Tuesday, November 14, 2017


There's this piece from Front Page Mag that has been re-posted on Infowars:
Every Democrat Presidential Candidate In Last 25 Years Had Pedophile Ties .

Front Page Mag is part of the David Horowitz Freedom Center network, which includes Jihad Watch, and Israel Security Project. Horowitz is one of the biggest Zionists on the planet, not too far behind the Rothschilds, Trump and Adelson.

The problem for Infowars and Horowitz is Donald Trump's ties to paedophiles and his sexual appetite for young girls.

Trump's greatest friend was Roy Cohn, the deep, dark CIA agent who ran paedophile networks for the CIA: to gather blackmail material; and for the 'parties' of CIA-sponsored satanists.

Trump held underage-sex-and-cocaine parties where sleazy, old men would have sex with coked-up, drunk underage female model wannabes looking to break into the modelling business.

Trump hung out with Jeffrey Epstein, but now denies knowing him.

Trump met a 10 year old girl on an escalator and told the cameraman filming the event that he, Donald Trump, would be dating that 10 year old girl in 10 years time.

And then there is Trump's undeniable creepy lust for his very own daughter Ivanka.

So you see, this is how rightist Zionist Infowars has become. Journalistic integrity is out of the window and has been replaced with naked rightist Zionist propaganda. David Icke should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for appearing on Infopervs.

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