Saturday, November 11, 2017


Ninety nine years ago today the guns fell silent, but sadly only for a few decades.

Why did we go to war in 1914?

Why did we fight, kill, maim each other for over 4 years, in the mud, on and under the oceans, and in the air?

It was to save the British monarchy and empire.

The British were losing. America, Germany and Russia were cooperating economically and building land-based transport networks beyond the control of the powerful British navy.

The British had tried to destroy America by engineering a civil war over slavery (in which Alex Jones' family fought to keep slavery) but failed.

It took the British decades to engineer World War 1. Prince and later King Edward VII (Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England) began the process of isolating Germany through a series of treaties. His protege Edward Grey completed the isolation. Churchill laid the final trap through a naval agreement with the French. After the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand the British pretended to be neutral, which tricked Russia and Germany into mobilisation, and when the momentum towards war was too great to stop, King George V told Edward Grey to get Britain into the war. Grey cited the Treaty of London 1839 to defend Belgium, as well as the Churchill-engineered naval agreement with France.

And that was that.

War. Blood. Chaos. Anarchy.

Four years later the British tried a power grab for world government in the form of the League of Nations. Britain could not rule the world militarily, and required the USA to join the league as its muscle. But the USA refused. Edward Grey was sent to the USA to help Wilson persuade America to join, but they failed. The Anglo-American Establishment then created a couple of organisations to persuade America to join, the most powerful of these is The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

There is a lot more to this brief history of WW1 and the subsequent push for world government. For example, the rise of Communism.

But for today, remember all the souls who fell foul of this demonic conspiracy for world government.

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