Monday, January 02, 2017


Oswald Rayner and John Scales murdered Rasputin.

The British argument is that this was done to stop Rasputin using his influence on Tsar Nicholas II pulling out of WW1, because if Nicholas had pulled Russia out of the war then Germany would have swiftly moved her troops fighting Russia on the German Eastern Front to fight British and French troops in France and Belgium.

This sounds reasonable at first.

But the war was engineered by the British monarchy and Freemasonry, who didn't (and still don't) give a shit about Tommy Atkins being blown to bits by German artillery.

Freemasonry had been trying to overthrow the Romanov dynasty for over a century. The Decembrists, all Freemasons, tried to capitalise on confusion about the crowning of a Tsar, but failed. Freemasonry was then banned in Russia. There was then relative stability in Russia until Alexander II decided to help Abraham Lincoln during the British-engineered US Civil War (in which Alex Jones' ancestors fought to defend slavery with the Confederate scum). After Lincoln won, Russia once again began to experience domestic anarchy once again due to terrorists sponsored by London. Several assassination attempts were made on each subsequent Tsar. Some failed, like that involving Lenin's brother. Others were successful.

Jacob Schiff tried to engineer a revolution in 1905 through his agent George Kennan by using the Rothschild/King Edward VII-engineered war between Russia and Japan, but failed. Schiff vowed he would overthrow the Romanovs.

So Russia was dragged into WW1. Smelling blood and unrest in Russia, the Warburgs eventually sent Lenin into Russia and German intelligence and military financed his initial life in Russia. Had Rasputin been allowed to live then he may well have been able to persuade Tsar Nicholas to withdraw from the war. With the ordinary Russian beginning to show signs of restlessness at the war and their general situation, Jacob Schiff and his mates decided that here was an opportunity that could not be allowed to be wasted. So British Intelligence sent in Oswald Rayner and John Scales to murder Rasputin.

As a result, Tsar Nicholas continued fighting the war, Freemason Kerensky persuaded the Tsar to step down and became leader of the provisional government, then Lenin and his Bolsheviks ran a counter-coup against Kerensky. Lenin was joined by Trotsky after Trotsky had been at first arrested in Canada on his way to Russia, but then released upon the orders of the British Admiralty.

And that is how the British overthrew the Romanov dynasty for Jacob Schiff, who later boasted that he had spent $20 million (in 1917 money) to overthrow the Romanovs.

Most of the subsequent government of Russia was Jewish who then violently persecuted Christians.

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