extremists. "Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on for ever fighting one another for nothing. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing."

This states without doubt that Bilderberg's aim is world government!

What else can 'a single community throughout the world' mean?

Put this with the FACT that the EU was agreed upon at Bilderberg 1955 and the statements of David Rockefeller in his Memoirs then what do you get?

It's like shouting "It's behind you!" at a terrible pantomime; WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The Nazi EU? A stepping stone to world government.

The North American Union? A stepping stone to world government.

The African Union? A stepping stone to world government.

The Times article also hints at who is there this year;

I would be surprised if none of these attended.

The ridicule/comedy/pisstake in the article comes in the suggestion that Lucifer might be there catching a few rays on a sunlounger.



Don’t tell anyone, don’t breathe a word, but the world’s most powerful men are meeting secretly again to save the planet from economic catastrophe. Oh, and their address, should you want to send them your opinions, is: c/o Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel, Apollonos Avenue 40, 16671 Vouliagmeni, Greece.

Bed space is a bit tight there for the next two days while the Bilderberg illuminati hold their private conclave in the five-star Greek hotel. Every year since 1954 a club of about 130 senior or up-and-coming politicians gather at the fireside of a secluded hotel with top bankers and a sprinkling of royalty to discuss burning issues, to trade confidences and just stay abreast of the I-know-something-you-don’t-know circuit. No lists of participants are disclosed, no press conferences are held; spill the beans and you’re out of the magic circle.

For those of us standing outside the locked gates all that is left is to hope that they will sleep well, avoid jet ski injury and solve our problems for us. For the Bilderbergers it is a little like that recent MI5 recruitment ad: “See all your best work go unnoticed!”

Each country delegates two people to the steering committee that is the intellectual hub of Bilderberg. In the past Kenneth Clarke, the Shadow Business Secretary, and Martin Taylor, formerly head of Barclays Bank, have had their hand on the British tiller.

This year the club is going to talk about depression. “According to the pre-meeting booklet sent out to attendees, Bilderberg is looking at two options,” says the Bilderberg-watcher Daniel Estulin — “either a prolonged, agonising depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline and poverty — or an intense but shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency.”

Since Bilderberg does not officially exist, it cannot deny anything and is therefore manna from heaven for the conspiracy theorist. Eurosceptics are convinced that the future development of the European Union was plotted here — EU commissioners have always been welcomed into the coven, with Peter “We are intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich” Mandelson a particular favourite. Margaret Thatcher, it is said, was a shy debutante at a Bilderberg meeting in 1975.

Jim Tucker, veteran stalker of the Bilderberg club meetings, claims that Mrs Thatcher was ordered “to dismantle British sovereignty, but she said, ‘no way’, so they had her sacked”. Left-wing conspiracy theorists believe that Bilderbergers form a capitalist nucleus, and there is a germ of truth in this. The meetings were started in the Netherlands, in the Hotel de Bilderberg, near Arnhem, by the Polish exile Joseph Retinger. He was worried about growing anti-Americanism and the advance of Communism in Western Europe. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands agreed to sponsor the idea, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Walter Bedell Smith, threw his weight behind it and so did the White House.

The Bilderberg consensus is that national problems are best solved by an internationally oriented elite, that a global network of decision-makers should have a common language and that the boundaries are fluid between the monied and the political classes.

And so there has been a natural bias towards inviting conservatives and market liberals. The only socialists invited are those who “understand money”.

Ed Balls has taken part and the most indiscreet Bilderberger of all time was Denis Healey, the former Labour Chancellor and fierce Atlanticist.

“To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair,” Lord Healey told the author Jon Ronson for his book Them: Adventures with Extremists. “Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on for ever fighting one another for nothing. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”

Another way of viewing the club is that of Metropolitan Seraphim, the bishop of Piraeus, who said that the Bilderbergers represented a “criminal cabal of world Zionism and its efforts to set up a cruel world dictatorship under the headship of Lucifer”. This line is quite common on the blogosphere, where the club’s secrecy is taken as evidence of evil intentions.

Whether Lucifer will be down there on the sun-loungers remains to be seen. But what we have been able to establish from a World Bank spokesman, Alexis O’Brien, is that the organisation’s president, Robert Zoellick, will be in Athens on unspecified business on May 14. And that US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s public schedule is mysteriously empty for the next two days. Jo Ackermann, head of Deutsche Bank, will be travelling “somewhere in Europe”. Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the European Central Bank, will not be around until the end of the week.

You get the drift. Something is going on. If only somebody would let us in on the secret.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The Guardian have a mock piece on the internet website about Bilderberg, entitled Our Man at Bilderberg. They have sent Charlie Skelton, and when you read his report you understand why. He checked into the wrong hotel and when he did check into the correct hotel when he left to find the venue he turned the wrong way and walked for ages in the wrong direction.

Anyway after realising his mistake he eventually bumped into Jim Tucker.

The photo of Tucker is not very flattering.

The piece ends with a tongue in cheek comment that Skelton will report until he is arrested by shadowy figures in dark glasses.



I don't quite know why I'm on a flight to Athens, except that it seems like the right thing to do. I'm flying out on a last minute whim to hang around outside a conference which may, or may not, be happening and to which I've not been invited. None of you has.

You won't have read about it. You won't have seen a guest list, you won't see photographs of it. It isn't happening. It doesn't exist. I'm flying out to Athens for no reason at all. To have a holiday I don't deserve and can't really afford. Maybe catch a little sunstroke, grab some food poisoning, and come home. Pointless.

Unless, of course, the rumours are true. Unless, as a handful of people are saying, this weekend is Bilderberg. The yearly alignment of the distant stars that shape our destiny. A long weekend at a luxury hotel, where the world's elite get to shake hands, clink glasses, fine-tune their global agenda and squabble over who gets the best sun loungers. I'm guessing that Henry Kissinger brings his own, has it helicoptered in and guarded 24/7 by a CIA special ops team.

If it's happening at all, Kissinger will be here. David Rockefeller will be here. Presidents of banks, and chairmen of boards. The Ben Bernankes and Condoleezza Rices of this world. Heads of oil companies, media magnates, the Queen of the Netherlands and Peter Mandelson. Probably Ben Bernanke, possibly David Cameron. Politicians and financiers from all five corners of the globe (don't let them tell you there are four). And me.

I arrived last night, under cover of darkness. I told the cab driver to stop 50 metres from the hotel. He asked why. I couldn't tell him that it was so I could case the entrance for FBI lenses. I simply muttered that I couldn't explain. His eyes lit up. "Aha! I see! I know!" What did he know? And who is that following us? A man in a BMW. Definite spook.

Get a grip.

The driver drops me on a dark corner of the Athenian Riviera, pats me on the shoulder and says: "You want to smoke some dope?" I decline. I need my senses sharp. I scurry into the hotel, glancing into parked cars, looking for vans with mirrored windows. There aren't any. At reception they seem to have lost my booking (the tentacles of Bilderberg reach far!), but eventually I get checked in, go upstairs, unpack, have a shower, go downstairs, step outside, look across the street and realise I've scurried into the wrong hotel. This is who Bilderberg are up against.

An embarrassing hour later, I set out again from the right hotel, determined to find the location where Bilderberg is said to be happening. Get some early photos, maybe see Hillary Clinton arrive. Although I'll settle for Ken Clarke. It's getting late. Joggers are out. FBI? Secret service? Almost certainly. I trudge on determinedly. After about half an hour I realise I turned the wrong way out of my hotel and I am walking up a deserted coastline towards Athens. I go back to bed. Another untroubled night for Bilderberg.

At breakfast, a heavy-set man with hairy forearms sits opposite me and fiddles with his mobile phone. Definite spook. He eats a hard-boiled egg and watches me struggling with my Coco Pops. My first discovery of the day is to find out what happens to Coco Pops when they're left to sit for a decade in a Greek presentation dish. They turn to gravel.

The spook leaves before me. He got what he came for: a photo of me, sneaked on his mobile and wired already to Quantico in Virginia. And a hard-boiled egg.

Outside, it's a beautiful day, the air smells of sun and seashells, and there is no sign of a global cabal meeting anywhere near. I have a wander. From my meagre, third-hand, internet forum sources, I think I know the hotel where Bilderberg is happening: the Astir Palace resort. Further from my hotel than it looked on Google maps. Note to self: always check the scale on the zoom.

A dozen promontories and dusty dead-ends later, and I'm ready to give up. It's too hot. I don't have a sunhat. The world is going to hell and Vouliagmeni is full of litter. What is it with the Greeks and bins? Do they not see them? Do they not believe they exist? Hidden in plain sight … it's the Bilderberg way. It's too hot. I need some water.

And then, on the pavement ahead, there he was. I recognised him from the videos. The braces, the loose shirt, the grizzle. The tattered leather briefcase, packed with dark secrets. It was the doyen of Bilderberg hunters himself, Jim Tucker. I addressed him.

"Excuse me ... Mr Tucker?"

"Let's go into my hotel and talk."

Tucker is a man in a hurry. He's not getting any younger, and his old enemy Bilderberg is getting stronger.

"Hot enough for you?" I venture.

"Too hot for a fatboy," he growls.

The exchange makes me feel like a resistance fighter exchanging codewords. Assured of my credentials, Tucker gestures me into his hotel lobby. I can't believe my luck. Suddenly I'm not alone, I'm not hallucinating. Bilderberg is here. Where you find Jim Tucker, you know Bilderberg isn't far away. He's a herring gull, telling me there are whales beneath.

Tucker lights a non-filter cigarette, lays his hat upon the table, and settles back into the lobby sofa to talk ...

Charlie Skelton will be filing regular updates from Athens until he is arrested by shadowy figures in dark glasses

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The debate on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning was on the MPs expenses farce. Everyone who contacted the show, by text, email or phone, was furious about what was being claimed for.

But then David Aaronovitch came on.

Aaronovitch recently published a book ridiculing conspiracy theories and theorists.

Aaronovitch was the only person in the debate who tried to defend and/or excuse what MPs had done.

Everyone else wanted greedy MPs sacked, housed in student halls of residence type accommodation, and to live in the real world for a time to see what real people have to do to earn a living.

A common comment was that to be a MP is an honour. That is why they have the title Honourable. I would love to be a MP. There is so much that needs to be changed, but there is no party that I support and I do not have the resources. But to stand in the House of Commons and debate and vote on laws that will affect tens of millions is indeed an honour.

MPs have somehow forgotten that.

Such memory loss has appeared on the watch of Bilderbergers Blair and Brown.

It is they, as leaders of not just the Labour Party but also the government, who have allowed this culture of greed to fester on their watch.

Blair took us into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on lies and now suckles at the teat of the demon bank known as J P Morgan Chase.

Brown has bailed out the greedy reckless banks with trillions without any inquiry and landed us with record debts and taxes for decades to come, and still wants to finance the I D Card system, even with the track record of large computer systems installed for the government.

There is something seriously, seriously wrong with this country, and we'd better do something fast before we are wiped off the face of the map and become a mere region or zone in a European Nazi Superstate.


Norman Baker recently published his research in to the suspicious death of Dr David Kelly, concluding that Kelly did not commit suicide.

Baker is perhaps the only MP in the Commons to question our senior MPs about Bilderberg and their attendance.

I am glad to say that he is also one those MPs outraged by the expenses and claims and frauds that his fellow MPs have made while he has not been dragged down to their gutter level, and is demanding immediate change in the system.

What does that say about people who also believe that Kelly did not commit suicide and think that MPs attendance at Bilderberg should be public information if not banned?

I wish Norman Baker was my MP and that we had plenty more MPs like him.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I publicly warned Obama not to appoint Richard Holbrooke to any position, but he did, and that was to supervise American foreign policy towards Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Now look at the shithole Holbrooke is creating in the region.



Apologies are due from Gordon Brown for a lot stuff, but THE prime reason for Gordon Brown to apologise is for telling the FSA to go easy on The City and its reckless gambling AND the subsequent bailouts in the trillions without any inquiry that has now saddled us with debt, debt and more debt, and taxes, taxes and more taxes, as well as cuts in public services for decades to come.


Cancel The Treaty of Lisbon.


And give us our country back.

For God's sake. Go, and go now!


Gordon Brown felt compelled this morning to apologise to us for the grubby behaviour of not just Labour MPs but all MPs in the farce over expenses.

But remember what he did: he promised us a referendum on The Lisbon Treaty, but reneged and signed it anyway, thus transferring more of our sovereign power to an entity that is blatantly a covert Nazi operation to control Europe economically.

Apologise about that too, Gordon, you Bilderberg traitor!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was about 7 or 8 years old when Where Eagles Dare was shown on TV one evening. My parents let me stay up late to watch it because they knew I liked military-based films. My dad had recently taken me to watch A Bridge Too Far at the local cinema after I had constantly mithered him to take me.

My dad took me to bed, switched the light off and went downstairs.

About an hour later he heard me shouting, and ran upstairs to find me having a nightmare and shouting "fuck off you nazi bastards!".

I was 7 or 8 years old.

I wonder who I was.


An article in The Daily Mail yesterday reviews a book entitled The Budapest Protocol by Adam LeBor, which is based on The Red House Report. The Red House Report was a blueprint of how the Nazis would take control of Europe not by military conquest but through economic means.

The largest Nazi corporation was IG Farben, which was broken up after WW2 into smaller pieces. One piece was Bayer. Its boss Fritz ter Meer, who was on the board of I G Farben, received the largest sentence at Nuremberg of I G Farben board members, just 8 years imprisonment, and on his release was immediately apppointed to its board. Another child of I G Farben was BASF which is now collaborating with Monsanto, and Hoechst which is now called Aventis.

Before WW2 Hermann Abs, known as Hitler's Banker, sat on the board of Deutsche Bank and IG Farben, and during WW2 managed to obtain 40 directorships of Nazi businesses. Deutsche Bank financed many German businesses that grew in Nazi-occupied territory, many of which used slave labour. Abs' job was to administer the gold transactions of Deutsche Bank.

Abs escaped prosecution at Nuremberg due to the decision of Rockefeller gimp John J McCloy, who was known as the Chairman of the American Establishment. Half of the board of IG Farben were found guilty. Abs was arrested on 16th January 1946 by the USA as a suspected war criminal but was released after British pressure. Abs then distributed the German funds of the Marshall Plan designed to reconstruct Germany after WW2.

Thus Hitler's Banker was given power to decide who received Marshall Aid funds.

Abs was also a member of the European League for Economic Co-operation, which was founded by Josef Retinger, the driving force behind the establishment of Bilderberg, and Paul van Zeeland, who attended the very first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 as well as in 1957 and 1958.

After WW2 Deutsche Bank was broken up into 10 smaller banks, which later reformed into three larger banks. Abs lobbied for the these three banks to be reformed back into one Deutsche Bank, which eventually happened in 1957.

In 1958 Abs attended Bilderberg as Chairman of the newly reformed Deutsche Bank. He also attended Bilderberg in 1966 in the same position.

Abs died in 1994. Another Bilderberger Eric Roll wrote Abs' obituary in The Independent. Roll refers to Abs' association with Deutsche Bank and suggests that because Abs was not an official member of the Nazi Party that Abs was therefore not a Nazi! For whatever reason Rolls does not mention Abs' association with IG Farben or Abs' other Nazi directorships or Abs' role at Deutsche Bank in which he dealt with Nazi gold.

The current boss of Deutsche Bank is Josef Ackermann, who has attended Bilderberg quite a lot recently.

Bilderberg supremo David Rockefeller called Abs the greatest banker of the 20th century.

The EU was agreed upon at Bilderberg 1955.

Bilderberg was started by a card-carrying Nazi, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

For those who still think Bilderberg is just a comical talking shop : C'mon people!

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Why do you think, that despite the bailouts using OUR money, the bankers are still getting their multi-million bonuses?

It's because if they didn't get those massive then they would go screaming to the media about how they were TOLD to do what they did. And then...?

In this case I am talking about the dudes and dudettes sitting in fronr of the computer screens trying to look, think and talk like Justin Urquhart-Stewart.

Now, these types have some power but are usually told what to do; don't use this vehicle, use this scheme, screw that product...

If these bankers with faces are being told what to do, then who is telling them what to do?

Remember, we are talking about billions and billions and billions....

Such orders would only come from the board.

Most bankers haven't a clue about Bilderberg or CFR or Trilateral Commission....


It's just wonga to them. Isolated Porsches and Penthouses. Their lawyers draw up their contracts accordingly. It's all fine and dandy and perfectly legal to them.


If I had a bankers bonus, I would
1. not spend it on a porsche but would instead finance an ad campaign exposing the NWO
2. not spend it on a yacht moored in Monaco but would instead finance an ad campaign exposing the NWO
3. not spend it on a few mock tudor beams but would instead finance an ad campaign exposing the NWO
4. not spend it on porn but would instead finance an ad campaign exposing the NWO

In the meantime I am using the good old pen and paper, beyond the reach of the NSA and GCHQ, to plan my strategy and put the NWO in the face of our corrupt lawmakers.


Why is The Daily Telegraph spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to purchase information that will soon be publicly available? Remember that it was The Daily Telegraph that was involved in the smear of George Galloway, resulting in Galloway suing The DT for damages, and winning.

The point of that smear was to divert criticism of invading Iraq from the real culprits, the shadow government fronted by Blair, to someone that most of the public loves to hate.

So why is The DT now stirring up trouble, and making itself a target for damages claims from Phil Woollas and possibly a few others (though most of the MPs are guilty of abuse of privileges)?

Remember who it was who fcukt up not just the UK economy but the global economy with their greedy reckless and illegal gambling?

And just when the MPs expenses come out what news do we find tucked away in the corners of the papers?

1. The Bank of England is printing £50 billion more, and expects the recession to get worse
2. The CEO of RBS wants us, yes us, the muggins British taxpayer, to swallow even more of RBSs losses, and they too expect the recession to get worse.

Cheer up. You'll be dead soon. When Dr Death is allowed to advertise on TV along with the abortion clinics during kids TV time, and his kits are available in your local Nisa or Spar, one day you'll find life intolerable and think "stop the world, I wanna get off", pop down to your local Spar and do your bit to 'save the planet' and end it all ( but only after you've helped to pay off the banks' gambling debts, of course).

Friday, May 08, 2009


No wonder MPs have been feasting at the trough. It is they who made the laws that they thought gave the banks a blank cheque to rip off the British taxpaying public, not only with the thoroughly fraudulent banking system that by law we should know about but don't, but also with all the reckless gambling in derivatives etc and off-shore tax havens that permit all sorts of money laundering to take place. If MPs can vote into law such unfair and immoral practices what else can we expect of them?

Thursday, May 07, 2009


EUROPA - Gateway to the European Union.

Look at the number of current functions of the EU.


* Agriculture
* Audiovisual and Media
* Budget
* Competition
* Consumers
* Culture
* Customs
* Development
* Economic and Monetary Affairs
* Education, Training, Youth
* Employment and Social Affairs
* Energy
* Enlargement
* Enterprise
* Environment
* External Relations
* External Trade
* Fight against fraud
* Fisheries and Maritime Affairs
* Food Safety
* Foreign and Security Policy
* Human rights
* Humanitarian aid
* Information Society
* Institutional affairs
* Internal Market
* Justice, freedom and security
* Public Health
* Regional Policy
* Research and Innovation
* Taxation
* Transport

Europe is a stepping stone to world government and has its roots in Bilderberg.

When the EU was first proposed to us, the vile multitude, it was simply about jobs.

Now look at it!

More horrific than the look on David Rockefeller's face when he realises the vile multitude are after him.

There is only one good leader in the EU today, and that is Vaclav Klaus. Despite his parliament voting to ratify the Lisbon Treaty he will not sign it. Why? Because Klaus is playing by the rules of the EU; if one fails to ratify then that's it. Thank God Ireland voted NO last year. But because Europe is vital to the plans of the decaying world order then they are trying again later this year. And if they vote NO again I am confident that the Bilderbergers in the EU will just ignore it and plough ahead, and the Bilderbergers in Ireland will somehow find a way to drag Ireland into Europe.


I don't want to invade your country.

I don't want to rape your children.

I don't want steal your natural resources.

I want peaceful trade between all nations.

But I'll tell you what. If anyone invades this England...

This is a photo I took today in the Forest of Bowland between Whitewell and Dunsop Bridge. The area oozes vitality. Lush green grass for cows and sheep to graze. Flowing water full of fish. An infinite number of brilliant shades of green grass dancing in the strong breeze.

I felt proud of it. I didn't want to go out and beat up anyone, or start a war.

This land fed my fathers and grandfathers.

I don't want it governed from Brussels or Strasbourg or Geneva or anywhere else but here.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


David Rockefeller, for thinking that he could get away with financing movements for world government without us noticing, when his family have financed the only two attempts at world government, The League of Nations and The United Nations?

Tony Blair, for thinking he could plough into Iraq on a flying carpet of interwoven lies and halftruths without us noticing that Saddam had no WMD and was not involved in 9/11 and hoping we wouldn't notice his blood money in the form as consultant to J P Morgan Chase, which is controlled by...David Rockefeller?

The Rothschilds, for thinking they could hide their allegiance to the total weirdo Sabbatai Zevi and his movement to take control Palestine?

All Bilderbergers for thinking that the likes of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds could shield their treachery and crimes from the common man?

The banks, for thinking we wouldn't find out what they've done, how they've done it and why?

Actually, it doesn't matter who THE greatest wazzock is...because they're ALL great wazzocks!


How sick and low can you get?

First he selects Bournemouth, known for its aged population, as first stop on his roadshow of death.

Then he charges whoever wants to attend £25 just to hear him speak.

Unfortunately he did not give a demonstration on how to use his DIY suicde kit himself. No,but he expects the economic crisis to drive many into such despair that they believe the only way out is suicide.

And guess who'll be ready for 'em!

Note this : Dr Death went to Bournemouth, a holiday/retirement resort, not a hospice or a hospital. Many of the Bournemouth aged may be old and frail, but not terminally ill.

Why did he target them?

This is very, very sinister.

And he is NOT on the banned list published by The Home Office.


Our government pretends to be greener-than-thou.

It says it needs more surveillance powers and to raise more taxes (and assist more suicides?) to 'save the planet'.

1. it is moving towards coal and nuclear power,
2. it is expanding the activity deemed the most polluting, air traffic,
3. it spies on climate protestors and raids their peaceful protests with baton wielding police officers who don't display their numbers.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.



The Home Office has published a list of people it has banned from entering the UK, but not on that list is Dr Philip Nitschke who has flown over from Australia to advertise his DIY suicide kit.

Yes, apparently our government doesn't mind people coming into the UK to help increase the mortality rate. Other ways of increasing the mortality rate are illegal and unnecessary wars and abortion, which are activities our government are experts in.

Anyway, back to Dr Death.

His DIY suicide kit contains a bag of inert gas and a bag of pills.

Why should this be disturbing?

Because in the next few years our health service is going to be stretched and services slashed. Why? Because thanks to the reckless gambling banks we are now having to borrow hundreds of billions more so that the banks can be bailed out, and in order to repay that borrowing we must slash spending. There is going to be much pressure put on people to assist in suicide, to kill their parents, their husbands and wives, their children, all because their quality of life has been deemed intolerable and it would be kinder to 'help them on their way'. We have been prepared for this kind of thinking in the last year with that documentary on assisted suicide that was shown on BBC a few months ago.

This is how the Nazis started their extermination campaign, Life Unworthy of Life.

A major financier of the suicide movement is George Soros. Soros, if you can't remember, made his money in September 1992 on Black Wednesday. Soros worked for the Nazis in Hungary. Soros attends Bilderberg.

The banks gambled on derivatives. The first bank to do so was J P Morgan Chase. The bank with the largest exposure to derivatives is J P Morgan Chase. J P Morgan Chase is Rockefeller. Rockefellers financed and attend Bilderberg.

What the banks have done is gambled away the credit they could issue not on building a stable and growing economy for us, the taxpayer, but on activities they knew would never repay, always knowing that their Bilderberg friends in high places would bail them out and land the taxpayer with the bill. That means we must suffer massive cuts in public services for years if not decades to come. One consequence of that is going to be massive cuts in the NHS.

Another indicator of where the NHS is going is the recent treatment of the nurse who filmed the state of the elderly in care in Brighton I think it was. She was struck off for blowing the whistle because she did not get prior consent for filming. So it's OK to leave the elderly in a terrible state but to film it is a sackable offence?

What next? Give the elderly a DIY suicide kit?

Can you see where I am going with this?

The kids of such elderly will be pressured for a number of reasons to assist in the suicide of their elderly parents because of lack of money, lack of resources, poor quality of life etc.

And if the kids won't do it then the state will.

And why is that? Because the banks forced into us into such a position due to their reckless gambling knowing they were too big to be allowed to fail and knowing that some of their own in high office would bail them out, and I speak of Mr Brown, Mr Geithner, Mr Bernanke.

Where has this cult of death come from?


It started out like this Nazi Germany. Hitler was a tool of the Wall Street and City of London bankers who bankrolled the Nazi Party and inserted their man Hjalmar Schacht into the Nazi political apparatus to direct Nazi economic policy.

They are trying it on again right here, right now.



Another damning paragraph in the Treasury Committee report is paragraph 230, which highlights the creep towards a cashless society and the requirement for a 100% reliable power supply.


To buy food consumers need either cash dispensed by banks and post offices or
payment systems such as debit and credit cards. We are steadily moving towards a world where cash transactions will be replaced by electronic payment using devices like Oyster cards and mobile phones. These need banking facilities to operate. In this world where the majority of consumer transactions will be electronic, continuity of service from the banking system is central to the functioning of the economy. Any disruption is likely to be costly both for consumers by, for example, missing bill payments on credit cards or mortgages and for cash flow in the wider economy.


If we are to move to a cashless society and all payments will be electronic then we will need a constant 100% reliable power supply. So called 'green' sources are not 100% reliable and cannot provide the required power.

This explains why our government is moving towards coal and nuclear power.

So why is this more important than being green?

Because it is more important that we be microchipped. Forget the cashless element for moment. In order for a microchipped society to function a constant 100% reliable power grid is required.

Imagine a microchipped society in which the microchip and the system required to run it is only up for 12 hours every day.

Monday, May 04, 2009


I have just read a paragraph in the Treasury Committee report based on the comment of Andrew Crockett who is the President of JPMorgan Chase International, former General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements, and a former Chairman of the Financial Stability Forum (!!).


242. Andrew Crockett accepted that banking had utility aspects and therefore warranted regulation and protection, but he said that the synergies between the basic utility of providing a secure payment system and that of providing other financial services were “substantial”. Rather than separate out the different aspects of banking into different entities, he suggested that the “utility” function be protected by more effective regulation. He made the important point that when large financial institutions got into trouble and created a risk of losses to customers, public sector assistance was almost always provided, regardless of the nature of the bank. In his view it was “best to accept this as a fact of life and regulate all financial institutions accordingly”.


J P Morgan Chase has the largest exposure to these demonic derivatives than anyone else. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency statistics on derivatives show this.

What Crockett and others who provided evidence to the Treasury Committee said is this;
risk is here to stay so let the big guys spread it around and if it goes AOT the public will always bail 'em out coz the big banks are too big to fail.

So no change to come. They will continue to gamble with your money and if it goes AOT then you'll pay.

For the love of sweet baby jesus, stop the fakers!


In a solitary word : NO!

I am currently reading the report published by The Treasury Committee last friday on the banking crisis.

I am stunned by the incompetence of the lot of 'em.

The banks know that they create the money for our economy. It is a very powerful gift that we have entrusted them with.

They appear to have done some stress testing in case it all went AOT but nowhere near enough.

They also admit to not really knowing what they were doing, what the instruments and vehicles, and whatever other names they came up with, actually did.

They also admit that they did not know where the risk ended up. They simply created the drive for loans and mortgages with all those home improvement programmes and magazines and then sold them on not caring who bought them or for what purpose or whatever.

And one statistic is astonishing: 40 years ago the short-term liquid asset ratio was 33%, but now it's just 1%.

But did they know that if and when it inevitably all went wrong that because they are too big to fail then we, the muggins British taxpayer, would have to cough up with no questions asked? If so who told 'em so? Bilderbergers Brown and Balls?

One phrase the report uses often is 'due diligence' and the report often states that the banks did not do enough of it. There has got to be clause in a law somewhere relating to due diligence, and so far The Fraud Act 2006 Section 4 is the only one I can find that applies. The banks have a massive responsibilty to create money for our economy. They abused that power in this gambling/speculation/distributing risk.

Basically the banks did not take enough due diligence before they engaged in reckless gambling and torpedoed the entire global economy.

The Fraud Act 2006 Section 4 is soon coming to a radio and TV near you.

One more point. So far I have not encountered the evidence from Lord Turner that Brown and Balls told the FSA to lay off The City. I do hope it's in there otherwise I will be very, very disappointed.


A group of two or more people engaged in a plot to kill billions of people in order to control the world is not just immoral, it is an illegal conspiracy.

Such a conspiracy has been financed by a financial system that was thought to be legally water-tight but has a hole in it as wide as the universe due to their arrogance, imperfection and the need to conceal the underlying unfairness of such a system from a trusting and unsuspecting public.

Such a conspiracy has so far killed hundreds of millions in two world wars that were engineered by the conspirators for several purposes;
1. to terrorise the world population into accepting world governing institutions under their control, so terrorism laws can be applied,
2. to profit from the most destructive activity of humanity, war, so proceeds of crime apply.

The laws are there.

But we still need further laws.

We need a law that states to microchip anyone without their consent is illegal.

We need a law to extend the law of treason to treason against humanity.


A report in The Times today raises a very big question; what is the special relationship between Brown, Balls and Mandelson?

In "Lord Mandelson and Ed Balls to help Prime Minister after turmoil" at
we read that Gordon Brown has asked Ed Balls and Peter Mandelson for assistance in heading a weekly strategy meeting and to give early warnings on any problems on the horizon.

So why has Brown asked these two, particularly Mandelson?

Brown attended Bilderberg in 1991.
Mandelson attended Bilderberg in 1999 and 2008, is a very good friend of the Rothschilds and has a lifetime ticket on the European gravy train.
Balls attended Bilderberg in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2007.

There is no other current Labour MP who has attended Bilderberg. Mandelson is not even an MP but is a member of House of Lords and a member of Brown's cabinet after Brown asked Mandelson to return.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


The Lord Our God David Aaronovitch has spoken.

He is now on BBC Radio 5 Live's Donal Mcintyre's show talking about conspiracy theories, conspiracy theorists and, of course, his new book.

Asked what makes a conspiracy theorist Aaronovitch replied that conspiracy theorists are like the gossipmonger who knows that their next door neighbour's wife is being poked by the milkman and they just love to laud it over you that they know more than you.

Yep. That's me.

I plead guilty, your Honour.

Except that what I am talking about is not trivial events in suburbia but worldwide mega-events in which millions die and hundreds of billions are made in profit, the resulting centralization of power into fewer and fewer hands, that it is all financed by a very unfair financial system AND that it all seems to fit into a plan devised by a top Freemason who fought for the slaveholding confederacy. This is something that those involved would not want known. This is something that those involved would want discredited as 'gossipmongering'.

ps David Aaronovitch supported the whole scale slaughter of Palestinians during the New Year.


According to Peter Birks in Unjust Enrichment,
"Every problem in unjust enrichment can be unlocked by asking these five questions:
1. was the defendant enriched?
2. was it at the expense of the claimant?
3. was it unjust?
4. what kind of right did the claimant acquire?
5. does the defendant have a defence?"

In the case of a member of the public taking out a loan the answers to Q1, Q2 and Q3 are yes.

Q1, the lender may have just £10 but lend out £50. Is the lender enriched by £40? Of course.

Q2, the loan may have been repaid by the borrower working very hard to earn the money, spending time working to repay the loan when he or she could have been working on something else to enrich themselves not the lender.

Q3, what does "unjust" mean in this context? Unjust could mean unlawful. This is where the FSMA 2000 and UTCCR 1999 come into effect.

Q4 is tricky. There is a related branch of law, that of restitution. It could be argued that the claimant has a right to claim back all the money he repaid over the amount of money the lender had when the loan was issued. For example, if the bank had only £10 but loaned out £50 and the loan was repaid in full with interest then the claimant had a claim to £40 plus the interest repaid that was due to the £40. But because at any one time banks loan out the same piece of money in several different loans then this argument becomes trickier when several claimants are involved.

Q5. Q5. Q5.

Does the defendant have defence?

One defence could be that a bank is allowed to create money out of nothing. Yes, that is true, but the FSMA 2000 states that the FSA should tell us all about the financial system. The FSA has been shown to have been totally incompetent during the current financial crisis when it should have been protecting and educating us on how the financial system works. The public are not aware of how the system works, thus making them easy targets of the banks. They are also unaware that the whole system is financing a warmongering movement for world government. Why should the public be protected from this movement? Because the instigators want a vastly reduced population and those allowed to live will be microchipped.

And then there is always the Bilderberg link to banking. A mortgage may have been issued during the last decade which became part of the derivatives scam, at the heart of which are J P Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, all represented at Bilderberg most years. The property boom was driven by several home improvement and sale programmes on TV, and low interest credit. If a mortgage helped this scam in some way, a scam that is contrary to The Fraud Act 2006 Section 4 due to its recklessness (a point of view the Treasury Committee is reaching), then is that mortgage valid?

This is all leads to the question; what legal advice did the banks take before they embarked on the derivatives scam, from whom and why?


There appears to be a revolution in The Labour Party, and one aim seems to be to get the Bilderberg traitors out.

Brown? OUT!
Balls? OUT!

I await a similar movement in The Tories to kick Osborne and Clarke out.

A Bilderberg-free British Government? Fingers crossed.


I watched my DVD "9/11 Press For Truth" recently. In fact I've watched it three times in a week, and the information in that DVD is still astonishing even now. For those who have not seen it I highly recommend it, particularly those who are seeking an inquiry into the events of 7th July 2005 (and there are a lot of us all doing our bit).

9/11 Press For Truth documents the efforts of four women later named The Jersey Girls who became widows on 9/11. They shamed The White House into an inquiry into 9/11. You see, for some reason unknown to us (its bleedin' obvious really), The White House was very happy to use the events of 9/11 for war on Iraq and Afghanistan (and they are still there six years after) and an incredible expansion of powers of surveillance and arrest, but at the same time did not want an inquiry into how it happened so that further such events could be prevented and incompetence or complicity could be dealt with.

Sound familiar?

And when The White House were shamed into an inquiry they had to choose one of the most untrusted, hated and despised men on the planet to chair it. The Jersey Girls got Henry "Mr New World Order" Kissinger removed from chairing the inquiry.

Due to the efforts of the Jersey Girls an inquiry of some sort did take place, but it was heavily controlled, with access to documents and witnesses severely restricted. Even Bush and Cheney were questioned but together and behind closed doors, and they even had to hold hands under the desk so they could get their stories straight!

Another focus of 9/11 Press For Truth is Paul Thompson who documented all reports from around the world connected to 9/11. Thompson exposed the Pakistan link. The US Military let bin Laden escape. Why?

Well, it's six years since we invaded Iraq. We were told Iraq was involved in 9/11 and had WMDs aimed at our backyard barbecues and the proof for this was indisputable. Guess what? IT WAS ALL BOLLOCKS! But the invasion of Iraq did satisfy a key aim of two documents published by the same group of neocons years earlier, Rebuilding America's Defenses and A Clean Break.

After 9/11 torture and rendition were used and attempts were made to make this publicly acceptable.

Following 9/11 Tony Blair and his neocon-friendly cabinet wanted and began to implement a series of intrusive laws all designed to stop terrorism; ID cards, national database, 90 day detention, etc.

But there was strong resistance to this Police State apparatus.

There was also growing criticism of Blair for invading Iraq and other failures and abuses of power.

But all that changed on 7/7.

Tony Blair, after failing spectacularly in the role of Middle East Peace Envoy, is now being proposed as President of the EU and also works for the bank at the heart of the current financial crisis, J P Morgan Chase.

I bought my copy of 9/11 Press for Truth from, would you believe, HMV.

I did not have eggs after watching it.

It's a strange world. Who knows what an inquiry into 7/7 would reveal. It really makes you wonder why there has not been an inquiry into the largest terrorist attack on the British mainland when that attack was shamelessly used to introduce more Police State laws.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Fake terror plots.

MPs expenses.

Swine flu.

Nice Bank Holiday weather (as if we should be grateful to the fakers!).

I bet you either
1. can't remember
2. can't be arsed to remember

that the major banks have met behind closed doors at Bilderberg for the last decade or so and gambled away the credit they could manufacture knowing that if they bet on red and it came up black then their Bilderberg pals would finance their bailout WITH TAXPAYER MONEY and even come up with elaborate PPP plans that privatise profits but socialize losses (again).

Now we are saddled with hundreds of billions of debt and taxes while the bankers stash their loot offshore in banks based in British territory which are being very slow in making themselves more transparent as they promised to do ten years ago.

Never ever forget that.

Friday, May 01, 2009


I've just heard that the failed assassin of Queen B has just died, allegedly from the injuries he sustained in the failed execution.

This is a highly curious incident because I was reading only the other day, in an article in The Independent on European Royal families, that the Dutch Royal family was well liked by the Dutch.

Who was he?
What were his intentions?
Why did decide on the method he did?
Why yesterday?