Saturday, September 26, 2009


Israel is very very keen to implicate all of its neighbours in having or looking to have nuclear arms.

Nuclear arms are oh so baaaaaaad things, says Israel.

Nuclear arms kill people en masse like in the (Zionist-engineered) Holocaust, says Israel.

Nuclear arms should not exist in The tinderbox Middle East, says Israel.

But what about Israel?

A study by The Strategic Studies Institute of the Army War College published in 2006 called Getting Ready for a Nuclear Ready Iran called for Israel to de-nuke (Part 1, Recommendations, Section 6. Encourage Israel to initiate a Middle East nuclear restraint effort that would help isolate Iran as a regional producer of fissile

The Rothschilds (yes, the same Rothschilds who don't reply to their emails asking about The Rockefellers and the Nazis) gave Israel nuclear weapons technology after spying on the nuclear programs of Great Britain and Russia.

And after exposing Israel's nuclear weapons capability in the British media Mordecai Vanunu was lured to Italy by Israeli Intelligence, kidnapped, transported to Israel and banged up in solitary confinement for over a decade, and still can't talk even after his release.

So before we cast judgement on Iran's nuclear program (and yes it looks naughty), let's take a step back, take a deep breath, and ask...


My answer would be that Israel has hundreds of them and because of that thinks it can treat the Palestinians and it's neighbours like shit without fear of a military invasion. This then drives many into terrorism, and hence events such as 9/11 can be used to introduce police state laws over here and to send our military over there (where large oil fields just happen to exist).

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