Friday, September 30, 2011


We're all in this together, they say.

We're all in this together.

We're all in this together?


In January 2010 An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK : Report of the National Equality Panel was published. It was shocking. Despite nearly 13 years of The Labour Party being in power the gap between rich and poor in the UK widened.

Britain is now one of the world’s most divided countries with children born into a wealthy family having far more advantages than those who are not.

The report shows that, while gender and ethnic background are all factors in determining a child’s success, it is the social class into which they are born that is still most important.

[source : Wealth gap in Britain is wider than ever, The Daily Telegraph, 27/01/2010]

A detailed and startling analysis of how unequal Britain has become offers a snapshot of an increasingly divided nation where the richest 10% of the population are more than 100 times as wealthy as the poorest 10% of society.

[source : Unequal Britain: richest 10% are now 100 times better off than the poorest, The Guardian, 27/01/2010]

Don't talk to me about Songs of Praise.

Don't talk to me about warm beer and cricket on the village green.

Don't talk to me about happy families living happy lives working in happy jobs earning happy wages.

This Disunited Kingdom is fascist, killing its old and sick while waging unnecessary imperialist wars, and growing more global and tyrannical by the day thanks to the state-sponsored terrorism that allowed Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism to thrive in London leading to a global Jihad and terror attacks which have so far conned our politicians into implementing the police state and sending our soldiers to fight many wars overseas to install puppet corrupt democracies.

We're all in this together?

F that!

ps Don't forget to give generously on Bankers in Need Day on 17th November, the day before Children in Need Day.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Here is a question I don't think we will see discussed in the media; should we introduce the death penalty for the Bilderberg Nazi bankers?

We are already seeing the results of the bailouts of the Nazi bankers in the form of austerity. Perhaps the classic form of austerity which threatens lives is the cuts in the NHS. Cameron rolled into Number 10 on a wave of breaking promises, one of which was the NHS was safe in Conservative hands. We were then told the NHS budget was ringfenced. But it has now become apparent that the NHS is being cut, threatening services and lives. Indeed a system of palliative care called the Liverpool Care Pathway is already being accused, supported by substantial evidence, of being a form of euthanasia, and the cuts in the NHS have yet to be fully implemented.

This week we have seen what the priorities of the Bilderberg Nazi bankers are.

On Monday it was reported that it is being proposed that drugs which prolong the lives of those with cancer should be withhheld because they are too expensive. One doctor I saw on the news suggested better palliative care. Did he mean the euthanasia program called the Liverpool Care Pathway?

But on the very same day it was proposed that to raise the 2 trillion euros that is estimated to save the Bilderberg Nazi bankers dream of a European currency the 440 billion euros in the EFSF should be used to create a new bank which could use that money as a basis from which 2 trillion euros could be created out of thin air. NB 2 trillion is a conservative estimate of the required bailouts, and double that is more likely.

So what is being proposed is that on the one hand we kill people because of lack of money due to bailing out the banks, while on the other we create trillions of euros out of thin air to save the Euro dream of the Bilderberg Nazi bankers.

Is this what our fathers and grandfathers fought for in WW1 and WW2?

This form of killing was introduced by the Nazis in their T4 program. The Nazis were created and financed by the City of London and Wall Street and in particular by the Rockefellers who were, and still are, very interested in eugenics. The Rockefellers are instrumental in Bilderberg where they meet and arguably vet our Prime Ministers and other political and industrial and military leaders. The Euro dream was agreed at Bilderberg 1955.

The Bilderberg Nazi bankers are prepared to kill us and our friends and relatives while we suffer austerity because we bailed them out because of their greed and gambling, while they can create trillions out of thin air to save their Euro dream.

So a question for you to discuss in your office, your classroom, your factory, your warehouse, is; should we introduce the death penalty for Bilderberg Nazi bankers?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What shall we do with the Nazi bankers,
What shall we do with the Nazi bankers,
What shall we do with the Nazi bankers,
Earl-aye in the morning?

Hang 'em high or use 'em as shark bait,
Hang 'em high or use 'em as shark bait,
Hang 'em high or use 'em as shark bait,
Earl-aye in the morning?

We don't need their greed and gambling,
We don't need their greed and gambling,
We don't need their greed and gambling,
Earl-aye in the morning.

Why don't we create our own money,
Why don't we create our own money,
Why don't we create our own money,
Earl-aye in the morning?

No more looting, no more bailouts,
No more looting, no more bailouts,
No more looting, no more bailouts,
Earl-aye in the morning.

Why should we pay with austerity,
Why should we pay with austerity,
Why should we pay with austerity,
Earl-aye in the morning?

What shall we do with the Nazi bankers,
What shall we do with the Nazi bankers,
What shall we do with the Nazi bankers,
Earl-aye in the morning?

No to a global fascist tyranny,
No to a global fascist tyranny,
No to a global fascist tyranny,
Earl-aye in the morning.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Peter Oborne's look at The Wonderful World of Tony Blair last night on Channel 4 was very good TV. Oborne looked into nooks and crannies that other feebled-minded journalists dare not look, for whatever reason.

The multi-million pound deal with Kuwait looks very very suspicious.

The multi-million pound deal for Wataniya in Palestine looks very very suspicious given Wataniya's direct link to Blair's employer, the blood-soaked JP Morgan.

Blair's silence during Operation Cast Lead is highly suspicious given his appointment as Middle East Peace Envoy.

But Blair's consultancy called Tony Blair Associates (TBA) looks very very ominous. It reminds me of Kissinger Associates. Both have no website, so not easily found (so how does he find clients?). Both have direct links to Bilderberg and the Null World Order. Both advise on global events.

Kissinger is dying before our eyes. He knows it. We know it. The Null World Order knows it. They need another Kissinger Associates to manipulate the world when Kissinger is gone, and they need it up and running with street cred asap.

Blair loves the high life. His stay at the luxurious American Colony Hotel at our expense, his property empire, his bank account says it all. I don't begrudge anyone wishing to improve their life, within reason of course, e.g. not engineering world wars that we fight.

But Blair was handed the historic opportunity to bring peace to the Middle East. I would love that opportunity. I may be wrong but didn't Oborne report that Blair only spends 1/4 of his time in the Middle East, the other 3/4 apparently enriching himself, with talks at £50k a time.

How long did it take Blair to criticise Israel during Operation Cast Lead? It was nearly all over with nearly 1500 men, women and children of Gaza slaughtered like fish in a barrel before Blair reluctantly spoke out, and even then it was a weak and tame statement.

This man took us into war in Iraq based on lies, killing approaching a million Iraqi men, women and children. He is good at that. We can debate whether he knew they were lies and when until the GM cloned cows come home. But recent statements and public appearances at for example The Chilcot Inquiry show he has not learned, that he still has that blood lust. He, along with the likes of Soros and Kissinger, wants to engage Iran, which would satisfy the plans of PNAC and The Pentagon.

Could Blair manipulate global events through TBA to achieve that? Will he be paid to do so? If so, by whom?

Monday, September 26, 2011


Can you believe it?

A 2 trillion euro 'warchest' can be found, possibly and probably created out of thin air, as Tommy Cooper said, just like that!

The following report makes reference to the magic of money creation.
Almost from the moment the €440m EFSF was created it was deemed too small. Hence all the talk now about how to enlarge the bailout fund to convince the markets that Europe has the firepower to contain the crisis. But the problem is that the countries that need to contribute to the EFSF either cannot afford to put in more cash or lack the political support. So ideas are now being conjured up to make it bigger without putting up more money – to turn one euro into five, as one EU source put it. Analysts at Credit Suisse say one idea would be to turn the EFSF into a bank to enable it to use bonds it has bought from troubled countries in exchange for fresh funds at the ECB. Credit Suisse acknowledges this might look like a "story of a leveraged hedge fund" and would mean that countries such as France contributing to the EFSF might find their AAA rating under threat. They think a better idea would be to enlarge the EFSF and lend a third of the funds to governments to buy bonds, a third to recapitalise the banks and the rest to create an EFSF bank.

[source : Only ECB has power to 'scare' global stock markets, warns IMF, The Guardian, 26/09/2011]

And of course, the answer is to...create yet another bank!

Create yet another another bank that can use the money in the EFSF as a basis from which to create yet more money (in this case 2 trillion) out of thin air!

Children in Need Day raises £30 million a year, as we give our money, and we expect to save all the children in the world with just that. To save the bankers and their Euro dream we will be using 440 billion to create 2 trillion!

Bankers in need indeed.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Last year the President of the USA Barak Obama stated that he wanted to see a Palestinian state this year.

So what else could Mahmoud Abbas do this year but request a Palestinian state?

What else could he do?

Obama left Abbas with no choice ; Abbas had to request a Palestinian state.

If Abbas had not requested a Palestinian state he would have been removed by the Palestinians, with for example a vote of no confidence or a coup.

So Obama has nobody else to blame but himself.

Obama has left himself no other choice.

Obama cannot veto a Palestinian state.

Friday, September 23, 2011


It is possible that Israel can be tamed today.

A shot across its bows will make the Zionist aggressors think more than once about anything it does; land grabs, settlements, intercepting toys bound for Gaza, etc.

Palestinians will not wake up tomorrow to suddenly find that they live in a land of lush green fields and streets paved with gold, but they will have a much higher degree of protection in international law. There will still be a lot of negotiation to have with Israel, but Palestine will have the official and full backing of The United Nations.

And that will tame Israel...maybe...

There is a growing movement within Israel that peace with the Palestinians is preferable to the wars and terror, and they recognise that the wars and terror are due to their presence and Cromwellian attitude to the Palestinians.

The reality of Israel is that it was created over more than a century to create massive global friction between Zionism and Islam. If Obama vetoes Palestinian statehood today then he will provide further proof that the USA is controlled by Zionism, and that what we have seen since 9/11 are the opening scenes to a world war 3 that was planned about 150 years ago, the two previous world wars being stepping stones to create the conditions we see today.

The USA is building more and more bases for their killer drones which will kill 'insurgents' and 'suspected terrorists', but from what we have seen in Pakistan it will be mainly innocent men, women and child civilians that are killed by these drones. This will drive more and more angry Muslims to join the Jihad. These new drone bases are in an area of the world that is predominantly Islamic, so we can guess the result of this.

The Israeli-Palestine conflict must be brought to an end as soon as possible. It has caused the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands on both sides, and will continue to cause even more deaths.

But both sides must recognise that they are both victims of a diabolical plan for three world wars, and that we are all suffering because of it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


He saved the gambling Nazi banks with tens of trillions while many jobless Americans are dumped onto the streets.

This time last year he said he wanted a independent Palestinian state but he is now prepared to veto an independent Palestinian state.

He jumped into bed with al Qaeda in Libya to overthrow an ally in the Global War on Terror.

Who can understand or explain Ziobama?

While the USA and others support freedom and democracy in the Middle East and North Africa, they are denying the same to Palestine.

Palestine could be liberated without any bombs or bullets or lies but by a simple lift of the hand.

But that is not enough for Ziobama, it's too easy. He wants dead children, maimed mothers by the truckload to feed the military-industrial-political complex.

How many more Operation Cast Leads must we endure?

How many more 9/11s must we endure?

The Israel-Palestine issue has been causing global wars and terror for decades, as angered Muslims join the CIA-MI6 Jihad to give our governments excuses to take our freedoms and wage wars.

Is it cynical to suggest that Ziobama needs the Israel-Palestine issue to continue to feed this Jihad? To prolong and perhaps expand the presence of the US military in energy-rich regions of the globe, and thus risk a major conflict with Russia and/or China?


The two-headed monster known as The Cleggeron currently governing this Disunited Kingdom revealed itself in all its banker-loving glory yesterday.

The Clegg head of The Cleggeron seemed very proud of his servitude to the bankers, boasting of how the economy and the muggins British taxpayers are to be sacrificed to pay for the bailouts of the gambling Nazi banks. The Cleggeron did not say that a bank or banker will be prosecuted and jailed after destroying the economy.

The Cameron head of The Cleggeron is expected to say exactly the same in two weeks time, that the muggins British taxpayer has to suffer severe austerity to pay for the bailouts of the gambling Nazi banks and will not say that a bank or banker will be prosecuted and jailed after destroying the economy.

So how can we tell which head is which?

When the Clegg head talks the world appears yellow, and when the Cameron head talks the world appears blue.

Beware the Cleggeron! It serves the bankers not the British people.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Obama just spoke at the UN about Libya. One of the first things he said went something like this (not an exact quote):
Credit for the liberation of Libya belongs to the people of Libya

Er, no.

Credit for the liberation of Libya belongs to the al Qaeda-loving people of NATO.

Libya is now controlled by armed violent Islamists because NATO instigated a civil war by allying with al Qaeda in Libya and then armed and trained them with NATO special forces, then tricking the UN by requesting a no fly zone over to Libya to protect civilians in UN SCR 1973, but then totally abused the trust placed in them and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed civilians and Gaddafi forces, to eventually install al Qaeda-linked armed violent Islamists who are now torturing and raping and executing Libyan civilians, particularly black Libyan civilians.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Have you saved all your spare coppers and bagged them up?

Have you even sold unwanted or unused items to raise a bit of extra cash?

Are you ready to donate it all to a good cause?

Well your wait is nearly at an end.

For 17th November 2011 is...BANKERS-IN-NEED DAY!

Forget Children-in-Need Day the day after, on 18th November.

Forget that!

Bankers come first!

Hence Bankers-in-Need Day is the day before Children-in-Need Day so they get all the money.

In fact every day is Bankers-in-Need Day, even Children-in-Need Day but on Children-in-Need Day we make a special attempt to hide the fact that every day is Bankers-in-Need Day and pretend we can save all the children in the world with just £30 million, which equates to the sum of the annual bonuses of just a handful of bankers.

Yes, it's that time of year again. We can bail out the banks with trillions, but for whatever reason we can't quite bail out the children in need, even though they have done nothing wrong, unlike the bankers.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Do what you feel.

Vote freedom for Palestine and destroy the biggest recruiting sergeant for al Qaeda.

Freedom for all...and that includes Palestine.



Dear President Obama

NATO has just instigated a civil war in Libya and then bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed Libyan civilians to overthrow an ally against al Qaeda in the Global War on Terror to install al Qaeda criminals who are raping, terrorising and executing black Libyan civilians.

This was all done in the name of freedom and democracy.

Since 1946 there has been a war in Palestine as the vast majority of Jews who did not want to return to Palestine before WW2 were 'persuaded' shall we say to do so after the Null World Order financed Hitler and the Nazis into power, who then began to exterminate the Jews. The Nazis served two purposes. The first was to wage a second world war with its opposame Communism, also created by the Null World Order, with the main purpose of creating a world government in the form of the United Nations, the first attempt The League of Nations having failed due to the USA voting out of it. WW2 was engineered to drag the USA into a longer, more bloody and violent war than WW1 so that the USA would suffer more deaths and casualties than it did in WW1 and thus see a possible benefit in a world government, and FDR engineered Pearl Harbour so that the USA got in there early.

But another purpose of the Nazis and WW2 was to eventually create Israel. Before WW2 World Jewry was against returning to Palestine because of the friction they knew it would cause. But after WW2 that all changed. The Holocaust convinced World Jewry that Palestine and only Palestine would serve as the only possible safe haven against a cruel world. But what has happened is that Jews drove the Palestinians into their own ghettoes and have treated the Palestinians as a source of labour (and target practice), totally against the spirit of The Balfour Declaration. This treatment of Palestinians by Israel has led to the creation of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism which visited the USA on 9/11 in a big, bloody way. The USA reacted to 9/11 by invading the predominantly Islamic Middle East and Caspian regions. This has satisfied a 150 year old plan for three world wars laid out by a Freemasonic sicko called Albert Pike, which has been implemented from the top of British and American societies, both public and secret.

al Qaeda cites Israel and Palestine as its rasion d'etre. A huge step towards destroying this main source of hate which fuels this Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism could be taken by voting for a Free Palestine. It would also be in the spirit of The Arab Spring in which Middle East and North African peoples are allegedly gaining their freedom and democratic rights.

So let's take this from the top, and no more fuck ups.

Free Palestine!

No more bombs. No more bullets. No more lies.

Just a straightforward Yes to Palestinian statehood.

This is soft and mellow but I hope you can follow.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Next week is going to be historic when The Occupied Territories are finally given independent statehood. So relax and enjoy these chilled tunes from 1991, and get ready.


Open the door to what?

The Null World Order want the door opened to a world of global fascist tyranny.

Will you help them open it?

Or will you only do it if it leads to more human freedom and happiness?

Ian Lex - On the Sound

Thursday, September 15, 2011


It is being reported that 23rd September 2011, next Friday, could be the most important date of this century when Palestine will request full statehood at the UN.

This request should be fully supported and granted.

There is a huge debate about the precise legal status of the Occupied Territories that allows Israel to claim control over the Palestinians while taking none of the responsibility.

The enemy of the West for the last decade or two has been al Qaeda, which cites Palestine and its treatment by Israel as its number one grievance. In giving the Palestinians full statehood we will remove the main reason for the existence of al Qaeda.

Yes, it is true that bombing Pakistani civilians from drones will fuel the Jihad instead, but probably not to the same degree. The Murdering Zionist State of Israel has been building up resentment within the region for decades. The existence of a State of Palestine will go a long way in cutting off a supply of radical Islamists prepared to join the Jihad.

Israel was forced on the human race by the Rothschild family. It could not survive without the support it gets from Rothschild-controlled The Federal Reserve. A State of Palestine will need a huge supply of finance to quickly repair the damage caused by Israeli destruction.

That is our responsibility. For decades we have ignored the plight of Palestine, and we are now paying for it with trillions extra for military budgets to wage wars, and in the loss of our personal freedoms.

So a State of Palestine is not enough. A State of Palestine needs huge assistance, financial and military, on the same level if not more than that which Israel receives.



Do Captain Oik and his sidekick Cameron want us all to go down with the Titanoik?

Following yesterday's employment figures there are growing calls for the tragicomedy duo to change course before HMS Titanoik sinks[1]. Employment figures will get worse during the next two years. But proud Captain Oik stands at the helm refusing to change course. "There is no Plan B!", he shouts as the huge waves of unemployment and homelessness crash onto the decks.

But why should the millionaire Oxford/Bullingdon Boys care?

You tell me, why should they care?

Dumping millions of unsuspecting muggins British taxpayers onto the dole will create a vast pool of human resources that Ian Duncan-Smith can then force to work for free or they lose benefits.

That, my muggins friends, is Fascism.

It is what our fathers and grandfathers fought against in World War 2, which was engineered by the fathers and grandfathers of the bankers who have engineered the current financial crisis. Oh yes, they created, sponsored and supported the Nazis, even going so far as to
1. assist them in building a factory using slave labour from Auschwitz to use patents that were given to them to manufacture artificial oil and rubber from local coal supplies, and
2. financing the Nazi racial hygiene programs.

That nasty Naziness still exists today in their looting banker offspring. They gamble using our money and demand that we suffer severe austerity to pay for their bail outs, in which we kill our old and sick in dodgy palliative care systems while we carpet bomb Libyan civilians to support racist, bloodthirsty al Qaeda to overthrow a government who cooperated with us in the Global War on Terror against al Qaeda (that we created).

It's crazy, but it's true.



[1] David Cameron under pressure to soften hardline deficit strategy, The Guardian, 15/09/2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Unison, Unite and the Fire Brigades Union have today all served notice to ballot to strike over pensions. This adds to previous similar statements by the PCSU, Prospect and FDA[1].

BBC Radio 5 Live this morning has been asking people to phone, email or text in to answer the question, would they support the strikes?

I would say about it was 50/50 in support of/against the strikes. But the main reason given why people would not support the strikes is that the unions have to live in something called "the real world".

Their logic is that if they have nothing then everyone else must have nothing...everyone that is except the Nazi banking class.

To me a job in the public sector means hard possibly dangerous work, low pay, and a pension, and a job in the private sector means exactly the same...for most people. Yes, there are always exceptions for those at the top and these can be made an example of to give a corrupt image of either sector.

But let's get things straight. The reason why everything is being cut is to pay for the bailouts of the gambling Nazi banks. It is not due to anything the unions did. Today it has been announced that unemployment rose by 80000 in the 3 months to July, and employment in the public sector fell by 110000 in the same period[2]. The Oik said that the private sector would take up this slack. It has not. Why? Because the banks are not lending the amounts they agreed. And even if they did I doubt there would be enough jobs created with that extra finance.

This week The Vickers Report into the future of banking in this Disunited Kingdom was published with great fanfare that there would be radical changes to the banking system. Yes, our savings and deposits will be slightly more secure, but the same tools and tricks and frauds that the gambling Nazi banks abused to create the current financial crisis are still available to them. These are
1. creating loadsamoney out of thin air based on our savings and deposits,
2. using our savings and deposits as collateral in gambling,
3. creating and trading exotic derivatives based on loans and mortgages that were created out of thin air

Due to this abuse the ordinary muggins British taxpayer is now suffering unemployment and homelessness. And that pain has ony just begun. It will get worse next year.

But despite having the power to create loadsamoney out of thin air the banks are not doing so, so that SMEs are constantly complaining that they cannot get the finance to create more jobs to take up some of the unemployment caused by others, such as national and local governments, laying their employees off.

So the gambling Nazi banks caused the crisis, and are not helping us out of it, despite having the tools to do so. In the meantime, British taxpayers, whose parents and grandparents fought the Nazis in the engineered WW2, are being laid off and made homeless, and anyone who shows any sign of using their lawful right to strike to keep their standard of life in the race to the bottom is accused of not living in this "the real world"!

So what is this "the real world"?

The real world is fighting in engineered wars to empower a megalomaniac Nazi elite. The real world is working your fingers to the bone just to survive when the bankers can create money out of thin air. The real world is being terrorized by treasonous elements within your own government. The real world is being lied to about global warming and over population. The real world is being too scared to ask questions.

I'm glad I don't live in that real world anymore. I used to, but I escaped.

It is time we created another real world, one that serves the people and not a cabal of warmongering, satanic, kiddie-fiddling megalomaniacs.

[1] Public sector unions line up to announce strike ballots, The Guardian, 14/09/2011
[2] Unemployment rises above 2.5m milestone, The Guardian, 14/09/2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


At a press conference in Russia yesterday a BBC journalist asked David Cameron if he was a KGB agent. This was the wrong question to the wrong leader.

Instead, Dmitri Medvedev should have been asked if he was an MI6 agent.

Russia abstained on UN SCR 1973 giving NATO the opportunity to install al Qaeda and criminals who rape, torture and execute black Libyans while NATO carpet bombed Libyan civilians regardless of the colour of their skin. Medvedev publicly stated his support for this.

So why did Russia sign a joint exploration deal with Exxon Mobil and yesterday sign more deals with yet more members of the Bilderberg One World Company?

Russia Today is doing a good job of offering an alternative view of global events, but today it showed a flattering and fawning interview of Anatoly Chubais, head of Rusnano. Chubais is also one of only a handful of Russians to have attended Bilderberg. LPAC accuse Chubais of being a traitor to Russia who works for London. His attendance at Bilderberg supports this accusation. Yesterday Rusnano signed a deal with Bermuda-based Celtic Pharma to create Pro Bono Bio, which will be run by John Mayo CBE, a former Director of SG Warburg. Pro Bono Bio hope to make their fortune in health products for Africa, and yes that's the same Africa that has been destroyed by the predatory banking system of which SG Warburg is a bona fide member.

Rusnano is 100% owned by the Russian government. Chubais was appointed as head of Rusnano by Medvedev.

Russia explains this cooperation as mutual interest. Well, shortly after 9/11 Great Britain and Libya had a mutual interest in hunting al Qaeda. Gaddafi gave MI6 and CIA the names of al Qaeda in Libya and cooperated in the Global War on Terror. That mutual interest has now been betrayed. Gaddafi is now on the run, and it looks like al Qaeda is being given the Libyan oil resources.

Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned there...unless some know something that the rest of us don't.

These NATO boots were made for walking,
and that's just what they'll do.
One of these days these NATO boots are gonna walk all over you...


As I pointed out yesterday after the release of the final report on the future of banking in this Disunited Kingdom, in which we are not all in this together, despite the fanfare that the report and its proposals were radical, earth shattering etc, there is actually little for the muggins British taxpayer to cheer about.

The banks can still create loadsamoney out of thin air based on our savings and deposits.

The banks can still use our savings and deposits as collateral in their gambling.

The banks can still trade in derivatives based on the financial products created based on our savings and deposits.

At the top level of banking very little has changed. Yes, it appears that in the medium term our savings and deposits could be more secure should a gambling Nazi too-big-to-fail bank, abusing its sacred position, causes another crisis due to trading in derivatives, for example. But why should this still be allowed, despite being identified as the main reason for the current crisis?

The reason is because The Vickers Commission is so Bilderberg.

The number of Bilderbergers in the UK is very very tiny. So how come two of the members of the commission are Bilderbergers, and a third worked for arguably the most important Bilderberg bank developing their global derivatives trading?

Martin Taylor and Martin Wolf are the two members of Bilderberg on the commission. Both have attended Bilderberg several times, so their allegiance to Bilderberg and its principles is thus beyond question.

Bill Winters is the third member of the commission with a weak link to Bilderberg. Winters worked for JP Morgan in London and developed their global derivatives trade. JP Morgan is consistently at the top of the pile for exposure to derivatives. Winters' role in the crisis was briefly addressed by Gillian Tett in her book Fools Gold. Believe me, you do not become so powerful in JP Morgan in London developing derivatives unless you believe in the core Bilderberg principles of using the hard earned money of the ordinary unsuspecting British taxpayer as if it was their own and to hell with the consequences.

So while you raise a half cheer at your hard earned money perhaps being a bit more safe (but only in seven years time), do not forget that your money is still being used to create profits for the people who brought us Nazism and Communism and WW2.

Monday, September 12, 2011


The Vickers Report is being portrayed as the greatest shake up of banking in a generation, perhaps two. But what is changing?

1. the banks can still create lots and lots of money out of nothing/thin air based on our savings and deposits and make vast profits off them
2. despite the reporting in the media about ringfencing our savings and deposits in separate retail banks, that separation is not total, i.e. our savings and deposits are more protected but they can still be used by the gambling Nazi banks as long as a particular ratio of exposure to equity is maintained, this ratio being slightly higher than it has been recently
3. derivatives can still be traded despite being identified as the main cause of the banking crisis
4. the banks have 7 years to implement these earth shaking changes
5. nobody goes to jail for causing the greatest financial rip off since the Wall Street Crash 70 years ago.

In other words, it's business as usual for Cameron's mates the Bilderberg Bankstaz.


To add to the recent reports of NATO-backed rebels in Libya committing atrocities such as torture, beheadings, summary executions and rape, it now looks like our glorious allies are doing the same in Afghanistan.

US-backed Afghan militias are committing murder, rape, torture and extortion, risking increasing support for the insurgent groups they were designed to fight against, a prominent human rights group has said.

Militias including the Afghan Local Police (ALP) – seen as a key plank in Nato's troop reduction plans – suffer from poor oversight and no accountability, and are prone to act with impunity, Human Rights Watch said.

...But Human Rights Watch's 102-page report, Just Don't Call it a Militia, details how the US-funded "high-risk" and "quick-fix" solution has been plagued by poor design, a lack of oversight and insufficient vetting of the 7,000 recruits, some of whom are criminals or insurgents.

...An elder told Human Rights Watch: "Other elders and I went to the ALP base to collect [one of the boys]. He had been beaten and nails had been hammered into his feet."

The most serious cases of abuse involve the killing and gang rape of child suspects, beatings, land grabs and the forcible collection of ushr, an informal tax.

[source : US-backed Afghan militias accused of human rights abuses, The Guardian, 12/09/2011]

Just what are we creating on our military adventures?

We carpet bomb Libyan civilians to install al Qaeda who then torture and execute and rape black Libyans.

Fill in the blanks.

We carpet bomb ....... civilians to install ....... who then torture and execute and rape ........


Susan Lindauer has stated to Press TV that
1. the CIA and DIA knew of an attack in April 2001
2. knew in August 2001 that the attack would involve hijacking of planes and the WTC
3. that the attacks would be used to attack Iraq
4. that vans would wisit the WTC between 3am and 5am

Recall that Nick Rockefeller told producer of Trading Places Aaron Russo before 9/11 that there would soon be an event that would result in the USA attacking Afghanistan and Iraq.

Listen to the interview of Lindauer at


The Vickers Report on the future of banking has been published this morning, and guess what? Your money, my money, our money will still be used to finance the gambling of the Nazi banks that has caused the current financial crisis.

Yes, there will be some ring-fencing. But our savings and deposits can and will still be used as collateral, because the retail and investment arms of banks will not be split. So the banks can still gamble with our hard earned money, but only a little bit less.

In the early days of investment banking a few wealthy bankers would form an investment bank and they would invest their own money. If they won, they won. But if they lost they lost their own money and not ours and could therefore not go crying to the government to be bailed out.

But modern banks do not operate like that anymore. Our money is used as collateral. If the banks win they win and take the profits. But if they lose then they get bailed out with our money (of course) and then we suffer severe austerity to pay for the bailouts while the bankers bathe in luxury on their large yachts on the Mediterranean Sea.

And this is why the Vickers Report is being welcomed by not only the banks but their supporters like the Oik. The banks can carry on gambling with our money AND have a long long time to implement the recommendations, during which time another banking crisis could very easily occur, in which case we will bail them out again and again and again...

But London looters immediately get disproportionate sentences (didn't one man who took some ice cream get locked up for a first offence?) while the banks and bankers that have caused the current financial crisis, forcing many unsuspecting innocent British taxpayers to bail them out and pay for the privilege in slashed social and health services, and increases in unemployment and homelessness, have nearly a decade to reform themselves and nobody, repeat nobody, gets locked up!!

We're all in this together?


The speech of David Cameron to Russia was on Sky News this morning. There was a definite sense of creeping in Cameron. He made the point that Russia is rich in natural resources and Great Britain has the know how to bring those resources to the market, so if they both work together then they can both win. BP was explicitly mentioned.

Russia recently made a deal with the devil when it reached an agreement with Exxon Mobil to explore deep sea oil reserves together. BP is obviously fishing for a similar deal.

But both BP and EM are the devil's corporations, being part of the Bilderberg One World Corporation apparatus.

Great Britain recently tricked Russia at the UN through UN SCR 1973 regarding Libya.

Great Britain has also accused Andrei Lugovoi of murdering Alexander Litvinenko, but refuses to produce the evidence.

Will Russia betray itself again as it did with Exxon Mobil? If it can reach a huge deal with Exxon Mobil then it can reach a deal with BP. Cameron promised British support for Russia's attempt to join the WTO. Is the WTO that important to Russia?

There is something not quite right about the way both Russia and China abstained on UN SCR 1973, with Medvedev supporting the military action (and thus the racist slaughter of black Libyans) while Putin opposing it likening it to a crusade. Is this a good cop bad cop routine?

There is also something not quite right about the recent deal with Exxon Mobil.

There appears to be a bowing down or capitulation or cooperation which is disturbing.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Nutjob is a term used by Damian Thompson in The Daily Telegraph today[1]. In his rant Thompson addresses the JFK assassination, and appears to believe in the 'nutjob' conspiracy theory that the mafia killed JFK. It certainly is possible that the mob were involved at some level, for example providing the shooters, but the rest of the plot is beyond them.

But in reference to 9/11 Thompson addresses the missile-shaped hole in the Pentagon, how structural experts 'discovered' how WTC7 collapsed into its own footprint at near freefall speed without being hit by a plane, and the evidence or lack thereof at Shanksville where UA93 allegedly plunged into the ground.

Such arguments can be propagated in an infiltrated truth movement and then later disproved to discredit the movement. For example, in the latest BBC Conspiracy Files I saw a week or two ago a female investigator stated that she saw the bodies of passengers of AA77 in the rubble inside the Pentagon. If this is true then this destroys the cruise-missile-hit-the-Pentagon theory. But it does not answer the question as to how the inexperienced alleged hijackers were able to fly AA77 through an incredible flight path to hit the Pentagon, and at the department investigating the potential fraud of $2 trillion!

But it also does not answer the question, where was the USAF so that AA77 could fly into the Pentagon? The answer to that question is always confusion. Confusion caused by drills and lack of military aircraft due to drills many miles away? Not only did the alleged hijackers have the luck to hit the Pentagon they also had the luck that no USAF fighter was able to shoot them down because most of the USAF assigned to protect the North East Sector was away on drills.

When investigating a crime the investigators look for opportunity and motive. The PNAC crowd had opportunity and motive. They had motive because they wanted "a new Pearl Harbor" to prosecute multiple simultaneous wars across the globe for the USA to impose its authority as the only global superpower. Iraq, Iran and North Korea were named. They had opportunity because many of them were in very influential positions on 9/11, even having quickly and quietly awarded themselves the power to order a shoot down or stand down, to control media and foreign policy after the attacks.

Afghanistan was invaded as a result of 9/11. The Taliban were not agreeing to pipelines crossing their turf. Shortly before 9/11 they were threatened with "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs". The Taliban had also destroyed the opium crops. Since 9/11 and the intervention of NATO the opium harvest reached record levels.

But once Afghanistan had been sorted out why did attention switch to Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11? Even on the day of 9/11 PNAC members were looking to blame Iraq before Osama bin Laden. We now know thansk to General Wesley Clark that Iraq and Iran were also on a list of seven countries to be attacked in five years. The list also included Libya, Lebanon and Syria. These are also named in an Israeli document called A Clean Break, which was written by people very close to PNAC. We invaded Iraq based on a pile of bullshit about WMD and involvement in 9/11. Similar lies are now being propagated about Iran.

Regarding Osama bin Laden, the USA had many opportunities to capture or kill him before 9/11 but refused them, and even after 9/11 the FBI did not explicitly list that day as a crime for which he was wanted because there was insufficient evidence.

Even the Commission created by George W Bush accused his administration of withholding evidence and most believed that there has been a coverup of 9/11.

Thene there is the strange photo of cars on a bridge that look as if they have been melted, perhaps by powerful EM technology. Did this technology weaken the structures of WTC 1, 2 and 7? Has this been investigated?

And there is the ridiculous case of the passports of the alleged hijackers being found in pristine condition in the rubble of the WTC.

But not only all this, 9/11 gave the Zionist USA the opportunity to invade a region of the planet which is predominantly Islamic, which directly supports the thesis that major events of modern history have followed a plan for three world wars as laid out by a Freemasonic God/Weirdo called Albert Pike.

Call me a nutjob when I believe that Santa Claus and Elvis and Princess Diana hijacked the planes on 9/11. But when all this evidence exists and is rarely addressed by mainstream media then I am exercising my God-given right when I proclaim,

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

[1] Ten years after 9/11, the conspiracy theorist nutjobs are still telling lies, The Daily Telegraph, 09/11/2011


They're lovin' it.

They even sing about it in an advert for one their global corporations.

They're lovin' it when they kill us.

When you next see a McDonalds advert, remember...THEY'RE LOVIN' IT.

Not McDonalds, but the Null World Order.

The official UN document Global Biodiversity Assessment 1995 proposes a maximum human population of 1 billion.

The mysterious Georgia Guidestones propose a maximum human population of a half billion.

The current engineered financial crisis was designed, in part, to usher in severe austerity, so that despite the likes of Eton/Oxford/Bullingdon Boy Cameron coming on TV and praising the NHS for how it handled the death of his son Ivan, and him even going so far as to say
'When your family relies on the NHS all the time - day after day, night after night - you know how precious it is,'[1]

public services like the NHS are being cut and putting lives at risk, despite us being told by Cameron that the NHS is safe and its budget ringfenced.

They send us into engineered wars to kill each other.

They poison our water and food to kill us.

They stop medicinal and health treatments to kill us in order to pay for the bailouts of their gambling Nazi banks.

They're lovin' it when they kill us.

[1] The boy who shaped a Tory leader: Tributes to David Cameron's disabled son Ivan, The Daily Mail, 26/02/2009

Friday, September 09, 2011


As if to confirm my prediction of the coming war on Iran both the Butcher of Baghdad Tony Blair and former Director of the CIA Leon Panetta have today issued stiff warnings to Iran.

In an interview with The Times Blair accuses Iran of stalling progress in Afghanistan and Iraq, and says that if Iran acquires a nuclear weapon then a military strike on Iran would be good to stabilise the Middle East (but still no criticism of Israel, eh Tony?). Blair would be very happy if there was regime change in Iran. And not only in Iran, but in Syria too![1]

Cue Panetta.

Panetta warns that revolution in Iran is only "a matter of time"[2].

It must be remembered that Blair
1. took us into war on Iraq in 2003 based on a pile of bullshit and has since secured jobs for both himself and his son in the bloodsoaked banking empires of Rockefeller and Morgan.
2. is still Middle East peace envoy tasked with trying to create peace not war

But all these threats and warnings all fit into the plan so bloody well!

Earlier this year George Soros, the Nazi who broke the Bank of England on Black Wednesday in September 1992 and lived to tell the tale, said that there would be regime change in Iran in "the bloodiest of the revolutions".

Former Four Star General and head of NATO Europe Operations Wesley Clark in a speech to the Commonwealth Club of California in October 2007 revealed the thinking at the highest levels of the Pentagon shortly after 9/11. Seven countries were to be targeted in a timeline of five years. Iraq, Libya and Syria were on the list. So was Iran[4].

All you have to do is look at a map of the oil and gas rich Middle East and Caspian regions. Iran is now surrounded by countries either occupied by US/NATO troops or just hosting significant US military bases.

But Iran was also named in the PNAC document Rebuilding America's Defenses, and is one of seven countries given to Wesley Clark as targets in a five year plan. The seven countries named to Clark have seen some sort of trouble.

Iraq - invaded in 2003 falsely accused of involvement in 9/11 and of having WMD
Libya - Gaddafi has just been ousted after NATO Special Forces instigated a civil war by arming and training al Qaeda rebels and then carpet bombing Libyan civilians in order to save them, but only in favour of the rebels
Syria - is undergoing a revolution which has been assigned to the Arab Spring

The three other remaining countries on that list of seven were
Sudan - has just been split into two after a civil war.
Lebanon - saw the Cedar Revolution after the controversial assasination of Rafik Hariri, and was bombed by Israel using US bombs in 2006.
Somalia - Ethiopia, supported by the USA, invaded Somalia which started a three year long civil war.

But what about Iran?

Iran saw a failed Soros colour revolution in 2009.

War on Iran was agreed at Bilderberg 2010, but failed to materialise.

Kissinger, The Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg wanted the Middle East wars to continue into 2012 to generate a US war on Iran[5].

Iran is the ultimate goal.

Iran has promised strong resistance.

Blair & Co see oil.

But The Illuminati see a BIG world war 3 in line with Albert Pike's plan.

If war on Iran does occur then all British Bilderberg members should be prosecuted for War Crimes Against Humanity unless they stop treating us like dickheads and start to tell us what they know or suspect is going to happen.

[1] Tony Blair calls for regime change in Iran and Syria, The Guardian, 9/9/2011
[2] Revolution in Iran 'a matter of time', The Daily Telegraph, 9/9/2011
[3] Oil wealth 'must be shared' with citizens says Soros, BBC, 4/3/2011
[4] Wesley Clark ( US 4 Star General ) US will attack 7 countries in 5 years,
[5] Globalists Attend Bevy of Policy Meetings, 2/5/2011,

Thursday, September 08, 2011


I was working at my computer in my office when my colleague told me a plane had flown into a tower at the WTC on 9/11. I did not suspect it was an accident. Then news of the second plane came through, and one also at the Pentagon. I went home early to watch the news asking myself, where was the USAF?

A decade later and we have the pieces for the jigsaw that is 9/11.

Indeed, we had the pieces a year or two after 9/11, but they have since been proved and reinforced by the actions of the USA, the UK and NATO.

I will never believe the official story of 9/11, that somehow some Muslims hijacked four passenger planes and were able to fly them around for over an hour in the most protected airspace on the planet without any challenge from the USAF, and for those hijacked planes to be then flown into the WTC and even The Pentagon!

The main pieces of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job are associated with The Project for a New American Century (PNAC). PNAC published a document in September 2000, one year before 9/11, called Rebuilding America’s Defenses in which they called for multiple simultaneous wars around the globe for the USA to exert its authority as the world’s only superpower. They named North Korea, Iraq and Iran as the major threats to US national security, naming Iran as more of a threat than Iraq. PNAC recognised that such large scale military action would not be supported by the public of the USA without “a new Pearl Harbor”.

It was about the same time as the publication of Rebuilding America’s Defenses that the producer of Trading Places, Aaron Russo, was with one of the Rockefeller family, Nick, and being asked by him to join their cabal. During this conversation Nick Rockefeller told Russo that there would soon be an event that would result in the USA going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. This indicates prior knowledge of 9/11 and the consequences.

Members of PNAC included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz. President George W Bush was not, but his brother Jeb was. Bush’s victory in the Presidential election of 2000 was not straightforward. Jeb was Governor of Florida when Florida controversially backed George. Without Florida W would not have won, and W would not have been able to appoint particular personnel from PNAC to very, very influential positions in his administration.

On 9/11 Dick Cheney was Vice President, Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense, and Paul Wolfowitz was Deputy Secretary of Defense. Just a few months before 9/11 the protocol for a stand down order was altered so that only the Secretary of Defense could issue intercept orders. The document authorizing this is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSI 3610.01A (dated 1 June 2001). This explains the lack of activity by the USAF on 9/11. This lack of activity is also due to the large number of military drills on the day of 9/11 which saw most of the USAF originally assigned to the North East Sector to protect New York and Washington DC many miles away and unable to protect the WTC and the Pentagon. Protection of the Pentagon could have been organised through Andrews Air Force Base, just a few miles away, but fighter jets were scrambled from there when it was too late.

Former Four Star General and head of NATO Europe Operations Wesley Clark spoke to the Commonwealth Club of California in October 2007, and revealed what the thinking at the highest levels of the Pentagon was shortly after 9/11. Seven countries were to be invaded. Iraq was one. Libya another. Syria and Iran were also on the list. Seven countries in five years was the goal. But Clark also stated that Wolfowitz told him in 1991 that the USA had 5 to 10 years to impose its authority on the globe to become the only superpower. 10 years later we got 9/11, and we now see the USA imposing itself on those countries named by Clark.

Iraq was invaded on the falsehood of possessing WMD.

Libya has been invaded after NATO Special Forces armed and trained a bunch of al Qaeda rebels in order to provoke a civil war which would permit NATO to claim “humanitarian intervention” in Libya to save the NATO rebels.

Iran saw a failed colour revolution in 2009, and has recently been publicly mentioned by both George Soros and Henry Kissinger as the ultimate goal of the Arab Spring, in which according to Soros Iran will “suffer the bloodiest of revolutions”.

9/11 was the “new Pearl Harbor” that PNAC wanted and needed to convince the public of the USA to wage war around the globe, but in particular in the fossil fuel rich region of the Middle East and the Caspian, and also Libya which has the best oil in the world. Dick Cheney called the area “the ultimate prize” in a speech to the Institute of Petroleum shortly before 9/11.

Without 9/11 the subsequent actions of the US military and NATO would have been impossible.

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

9/11 was an inside job!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Yesterday Major General Eyal Eisenberg, head of the IDF Home Front Command, warned an audience at The Institute for National Security Studies that the Arab Spring could turn into a radical Islamic winter[1].

A radical Islamic winter is what I also fear.

It is curious, perhaps more than curious, that we, the NATO countries, have jumped into bed with radical Islam to overthrow governments that border Israel, or have the natural resources to finance a new radical Islam. Until now radical Islam has been financed by Saudi Arabia. That's why we installed the Sauds there, so that the Wahhabi version of Islam could control all that oil wealth and use it as the agenda demanded. As a result Osama bin Laden created al Qeada and most of the alleged 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. Job done.

But has that source of finance for radical Islam been rumbled or stopped?

Recently found documents and other reports suggest that Gaddafi had cooperated with us in the Global War on Terror. Apparently we handed over this Belhaj to Libya, who was then tortured, but has now allied with us to overthrow Gaddafi. You could not make this stuff up. It's beyond bizarre, and to me suggests there is something more going on.

Libya has the best oil in the world. Great! LET'S HAND IT OVER TO RADICAL ISLAM! But why we would want to do this? If radical Islamic states grew next door to Libya would Gaddafi have fought them? Is that why he had to go?

Let's review this Arab Spring/Autumn/Winter.

Egypt borders Israel and since Mubarak stepped down the Muslim Brotherhood now has its own TV station, and is expected to win control of Egypt in the forthcoming elections. The MB has been praised in the Bilderberg media, the FT and WP, as reformed, but the MB really want war with Israel. Trouble is already brewing on the border between Egypt and Israel.

Syria borders Israel. Why is the uprising in Syria being reported by Russia Today as becoming more Islamic? Syria borders Israel to the north.

Considering the brutality of the Zionist state of Israel there has been little military conflict between Islam and Zionism. Israel has so far served its purpose in provoking individual muslims to join radical Islamic terrorist groups, which have served US and UK foreign policy very very well. Without 9/11 our troops would not be in Afghanistan or Iraq or controlling the Pipelineistan region.

But I'm wondering if the time has come to ditch Israel, to engulf the Middle East in a full blown, sleeves-rolled-up war. Replacing governments opposed to this with radical Islam would certainly go some way towards this.

And that would satisfy Pike's plan.

[1] IDF Home Front Command: Likelihood of all-out Middle East war increasing, Haaretz, 5/9/2011

The Albert Pike three world war plan proposed a final WW3 between Zionism and Islam.

Monday, September 05, 2011


Following the success of the unholy global alliance between the United Kingdom and Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism,
• which began with the creation of, financial support for and training of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda for the anti-Russia campaign in Afghanistan,
• followed by the Covenant of Security allowing Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism to flourish by permitting many Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist organisations to base their headquarters in London safe from prosecution, giving London the nickname Londonistan,
• followed by the recent alliance with the Libyan al Qaeda rebels in the NATOlution that was so successful in Libya, shown by the rebels joyously shouting Allah U Akbar on all TV news reports,
• to the assistance to be given to the Islamists in the forthcoming NATOlution currently being engineered in Syria, and recalling the recent words of George Soros, also in “the bloodiest of NATOlutions” soon to be engineered in Iran followed by a blatant overt war by NATO on Iran,

our dear great leader, the Bilderberg globalist and Banksters mate, David Cameron has today decreed that the National Anthem has been amended to honour our new racist, bloodthirsty allies.

Henceforth, the following will now be sung on the terraces of football and rugby stadiums, and at national and local events across the land of this United “we’re not all in this together” Kingdom. Any recital of, or reference to, the previous national anthem will be punishable by public beheading, in honour of our great allies.

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
Allah U Akbar
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
Allah U Akbar

[This blog was brought to you by our fathers and grandfathers who fought and died in two engineered world wars that were supposed to be for freedom, democracy and freedom of speech of all peoples but were in reality phases of a long range plan to create a fascist world government controlled by a cabal of warmongering, megalomaniac, kiddie-fiddling satanists.]

Sunday, September 04, 2011


In March this year I posted a reference to Libyan cooperation in the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Libya gave us information on Islamic terrorists in Libya[1]. In the last two days documents have been found that imply that this cooperation was much deeper and friendlier, which could explain a few oddities about current events regarding Libya.

So far Gaddafi has not been found. Despite threats of engulfing Libya in flames etc he has disappeared, and called his escape from Tripoli a tactical withdrawal. Yes Gaddafi is a Colonel, a military man. But I expected a violent defence which has so far not materialised. Maybe we should be grateful for that.

But how can the NATO nations so openly betray an ally? Gaddafi cooperated with them but is now allegedly on the run, and I assume with a few secret billions placed around the world.

But if we can betray an ally in the GWOT does that mean that the GWOT is over, and that we no longer need all the police state laws that have been brought in since 9/11?

[1] Gaddafi regime fed names of jihadists to the CIA and to Britain,

Saturday, September 03, 2011


In this astonishing speech Wesley Clark, former four star General and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, tells the Commonwealth Club of California the plan.

Clark directly accuses Dick Cheney and other members of PNAC of a coup on 9/11. It should be recalled that this blog constantly accuses PNAC of planning and orchestrating 9/11, because PNAC published a document entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses in September 2000 which called for the USA to wage war across the globe. PNAC recognised that such a global military adventure would not be supported by the American public unless there was a catalyzing event, such as a new Pearl Harbour. 9/11 was that new Pearl Harbour. Members of PNAC were in offices of high government and able to influence the resulting policy and media frenzy.

Here Clark quotes Paul Wolfowitz saying in 1991(!) that the USA has 5 to 10 years to dominate the Middle East before the emergence of another superpower. In 1991 the former USSR was in complete disarray and about to be economically raped by the so called Russian Oligarchs with overt business and intelligence links to the Rothschilds, who have since either fled Russia and found sanctuary in London or Israel, or are in prison like Khordokovsky. Ten years after 1991 is 2001, and 9/11.

Rebuilding America's Defenses lists Iraq and Iran as targets for the US military, stating that Iran is more of a threat to US National Security than Iraq. Iraq was invaded in 2003 based on lies pushed by Cheney and his PNAC buddies about WMD. Here Clark states that Syria is also on a list of seven countries to be overthrown, one of which is Libya and others included Iraq and Iran. Shortly after Iraq was invaded in 2003 and no WMD were found it was alleged that they had been moved to and hidden in Syria.

But the final target is Iran, just like Soros and Kissinger have publicly stated.

We have just witnessed a NATOlution in Libya.

The next NATOlution is brewing in Syria.

After that, the final NATOlution will be in Iran.

But I think there is a possibility that these are just smokescreens designed to provoke the clash of civilizations proposed by Albert Pike in which the west in the form of NATO is waging multiple wars in the Middle East. Most military personnel involved in the current shenanigans will have never heard of Albert Pike, so are innocent of wittingly dragging us into a global conflict planned at least 150 years ago. But through their willingness to obey the orders of their military leaders they are doing so.