Saturday, January 21, 2017


In addition to the very rapid appearance of that bust of Winston Churchill in Trump's Oval Office, we now discover that Trump has also introduced a bust of Teddy Roosevelt to the Oval Office.

Churchill was a British imperialist of the worst kind, prepared to engineer the deaths of millions of Americans in order to save the British Empire. It was Churchill who withheld information from FDR on the location and destination of the Japanese fleet in the first week of December 1941. Churchill's intel briefings from that period are still classified!!!

Teddy Roosevelt was perhaps the most Anglophile President. His uncle was James Dunwoody Bulloch, the head of the Confederate secret service. Bulloch operated out of Liverpool during the US Civil War and is implicated in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Teddy revered his uncle James. Teddy was also a gimp of King Edward VII.

The Oval Office was redecorated for President Trump and now features gold drapes, replacing crimson cloth behind the Resolute Desk under Barack Obama.

...Some of the artwork in the Oval Office has also been swapped out, and a bust of Teddy Roosevelt sits on one of the bookshelves, according to pool reports.

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