Saturday, September 12, 2009


Derren Brown's explanation of how he apparently predicted the lottery numbers last Wednesday night has brought some derision and scepticism in the media.


Because it involved a number of people coming together and using their inherent psychic abilities for a common aim...and it worked! We are not supposed to do this kind of thing. We are supposed to accept the lies we are told as truth without any critical thought, send our sons and daughters off to fight engineered wars for the benefit of a small satanic cabal, and watch virutal reality soap operas until we die (or are euthanised) so we don't catch a glimpse of the real horrific reality.

I can believe Brown's explanation because a few years ago I tried to 'feel' the numbers, and after years of not winning anything I began to correctly predict three of the six numbers, sometimes on successive draws, and on one occasion picked three correctly and was one off two of the other numbers, but there were a few times when I did not correctly predict any. I used the exact same process that Brown used. I studied the numbers that had been drawn for the previous six weeks or so, and then concentrated and wrote numbers down. There was only me, not twenty four people.

I don't know why I stopped playing. It may well have been because I subconciously knew I could not do it all on my own and needed alot more people, just like Brown... or that it was just a lucky roll.

But it was disturbing when it started to work!

Brown's taking-the-limeade explanation of breaking into a secret location and replacing some 80g balls with the predicted numbers with 100g balls etc is just that...taking the limeade.

I guess what I'm saying is that, if you try you never know what might happen.

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