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Below is a list of Russian Bilderbergers from 1991 - 2006. In all I count six individuals, one of whom, Lilia Shevtsova, has attended FOUR times. She is associated with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Moscow.
(lists consulted are at Tony Gosling's Bilderberg website)

2005 Nemirovskaya, Elena; Founder and Director, Moscow School of Political Studies

2004 Shevtsova, Lilia; Senior Associate. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2004 Yavlinsky, Grigory A.; Member of Parliament

2003 Shevtsova, Lilia; Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2003 Margelov, Mikhail V.; Chairman, Committee for Foreign Affairs

2002 Shevtsova, Lilia; Senior Associate, Carnegie Moscow Center

2001 Shevtsova, Lilia; Carnegie Endowment for International Misery, Visiting Professor, University of California at Berkeley & Cornell University


1999 Shevtsova, Lilia; Carnegie Moscow Center
1999 Trenin, Dmitri V.; Carnegie Moscow Center

1998 Chubais, Anatoli B.; Former First Vice Prime Minister; Chairman RAO EES






1992 no attendee list available


You will see that Bilderberg was not that interested in Russia in the 1990's, probably because Yeltsin was their pisshead-in-chief and was quite happy selling off Russian state assets at bargain prices for a shot of Vodka, and it would seem that Putin was also being groomed by Berezovsky.

But then Putin came to power in 2000, changed the plan, and is now taking back what was stolen.

The two organisations represented at Bilderberg are the Carnegies and the Moscow School of Political Studies.

The reason for Carnegie is self-evident in the name.

On the board of MSPS in 2005 was Mikhail Khodorkovsky before he was sent down. Sponsors of MSPS include Open Russia Foundation, which opened in 2001 in London, of all places. I wonder why London?

But who is on the board of ORF?

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Dr Henry Kissinger
Lord Jacob Rothschild

According to the Yukos website, "The motivation for the establishment of the Open Russia Foundation was to foster openness, understanding, and integration between the people of Russia and the rest of the world."

Yeah, right!

Other sponsors of MSPS are George Soros' Open Society bollocks, and Morgan Stanley.

Another board member is Lord Robert Skidelsky at Warwick Uni, who was at Bilderberg 2005.

Today we read that Shell is being forced to sell its stake in Sakhalin-2, and there are fears at BP that it could be forced out of its Russian projects too.

And we know who controls both Shell and BP from behind the scenes, don't we?

Was Litvinenko done in to pressure Putin to stop this, and now that he isn't then the pullout is now being made to look like Russia is a thug in taking back its own natural resources?

As is reported by 2005 Bilderberg attendees to Daniel Estulin,
"A European banker pointed out that Russia could effectively devalue the dollar by re-denominating its energy trade with Europe from dollars into euros, forcing Europe's central banks to rebalance their foreign exchange reserves in favour of the euro. Jean-Claude Trichet, governor of the European Central Bank was present during the debate."

"The discussion began with a European expert on international relations pointing out that over the next several years Russia is poised to assert itself and to increasingly challenge the Bush administration's foreign policy goals. Someone openly asked the committee if the world is safer today than in 2001 and will it be safer in four years time? A Dutchman responded by saying there is little doubt that the hand of international terrorism has been substantially strengthened by the US and its heavy-handed policy in the Middle East. "


One thing that does concern me though is that I think a strong Russia is required for Pike's WW3. According to Pike's plan Communism was supposed to be held in check until "the final cataclysm". I currently see Putin rebelling against the Rothschilds, the British Monarchy and their cronies. But I also see that it could also be part of the plan in strengthening Russia.

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