Friday, August 04, 2017


1973 - Donald Trump met Roy Cohn, a deep, dark CIA agent who had been given a job as a lawyer at Saxe, Bacon and Bolan in New York by the CIA so that Cohn could become the de facto liaison between the CIA and the mob (which Cohn became), and who also procured children for the CIA to abuse: for blackmail material; and for the 'parties' of CIA-sponsored satanists (which Cohn also attended).

1987 - Trump buys Resorts International, a well-known money-laundering front for the CIA/mob, which was a derivative/grandchild of Permindex (the British/Zionist front that whacked JFK), and which was financing anti-Cuba, anti-Castro operations.

1990 - with Donald's adventure in the casino business going down the toilet, and Donald facing personal bankruptcy owing hundreds of millions of dollars, he sought the assistance of the Rothschilds, who sent their man, Wilbur Ross, to arrange for Donald to keep the casino in any debt restructuring (Ross is now Trump's Commerce Secretary). Trump rebrands Resorts International as Trump Taj Mahal.

1998 - Trump Taj Mahal is fined $477k for "currency transaction reporting violations".

2001 - Robert Mueller is appointed Director of the FBI

2013 - Robert Mueller retires as Director of the FBI

2015 - Trump Taj Mahal is fined a whopping $10 million for, as FinCEN describes it,
"willful and repeated violations of the Bank Secrecy Act...Trump Taj Mahal received many warnings about its deficiencies," said FinCEN Director Jennifer Shasky Calvery. "Like all casinos in this country, Trump Taj Mahal has a duty to help protect our financial system from being exploited by criminals, terrorists, and other bad actors. Far from meeting these expectations, poor compliance practices, over many years, left the casino and our financial system unacceptably exposed."

Trump Taj Mahal admitted that it failed to implement and maintain an effective AML program; failed to report suspicious transactions; failed to properly file required currency transaction reports; and failed to keep appropriate records as required by the BSA. Notably, Trump Taj Mahal had ample notice of these deficiencies as many of the violations from 2012 and 2010 were discovered in previous examinations.

2017 - Mueller is appointed Special Counsel to investigate Trump and Russia, but with little rock solid evidence found Mueller appears to be going after Trump's money laundering.

So just think about this: Trump Taj Mahal was laundering money for the whole time that Mueller was Director of the FBI...and, as far as we know, the FBI did not investigate Trump Taj Mahal for this money-laundering.

Casinos are notorious for money-laundering. Yet when a casino is fined by FinCEN, the agency established to focus explicitly on financial crime, the FBI doesn't do a thing?!

However, during the reign of Mueller over the FBI, the FBI became notorious for false flag Islamic terror. Indeed, Infowars made their fortune from exposing that fake terror (they have since sold out and don't do that kind of thing anymore, and instead blame, "S'just Burka-wearing Islam, innit").

Something to think about over the weekend.

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