Tuesday, January 17, 2017


RT hosted John Pilger a few days ago for a debate over Trump, Russia and China.

Pilger said:
I have no idea what goes on inside Donald Trump’s mind. If I speculate, I suppose I look back on the election campaign when Trump made a lot of rather fatuous views and abuse of China. He blamed China for destroying jobs in the US. China became the bogeyman. I think in his coterie, particularly his Chief of Staff, who is closely aligned with Taiwan, there is a pro-Taiwan element and anti-Beijing element. Whereas I think Trump himself has always wanted to simply get along with Russia. You look at his designated Secretary of State. He wants to get along with Russia. But at the same time, he is threatening war with China. It is utterly bizarre.

[source : 'Utterly bizarre': Trump team seeks good relations with Russia, but threatens China - John Pilger, RT, https://www.rt.com/op-edge/373840-british-weapons-trump-interview/, 16th January 2017]

But there is nothing "utterly bizarre" about it.

It's Kissinger playing his balance of power through Trump. William Engdahl explained it perfectly a few days ago.

The Russia-China bloc was getting too big and powerful and becoming a threat to US hegemony, so Kissinger has driven a wedge between Russia and China: he has bought off Putin through Tillerson (who will exploit Russia's Arctic); Trump will go at China over Taiwan (just continuing Obama's Asia Pivot); and Trump will also stop Iran for Kissinger/Israel (and maybe do more, like go into Somalia/Horn of Africa).

Just the other week Russia was saying that Kissinger is the go-between for Trump and Putin.

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