Thursday, December 13, 2012


It is now being reported by several news outlets that some new information has been introduced to the inquest into Litvinenko's death.

The British Government accuses Andrei Lugovoi, now a Russian MP.

Lugovoi denies this, took a polygraph test and passed it, and instead suggests that Litvinenko accidentally poisoned himself or he was killed by MI6. Lugovoi also accused Litvinenko of being a MI6 agent.

This is now apparently true, as is now being reported. Apparently Litvinenko was a MI6 agent for years. Not only that, he was also working for Spanish intelligence.

Other interesting stuff:
1. Lugovoi was possibly also working for Spanish intelligence with Litvinenko, and the two had arranged to travel to Spain to provide information on the Russian mafia. But what is perhaps the most interesting new factoid is that Litvinenko phoned Lugovoi from hospital to tell him that he would not be able to go to Spain. What does this imply? That Litvinenko thought Lugovoi was completely innocent! Is this the first time that this has been mentioned? There have been photos published of Lugovoi with his children shortly after his meeting with Litvinenko. This is something that is usually omitted; Lugovoi did not just travel to London on his own. He took his family with him too, to watch a football match! What sort of killer uses a deadly radioactive poison to kill a business associate, who phones him from his death bed to cancel a trip to Spain, and then goes to watch a football match with children, with all the contact between Lugovoi and his children to make them as radioactive as possible and thus risk killing or at least harming his children?

2. Litvinenko met his MI6 handler 'Martin' the day before the meeting at which it is alleged that Lugovoi, not a trained assassin with nuclear materials as far as we know, dosed Litvinenko with Polonium 210. What exactly happened at that meeting with Martin? Litvinenko had a private phone to talk to Martin and gave that number to the Police. What did they do with it?

3. the latest evidence provided by the British Government was provided in secret, and surprise surprise implicates the Russian government and exonerates Berezovsky.

4. a Russia Today report on this does not mention the Lugovoi/Spain link.

5. if Litvinenko had been told to cooperate with Spain, and Lugovoi was also assisting, then did MI6 know this? Did MI6 know that the two were meeting on 1st November? Did Litvinenko tell Martin? Was he supposed to but didn't? Lugovoi states that MI6 did try to recruit him but he refused. This is important because if MI6 knew of the meeting then were they bound by duty to protect Litvinenko? Did MI6 allow the poisoning? Or did they do it themselves to accuse Putin? Did Litvinenko trust Lugovoi and MI6?




As far as I know the presence of three solid objects up Litvineko's arse has not been explained.

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