Monday, January 30, 2017


Over the weekend Alex Jones said that Trump was basically beyond a John Bircher.

The John Birch Society believe in the Illuminati and their desire to install a world communist government.

The first and perhaps main source of information on the Illuminati and their plans is a book by John Robison called Proofs of a Conspiracy.

One teeny weeny problem: Robison was a top British Intelligence agent.

The immediate origin of this conspiracy, the Essex Junto, had been the organizing activities of a topmost British Intelligence operative, Sir John Robison, during the years 1796-1797. Robison, long a British spy and diplomat, in the Russian part of SIS's service, had been promoted to high rank at the Edinburgh office of SIS, from whence he had been deployed to conduct operations on the ground inside the United States. Although, as we shall see, the kernel of the conspiracy had been New England partners of the Aaron Burr network dating from the outbreak of the war 1776-1783 - New England families closely tied to the pro-British Tories during that war - it was Robison's activities which aided most in crystallizing such treasonous potentialities into the plot concocted during 1796-1797. From then, to the present day, the family traditions and financial connections of those circles have been intimately associated with the British Secret Intelligence Services (SIS) and to the British East India Company and its spin-offs.

...The state of mind reflected in this correspondence, most notably the features of the George Cabot item whose key apssages are noted above, for that reason, is best appreciated by reference to Sir John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy, 1797, later republished with enthusiastic endorsement by the John Birch Society in the 1960's.

[source : Treason in America, Anton Chaitkin]

The John Birch Society still sell Robison's book, as can be seen > here <.

So one of the most pro-American political parties flogs a book by a top British Intelligence agent that pins the crimes of the British on a mythical organisation?


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