Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Milo does not and did not promote child rape, but he did promote sexual relationships between boys aged 13/14 and older men. This is legally promoting paedophilia but not child rape, not in the sense of being raped by Ted Heath.

He claims he was abused, but the only evidence I can find on this is that he states several times that when he was aged 13/14 he was the sexual predator seeking out sex with older men, and was enthusiastic about it and it was consenusal, and that he found it helpful. So does this mean that now he is a full grown man, is he actively seeking a boy aged 13/14 to 'help' them discover themselves?

Yes, he has exposed a few paedos. He could expose more.

But he is a Zionist.

And he sold out to an enemy of the people, CBS.

Not my cup of tea.

Maybe Infowhores can help him out.

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