Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Did you know that Trump was awarded the Tree of Life in 1983 by the Jewish National Fund for Trump's service to Israel?

Here is a blog by the son of the man who presented Trump his Tree of Life:
My father, Rabbi Dr. Samuel I. Cohen, zt'l served with distinction as the Executive Vice President of the Jewish National Fund of North america for over 25 years. On March 1, 1983, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in New York City, long before he was seeking the Presidency, my father and Charlotte Jacobson were privileged to present the JNF's most covetous award, the "Tree of Life Award" to Donald Trump in appreciation of his outstanding dedication to the cause of American-Israeli friendship and for his support of Israel. Here is the plaque that hangs prominently in Mr. Trump's office. I was at the banquet honoring Mr. Trump, and I recall his impassioned words about Israel. Afterwards, I recall my father telling me what a pleasure it was to deal with Mr. Trump. You can see the importance that Mr. Trump placed on this award, as it overlooks his desk in his office.

[source : DONALD TRUMP'S "TREE OF LIFE" PLAQUE WHEN HE WAS HONORED BY THE JEWISH NATIONAL FUND IN 1983 - MY FATHER, DR. SAMUEL I. COHEN PRESENTED TRUMP WITH THIS BEUTIFUL AWARD, American Trial Attorneys in Defense of Israel, http://attorneysdefendingisrael.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/donald-trumps-tree-of-life-plaque-when.html, 21st December 2015]

Two months after Trump was awarded this Tree of Life he was the Honorary Chairman of the B'nai B'rith Banking and Finance Lodge annual dinner, that year held to honour Roy Cohn for his services to Israel.

The Jewish National Fund was established to buy Palestine.

You don't think Mossad were interested in recruiting a particular Donald J Trump, do ya?

Particularly through Roy Cohn and all his blackmail?

Do ya?

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