Tuesday, September 01, 2009


As world leaders gather to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of World War 2, the media is asking, who started world war 2?

For some reason, pressure is being applied to Vladimir Putin to admit that Stalin started it. I strongly suspect that this is current geopolitics rather than historical accuracy.

After WW1 the world was a blank canvas for the victors to create their vision of how the world should be. They wanted a world government under their control. That world government was The League of Nations, based in Geneva, Switzerland and financed by the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers had financed the war via The Federal Reserve.

But for the League of Nations to succeed The USA would have to support it. So Woodrow Wilson went on a tour of a highly sceptical USA to persuade it that The League of Nations was a good thing. That Wilson had fcukt The USA by creating The Federal Reserve and made The USA beholden to a cabal of British-allied bankers/looters was not discussed.

Wilson almost killed himself through exhaustion in his attempt to get The League of Nations accepted in the USA, but his attempt was in vain. He failed. The USA voted out, despite having sent her sons thousands of miles across the Atlantic to fight in the mud of Northern France.

So how could the USA be 'persuaded' to join, and thus finance a world government, particularly one that was so controlled by Great Britain and France?

The answer is very simple but also very evil. Create another world war, but this time make that war more violent and longer but most essential, drag the USA into it from the start so that it fought for much longer than one year, as it had in WW1.

As a direct tunnel into the heart of the American political establishment, the British and their Federal Reserve friends created The Council on Foreign Relations to push the one world agenda.

Ask yourself these three simple questions;

1. How did Germany, despite the oppressive terms of The Treaty of Versailles, grow into a large militaristic state able to prosecute yet another world war for a decade? Because Wall Street, The City of London and their related governments allowed and supported that growth.

2. How did Russia, devastated by a large scale and violent revolution and civil war, grow into a similar militaristic state to that of Nazi Germany, though not to the same technological degree (but that was solved by FDR's Lend-Lease)? Because Wall Street, The City of London and their related governments allowed and supported that growth.

3. Why would Great Britain and their major allies, France and The USA, allow and support not just one but TWO major militaristic states, states with such opposing political and philosophical views, grow to become such a threat to world stability?

The resulting war led to two major entities that dominate world politics today;
1. a world government in the form of The United Nations, based in The USA and financed by...the Rockefellers.
2. a bullying, aggressive Zionist state of Israel that has provoked Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism across the globe to provoke calls for a global police state and wars for natural resources.

You can argue until the cows come home over the minute details of who started WW2.

Was it Stalin? Was it Hitler?


It was neither. They were both stooges of Wall Street, The City of London and their related governments who are all controlled by a cabal of warmongering megalomaniacs hell-bent on controlling the world via a world government under their control, and they can finance such a scheme because they have a power that our governments don't have the guts to take back, the one power that could solve all the world's ills if it was in the hands of the people and not a bunch of megalomaniacs; the power to create money.

Just like the start of WW1 when British-controlled Freemasonry assassinated Arch Duke Ferdinand, and Austria was encouraged by Germany (or to be more precise, a Rothschild cousin) to go to war after Great Britain told Germany that it would stay out of any resulting war, a trap was set and both Hitler and Stalin fell into it. FDR also fell for it.

How they fell for it I'm still amazed. I can only think that despite being genocidalists themselves, except FDR, they could not believe that anyone could conceive of such a plan.

But do you know what? I strongly believe 'they' are not just years but decades behind in their scheme, and more and more people are realising just how and their ancestors have been stiffed for over a century.

The banking bailout is a stiffing too far. The resulting cuts in services and the euthanasia implemented to save their banks will soon become an obvious reality and not just a probability.

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