Monday, January 02, 2017


Undercover Turkish police officers will step up their presence for Istanbul’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, as thousands of officers are set to stand guard dressed up as Santa Claus.

Some 5,000 police officers will be on duty in Istanbul’s touristic İstiklal Avenue and Taksim Square in central Beyoğlu, a popular district for the city’s party-goers. The officers will disguise themselves by dressing up as Santa Claus, shoe shiners and street vendors among the crowds of people gathered on the streets to celebrate.

The branch head of Istanbul’s plainclothes police unit took part in a press briefing in Taksim Square with his deputy head and a number of officers who will be on duty on the night of Dec. 31, explaining police teams will be on patrol in a number of central districts.

[source : Plainclothes police to dress as Santa during New Year’s celebrations in Istanbul, Hurriyet Daily News,, 30th December 2016]

Initial claims were that one man dressed as Santa entered the club. But the CCTV (shown so far, there may be more) shows just one man entering the club who is NOT dressed as Santa. But multiple witnesses inside the club when the shooting occured reported multiple shooters, and other CCTV allegedly from inside the club shows one man dressed in a Santa-esque outfit.

So how the did the lone gunman shown on CCTV entering the club change into Santa?

Or was there more than one shooter, as witnesses claimed?

And if so, were the fake Santas intel agents in disguise running a false flag?

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