Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Poor Alex thinks he's been crushing globalists since he was 25, i.e. 1999.

But let us recall what Alex did in 2007.

Here he is calling out Rick Perry, who was at the time the Governor of Texas, and a few days before this altercation had attended the Bilderberg meeting of 2007:

So, we could ask, if Alex has been 'crushing' globalists since 1999, what is Perry doing now?

A garbage man?

A postman?

A taxi driver?


Perry is, get a load of this, Trump's Energy Secretary!!

As I said, Alex couldn't crush a grape.

The only thing that Alex can crush is the truth about Trump, Roger Stone and Roy Cohn, and his family's work for the Confederacy and the CIA.

Meanwhile, Alex is a multi-millionaire from flogging CIA/right-wing propaganda as the truth.

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