Friday, January 06, 2017


This is the kind of thinking I had last year.

Despite a year of talking to Trump, Alex Jones has shown no sign of persuading Trump that Israel and Saudi Arabia did 9/11 and that 9/11 should be re-investigated. On the contrary Trump thinks Iran is the trouble maker in the Middle East, even though Iran is one of seven nations named to General Wesley Clark targeted for war and regime change after 9/11 by the NATO/Zionist/demented Gulf monarchies.

And although Clinton postured that she would like to bomb Iran, the Democrat faithful would stop her. Plus she helped and praised the P5+1 deal with Iran. On the other hand, Trump has joyfully tweeted that the Republican Party platform is the most pro-Israel ever, and of course he stated to AIPAC that his number one priority is to rip up that P5+1 deal, and he has picked men for the power positions who are very anti-Iran.

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