Saturday, November 27, 2010


For years I have believed that you, sovereign independent unmicrochipped you, are the most dangerous person in the world. You still have the ability and capacity to first comprehend what is going on with money and its issuance and the present rush towards a tyrannical world government, but then more importantly do something about it.

But I have sadly come to the conclusion that the most dangerous person in the world is...Simon Cowell.

He must stop that useless, boring, unentertaining X Factor immediately.

It is distracting too many people at a critical time in human history.

The slots currently allocated to X Factor can then be used to show Money As Debt, The Money Masters, Secrets of Oz, etc.


This is a passionate and accurate call for mass protest by the Irish people against the financial attack on Ireland.

Jim correctly calls for a national bank to issue debt free money for the nation of Ireland, and stop the senseless and suicidal borrowing from brutal megalomaniacs whose intent is tyrannical world government.

Jim Corr for Taoiseach!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Let's be a bit more specific.

Not all banks are in need.

AIB is in desperate need to repay its foreign loans. But who does AIB owe? It is RBS.

Both AIB and RBS are members of the Rothschild Inter Alpha Group.

We bought up RBS after it had been inflated to become the largest bank in the world in terms of assets, and then run into the ground by Bilderbergers Sir Peter Sutherland and Sir Tom McKillop. There is now talk of AIB also being nationalised.

Fortunately the UK is not under the jackboot of the IMF, but we also face the prospect of severe austerity, with millions dumped onto the dole, millions to lose their homes and a great persecution and dying of the weak, the sick and the infirm. This is why assisted suicide has been pushed recently. We are living under the same families who deliberately created Hitler and all his eugenics and T4 programs for war. The Duke of Edinburgh wants to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to vastly reduce human population. The UN Biodiversity Assessment proposed a maximum human population of 1 billion. The mysterious Georgia Guidestones propose a maximum human population of 1/2 billion.

The most important fact to learn today is that there is a cabal on this planet who want you dead. They've been at it for centuries with Malthus, then Darwin, then Hitler, then the Club of Rome/Green Movement. None have worked, so it's the severe austerity program for us, while they bathe in luxury.

Mass unemployment, homelessness, hunger. That's our lot.

Unless we bang this lot up in prison and start creating our own money.

We can all start again, create our own money, as much of it as we want and build a nation we can be extremely proud of.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


£18 million for those children that are still need?

Well, they can wait for another year.

Meanwhile, every day is Bankers in Need Day.

Today is Bankers in Need Day.

Tomorrow is Bankers in Need Day.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every week of every month are all Bankers in Need Day.

Until you tell them otherwise, every day is Bankers in Need Day, because they will suck you dry and have you pay for your own slavery.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Today is Children in Need Day, and folks have been upto their charitable works, raising tens of millions for just that, children in need.

But don't forget to throw a few spare coppers to the people in real desperate need, the bankers. Because every day is Bankers in Need Day. And they need not tens of millions, not even tens of billions, but easily hundreds of billions, and likely trillions.

So do not waste a penny. Give to the Bankers in Need today, and give with a smile. Go on. You know you want to.

We can create hundreds of billions to bail out the banks, just like that.

But for whatever reason, no matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to bail the children out of need.

What a pathetic species we are.


Well, would you Adam 'n Eve it?

Following the recent statement of Gollum van Rompuy that the nation state is now dead, one of his kinsfolk, Bilderberg's very own MD of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has called on European states to cede yet more sovereignty.

But cede it to what?

Strauss-Kahn is apparently calling for a body that is 'independent' of the EU and yet at the centre of the EU. Is he suggesting a mini-IMF for the EU alone, or a branch of the IMF in the heart of Europe?

"The wheels of co-operation move too slowly. The centre must seize the initiative in all areas key to reaching the common destiny of the union, especially in financial, economic and social policy. Countries must be willing to cede more authority to the centre...The sovereign crisis is not over...The area’s institutions were simply not up to the task of managing a crisis – even setting up a temporary solution proved to be a drawn-out process. One [solution] is to shift the main responsibility for enforcement of fiscal discipline and key structural reforms away from the Council. This would minimize the risk of narrow national interests interfering with effective implementation of the common rules."

[source : IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn urges leaders to cede more sovereignty to EU, The Daily Telegraph, 19/11/2010]


We know for a fact that the EU is a Bilderberg project.

So why would the Rothschilds through their Inter Alpha Group risk bringing the EU project down through all this gambling with financial derivatives? I mean, we are talking hundreds of billions in bailouts across Europe alone.

Well, one answer is that they expected to win in their fixed casino, but somehow it's all gone wrong, and that the problem with Ireland, for example, is just one unexpected error, as huge as it may be.

But another answer is that they did it on purpose. The IMF wants to control the global economy, and very soon. But the EU is supposed to contain some of the wealthiest nations on the planet. So how can you get the IMF into those wealthier countries to control them? Well, you could bring their banking and financial systems to their knees, via a coordinated scam, and then send in the IMF to the rescue. That scam involves at least two branches;
1. integrate European nations into a single bloc of cooperating and converging nations, legally bound by a treaty (in this case The Treaty of Lisbon) that they must honour,
2. create a group of banks cooperating across national borders to bring havoc to the single bloc of cooperating nations by placing bets which are called financial derivatives.

I personally do not believe that the Rothschilds, as greedy as they are, would jeopardise the EU by unnecessary risk-taking.

I am much more persuaded by the "they did it on purpose" answer. The IMF, currently run by Bilderberger Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has publicly stated that it is preparing to control the whole global economy. Gordon Brown, our inglorious former PM and graduate of the Bilderberg Class of 1991, who arguably single-handedly caused the current crisis with the creation of the FSA and light-touch regulation of the City of London, argued for a new global financial architecture and is in the running to become the next MD of the IMF. Most of the MDs of the IMF have been Bilderberg.

The IMF is on the march into Europe.

It is the British Empire in disguise.


No surrender
No surrender
No surrender to the IMF

Ireland must not surrender to the IMF.

Ireland must break from the Eurozone and regain its national sovereignty.

Ireland was told a pack of lies so it would vote for the Treaty of Lisbon.

No surrender
No surrender
No surrender to the IMF

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Norman Tebbit has a dig at Ken Clarke in The Daily Telegraph today.

Clarke, the inglorious Churchill Insurance dog look-alike, is a Bilderberger, with so much Bilderberg blood running through his veins that he sat on the Steering Committee for several years. And as we know, the EU is a Bilderberg project to construct one continental bloc subservient to a world government, with similar supranational organisations across the world such as the African Union, the North American Union, the Asia-Pacific Union etc etc ad nauseum.

But Tebbit is also a Bilderberger. He attended only once, he admits, just to see what it was all about.
I did go to one Bilderberg meeting (on the advice of my officials that I should know what it was all about). I was never invited to another – which tells you something about both the Bilderbergers and me.

[source : Britain is in crisis. If he wins, Dave will have more to worry about than forcing 'Cameron Cuties' on the grassroots, The Daily Telegraph, 19/02/2010]

Tebbit is now claiming that he told our current traitor Minister for Justice that the Euro project would end in distaster, so now Tebbit is gloating at the fate of Ireland and the presumed fate of other nations in the Eurozone.
It was back in the mid 1990s that I argued with Ken Clarke, an enthusiast for the euro, that it could not last unless the EU states adopting it gave up their central banks, finance ministers, and powers over taxation and spending to a single European authority. If that was not done, I reckoned that within 10 to 20 years there would be a crisis in the eurozone, as the economies of member states diverged.

[source : I told Ken Clarke that the euro project would end in disaster. It seems I was right, The Daily Telegraph, 18/11/2010]

What Tebbit fails to mention is the IMF factor. Tebbit fails to recognise the global aspect of the EU, that it is just one project of several designed to usurp national sovereignty. I think Tebbit thinks the EU is now dead. But the EU President Gollum van Rompuy, who was elected by Bilderberg but not by the 300 million EU citizens, recently stated that the nation state is dead. The IMF today made Ireland an offer it can't refuse, with a bailout of 100 billion Euros. That is how serious they are about saving the Eurozone and thus the EU. And they'll do the same for Spain, Portugal and whoever else is in trouble.

It is blindingly obvious that there would be problems with converging the economies of over twenty nations occupied by 300 million citizens. But Tebbit does not seem to recognise just how serious these one world megalomaniac fools are.

They engineered two world wars to get a world government established, and have so far not quite achieved the goal. The UN does have some global authority but it is not the one world dictatorship that the serious Bilderbergers want.

They want our quiet and grateful consent. This current crisis is designed to create further global governance. And if we don't give it, then they'll try the conquest plan, which is a major war centred on attack and/or invasion of Iran.


This is no time to gloat. They must be stopped.

And it would help if you publicly stated on your blog what was said at the Bilderberg meeting that you attended.

And as for Ken Clarke. Ken, do you want to betray our nation to a one world dictatorship run by the banks and warmongers who engineered 9/11 and all the major wars of the 20th Century?


In April 2009 The Bilderberg Washington Post reported that the IMF was actively planning for a time in the not too distant future when it would control the global economy. When that time came it would have much power than it does now.

Today it made Ireland an offer it can't refuse.



A report in The Bilderberg Washington Post today suggests that the IMF is actively planning and organising for a time, just a few years from now, when it will control the world economy.

The report, entitled "A Bigger, Bolder Role Is Imagined For the IMF", also suggests that the IMF would be less ideological. I find this very, very hard to believe. For decades the IMF has been notorious for intervening in economies across the world offering help but in return those economies had to undergo substantial opening up to American and European corporations and implementing severe cuts in social welfare such as health and education.

Three weeks ago the IMF was given a significant injection of money at the G20 London Summit.

The Managing Director of the IMF is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who attended Bilderberg in 2000 and became MD of the IMF in 2007 with very strong support from the USA and Europe. Within months he was under investigation.


A Bigger, Bolder Role Is Imagined For the IMF
Changes Suggest Shift in How Global Economy Is Run

By Anthony Faiola
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 20, 2009

Inside a cavernous assembly hall in downtown Washington, dignitaries gather twice a year for routine meetings of the International Monetary Fund. Before long, though, the room could take center stage in the IMF's transformation into a veritable United Nations for the global economy.

Surrounded by blond wood paneling and a digital screen the size of a cinema's, central bankers and finance ministers would meet to convene a financial security council of sorts. Serving almost as ambassadors to the IMF, they would debate ways to put out the world's economic fires and stifle reckless policies before they ignite new ones.

Bowing to a new economic world order, the IMF would grant fresh powers to the likes of China, India and Brazil. It would have vastly expanded authority to act as a global banker to governments rich and poor. And with more flexibility to effectively print its own money, it would have the ability to inject liquidity into global markets in a way once limited to major central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve.

That image of a radically transformed IMF -- whose role in the global economy had turned largely advisory in recent years -- is now coming together through internal IMF documents, interviews and think-tank reports. Finance ministers from major nations will begin grappling with the formidable details of the IMF's makeover this weekend when they converge in Washington for the fund's biannual assembly.

The changes, broadly outlined by President Obama and other leaders of the Group of 20 nations in London earlier this month, could take months, even years to take shape. But the IMF is all but certain to take a central role in managing the world economy. As a result, Washington is poised to become the power center for global financial policy, much as the United Nations has long made New York the world center for diplomacy.

The IMF's mission is expanding so broadly that its managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said in an interview that the organization -- which underwent deep cuts last year before the financial crisis swept the globe -- may boost staffing in coming months, potentially creating dozens of high-paying jobs in the District.


Senior veteran EU diplomats believe that MI6 is directing EU foreign policy. These diplomats believe that the inexperienced Baroness Ashton is being advised by Robert Cooper who is a close friend of MI6 chief John Sawers.

However, Britain's intelligence agency is using the inexperienced Ashton to run the EU foreign policy. Veteran EU diplomats firmly believe that Lady Ashton's deputy [Robert] Cooper is acting as the EU's shadow foreign policy chief. Cooper is a close friend of the MI6 chief John Sawers.

[source : Britain's MI6 to divert EU foreign policy, Press TV, 18/11/2010]

Both Cooper and Sawers are Governors of The Ditchley Foundation, which looks like a nest of New World Order vipers; Lord Carrington, Lord Kerr, a number of Bilderbergers, some suspects in the Iraq dodgy dossier saga, bankers from Goldman Sachs and Warburg, etc.


To save the Rothschild Inter Alpha group Ireland has been first encouraged, then warned, and finally after days of refusing to cooperate, the IMF was sent in and made Ireland an offer it can't refuse.

This is the shape of things to come for Europe.

For decades we have sat idly by as the IMF destroyed Africa and parts of Asia.

But now after using derivatives and forming the Eurozone, Europe is to worship at the altar of the IMF, beholden to its demands.

I recall James Paul Warburg stating to the US Senate,
"We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest."

We are still at the consent stage, I think, but just about.

If they decide they cannot get consent and go for conquest instead then the Albert Pike third world war scenario will be restarted with a blatant attack on Iran, either directly on Iran or via Lebanon.

The Albert Pike three world war theory is just one plan, Plan B, but because we have had to suffer two world wars before now and they still do not have an overt world government, even now in 2010, then I think that this proves that at each stage they have tried to implement a world government a world war was required, ie conquest.

So they try consent, then if they can't get consent they start a world war and try conquest. But they don't start a world war without guaranteeing that they will be on the winning side. Hence they built up Germany but in both previous world wars they surrounded Germany with USA and Russia so that Germany didn't stand a chance. They then tried consent with the League of Nations and the United Nations. The League failed. The UN survived and has some authority, but as Brzezinski stated in that video of him admitting that they are in big trouble, the UN is not yet the world government that they want and need.

So they are still trying consent, for now, but if they don't get it then expect an attack on Iran.

I am.



Debt-ridden Ireland will get an IMF loan worth tens of billions, Central Bank chief confirms

By Hugo Duncan and Tim Shipman
Last updated at 9:39 AM on 18th November 2010

The Governor of Ireland's Central Bank today said he expects the country to get a loan worth tens of billions through an International Monetary Fund-European Union rescue package.

But Professor Patrick Honohan said he believes influential IMF-EU experts will not demand any radical alteration of the Government's savings plans once they inspect Exchequer and bank books.

'It's not my call. It's the Government at the end. It's my expectation that that is what is likely to happen,' he told Irish state broadcaster RTE Radio.

Prof Honohan spoke after it was revealed that British taxpayers may have to stump up billions of pounds to help save the debt-laden country from collapse.

© Associated Newspapers Ltd


The BBC has decided to not show a documentary that it commissioned from a London-based Saudi production company called ORTV. The documentary called Murder in Beirut alleges that Hezbollah killed Rafik Hariri.

I would be wary of ORTV.

First, Saudi Arabia is a creation of British and American manipulation. The Sauds were armed by the British to stab the Arabs in the back after the Arabs had rebelled against the Ottomans. In return, to control the Arabs on behalf of the Anglo-American Establishment, the Sauds were given the land we now call Saudi Arabia and all its oil. The Sauds follow Wahhabism, and it is Wahhabism that created Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism, that was allowed to be based in London through the Covenant of Security with MI5. The circle was thus complete.

But a few of ORTV documentaries hint at the allegiance that ORTV ultimately has.

One is entitled The Atomic Republic of Iran. I cannot find one produced by ORTV called The Atomic Apartheid State of Israel.

Another documentary is entitled Iran's Rebel Voices, which sympathises with the Green Revolution that tried unsuccessfuly to overthrow the Iranian government last year, and is yet another colour revolution of MI6/CIA/Mossad.

Yet another is Saudi Arabia Goes Global, which appears to be a glorifying pro-Saudi documentary.

Yet another is King Abdullah, which praises King Abdullah and shows fawning interviews of George "Warmonger Waterboarder" Bush and Tony "the Butcher of Baghdad" Blair.

Yet another is King Fahd, similar to King Abdullah.

And yet another is Inside Saddam's Iraq, which allegedly takes a closer look at Saddam Hussein and his reign over Iraq. Does it mention his CIA links, how he was armed and helped by the USA and UK during the Iran-Iraq War, and how his behaviour served the Anglo-American-Israeli Establishment so well?

A London-based pro-Saudi production company makes a documentary implicating Hezbollah in the assassination of Rafik Hariri? Would you Adam 'n Eve it?


BBC series on Rafiq al-Hariri pulled as tension rises in Lebanon

• Programmes examine assassination of former PM
• Tribunal may be about to accuse Hezbollah members

* Ian Black, Middle East editor
*, Wednesday 17 November 2010 21.56 GMT
The BBC has suddenly pulled a documentary film series about the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri as tensions mount in Beirut over expectations that Hezbollah operatives are about to be accused of involvement in the killing.

The first of three parts of Murder in Beirut was scheduled to be broadcast on BBC World this Saturday, but the producer was told without warning on Tuesday that it was being delayed.

The BBC said the film had not yet complied with its editorial guidelines. No new date has been set. But the decision to postpone it was taken after a Lebanese newspaper described how it accused the militant Shia group of the 2005 assassination, in which Hariri and 22 others were killed by a massive car bomb.

The point of the film, al-Akhbar claimed in a front-page article on Monday, was "to implicate Hezbollah in the crime", with one image showing partial details of a man described as a former member of the organisation's foreign operations unit. Today extracts were broadcast on al-Jadeed TV, a pro-Syrian channel.

Tension has mounted sharply in Lebanon in recent weeks amid expectations that a UN-backed international tribunal will shortly issue indictments in the case, the country's equivalent of the Kennedy assassination. Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, warned last week that he would "cut off the hand" of anyone who tried to arrest its members. Hezbollah, the most powerful military and political force in Lebanon, is supported by Iran and Syria and has repeatedly accused the tribunal of serving US and Israeli interests.

Sa'ad Hariri, the dead man's son and current prime minister, has insisted that he, Nasrallah and other leaders will not let Lebanon "explode" over the issue.

The series was made by ORTV, a British-Saudi production company, and originally commissioned by al-Arabiyya TV, the Saudi-owned satellite channel. The first version was completed last summer but never broadcast as Saudi Arabia sought to improve relations with Syria. BBC World then commissioned a re-edited version.

Initially Syria was widely blamed for the killing but it has become clear in recent months that Hezbollah is suspected of involvement, fuelling fears that Lebanon's rivalries will escalate dangerously if indictments are issued.

The tribunal, based in a suburb of The Hague, began work in March 2009. In a new twist, Lebanese media reported that Alireza Asghari, a former Iranian revolutionary guard general who defected to the US, provided information about the role of Hezbollah's Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in Damascus in 2008.

The films include interviews with decision-makers in Beirut, Damascus, Washington and Paris, promising to tell "the gripping inside story of what's really at stake in the struggle for power in the Middle East". The BBC has not been warned specifically not to screen the series, but insiders admit there is nervousness about its impact in the current volatile climate.

Nadim Shehadi, a Lebanon expert at the Chatham House thinktank in London, said: "There is an atmosphere of terror in Beirut. It may be a deliberate campaign to apply pressure to the tribunal. It is almost as if there is a communications strategy."

The producer, Christopher Mitchell, told the Guardian: "It is true that the film's transmission has suddenly been postponed. I am assured by the BBC that the series hasn't been dropped. Stories about the Middle East are … highly sensitive and go through a lengthy period of fact-checking and approval. I hope it will appear in the near future. Was this justified? I don't yet know, though I understand the sensitivities involved. Murder in Beirut tackles a difficult subject and everybody on the production worked hard to make sure it was as fair and accurate as possible. Naturally we are very disappointed that the broadcast has been delayed."

A BBC spokesman said: "All programmes shown by BBC World News must comply with the BBC's editorial guidelines. This applies equally to programmes we commission from the BBC, independents or, in this case, bought-in programmes. From time to time, the compliance process requires more time to complete. This can affect scheduling. This series of programmes falls into this category."

Rafiq Hariri was a billionaire businessman who served twice as Lebanese prime minister and helped rebuild central Beirut after the ravages of the civil war. A Sunni Muslim who was backed by Saudi Arabia, and a close friend of France's Jacques Chirac, he fell victim to divisions about Syrian influence in Lebanon. But his murder on 14 February 2005 triggered mass protests and international pressure that led to the removal of Syrian forces after nearly 30 years. Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, has always denied any involvement and the focus recently has been on the possible involvement in the killing of Hezbollah, part of Lebanon's parliamentary opposition as well as a powerful militia which is credited with leading resistance to Israel since the 1982 invasion. General Gabi Ashkenazi, the Israeli army chief of staff, said this week that if the tribunal were to indict Hezbollah members it would probably lead to a coup d'├ętat. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Now that the Lebanon has recognised that it is being manipulated over the assassination of Rafik Hariri, having been encouraged to blame Syria and drive Syria out of Lebanon as per the A Clean Break agenda, the UK government is now giving £1 million to the tribunal that initially and incorrectly accused Syria and some Lebanese military of the assassination.

This comes at a time when Bilderberg supremo Ken Clarke, the current 'Justice' Minister, is to slash Legal Aid in the UK.

So we give £1 million to a proven corrupt 'investigation' that has a semi-secret agenda, but at the same time slash Legal Aid to British citizens who may well suffer miscarriages of justice as a result?

Hmm. Just one more factoid in Bizarro World!


Britain to fuel controversy in Lebanon
Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:5PM

Britain has announced a controversial move to contribute £1 million to the US-sponsored special tribunal probing the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said London will provide the funding in 2011 to support the US-backed tribunal claiming it aims to find justice for a political assassination.

"It is important that international justice be done and that we hold those guilty of serious crimes to account," Hague said in a statement.

Hague insisted contributing to the court, which has already received a £18.88 million ($30 million) funding from the US, is “the only way to ensure long term stability” in the Middle Eastern country.

He also called on the international community to continue to provide financial support to the probe.

The new commitment increases London's total contribution to £2.3 million.

This comes as analysts believe backing the tribunal, which was set up in 2007 to investigate political assassinations including that of Hariri in 2005, is aimed at triggering hostilities between political groups in Lebanon.

The contributions to the US-sponsored proceedings also come amid increasing anger and suspicion in Lebanon about the tribunal's work.

Visiting chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry, went as far as claiming on Monday that Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri is powerless to change the course of the investigations.

"Prime Minister Hariri doesn't have the power to change the tribunal," Kerry said. "Lebanon doesn't have the power to change the tribunal”.

The tribunal is supposed to be 51% funded by international donors while getting 49% of its financing from Lebanon's government, but Lebanon's contribution is currently blocked in parliament.


© Copyright 2010 Press TV. All rights reserved.


When Kate and Wills split up a few years ago there was a distinct sense of relief in the media, with lots of allusions to her 'common' ancestry and suggestions that Wills could 'do better'.

Wills' mother Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered by the dark forces. Even the Queen knows it, but she and her consort were spared admitting this at the seriously, seriously, seriously and deliberately delayed inquest into Diana's death a few years ago. At the time of her murder Diana was either engaged or about to become engaged to a Muslim, just as the dark forces were carefully and satanically engineering the events that would lead to 9/11. The dark forces recognised the threat that this relationship between the People's Princess and a Muslim posed to their plans to plant NATO forces all over the Caspian and Middle East to provoke war and terror, so they done Diana in.

The forces that control our monarchy are indeed dark. They are called The Black Nobility, and they were detested that much that the whole of middle Europe ganged up on them in The League of Cambrai with the stated intent of destroying them. But The Black Nobility escaped through bribing the Pope, and during the next few centuries moved North through Germany, then the Netherlands, to finally settle in London, aiding Henry VIII's split with the Vatican, and overthrowing the English monarchy through financing Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War to eventually control the monarchy through the Dutchman William of Orange, who repaid The Black Nobility by creating the fraudulent Bank of England which created money out of nothing and financed the expansion of the British Empire with all its imperialist genocide and brutality. That is our true heritage. We are ruled by megalomaniac satanists from Venice!

Diana knew something of this darkness and was also about to go public about just how dark those forces are. The forces that control our monarchy engineered world wars 1 and 2, and pushed mass genocide at Copenhagen last year. Indeed, The Duke of Edinburgh has publicly stated that he wants to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to vastly reduce human population. That is how dark these dark forces are.

I fear for Kate Middleton's relationship with Wills. They look very happy together, and she would make a beautiful princess, someone Great Britain could be proud of.

But I fear that the dark forces will get to her and/or Wills one day, in one way or another.

Or perhaps the dark forces need Kate, to restore some trust in the monarchy after their blatant murder of Wills' mother, Diana.

Perhaps there is a factional split within the dark forces.

Only the dark forces know for sure.

Friday, November 12, 2010


The inglorious Iain Duncan-Smith yesterday described worklessness as a sin.

But what about banking?

Remember banking? Our current banking system and the bankers who abused that system caused the current financial crisis, sucking trillions out of the economy and dumping millions of people who want to work onto the dole following their greedy reckless gambling, and the perps appear, at the moment, to have gotten away with it and their bonuses.

I seriously doubt I will be quoting IDS in the future, but I will never ever tire of quoting Lord Josiah Stamp, former Director of the Bank of England, who described banking thus;
Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.

That is sin.

It is a sin to allow private bankers to create our money.

It is a sin how that power was abused by deliberately creating a credit bubble based on property, then deliberately bursting that bubble by allowing Lehman Bros to go under for no reason other than to cause panic.

It is a sin to allow the perps to go unpunished.

But above all, it is a sin, despite what the bankers have done, to still allow them to create our money.

It is a sin.

It is moronic.

It is very very foolish.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Lord James of Blackheath should be immediately arrested on suspicion of terrorism. His comments in a debate on this curious Foundation X indicate that he has been involved in financing terrorism by acting as a laundry for funds that may have originated from within our own government.


(NB: The venue is the House of Lords, at 10:42pm on November 1st, 2010.)

Lord James of Blackheath: At this point, I am going to have to make a very big apology to my noble friend Lord Sassoon [Treasury Minister], because I am about to raise a subject that I should not raise and which is going to be one which I think is now time to put on a higher awareness, and to explain to the House as a whole, as I do not think your Lordships have any knowledge of it. I am sorry that my noble friend Lord Strathclyde [Leader of the House] is not with us at the moment, because this deeply concerns him also.

For the past 20 weeks I have been engaged in a very strange dialogue with the two noble Lords, in the course of which I have been trying to bring to their attention the willing availability of a strange organisation which wishes to make a great deal of money available to assist the recovery of the economy in this country. For want of a better name, I shall call it foundation X. That is not its real name, but it will do for the moment. Foundation X was introduced to me 20 weeks ago last week by an eminent City firm, which is FSA controlled. Its chairman came to me and said, “We have this extraordinary request to assist in a major financial reconstruction. It is megabucks, but we need your help to assist us in understanding whether this business is legitimate”. I had the biggest put-down of my life from my noble friend Lord Strathclyde when I told him this story. He said, “Why you? You’re not important enough to have the answer to a question like that”. He is quite right, I am not important enough, but the answer to the next question was, “You haven’t got the experience for it”. Yes I do. I have had one of the biggest experiences in the laundering of terrorist money and funny money that anyone has had in the City. I have handled billions of pounds of terrorist money.

Baroness Hollis of Heigham [Labour]: Where did it go to?

Lord James of Blackheath: Not into my pocket. My biggest terrorist client was the IRA and I am pleased to say that I managed to write off more than £1 billion of its money. I have also had extensive connections with north African terrorists, but that was of a far nastier nature, and I do not want to talk about that because it is still a security issue. I hasten to add that it is no good getting the police in, because I shall immediately call the Bank of England as my defence witness, given that it put me in to deal with these problems.

The point is that when I was in the course of doing this strange activity, I had an interesting set of phone numbers and references that I could go to for help when I needed it. So people in the City have known that if they want to check out anything that looks at all odd, they can come to me and I can press a few phone numbers to obtain a reference. The City firm came to me and asked whether I could get a reference and a clearance on foundation X. For 20 weeks, I have been endeavouring to do that. I have come to the absolute conclusion that foundation X is completely genuine and sincere and that it directly wishes to make the United Kingdom one of the principal points that it will use to disseminate its extraordinarily great wealth into the world at this present moment, as part of an attempt to seek the recovery of the global economy.

I made the phone call to my noble friend Lord Strathclyde on a Sunday afternoon—I think he was sitting on his lawn, poor man—and he did the quickest ball pass that I have ever witnessed. If England can do anything like it at Twickenham on Saturday, we will have a chance against the All Blacks. The next think I knew, I had my noble friend Lord Sassoon on the phone. From the outset, he took the proper defensive attitude of total scepticism, and said, “This cannot possibly be right”. During the following weeks, my noble friend said, “Go and talk to the Bank of England”. So I phoned the governor and asked whether he could check this out for me. After about three days, he came back and said, “You can get lost. I’m not touching this with a bargepole; it is far too difficult. Take it back to the Treasury”. So I did. Within another day, my noble friend Lord Sassoon had come back and said, “This is rubbish. It can’t possibly be right”. I said, “I am going to work more on it”. Then I brought one of the senior executives from foundation X to meet my noble friend Lord Strathclyde. I have to say that, as first dates go, it was not a great success. Neither of them ended up by inviting the other out for a coffee or drink at the end of the evening, and they did not exchange telephone numbers in order to follow up the meeting.

I found myself between a rock and a hard place that were totally paranoid about each other, because the foundation X people have an amazing obsession with their own security. They expect to be contacted only by someone equal to head of state status or someone with an international security rating equal to the top six people in the world. This is a strange situation. My noble friends Lord Sassoon and Lord Strathclyde both came up with what should have been an absolute killer argument as to why this could not be true and that we should forget it. My noble friend Lord Sassoon’s argument was that these people claimed to have evidence that last year they had lodged £5 billion with British banks. They gave transfer dates and the details of these transfers. As my noble friend Lord Sassoon, said, if that were true it would stick out like a sore thumb. You could not have £5 billion popping out of a bank account without it disrupting the balance sheet completely. But I remember that at about the same time as those transfers were being made the noble Lord, Lord Myners [former Labour Treasury Minister], was indulging in his game of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic of the British banking community. If he had three banks at that time, which had had, say, a deficiency of £1.5 million each, then you would pretty well have absorbed the entire £5 billion, and you would not have had the sore thumb stick out at that time; you would have taken £1.5 billion into each of three banks and you would have absorbed the lot. That would be a logical explanation—I do not know.

My noble friend Lord Strathclyde came up with a very different argument. He said that this cannot be right because these people said at the meeting with him that they were still effectively on the gold standard from back in the 1920s and that their entire currency holdings throughout the world, which were very large, were backed by bullion.My noble friend Lord Strathclyde came back and said to me that he had an analyst working on it and that this had to be stuff and nonsense. He said that they had come up with a figure for the amount of bullion that would be needed to cover their currency reserves, as claimed, which would be more than the entire value of bullion that had ever been mined in the history of the world. I am sorry but my noble friend Lord Strathclyde is wrong; his analysts are wrong. He had tapped into the sources that are available and there is only one definitive source for the amount of bullion that has ever been taken from the earth’s crust. That was a National Geographic magazine article 12 years ago. Whatever figure it was that was quoted was then quoted again on six other sites on the internet—on Google. Everyone is quoting one original source; there is no other confirming authority. But if you tap into the Vatican accounts—of the Vatican bank–— come up with a claim of total bullion—

Lord De Mauley [Government Whip]: The noble Lord is into his fifteenth minute. I wonder whether he can draw his remarks to a conclusion.

Lord James of Blackheath: The total value of the Vatican bank reserves would claim to be more than the entire value of gold ever mined in the history of the world. My point on all of this is that we have not proven any of this. Foundation X is saying at this moment that it is prepared to put up the entire £5 billion for the funding of the three Is recreation; the British Government can have the entire independent management and control of it—foundation X does not want anything to do with it; there will be no interest charged; and, by the way, if the British Government would like it as well, if it will help, the foundation will be prepared to put up money for funding hospitals, schools, the building of Crossrail immediately with £17 billion transfer by Christmas, if requested, and all these other things. These things can be done, if wished, but a senior member of the Government has to accept the invitation to a phone call to the chairman of foundation X—and then we can get into business. This is too big an issue. I am just an ageing, obsessive old Peer and I am easily dispensable, but getting to the truth is not. We need to know what really is happening here. We must find out the truth of this situation.


Freemasonry, via Prince Edward VII and the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, started WW1 to create a European government, and a world government which manifested as The League of Nations.

The League of Nations failed because the USA voted out of it.

So a second world war was engineered. This war had a similar structure to WW1. Basically, Germany started it, there was a huge war on the European mainland between Russia and Germany, the USA joined in so that Germany was fighting two huge wars on its Eastern and Western fronts and didn't stand a chance.

However, where did Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany come from? The City of London and Wall Street.

The USA was dragged into the war via the Pearl Harbour attack that was engineered by Freemason FDR, and in this second world war the USA fought for nearly four years as opposed to a year in WW1. As a result the USA suffered many many more casualties and was thus more 'persuaded' that a world government of some form could stop such future wars, or even a nuclear war after the USA unnecessarily dropped 'the bomb' twice in Japan. Communist infiltrators in the State Department, connected to FDR, helped to establish the United Nations in New York.

The Rockefellers financed The League of Nations.

The Rockefellers financed The United Nations.

But the Rockefellers also financed the Nazis!

And The Rockefellers also financed Communism!

The Rockefellers also financed the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and The Trilateral Commission, each with the aim of world government.

The Rockefellers also financed The Club of Rome to push the environment as a tool to create world government.

The Rockefellers also created the current financial crisis via the derivative scam, with their JP Morgan Chase being the king of the derivatives market, which was also bailed out by their Bilderberg minions.

The Rockefellers are just one family centred around The Federal Reserve - Wall Street - City of London Axis of Evil who attend mock human sacrifices at Bohemian Grove and have the stated goal of a global dictatorship and a vastly reduced human population of about one billion people.

So at 11am this morning remember that world wars do not just happen. They are very carefully engineered with the stated goal of a global dictatorship.

Also remember that every day is bankers in need day. They need your total subservience and money.

Also remember that you do not need them. We can create our own money and do not need to fight their wars.


So that's how Oik Osborne knew that the private sector would drive the economy. By imposing such draconian regulations on benefit claimants that a highly qualified engineer would have to clean the streets or he or she would not get any benefits for three years!

I am afraid, you trusting and foolish ladies and gentlemen of this corrupt sceptred Isle of Great Britian, that you have been shafted, good and proper!

Welcome to Fascism!

The Nazi banks and bankers, who caused the current financial crisis, have run off to Switzerland and the Caribbean with their hundreds of billions in profits and bonuses, where Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs will not bother to trace the £120 billion per year in unpaid taxes. But you, the ordinary muggins British taxpayer, will be expected to hand over every single detail of your bank accounts so that they can be scrutinised to determine how much you can be paid in benefit, and if you refuse to take the most menial job then your benefits will be scrapped for years.

Yeah, that's right. The banks were not regulated while they created quadrillions in derivatives, thus causing a global financial crisis that they are using to call for world government. But if you're an ordinary muggins British taxpayer then a faceless desk clerk will be able to read every single detail of your financial transactions to determine if you qualify for £64 per week benefit after the banks effectively put you on the dole!

Meanwhile the Nazi bankers and their minions bathe in the Mediterranean sunshine on one of their many personal yachts.

The banks caused the crisis (after they were left unregulated for years). The banks own the corporations. To get your benefits you will work for the corporations for slave wages. The banks get richer!

Again, welcome to Fascism!

Has anybody written to IDS or any other of these total Nazi morons about the true state of the world?


Refuse jobs and lose benefits for THREE years, workshy told

By James Chapman and Tim Shipman
Last updated at 7:41 AM on 11th November 2010

Benefits claimants who refuse to take jobs will be stripped of their handouts for up to three years in the most far-reaching welfare reforms for decades.

David Cameron today declares that a ‘life on benefits’ will be brought to an end by draconian sanctions.

A welfare package being unveiled this morning by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith includes a sliding scale of mandatory penalties for 1.6million on unemployment benefit.

Anyone who refuses to accept a job, fails to apply for a position suggested by an adviser or does not complete a period of community work will see their handouts stopped altogether.

The first offence will see Jobseeker’s Allowance, worth £64.45 a week, automatically withdrawn for three months.

The second offence will mean a loss of benefits for six months and the third for three years.

Currently, job centre staff can withdraw handouts from those who fail to cooperate for up to 26 weeks, but the sanction is discretionary and almost never applied.

The new regime will mean professionals who lose their jobs could be forced to take menial posts or face losing benefits.

Read more:


That little Gollum twerp Herman Van Rompuy, who was so undemocratically annointed as the EU President by Bilderberg, has pronounced that the age of the nation state is dead.

This has huge implications for all pro-EU Members of Parliament, and even perhaps members of the Royal family who are signing treaties and laws handing our British sovereignty over to the EU.

For this statement of intent by Gollum and his Bilderberg masters amounts to treason by the backdoor.

It also proves what a number of us have been saying for years, and in some cases such as David Icke saying for decades.

I've said it before and I'll say it again ; fuck you, Gollum! Van Rompuy!

You are handing 300 million people in 'your' precious EU over to the same families who engineered and financed world wars 1 and 2, the holocaust, the Vietnam and Korean wars, and most recently 9/11 and the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Next war, Iran.

And what say you, David "Dave" Cameron? Has Bilderberg Ken Clarke got his grubby hands on your Royal/Eton/Oxford balls and twisting them just a bit too tightly? Ouch! That's gotta hurt!


Nation states are dead: EU chief says the belief that countries can stand alone is a 'lie and an illusion'

By Daniel Martin
Last updated at 7:42 AM on 11th November 2010

The age of the nation state is over and the idea that countries can stand alone is an ‘illusion’ and a ‘lie’, the EU president believes.

In one of the most open proclamations of the goal of a European superstate since the heyday of Jacques Delors, Herman Van Rompuy went on to denounce Eurosceptism as the greatest threat to peace.

Tory backbenchers condemned the inflammatory comments in the speech made by Mr Van Rompuy to mark the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

They said it proved that David Cameron would have a battle on his hands if he is to prevent extra powers being handed to Brussels.

Read more:

Monday, November 08, 2010


We fought the Nazis in World War 2. Remember them? The Nazis? And their leader Hitler? The political-cum-genocidal party that The City of London and Wall Street created in order to start and fight in WW2 so that the USA could be dragged into a much longer and bloodier world war than WW1 to 'persuade' the world, the USA included, that we needed some form of world government, after The League of Nations had failed due to the USA opting out?

We fought the nasty Nazis for freedom, for the Jews, for everyone, and by implication we fought for justice and fairness for everyone. After all, what else could anyone who fought the Nazis in WW2 expect, after risking life and limb in the African deserts, in the Asian jungles, in the Scandinavian snow, in the European mud, and on the surface of and underneath the cold, deep oceans?

Well, despite reports that estimate that £120 billion in tax due to HM Revenue and Customs is avoided by the rich and the wealthy EVERY YEAR, our government has decided to demand the bank details of everyone, repeat everyone. Well, that's not quite true. It will not demand the bank details of the rich and the wealthy overseas where the unpaid tax is hidden, because then they would have to go after that £120 billion in unpaid tax. Oh, no. That would be revolution. That could create even more economic disaster.

So the government, in its futile and inglorious quest to save every single penny to save the greedy reckless gambling fraudulent bankrupt banks, will demand that they be given the bank details from the likes of me, you, our friends and families.

And where will these details be stored? On the many 'supersecure' databases that the government has successfully created which can be hacked, or the many CDs, laptops pieces of paper that get thrown away or left in public spaces?

They may even sell such data without your consent to unscrupulous businessmen, like the DVLA sells vehicle registrations to clampers, to 'help pay for the deficit' caused by the banks.

We fought against this fascism in WW2, didn't we?

Please tell me we spilled our blood for freedom not fascism.


We're going after all your bank details: Ministers demand earnings figures in crackdown on welfare fraud

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:49 AM on 8th November 2010

Ministers are seeking access to the bank details of virtually everyone in the country to crack down on the £5billion lost to fraud and error in the welfare system each year.

The Government is to change the law to require the banks and private companies to hand over details of earnings by millions on out-of-work benefits and tax credits.

The scheme will eventually be extended to cover all people in work, allowing HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to reduce the massive errors seen in the tax system in recent years.

Read more:

Sunday, November 07, 2010


"Government helps to create millions of jobs".

This is another headline that I would like to read, and there is one way that the government can very easily help to create millions of jobs; it should create its own money!

It is so easy to create money. It is simply typed into a spreadsheet.

It is not rocket science.

It is not brain surgery.

By creating our own money we can build houses, hospitals, schools and transport infrastructure.

By creating our own money we can employ nurses, teachers and engineers.

And by creating our own money we can EMPLOY people to clean the streets AT FULL TIME WAGES, not for free as a penalty for being thrown onto the dole after greedy reckless vampire bankers sucked all the money out of the economy.

The inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, recognised the futility of our current monetary system.

Why can't you?



"Bankers to clean streets for free".

That is the headline that I want to read, and from the reaction to the workfare proposal from the inglorious and unimaginative Iain Duncan-Smith on The Guardian website today, it is the headline that most of us want to read.

We know who has caused this crisis.
We know who is getting away with it.
We know who is avoiding tax.

Go after them, not the unemployed who have been dumped onto the dole because the vampire banks sucked the life blood out of the economy!


Unemployed told: do four weeks of unpaid work or lose your benefits

• Crackdown on £190bn-a-year welfare bill
• Payments could be suspended for three months

* Toby Helm and Anushka Asthana
* The Observer, Sunday 7 November 2010

The unemployed will be ordered to do periods of compulsory full-time work in the community or be stripped of their benefits under controversial American-style plans to slash the number of people without jobs.

The proposals, in a white paper on welfare reform to be unveiled this week, are part of a radical government agenda aimed at cutting the £190bn-a-year welfare bill and breaking what the coalition now calls the "habit of worklessness".

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Towards the end of WW2 during the Battle of the Bulge when the Nazis tried a massive push west in tanks the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army was trapped in the town of Bastogne with few resources. The Nazis had surrounded the town and demanded that the Americans surrender.

The commanding officer General McAuliffe replied to this demand with one succinct word, "NUTS!".

Four days later Bastogne was relieved, by General Patton.

So will you surrender to the New World Order?



The French interior minister Brice Hortefeux is claiming that the bomb found at East Midlands airport last weekend was just 17 minutes from detonation. He will not quote his source.

But officials close to the investigation into that bomb are denying the claim.

Most Mockingbird media are publishing the first claim. Very few are publishing the denial.


The development of this story is highly suspicious. Initially there was no bomb. Then Obama said look again. A few hours later they found wires and powder (that had somehow been missed by highly trained investigators). Now it is being claimed that we were just 17 minutes from doom, though I don't know how they can say that because there have been no reports of a timing device being discovered.

The con didn't work anyway. Sack The A Team.


French claim that Yemen cargo bomb was 'about to explode' dismissed

• Brice Hortefeux's '17 minutes to blast' theory rejected
• Airports in UK set up extra screening for some freight

Vikram Dodd, Richard Norton-Taylor and Dan Milmo

A claim by the French interior minister that one of the bombs sent as air cargo from Yemen was found 17 minutes before it was due to explode was today dismissed by security officials in several countries.

It is believed that the minister, Brice Hortefeux, was referring, during a television interview, to the bomb found disguised in a printer cartridge on a plane that landed in Britain last Friday.

The explosive device with the chemical compound PETN was one of two sent as air cargo and addressed to synagogues in Chicago by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

Officials in Britain dismissed the French minister's claims. One told the Guardian that the device found at East Midlands airport was still being examined by scientists, and that investigators were not yet sure when and where the terrorists had intended to detonate it.

Scepticism about the French claim also came from security officials in Dubai and from the White House in Washington.

The question of when the bombs were set to go off is central to the investigation because it could indicate whether the terrorists wanted to blow up the planes in US airspace or take down the aircraft regardless of location.

"One of the packages was defused only 17 minutes before the moment that it was set to explode," said Hortefeux. He made no other statement about the Yemen bomb plot during the interview on the state-run channel France-2 which focused on other security-related matters. His office at the interior ministry refused to give more details.

"If this was a reference to the device found in the Federal Express [FedEx] site in Dubai, then it is not correct," the source in the United Arab Emirates said.

The White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said the question of when the bombs found in Britain and the UAE were to explode, was still being investigated and there was no information confirming that a device was defused with just 17 minutes to elapse. The device found in Dubai had been carried as cargo on passenger planes before its discovery following intelligence passed to the west by Saudi Arabia, without which it was feared the bombs would not have been detected.

Under security measures announced today in the wake of the cargo bomb plot, freight from Pakistan, Libya, Iran, Sudan and India passing through UK airports, will have further screening before being allowed to be sent on.

Philip Hammond, the transport secretary, said cargo carried on certain routes by airlines including British Airways, BMI and Emirates, would no longer be exempted from extra checks. The services affected by this week's rule change include BA flights from the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, BMI services from Tehran, and a slew of Emirates routes to the UK from Karachi in Pakistan, the Sudanese capital Khartoum and Mumbai.

"We are withdrawing some of the trans-shipment exemptions that allowed some freight from some countries to come through our airports and be shipped on without being screened again," said Hammond.

Speaking after a security meeting with aviation industry representatives, the secretary of state said that a government review of cargo safety measures would consider a "layered" regime whereby freight from some countries would be banned and there would be enhanced checks on deliveries from countries that carried some risk.

Freight from "safe" countries, such as from EU member states, would be afforded easier access into the UK. "We are going to look at categorising countries according to the level of risk," said Hammond.

Freight from Yemen and Somalia was banned by the home secretary, Theresa May, after the discoveries at East Midlands airport and in Dubai. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2010