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Merete Eldrup, the MD of the company owning Jyllands-Posten, is married to a regular fixture at Bilderberg, Anders Eldrup.

The company owning Jyllands-Posten is JP/Politikens Hus A/S. It also owns the Danish newspaper Politiken. Its editor-in-chief is Toger Seidenfaden. Seidenfaden has attended Bilderberg every year since 1995. He has also attended several Trilateral Commission meetings this decade.

How does this man explain to his MD, Merete Eldrup, what he is doing for a few days every May? (that's when Bilderberg meets). I guess he doesn't need to because her husband Anders Eldrup is there to hold his hand.

Jyllands-Posten and Politiken merged in 2003 and claim to have separate editorial policies.

I wonder how independent those editorial policies really are?

It was Politiken who first published the story that the author Bluitgen could not find an illustrator for his book called "Islam and the life of the Prophet Mohammed". This, so the story goes, then led to Flemming Rose requesting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

The current Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, attended Bilderberg in 2000 and became Prime Minister a year later. This happened to Blair and Clinton. You attend Bilderberg one year and become leader of your country the next. Bilderberg really are excellent "talent spotters"! Rasmussen also attended Bilderberg in 2003, and supported the war on Iraq.

It was Rasmussen who refused to issue an apology to the Muslim community, thus leading to the breakdown in international relations between Islam and the rest of the world (as it was supposed to for the coming "clash of civilizations" which Iran is now adding to).

If you go to the excellent website on Bilderberg run by Tony Gosling at
you can find list of attendees to these exclusive annual meetings.

In the last 20 years, only a handful of Danish men have attended Bilderberg. Three of them are intimately involved in the origin of this breakdown.


Anonymous said...

Your knowledge of Politiken and Jylland Posten is extremely weak.

You wonder how independent the editoral line really is....


Politiken have in all of this opposted the cartoons very strongly, refused to reprint them, and basically given Flemming Rose the entire responseabilty for the current crisis, in editorials, debate-programmes and so.


The next thing i am waitng for you to claim is that the Abu Laban "campaign" was secretly sponsered by Jyllands Posten, Politiken and The Mossad?.


You do the math. 3 out of 20 is a mere 9% - what happend to the last 91 %?.

TheTruthMan said...

If you think my knowledge of Politiken and J-P is "extremely weak" perhaps you would be so kind as to teach me all you know? You are welcome to post your knowledge here.

As for the editorial independence of Politikens and J-P, as stated they are owned by the same company, use the same printing press etc. The MD is the wife of a regular Bilderberger. The Chief Editor is also a regular Bilderberger and Trilateral Commissioner.

At the last 10, not 20 (typing error), Bilderberg meetings there have been 8 Danish reps, with some attending regularly. During the last 10 years, Eldrup has attended 5 times, Seidenfaden 8 times, and Rasmussen 2 times. You get invited to these meetings. The people who invite you are warmongering fascists. Why would warmongering fascists regularly invite people like Eldrup, Rasmussen and Seidenfaden if they didn't all think alike? As for Rose, he has refused to respond to questions from Chris Bollyn regarding publication of other types of material, e.g. a cartoon of Ariel Sharon strangling a Palestinian baby. There is also silence on questions about the friendship between Rose and Daniel Pipes, who is a Zionist neocon apologist and the son Richard Pipes, who headed Team B from which grew the current batch of warmongering neoconservatives in the USA.

You raise a good question regarding the finance of the Abu Laban campaign. I am not suggesting that the finance came from J-P, Politikens or Mossad. It is just an interesting question. Where did the money come from? I think you have to ask these questions with the knowledge we now have regarding the interaction between Anglo-American-Israeli intelligence and the Islamic community.

Also, 3 out of 20 is 15%. You do the math(s).

Anonymous said...

How do you explain Politikens opposition to the posting of the drawings by JP and their very different editorial lines ?.

You also wrote :
they are owned by the same company, use the same printing press etc.

Well, Denmark is a small country

I see the list of Danish Participant at the Bildenberg meeting, and see names like Mogens Lykketoft and Ritt Bjerregaard. The first one was is fact Anders Fogh Rasmussens opponent in the elections - and he lost. How does this fact fit into your Bilderberg conspiracy theory ?.

With regards to the math(s), that was a mistake, just like your typing error was.

In the meantime you might want to show your "evidence" of this global conspiracy theory of yours.

TheTruthMan said...

Regarding the "opposition" taken by Politikens, we have to question the editorial and journalistic integrity of Seidenfaden.

This man attended 8 annual meetings with some of the most influential people on the planet. Has he once written an article about these meetings, or about the people who run them? Yes, Politikens did publish something in 2000 by Jens Kerte, but how insightful was it? And if he is aware of the controversy surrounding Bilderberg meetings why has there not been any more articles since?

The basic "evidence" of this global conspiracy is this:
1. a bunch of evil dudes settled in Great Britain around the 16th Century and began to use a sick banking system called fractional reserve banking which permits them to lend out "money" they don't have and charge interest. They created The Bank of England.
2. These same people then tricked the North American colonies into revolution and then spent 130 years trying to get a bank similar to the Bank of England established in the USA. Several attempts were made but failed, but then in 1913 The Federal Reserve was created after years of economic and monetary manipulation, and a European/Freemasonic engineered civil war.
3. Once The Fed was created this European/Freemasonic elite could then finance a massive world war, World War 1. My page on World War 1 shows how the British engineered this war through Freemasonry for the stated aim of destroying the German monarchy. Germany was blamed for the war at Versailles, and led to very harsh war reparations demanded of Germany, leading to terrible economic conditions in Germany. The first attempt at World Government was accepted in The League of Nations, but the USA stayed ouot of it. As a consequence The Council on Foreign Relations was created as a child of the British Royal Institute of International Affairs, and since then every President of the USA has been a member of the CFR.
4. Hitler was aided into power by Wall Street industrialists and bankers, and his war machine was allowed to grow despite Versailles and he was given technology and loans to build it up. Versailles was designed such that Germany would want to retake what was taken from it. Thus Hitler invaded the Rhineland and Sudetenland. With confidence, and natural resources under his control, he invaded Poland. The people who helped him then turned on him and declared war. Pearl Harbour was provoked by the USA and allowed to happen. 6 years later the second attempt at a World Government was made with the United Nations. This has survived. Israel was also created after decades of British manipulation and treachery.

With both attempts at World Government, The League of Nations and United Nations, the Rockefellers gave the land for the HQs to those bodies. But the Rockefellers also built Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.

So, why did the Rockefellers helped to build Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, and then donate the land for the UN HQ? Were they feeling guilty? Or is there more to it? Are they trying to establish a world government?

The Rockefellers also run Bilderberg and The Trilateral Commission, which is why I am highly suspicious of attendees to these meetings, hence my current research into Danish Bilderbergers.

I am strong believer in the theory that a clash of civilizatiosn is being engineered to bring about a much stronger UN.

World War 1 was engineered by Great Britain. Edward VII spent years diplomatically isolating Germany. And Freemasonry provided the spark to ignite the war and have Germany take the blame.

From World War 1 the seeds of World War 2 were sewn with Versailles. Both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were built with significant help from Wall Street/City of London. Again Germany took the blame, but we have to ask why was Hitler given so much help from Wall Street/City of London?

From World War 2 the seeds of the next world war were sewn, when Israel was forced into existence with Anglo-American arming, finance and treachery.

If Iran is attacked it has said it will strike Israel.
And if Israel is attacked by Iran then Israel could nuke.

What has happened with Jyllands-Posten is that a wedge has been driven between Europe and Islam, which can only help this clash to succeed and war more likely.

What will happen if any resulting long-term war lasts for 5 - 10 years, with nukes and biological weapons being released and possibly BILLIONs dead? Will the world be ready to cede total sovereignty to the UN, or another different-but-the-same world governing body?

And will the Rockefellers finance that too?

That is the basic evidence. There is alot of supporting evidence if you bother to look.

This current war on terrorism comes from 9/11. For years London was known as Londonistan, a reference to the number of Islamic extremists living there, receiving protection and more from Great Britain. bin Laden had a mansion there and was trained by MI6.

Do you believe that 9/11 was Islamic terrorists getting lucky? Or was it am Anglo-American intelligence op designed to provide an excuse for war?

Anonymous said...

You believe these Bilderburgers are so powerful?
Tell that to China.
You believe that a wedge neede to be driven between Europe and Islam?
Get a koran and study it in context with Hadith and Surah.
Your theories are simplistc to say the least.
So If Builderburger supporters such as Runsfeld created avian flu to profit personally, why did Danish Builderburgers wreck a major part of Danish export economy and their investments, by ruining it's trade with all moslim world?
Guess they were just stupid Builderburgers then? And they run the World do they?
Do you really think that the "real Builderburgers" actually publish their members names?
Get real.

Thomas said...

great job....

I just started a bilderberg blog at


There is a forum coming up!

TNCBT said...

I have often wondered, why Denmark, the bastion of "freedom and justice" so often has refrained from voting for sanctions against Israel and has without hesitation supported Bush's wars and the whole so-called and fabricated "clash of civilisations".


Then, just recently, I came across the idea, that Denmark could in fact be, (via the Vikings) one of the original lost tribes of Israel; "The Tribe of Dan". If that's true, then that would also coincide perfectly with DK's roll and part to play in the global "Anglo-Israeli-American" conspiracy. (Zionism) I have come no further in my own investigation of this allegation (yet) as I just came across this info just last week, but thought it might interest you, TruthMan. If you find out anything, for or against these rumours, please let us know!

Thanks for a great article! :o)