Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I'll not rant on again about Jackson, but will provide a short paragraph on Jackson.

Jackson loved slavery and was one of the largest and most powerful slaveholders in the USA. Jackson also plotted treason against the United States with Aaron Burr. Burr fled to Great Britain and stayed with British Intelligence chief Jeremy Bentham. Burr returned to the United States and began to use Jackson's adventures in the 1812 war to promote Jackson for the Presidency. Once President, Jackson began to destroy the nation's central bank, which resulted in credit that should have industrialised the south being instead used for land speculation and a panic. This helped to create the Confederacy because that unavailability of credit kept the south dependent on slavery. Jackson also began the removal of the five civilised tribes from what would soon be Confederate states and sold their ancestral lands to planters, who built plantations worked by slaves. This also helped to create the Confederacy: more planters meant more supporters of slavery. In this, Jackson was the Godfather of the Confederacy.

So Jackson = slavery + treason + economic carnage + the Confederacy.

But to Trump:
Trump has also expressed admiration for the seventh president, as well, calling Jackson “an amazing figure in American history — very unique so many ways,” through a spokesperson last week.

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