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I just found this article by the ever-reliable Anton Chaitkin:

The Roy Cohn mob and 'Dirty Dick' Morris, EIR, Volume 23, Number 29, July 19, 1996

Cohn is upto his neck in the plot and with the mob, and should have been exposed in the trial of Clay Shaw.

RFK had Cohn placed under investigation in 1961.

Among the list of Cohn's employers and protectors were the Anglophile powerbrokers John Foster Dulles and his younger brother Allen Dulles, and John Foster's protege Thomas E. Dewey. The Dulles brothers and Dewey assembled the American end of a British-Canadian-U.S. grouping of the bloodiest assassins and the fanciest gentlemen. In this political brothel, Roy Cohn was a queen, and Dick Morris learned the trade of intrigue and duplicity.

...In 1958, just after being installed at Saxe, Bacon by the Dulles-Dewey apparatus, Roy Cohn became president of Lionel Corp. (the famous manufacturer of toy trains). Montreal crime boss Joseph Bonnano became Lionel's chairman. That same year, Maj. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a wartime British intelligence officer in the Special Operations Executive and an attorney for the Montreal-based Bronfman family, incorporated the Permanent Industrial Expositions company (known as Permindex), with himself as president and chairman.

Major Bloomfield and Roy Cohn were both intimates of J. Edgar Hoover. Since World War II, Bloomfield had been a British intelligence liaison to Hoover, with oversight responsibilities for FBI Division 5-Counterintelligence. And since Cohn's "red-hunting" days, Cohn had maintained intimate political and personal relations with Hoover, the two of them also reportedly sharing sex with their mutual financial sponsor, Schenley's president, Lewis Rosenstiel.

Personnel working for Roy Cohn and Joe Bonnano at Lionel Corp.'s Texas subsidiary, International Control Corp., are identified, in a buried citation in the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President Kennedy, as having worked in New Orleans in conjunction with Bloomfield's Permindex operatives, on matters which would soon come before the world with terrifying force.

...It was only as the result of the suppression of two crucial pieces of evidence, during the 1969 New Orleans trial, that Clay Shaw avoided conviction for the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. Had Shaw been convicted, the entire edifice of murder and coverup would have come crashing down, and the role of Bloomfield, Cohn, et aL in the JFK assassination would have been the subject of worldwide attention. The Dulles-Rankin Warren Commission fraud would have been thoroughly exposed.

So Cohn not only ran child sex rings for CIA satanic cults, and ran homosexual and paedophile entrapment rings for the CIA to collect blackmail material, it also looks like Cohn was involved somehow with the JFK assassination.

Another report, Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal by William Torbitt gives a similar impression of Cohn.

Trump must be stopped!

He is either being blackmailed and/or being used as a front man by an extreme right-wing network of intelligence agents with loyalty to Israel.

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