Saturday, January 07, 2017


Arnon Milchan is the Israeli spy who ran a nuclear espionage ring in the USA for Israel.

'Coincidentally' he also became a top film producer in Hollywood, and 'coincidentally' he also produced Oliver Stone's film on the JFK assassination that completely ignored the very valid Israeli motive to assassinate JFK because JFK was against arming Israel, particularly with nukes, while Lyndon Johnson was very keen to arm Israel, particularly with nukes.

Anyways, Milchan dragged Sydney Pollack into espoionage for Israel!!

Milchan also said he tried to get other Hollywood figures involved in his clandestine work, notably the late director Sydney Pollack. Pollack was allegedly involved in buying arms and military equipment for Israel during the 1970s and, according to Milchan, knew just what he was getting into.

“Pollack knew, but I didn’t want to scare him because he’s American… He could have said ‘no,” Milchan said. “He said ‘no’ many times, but he also said ‘yes’ many times.”

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