Saturday, August 05, 2017


On Youtube censorship, beguiled dupe Watson has tweeted:

The problem with this is that The World Socialst Web Site has seen a very significant fall in traffic from Google searches since April. WSWS also found other 'leftist' websites, such as Center for Global Research, have also seen a significant drop in traffic from Google searches. I have also seen a very significant drop in traffic to TTS from Google searches. Even Soros' Media Matters has also suffered:
The World Socialist Web Site has obtained statistical data from SEMrush estimating the decline of traffic generated by Google searches for 13 sites with substantial readerships. The results are as follows:

* fell by 67 percent
* fell by 63 percent
* fell by 62 percent
* fell by 47 percent
* fell by 47 percent
* fell by 42 percent
* fell by 37 percent
* fell by 36 percent
* fell by 36 percent
* fell by 30 percent
* fell by 25 percent
* fell by 21 percent
* fell by 19 percent

Of the 13 web sites on the list, the World Socialist Web Site has been the most heavily affected. Its traffic from Google searches has fallen by two thirds.

[source : Google’s new search protocol is restricting access to 13 leading socialist, progressive and anti-war web sites, WSWS,, 2nd August 2017]

So there is a lot more going on than just the establishment favouring 'leftism'.

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