Sunday, January 01, 2017


Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has hailed the recent advances by the Syrian army and pro-government forces against foreign-backed terrorists, saying Syria is the flag-bearer of the war on terrorism and Zionism.

In a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem in Tehran on Sunday, Larijani stressed the importance of pursuing a political approach based on intra-Syrian negotiations to solve the crisis in the Arab country.

Meanwhile Kevin Barrett calls out Netanyahu for running a coup d'etat:

The election of incoming US President Donald Trump was a “coup d’etat” by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and criminal Zionist groups in the US, an American scholar says.

“Trump is a creature of the most extremist elements in Zionist organized crime," said Kevin Barrett, an author and political commentator in Madison, Wisconsin.

Trump has been a "front man for organized crime" his entire career; “that’s all he is ever done in his life,” Barrett told Press TV on Sunday.

“We just saw a hostile takeover of the United States; the election of Donald Trump was coup d’├ętat by Netanyahu who now owns the United States,” he added.

Trump’s Zionist handlers designed misleading rhetoric for him in order to give false hope to American voters and help him get elected, Barrett argued.

“Some of the things he said led people to have hope, that he might be a peace candidate, especially regarding Russia [but] this was all a ruse designed by his extremist Zionist handlers around Netanyahu to allow Zionists to take over the United States,” he noted.

[source : Trump’s election was a 'coup d’etat' by Netanyahu: Scholar, PressTV,, 1st January 2017]

How do we know Barrett is correct?

Well, Infowhores said sweet FA about Trump, Cohn, the mob and money laundering.

But Infowhores could redeem themselves by finding out and passing on who Trump was laundering money for at Trump Taj Mahal...

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