Friday, January 20, 2017


Trump recently compared his victory and coming Presidency to that of Andrew Jackson.

Mr. Trump said that people compared his success to the popular movement that put Andrew Jackson in the White House.

“There hasn’t been anything like this since Andrew Jackson,” Mr. Trump quoted his admirers saying. “Andrew Jackson? What year was Andrew Jackson? That was a long time ago.”

Mr. Trump then gave the year — 1828 — and went on to suggest that his own nationalist movement had usurped Mr. Jackson’s.

[source : At Dinner Honoring Mike Pence, Donald Trump Touches Many Bases, New York Times,, 18th January 2017]

Infowhores love Andrew Jackson, believing that he slayed the Rothschilds when he destroyed the Second Bank of the United States (BUS2).

But there is a teeny weeny problem. The Rothschilds didn't own or have any influence over the Second Bank of the United States.

And that's not the only teeny weeny problem.

1. Andrew Jackson luuuurvd slavery. He loved slavery that much that he was one of the most powerful slaveholders in the USA, owning 300. And he loved slavery that much that when his runaways were captured and returned he would have them beaten. One such runaway called Gilbert died during his beating. And Jackson loved slavery that much that he organised a raid on a fort on Spanish territory where runaway slaves had found sanctuary with the Seminoles. Jackson planned to capture the fugitive slaves and return them to their 'rightful owners'. But the officer commanding the raid fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal and blew the fort to pieces, killing 300 men, women and children;

2. "Andrew Jackson paid off the debt", cry the Jacksonites. Yes, that is true. But he did not pay off all the debt. Most of the hard work had been done by Nicholas Biddle who paid off most of the debt. Jackson only paid off the last few dollars;

3. Jackson was a tool of the British by destroying the BUS2. The BUS2 was financing the contruction of the USA into a threat to the British Empire. Jackson had previously flirted with treason against the USA when he plotted with Aaron Burr after Burr had assassinated Alexander Hamilton. Burr fled to the UK and stayed with the head of British Intelligence, Jeremy Bentham. When Burr returned to the USA he began to propose using Jackson as the tool to destroy the USA, using Jackson's adventures at New Orleans in the 1812 war as propaganda. Burr was aided in this by Martin van Buren. Jackson's main aim was to destroy the BUS2. But by withdrawing the federal funds from BUS2, Jackson was committing a crime. And he also risked the stability of the economy of the USA by placing the funds in 'pet banks' that were chosen not for their banking acumen but because they were owned and/or run by Jackson cronies. Those cronies could not resist the temptation and issued large amounts of credit based on the federal funds for land speculation, which eventually produced the 1837 panic.

4. Jackson was the Godfather of the Confederacy. Not only did he destroy the BUS2 and condemn the south to a rural economy based on slavery, he also began the process of the removal of the Native Americans from states like Georgia to what is now Oklahoma. The ancestral lands of the Native Americans were sold to planters who built plantations which were worked by slaves, thus increasing the number of slaveholders prepared to support the Confederacy;

5. The Rothschilds did not have any influence over BUS2. It was the Barings. Jackson helped to make the Rothschilds what they are by making them official agents for the United States in Europe.

So for Trump to compare himself Jackson?


I thought it was already really bad when Trump said that nobody loves Israel more than he does, and that he has promised to move the U S Embassy to Jerusalem, a move that is guaranteed to detonate the Middle East.

But this comparison to Jackson is really, really, really bad.

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