Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Check this out from Confederate blood-drinking pervert freak show host Alex Jones (who is A-OK with paedophilia as long as it is for extreme Rightism)!

How about this for thinking differently:

Both Roy Cohn and Roger Stone told Donald Trump about the peadophile ring they were running. They gave Trump some blackmail material and he used it to extract a 30 year complete tax break from Jimmy Carter and lots of juicy contracts from the US government.

And we know that Trump is A-OK with paedophilia because he used to hang out, literally, with Jeffrey Epstein, as well as host underage-sex-and-cocaine parties where he was "a f*****g beast...getting laid like crazy". Indeed, because Trump was hosting these underage-sex-and-cocaine parties on his own premises he may well have been trying to gain blackmail material himself via secrfet cameras and microphones instead of relying on the Cohn/Stone material, which by that time may well have been useless and outdated.

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