Sunday, February 19, 2017


I told you about me almost catching the local mob skulking about my house in 1997. One of them left a smear of blood on the window frame as they escaped, and the following morning I think there was a failed attempt to kidnap me.

There was another failed attempt a few months later.

And then a few months after that the gang-stalking began.

And then a few months after that I began to get zapped.

And the zapping continued through 1998, 1999, all the way through to 2003 when on the night that the Iraq war began in 2003 I was zapped seriously all night, and got no sleep whatsoever. Over time the zapping varied from loud violent sounds beamed into my head, such as a shotgun or aggressive dog barking, through to not just hearing but actually feeling the membranes in my brain rapidly vibrating, making a short pffffffft sound. The most frequent attack involved hearing and feeling a light click or buzz just as I was about to fall asleep. This would occur about 2 or 3 times a night, for several years. They can also electromagnetcially drag you out of your sleep. Another thing they can do is stop your train of thought so that one second you are thinking deeply about something, then there is a slight thud in your head, and the next second you can't remember what the hell you were thinking about. In addition there was what I called the headfuck, when you are sucked in and out of different states of conciousness., This occured the night before I was due to meet an ex-girlfriend for a catch-up chat (she worked in admin for MI6), a meeting which was 'observed'. And they can also give you serious heart palpitations.

After spring 2005 the EM harrassment kind of stopped when I lost my job. When I was forced to sell my house after losing my job due to the EM harrassment I vowed to destroy the New World Order, and my scheme involved dragging the banks into court to prove that we owe nothing whatsoever to them.

But the EM harrassment still occurs every now and again, just to remind me.

Anyway, I have reason to believe that Infowhores have tapped into that network.

So if they want to help me bust that network wide open they can tell me who they have been in contact with.

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