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I watched the moon rise and shine at dusk yesterday, and it made me remember one or two things.


Taking 9/11 and/or 7/7 on their own is not the approach to take to solve the mystery of “whodunit?”

The events of those days have been claimed by some to be false-flag acts of terror. There are examples of this throughout history, and I will briefly describe some later. But these same events also fit into a general pattern of violent events in modern history, e.g. world wars and revolutions, which have ultimately benefited a small group of people. These can all be traced back to a group of people we know as The New World Order.

How is it that such a small group of people could cause so much mayhem for the majority of people and gain so much power?

Modern history, and by that I mean the last 300 or so years, has been dominated by this self-appointed elite called The New World Order. They can cause global chaos and war because they have the power to create virtually unlimited amounts of money for themselves and their cronies via a banking system known as fractional reserve banking which can be used to finance certain industries and extremist political parties that incite violence against particular sections of society and the globe. With this knowledge we can then begin to “follow the money”, and we will find that all trails lead back to one bank in particular, The Federal Reserve.

The biggest financial fraud ever foisted upon mankind is The Federal Reserve of the USA. It is not a part of the US Government, as its name may suggest, but is in fact a privately owned bank, or to be more accurate, a cartel such as NatWest and HSBC could form, but with the appearance of being part of the Government and with the monopoly on creating the currency for the nation. The same trick was used for creating The Bank of England, which until 1946 was also privately owned and not part of the British Government as its name would suggest.

Major events need major sources of finance. The general public of the UK can raise approximately £20 million for Red Nose Day, a once a year event for charity. This is peanuts when compared to the sums that the international bankers can raise. So one has to ask where did the money come from for dictators such as Hitler and Stalin? There was no “Hitler Day” in Germany for Germans to raise funds for Hitler and the Nazi Party. There was no “Stalin Day” in Soviet Russia for a similar purpose. These people and the political movements they represent got their money from somewhere.

But where?

I will not name them by name here but some readers should know of whom I speak.

One particular family controls a bank which is a major stockholder in The Federal Reserve. It has such a huge advantage over most banks in the USA because it has so much financial clout. Although all the banks in the USA can create money the bank this family controls can create a far greater sum of money than most of the other banks could ever dream of due to its position in The Federal Reserve system. This bank can create money for corporations which would never be able to raise the money for a particular enterprise or nation, due to perhaps moral reasons of other banks, or simply that the initial capital for the planned enterprise or nation would be beyond the means of most banks.

The current banking system is simply a way in which the banks actually create money for themselves, but use the public to give it back over a number of years, through loans for example, AND with interest! For example a bank with $1000 in its vault could create $9,000 in loans and then receive that money back over several years, so that after several years the bank has effectively created money for itself and has $10,000 plus interest. Hopefully you can see that after the $9,000 has been paid back the bank can then loan out $90,00, and when that is all paid back the bank can then loan out $900,000 etc etc etc. The bank doesn’t have to loan, but does so because in a few years time it gets the money back it simply created “with a flick of the pen”, as stated by former Director of the Bank of England, Josiah Stamp.

Recently there have been reports that oil and banking corporations have enjoyed record profits…AGAIN!

This family of whom I speak controls at least one bank in the Federal Reserve cartel. They also control at least one of the major US oil corporations who have recently announced record profits.

So with all this profit, from banking and oil, what could you do with it?

Cancer Research? Charity? Write off Third World debt?

Hmm. Look around you. There’s not much of that going on.

But war needs money.

And the Politicians who take us into war need money. Their election campaigns need money. Their offices need money. Their assistants need money.

War is the greatest catalyst for a change in society.

If you can create money you can control who becomes our leading politicians, who then decide if we go to war.

This is what happens at meetings of Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations, both created with the assistance of this family and their partners-in-crime, where informal interviews take place and attendees are encouraged to speak their minds and be honest about their intentions and beliefs so that the organisers can check certain boxes on their checklist for each attendee. If the attendee has all his or her boxes checked then he or she will go on to power, and ultimately war.

If you have the power to create money you can simply create a bit of "the green stuff" to buy a newspaper or ten to support one politician while destroying another politician.

See? It’s dead easy!

And when you can control the politicians in power you can control who they appoint.

You can suggest/dictate who becomes a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Director for Homeland Security, the Director of Central Intelligence, Secretaries of State, etc, etc, etc.

And when you control the Pentagon and the CIA you can then influence which clandestine projects go live or are killed. Surveillance and black ops can be run in the name of “national security”, so that what is believed to be a system of intelligence and military for the benefit of the nation is in fact a private intelligence and military operation, with certain people given access to prime intelligence, while we, i.e. the general public, get the lies we are encouraged to believe by the media which is owned by the same group of elite people. Assassinations, and even invasions, in the name of “national security”, following months of propaganda in the newspapers you own, can be beneficial to private individuals.

And with such profits comes the ability to create think tanks to influence the opinion and policy of governments, besides the general public, who can also be influenced by the propaganda in the newspapers and TV which you own.

It really is that simple.

This family of whom I speak, who part control the Federal Reserve and control major oil corporations, have created several such think tanks. As have their banker/industrialist pals. One project this family funded was that of Alfred Kinsey, who published research claiming that the average US citizen was really a sexually depraved animal. It was later discovered that his research was largely based on interviews with criminals and convicted sex offenders. This is just one example of how pubic opinion can be influenced. We are now seeing the sexualisation of children, and sex on TV, particularly Channel 4, more frequently, although the BBC chipped in with a series about lesbians which contained one scene depicting oral sex between two lesbians, which was shown shortly after 9pm. The aim of such programmes is to destroy love, to kill it, annihilate it, utterly and completely.

Look around you! Our “Labour” government has just proposed a cut in real-terms in the wages of nurses. Yet there seems to be no problem in financing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why?

I can state this with confidence because the people who have this power to create virtually unlimited amounts of money do not use it for the benefit of mankind, but instead use it to create monsters such as Hitler and Stalin and have them fight in world wars. Sure, they create charitable funds which due to the total sum of the funds which are donated give the appearance that the charity is enormous and the donors are nice. But what may appear to be a huge amount of money in one sum to us, when distributed in much smaller sums to projects all over the world, is actually very little, and may well just about sustain the recipients until the following year, when the same handout is begged for and possibly donated again, or not. But little mention is made of the system which was implemented by the same “charitable” donors which has reduced national economies around the globe to one of debt slavery from which they cannot escape.

The pieces of the jigsaw are gradually being put into place.

An expanded NATO, extending its sphere of influence so it now bombs kids in Afghanistan to death.

An expanded EU, now considering including Israel, as is NATO. Israel is in the Middle East, but Article V of the NATO treaty could be used for a third world war.

A North American Union between Mexico, the USA and Canada is in the pipeline, with the new currency the Amero being discussed openly, and a new superhighway to transport goods between Mexico and Canade via certain states in the USA now being built.

Global problems such as drugs, terrorism and climate change are highlighted in the media which we are told all require global solutions.

Real power is becoming more and more centralised.

Control and surveillance of society in general are about to take major leap into civil rights with RFID chips on ID cards, and ultimately the human-implantable microchip for all of us (well, all except the agents of the NWO).

We are undoubtedly advancing towards a powerful world government with centralised control. Some would argue we have one already; the UN. I would argue that the UN is a world-government-in-waiting. It has some powers over national sovereignty, but does not yet have total control.

But where did this organization, the UN, come from?

And what could make it even more powerful?

As I have stated before here is what can be proved beyond doubt.

World War 1 was planned by the British Monarchy. Prince Edward, before he became King Edward VII, was Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), and while occupying this position he spent years isolating Germany in preparation for a war on the European mainland. This was recognised by European newspapers before WW1. Archduke Ferdinand knew that Freemasonry wanted him dead. Many of the assassins of Ferdinand were Freemasons, and at their trial they testified to the encouragement and assistance they received from Freemasonry. They were members of a revolutionary terrorist organization, Young Europe, created by a 33rd Degree Freemason and British Agent, Giuseppe Mazzini. Kaiser Wilhelm II wrote after the war in his memoirs that a distinguished German Freemason had told him that Freemasonry wanted to destroy Germany and Austro-Hungary in preparation for a European Superstate. In 1916 the British and French were on the verge of defeat, but due mainly to the highly suspicious sinking of The Lusitania which eventually dragged the USA into the war, the USA was able to legally loan the Allies billions of dollars and send its military to France which guaranteed the defeat of Germany.

And who benefited from this? The people controlling the privately-owned cartel, The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve system allows the Federal Reserve Families to create the money for the US government, and from the government bonds to then create much more money for their private operations, leading to astronomical profits which was used to fund think tanks, buy newspapers, buy politicians etc etc etc. So with large government bonds in their vaults the Federal Reserve Families were rolling in money and blood.

After WW1 the powers met at Versailles, Paris, France, to discuss the organization of the post-war world. The representatives of the Allies were dominated by the Rothschilds, who are the prime power in the Federal Reserve. Germany was blackmailed into signing the Treaty of Versailles, in which Germany accepted the blame for starting the war and was thus bound to pay reparations. Germany’s military was also severely restricted by the Treaty. There was also an attempt at world government, The League of Nations. The Rockefellers donated land for the HQ of the League in Geneva. However, the United States voted against signing up to The League, despite Wilson almost killing himself through exhaustion from a national speaking tour (paid for by whom?) to convince America that it needed to cede sovereignty to a world government, The League of Nations.

So Hitler was brought to power. At first Hitler, and then Hitler’s Reich, received substantial financial, industrial and ideological support from Wall Street, and The City of London. IG Farben was created by Wall Street, had strong links to Wall Street and The Federal Reserve via its board members, and was given the technology to manufacture oil and rubber by Wall Street to prosecute a long war on the European mainland because Germany had no access to major reliable sources of either.

Hitler’s stated enemy was “The Jews”, and he directed this hatred against Communist Russia. The Bolshevik Revolution was itself a product of Wall Street and City of London manipulation. Jacob Schiff took personal credit for financing the revolutions that eventually brought down the Romanovs. Trotsky and many of his friends were detained by Canadian authorities and were found to be travelling with substantial quantities of money and some very-well connected friends with friendships leading straight to the White House! Trotsky was given an American Passport by Wilson. Trotsky was released from detention at the request of the British Admiralty and continued his journey to Russia for the “re-revolution” (this was after Freemason Kerensky had taken power). Lenin was sent into Russia as part of a German Intelligence operation sanctioned by Bethmann-Hollweg, the Freemason cousin of the Rothschilds, who had urged Austria to declare war instead of following diplomacy. Following their coup d’etat Lenin and Trotsky were supervised by British Agent Bruce Lockhart and American Raymond Robbins. British Agent Captain George Hill created the Cheka, which helped the Bolsheviks retain control in the following civil war. In return for giving the Bolsheviks such support Wall Street was awarded the bulk of the contracts to build Soviet Russia, as testified to by Stalin himself.

Thus in World War 2 the two antagonists, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, were created by Wall Street with a little help from The City of London and its agents. And how could this be? Because The Federal Reserve is a money-creating machine, and its controllers had the power to create such opposites and wanted to create those two opposites to fight each other in a war larger than World War 1. The purpose of that was to drag the USA into yet another major world war, but this one would need to be longer and bloodier than the first so that after such a long and bloody war the USA would vote for a world governing body to stop the wars the Federal Reserve Families were fomenting and financing in the first place! Yet by late 1941, two years of war between the USSR/UK and the Nazis was still not enough to coax the USA to join the war. So FDR, at the suggestion of Winston Churchill, provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbour. FDR and his inner circle knew the Japanese fleet was sailing full steam ahead to Pearl Harbour because the super-secret Japanese codes had been broken, but FDR did not tell Pearl Harbour. And so on that day of infamy the USA was dragged into World War 2. FDR was a very good friend of Wall Street.

Towards the end of the war Freemasons FDR, Stalin and Churchill met at Yalta to discuss how to divide the world up between them.

And after nearly six years of world war, with millions dead and with two atomic bombs unnecessarily dropped on Japan, the war finally ended and post-war construction began.

Due to the much larger number of deaths of US military than in WW1 the USA willingly signed up to a world governing body, The United Nations. And once again the Rockefellers, one of the Federal Reserve Families, donated land for the HQ of this world-government-in-waiting in New York, despite financing the USA war effort through the Federal Reserve.

Also created were the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These institutions have since helped to create the Third World and to keep it in debt slavery to the Federal Reserve Families. In fact it is not just the Third World, but most of the world.

The holocaust of World War 2 enabled the Zionists to muster some support for their Zionist claim to Israel, but not enough. Middle Eastern nations declared that they would wage war on any Zionist state in Palestine. So Israel was created by the Zionists terrorizing Palestinians off their land, declaring Eretz Israel and being recognised by the USA and the USSR. But where did the Zionists get the finance for their military training and arms? Who can create money?

Since then the ultra-rich have gotten very much richer, power has been taken from the people and centralised, and a war between Zionism and Islam is threatening and has been threateneing, a war more terrible than World War 2, no doubt resulting in frequent use of WMD of all sorts against millions of not billions of innocent civilians

But all this is not accident.

This was planned, at the very latest by the end of the 19th Century, when Zionists began to settle in Palestine and the Zionist movement began to receive substantial financial assistance.

But who could finance such a movement? It’s simple really. People who can create virtually unlimited amounts of money.

Once you understand that there are people who
1. can create virtually unlimited amounts of money, and then
2. use that power for their own desire for world governance,
modern history makes so much more sense, doesn’t it?

World War 1 was all about taking control of Palestine from the Ottomans and pass control to Great Britain, under the control of the Rothschilds, who would then flood Palestine with Jews. The Ottomans and Germany knew what would happen if mass Jewsish immigration into Palestine was permitted and opposed it, as did most Jews. Germany and Austria offered some resistance to the plans for a European superstate and world governance so they had to be destroyed to get the idea of a world government established.

World War 2 was all about creating Israel and the reason to support its existence (the holocaust) once it was created, as well as establishing mechanisms for some national sovereignty to be ceded to international organizations, e.g. UN, and for a financial stranglehold over the world status quo in the post-war world so that no serious threat to “the great plan” could arise.

With some international organizations created for finance and law it will be easier and quicker for a world government to be created.

But what could speed up the process of world governance? Another world war!

We have seen that WW1 and WW2 were all about creating the international organizations we now have for world dominance, not total control, and to create the friction which would be used to foment WW3. That friction is to be manufactured between Zionism and Islam.

The Jewish immigration into Palestine angered Islam. Germany and the Ottomans and most Jewry opposed it. But because the Zionists had the backing of the people who can create virtually unlimited amounts of money the Zionists were able to gain financial and political support for their plan, and when they couldn’t get what they wanted then the Zionists just stole what they wanted.

World War 3 will be about destroying all national sovereignty, love and religion. Israel was created specifically for the purpose of starting World War 3, with its very aggressive desire for expansion, which creates huge anger within the Islamic world, particularly in the near-Middle East, as Israel treats Palestinians not much better than the Nazis treated the Jews.

And who supported this Zionist movement in its infancy, continues to support it, and at several times in the last century was its leaders? The Rothschilds.

And who are the major powers in The Federal Reserve? The Rothschilds.

What does that give them? The power to create virtually unlimited quantities of money.

And did they agree to pay Hitler’s ransom to save Jews? No.

One has to ask, why?

They could finance World Wars and Zionism through the Federal Reserve, but not pay the ransom demanded by Hitler to save tens of thousands of Jews? Hmm.

There’s something not right about that, is there?

In order to expand the Israel/Palestinian conflict beyond the Middle East, the Zionists have been allowed to dominate the administration of the USA. Thus the USA sustains Israel with money from…The Federal Reserve. Yes, it’s there again, that bottomless pit that the Federal Reserve Families can dip into whenever they need any money for anything whatsoever, except for making the world a better, safer place to live in.

So with Israel and its main supporter the USA (and to some degree the UK) on one side, and Islam on the other, what would it take to spark a major war between them?

Hmm. Maybe something like…9/11?

A bloody event, a “new Pearl Harbor”, that would give the Anglo-American Establishment a reason to send significant sections of its military into the Middle East with the support of most of the Anglo-American people. In certain media it could also be portrayed as a crusade.

Before 9/11, in the mid-1990’s, a report was published entitled, “A Clean Break”, composed by among others David and Meyrav Wurmser, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle, and aimed at the then Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. It basically called for all-out war by Israel on some of Israel’s neighbours.

A similar document published a few years later by the Project for a New American Century entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” basically called for the USA to prosecute multiple, simultaneous wars across the globe, particularly in the Middle East (where Israel and oil are).

There are very significant links between the authors of “A Clean Break” and the authors of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”. In fact Cheney, a co-founder of PNAC, employed Douglas Feith, co-author of “A Clean Break”, to produce cherry-picked, unsubstantiated and unverified intelligence via The Office of Special Plans to support a link between al-Qaeda and Iraq following 9/11so that Iraq could be invaded.

And on 9/11 Netanyahu was asked what the events of that day meant to Israel. He replied that 9/11 would be very good for Israel, and that it would generate immediate sympathy for Israel.

And we now see why, over 5 years after 9/11, Netanyahu said 9/11 would be very good for Israel.

The targets for Israeli aggression named in “A Clean Break” were Iraq and Lebanon, along with Syria and Iran.

Lebanon has been bombed back to the stone age in a ridiculous over-reaction to a contrived kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, and Iraq has been invaded and Iraq’s oil is going to…c’mon. Take a guess.

And now the USA is threatening primarily Iran, but also Syria.

On 9/11 the Bush Administration was dominated by Israel-firsters and supporters, many of whom were members of or linked to The Project for a New American Century.

The Project for a New American Century was co-founded by, among others, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. On 9/11 Cheney was Vice-President, Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense and Wolfowitz was Rumsfeld’s Deputy. Perle was also in the Pentagon.

On 9/11 either Rumsfeld or Cheney had the power to order a shoot down. No such order came, despite there being fighters on permanent stand-by based at Andrews Air Force Base just 10 miles from The Pentagon. There is some doubt about the location of Cheney and Rumsfeld between 9am and 10am on the morning of 9/11 because conflicting testimony was given to the 9/11 Commission.

There is also some doubt about the location of the United Stated Air Force on the morning of 9/11!

Where was it?

There were a number of terrorist drills that morning, all run by Dick Cheney. So wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that Cheney’s location that morning should be well-known, or at least verifiable? And that he should know the locations of parts of the USAF?

Certain persons had the motive, the opportunity and stood to benefit greatly from 9/11. Indeed, PNAC had called for “a New Pearl Harbor” to justify the aggression they so desired for multiple, simultaneous wars of aggression. Such persons are usually prime suspects in criminal investigations.

This is not so with 9/11. Why?

We now know that Pearl Harbour 1941 was (a) provoked, and (b) allowed to happen. It allowed FDR to declare war on the Axis powers with the consent of the American people, something he had been trying to do without success for a long time.

Is it possible that 9/11 was “a new Pearl Harbor”?

Is Pearl Harbour 1941 the only example of an act of terror committed by a government against its own people?

Here are a few, including Pearl Harbour;

JFK and the Gulf of Tonkin - led to the Vietnam War. JFK (who didn't want war) was shot by a lone gunman (or three in a triangulation of crossfire) and replaced by Johnson (who wanted war). Shortly after this the Gulf of Tonkin event occured, or didn't as has now been proved. 60,000 US soldiers died, and hundreds of billions of dollars was spent on a 10 year long war. These are two events which people believed the official version of at the time, but which have now been debunked. Now the vast majority of Americans now believe JFK was assassinated in an act of conspiraloonacy.

Operation Northwoods - a plan signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to create false-flag acts of terror to be blamed on Cuba. Producers of the BBC jokeumentary on 9/11 did not allow Northwoods to be even mentioned in passing let alone seriously discussed. Why?

Operaton Gladio - a NATO cold-war operation which went out of control and led to acts of terror being allowed to happen or encouraged if the outcome was beneficial i.e. troublesome politicians assassinated, bombings committed by controlled left-wing extremists to throw public opinion to the right etc

USS Liberty – an attack by the Israeli Air Force on a US spy ship which was to be blamed on Egypt in order to drag the USA into the Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 (and probably a failed forerunner and first attempt to expand the Zionism v Islam conflict beyond the Middle East. 9/11 cucceeded.)

Pearl Harbour (1941) - it is now known FDR gradually placed Japan in a corner to provoke a Japanese attack (at the request of Winston Churchill) and FDR and his inner circle knew about the Japanese sailing directly to Pearl Harbour, but they did not tell the commanding officers at Pearl Harbor despite their suspicions and requests for intel. In fact FDR ordered that all ships at Pearl Harbour should not leave the dock despite the Fleet Commander’s suspicions! After the attack the USA gladly signed upto WW2 and rushed into war without a thorough investigation of the Pearl Harbour attack. Sound familiar?

All these were allowed to happen, or in the case of Northwoods planned to happen, so that military action would occur and/or the police state would grow.

To me there are enough doubts about the official 9/11 story to place 9/11, PNAC’s new Pearl Harbor, among the above as an act of false-flag terrorism.

My doubts include;
no fighters scrambled from Andrews Air Force Base until it was too late
the hole in the Pentagon is too small for a 757 (check the windows either side of the small hole. They say the wings folded into the plane and evaporated!)
Cheney’s location on 9/11 is unverified, despite him running a number of terrorist drills that day (one of which mimicked a similar operation to that which occurred)
the suspicious collapses of WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7
the investigation into “the high fivers” arrested on 9/11 was quickly stopped
the FBI was ordered to drop investigations into suspected arab terrorists in the summer of 2001

This is only a fraction of my doubts. Others have more.

Just ask, cui bono?

Who is going to get all that lovely, profitable Iraqi oil, despite claims it was all going to go to the Iraqis.

Who was running all those terrorist drills on 9/11, a fact that was ignored by the commission?

Whose “A Clean Break” strategy for dealing with its neighbours and “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” strategy is being fulfilled, causing further anger in the Islamic world?

And who has “form” for this kind of thing?

If it looks like a trap, and smells like a trap, then it probably is a trap. A trap set over a century ago when the Zionists began to lay claim to Eretz Israel against the wishes of most people, including most Jewry, because most people knew what would follow. Only people of a certain type would support such a movement. They must have at least suspected that violent reactions to the aggressive actions of the Zionists would occur, and if it was suspected then the violent reactions could have been planned and/or planned for i.e. provoked.

Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed in his “The War on Truth” shows that time after time after time, the so-called Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists were manipulated by the Anglo-American Establishment for geopolitical reasons. Indeed London was given the nickname “Londonistan” due to its friendliness to such people, and the CIA/Mujahideen friendship is by now legendary. When it suits them the Anglo-American Establishment can be friends with anyone for any purpose. And if so required provocations can be made, and violent reactions to the provocation allowed to occur.

Now, with all this in mind, when people express doubt about the official version of 9/11 and 7/7, is it conspiraloonacy?

9/11, and 7/7, put the citizens of the victim nations in a mood for war and curtailment of civil rights. More violence. More centralized control.

We ask, who benefits?

Is that conspiraloonacy?

Or conspiracy?

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