Sunday, August 06, 2017


Remember this, when Infowars published a comment from their once former love, Ron Paul, on Obama's use/abuse of executive orders?

President Obama’s state of the union pledge to “act with or without Congress” marks a milestone in presidential usurpation of Congressional authority. Most modern presidents have used executive orders to change and even create laws without Congressional approval. However President Obama is unusually brazen, in that most Presidents do not brag about their plans to rule by executive order in state of the union speeches.

Sadly, his pledge to use his pen to implement laws and polices without the consent of Congress not only received thunderous applause from representatives of the president’s party, some representatives have even pledged to help Obama get around Congress by providing him with ideas for executive orders. The Constitution’s authors would be horrified to see legislators actively adding and abetting a president taking power away from the legislature.

Executive orders are perfectly legitimate and even necessary if, in the words of leading Constitutional Scholar Judge Andrew Napolitano, they “…. guide the executive branch on how to enforce a law or…complement and supplement what Congress has already done.” The problem is that most modern presidents have abused this power to issue orders that, as Judge Napolitano puts it, “restates federal law, or contradicts federal law, or does the opposite of what the federal law is supposed to do.”

[source : Ron Paul (republished), Will No One Challenge Obama’s Executive Orders?, Infowars,, 10th February 2014]

So just how many EOs has Trump made in just six months?

So Obama made 22 EOs in his first six montha, while Trump made 42. So in six months Trump has made over 15% of the total of 276 that Obama made in 8 years.

Six months!!

But I guess that's OK if you commit treason and agree a $350 billion weapons and defence deal with that "cancer on the world", as Watson describes Saudi Arabia (who did 9/11 and unleashed the Jihadis onto Libya, Syria and soon Iran).

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