Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Roy Cohn was Donald Trump's "greatest friend".

But Roy Cohn also procured children for the CIA to abuse: for blackmail material; and to supply children for CIA sponsored satanist groups to abuse at their 'parties'.

Roy Cohn detested the Kennedys. This went back to the time of Cohn being McCarthy's advisor, an appointment arranged for Cohn by J Edgar Hoover. Cohn even tried to punch Robert Kennedy in public.

About this same time, Cohn also developed a relationship, probably homosexual, with David Schine. This led to the McCarthy-Army Hearings in which Cohn was accused of trying to pressure the US Army to give Schine preferential treatment.

Cohn was on the board of Permindex which helped to assassinate JFK. Permindex was an extreme rightist/Zionist front for intel purposes. Permindex valmorphanised into Resorts International, which Donald Trump bought in 1987.

JFK's brother Robert was assassinated in The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

The Ambassador Hotel was owned by Myer Schine, the father of David Schine, Cohn's lover.

J Edgar Hoover was given free Christmas holidays in Myer Schine's other hotel, The Gulf Stream Hotel on Miami Beach.

We now find Infopervs supporting Trump, who is promoted by Roger Stone (alleged by EIR to be the former lover of Cohn) who is now a regular feature on Infopervs, and a promoter of Nixon, who benefited from the assassination of Bobby Kennedy by becoming President.

Bobby Kennedy's message was:
1. stop the war in Vietnam;
2. racial equality.

RFK would probably also have begun an investigation into the assassination of his brother, JFK, which would have exposed Permindex and the CIA/mob/rightist/Zionist network of Roy Cohn.

Nothing to worry about.

Sleep tight.

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