Wednesday, September 02, 2009


All the world's major ill's can be traced back to The Federal Reserve of The United States of America.

It is a fraud.

It was created by fraud.

But the results of its application have been deadly and terribly true for the human race.

The Federal Reserve was created after decades of manipulation of the US economy, and was proposed as a solution to the instability caused by that manipulation.

Despite the implication in its name The Federal Reserve is not a branch of the Executive. It is a privately owned and controlled cartel, one that NatWest and Barclays and HSBC could form.

The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing to buy bonds etc from the US government whch are backed by the US government, and then uses those bonds as collateral from which even more money can be created out of nothing, many more times the value of the bonds.

The profits from The Federal Reserve are astronomical.

Hence the secrecy surrounding its operation and ownership.

World War 1 would not have happened if the Federal Reserve had not been created. Great Britain and its then gimp France would not have dared take on Germany without the guarantee that the USA would join in, because the USA could supply vast quantities of troops, and vast quantities of finance from the newly created Federal Reserve. The Lusitania was deliberately allowed to be sunk to provoke the USA into joining a war three thousands miles away. Warnings were ignored, naval escorts removed and it was armed and carrying munitions. Mid-WW1 Great Britain was about to discuss terms of a truce, but then the USA joined in and immediately gave Great Britain and France billions of desperately needed dollars.

World War 2 would not have happened if the Federal Reserve had not been created. Hitler was financed by the same Wall Streeters who control the Federal Reserve. Those same Wall Streeters had financed the revolutions in Russia and then, as with Hitler, gave Stalin the technology to create a tyrannical war machine.

Israel would not exist if the Federal Reserve had not been created. Israel requires billions upon billions of dollars of financial assistance from The Federal Reserve to exist. Without that money Israel's police state and military would not exist and it would not be able to oppress the Palestinians so brutally and we would not have the global threat of Islamic terrorism as a result.

So if you want to take our planet back from the new world order thugs, murderers, kiddie-fiddlers, fraudsters and simple and plain criminals, who want to enslave you and your family for eternity, then...


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