Thursday, August 27, 2009


Channel 4 has recently announced, and very very belatedly, that its very annoying programme and psychological operation called Big Brother is to have just one more series and then be killed.

In my view the damned programme should never have been started, and one wonders why it was started.

What can be the entertainment and educational value about watching a group of people holed up in an artificial environment 24/7?

The answer is there is no value.

All you need do when walking down the street is look up.

Look up to the roof tops and see the many cameras pointing down at you.

Yes, you.

Dangerous uncontrollable you.

Look up and ask yourself why is that we are the most watched society on planet earth while for every 1000 cameras just one crime was solved?

Big Brother will be alive and well and watching every move you make, just like you watched the BBHMs.

Because that was the whole point of the operation.

Welcome to conditioning.

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