Friday, May 21, 2010


July 7th 2005 resulted in 56 deaths and should have been stopped by 5, i.e. MI5.

MI5 had the alleged bombers under surveillance for over a year.

At first MI5 told the incompetent treasonous criminal Intelligence and Security Committee that the alleged bombers were 'clean skins', i.e. unknown, and the ISC believed them.

But then it was discovered that the alleged bombers were not unknown to MI5 but had actually been bugged and followed and recorded saying they wanted to join the Jihad. The threat was considered so strong that an agent was inserted into the suburb of Leeds where the suspects lived, an agent with a military background, who pretended to be a Jihadi. He reported to West Yorkshire Police, who say they reported the agents findings upwards, i.e. to Special Branch/MI5.

MI5 also told the ISC that they don't do torture. But interestingly Hague is going to create a commission to investigate very believable allegations of MI5 collusion in torture.


So, having a mathematical background, can 77=56=5?

I hope I live long enough to read the solution.

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