Wednesday, August 02, 2017


For decades there has been a global agenda to microchip everyone and everything. I actually contacted Watson decades ago to ask him if we could work together on investigating this agenda after reports about microchip implants being used to allow entrance to Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, and Bar Soba in Glasgow allowed entrance and purchase of drinks via a microchip implant. Needless to say, I heard nothing back from Watson.

But that microchip agenda still rolls on and on.

Verichip almost enabled the agenda, but thankfully people were sceptical of how the technology could be used to track rather than help you.

Now "chip parties" at workplaces are being used to encourage people to get chipped. And as these 'parties' occur at work there will be a sense of threat of loss of employment if you do not get chipped, thus leading to a significant number of employees allowing themselves to be chipped.

What will or can Trump do to stop this massive, if not the biggest, part of the global agenda?

Or is he too busy helping that "cancer on the world", as Watson describes Saudi Arabia, to create a horrific humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where 20 million people are in danger and 1 million children are at risk of dying of cholera?

In the following report, note which state is allowing these "chip parties": Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is where Foxconn is planning a huge factory (subsidised with $3 billion of state money).

RIVER FALLS, Wis. — The bearded body piercer with tattooed forearms tells Sam Bengtson to take a deep breath, and then he plunges in the needle, implanting a microchip into the software engineer's hand.

“That was nothing,” Bengston says, as the piercer smooths a bandage onto his skin.

The radio-frequency identification tag now lodged between his index finger and thumb will allow Bengtson to open doors and log onto his computer at work with a wave.

His employer paid for the device, which costs about $300, and threw a “chip party” for employees at its headquarters Tuesday, handing out blue T-shirts that say: “I got chipped.”

About 50 employees agreed to be implanted with the devices.

[source : Some feared hackers and the devil. Others got microchipped., Washington Post,, 1st August 2017]

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