Friday, January 20, 2017


While everyone was focusing on Trump's inauguration, two positions were sneakily announced.

Trump's Ambassador to the Court of Saint James is Woody Johnson. Johnson is yet another multi-billionaire and yet another member of the CFR.

And...surprise!...Trump has picked a member of the board of AIPAC for advice! His name is Reed Cornish, a good friend of Jared Kushner. Remember that it was Kushner who wrote Trump's speech to AIPAC last year, a speech written in consultation with the Israeli Ambassador to the USA.

And regarding Trump's Inauguration speech:
1. how does he define Radical Islamic terror? Because everyone believes that he is just referring to Islamic State. But Flynn and others believe that Iran is the major terrorist, not Israel or Saudi Arabia who created Islamic State;

2. he constantly referred to patriotism. Tell me, is it patriotic to ship your jobs to cheap Communist Chinese sweatshops? And are he and Ivanka bringing their cheap Communist Chinese sweatshop jobs back to America?

3. Trump is that petty and childish that he even referred to John Lewis in the speech.

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