Sunday, May 10, 2009


An article in The Daily Mail yesterday reviews a book entitled The Budapest Protocol by Adam LeBor, which is based on The Red House Report. The Red House Report was a blueprint of how the Nazis would take control of Europe not by military conquest but through economic means.

The largest Nazi corporation was IG Farben, which was broken up after WW2 into smaller pieces. One piece was Bayer. Its boss Fritz ter Meer, who was on the board of I G Farben, received the largest sentence at Nuremberg of I G Farben board members, just 8 years imprisonment, and on his release was immediately apppointed to its board. Another child of I G Farben was BASF which is now collaborating with Monsanto, and Hoechst which is now called Aventis.

Before WW2 Hermann Abs, known as Hitler's Banker, sat on the board of Deutsche Bank and IG Farben, and during WW2 managed to obtain 40 directorships of Nazi businesses. Deutsche Bank financed many German businesses that grew in Nazi-occupied territory, many of which used slave labour. Abs' job was to administer the gold transactions of Deutsche Bank.

Abs escaped prosecution at Nuremberg due to the decision of Rockefeller gimp John J McCloy, who was known as the Chairman of the American Establishment. Half of the board of IG Farben were found guilty. Abs was arrested on 16th January 1946 by the USA as a suspected war criminal but was released after British pressure. Abs then distributed the German funds of the Marshall Plan designed to reconstruct Germany after WW2.

Thus Hitler's Banker was given power to decide who received Marshall Aid funds.

Abs was also a member of the European League for Economic Co-operation, which was founded by Josef Retinger, the driving force behind the establishment of Bilderberg, and Paul van Zeeland, who attended the very first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 as well as in 1957 and 1958.

After WW2 Deutsche Bank was broken up into 10 smaller banks, which later reformed into three larger banks. Abs lobbied for the these three banks to be reformed back into one Deutsche Bank, which eventually happened in 1957.

In 1958 Abs attended Bilderberg as Chairman of the newly reformed Deutsche Bank. He also attended Bilderberg in 1966 in the same position.

Abs died in 1994. Another Bilderberger Eric Roll wrote Abs' obituary in The Independent. Roll refers to Abs' association with Deutsche Bank and suggests that because Abs was not an official member of the Nazi Party that Abs was therefore not a Nazi! For whatever reason Rolls does not mention Abs' association with IG Farben or Abs' other Nazi directorships or Abs' role at Deutsche Bank in which he dealt with Nazi gold.

The current boss of Deutsche Bank is Josef Ackermann, who has attended Bilderberg quite a lot recently.

Bilderberg supremo David Rockefeller called Abs the greatest banker of the 20th century.

The EU was agreed upon at Bilderberg 1955.

Bilderberg was started by a card-carrying Nazi, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

For those who still think Bilderberg is just a comical talking shop : C'mon people!


Unknown said...

Paranoid and delusional! European Union is no more a Nazi union then the USA is the USSR. The Nazi ideology is reviled in Europe and in some places (Germany for one, Austria for two) you can be jailed for the mire mention of it. The best thing to ever happen to Europe was the EU. It insures that a war will never happen in any member nation again. If the Bildaberg Group are responsible for that then God Bless them, they got it right. Unity is a noble goal and needs to be spread around the globe for the sake of humanity. God speed Bildaberg!

me said...

What morons like yourself do not know is that BOTH the Nazis and Soviets were created by the same forces behind Bilderberg in order to persuade "the vile multitude" that a European Government was required so that European wars would never happen again.

Similar operations are under way to form "unions" of Africa, Asia, America. Once two hundred or so sovereign nations are reduced to five or six contintental "unions" then given a similar state of destruction and despair it will be so much easier to form a world goverment.


And I predict that, despite friction over Pakistan and North Korea, a war between Israel and Iran will be THE final war to provide the excuse to merge the continental governments into ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, a world government controlled behind the scenes by the same people who financed the wars in the first place!

The Versailles Treaty basically stripped Germany of any military. Yet a decade or so later a German Nationalist called Adolf Hitler, who received substantial support from Wall Street and The City of London, was able to build such a monstrous military machine and state. How? Why?

There is only one answer; BECAUSE THE RESULTING WAR WAS ENGINEERED, for profitmongering and to use the resulting despair and anger of the surviving people to create world and continental governments and organizations.

This plan is horrific but stoppable. Obama appears to be 50/50 at the moment. The slaughter in Pakistan and Afghanistan is driving many into the arms of the Taliban and/or terror, yet he appears to be putting Israel in a headlock. I'm not sure.

"All that is required for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke.

I'm doing my bit.

Please read my website The Conspiracy Explained for further details, and if you have any historical corrections that are required please contact me asap.

Unknown said...

The Truth Man is propagandist at best or a total lunatic at worst. Are you blind to see that its been the nationalistic fragmentation of the past that has lead to every conflict the world has endured. When there is a lack of unity there will be conflict. Achieving a united world will be the greatest step humanity takes since walking upright, in your case that might not have happened yet. Would the United States of America be the superpower that it is if the States were not united? In a United World with one government on this one planet the potential prosperity will be limitless for thousands of year.

me said...

Our British Parliament consists of several streams of thoughts; Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, etc.

Our British Parliament represents about 60 million people and consists of about 600 MPs.

In other words there is a wide range of thought in just 600 people.

We are also currently seeing the scale of corruption that such power can tempt. The scale is in the millions.

The European Parliament is a magnitude larger, both in scale and corruption. As I have just shown in the original post the EU is a creature of the Bilderberg Nazis. There are approximately just 800 MEPs for over 340 million people. The corruption in the EU is in the billions.

At the UN there is just one representative for each country.

The League of Nations was financed by the Rockefellers.

The United Nations was financed by the Rockefellers.

Bilderberg is Rockefeller.

The Rockefellers are also at the heart of the current financial crisis due to J P Morgan Chase.

Would you be so enthusiastic about a world government if the Nazis ran it? Because that is what is going to occur! You just don't get it. BOTH the Nazis and the Communists/Soviets were financed/created by the same people such as the Rockefellers, and they could do so because we have stupidly given them the power to create money out of nothing. They have abused that power to finance world wars and dictators with the aim of causing so much chaos and destruction that we become so demoralised and cede sovereignty to a world government that they would control.

I am not going to stand by and let that happen. Are you?

Unknown said...

The Truth Man is anything but true, man. You're not just a propagandist and a total lunatic but also a paranoid skytsofrenic. What is it about unity that scares you to such irrationally? The UNITED States of America even with its flaws is the greatest system contrived by the people of this little planet. Why? because of unity. What the USA has shown is that there are benefits to unity and that the whole is greater the the sum of it's parts.

Another more recent example is the European Union. Since the EU was created the member nations (states) have experienced a sum plus gain in prosperity. Surpassing the dollar as the premium currency. Lesson learned; Prosperity, Stability, Sustainability and Strength are all natural byproducts of unity. The non-member nations of Europe know this and are biting off their left nut to join.

Humanity needs to take the next step in it's social evolution if it is to grow belong the confines of this orb. Nationalistic thinking is the path to extinction.

When the world unites, we'll not be cowering in the dark but rejoicing in the light of a new era. Where all of Earth's people live in a world without borders united with liberty, justice the American way. God Bless America and God Speed to The Bildaberg Group (Americans) in this noble qwest.

me said...

No, The United States of America is NOT the greatest system contrived by the people of this little planet. Why? Because of what it has become; a tool of the British Zionists. It may have been sold as the greatest system contrived at the beginning in 1776. But somewhere along the way it has gone all wrong. Unless it was planned that way all along...

Just look at that inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram that points into The White House, and the incomplete pyramid with the owl that contains the Capitol, both in the street plan of Washington DC. It's been there since the first day of so-called American independence. The current behaviour of the USA is all prophecised in that architecture, for those symbols are linked to satanism.

As for blindly rushing headlong into world government for unity, what analysis have you undertaken to ensure that that world government is in the best interests of the human race? Can you personally guarantee that such a world government is not Nazi? Or authoritarian? Or dictatorial?

My analysis is there for all to see, it has taken several years, and my conclusion is that there is a conspiracy to create a world government that intends to enslave, not free, but enslave humanity with a world government over a microchipped people policed by a brutal paramilitary force.

The people who have the power to create money out of nothing have shown their willingness to finance such regimes, like Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, and the only way they can protect themselves from us after we all find out what they've done is to take control of the world via a world government and make the world a police state so that information and communication are very closely policed.

Hence we are supposed to be very afraid of such global problems as terror (which has been provoked by financing and arming a bullying, brutal Zionist State of Israel), financial crises (such as that we are now experiencing thanks to J P Morgan Chase and other Bilderberg banks), and global warming (which was at first global cooling, then became global warming but is now the catch-all climate change, which is all governed by the sun anyway), all of which are greatly amplified to scare us into accepting more and more global governance.

And I'll state again;
The League of Nations was financed by the Rockefellers.
The United Nations was and still is financed by the Rockefellers.
Bilderberg, The Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission are financed by the Rockefellers.
J P Morgan Chase, the bank to first trade in derivatives and which currently has the largest exposure to derivatives, is a Rockefeller bank.

Their name and a few other names always appear in the major events in world history; WW1, WW2, Russian revolution, etc. They're upto something, and that something is to create a world goverment that they and their allies in The City of London would control.

Cuervo said...

economies will unify, capitalism will no longer exist. If all your money in one central bank and that bank has the power to control what that money is worth and all interest rates linked to the way of life. what freedom could you possibly have. You go to sleep with $100,000 you can wake up to find out that $1000 dollars cant even buy you a glass of water. You find yourself in the same position as the person with no home, people become equal, fearful, in desperate need of leadership and help, due to unity there is no competition there is no second opinion there is nowhere to turn, you do as your told. What would be the next step? Total control, government work force, microchip money, everything borrowed. Permanent debt. I don’t want this for my children, more people need to know. Check out are you fully awake to learn more. …GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK. Free yourself. but never forget that you cannot walk into a shop in Britain with a dollar and buy food and vice versa, so what value does money actually have ?? .