Monday, August 30, 2010


The statements of Christian Rakovsky in Red Symphony imply that at the time Stalin was persona non grata, that he had stolen the Communist revolution from Trotsky and turned the USSR into a personal dictatorship instead of a focus of permanent revolution. "They" financed Hitler to destroy Stalin, but Hitler had become more of a problem than the rogue Stalin, due to Hitler creating his own money and the rise of nationalism, so "they" decided it would be better to destroy Hitler and save the USSR, even with rogue Stalin in control.

It is possible to argue that Rakovsky may have been stalling for time, but Stalin followed Rakovsky's proposal of a pact with Hitler. When Stalin invaded Poland and war was not declared on him then he was expecting the USA to join the war quickly through some engineered attack as Rakovsky had stated would happen. The Phony War explains the lack of action by Great Britain and France; without the USA Hitler was too strong for them, particularly with Soviet oil. So without the USA fighting Hitler in Europe Hitler turned East to attack the system he hated most; Communism.

But Stalin had Trotsky killed in August 1940 which "they" would not be pleased with. But Stalin was not pleased that the USA was not yet in the war occupying Hitler in France. Rakovsky stated that Hitler could "be permitted" to attack the USSR. So by killing Trotsky Stalin was risking war with Hitler. Was Trotsky killed as a message that "they" had better get a move on and get the USA into the war asap?

Rakovsky was executed the same day that Barbarossa began. Again, was this a message that Stalin was pissed off with "them"?

However, during and after WW2 "they" supported the USSR with aid via Lend-Lease and other programs to give the USSR the bomb. Why?

During the war there were several conferences, at which the USSR was given much more land.

All this implies that Stalin agreed to join "them".

And after the war did Stalin reveal what Rakovsky had stated, about a great conspiracy financed out of New York banking houses? NO!

Instead, Stalin supported the imposition of Mao onto China, and later provoked the Korean War. He also turned on the Russian Jews just after Israel had been founded, which drove Jews towards Israel, to quickly occupy that nation and cause as much anger and friction as fast as possible for the next phase of Pike's plan.

The empowerment of Communism occured through giving the bomb and parts of Eastern Europe and China to the USSR, Lend-Lease, and China going Red through Marshall and the IPR. To keep Communism "in check" means stalemate; Stalin started the Korean War, the USA fought them back, the Chinese forced the USA back. Result? Back to the 38th Parallel. What a complete waste of time...but not for Pike's plan.

So there you have it. Stalin was rogue, but joined them. In return he got the bomb and played his part in the Russell Plan of scaring the shit out of the world with a nuclear war.

He could very easily have divulged the Illuminati Conspiracy, but didn't. Why?

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Anonymous said...

He didnt expose it because he was working in their favor. the banks funded the soviet union, also doubled financial support to france and britain.

It was Hitler who fought against the illuminati, theres even a speech of him blasting freemasons, bankers, warmongers etc. you can find it easily through google.

the 6 million number is fake propaganda to demonize Hitler, and his attempt to overthrow the system. His symbol did not mean that white power crap you see on T.V, many races fought under him

Hitler wanted a world free of the multicultural economic suicidal system forced upon us by incredibly sick people.