Monday, May 09, 2016


I've always admired Oliver Stone's film JFK. It woke me up, as they say.

But there has always been something not quite right about it, such as, why would the establishment allow such a film exposing the CIA/mob/anti-Castro Cubans as the executors of JFK?

And now this: I Have Some Secrets For You

The author of that blog, Maurice Phillipps, claims to have investigated Louis Mortimer Bloomfield and PERMINDEX, which Bloomfield founded, and concluded that PERMINDEX was a Mossad front.

This is covered in Rothschild-Israeli Ties to JFK by Michael Collins Piper.

The evidence presented is powerful.

But who sat on the board of Permindex?


Our old friend, Roy Cohn.

Cohn was the mentor and greatest friend of Trump who first claimed to be neutral on Israel, but after sucking Zionist cock at AIPAC now wants to "protect" and "cherish Israel" by spending (I predict) $1 trillion per year on the US military and then use it to threaten Iran and the Palestinians, as well as hire it out to Saudi Arabia (even though by now he should have been convinced by blood-drinking Confederate Alex Jones that it is Israel and Saudi Arabia who are the mischief makers in the Middle East who attacked his beloved New York on 9/11, not Iran).

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