Monday, October 13, 2008


Gordon Brown's speech today at The Reuters Building, Canary Wharf, London, was more of a beg for global governance than an explanation of what he and Darling are doing to get us out of the mess that he effectively created years ago as Chancellor.

Throughout the speech Brown all too frequently refers to "global solutions to global problems", little realising that the architects of the current crisis, as well as the financial architects of WW1 and WW2, who reside in Wall Street and The City of London, want exactly that as soon as possible (because they know you are realising the plan very quickly, too quickly for their comfort).

Or perhaps Brown knows that, for we do not know all that goes on behind Bilderberg doors.

WW1 was a global problem engineered by Freemasonry. The solution? The League of Nations, which failed when the USA voted out.

So an organization called The Council on Foreign Relations was created to control American politics. WW2 was engineered from Wall Street and The City of London, and the USA had to be embroiled in that, to suffer many more casualties than it did in WW1 (which it eventually joined for the finale suffering relativey few casualties) for it to be 'persuaded' that a world government was required to solve 'global problems'. So FDR obliged, engineered Pearl Harbour and we know the rest. As a result the UN, World Bank, IMF etc were formed, staffed and controlled from behind the scenes by you know who.

Since then the climate has been identified by The Club of Rome as a key to peddle the myth that we need 'global solutions for global problems'.

And in the last week this current credit crunch, engineered by the abuse of credit to create debt instruments for gambling in derivatives, has led to more calls for 'global solutions for global problems'. Bilderberg Brown has today joined those calls to create a new financial architecture so that it must never happen again.

But I have news for Brown.

I know for a fact that the banks and financial speculation houses are planning on continuing the derivative lust, because they are upgrading their computers to rinky dinky super duper hi-tech near-speed-of-light systems to do all their derivative calculations. Scientific research institutes in the UK who have been awarded high performance computers supposedly for scientific simulations, have been allowing JP Morgan Chase to use them for derivatives gambling!

And these banks and financial speculation houses will be fed by the ever increasing number of graduates in a branch of maths called Financial Mathematics, often funded by the government.

A bank never changes its spots (a spot is a form of derivative).

So what would I do?

I would do something very similar to what Lyndon Larouche is proposing;
1. we do indeed need a new financial architecture, but one that does not allow the derivative speculation that got us into this mess. Brown and Darling will allow this speculation to continue, but it will apparently be 'regulated', as it was so incompetently by the corrupt FSA
2. currency speculation should also be illegal. It does not create common wealth, and is simply another form of gambling (and according to the Rothschilds is how they engineered their first fortune through market rigging, something the whole world regrets and should be avoided at all costs).
3. credit to be issued by government only by accountable and elected officials with two goals; economic stability and long term growth. Banks as we know them will accept deposits only with some small investment in local industry and commerce permitted.
4. start a massive public awareness campaign to educate the public on how the financial and banking system really works, something the FSA should have been doing since 2000 instead of colluding with the banks to screw you all for every penny they can get.

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