Thursday, January 12, 2017


One of the doubts over the Queen supporting Brexit was Nick Clegg stating that he could not remember a lunch when the Queen had a go at him and Europe.

But now he remembers!!

So if Murdoch and even the Queen wanted Brexit...

THE “grumpy” Queen did have a go at Nick Clegg over the EU, the former Lib Dem leader has finally admitted.

The ex-Deputy PM has told friends Her Majesty attacked the 28 country union during a lunch with him.

She accused the rise of Brussels for downgrading the role of the Commonwealth, which she leads.

Mr Clegg previously denied any dust up with the 90-year-old monarch when The Sun first broke the bombshell story that revealed her strong Euroscepticism.

With the nine month-long row still raging over whether the Queen does back Brexit, the New Statesman magazine reported: “Nick Clegg, who was also at the infamous 2011 Windsor Castle lunch, maintains that Her Majesty was merely grumpy about Europe and regretted the eclipse of the Commonwealth”.

[source : QUEEN DID ATTACK EU ‘Grumpy’ Queen DID have a go at me over the EU, former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg claims, The Sun,, 12th January 2017]

JFK was murdered due to an intersection of interests.

Now the EU and perhaps even the UN are being murdered due to an intersection of interests?

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