Monday, January 16, 2017


The British oligarchy are as extreme rightist as you can be.

Ain't no doubt about that.

They don't want anything to destroy their domination of global finance, and the EU was doing that.

Israel also detests the EU and UN for criticising Israel's land grab in the West Bank and ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

So what do you do if your plans for a global government go wrong and the global government that you helped to create in anticipation of controlling it, and thus the world, turns on you and begins to criticise you and strip you of your power?

You destroy it before it destroys you!

Hence the British oligarchy and Israel are destroying/blowing up the EU and the UN.

Similarly to how the British destroyed the growing relationship between the USA, Russia and Germany by engineering WW1, the British are blowing up the EU and UN, but in a much more peaceful but still devastating way.

Here's the BBC on why the British oligarchy want out of the EU and why Trump is not so bad for them coz he loves the Queen (and why he will not be assassinated):

A separate report, co-written by Boris Johnson's former economic adviser, Gerard Lyons, says membership of the single market has been a "major drawback" for the UK's service industries. It recommends a "clean Brexit", leaving this and the customs union.

Meanwhile, the man tipped to become Mr Trump's ambassador to the EU, has said the president-elect is committed to securing a trade deal with the UK and preliminary talks could begin ahead of its formal departure from the 28-nation bloc.

Theodore Malloch, a professor at Henley Business School in Reading, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "If you want to facilitate something it can be done in an expeditious manner, so I would hope on the day Britain triggers Article 50 Mrs May would be able to announce we have just started discussions with the United States."

In his Times/Bild interview, Mr Trump also discussed included his Scottish-born mother, saying: "She was so proud of the Queen. She loved the ceremony and the beauty, because nobody does that like the English, and she had great respect for the Queen and liked her.

"Any time the Queen was on television, for an event, my mother would be watching."

[source : Donald Trump says UK 'doing great' after Brexit vote, BBC,, 16th January 2017]

Remember: Trump is the product of the extreme Rightist Zionist/CIA/FBI/MI6/Mossad/mob network that assassinates Presidents and procures children for the CIA to abuse at satanist peadophile parties.

He even wants a bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office!!

Now, how thoroughly British is that?!

And he wants to unleash Wall Street!!

And he loves Israel!!

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